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<wolfy> Night-Shade: any particular reason which would prohibit that kvm from rwmj's link to work on cubie2 ?
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<bsdfox> ug no grep in android?
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<bsdfox> anyone have advice on how to send any data to the serial ports in android? I've got a couple tablets with broken screens which I can connect to with ADB (one A10, one A13) and I've probed a number of test points but haven't found any serial output yet.. one pair is even marked RX/TX so I'm wondering if I can just systematically send data to one serial port at a time then hopefully can setup the seral console on whichever pair is broken out
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<gzamboni> Moin
<gzamboni> now we have finally the CAN documentation
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<rz2k> gzamboni: the biggest question is where did that guy got the docs
<rz2k> since they dont have any copyright info or who is the author of ip core
<gzamboni> maybe its an legal licencse issue allwinner doesnt want to risk.
<gzamboni> So legally its not from al
<gzamboni> allwinner
<gzamboni> dunno, just a guess
<gzamboni> i dont have any experience in CAN
<gzamboni> but surrely this opens the range of application for the sunxi ics
<rz2k> next we are going to recieve ton of messages like Puneeth sends to our ML, but about CAN support :p
<rz2k> that guys english skill are too bad to understand "not affiliated with allwinner and cant support 3.3 kernel"
<rz2k> s/skill/skills/
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<gzamboni> lol, that made me laght also :P
<gzamboni> the thing is that there are ppl from all skill levels, i for instance dont know a lot things, i'm a begginner in the kernel space, im a beginner using git. but well, everything has a begin :P
<gzamboni> the interesting thing about the sunxi project is that you can get a lot of knowloge from the skilled ppl that are working on it
<gzamboni> CAN is interesting, i would like to play with it, but i dont have any hardware to do so
<gzamboni> maybe i have in my car and i dont even know, :P
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<gzamboni> apparently it has: http://hyundai.wikia.com/wiki/OBD-II_Error_Codes (P1603 CAN Communication Bus Off)
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<bsdfox> any of you guys happen to know how I can pipe some (any) data to one of the serial ports while in android?
<bsdfox> trying echo or cat seems to return strange results
<bsdfox> doing this through adb btw
<n01> there is no screen / minicom / whatever?
<bsdfox> no screen or minicom
<bsdfox> not sure what else there might be.. I was hoping for a built-in as the rom on here seems sparse
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<gzamboni> you could try to use a getty serial ouput and filter the data ouput you want there
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<bsdfox> gzamboni, thanks. I've used the cat method in linux before and it works but it simply echoed the command back under adb.. I'll try stty in a few min
<gzamboni> i never tried that, i thought it wasnt possible without setting the speed an bit parity, now i know stty can set them
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<gzamboni> bsdfox, give us a feedback if using stty it works
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<andhe> tried jwrdegoede sunxi-next branch for u-boot, but that made my cubietruck not boot anymore... stuck at "Starting kernel..."
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<Turl> hey all
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<oliv3r> Turl: hi
<Turl> howdy oliv3r
<Turl> I made a page for LIME following libv's template http://linux-sunxi.org/A10-OLinuXino-LIME
<Turl> I see we don't have the fex on the repo though
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<nedko> Montjoie: i've applied two of your patches for hwsensor support in a20. one gives me axp20_mfd-i2c-0-34 sensor, the other a20_tp-isa-0000. what they actually measure? the temperature of the silicon on both chips?
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<Night-Shade> andhe: you need to use han's uboot too, also make sure you have passed the correct command line options
<andhe> Night-Shade: I did use (only) that u-boot...
<andhe> kernel was still from linux-sunxi branch sunxi-3.4
<Night-Shade> oh sorry misread that
<Night-Shade> I thought you where trying to boot han's kernel
<andhe> also tried with kernel from linux-sunxi branch stage/sunxi-3.4, but same problem.... went back to u-boot-sunxi branch sunxi.
<andhe> Night-Shade: hans kernel is based on upstream kernel, not linux-sunxi... right?
<mnemoc> anything against merging stage/sunxi-3.4 back to sunxi-3.4 and jumping forward?
