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<mnemoc> sdk for a31 for android 4.4...
<mnemoc> doesn't load from here but eva "announced" that url on linkedin
<wens> they made a commercial for this?
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<vector80> oliv3r: here ?
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<gzamboni> android 4.4 is using linux kernel 3.8, the link opens here
<mnemoc> HP and MSI have a31 based tablets?!
<gzamboni> its what the video says
<gzamboni> A31 have 4G gsm controller or its possible using an usb dongle ?
<gzamboni> in the allwinnertech website it says A31 is "Compatible with Microsoft Windows 8"
<gzamboni> not that i like m$hit , im just surprised
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<wens> mnemoc: MSI does. sells for 6000 NTD, which is about 200 USD
<oliv3r> vector80: your mmc1 and mmc0 work in the log you pasted yesterday; but for some reason they get swapped by the kernel. I don't know why, but for now, if you pass root=/dev/mmcblk1p1 along it should boot
<oliv3r> rzk ok
<oliv3r> gzamboni: i think even a20 is 'compatible with' but i bet they don't have all those drivers yet :p
<oliv3r> gzamboni: i'm supprised they are using 3.8 with their gunk ontop
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<oliv3r> either way, those 3.8 drivers + our 3.4 drivers should make nice 3.10 drivers
<vector80> oliv3r: thank you very much for the answer.. So, where should I change the bootargs? When I check uboot console, there is no bootargs environment variable... May be I should add one uEnv.txt to that 1st partition of the sdcard ?
<slapin_> hi, all!
<vector80> slapin_: hi :)
<slapin_> will anybody go to Brussels on Feb 1-2?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> hi
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<gzamboni> MSI use A31s
<gzamboni> use/uses
<vector80> testing color :)
<vector80> cool!
<gzamboni> oliv3r, indeed, it would be nice if we could get the aw sdk soon :P
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Only news and links where?
<deasy> where is arokux -_-
<vector80> if somebody need, I have A10, A13, A13s, A23 android and linux SDKs ( MID, TVBOX, Linux )
<vector80> But I feel those are really crap, you guys are doing much better ones ...
<wens> deasy: arokux disappeared for a few weeks :(
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<gzamboni> slapin_, check the ML there is a list of ppl that are going
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<RzR> hi
<gzamboni> vector80, we are looking for the AW SDK for android 4.4, they've just released it
<vector80> but that was for A31 ?
<gzamboni> hi RzR
<RzR> santa brought me an A20 olinuxino
<gzamboni> yes but it would help the comunity, so if you can get it :)
<JohnDoe_71Rus> gzamboni: they released sdk 2.0 for A20 http://www.allwinnertech.com/en/awt/news/2013-07-23.html but there is links...
<oliv3r> vector80: for example, yes; but I don't know why your cards are swapped; I'm not too familiar with the mmc stack :)
<vector80> Requesting now...
<RzR> wondering how i could use it... probably xbmc
<oliv3r> slapin_: yes, quite a few; check mailling list :)
<vector80> oliv3r: let me find a good uEnv.txt, and try
<vector80> wait
<oliv3r> vector80: we need A23 SDK at the moment :)
<vector80> reallly?
<gzamboni> RzR sants is a good guy.
<vector80> Let me give you
<oliv3r> vector80: well not the hwole sdk, but we do need A23 kernel
<vector80> Ok wait
<RzR> is the audio analog audio fine Ã
<oliv3r> i'm sure you don't have git history :p
<vector80> Dropbox is OK ?
<oliv3r> vector80: i'll download it and put it somewhere safe
<vector80> A23 SDK is 3.8Gbyte
<oliv3r> vector80: the FULL SDK isn't really interesting for our specific purpouse, but the SDK comes with the kernel(s) and those, we can always use:)
<oliv3r> vector80: so feel free to only upload the kernel tree
<vector80> Ok let me extract it for you
<vector80> wait
<vector80> waww even on a 256Gbyte Sandisk SSD, it takes quite a lot of time..
<n01> oliv3r: what is the default triggering for IRQs?
<vector80> My filename is A23-v1.0.targz
<vector80> it is common allwinner structure,
<vector80> under lichee folder, there is linux-3.4
<oliv3r> n01: no idea :)
<vector80> You want only that folder, nothing else, right?
<oliv3r> vector80: perfect
<oliv3r> vector80: IF it includes allwinner-boot; then that too
<wens> n01: i think hans said it was level triggered?
