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<[7]> what's the easiest/best/recommended way to read/write access peripheral regs on A20?
<[7]> in this particular case the touchscreen controller?
<parabyte> ah i compiled the zet6221 driver was a few typo's ;)
<parabyte> so how exactly do i get xorg to play with it? !!!!
<parabyte> question of questions
<[7]> it should be available as an input device, just like a mouse or something
<[7]> is it listed in the output of getevent?
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<[7]> hm, or wait, that might be an android-only tool
<[7]> $ cat /sys/class/input/event*/device/name
<[7]> parabyte: is it listed there?
<parabyte> ill show you some dmesg
<parabyte> 2 secs
<parabyte> i suspect i not got a module installed or something
<parabyte> or i need to echo something to the i2c
<parabyte> or something
<parabyte> i better pastebin it
<parabyte> This is the zet6221 driver output
<parabyte> I have no idea how to handle it. i have no xorg.conf specified as xorg doing so well at autodection of my framebuffer
<[7]> so does the cat command above list the touchscreen?
<parabyte> sorry was a million miles away then
<parabyte> 2 seconds
<parabyte> Very interesting
<parabyte> yes it does
<parabyte> axp20-supplyer
<parabyte> zet6221_ts
<parabyte> what is axp20-supplyer!?
<[7]> that's the driver for the LRADC buttons
<[7]> er no, for the power button I mean
<parabyte> where is that exported?
<parabyte> what could i echo to read results?
<parabyte> echo < /sys????
<parabyte> that is really not that important right not lol, i need touchscreen
<parabyte> how do you suggest i progress with this little dilemma
<[7]> so /sys/class/input/event1/device/name is the zet6221?
<parabyte> yes
<[7]> I issume it also turns out in the output of $ xinput list
<parabyte> yes indeed
<parabyte> ⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2[master pointer (3)]
<parabyte> ⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4[slave pointer (2)]
<parabyte> ⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3[master keyboard (2)]
<parabyte> ⎜ ↳ zet6221_ts id=6[slave pointer (2)]
<parabyte> ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5[slave keyboard (3)]
<parabyte> root@tablet:/dev/input/by-path#
<[7]> $ sudo evtest
<[7]> select the touchscreen device
<[7]> any output if you touch it?
<parabyte> just need to install that package
<parabyte> 2 moments please
<parabyte> bummer
<parabyte> no output from the device
<parabyte> but the other device the power switch is giving a nice lovely on off state!
<parabyte> maybe i have not compiled something into the kernel
<parabyte> maybe i need to check the source code some more
<parabyte> it is still throwing out errors in the compiler to do with the i2c bus so obviously its just not latching onto the device!!!
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<parabyte> i will figure out what the problem is and come back later
<parabyte> i will recompile the code after i play with it some more
<parabyte> thanks for the help :)
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<parabyte> [7], sorry disturb you but do you know of any source code for the 6221 that is not full of errors?
<parabyte> typo's
<parabyte> and C++ grammer issues
<[7]> no, I haven't dealt with that one so far
<[7]> can you give me an example of these problems?
<[7]> also, do you happen to know of any affordable 10.1" capacitive touch panels? the resistive one that I'm messing with right now is horrible...
<parabyte> well basically i just went on ebay and just got the cheapest A13 i could possibly find, that stated it had a capacitive display
<parabyte> regardless of other specs!
<parabyte> I am no coder i just know a little C++ but here is the error the module is spitting out when i make it
<parabyte> warning: ‘i2c_dev_get_by_minor’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
<parabyte> i am not sure what that mean's
<Sonic1_> As a non programmer you could probably ignore warnings
<[7]> that by itself isn't a problem, but it could be pointing to a misconfiguration
<parabyte> no i think this warning is telling me that an important variable is not being utilised that read's the i2c bus
<parabyte> [7], what other things can i try to get output from evtest?
<[7]> well, look at the driver and its configuration (both compile time and in the fex)
<parabyte> do i need to put my systems fex file in debian somewhere?
<parabyte> i have my tablets original fex i made myself from its system.bin
<Md> parabyte: you only need script.bin
<parabyte> yeah i know for uboot
<parabyte> no i mean
<parabyte> in the above pastebin i put here
<parabyte> the driver mentions it cant find the fex file
<parabyte> do i need to actually supply a copy of a fex file to the module?! or i supply the fex to make at compile time
<Md> parabyte: no, I think it just means that you need to rebuild a correct script.bin
<parabyte> i have a correct script.bin where ulimage is
<parabyte> the boards original script.bin
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<parabyte> Md, Xorg is detecting it but its just not working!
<parabyte> Ah i think its just xorg
<parabyte> spitting out a new error
<parabyte> nope no error sorry i misread the log
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<parabyte> I think its just a xorg issue
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<parabyte> ill be back later i need to sleep on this
<parabyte> thanks for the help
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<wens> just noticed cb2 has an external 32.768 KHz crystal osc
<oliv3r> wens: they all do
<oliv3r> feeds the RTC by default
<oliv3r> the internal one is far to inaccurate ;)
<wens> oliv3r: oh, well it isn't in cb schematics
<wens> so i thought it was added in ct
<oliv3r> yay sata works on sun4i and sun7i
<oliv3r> let me look at my cb1 and cb2 visually ;)
<wens> :)
<oliv3r> do you have a cb1 or 2?