<wens> gmail does a fine job of merging my v1 and v2 patches into the same thread :(
<Turl> wens: my thunderbird did as well
<Turl> wens: they all are hanging from the original cover letter
<Night-Shade> andhe: correct
<Turl> ssvb: we could do that, yep
<wens> Turl: gmail merged each patch with the old one, but each patch is a separate thread
<wens> Turl: it also marks it as spam :(
<Turl> wens: my copies arrived all on my inbox via linux-sunxi
<Turl> mnemoc: talking about that, maybe we could drop the [linux-sunxi] prefix?
<libv> Turl: why?
<libv> Turl: have our egos grown to the size of the lkml already?
<libv> because this is why the xorg mls which involves a few of the early xfree86 forkers has no prefix
<Turl> libv: it's just annoying to mangle the subjects imo
<Turl> libv: not a big deal anyway
<libv> i am just allergic to it for the aforementioned reason :)
<Turl> libv: btw, I used your new device pseudotemplate to make a page for the new olimex board, it's great :)
<libv> it's probably not perfect, but it's a good start
<libv> it kills two birds with one stone: 1) people need to put less work/thought into things themselves 2) it makes the pages more informative and uniform
<libv> but nice to know that it's being appreciated
<mnemoc> oliv3r: hi, did you try what you wanted to do with doxygen and the nightlies?
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<andhe> mnemoc: since I have nothing of real value to say about stage/sunxi-3.4 I'll just say that maybe it would be nice to add missing \n to printk calls before merging it....
<andhe> mnemoc: I think there where also some comments by oliv3r on the mailing list.
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<montjoie[home]> nedko you get the internal temperature of the AXP chip and the A20 chip
<nedko> montjoie[home]: great. thank you!
<montjoie[home]> since the two chip are distant of many centimeter both temperature are usefull but note that the temperature of the a20(TP) can be not scaled
<montjoie[home]> like as I said in the mail, I have no datasheet of how to convert the raw value
<nedko> yeah, i think the axp temp will be infuenced by my sata drive power usage
<montjoie[home]> The actual conversion seems good but...
<nedko> yes, seems good
<nedko> on my board, the a20 temp is a little bit lower than the axp one
<mnemoc> andhe: what missing \n? can you point me to the right mail on gmane? I have 4208 unread mails :(
<andhe> mnemoc: there's no mail, I just noticed it while loading sunxi-gmac driver... example: http://pastebin.com/8gL7FjXJ .... should be simple to grep the sources for this.
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<mnemoc> andhe: thanks, I'll look into it
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<andhe> mnemoc: this was the mail thread I was thinking about with comments: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/linux-sunxi/gmac/linux-sunxi/NxuM-NogniA/MZ5zB3yQj6EJ ... but it looks like they have been fixed up, except the comment from you (no gmac subdir)... so I guess if you're fine with the current status then there's nothing more to worry about. :)
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<mnemoc> why does it open the group in russian?!
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<andhe> no idea :P
<oliv3r> mnemoc: no, i was doing it on my own box; but i'm not happy with the output yet
<mnemoc> ok
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<wingrime> libv: are you still there?
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<paulk-collins> hi there
<paulk-collins> how well is the A20 supported by the linux-sunxi code?
<mnemoc> better than a31
<paulk-collins> as good as A13/A10 or what's the difference?
<oliv3r> i think a few drivers may not have been ported yet
<oliv3r> but should all be reasonable
<bsdfox> where might I find the script.bin on an a13 tablet running android? I want to find out if the serial ports might be disabled in the fex
<bsdfox> busybox find / -name 'script.bin' gives no results
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<atiti> sweet
<atiti> I'm receiving my A20 devboard very soon
<atiti> so should be nice to see how it performs
<atiti> anyone know if the memory bandwidth has been improved compared to the A10?
<Turl> we need some a20 results in https://github.com/ssvb/tinymembench/wiki
<shineworld> I've bought my first A20 powered tablet just today ;)
<netlynx> atiti what A20 devboard are you going to use?