<oliv3r> vector80: or something called u-boot; that's interesting too
<oliv3r> libv: ^
<n01> wens: yeah, I remember something from hans
<vector80> oliv3r: pls tell me which part you need
<vector80> I will have a lunch and come back in 10 mins
<JohnDoe_71Rus> vector80: lichee is kernel
<vector80> JohnDoe_71Rus: lichee is not only kernel
<n01> wens: do you remember if low or high level triggered?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> vector80: they need lichee
<oliv3r> lichee-u-boot-2011.09; .git, just do lichee; delete buildroot
<oliv3r> delete 'tools'
<oliv3r> that should be about 500mb i'm guessing
<oliv3r> so lichee brandy, lichee-linux-3.4
<shineworld> JohnDoe_71Rus, some day ago you get me a link with a more updated SDK for cubieboard than 1.03
<shineworld> have you that link ?
<wens> n01: high level triggered
<shineworld> thanks
<shineworld> downloading 1.05
<n01> wens: yes, i found the hans' email, tnx
<gzamboni> oliv3r, whats the subject of the book youre writing ?
<n01> "be good with chicks" by oliv3r
<n01> ;)
<gzamboni> lol, nice one :P
<gzamboni> i was thinking about hno, hes not coming to Fosdem ? poor hno, santa did empty all his pockets with his tons of childs :P
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<oliv3r> gzamboni: cubieboard; but i wanna make it + LIME :)
<gzamboni> nice :) , i supose it would be nice to finish before your fosdem speech so you could mention it there
<vector80> extracting lichee
<n01> oliv3r: can we proofread it?
<slapin_> SUDDENLY I think it is good idea to come to FOSDEM...
<slapin_> and as I now have the passport and a bit of time to apply for visa...
<slapin_> hmmmm
<slapin_> what accomodation is preferred?
<gzamboni> slapin_, where are you ?
<slapin_> gzamboni: Russia
<JohnDoe_71Rus> slapin_: hey zemelya :)
<slapin_> JohnDoe_71Rus: hi
<slapin_> the fosdem site is tl;dr where is everyone staying?
<n01> slapin_: still to be decided for me
<wolfy> slapin_: hotel marivaux for me
<n01> I think in some hotel nearby
<n01> wolfy: isn't it a bit far away from campus?
<wolfy> I'm staying another week after fosdem
<n01> got it
<wolfy> and I am used to using the public transportation, using their bus or whatever does not scare me :)
<slapin_> bed & brussels told me they are fully booked, hmmm
<wolfy> slapin_: I'd use booking.com or tripadvisor
<slapin_> wolfy: ah, I'd probably choose the same hotel as you as I will see more of Brussels this way
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<Turl> you can check airbnb too
<Turl> I've never used it, but I've heard good things
<vector80> oliv3r: here?
<vector80> oliv3r: here ?
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<vector80> https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fg2gr5ej9hysxq/A23-lichee.rar (4 hours left for uploading...)
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<libv> vector80: cool :)
<vector80> trying to increase speed, but today is somehow terible
<vector80> how to find a good example to uEnv.txt
<wens> funny.. can't get SMP with PSCI on my cb2, but works on my ct... same kernel, same u-boot tree
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<Turl> wens: is the psci thing enabled for both?
<wens> Turl: same kernel on both. psci showing up in only in ct dmesg
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<vector80> upload complete
<vector80> oliv3r: you can download now
<wens> hmm... seems sunxi-devel also has old SMP code
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<Turl> vector80: let me mirror somewhere else
<Turl> dropbox is going to block you after a couple of downloads
<Turl> 6e3592c154a586d0037e1d8e3296d2ee A23-lichee.rar
<vector80> ok
<vector80> let me delete it
<vector80> Did you finish download ?
<Turl> yes, please check if the md5 matches
<vector80> how to check MD5 in dropbox
<vector80> in windows 7 ?
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<Turl> ah, windows :(
<Turl> vector80: google suggests http://www.winmd5.com/
<libv> i do not have the a23 tablet along with me atm (i am visiting family in .be), but i will pull this in and have a quick look
<Turl> woah cool
<Turl> they made a mach-sunxi
<Turl> and it has files for sun4/6/8/9i.c
<mnemoc> 9??
<Turl> a50 looks like it's going to be sun8i
<vector80> A80 ?