<wens> 2
<oliv3r> well the pcb's are the same
<wens> the osc is between the SoC and ethernet port
<oliv3r> ok look at the top side, find the A10 and put the leds left to it
<oliv3r> left bottom corner is the 32khz OSC
<oliv3r> now flip it around
<oliv3r> if you have the realtek PHY upside down (rj45 facing downward) you see a nother 32k lookalike, but that's for the PHY
<oliv3r> the 24 MHz osc is near pin 1 on the left header
<oliv3r> it's a little metalic square thing
<oliv3r> there is a choke or diode just between the osc and pin1
<wens> yeah, i found them all. the one for the phy is actually 25MHz
<oliv3r> makes sense
<oliv3r> as MII spec requres that doesn' tit
<oliv3r> looks like even hotplugging of sata works
<oliv3r> i wish we knew what IP their sata controller users
<oliv3r> because i bet you diamonds they didn't write it themselves
<oliv3r> Timing buffer-cache reads: 54 MB in 0.51 seconds = 107997 kB/s
<oliv3r> Timing buffered disk reads: 289 MB in 3.00 seconds = 98459 kB/s
<oliv3r> for cb1
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<wens> the timer driver seems to use 24 MHz main clock as source
<oliv3r> you mean all the timers of the SoC?
<oliv3r> i think you can feed them with the 32k osc
<oliv3r> or atleast some of the PLL's
<wens> probably should expose this in the DT?
<oliv3r> http://linux-sunxi.org/A10/CCM#Bus%20clock%20generation
<oliv3r> CPU and APB1 and keyboard can be fed by the 32khz clock
<oliv3r> but i think that's the internal one
<oliv3r> only the RTC (timers) can choose to use which of the 32k ones
<oliv3r> as the 32k one is optional
<oliv3r> Turl: is our clock expert :p
<oliv3r> wens: did you contact benn yet about the firmware for BT?
<wens> According to manual, in A20, CPU and APB1 can be fed by LOSC, which is fed by internal or external 32k
<oliv3r> yeah i wrote the wiki page with the a10 document back then; i guess the wiki page could do with an update :)
<wens> oliv3r: not yet, low priority for me
<oliv3r> but someone who's just getting started and wants to help should do that ;)
<oliv3r> wens: i'll write him a mail then ;)
<wens> oliv3r: :)
<oliv3r> we have the wifi firmware right?
<oliv3r> or that is available to us
<wens> the lubuntu images come with one. and debian has packages which either contain them, or have scripts to fetch them from broadcom
<oliv3r> ah ok, atleast that issue is sorted
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<wens> wonder why the special clocks are called "module 0 family" clocks
<oliv3r> wens: ah, i know that one :)
<wens> the registers for the 2 external clock outputs have the same structure, but different widths and offsets
<wens> might just name them sun7i-output-clk
<wens> btw, the wifi module seems to support NFC as well, but the pins aren't connected
<oliv3r> bah
<oliv3r> i was gonna be all cool and link the lichee sources
<oliv3r> but mod0 is the name in the sources there
<wens> i see
<oliv3r> so we just stuck with that
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<oliv3r> found it
<oliv3r> yeah! delayed cool entry
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<wens> so there's type 0 and type 1
<oliv3r> yep
<wens> and then the other bits...
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<TheSeven> what's the easiest/best/recommended way to read/write access peripheral regs on A20?
<TheSeven> in this particular case the touchscreen controller?
<oliv3r> ther'es a module for that
<n01> TheSeven: you mean in kernel space?
<TheSeven> no, from userspace, to try out different sensitivity values etc.
<oliv3r> i'm sure n01 remembers the module
<oliv3r> dev2mem or something
<oliv3r> oh so close :D
<TheSeven> well there's that sunxi-dbgreg thing, but that requires that I specify a kernel virtual address, which I don't know
<n01> I use heavily for debug ;)
<TheSeven> it's also a bit cumbersome to use
<TheSeven> there is of course /dev/mem, but i need a sane tool for that... let's see what devmem2 is
<n01> with devmem you specify the physical addr
<TheSeven> yes, seems like it's based on /dev/mem, which is exactly what I need :)
<oliv3r> heh, we have devmem in busybox in turls rootfs image; but not devmem2; what's the difference?
<n01> it is the same
<TheSeven> wtf
<oliv3r> ah ok
<oliv3r> didn't know that
<oliv3r> busybox rules :D
<TheSeven> now if I had known that...
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<oliv3r> TheSeven: known what?
<TheSeven> that busybox already has such a thing on my image
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<oliv3r> :p
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<TheSeven> ok, reducing the sensitivity value makes the behavior of that touchscreen MUCH better
<oliv3r> i suppose you can set that up via the FEX?
<TheSeven> yes, that's just not adequate for testing :)
<oliv3r> ah so tweak it via the registers; set it in stone, er FEX after :)
<TheSeven> exactly that
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* TheSeven wonders where the fex is even stored here...
<TheSeven> probably somewhere within boot1, outside of the user-accessible flash area
<oliv3r> /dev/block/nanda
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<TheSeven> don't think so
<TheSeven> indeed, no script file there
<TheSeven> IIUC it's already in DRAM when boot.axf gets loaded
<TheSeven> need to update it with livesuit :/
<oliv3r> TheSeven: i bet you diamonds!
<oliv3r> mount /dev/block/nanda /mnt
<oliv3r> bin2fex /mnt/script.bin
<oliv3r> nand bootloader will read it only from nanda, no other place, it is not embedded
<oliv3r> it will read it into memory and keep it in memory, so the partition isn't normally mounted
* TheSeven wonders what that magic.bin is
<TheSeven> update_boot1 must be embedding it into the boot1 binary
<oliv3r> boot0 and boot1 are the only files outside the nand 'disk'
<oliv3r> TheSeven: what device do you have?
