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<n01> wens: ping
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<n01> uhm, anyone fluent in chinese awake?
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<wens> n01: pong
<wens> was playing video games
<oliv3r> wens: hope it wasn't BF4 :p
<n01> wens: can I exploit you for a chinese-english translation? :)
<n01> I'd like to know if the irq for AXP209 is level or edge triggered
<n01> from the translation it seems like low-level triggered
* n01 is playing WoW again *_*
<oliv3r> n01: please tell me you use wine
<n01> oliv3r: lol, I use OSX just for playing
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<oliv3r> *shame*
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<mnemoc> if it doesn't run on linux natively, next try is wine, next try android, next try ... trashbin
<n01> I honestly don't care about "philosophical" issues
<oliv3r> then why bother!
<n01> exactly
<oliv3r> (with linux i ment0
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<n01> I use linux everyday, osx for playing, I have an iPhone and planning to buy a PS4
<n01> i'm definitely not lclk-compliant
<oliv3r> heathen!
<oliv3r> burn the witch!
<n01> hahahah
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<mnemoc> n01: I don't have any windows or mac device, so I can't play those games.... but I don't have time anyway :p
<n01> mnemoc: I play only when I am too tired to think straight
<mnemoc> still... witch! burn the witch! burn it!
<mnemoc> n01: I play dumb android games on those cases :p
<mnemoc> building a new springfield at the moment
<oliv3r> springfield?
<n01> well, I'm leveling a new warrior tank ;)
<oliv3r> right, gotta do some work; need to figure out why nginx + fpm can't run my createmailbox script
<oliv3r> mnemoc: where do fpm-php and ngins store their logs?
<oliv3r> /var/log/php5-fpm/postfixadmin/* duh
<mnemoc> oliv3r: /var/log/php5-fpm*
<mnemoc> n01: I'm distiling alcohol :p
<n01> is it legal?
<mnemoc> in the new springfield it is
<n01> hahahaha
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: sounds like simpsons?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: it is
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<mnemoc> lisa is playing the saxo, homer on the pool,krusty doing jugling and the farmer distiling alcohol
<oliv3r> i keep typing emerge on debian
<oliv3r> so your the hobo farmer?
<mnemoc> no need to kills trolls and other kind of games that need dedicated attention while also playing with sunxi-3.10
<mnemoc> oliv3r: it's called cletus :p
<oliv3r> :p
<mnemoc> see! you can learn with these games
<mnemoc> the hobo farmer has a name!
<wens> n01: Final Fantasy XIV
<oliv3r> ok manually running the command works
<oliv3r> mnemoc: can you check my visudo file? I think i used a wrong user there, i can do the command as root and then do sudo -u vmail; so vmail can execute and do it all normally
<mnemoc> can't vmail work as a normal user?
<oliv3r> i think it works now
<oliv3r> or its' stuck in some loop :p
<oliv3r> the webinterface executes the script as the vmail user
<oliv3r> so I think postfixdadmin needs to be able to sudo to vmail
<wens> n01: are you asking about AXP209 internal interrupts? like for over/under voltage
<oliv3r> mnemoc: but i get a 504 gateway time-out :S
<mnemoc> oliv3r: uhm... giving sudo power to a web interface doesn't sound wise
<oliv3r> the script did run
<oliv3r> mnemoc: you only give sudo power to 3 specific scripts
<oliv3r> and only from the webuser to the vmail user
<mnemoc> and those scripts come from.... and are edited by?
<oliv3r> postfixadmin; /usr/local/bin
<oliv3r> they only create file structures
<oliv3r> it runs maildirmake
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<mnemoc> give me the visudo line :\
<oliv3r> postfixadmin ALL=(vmail) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/postfixadmin-domain-postdeletion.sh
<mnemoc> :q!
<mnemoc> err
<oliv3r> it ran it; as the dirs are created; but nginx gave a 504 after that :p
<mnemoc> I see you already added the lines
<mnemoc> go ahead and fix your mess :p
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> hehe, it's nginx fault!
<mnemoc> no, it's yours
<mnemoc> go ahead and fix your mess!
