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<tgaz> speakman, you can chgrp/chown/chmod sysfs files.
<speakman> tgaz: great! Can it be done with udev somehow?
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<speakman> (to sync any gpio exports...)
<tgaz> possibly. i'm not overly experienced with udev rules.
<tgaz> at least triggering on module being loaded should be trivial
<speakman> Yep, works perfectly with udev :)
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<TheSeven> hm, android thinks that sunxi-ir is a hardware keyboard and refuses to show a soft keyboard...
<Sonic1> hah
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<nfet_> Hi, where the best source for finding uboot image or source for A31?
<nfet_> I'm bringing up bare metal A31
<ssvb> libv: replied to that thread in the ml
<ssvb> I sincerely hope that aseigo was not attempting to just troll us
<ssvb> even though "i’m sure someone is running to send an email containing the words “volunteer effort”, “community” and what-not at this point. ;)" suggests otherwise
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<parabyte> I have looked hard and cant seem to find the original zet6221 module
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<ganbold_> wens: I'm confused, does cubieboard2 has RMII/RGMII that can do gigabit?
<wens> ganbold_: no it doesn't, the phy only supports MII
<ganbold_> wens: that is what I thought so, but looking your submitted patches confused, now it is clear :)
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<wens> :)
<parabyte> i been using wingrime's driver
<parabyte> but cant get anything out of it
<parabyte> just not happening
<parabyte> compiled source fine
<parabyte> still no play
<parabyte> xorg picks it up as evdev device
<parabyte> no play
<parabyte> i download latest git version of evdev input driver
<parabyte> it still no play
<parabyte> I think i found what is up with xorg and evdev
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<mnemoc> moin
<n01> at 3.37pm? :)
<mnemoc> why not?
<mnemoc> it's saturday :p
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> hi
<mnemoc> hi oliv3r
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* tomee^ managed to transplant (via drop-in) the cubietech bcmdhd module to linux-sunxi stage/sunxi-3.4
<tomee^> the only trick was arch/arm/mach-sun7i/rf directory... makes me wonder, maybe it won't be so hard to make the upstream work
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<plaes> hrm.. ETOOMANYTREES
<plaes> is there a tree that collects all the WiP drivers?
<mnemoc> that's what sunxi-devel was supposed to do....
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<n01> well, a lot of drivers are developed outside sunxi-devel
<mnemoc> sure, developed
<mnemoc> sunxi-devel is for testing all the reasonable mature drivers
<n01> hum, for me WiP are drivers under development
<mnemoc> drivers are always under development
<mnemoc> the line is when it becomes decent enough to be "submitable"
<mnemoc> sunxi-devel is for "hey! can you give my driver a try?"
<n01> plaes: it depends on what drivers you are interested in
<plaes> usb + mmc :)
<plaes> those are currently in different trees
<torbenh3> then merge them ?
<plaes> and both require bunch of clock patches
<plaes> yeah, merging would be the only option
<mnemoc> and so the point for sunxi-devel to exist :<
<mnemoc> also considering the hourly builds
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* Turl should update sunxi-devel
<Turl> but it's not nice to have to actively hunt the patches :(
<Turl> mnemoc: maybe we can make a devel-tree@sunxi.org and have people cc it on the patches they'd like me to take
<Turl> mnemoc: thought?
<Turl> thoughts*
<mnemoc> +1
<plaes> +1
<plaes> has anyone done any work with display driver?
<Turl> plaes: techn_ was planning to I think
<Turl> mnemoc: does the autobuilder handle non-modular configs now?
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<mnemoc> Turl: yes
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<mnemoc> Turl: sunxi-next is non-modular
<Turl> mnemoc: great
<Turl> mnemoc: can you get that forwarding set up? or who should I poke? :)
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: ----^ :)
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<ssvb> Montjoie: beaglebone seems to have similar performance issues with hardware "accelerated" dm-crypt - http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.hardware.beagleboard.user/58532 :)
<ssvb> but at least crypto is much simpler than 2D "acceleration" (which is also a total disaster in every ARM based device out there), so crypto can be used as a training exercise before moving to more complex things
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<tomee^> ha
<tomee^> got that godforsaken bt chip on cubietruck to work
<mnemoc> :o
<tomee^> at least it pairs with my mobile
<mnemoc> \o/
<tomee^> haven't tested all those nifty profiles yet, though
<mnemoc> sounds nice enough anyway ;-)
<bfree> u-boot deb package now added to http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/niall/debian.preview/incoming/ ... just wasted time so far failing to get hansg's kernel to "make deb-pkg" to try, will probably just try and package it properly instead
<tomee^> ssvb: I thought video decoding and acceleration was a disaster in the ARM devices
<tomee^> ssvb: ...until I got my new laptop last week
<tomee^> ssvb: now, how THEY managed to complicate things is just amazing.
<tomee^> btw could someone with git experience tell me:
<tomee^> say I have messed around in a cloned git tree (which I did)
<tomee^> and in the meantime the upstream had perhaps changed
<tomee^> is there a way to generate a diff of my changed files against the revision that I pulled and convert that into a 1) patch 2) pull request 3) fork ?
<ssvb> tomee^: video decoding is an entirely different thing
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: you just commit, and then git pull --rebase which will try apply your commit on top of branch
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: I don't need no rights to the original repo in the first place?
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: see, I was raised in the times of RCS and CVS, and to commit you needed permissions first. that's different in git?
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: only rights to read
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: in git you have a mirror of whole repo on your disk
<Nyuutwo> and you can commit it (locally)
<tomee^> ok, I see
<Nyuutwo> and then you can push changes to server
<Nyuutwo> or when you have your server
<Nyuutwo> other people can pull your changes
<tomee^> hm
<tomee^> so I commit my changes
<tomee^> which I guess registers the changes that I made to the files under GIT control
<montjoie[home]> thanks ssvb for the link
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: yep
<tomee^> and that's still on my hdd
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: git gui if you want to see what will be commited
<tomee^> now how do I make a pull request/branch out of that?