<Turl> no mention of a80
<Turl> so maybe sun9i is that
<vector80> I really have a lot of SDK in my HDD now
<Turl> odd
<vector80> I don't know if these are important for you or not
<Turl> they refer a31/315/a20 as sun8i
<vector80> I will not delete it, but if you need something just tell me
<Turl> 31s*
<vector80> do you need MD5 now?
<Turl> vector80: md5 is just for integrity check
<vector80> A20 = sun7i ?
<Turl> mnemoc: http://sprunge.us/WMZU
<vector80> MD5: 6e3592c154a586d0037e1d8e3296d2ee
<Turl> vector80: thanks
<vector80> if ARM A15, then it should be A80, right?
<libv> vector80: yeah, sun7i is A20
<vector80> So what is sun8i ?
<mnemoc> they reinvented the sunNi notation :p
<vector80> :)
<libv> vector80: sun8i is a23
<vector80> clear
<vector80> and sun9i is A5x ?
<mnemoc> libv: see turl's paste
<Turl> libv: according to kconfig nope :p look at the paste
<mnemoc> config ARCH_SUN8IW3 bool "Allwinner A5x SOCs(sun8w3)"
<mnemoc> config ARCH_SUN8IW1 bool "Allwinner A3x SOCs(sun8w1)"
<mnemoc> config ARCH_SUN9I bool "Allwinner A15 smp socs(sun9i)"
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<mnemoc> config ARCH_SUN8I bool "Allwinner A7 smp socs(sun8i)"
<mnemoc> they started unifying stuff
<vector80> I think sun9i is A83
<vector80> I am deleting the file now
<libv> ...
<Turl> they reworked the clock driver to use CCF
<mnemoc> so now sun4i is all cortex-a8
<mnemoc> sun8i all cortex-a7
<vector80> wawww, you are reading the code soo fast..
<mnemoc> and sun9i all cortex-a15
<libv> pfff
<libv> Turl: is the sunxi sdk file correct?
<Turl> libv: md5 matches, I downloaded it and file roller opened it just fine
<libv> ok
<libv> this is stupid
<Turl> libv: maybe you have a bad unrar or something
<libv> as a23 seems more like a31
<wolfy> so what would be used for samsung exynos ( 4*A7+4*A15) ?
<libv> and a20 is relatively similar to a10
<wolfy> exynos 5 octa I mean
<Turl> wolfy: what?
<mnemoc> wolfy: sun9i is for their big.LITTLE I guess
<libv> do people still think that big.little is a good idea?
<wolfy> Turl: samsung's 5 octa has 8 cores, 4*A7 and 4*A15
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<Turl> wolfy: so? :p
<Turl> what are you asking?
<mnemoc> libv: PSCI let's the kernel use all cores at will
<wolfy> " sun8i all cortex-a7" and "sun9i all cortex-a15"
<Turl> wolfy: add "made by allwinner" to that
<libv> mnemoc: beating the original big little noise made :)
<Turl> exynos is made by samsung
<mnemoc> libv: yup :)
<Turl> libv: power wise, yeah
<mnemoc> libv: the combos cortex-a15 + cortex-m4 are even more wtf
<libv> mnemoc: heh, ti omap
<Turl> although all a7 ought to be enough for everyone, as demonstrated by moto g :p
<libv> mnemoc: i was at an automotive company summer 2012, where some braindead professor was consulting as a project leader
<mnemoc> arm probably never expected people to make pure cortex-a7 chips
<libv> who constantly claimed that omap5 was quad core!
<libv> and that therefor there could be 4 virtualized cores
<Turl> libv: wasn't it?
<Turl> did it ever launch btw?
<libv> yes, it was
<mnemoc> at least cortex-a7 and cortex-a15 are similar instruction wise.... but their cortex-m4 is mostly a DSP
<libv> 2x A15 and 2xM4, both of which were tied up for 2d and video
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<Turl> mnemoc: they should be the exact same, that's the point
<Turl> :p
<mnemoc> not for TI
<libv> one teammate was sent home, for being able to read a datasheet
<mnemoc> hahaha
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<wens> lol
<Turl> mnemoc: can you rebase/sanitize/import? :)
<libv> i lasted 7 more weeks, until i pulled the cord myself and shouted "i am not able to work with this anymore. Either the great god professor learns how to read, or i am off."
<mnemoc> does it have .git ?
<mnemoc> libv: haha
<Turl> mnemoc: yes
<Turl> but just HEAD and index on there :/
<Turl> maybe a result of rar
<mnemoc> Turl: can you push all as-is ?