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> hmm, i can't even open index.php now
<mnemoc> see, your fault
<mnemoc> I gave you a securely working nginx/php and you broke it
<oliv3r> client prematurely closed connection, so upstream connection is closed too while sending request to upstream,
<oliv3r> whut
<oliv3r> i must have broken it :p
<oliv3r> just no clue as to how
<mnemoc> indeed
<mnemoc> running an unknown script as root
<oliv3r> the worst thing is, it created and setup everything properly
<oliv3r> it's a known script! :p
<oliv3r> ah see, the server was tired
<oliv3r> it's working fast again now
<mnemoc> xmas celebrations
<oliv3r> and it wasn't as root; it was a svmail :p
<oliv3r> but yeah, it responds normally now to everything
<oliv3r> i don't get it
<wens> n01: manual doesn't say edge or level triggered
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<wens> n01: translation for the IRQ part is pretty much correct, except for the grammar
<wens> pulled high via external resistor, will pull low when interrupt occurs
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<n01> wens: I intended pull low == low level triggered
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<n01> funny thing is GIC doesn't support low-level triggered irqs
<wens> n01: it also could be low (falling) edge triggered
<ZetaNeta> is there any allwinner smartphones?
<ZetaNeta> afaik none, but i hope someone knows 1
<n01> i'm writing a new irqchip driver only for NMI but it's pretty hard
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<wens> don't think so. you would need a seperate 3g chip, not so attractive when MTK provides all in one solutions
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: only phablets i think
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<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, :P
<wens> n01: bummer :(
<n01> now I'm working to get something like PMIC --> NMI irqchip --> GIC
<wens> and yet gic binding mentions all 4 modes
<n01> wens: I don't know why :((
<n01> mripard: I summon you :)
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<nieuwbe> hi
<nieuwbe> I attached my tablet via uart
<nieuwbe> is there a way to fsck corrupted nand partition via uart?
<ZetaNeta> i wanted to buy a cubie for new year... is cubieboard 2 and cubietruck compatible?
<mnemoc> boot link from uSD and use the uart for console
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: software wise, yes
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, And with "cases, accessories, and DVK521"wise?
<mnemoc> they have completely different shape and extensions
<mnemoc> but the same dc connector
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, Is buying a CT worth losing compatability with all the cases and having it "not the pocket" size?
<wolfy> ZetaNeta: it depends on what you plan to do with it
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<nieuwbe> mnemoc: I tried it but I couldnt menage to copy it via dd on my 32GB sdcard
<nieuwbe> by it I mean the image
<mnemoc> nieuwbe: use tar, not dd
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: Tar?
<mnemoc> full-system images are highly overrated
<mnemoc> copy FILES
<mnemoc> not blocks
<ZetaNeta> does CT or CB 2 support RTC?
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<mnemoc> the A20 comes with an RTC, but both devices lack of a battery for it. the CT otoh lets you connect a LiPo
<wens> the CT has an onboard lithium battery, like the one you find on PC motherboards
<wens> n01: how does lichee or 3.4 kernel handle NMI then?
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: ok but how to mount it? via loopback?
<mnemoc> it's internal, it rtc just exists
<mnemoc> err. sorry
<mnemoc> nieuwbe: if it's a livesuit image unpack it. if it's a dd image for mmc, use kpartx
<n01> wens: honestly? I have no fucking idea how they manage irq-type in the pre-DT epoch
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: ok and what kind of fs should I use for my sd? fat32?
<mnemoc> ext4 usually
<mnemoc> on mmc you don't need a dedicated boot partition
<n01> puneet B is annoying
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<libv> n01: i have a feeling he cannot help it.
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: I have seriously no idea how I can even read this fel-sdboot.sunxi
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<mnemoc> nieuwbe: that :) the fel bootcard is raw, just dd it
<mnemoc> nieuwbe: but that card is for booting into fel, not a "full-system"
<wens> n01: looked at 3.4 axp code, it requests irq without specifying trigger type
<wens> which means firmware should've configured it
<n01> wens: that doesn't solve my problem
<n01> btw I don't think that setting the irq-type is up to the axp driver
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: somehow I couldnt dd it.
<nieuwbe> mnemoc: so which image you had in mind?
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<oliv3r> n01: like how he ignored my previous mail? :) *sigh* puneet B ...
<libv> the only option is to try to ignore him
<oliv3r> I try to atleast respond to everybody so they know atleast their mail was read :)
<libv> oliv3r: you're just encouraging him to ask further useless questions
<oliv3r> probably :(
<oliv3r> I do make it quite clear though that his stuff isn't supported!
<libv> yeah, that one was grand. his inability to understand anything is quite astounding
<libv> haha, google turns this up: http://linux-sunxi.org/Talk:Main_Page
<wens> axp209 driver in 3.4 writes to a suspicious address
<n01> wens: which address?
