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<wingrime> hipboi: ping
<wingrime> mnemoc: ping
<wingrime> mnemoc: I acked new pat patch, so you can apply it
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<y0g1> what could cuse segmentation fault with irssi on cubietruck and armedslack port?
<y0g1> I run irssi for few days without problem, but since yesterday it crash in an hour
<y0g1> what I did all the day was kernel and qemu compilation - maybe there isa problem with cpu temperature ?
<y0g1> I recompiled irssi and have to wait if it helped
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<y0g1> it didn't help
<y0g1> lets strace it, maybe it will help
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<TheSeven> so which ethernet driver do I need for A20-olinuxino on sunxi-3.4, which IIUC isn't GMAC?
<TheSeven> is it CONFIG_STMMAC_ETH or something else?
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<y0g1> irsii-0.8.16-rc1 doesn't crash on arm
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<wens> TheSeven: CONFIG_SUNXI_EMAC
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<hramrach> TheSeven: you can use either emac or gmac on olinuxino but in sunxi-3.4 gmac is very new so maybe you don't have that yet
<TheSeven> but gmac will only do 100mbit/s because the phy can't do more, right?
<hramrach> it might give better performance still
<hramrach> there are known issues with emac
<hramrach> but if you want to have something working emac is ok
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<hramrach> also you need whatever is in the script.bin which is probably emac
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<netlynx> A few days ago an article on linuxgizmos presented the PhoenixA20 (Allwinner A20-based). The sparse information available refers to http://linux-sunxi.org/. Anyone here already experience with this board?
<hramrach> not that I know of
<hramrach> but the hardware should be generally compatible with cubieboard with different physical layout
<hramrach> which should make it fit into pico-ITX cases which to the best of my google-fu virtually don;t exist
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<y0g1> netlynx: I run cubietruck for few days
<y0g1> netlynx: as hotspot, www for wordpress and mldonkey
<y0g1> netlynx: and minidlna media home center
<netlynx> The 4 TV-IN are of the most interest for me. (and the price). The seller site however does not have any review yet. So I don't know if it is a trustworthy seller.
<netlynx> y0g1, Ever used the TV-In?
<y0g1> netlynx: no, I use it without display, as headless armedslack server
<y0g1> netlynx: i had to use external wifi adapter with atheros chipset to use it as wifi hotspot
<netlynx> y0g1, what's wrong with the onboard wifi?
<hramrach> it's not well supported
<hramrach> there is old driver hacked to support the wifi as wired on CT but the stuff is messy
<hramrach> y0g1: did you try the cubie kernel?
<hramrach> netlynx: I don't see tvin in the A10 pinout. the 4x part is probably a typo. it's more likely 1x 4pin TV-in
<hramrach> I don't know anyone using it. some people were asking about it on the mailing list
<netlynx> the PhoenixA20 uses an Allwinner A20.
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<netlynx> And in its pinout there are 4 TV-In defined.
<netlynx> y0g1, Do you know a location with a manual (pin-out) of the CubieTruck? (That one uses an A20 too and has 2GiB RAM)
<y0g1> netlynx: hostapd doesn't support it
<y0g1> hramrach: I use cubie kernel from ubuntu
<y0g1> hramrach: it has got problems with creating wifi.mon interface
<netlynx> y0g1, found the info on http://linux-sunxi.org
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<hno> a10/a20 have 4 tv-in, but not sure there is drivers.
<hramrach> y0g1: as in the wifi works but fails as AP?
<PaceyIV> hi, I've got a kernel error: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00c7f7f8
<hramrach> hno: under what name arre the tv-ins in pinout?
<PaceyIV> here some info http://pastebin.com/VN7Dgvwe
<hramrach> PaceyIV: does not seem very informative. Any stack trace with the oops? does it happen doing something in particular?
<PaceyIV> the board is compleated blocket
<PaceyIV> apace, ssh didn't respond
<PaceyIV> also, the debug console stop to work
<PaceyIV> i restart the board
<PaceyIV> where can I find usefull information?
<hramrach> the problem is that piece of kernel messages you posted has very little information in it. did you get any more messages before and after that?
<y0g1> hramrach: it works as client - but not as hostapd
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<hramrach> ok
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<PaceyIV> i report heare more lines http://pastebin.com/8a9hMGDW
<hno> hramrach, AC18, AB18, AA17, Y17
<hno> and AA16, Y16, and also related GND on Y18, AA18, and power on W17 and W16.
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<hno> Most nicely listed as NC in the A10 datasheet with pinouts..
<PaceyIV> the virtual memory reported is the swap memory?
<PaceyIV> (I go to lunch! I come back soon!)
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<hno> PaceyIV, any errors before that? Seems kernel memory got corrupted..
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<hramrach> hno: I see no such pin here: http://linux-sunxi.org/A20/PIO
<hramrach> is that in the manual?