<Turl> mnemoc: to git? or what?
<Turl> the rar is there, just 300M to download
<mnemoc> Turl: sometimes the symlinks become text files
<vector80> mnemoc: The whole SDK is 3.8Gig, do you want to get ?
<Turl> vector80: can we download from somewhere public?
<Turl> vector80: I can mirror on server
<vector80> I can upload it to whereever you need
<vector80> Just tell me what you need
<mnemoc> everything :p
<wens> Clockevents: could not switch to one-shot mode: dummy_timer is not functional.
<wens> Could not switch to high resolution mode on CPU 1
<Turl> vector80: does it fit on your dropbox as is?
<wens> does this mean something still needs to be worked on in the timer code?
<vector80> no it does not, it is free dropbox :(
<vector80> But I have a fast FTP server in istanbul
<Turl> ok, wherever it is convenient for you :)
<Turl> if you do not have much bandwidth we can mirror once it is uploaded
<vector80> I can try to upload A10, A10s, A23, A20 TVBOx SDK, A20 MID SDK, A20 LinuxBSP
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popolon has joined #linux-sunxi
<vector80> If you give me an FTP or something, I can directly upload to there
<mnemoc> A23 first
<Turl> mnemoc: can you?
<mnemoc> vector80: the server is ssh/sftp only...
<vector80> it is OK
<mnemoc> so I would need your ssh public key
<mnemoc> and a username
<vector80> let me create one
<vector80> oh sorry
<vector80> you are asking to Turl, sorry misunderstanding
<mnemoc> vector80: no, asking you
<vector80> mnemoc: You have an SFTP server ?
<mnemoc> linux-sunxi.org
<vector80> ok wait
<mnemoc> then you get a dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/vector80 there
<mnemoc> to share your stuff
<wens> Turl: seems like u-boot failed to set all the PSCI dt properties on my cb2
<mnemoc> vector80: it would be great if you can "version" the files before uploading them
<mnemoc> vector80: at least a date
<mnemoc> no know what's newer and what's older
<vector80> mnemoc: I was planing to upload A23-v1.0.tar.gz file directly
<vector80> That file is 3.8Gig
<mnemoc> cool
<vector80> You mean, I should extract that file, and upload like that way ?
<mnemoc> nah
<vector80> That would take ages
<mnemoc> to add something in the names so they aren't A20-SDK.rar
<mnemoc> but a -vN.M is good
<Turl> wens: uboot up to date and with psci enabled?
<vector80> Ok I will add a date to above filename
<mnemoc> vector80: paste your one-line ssh public key in sprunge.us and give it to me together with the desired username
<vector80> I should send you by email, right? I shouldn't write here :)
<vector80> What is your email?
<mnemoc> amery geeks cl
<wens> Turl: it is. hans' sunxi-test
<mnemoc> but public keys are.... public ;-)
<mnemoc> wens: hansg is maintaining the official sunxi-devel now
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<vector80> c4:d9:3a:e3:a2:1b:71:02:e5:a7:26:51:07:9e:18:f3 root@TURBO
<wens> mnemoc: for u-boot?
<mnemoc> root... and fingerprint :<
<mnemoc> wens: oh
<mnemoc> wens: we might need a sunxi-devel branch of that one as well
<Turl> mnemoc: windows
<vector80> no it is Vmware kubuntu 12.04
<mnemoc> Turl: so, guide him please :)
<vector80> I used ssh-keygen -t rsa
<Turl> vector80: mnemoc needs output of cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
<vector80> ok wait
<nove> in the video a31/a31s supports H265 720p playback, (only 720p isn't this by software)
<gzamboni> Do we have a problem with google group ml ?
<Turl> gzamboni: don't think so, why?
<Turl> at least I haven't heard anyone complaining today
<gzamboni> dunno i keep reading msgs from lkcl telling so
<vector80> ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC6EF+EYG1M7LzdvEKcIPmJ/DfeQbYVCy8puBpQ0cCbdhC3Uds5arl+OIkZMNbeZLn/+/jymh+13PY9OAYxQ5AzjKIksUTRlUbBgreFukbr9aX2FBprVTfA3wqagQq2kSkvBw25CzcdyUWeBpfaw8nWhBr9gvp/lBqZ1EPG2/zFdgr6+wRzZzvEIn5RCKeSLVYtfSARUzHP8kCEEFL5X+GANkkK93PzThF0dPMZ5YES+q05CgQd+yqa+nrAvti78Rf9IQroaxfuwnd0LmT8RUK4M0kKmXIfwrEPSsgfl1X6tFk6MjeTvJUW20iqUFuk1zx1tbroyI28T5dJ7/pJzTCB root@TURBO
<gzamboni> wow not its public :P
<mnemoc> vector80: thanks. but you should really stop using root
<mnemoc> vector80: username?