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<atiti> I'll do some benchmarking
<atiti> cos I'm really hitting the memory bandwidth problem at 1080p@60Hz 32bpp with memory clock at 360Mhz
<atiti> will try to clock it a bit higher, but I dunno about the stability
<Turl> atiti: oh, we have some after all. Just not on the table https://github.com/ssvb/tinymembench/wiki/Allwinner-a20
<oliv3r> bsdfox: remember to mount /dev/block/nanda to /mnt
<oliv3r> bsdfox: the 'boot' partition is always stored on the first fat partition, which should be nanda
<Turl> atiti: those are old results though, it should be better nowadays with a fresh uboot built with fast mbus enabled
<oliv3r> atiti: you can easly up the memory clock to 480; MOST boards are stable at 480, some even run at 520
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<bsdfox> root@android:/mnt # mount /dev/block/nanda /mnt/boot
<bsdfox> Usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory
<Turl> bsdfox: -t vfat
<bsdfox> thanks
<bsdfox> ahh yes. there is the magic
<atiti> oliv3r, I gotta be certain, because I'm working on a product that will be shipped to 3000+ customers, so it has to be stable :)
<oliv3r> in that case, 360 MHz is the better bet :p
<atiti> Turl, fast mbus?
<oliv3r> atiti: the A13 and A20 (a10 has it not exposed) feature a memory-bus that can be configured via u-boot
<oliv3r> we found that by upping the voltage by 0.05V we could run it about 100 MHz faster, improving memory performance conciderably
<atiti> I think it should be possible to go up to 456-ish Mhz
<atiti> nice
<oliv3r> atiti: the problem with Allwinner SoC's is, that they aren't all made exactly the same, some perform better then others (hence the safe default of 360 MHz, all run that, 90% run at 480 MHz though)
<atiti> is that in the latest sunxi u-boot version?
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<oliv3r> also, the memory layout (pcb traces) make a huge impact on memory support
<oliv3r> atiti: yeah, but it's configurable :)
<oliv3r> and also does not affect A10
<atiti> ah, so I can't test that before I receive my devboard :P
<ssvb> Turl: for a20 it was this page (with mbus @300mhz) - https://github.com/ssvb/tinymembench/wiki/Allwinner-a20
<oliv3r> what chip will you ship to those customers? a20 or a10?
<atiti> If everything goes as planned, then I'll be making a test equipment for the factory to do unit testing on each manufactured device, so they should be able to verify if the device can run at at least 456Mhz or not
<atiti> oliv3r, trying to find that out now, but I think it will be the a20
<atiti> the price is not that much more, but dual core + better features are worth it I think
<oliv3r> price should be the same I belive; well a10 is faster on some things, (A7 is a little slower)
<oliv3r> but yeah if you test all your boards for memory stability, then you should be fine picking something reasonable
<atiti> yea
<bsdfox> how does this script.fex look for enbling uarts? http://pastie.org/8568349
<bsdfox> I don't understand why uart_para says it's going to use PG03/04 and uart_debug_port 0 then uart_para1 has the same pins but uart_port 1 and uart_used 0
<bsdfox> do I need to set uart_used 1 there? should I change uart_debug_port to 1?
<ssvb> atiti: have you verified that clocking memory faster helps in your use cases?
<oliv3r> bsdfox: which uart do you specifically need?
<oliv3r> bsdfox: the debug_uart i think is used by boot1 to output info before the kernel boots afaik
<atiti> ssvb, not yet, in the process of checking :-) I did verify that reducing the resolution helped
<atiti> btw, how did you get 24 bpp to work?