<hno> The pins are analog, not part of PIO.
<hno> and manuals very silent on them. A10 manual only says NC (no connect)
<hno> reference schematics do list them however.
<hno> and also shown in some marketing material.
<libv> oliv3r: stop playing with x86 hw
<hramrach> hmm, very nice
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<PaceyIV> Hum... No, at the night before the crash I was able to use samba and apache was working good
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<PaceyIV> The uptime before the crash was 24 days. 3 day before the crash I install boinc to use the board to numerical computation for SETI etc...
<PaceyIV> I setup the service to use only 50% of the arm power
<libv> PaceyIV: clock down the memory a notch?
<libv> PaceyIV: it's amazing how this is happening with a 5 minute interval
<hramrach> anyone who understands DT stuffs here?
<libv> PaceyIV: does munin-update run every 5 minutes?
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<hramrach> how do you make a DT driver that always instantiates a device without an entry in the DT?
<PaceyIV> yes... every 5 minutes collect the data
<hramrach> or how do you make sysfs entries without instantiating a device and without losing your sanity?
<PaceyIV> I don't undestand the last 2 post
<hramrach> PaceyIV: you set memory clock in u-boot
<PaceyIV> what means?
<hramrach> cubietruck is a board name. You need the file for your board
<hramrach> also what is your current speed? did you try the meminfo command?
<PaceyIV> it's Olimex A20
<PaceyIV> damn! I have to go!
<PaceyIV> sorry... I'll come back this night
<PaceyIV> thanks for your help!
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<netlynx> Is there a detailed manual of the A20 available? The brief manuals do not provide enough information on the TV-in ports. Anyone here that has a link to the manual?
<libv> wingrime: i really dislike translations on a technical wiki.
<libv> wingrime: the translations either squander info all over the place, or are never up to date
<libv> wingrime: this is why i deliberately removed the languages bit of that page. it is damaging.
<Md> http://blog.bofh.it/debian/id_440 I published my "modern Debian + sunxi" tutorial, I hope that it will be useful
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<hramrach> netlynx: the A10/A20 reference schematics show where the TV-in pins are
<hramrach> there are some drivers in the kernel
<hramrach> it seems some people got the tv-in working - search the cubieboard mailing list archives
<hramrach> Md: yes, that's basically it. We have several copies of that on the wiki already but nobody got to cleaning that up
<Md> next step: adding sunxi support to flash-kernel. somebody should really package the FEL tool, I could help but I really do not want to keep maintaining this package as well
<Md> then we only need a complete kernel
<hramrach> Md: it changes only when new SoC is released ;-)
<libv> Md: i currently own the ubuntu package repo
<libv> Md: the debian repo is an orphan
<libv> no formal package maintainer group has been formed so far
<hramrach> libv: the good thing about Ubuntu is that you can get your packages built on LP
<hramrach> for Debian you would have to set up your own build system or build by hand. On hardware that is dreadfully slow
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<Md> hramrach: this is an issue for the kernel, but for the other tools you can cheat and build them on amd64, then the autobuilders will deal with the other architectures :-)
<hramrach> also Ubuntu gets some packages from Linaro effort already - like libdrm
<hramrach> Md: if the tools were the quality to get into Debian proper they would get built for every arch
<hramrach> but before you get there you need some testing of the packages
<hramrach> and there is not builder for building out-of-debian debian packages unless you install buildd yourself
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<hramrach> and you can either run the buildd in ARM emulation on amd64 or on actual ARM. The latter is very slow when implemented on sunxi hardware and the earlier is also very slow
<libv> hramrach: the ubuntu packages i built were done on an odroid with a usb attached hd
<hramrach> Yes, I was considering an o-droid too
<hramrach> but so far I have sunxi only
<hramrach> and since hardkernel are jerks and won't even allow you looking at their site through a proxy and the hardware is no longer that exciting I am not getting one
<libv> yeah, makes sense
<libv> i got an odroid-x2 to be able to hack mali-400mp4
<libv> as before i was only running on single PP devices
<libv> and yes, odroid is a f-ed up company
<libv> they actively removed author information on my kernel patches when forward porting them, for instance.
<hramrach> I hope the rk3188 chips give better performance. The antutu memory score looks good.
<libv> at least exynos has a proper bootloader these days
<libv> translation: we are between a rock and a hard place
<hramrach> heh, rock
<swabbles> >crowfunding
<swabbles> lol
<libv> hramrach: that1y1month
<libv> that
<libv> grrr
<libv> i still am not used to my .us keyboard
<libv> that's 1y 1month old now
* mnemoc hates de layout with all his guts
<libv> mnemoc: it's very hard or prohibitely expensive to have keyboards replaced with .us variants though
<libv> part of that is the pain of getting things posted from .us
<libv> prohibitively even
<mnemoc> I bought my last laptop from the US and forwarded to spain by a coworker
<swabbles> libv: I am interested in getting the sunxi video code into mainline, is there anything I should know, that I may not know yet?