<oliv3r> libv: can any one help me in porting of android ics(4.0) to allwinner a10
<oliv3r> you mean that?
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> *sigh* that guy
<oliv3r> time to clean it up
<libv> 8th of april...
<oliv3r> cleaned :p
<libv> close to 8 months ago
<libv> amazing
<wens> n01: 0xf1c00038 which is nowhere
<n01> wens: should be 0x01c00038
<n01> it is the enable reg for NMI irq
<wens> that's for sun4i, right? this is in sun7i code, so it's wierd
<n01> 0x01c00038 is for sun7i
<n01> no idea for sun4i
<n01> wens: is there any restriction in clearing the pending irq bit? Apparently I cannot clear it if not an ISR, is this usual?
<n01> the problem is that for some reason the pending bit is set at 1 at boot and when I set the enable bit to 1, ISR is called without a real hw irq
<wens> n01: never written interrupt handlers, sorry :(
<wens> i'm just digging through code trying to find something useful
<n01> :) no prob
<wens> gic irq driver init code says: Set all global interrupts to be level triggered, active low.
<n01> that's weird
<wens> i need a gic programming guide :(
<wens> well the gic config registers look like 2 bits wide for each interrupt
<n01> yes, but NMI is kind of special since it has an irq chip controller by its own
<wens> so external NMI pin -> NMI chip -> gic ?
<n01> wens: yes
<wens> oh its part of the system controller
<n01> yep
<n01> what it is not clear to me if the irq chip for NMI is related to GIC or not
<wens> maybe its like pinctrl external interrupts?
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<wens> ignore that. i don't know what i'm saying
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<wens> n01: considering the gic is the system's main interrupt controller, all things should be hooked up to it?
<n01> I guess so, that's why I'm writing the NMI chip driver as child of GIC
<n01> wens: BTW atm it doesn't work since the fact that I'm not able to clear the pending bit for NMI creates a deadlock in regmap_add_irq_chip in the MFD driver
<n01> so any help is welcome :D
<wens> the pinctrl irq stuff seems simpler
<wens> though i don't think it would handle edge triggered interrupts well
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<wens> n01: 3.4 code doesn't clear the pending bit for NMI
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<wens> still digging
<wens> that was the standby code
<n01> yes it does. hans commit IIRC
<n01> anyway I solved the deadlocking with IRQ_NOAUTOEN
<wens> NMI was always pending, so when you registered the irq chip in MFD, it just jumped into the handler?
<n01> yep
<n01> now I solved with IRQ_NOAUTOEN. the problem is that I still have the pending bit
<n01> so when I enable the irq I jump in the handler and my board kind of stuck
<n01> no error message, no panic, nothing, just it dies
<n01> really weird
<wens> can you mask and clear all interrupts on MFD before registering irq chip?
<n01> first I register the irq chip and then the MFD cannot do the opposite
<wens> I mean write to the irq registers directly
<wens> some of them are enabled by default, such as AC/vbus in, power button
<wens> if u-boot didn't clear them, you'll see these from the kernel
<n01> i can mask all the IRQs of the axp but I think that's not the problem
<wens> i'll poke around mine, see what the register values are
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<wens> mine shows 0x40 on registers 0x48 and 0x49
<wens> nmi can't be cleared, until I cleared the pending registers in AXP
<wens> so both are level triggered
<n01> hooooo so the pending bit indicates the presence of a pending irq in AXP and this triggers the handler only if NMI in enabled
<n01> this makes perfectly sense
<n01> great catch wens
<n01> :)
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<wens> btw, i think axp works the same way. on my ct i have a pending but not enabled irq, and no nmi pending
<wens> anyway it was a one time test, until I get back to the office and unplug it :p
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<n01> it is really helpful, tnx
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<wens> i'm not sure why it hangs though. regmap_irq properly acks disabled irqs and gracefully exits when no interrupts are pending
<wens> and it does mask interrupts by default
<wens> anyway, bedtime :p
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<danny> Morning. Has someone get working the Accessory Mode with any Allwinner A20 powered product in Android ? I'm using a MIIA boxchip A20 powered tablet and Accessory works only partially (I can send bytes but I don't receive nothing)
<danny> I don't require a solution, just to know if someone has got a working system where chip was any Allwinner from A10 to A20
<danny> AllWinner chips working fine and this dualcore is very fast in CPU and GPU. Price is amazing but seem lack a lot in Android compatibility...