<oliv3r> this is how a a31 oliuxino looks like
<TheSeven> oliv3r: olinuxino a20
<oliv3r> they also come shipped with one i think
<oliv3r> i don't have my a20 with me
<TheSeven> I did replace that with some livesuit image from olimex first thing, because I needed support for this LCD
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<oliv3r> ah ok, so you possibly broke it :p
<oliv3r> but i have one for ya
<TheSeven> well, I've completely reworked that livesuit image since that point
<oliv3r> look here :)
<TheSeven> well, whatever I have here works just fine
<TheSeven> it just doesn't store the script.bin file on nanda
<oliv3r> you don' thave a script.bi
<oliv3r> so it uses some default values
<oliv3r> script.bin isn't read from anywhere lese, not some hidden spot
<TheSeven> no, it reacts to what i specify in script.fex during build just fine :)
<oliv3r> O.o
<TheSeven> the compiled contents of that end up in dram at 0x43000000 just fine
<TheSeven> I just have no idea where they're hiding on the flash
<oliv3r> well then you have some different boot0/boot1 then we ever saw here
<TheSeven> but it must be inside boot1
<oliv3r> livesuit doesn't rewrite boot1
<TheSeven> it does, at least this one
<oliv3r> strange you got something nobody else has yet
<oliv3r> very strange
<TheSeven> I built that livesuit image using parts from several other ones
<TheSeven> some extracted from olimex's image
<oliv3r> so your script.bin ends up in flash fine
<oliv3r> erm in ram fien
<TheSeven> yes
<oliv3r> but we dont' know where it originates from
<oliv3r> bizare
<oliv3r> anyhow, that github link has the default fex files for olimexino's inc. LCD's
<TheSeven> the image generation script runs this: tools/update_boot1 out/boot1.bin tmp/script.bin NAND
<TheSeven> so I guess that's how it ends up there
<oliv3r> weird, but appearantly
<TheSeven> so it probably replaces what boot1 considers the default if no script.bin is there
<TheSeven> and also reconfigures the dram setup code in boot0
<wens> can't seem to load uEnv.txt correctly :(
<oliv3r> TheSeven: that bit is known, it injects dram_para into boot0
<TheSeven> anyway, I can now generate livesuit images from scratch :)
<oliv3r> mripard: hey, why does sdhci free everything here? http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/mmc/host/sdhci-pltfm.c#L195 i thought when using platform_get_resources etc, the memory and resources would be freed by default?
<oliv3r> TheSeven: wiki! though I only use SD ;)
<wens> oliv3r: don't you have to use devm_* to have the kernel free everything for you?
<oliv3r> wens: ah right, hmm, I think I currently don't even use devm_ :)
<TheSeven> oliv3r: livesuit is basically a lua interpreter with some libraries for USB access etc.
<oliv3r> yeah
<mripard> oliv3r: they're not using devm_* stuff
<TheSeven> both the FEL => FES => FED boot process and the flashing process are controlled by that lua script
<mripard> only the devm prefixed function are automatically garbaged at driver exit
<oliv3r> mripard: i'm just thinking if I used devm_ with SID at all and if I do clean everything, cause I don't think I did
<oliv3r> mripard: and I didn't use devm_ for the ahci driver v0 :p
<oliv3r> mripard: any particular reason why sdhci doesn't use devm_?
<wens> oliv3r: it's likely they haven't migrated over
<oliv3r> ok good, no good reason then :)
<oliv3r> ah I did it porperly in sid :)
<oliv3r> good
<oliv3r> (I need to rfresh my memory on a lot of stuff :)
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<plaes> anyone who has bought/used these: http://www.hotmcu.com/cp2102-module-usb-to-33v-ttl-p-35.html ?
<plaes> I just tested 5 of these, and none worked :S
<libv> plaes: ?
<libv> i have a 2 different but highly similar ones
<plaes> libv: wanted to know whether someone has had success with these
<libv> plaes: what hw is this connected to, have you gotten serial out of that hw before?
<plaes> yes I do
<libv> plaes: does the led light up when slotted in a usb connector, does the module show up in lsusb, can you attach screen to it?
<plaes> libv: this works ^^
<plaes> but friend just connected on of the hotmcu's to windows machine and got instant BSOD :)
<libv> right, that's the one i have
<libv> heh
<libv> bad module?
<plaes> dunno, but just a warning :)
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<libv> does it do any of the usual things when you plug it into a proper PC with a proper OS?
<libv> (apart from talking to the device)
<plaes> on my machine it showed up as proper device but I couldn't communicate
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<libv> were all 5 of them BSODed by your friend?
<plaes> only one, he has work to do
<plaes> but I basically dumped all of them to our "dead projects" bin..
<libv> :)
<libv> plaes: perhaps add a warning, that you had bad experience with the hotmcu one
<libv> to the wiki
<libv> the wiring of this thing is real simple
Sonic1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> so you can easily compare things with the other cp2102 module you have
<libv> the hotmcu one does seem more clueful than the ones we have, as i think the leds blink on rx/tx activity
<plaes> these only lit up in the beginning, but not any more
<libv> hrm :(
<libv> is your uart still alive, did you test with the other module recently?
<plaes> yes
<plaes> I'm flashing ARMSTM32F103 chips with these
<libv> well, then add a warning that YMMV with the hotmcu ones, and that you probably received 5 duds
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<AreaScout> plaes, maybe it's in bootload mode
kivutar has joined #linux-sunxi
<plaes> AreaScout: I can flash it with my another module
<libv> it is plural for requires
<libv> "_all_ of the hardware available" is singular
<AreaScout> Silicon Laps SDK has some tools to interact with cp2102 in bootload mode and flash it
<plaes> AreaScout: ahh.. I though you meant stm
<plaes> libv: thanks, will fix it
<AreaScout> plaes, ok :)
<libv> plaes: add your own info to that: "Pxxx Laes bought 5 ... from ebay user ... and they none of them were functioning."
<libv> or something like that
<libv> also mention hotmcu
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<plaes> libv: hotmcu.com seems to be HAOYU electronics homepage
<libv> perhaps add a picture
<libv> right, but give people as much info as possible
<libv> it was _your_ experience, so perhaps others have had more luck
<libv> btw, that colleague of yours that had a BSOD
<libv> did his windows like the working cp2102 modules?
<plaes> yes, we share the one working we currently have in the office :)
<libv> hehe, i now understand why you went and bought 5 :)
<libv> did you also complain to the seller?