<oliv3r> bsdfox: you have no uarts enabled at all
<bsdfox> oliv3r, I'm trying to get a serial console. I found some pins on this tablet that are labeled rx/tx
<oliv3r> bsdfox: and your debug uart is disabled as well
<atiti> I can change the framebuffer on the fly to 24bpp with a10disp, but I guess X11 still uses 32bpp mapped to 24bpp
<oliv3r> bsdfox: do you have a foto of this tablet
<bsdfox> oliv3r, I bought some tablets with broken screens.. want to get some output then put linux on them for a couple embedded projects
<oliv3r> bsdfox: changes are huge, that pg03/04 are those pins
<bsdfox> oliv3r, I can take some
<oliv3r> bsdfox: please :) the wiki will love you for it :)
<oliv3r> bsdfox: anyway, you want serial output, first you want boot0/boot1/u-boot to print output, for that, you will want to put this in your fex for the uart_para
<oliv3r> once you have that, boot0, boot1 and u-boot should start spitting out stuff, until the kernel starts
<oliv3r> i'm not 100% sure what para's the kernel uses for its console, quite likly that aswell
<oliv3r> probably safe to enable uart_para1 as such
<oliv3r> that should give you a serial port
<oliv3r> bsdfox: now if you want to connect the serial port via one of those USD -> Uart converters, then you want to use PF02 and PF04
<bsdfox> oliv3r, why is that?
<bsdfox> I am using a usb-ttl serial adapter
<bsdfox> well, lvttl
<oliv3r> well, the A13 has two UARTS, 0 and 1 (maybe more, but ignore those for now)
<oliv3r> UART 1 is brooken out to those pins, and not pinmuxed with anything else, so it makes sense to use that if available
<oliv3r> my tablet for example, has no such pads, so I have to use the usd -> uart adapter
<oliv3r> allwinner designed their board in such way, that the pins used for uSD, are also muxed together with JTAG and UART
<oliv3r> so you either use the uSD OR you pinmux it so it uses uart via those pisn
<bsdfox> oh microsd.. I thought you meant usb :P
<oliv3r> the huge advantage here is, you can use the existing SD slot for uart debugging
<oliv3r> dissadvantage is, you can't use that uSD slot during that time
<bsdfox> I understand now. these pads I found are ctually very close to the sd slot so I suspect I'll have the same issue
<oliv3r> technically it IS possible, that they simply made some test pads near the SD slot
<oliv3r> in that case, configure your uart to pins PF2 and PF4, but don't try to use an SD card during that time; very annyoing, but atleast gives you eyes and ears
<oliv3r> a multimeter should help you see if those pins match up
<oliv3r> bsdfox: http://linux-sunxi.org/MicroSD_Breakout that page is probably of interest to you :)
<oliv3r> has an A13 section even for ya
<bsdfox> I'll power this thing down and see which pads are broken out. then is it as easy as replacing my script.bin on nanda? I was hoping to boot from the sd card so I didn't brick it until I had a working serial console :)
<bsdfox> indeed it is PF2/4
<bsdfox> would it be preferable for me to solder wires either directly to pg3/4 if I could pull it off? it looks like the pads have traces that go to a buried via so I suppose they're being used for something else
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<oliv3r> bsdfox: i just popped open my A13 tablet; UART pins are 152 and 153, they are on the LEFT MIDDLE side of the A13
<oliv3r> on my board ( i took pics, gimme a while to sort them) they are broken out on the bottom actually
<oliv3r> you see the lines + via's comming out of the A13
<bsdfox> yeah. my pics are still uploading :P
<bsdfox> there are a bunch of test points on the back but nothing close to the A13. it seems that my current script.bin won't output anything anyway so I need to get that fixed first
<oliv3r> dddyou can solder wires to the pins
<libv> oh, that reminds me, i could spend the next h or so playing with a23 again
<libv> thanks to turl his advice, i got a kernel and a ramdisk.gz
<libv> i still need to copy out the modules to somewhere where i can read them
<libv> then brom and boot1.header if the latter is still present after boot
<libv> meminfo, that's more than i have time for tonight
<oliv3r> BROM is always available, but boot1 not sure
<oliv3r> BROM lives at 0xffff4000 and FEL lives at 0xffff0000 so should be extractable from devmem
<oliv3r> by a13 tablet is a Q8 btw interestingly
<bsdfox> turns out I suck at taking pictures but http://bob.drinksbeer.org/20131221_123226.jpg and http://bob.drinksbeer.org/20131221_123221.jpg turned out alright
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<bsdfox> I think those pins are actually available on second look
<oliv3r> bsdfox: your fotos are better
<oliv3r> bsdfox: on your PCB there's a 150 'mark' and a dot that indicates the 150th pin
* bsdfox gets out the 30ga wire
<bsdfox> oliv3r, yeah
<oliv3r> pin 151 and 152 are the UARt pins
<oliv3r> PG3 = 152 = TX
<oliv3r> PG4 = 151 = RX
<oliv3r> i can't see in your pic
<oliv3r> but they look both unconnected
<libv> so the FEL is the usb stack that runs when booted in fel mode...