<vector80> Yes, everybody is telling me this, but I really hate to write sudo also
<mnemoc> vector80: can't give you "root"
<vector80> stulluk
<vector80> So, I should change to "stulluk" user, and create public key again?
<mnemoc> you can move the .ssh/id_rsa* if you like
<mnemoc> public key isn't affected
<Turl> gzamboni: lkcl doesn't like google groups, but that's about it as far as I'm aware
<vector80> That would take some time... Let me change user, install everything again...
<mnemoc> he considers free software projects should not use any closed service
<mnemoc> vector80: just move those two files... nothing to reinstall
<gzamboni> i think google ml works fine and theres no need for an open thing, but if you want i can set up a maillist in my server. we would just need to write an php app to do the subscriptions and verification. i think it could be done with some wiki addon.
<mnemoc> google groups has an awesome spam control system, great for open lists like ours
<gzamboni> i agree
<mnemoc> gzamboni: subscription also works by sending an empty email to a +subscribe@ address
<mnemoc> Turl subscribed like that, and so I can't give him permissions :\
<gzamboni> mnemoc: i supose so, i never created a ML
<mnemoc> vector80: try ssh stulluk@sunxi.org
<mnemoc> vector80: there you'll find a public_html/ dir, please upload the SDKs there
<vector80> ok wait
<lkcl> so you're basically cut off from the kinds of people that would help expand the reach of the work being done here.
<lkcl> that's all.
<mnemoc> mailman ALSO allows directly adding subscribers
<lkcl> nobody's "ORDERING" you to move ...
<lkcl> mnemoc: read what phil hands wrote, please.
<Turl> lkcl: they do send confirmation when you subscribe. Like, twice. It's overly annoying
<lkcl> phil is a prominent member of the debian community, and his level of intelligence and integrity is a good representative sample.
<lkcl> until you stop using google groups, you will *not* get *any* help - no subscribers, no assistance, no involvement - from any serious free software group.
<lkcl> they look at a community that uses google groups and they go "pffh. these people cannot be serious. let's not waste our time with them"
<lkcl> so.... you are *perfectly* free to continue to use google groups...
* mnemoc wonders which % of DDs uses gmail
<lkcl> nobody is ordering you want to do
<lkcl> mnemoc: good question. many of the younger ones will, most likely.
<mnemoc> it's pretty annoying when a good engineering practice becomes a fundamentalist religion
<lkcl> gzamboni: does that help clarify the situation? nobody is ordering you what to do. i am however pointing out the consequences of continued use of google groups: you're isolated.
<Turl> lkcl: you're the only one so far that has expressed an interest in collaborating but complained about the ML
<lkcl> mnemoc: read phil's message.
<mnemoc> lkcl: I did
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<Turl> in like, one-two years? that we've been around
<lkcl> Turl: i'm not complaining. i'm pointing out that you're not going to get any help - or funding - until you stop using google groups.
<lkcl> Turl: i remained quiet because i lacked the confidence to raise it as an issue.
<Turl> lkcl: OEMs happily collaborate with us
<lkcl> anyway - please carry on doing whatever you find to be most useful.
<mnemoc> I'm HAPPY to leave fundamentalists out
<Turl> same, we wasted enough time discussing this the other day
<mnemoc> but oliv3r is working on setting up our own dev@linux-sunxi.org BECAUSE google tends to mess up patches
<lkcl> mnemoc: so am i.
<lkcl> mnemoc: GREAT!
<Turl> lkcl: and you know you can use dev@linux-sunxi.org - I haven't seen any patches from you yet :)
<lkcl> that's... amazing. i'm delighted.
<lkcl> Turl: the bug-report i did was entered in other ways
<lkcl> mnemoc: that's fantastic news!
<lkcl> mnemoc: it means that i can get you guys some funding
<lkcl> mnemoc: i'll wait until google groups is made read-only before doing so.
<libv> not this again...