<libv> feel free to mention our UART page, and the fact that this will hurt his sales
<plaes> libv: too purchase for complains :(
<plaes> *too old
<libv> the publication on our mighty important wiki should be bad enough publicity that this company should sit up and listen
<libv> especially since this company sells sunxi hw
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<plaes> how can I create my own user page?
<plaes> it says I don't have permission
<libv> let me log in and see what it says with my supposed admin powers (which i haven't used yet in the year or so since mnemoc gave it to me :))
<libv> i can edit that page, but i do not see any way of setting the protection to you only
<plaes> just create it
<libv> done
<libv> <-- funny man.
JohnDoe_71Rus has quit [Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier. http://miranda-im.org]
<plaes> weird.. I still can't edit it :(
* plaes gives up...
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<libv> mnemoc!!!
<libv> it has no protection :(
* TheSeven can't create a user page either, ran into this a few hours ago
<libv> plaes: you are an "autoconfirmed user", so let me change protection to "only autoconfirmed users"
<oliv3r> mripard: i hope it's safe to assume that you set the address in *iomap and then the data pointed to the pointer will be treated as const, so in effect, shouldn't void __iomem * always be const?
<oliv3r> mripard: to make it more confusing to me, it's a *const *? which is different to const * obviously not sure how?
<libv> plaes: try now
KBme has joined #linux-sunxi
<plaes> nope :)
<plaes> "
<plaes> You do not have permission to edit pages in the User namespace.
<libv> hrm. that's probably some global setting that mnemoc should know about
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<libv> let me set you to "people"
<libv> try now
<plaes> \o/
<libv> ok, so people need to join the "people" group before they can edit their own pages. makes sens.
<plaes> meanwhile, I discovered that betemcu's UART has RXD and TXD mislabeled..
<libv> ah, so swap them around, and all is well?
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<plaes> yes
<plaes> though it always takes few times to get them right anyway..
<libv> cool, document it clearly :)
<libv> also, windows sucks :p
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BluesBoy- is now known as BluesBoy
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<mnemoc> people are verified humans
<mnemoc> the easiest way to not annoy normal people when they edit in spamish fashion
<libv> :)
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<TheSeven> can someone put me into the people group then?
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<mnemoc> libv can =)
<libv> TheSeven: i didn't see any recent contributions by you
<libv> hrm.
<TheSeven> I just registered hours ago, didn't edit anything yet
<libv> why is it always people from a certain part of the world who come with whiny questions that basically state "i am too stupid and/or too lazy to actually do what i am paid for, please help me"?
<TheSeven> actually I ran into this when I wanted to prepare some info on livesuit etc. in my user namespace that I feel need to mature before placing them into the publuc part
<TheSeven> public*
<libv> TheSeven: oh, i overlooked you, i hadn't immediately spotted your account name in recent contributions
<libv> TheSeven: fixed now
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<TheSeven> libv: thanks :)
<notmart> hi all, i have just quick query: weird problem while testing opengles an an a20 based eoma68
<notmart> all gles applications fail with error 0x3005
<notmart> ..except the small test app provided in sunxi-mali
<notmart> but then there isthe very weird thing: after i ran that test application, all other openglex applications magically start to work
<notmart> so seems that application does something to change the state of the driver and make opengl work after it ran..
<notmart> am i missing something obvious? :)
<libv> notmart: modprobe mali?
<notmart> hmm, mali module seems to be loaded beforehand
<notmart> (and /dev/mali and /dev/ump exist and have right permissions)
<libv> notmart: well, the code is there, there is supposedly nothing special in there
<libv> it could be that there is something in fbturbo though
<notmart> i just built current fbturbo from master don't know if there are issues with a particular revision..
<libv> what kernel driver are you using?
<libv> r3p0 or r3p2?
<notmart> r3p0
<notmart> it's i think the one that is included in the linux sunxi kernel tree on gitorious?
<libv> github you mean
<notmart> yeah, sorry :)
<notmart> github
<libv> ok
<libv> strange, i have never heard of that before
<libv> how did you install the mali binaries?
<libv> by letting the sunxi-mali makefiles do their work?
<notmart> i did make config VERSION=r3p0 ABI=armhf EGL_TYPE=x11
<libv> did you reboot since you ran the sunxi-mali test?
<notmart> on each boot i have to run that test to make other opengl stuff work
<libv> to ascertain that it really is the running of the test that fixes it?
<libv> ok
<libv> strange, as that code does nothing special
<notmart> yeah, looking at it, is not really doing much else than creating a context..
<notmart> will do other tests..
<libv> notmart: comment out the egl config samples bit
<notmart> o the test aplpication?
<libv> it's not clued to do so, but this is immediately different from all other egl apps
<kivutar> hello, what's the reference repo and branch for u-boot-sunxi for the cb2?
<libv> not clued as in, it makes no sense
<kivutar> for now I use the branch sunxi from https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi
<notmart> hm, have to redo an image with gcc and all, will take a bit, btw is the eglChooseConfig() line that i have to remove right?
<libv> no, EGL_SAMPLES, 4
<notmart> ok
<libv> notmart: but if it is that much work, leave it
<libv> as it is not a sensible change
<notmart> nah, i'll do it anyways ;)
<libv> i would blame some weird interaction with X and fbturbo on your mer image
<libv> not between just those two, but between those two and the x11 binaries
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<notmart> worse case scenario i put something derived from that test autostarting on x before the rest.. just a bit ugh.. :)
<TheSeven> dammit, tell me some android core component that allwinner has NOT messed with!
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<notmart> libv: btw the test app still works also after commenting it
<libv> yeah, it should
<notmart> what i see, is that it draws the triangle both on the x11 display and on the framebuffer at the same time, maybe has something to do with that..
<libv> whut?
<libv> it should not be doing that at all.
<notmart> ah, it does that just one time
<libv> ?