<danny> In past I've tried also a Mediacom Tablet (using A10) with a USB crash when it switch in Accessory Mode
<danny> In the tablet logcat I don't have nothing
<danny> In linux dmesg (PC) I've got: [19313.503546] usb 1-1: usbfs: process 30521 (uartaccessory) did not claim interface 1 before use
<danny> in Tablet adb shell dmesg I've got: http://paste.debian.net/72866/
<danny> too hard to analyse dmesg for me
<oliv3r> danny: sounds like your using the stock kernel, which we do not support; we focus on the sunxi-3.4 kernel
<oliv3r> for questions regarding the allwinner stock kernel, you will have to ask allwinner
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<emx> is there a way to load u-boot from a usb stick? or do i need NAND or uSD?
<ssvb> emx: the boot order is documented at http://linux-sunxi.org/Boot
<ssvb> emx: at least some part of your bootloader has to be loaded from NAND ort uSD
<ssvb> emx: whether u-boot (spl) can use usb for loading the rest of the stuff, it's better to ask oliv3r or hno
<emx> "check_uboot setups up some registers" ^^
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<emx> ssvb, seems like usb is only considered as boot media if uSD and NAND have nothing bootable.
<oliv3r> emx: no, that's not possible. the BROm will only, and only int he following order boot from: MMC0, NAND, MMC2, SPI (flash)
<oliv3r> i think with arokux's U-boot patches you could then chainload from USB (2.0 only atm)
<oliv3r> but you need to have the SPL live on one of the aforementioned locations
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<oliv3r> emx: so no, USB is never considered by the BROM, only to do FEL mode
<emx> oliv3r, it sais "If all fails, FEL/USB Boot mode is excecuted from 0xffff0020"
<emx> but anyways:
<emx> i got spl and u-boot on my SD. the question is: what do i have to setenv to boot from USB?
<ssvb> emx: just as I said in #cubieboard, the best thing you can do is to also put your kernel on the SD card, compile the kernel with CONFIG_USB_MASS_STORAGE=y and set a partition on your usb stick as root in the kernel cmdline
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<jelly-home> so basically use the sd for /boot and not much more
<oliv3r> mnemoc: you aren't forwarding the mail submission port to maxima are you?
<ssvb> emx: if I understand the oliv3r's explanations right, if you are up to take the challenge, you may also put the kernel on your usb stick if using the arokux's U-boot patches
<oliv3r> emx: yes, FEL mode is a USB only mode, it allows you to directly upload code over USB into the ram of the SOC and execute it. by no means does that allow you to boot FROM usb
<oliv3r> emx: as you connect in client mode, not host meode
<emx> ssvb, oliv3r: ok. so basically i keep everything i got (i.e. u-boot, spl and uImage on SD) and specify a root partition of my choice.
<emx> i used /dev/sda1 but it says "waiting for root device /dev/sda1..."
<ssvb> emx: CONFIG_USB_MASS_STORAGE=y is the key
<mnemoc> oliv3r: not yet, why?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i'll test it later :)
<emx> ssvb, i activated it.
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: ok, I'll add the DNATs
<ssvb> emx: just make sure that all the necessary usb related drivers are statically compiled in the kernel and not as loadable modules
<ssvb> emx: because they can't be loaded from the usb stick until you mount your root
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<emx> ssvb, yes. when i insert the usb drive it doens't register a block device.
<emx> i guess i assume something that i didn't do.
<oliv3r> unless you put them in your initramfs :D
<oliv3r> don't forget scsi stuff, usb drivers etc
<emx> no. i am experienced enough knowing how to usb-enable my kernel :P
<ssvb> oliv3r: initramfs is too complicated, and I don't think that emx really wants to pursue this route ;)
<emx> ssvb, i made my one once with my own boot scripts when i compiled my LFS. ;)
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<ssvb> emx: or was it CONFIG_USB_STORAGE? just try to figure it out
<emx> ssvb, it was m instead of y. i mean... who would boot from usb nowadays... right?
<emx> right?!
<oliv3r> not you :D
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<mrnuke> oliv3r: hi
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<oliv3r> mrnuke: hi
<mrnuke> <- coreboot guy working on A10
<WarheadsSE> emx allwinners cannot load the spl from usb
<WarheadsSE> afaik
<emx> WarheadsSE, yes, i guess best practice is to use NAND as the primary boot device.
<emx> when will u-boot be a boot manager? =)
<danny> > for questions regarding the allwinner stock kernel, you will have to ask allwinner
<danny> Is possible to contact allwinner engineers ?