<libv> 4k is pretty managable for a bit of disassembly
<libv> it should be possible to find out how to talk to it
<libv> ah, no, 16k
<libv> still, doable
<bsdfox> A13 will try to boot from sd card before nand, correct?
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<oliv3r> me and hno have documented quite a bit of the BROM allready
<oliv3r> i have a new patch allready to document quite a bit more :)
<oliv3r> though hno even says 'nothing much can be learned from the BROM as we know pretty much everything'
<libv> oliv3r: but fel does not work on a23
<libv> oliv3r: fel version does
<libv> oliv3r: fel read doesn't
<oliv3r> mnemoc: when i upload big images, i get Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters, see http://linux-sunxi.org/File:TZX-Q8-713B_01.JPG
<plaes> file too big?
<oliv3r> well the upload preview works; they are only 4mb
<oliv3r> mnemoc: can you take a look at the thumbnails here: http://linux-sunxi.org/TZX-Q8-713B
<oliv3r> libv: yeah awesome template ;)
<oliv3r> once the pic becomes visisble, you can see the Miniscule battery they used
<oliv3r> that does work
<oliv3r> looik at that battery
<libv> oliv3r: images are not pictures
<libv> they are sd or nand images
<libv> oliv3r: please add that to the template
<oliv3r> what do you mean?
<oliv3r> i took that as an exmaple
<oliv3r> Turl: images are not pictures :p
<libv> *sigh*
<libv> oliv3r: RTFW :p
<oliv3r> libv: i should have used that
<plaes> haha
<libv> http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_page has some further guidelines and refers to the example
<libv> please add a warning about the images/pictures confusion in the example
<Turl> libv: maybe name it 'software images' :p
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<oliv3r> and clarify images and add a 'pictures' section
<libv> Turl: why else would it live under "sunxi support"?
<libv> oliv3r: after Sunxi support
<oliv3r> i did a quick and lazy copy/paste, i'm sorry
<libv> oliv3r: that should always be on top
<oliv3r> what should always be on top? the pictures?
<libv> perhaps also after tips/tricks/caveats
<libv> no, sunxi support
<oliv3r> ah ok yeah
<oliv3r> oh a <gallery> tag is nice to use
<Turl> libv: dunno :)
<libv> Turl: well now you do know
<libv> :p
<oliv3r> hjow do you like it now?
<bsdfox> turns out I can't solder on those pins :P
<oliv3r> bsdfox: why not? they aren't that small :p
<oliv3r> use LOTS OF FLUX!
<libv> oliv3r: looks good
<libv> err, apart from the missing similar devices
<libv> section
<libv> which perhaps should be named: "Also known as"
<libv> oliv3r: also edit the http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_page
<libv> to explain that included images should be created by the author of the page, or be posted with permission
<libv> haha
<libv> s/images/pictures/
* libv goes and sit in the corner of shame, next to turl
<oliv3r> :0
<Turl> libv: see? I wasn't that wrong ;)
<oliv3r> yeah iamges is a bad name
<oliv3r> but 'firmware' or 'rom' i find even worse
<Turl> oliv3r: software image
<Turl> or card image
<libv> well, it is clearly explained now
<libv> so if anyone RTFWs it should be clear now
<Turl> oliv3r: you should have pretty thumbnails now
<oliv3r> Turl: you fixed it?
<oliv3r> Turl: you did!
<oliv3r> what was wrong?
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<Turl> oliv3r: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgMaxImageArea
<Turl> your pic is too big for the default
<Turl> almost 16MP :p
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