<notmart> just the first time i launch it, subsequent starts it just pops up on x11
<libv> so yes, there is an issue with the three components mentioned before
<libv> ssvb: any ideas on whether this is tied to your scaler work?
<libv> err, layer work
<oliv3r> mripard: if a driver starts to do 'platform_data_add/add_data' it's basically accessing lower lvl functions that are usually wrapped around in high level frameworks right?
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<oliv3r> mripard: ok i think i figured it out somewhat :p but I do have a new Q :) http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/ata/ahci_platform.c?a=arm#L127 gets me mmio remapped, great, a few lines lower (151) that mmio address is passed to the init call to setup the controller (sunxi_ahci_init). After that, the AHCI controller in the soc does things again, but it doesn't know the register address etc, so how does it know how to communicate?
<oliv3r> hmm, come to think of it,all those vars are stored in hpriv of course, but are those register offsets 'default' and expected all on the same address?
<mripard> I think it's passed to ata_host_activate
<mripard> that knows how to behave
<mripard> but yeah, those things are actually standard
<mripard> it's the point of *hci
<oliv3r> yeah i imagine
<oliv3r> i just find it 'hard to belive' all manufactures actually follow the standard and have those registers on the exact right place
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> mripard: just an fyi; if you haven't guessed; i'm trying to 'copy' the sdhci-pltfrm to ahci_platform
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<oliv3r> jusst a little weird it's put in 'private_data'
<mripard> well, not all the manufacturers do this
<mripard> antdt they are not ahci compliant
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> There are those who are familiar with android?
<oliv3r> mripard: if the controller is fully compatible, just register layout is different, some remapping would be required I suppose?
<TheSeven> JohnDoe_71Rus: familiar with which area of it?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Need information on how to configure usb wifi via GUI. Where specified adapter.
<oliv3r> if its recgonized by the kernel; normal WIFI setup should work
<JohnDoe_71Rus> no, then check "wifi on" they try turn other device
<TheSeven> you mean an additional, second wifi adapter?
<plaes> yeah, android UI doesn't support multiple wifi cards
<plaes> TheSeven: what if you remove the first driver
<plaes> JohnDoe_71Rus: ^^
<JohnDoe_71Rus> no. the image has setup one wifi adapter. but i don't have it. i get kernel with my adapter suport.
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<reallife> ping ssvb
<reallife> hi
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<plaes> JohnDoe_71Rus: by looking at your logs I have no idea
<JohnDoe_71Rus> :(
<plaes> maybe it can be specified by .fex file
<TheSeven> is the wifi dongle recognized at all?
<TheSeven> things that could go wrong:
<plaes> JohnDoe_71Rus: http://pastebin.com/9YXu4dQ8
<TheSeven> - missing kernel driver/module
<TheSeven> - missing firmware
<plaes> see the log
<TheSeven> - a dongle that needs usb modeswitch
<TheSeven> oh, the 8188, I have that one too
<TheSeven> works just fine here, at least on the allwinner image
<TheSeven> let me check my own one
<JohnDoe_71Rus> in fex only 9 records for wifi. but for 8188 just comment
<plaes> maybe axp takes its that power configuration from this section
<TheSeven> don't think you even need to specify it in the fex
<JohnDoe_71Rus> http://pastebin.com/uwLh8iX2 .fex
<plaes> well, there's wifi configuration
<JohnDoe_71Rus> scroll )
<plaes> I would set it to 0
<plaes> wifi_used
<JohnDoe_71Rus> think it turn wifi off
<plaes> can't you try?
<plaes> currently it tells power chip (AXP) to enable wrong card
<JohnDoe_71Rus> now I can not
<JohnDoe_71Rus> the firmware was setup to rtl8188
<n01> arokux1: ping
<arokux1> n01: hi
<JohnDoe_71Rus> arokux1: hi
<n01> arokux1: hi. have you already started working on mainlining axp209?
<TheSeven> IIUC the fex stuff shouldn't know about this card at all, non-onboard cards work differently
<arokux1> n01: very little.
<plaes> arokux1: where do you keep the code?
<plaes> for axp
<arokux1> n01: there is nothing that can be published...
<n01> ok, I started working on it yesterday. so better cooperate :)
<arokux1> n01: alright. all I did was to put the code in mainline and try to compile it. so basically nothing.
<n01> ahh ok. well, my idea was starting from scratch actually
<arokux1> n01: I do not have time currently to work on it, so go ahead, I can join you later.
<n01> arokux1: ok, I'll keep you updated
<arokux1> n01: starting from scratch is a bad idea. try to improve _working_ code, but feel free to do what you want :)
<n01> arokux1: for axp we need to use mfd and regmap framework to have a chance in mainline
<arokux1> n01: mfd is used by sunxi-3.4
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<n01> ?? I don't think so
<n01> let me check
<arokux1> n01: I know lots of things need to be changed. but my experience shows it is better to port working code, checking if it works all the time.
* plaes checks up what mfp is
<plaes> ah.. pinmuxing
<n01> plaes: mfd not mfp
* plaes checks up what mfd is :)
<n01> arokux1: they do not use the mfd framework
<n01> just the name
<arokux1> n01: oh, ok :) I've seen the name, so I've thought they are using the framework.
<arokux1> n01: just think about it, what will you do if you new and shiny written from scratch driver won't work?
<n01> arokux1: I'll try to reuse as much code as possible, don't worry ;)
<arokux1> n01: ok :) I'm just sharing my experience
<n01> no prob. it's hard but I think it will be fun :)
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<oliv3r> arokux1: incrementally porting a driver will be near impossible with most drivers; with small shim drivers it may work
<oliv3r> but most will have to be rewritten for 80%
<oliv3r> but it's hard to get from scratch to something that actually works :(
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<parabyte> i sorted out the compile errors for the zet6221
<parabyte> i believe its a issue with xorg not supporting multitouch
<parabyte> as xorg is picking it up fine with evdev
<parabyte> wingrime, Sorry to highlight you but did you ever get xorg to play game with zet6221 ??