<mnemoc> lkcl: you can wait all you want. it's a free project. you are free to contribute when you fill like wanting to
<lkcl> mnemoc: i can also help you out by inviting debian and fedora developers to join the list. there needs to be more communication and coordination.
<Turl> let's get back on topic, you can meta if you want on #arm-netbook
<lkcl> it would be great to have a proper debian release of sunxi kernels and tools.
<Turl> lkcl: libv and bfree_ worked on that ^
<lkcl> libv: they're getting there :)
<gzamboni> lkcl, i see, i just did put the subject here to see if ppl agree with you, as i can help provide an open solution. But as mnmoc said he's right google have a good antispam control
<lkcl> mnemoc: when google groups is no longer in use i'll help get those packages into debian proper.
<Turl> also the mmp kernel on debian has sunxi support
<libv> lkcl: ...
<libv> lkcl: libump is just there to support the binary
<lkcl> gzamboni: there are people who will be more than willing to help set up a software (libre) mailing list with good antispam control. at zero monetary cost.
<libv> lkcl: fbturbo can make it in on its own accord
<lkcl> ok folks, enough.
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<lkcl> gotta get on.
<libv> lkcl: the mesa packages allow for external drivers, which is going in against the religion of the mesa developers
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<libv> so getting it into debian properly is not really a good goal
<mnemoc> lkcl: personally, people who is holding their contributions to free projects for those reasons can take their contributions and stick them somewhere dark
<mnemoc> I have ZERO interest in helping fundamentalists of any kind
<mnemoc> dev@linux-sunxi.org is been setup for completely different reasons
<mnemoc> not to beg for their contributions
<libv> :)
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<oliv3r> gzamboni: lol it won't be finsihed until june i think
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* nove thinks that if everyone is happy, everyone will win
<nove> a request for the sdks, instead of only having a link to download to a 6G file, could it be possible to only have what really matter for us in a more accessible way
<mnemoc> in any context, it's impossible to make everyone happy
<mnemoc> nove: tsvetan and vector80 had sftp access to dl.linux-sunxi.org and they upload SDKs there
<libv> oliv3r, mnemoc: have you guys tried to acquire an a23 already?
<mnemoc> fosdem tickets (and the improv board) took all my toys budget for a bunch for months :\
<mnemoc> budget*
<libv> i am not going to spend much more time on it, until the thing at least boots halfway
<libv> but i am quite happy that we got the sdk within two weeks
<libv> can we now rewrite this page? http://linux-sunxi.org/A23
<libv> to state that we now do have what we need?
<libv> mnemoc: :(
<nove> mnemoc, but is a pain to download gigabytes files to get a 50k binary that you don't even have certain that will work
<hno> gzamboni, it's not about empty pockets, but empty time. Have not given up on fosdem yet, but nothing booked yet.
<mnemoc> nove: that's why we then split useful content into different git repos
<mnemoc> or other dl. dirs
<mnemoc> but first we need to get people getting the SDKs to share them :)
<libv> yeah, great that vector80 came along
<mnemoc> surely I prefer people to NOT download multi-gigabyte tarballs or images, I'm paying the server and bw :\ ... but it's a needed starting point
<mnemoc> libv: yeah!
<WarheadsSE> hmm, still need to get an improv
<WarheadsSE> Got the iteaduinos
<WarheadsSE> hope to have a glance at them over the weekend
<nove> mnemoc, that is my request, in my case i need to get the android cedarx binaries and the source code that uses them
<mnemoc> nove: do you want access to my build server? it's in the same host as dl. so downloading is fast. but please delete the duplicated files afterward :p
<mnemoc> the A23 SDK is only 30% up
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<nove> mnemoc, right now i don't have time to do that, but next week yes, i would like to try to see the binaries do work, or if is same as A31 that i already checked and has differences in cedar hardware
<mnemoc> ok. poke me when you want
<mnemoc> with their changes in the sunNi definition it might be a good idea to switch mainline to mach-sunxi/awNNNN.c style
<shineworld> A20 and A23 share same core and SDK ?
<libv> mnemoc: yeah
<mnemoc> no one knows yet
<libv> mnemoc: for unichrome i ended up calling all hw VT<pci-id> after plenty of stupid naming scheme changes
<mnemoc> doh
<nove> wingrime, jemk , wouldn't the h264 encoder be a better candidate than mpeg4, that way oliver could then say that we have encoder/decoder working
<andhe> mnemoc: fwiw, I'm a DD and I've recently redirected all debian.org-related mails to a gmail account (used only for that) because debian.org forwards so much spam... and I will happily help out with this project and take it very seriously despite what lkcl and phands thinks.