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: in git you have working copy, staging, and repo
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: heh, I guess I'll just have to RTFM :)
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: it is totally different from svn
<Nyuutwo> tomee^:
<Nyuutwo> I haven't yet made any pull requests
<tomee^> ssvb: well, video decoding in hardware is somewhat related to 2d acceleration, no?
<Nyuutwo> but in genereal you publish your repo (for example on github)
<Nyuutwo> and then you just say to person that your changes are avalible <link>
<Nyuutwo> in github you have neat tool for merge request but it is not accepted globally
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: ok, so in principle, I commit first, and then fork, and then push/checkin to the forked repo?
<ssvb> tomee^: video decoding is a clearly separated independent task with its own input and output, which processes data in bulk
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: generally yes
<Nyuutwo> but
<tomee^> ssvb: ...but the result of the hardware-aided decoding often bypasses all other pipelines, no?
<Nyuutwo> firstly, get git server (account on github)
<Nyuutwo> create repo
<ssvb> tomee^: 2d acceleration has to deal with the sequences of arbitrarily small operations (such as when handling text glyphs)
<Nyuutwo> link it to your PC git remote add
<ssvb> tomee^: and there is also a large variety of these 2d operations, which sometimes require software fallbacks for the things not handled by hardware
<Nyuutwo> make changes & merge localy with upstream
<Nyuutwo> inform upstream about your patch
<tomee^> ssvb: yeah, you're right. when put that way, 2d accel is indeed entirely different from hardware-aided video processing.
<Nyuutwo> ah, before informing push changes to your repo with git push <remotename> <branchname>
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: the thing is, I *already* made the changes. without having an account or informing git that I'd like it to track my hackery.
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: but I think I get the idea, generally, thanks for your help.
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: it is not a problem
<Nyuutwo> just get server
<Nyuutwo> and git remote add, git push <remotename>
<mnemoc> bfree: can you see with libv to get kernel packages in packages.linux-sunxi.org/debian/ ?
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: anyway - I just wanted to create a "branch" of a kernel for cubietruck. 99,99% linux-sunxi, plus cherry-picked ssvb's (hi, ssvb! :)) patches for mali r3p2 + my wifi hackery. might be useful for some people I guess.
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: ok, and after I push, git will somehow magically track that it's been pulled from X and then offer a way to do a compare of the two repos?
<tomee^> ssvb: btw I don't know if you are aware of this all "optimus" creepiness that is going on with PCs right now
<mnemoc> tomee^: it makes more sense to submit them for stage/sunxi-3.4 :)
<tomee^> mnemoc: they won't be accepted.
<tomee^> mnemoc: for now the wifi stuff is a backport from cubietech.
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: you just push whole kernel repo to github
<tomee^> mnemoc: so it essentialy is a step backwards. but works... for now...
<mnemoc> ok
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: but when you make branch, there are 2 commits with the same parent
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: err? ;)
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: commits in git are linked with parents
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: you mean "null" commits?
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: null?
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: as in making a branch generates 2 commits - one in the parent saying "branched into X" and the other in the newly-created branch saying "branched from X" ?
<Nyuutwo> nope
<tomee^> ok
<tomee^> I'm off to the bookstore tomorrow
<tomee^> ;)
<Nyuutwo> git saves only pointers to head of branch
<Nyuutwo> and head have its parent ...
<Nyuutwo> only first commit has no parent
<Nyuutwo> and when you make branch you just make new label
<Nyuutwo> but when you commit on branch, then you have 2 commits with the same parent
<bfree> mnemoc: what kernel packages?
<mnemoc> the ones you make :)
<tomee^> Nyuutwo: ok, now I think I understand. I mixed up branches with forks.
<bfree> mnemoc: next ones I make will probably be 3.13ish ones ... I don't think libv will have any interest in those ;)
<Nyuutwo> tomee^: forks on github are clones of repo in your account
<hno> tomee^, what is a fork in your view?
<hno> git don't have forks, only different heads..
<hno> all the time-
<tomee^> hno: I have no idea. I guess a fork in git makes it stop tracking changes against branches of parent, tracks only between master?
<hno> tomee^, no.
<tomee^> hno: so github technically tracks all diffs? like N^N complexity? wow.
<hno> a fork has nothing to do with tools or tracking. It's political. When a project splits in different directions.
<hno> what github calls forks is a clone, not a fork. It may or may not be the start of a fork.
<hno> tomee^, it's git that tracks them. github just stores them and makes some nice graphs and statistics from them.
<mnemoc> it's sometime weird that in github's web interface you can access hashes from any "fork" on any related repo
<mnemoc> that commit belongs to a branch in my personal fork of linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> and it's reachable via torvalds' repo
<mnemoc> one big git and merely different heads
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<tomee^> maybe that makes it easier for NSA ;-)
<tomee^> ok, enough terminal windows for today, I'm off to do some normal human stuff
<tomee^> [d]
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<Nyuutwo> mnemoc: think storing linux kernel git tree 1000 times side by side
<mnemoc> :)
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<gzamboni> Turl, mnemoc i can set up devel-tree@sunxi.org , just keep me informed of the redirection email addresses you can /q me for adding/removing
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: as turl maintains that branch I think it can be the same address that takes turl@
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<hno> mnemoc, guess that's why they so much prefer use of their "fork" method instead of pushes..
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<TheSeven> hm... are there any known bugs with suspend in sunxi-3.4?
<TheSeven> my android system doesn't wake up from sleep
<TheSeven> any hints on how to debug that?
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<TheSeven> Turl: around?
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