<wingrime> parabyte: woked
<parabyte> sorry?
<wingrime> parabyte: I mean it worked but only at one version of xorg
<parabyte> is that from there bleeding edge?
<parabyte> im presuming it was a patched evdev?
<wingrime> parabyte: linaro alips xorg worked
<parabyte> ah thanks wingrime ill check out there evdev driver
<wingrime> parabyte: I think it needed some multituch patch
<parabyte> damn and i found that on my big google yesterday hmm do you happen to know where i can find information on the patch
<parabyte> lol i been doing lots of patching
<parabyte> i checked out your source of the driver, changed around a few variables and pointers and managed to get it to build :)
<wingrime> parabyte: yes, It must works, also, there zet6221 orignal driver sources avaliable
<parabyte> i am no coder at all wingrime but is it possible to say disable the multitouch like in the ft5x_ts driver?
<wingrime> parabyte: No idea
<wingrime> parabyte: patch
<parabyte> patch!
<parabyte> indeed
<parabyte> lol
<parabyte> i will let you know of my adventures
<wingrime> parabyte: I do my driver using RE, but now sources of orignal driver avaliable
<parabyte> oh i thought your driver was the original!
<parabyte> !!!
<parabyte> like modified
<wingrime> I do it on base ft5xx
<wingrime> using RE technics
<parabyte> haha i never realised presumed your driver was fork of zets driver
<parabyte> well i got your driver working :)
<parabyte> ish
<wingrime> but oliver requested driver from vendor and they send it
<parabyte> would you like some pastebin?
<wingrime> heh
<parabyte> hmm just out of interest where is original driver location?
<parabyte> so many sources online
<wingrime> now it in orinal allwinner sources included
<wingrime> for a20
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<techn_> anyone tried mainline kernel and fel boot?
<parabyte> mmm
<parabyte> wingrime, i think i got the original sources let me show you git i am using
<parabyte> i think i am using the wrong source tree!
<parabyte> this is what i have checked out and got your module singing to
<parabyte> :)
<wens> stmmac patch series getting larger and larger...
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<parabyte> I am not seeing any zet6221 native modules in 3.4 series kernel
<parabyte> zt8031 driver?
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<tomboy64> hehehe
<tomboy64> replaced the linux penguin with a cubie-monkey on the fb-console
<tomboy64> so cute :)
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<parabyte> oliv3r, where is the zet6221 official driver?
<parabyte> i fixed xorg mostly
<parabyte> now
<parabyte> patched evdev ;)
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<n01> oliv3r: why I see your name with two "l" on gmail
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<parabyte> wingrime, your driver works fine
<parabyte> haha
<parabyte> :)
<parabyte> ill check back in later
<wingrime> parabyte: ?
<wingrime> parabyte: witch patch
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<parabyte> i found some random patch for xorg
<parabyte> for touchscreen devices
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<Turl> mnemoc: didn't you need that to move the ML or something? :)
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<jelly-home> if he has an archive in a gmail folder, it's easy to import it via imap
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<mnemoc> libv: pong
<mnemoc> Turl: the ML is not on gmail, it's on google groups
<libv> mnemoc: did i ping?
<mnemoc> 13:34:22#linux-sunxi: < libv> mnemoc!!!
<libv> mnemoc: if i did, it was fixed with making plaes a person :)
<mnemoc> :)
<libv> before he was equal to a chimpanzee :p
<mnemoc> well, been a certified human he can still edit the wiki as a chimpanzee
<mnemoc> but the spam control won't forbid it
<libv> but now we recognize him as a proper human being :)
<mnemoc> is he? :p
<libv> plaes: ain' twe nice
<mnemoc> :p
<mnemoc> I mean, been able to talk on IRC doesn't really warraty one is a *proper* human
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<libv> well, the things plaes has done so far put him beyond our average user :)
<mnemoc> :D
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<ssvb> notmart: hi, which kernel are you using and what is in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
<notmart> ssvb: hi
<notmart> i'm using the kernel from https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/, the default sunxi-3.4 branch
<notmart> searching for a Xorg.log..
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<notmart> ssvb: a Xorg.0.log http://paste.opensuse.org/64961456
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<ssvb> notmart: nothing looks obviously wrong there
<ssvb> notmart: which gles applications are you using for testing?
<notmart> ssvb: usually just qt applications that use a gl window..
<notmart> same result with an application called iirc glmark-es2
<notmart> all answer with the error 0x3005 until the test application ran once
<libv> notmart: what does a simple application like es2_tri do?
<libv> glmark is a horrible kludge
<libv> both the authors should be shot
<libv> it's less of a benchmark than it is a bad egl/gles2 code howto
<notmart> (odd also that test application renders the triangle on the framebuffer once, but on the second time it pops out on the x11)
<notmart> es2_tri?
<libv> notmart: comes with es2gears
<libv> mesa-utils-extra under debian/ubuntu
<notmart> ok, i'll see if is built under mer
<libv> es2_tri is a very simple program, which does about the same as our test program
<libv> but which might do it differently
<libv> enough for you to trigger this bug
<ssvb> notmart: what kind of window manager is used in mer?
<notmart> depends, the core hasn't any, otherwise some of its own in nemo, which i didn't try there
<notmart> since i'm doing a kde environment..
<notmart> but kwin here works with compositing fine.. as long as i launch it after the test program ;0
<ssvb> it might make sense to try running the test applications with x11trace and check the logs
<ssvb> but not sure if it can reveal anything interesting
<libv> notmart: get es2_tri first, and see if that reduces the problem
<libv> reproduces even
<libv> es2_tri reduces the amount of random data over the x11 connection significantly
<notmart> hm, may have to build it
<libv> notmart: this is what one tends to need to do when developing things.