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<mnemoc> andhe: awesome! thanks! you might want to help libv with http://packages.linux-sunxi.org/debian/ too
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<andhe> mnemoc: is there a wiki page describing what the purpose of that repository is? I guess packaging for example non-free mali against sunxi-3.4 kernel and stuff like that?...
<mnemoc> an apt repo for quick updates of everything sunxi-specific final users might need
<mnemoc> the 3.4 kernel for example is too much for "standard" patch driven approach
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<jemk> nove: i'd prefer h264 encoder too, I don't feel like starting mpeg4 at the moment. For me the hardest work in RE work was to learn enough about the video format, then figuring out the hardware was pretty easy. And h264 i know already.
<mnemoc> ssvb: what's the CONFIG_ to set the base of CMA's reserve?
<mnemoc> ssvb: also, what about CONFIG_CMA_AREAS if we set CONFIG_CMA_SIZE_MBYTES=192?
<ssvb> mnemoc: don't know about the base
<ssvb> mnemoc: have you run into some problem already?
<mnemoc> nothing... I haven't been able to test on hardware yet... doing some $work$ :\
<nove> jemk, me too, last week and this i spend most of the time learning how do jpeg works
<jemk> nove: ;) and jpeg is pretty easy
<ssvb> jemk: any new ideas about what's happening when crossing the 256MB limit in physical RAM for cedar memory allocations?
<nove> jemk, it uses the same subengine as h264 encoding, so what i did also helps
<jemk> nove: so the regs you filled in wiki are mostly jpeg related i guess?
<jemk> ssvb: no, but if we didn't miss something important it really is a hardware limitation at least in "old" socs
<nove> jemk, yes, but is shared, h264 is using some of then in a be similar way
<oliv3r> nove: i think we will eventually
<oliv3r> libv: not yet, i'm thinking of getting an a23 tablet; but ideally i'd want 1 gig of ram :) and i'm lacking funds right now
<jemk> ssvb: i once tried some minimal cedar mpeg decoding on bare metal and scanned the memory afterwards, it always wraps around at 256MB so the upper address lines seem to be missing
<ssvb> jemk: so the cedar register description in the wiki is not entirely correct after all?
<jemk> ssvb: but surprisingly jpeg works above, its the same engine as mpeg which doesn't work
<ssvb> jemk: ok, I guess they tried to make it work, but probably dropped halfway
<jemk> jpeg { input: ok, output: ok } mpeg { input: ok, output: 256 } h264 { input: 256, output: ? }
<nove> ssvb, i am seeing that there are 2 types of register, one with that limitation, and other without, but is only guessing because i still didnt did memory ranges testing
<jemk> ssvb: ^ ok means worked above, but maybe it will run into the next limit somewhere
<ssvb> jemk, nove: that's not a big deal, just good to know that the workaround is really needed
<ssvb> thanks for the clarification and additional details
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<vector80> mnemoc: It is too late now, I am leaving my PC powered ON, connected to a UPS, loading tar file... I hope no disconnection occurs, it is around %58 now... See you next week, bye
<mnemoc> vector80: have a nice weekend, and thank you!
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<mnemoc> ssvb: 192MB CMA thing pushed
<ssvb> mnemoc: thanks! have you tried it on some real hardware now? ;)
<mnemoc> not yet, but I assumed YOU did :p
<ssvb> yep :)
<mnemoc> good
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<n01> cool, just found a dead-lock on mainline
<mnemoc> happy deadlocking
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<oliv3r> backreading again on those new sunNi names from AW; If SUN8IW1 is A3x, what is sun6i?
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<utente> hello, one question about SoC A10. is the 2 host usb on a 2 different usb channels of soc or there is a unique usb (like on the raspberry) that is doubled by an internal hub? in other words, if i connect 2 external usb disks (ie: disc A and disk B), both usb goes to the maximum speed allower of bandwith is shared bewteen the 2 usb ports of i copy data from A to B?
<oliv3r> utente: no internal hub
<oliv3r> utente: we have 3 usb 'controllers' 1 usb otg; 2 regular 'host' usb's
<oliv3r> though lsusb should have told you that ;)
<utente> oliv3r, than you.
<utente> thanks*
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<utente> boycottg00gle, nice nick :)
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