<oliv3r> mrnuke: oh! i've seen you here before I think!
<mrnuke> oliv3r: you did? I don't remember having joined before
<oliv3r> then someone that has 'nuke' in their name :p
<oliv3r> danny: yes, but very much good luck; their first question is 'how many orders' and if you say anything less then a 10k; they ignore you :)
<oliv3r> emx: actually i'm hopeing to get SPI to be in a similar state; and have u-boot live in spi
<danny> This is my 3th Allwinner powered tablet that I try to use with Android Accessory ... so how many tablets have I to buy to be listen ?
<danny> :)
<oliv3r> mrnuke: re: SPI; the problem isn't hooking up SPI (if we can get a def board that actually brings out all those pins) but also to find out how the BROM wants it served :)
<danny> no possibility to be take in account
<danny> your linux kernel 3.4 works fine with Android Accessory mode (overall in the code which disconnect USB active usb driver to restart it with a different VID:PID used for accessory) ?
<oliv3r> danny: i wish i could answer that for you; but alas; I can't atm :( maybe somebody else here however has that expirience
<emx> oliv3r, no idea what you just said :P
<mrnuke> oliv3r: ooh. Assembly. that's fun
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<hno> WarheadsSE, no, not from USB, but you can load the SPL to RAM via USB.
<oliv3r> mrnuke: well i'm working on that for a few reasons. we know pretty much everything that we need to know; firstly, I want to learn from it, secondly, we don't actually know much about the SPI boot proces; and thirdly, I think if we have a fully annoteded BROM, we can atleast claim we have source :p
<oliv3r> mrnuke: as for your DRAM init, the dram controller does have some PLL's that it needs, but afaik all are dram_init aren't they? let me look
<mrnuke> oliv3r: from MMC, the BROM will load 24KiB max (including the BOOT0 header). Anything larget,, and it will try the next target
<oliv3r> yeah, we found that out the hard-way, but incidentally, sun5i (a13) will load 30 kb i think
<oliv3r> mrnuke: i'm hoping that i'll actually run into the 24 k limit at some point while RE-ing bits of the BROM (just because i'm curious)
<oliv3r> have you done that bit?
<mrnuke> oliv3r: yeah, I have. I'll have to relook at my entire file, but if there's nothing external that needs to be set up, it's probably some mundane modification I did
<danny> I've also a CB1 which run linux 3.4 but when it enter in Android Accessory Mode the USB sw_xxx (I don't remember) enter in infinite loop collapsing the system till I remove the USB cable
<oliv3r> mrnuke: the other clocks that are being setup are uart etc;
<mrnuke> UART, CPU, and AHB. I saw that. Hmm, I might have to start fresh
<aep> can the A20/A10 be configured for usb device mode?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: is there a reason why /home/sunxi-mw/run.sh isn't +x? cron is spamming sunxi-mw about it :)
<oliv3r> aep: you mean as an OTG device?
<aep> uh, probably not no. as an actual usb device thing
<oliv3r> aep: or you mean the actual SoC? well there is 'FEL' mode, which allows you to dirctly access SRAM and execute uploaded code
<aep> nah
<oliv3r> aep: then i'm not sure what you mean as 'usb thing'
<aep> well, as a usb client device, that another usb hosts eats as device
<oliv3r> in theory, you can upload a program to SRAM via FEL mode, that turns your NAND + SoC into a USB storage device
<aep> lets say, mass storage
<aep> erm yeah bad example
<oliv3r> yes, it is technically possible I think
<aep> i want to write those handlers myself of course
<oliv3r> aep: well check out all the FEL stuff on the wiki/git repo's a lot is possible
<oliv3r> but the SoC won't do it nativily, nativily it will only do SoC, or whatever OTG does
<aep> damn
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: odd, it used to be +x
<Turl> mripard: ping
<aep> actually this mentiones clinet mode: http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#USB_control_flags
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: just noticed the spam is all
<oliv3r> aep: nativily it will only do FEL, or whatever OTG can do
<oliv3r> aep: mind you, anything the FEX guide tells you, is for when the kernel has loaded; so OTG
<mnemoc> oliv3r: "fixed"
<aep> oliv3r: so whats the difference between OTG and device mode? is it going to appear as regular device on another host?