<notmart> yep :)
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<parabyte> i am now back!
<parabyte> I am using the same branch as notmart and Wondered where is Zet6221 touch screen driver???
<parabyte> i managed to get wingrime's zet6221 driver to build against the above mentioned kernel
<parabyte> but was informed that the zet6221 was given to the project from the Ic manufacturer
<parabyte> where can i find the official zet6221 driver just out of interest?
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<ssvb> NotRelevant: a15? the guys seem to have no clue
<libv> notmart: why would we care?
<Turl> ssvb: it's corrected, it's a snapdragon
<notmart> ssvb: so, finally got es2tri built, it doesn't work either
<notmart> interestingly, before launching the other test app it fails with the usual create context failed, after in instead hits an assert
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<libv> notmart: what assert does it hit?
<notmart> line 219 eglGetProcAddress
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<ssvb> notmart: just to rule out possible hardware issues, can you check dram clock frequency?
<notmart> ok, i'll get it running on it too
<ssvb> if the memory clock speed is too high, mali usually becomes unstable first (while the rest of the system seems be be able to cope with it)
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<notmart> ssvb: dram_clk: 384
<ssvb> this looks ok
<ssvb> nothing extreme at least
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<libv> notmart: what X version is this?
<notmart> 1.13.0
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<zumbi> bfree_: are you around?
<bfree_> hi zumbi
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<zumbi> bfree_: hey.. I am picking up on the debian work
<zumbi> bfree_: I recently ordered a cubietruck, finally, I'd like to work on the debian enablement
<zumbi> bfree_: do you happen to know latest status?
<zumbi> or where can I find your work (or others if any)
<bfree_> zumbi: packaging wise little has changed (libv has some gaphics related stuff for ubuntu) ... but I did earlier put up http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/niall/debian.preview/incoming/ which is a lightly tested much improved sunxi-tools idea (see README.txt about u-boot)
<kenny> So, I had cubian working and I decided to grab the latest nightly u-boot-sunxi and dd it on the SD card. Now the doesn't boot ("Starting Kernel ..." then u-boot again). Is there an easy way to get this working again (other than dd-ing back the old u-boot)
<Turl> oliv3r: did you break your mail client or does your name have two 'l'?
<bfree_> zumbi: your big build-farm full of stuff would make building u-boot and kernel packages much nicer ;) compile times are far too slow (kernel and u-boot at least).
<zumbi> bfree_: those can be cross built
<zumbi> bfree_: I got my server on-line, now but I am not doing any public service
<zumbi> bfree_: thanks, I need to do some reading to get all the sunxisms as sunxi-tools and cedarx stuff
<zumbi> bfree_: also, what were you saying on graphics? isn't mali and sunxifb doing well on cubies?
<bfree_> zumbi: vis-a-vis real debian enablement, u-boot probably wants upstreaming for that (doubt external patches will be too welcome) and the recent kernel stuff might see a more usable (but no video) kernel in debian for 3.13 or 3.14 perhaps? I must admit I don't know how d-i and arm work together and don't reagrd that as too interesting until the kernel is in better shape
<WarheadsSE> who needs build farm...
<zumbi> WarheadsSE: bfree_ and I were planning one to do automated builds of packages
<bfree_> zumbi: mainline kernel certainly doesn't play well with graphics. I'm not sure exactly how much libv's mali, libump and xerver-xorg-video-fbturbo will do on 3.4
<WarheadsSE> zumbi: for a deb derivative?
<bfree_> well more zumbi teased with mention of one, so I'm teasing back reminding him about it :-p
<zumbi> WarheadsSE: aye
<WarheadsSE> mm
* WarheadsSE has Arch build farm
<WarheadsSE> helps a lot ..
<zumbi> bfree_: video-fbturbo?
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<zumbi> aren't you using xerver-xorg-video-sunxifb? that one worked quite well on odroid
<bfree_> zumbi: http://packages.linux-sunxi.org/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo/ (don't ask me how much saner it is then sunxifb)
<zumbi> WarheadsSE: well, I got some OBS setup.. bfree_ we can use OBS upstream for some of this
<WarheadsSE> yeah, OBS can do deb
<WarheadsSE> they only recently began Arch
<zumbi> nod
<WarheadsSE> we had to build ours from scratch :P
<zumbi> re-inventing wheels?
<ssvb> zumbi: it was renamed, precisely because it also works on odroid an rpi
<ssvb> *and
<zumbi> uhm.. rpi.. nice
<zumbi> but rpi is not mali based, is it?
<bfree_> libump dsc from there can (could) build on debian sid last I tried ... I got a fugly hackish mesa working but failed when I tried to pick out the patches onto the latest debian sid version (and for fbturbo afair you need both that and to rebuild the xserver dev package from ubuntu)
bfree_ is now known as bfree
<tomboy64> ssvb: please excuse the interruption; in this walkthrough http://linux-sunxi.org/CedarX/libve, am i supposed to clone you libhybris (cedarx branch) into system/lib/[libhybris...]?
<ssvb> zumbi: no 3d support for rpi at the moment, but it might be probably implemented
<zumbi> what about using a xserver-xorg-video-wayland :)
<zumbi> bfree: are you using mesa on sunxi? (with lima patches?)
<ssvb> zumbi: basically fbturbo for rpi only solves the horrible window moving and scrolling performance, so you don't get the horror showcased on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UkUal_hHx8 video :)
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<zumbi> bfree: not using mali-400-drivers instead?
<bfree> zumbi: I'm basically only using them headless for now anyway, often debian kernel with an nbd-root ;)
<zumbi> ssvb: right, on X11 you mean
<WarheadsSE> zumbi: at the time, we needed a build system for ALARM, and OBS had not and didn't want a clue
<zumbi> bfree: ok - this is going to be fun
<WarheadsSE> So the dev team made one.
<WarheadsSE> takign the archisms into account
<bfree> graphics output doesn't mean much to a make deb-pkg (current task just to try a hans sunxi-next) or compiling u-boot ;)
<zumbi> WarheadsSE: what is ALARM?
<ssvb> tomboy64: the /system directory is from android (that's where libhybris finds the android binary blobs)
<WarheadsSE> Arch Linux ARM
* WarheadsSE poof
<ssvb> tomboy64: the libhybris repository just contains a wrapper, which allows to load these android cedar blobs
<zumbi> WarheadsSE: i see, thanks
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<tomboy64> ssvb: i know; i was just a bit confused with the build-instructions. seems it worked out fine, i have the libvecore.so :)
<tomboy64> now just to wait for vlc to build
<bfree> does OBS do armhf deb's? http://openbuildservice.org/help/manuals/obs-reference-guide/cha.obs.build_config.html says Target: <TARGET_ARCHITECTURE> rpm only which made me wonder (and it looks like it's using qemu anyway)
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<zumbi> bfree: not sure.. we'll see
<zumbi> bfree: I have uploaded a hello package, and it is built on intel arches, but does not resolve on armv7l or aarch64
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<mnemoc> everytime someone tells aarch64 a penguin baby dies
<zumbi> heh.. I did not made up that naming schema
<mnemoc> arm64 :)
<zumbi> that's debian name
<mnemoc> aarch64 and aarch32 are the "official" names by ARM
<mnemoc> because noone sane can justify the aarch{32,64} awfulness
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<zumbi> compiler guys, only
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<Turl> ssvb: libv maybe of interest for you guys, https://github.com/p3/regal
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<parabyte> zumbi, the real magic is getting the touch screen working
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<zumbi> is it multi touch?
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<techn__> Turl: any eta for pll3/7?
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<Turl> techn__: none planned as nobody has been demonstrating an interest in disp on mainline so far
<mosfet_> Hi, I'm looking for an example of using fel-gpio with pio to toggle IO for a sanity check. I'm in the process of trying to bring up an A31 coreboard.
<Turl> techn__: if you're going to work on that I can get them implemented soonish though
<Turl> (or anybody else)
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<techn__> Turl: I started experiments.. no hurry in that sense, I can manage with my own hacks
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<SiCo> Hi
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<SiCo> somebody know how i can create my own Cubieboard 2 (A20) kernel and install it into the nand?
<SiCo> I have created a kernel using sunxi git kernel source
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<SiCo> now how i can make the nand installation?
<SiCo> i have uImage and output folder from modules compilation
<TheSeven> SiCo: android or linux?
<TheSeven> sunxi or lichee?
<SiCo> sorry linux sunxi
<TheSeven> sunxi uboot can't yet boot from nand
<TheSeven> so you'll have to use a lichee uboot
<Turl> techn__: ok, I'll implement them and let you know when I have something you can use
<SiCo> now i've lubuntu-server-13.06
<SiCo> on nand
<SiCo> how can i recompile kernel and modules?
<SiCo> i need to install an RTC clock
<TheSeven> that depends on how you installed that on the nand
<TheSeven> how are you booting it?
<SiCo> i've followed the instructions on cubieboard website
<SiCo> using phoenixsuite
<SiCo> and lubuntu img
<TheSeven> that probably means that you're using a lichee uboot, and your kernel is installed as /uImage on /dev/nanda
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<TheSeven> the modules will have to go into /lib/modules on /dev/nandb or whereever your root filesystem is
<SiCo> i've purchased a tinyRTC but it uses i2c bus and need the ds1307 kernel module
<TheSeven> you can typically get away without recompiling the kernel for that. the module can usually be built out of tree
<TheSeven> but if you've compiled the kernel anyway, it might be easier to just swap it out
<SiCo> as you can see nanda
<SiCo> i don't find kernel image
<TheSeven> hm... that setup looks a bit android-ish
<SiCo> Linux timetable 3.4.43+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 29 16:21:36 CST 2013 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
<SiCo> uname -a
<TheSeven> could be that whomever built that image wrote the kernel to a partition
<TheSeven> likely packaged inside an android fastboot container
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<SiCo> how
<SiCo> ?
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<TheSeven> these guys are used to making android images, so it could be that they applied as much as possible of that onto linux
<TheSeven> the question is mainly: what's in /dev/nandb and /dev/nandc?
<TheSeven> I guess both of those don't have a file system
<SiCo> no, i cannot mount is
<TheSeven> can you hexdump the first few hundred bytes of those?
<SiCo> yes
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<SiCo> nandc is too big
<TheSeven> just the first few lines of it
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<TheSeven> my bet is that /dev/nandb is the udev environment and /dev/nandc is an android boot partition
<SiCo> so can i change my kernel anyway?
<SiCo> or you know another method to create a custom kernel installation
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<TheSeven> SiCo: sorry, I was a bit too late, your second paste has expired
<TheSeven> if what I think is true, you can generate an image for the /dev/nandc partition using android's mkbootimg tool
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<TheSeven> SiCo: ok, confirmed.
<TheSeven> you'll either need to replace that uboot, mess with its environment, or give it an android-formatted kernel image in /dev/nandc
<SiCo> Do you know what i must do?
<kenny> any reason why u-boot-sunxi-20131202 wouldn't work with a 3.4 kernel?
<TheSeven> kenny: how does it fail?
<kenny> TheSeven: the kernel doesn't boot, it just goes to Starting kernel, then resetting
<TheSeven> kenny: no output even with earlyprintk?
<kenny> all I did was copy it over the default one from cubian. Now sure if this was the right thing to do
<kenny> no, although I'll retry it now
<TheSeven> SiCo: grab the mkbootimg tool from e.g. here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=891333
<TheSeven> then give the kernel Image or zImage (NOT uImage) to it, and no ramdisk (or an empty file if it needs one)
<TheSeven> write the result of that to /dev/nandc
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