<oliv3r> aep: OTG makes USB either work as a host, or as a client
<aep> uuhm
<oliv3r> aep: e.g. it accepts sticks, mice, etc as clients
<oliv3r> aep: or, it is a USB endpoint itself, pretending it'sa MTP, Mass storage device or a serial port
<oliv3r> but the linux 'gadget' driver handles all of that mostly
<aep> ok, so i'll just try it out i guess
<WarheadsSE> hno fel mode hijacking?
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<oliv3r> oh wow; appearantly i've been using spamassasin sources that have been offline since 2010
<oliv3r> it's 'ok' as it was only a secondary update channel; but only shows how long it has been 'just working whithout doing maintainance on it'
<oliv3r> mnemoc: ok spamassasin should be setup and I think debian has a cronjob that does the update+compile automatically; if we get tons of spam, remind me of this line :)
<mnemoc> can we setup the list in a moderate-first-mail anyone-can-post style like google's?
<mnemoc> or you want to test is for personal accounts first?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: smtp and nntp ports openned
<oliv3r> only testing postfix and spamassasin atm
<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> but nearly done now
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<oliv3r> so we should have postfix + admin + amavis + clamav + spamassasin going
<oliv3r> we'll do the tuning of spam, quarantining I suppose later
<oliv3r> since we don't want to overtune it at the start
<mnemoc> +1
<oliv3r> i'm a little annoyed at how debian does amavis'd
<oliv3r> they kinda did their own thing, and it doesn't match
<oliv3r> so i have to figure out how they do it
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<oliv3r> oh great so we have a 20_debian.conf and 21_ubuntu.conf where they override some debian defaults
<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> you should have used a debian server :D
<oliv3r> anyway
<oliv3r> it's done
<oliv3r> cd /var/amavis/quaritne/
<oliv3r> erm
<oliv3r> wrong term and typo
<mnemoc> at least we don't have 22_mint.conf
<mnemoc> I hope you are documenting what you are doing in there
<oliv3r> mnemoc: say whut?
<mnemoc> to be able to survive the next migration
<mnemoc> or the next update where the package manager decides to overwrite some files
<oliv3r> mnemoc: luckly, i'm following my personally written documentation :p
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> (yeah I did write that all :)
<oliv3r> anyhow, most changes are really minor luckly
<oliv3r> and you should have tracked /etc in git :)
<mnemoc> nothing I setup there touched /etc
<mnemoc> so there was no need :|
<mnemoc> nginx and php setups are symlinks to stuff in /srv/http
<oliv3r> i've found, the best way to keep track of things, after I install a new server
<oliv3r> git init /etc
<oliv3r> and debian has this neat feature (as does gentoo) that it commits before and after a packages gets installed
<oliv3r> gitetc or something it was called
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<oliv3r> also I really wanna play more wtih puppet and control configs that way
<mnemoc> too late, you already messed up all /etc without documenting and making backups or.. version controlling :p
<oliv3r> i have docs!
<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> and backups, yeah i'll probably make a dir with copies of all files as they are now
<oliv3r> that's atleast a good idea
<mnemoc> good boy :)
<oliv3r> git init /etc :p
<mnemoc> too late for that, it alredy lost it's virginity
<mnemoc> evil dutch
<mnemoc> poor maxima
<oliv3r> haha
<oliv3r> i'll do that anyway
<oliv3r> allows you to atleast diff after an update :)
<oliv3r> but yeah, i should have, quite dumb of me
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<mnemoc> let me move /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d stuff first, somehow they got file-ized when I did a sed over them yesterday
<mnemoc> ok, done
<mnemoc> go ahead
<oliv3r> ok done
<oliv3r> it's only an added .git
<oliv3r> and can easily be deleted or backed up so shouldn't hurt
<oliv3r> won't do anythign automagic to it; but gives us a state for now
<oliv3r> i'll do SSL stuff a nother tiem
<oliv3r> i don't think it's hugly important though
<oliv3r> no users
<oliv3r> maybe I won't do it at all
<oliv3r> right, so postfix should be set up and work reliably
<oliv3r> so now the testing period shoudl start
<oliv3r> maybe let the wiki use the local postfix and see what happens
<oliv3r> i'll keep a tail running on /var/log/mail.log
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: not sure if it's wise to use our main service (the wiki) as first experimental user of the postfix
<mnemoc> but git. doesn't send mails
<mnemoc> smtp-auth?
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<aep> so is there any documentation on using fastboot?
<aep> this livesuite thing just doesnt work
<jelly-home> if you need help setting up postfix or mail services, feel free to ping me
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<spv> @rz2k How is mainlining the nand mtd driver going?