<hramrach> in my experience it just takes ages for desktop keyboards but they are about same price
<libv> swabbles: first off, what do you mean by video?
<mnemoc> iirc lenovo.de lets you buy devices with en_US keyboard too
<Md> you can easily buy Dell laptops with a US keyboard, just ask the salesdroid
<hramrach> libv: that article is old but boxes based on the AML chip are still selling
<libv> hramrach: amlogic then would care even less
<Md> I even managed to get my Latitude with Ubuntu *and* the web discount
<hramrach> and the paerformance is decent according to benchmarks
<swabbles> libv: basically the code in drivers/video/sunxi (in stage/sunxi-3.4), i.e. the code that deals with the different connectors, setting up framebuffers, etc.
<libv> swabbles: have you looked at it?
<hramrach> swabbles: ugh, that code is junk
<libv> swabbles: have you truly looked at it?
<swabbles> Yes, I have.
<libv> swabbles: liar.
<hramrach> for start it would be nice to have KMS on top of that to have 'normal' kernel interface on 3.4
<swabbles> libv: I am not lying, I have looked at it to figure out whether the disp_mode stuff was working on CT.
<hramrach> it should not be hard to make a KMS stub on top of that but it will likely expose tons of bugs in the existing code once you start setting modes dynamically on the fly
<libv> swabbles: because if you had looked at it properly, you would be quite quiet about it.
<libv> swabbles: do you for instance know how many loc it is?
<hramrach> and switching inputs, even
<swabbles> libv: well, I wouldn't mind putting effort in writing a KMS driver, to begin with.
<libv> swabbles: have you seen some decent structure in it?
<swabbles> libv: a lot, mostly because it is a mess.
<swabbles> I did realise that, but that's no reason for me to be quiet about it, it is a reason for me to put some effort into it, actually.
<libv> swabbles: then why ask questions, and why not just get stuck in?
<libv> this would've been my secondly.
<swabbles> Just making sure if there isn't anything I am missing.
<hramrach> libv: you have any experience with amlogic?
<libv> swabbles: it's all there, it's just a huge mess
<libv> swabbles: and it is extremely difficult to fully untangle it
<swabbles> I do understand, I've spent quite some time figuring out a few basic things.
<swabbles> I still can't say that I do comprehend how everything is hooked up together (except with lots of duct tape).
<libv> swabbles: loads of bits need to be set exactly right in exactly the right order for this thing to work
<libv> swabbles: it is _extremely_ easy to mess something up, and break a working configuration for someone somewhere.
<libv> swabbles: so extremely small and cautious steps need to be taken
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<swabbles> libv: all right, I'll keep that in mind.
<libv> swabbles: also, if you think that you can just start creating drm and kms infrastructure around it as is, you'll soon get lost
<libv> swabbles: this driver first needs some major restructuring
<swabbles> libv: I agree with you, I think the first thing I'll have to do is slowly refactor the code bit by bit before it is even usable for anything.
<swabbles> And during the process, try to figure out what is going on exactly, so that can be documented.
<libv> swabbles: what range of hw do you have?
<swabbles> libv: Cubieboard 2 and Cubietruck (as for Allwinner devices).
<libv> swabbles: which SoCs, what devices have which panels. Are you testing hdmi, vga and composite?
<libv> A10, A13 (A10s) and A20 all have their quirks
<swabbles> Both are A20, so I lack A10 and A13 atm.
<swabbles> And I have only set up HDMI and VGA atm.
<swabbles> A10 shouldn't be hard to access for me though, I know some people who have that at the hackerspace.
<swabbles> A13 I don't know really.
<libv> not just "access"
<libv> swabbles: i started reworking the VIA xf86 driver a decade ago
<libv> swabbles: in the process, i proved that BIOS free modesetting is possible, provided the basic structure, and even put the words "mode" and "set" together
<libv> swabbles: today i own 30 odd different VIA based boards
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<libv> some quite significantly different than others
<swabbles> I can get the A10 (Cubieboard), I'll look into what devices have the A13.
<libv> several of these differences are very crucial for developing a display driver
<libv> and i wish i had 6-7 of them when i started the unichrome work.
<swabbles> I can imagine.
<libv> as my lack of such hardware really held me seriously back
<libv> swabbles: this really is not a task for a sunday afternoon
<swabbles> I know, I am willing to spend months into the task.
<libv> swabbles: ok then
<swabbles> At this moment, I just want to make sure I can get some proper advice: getting more hw is definitely a good one.
<swabbles> And a good image of what should be done first, before proceeding to doing something else.
<swabbles> I am very thankful for yours, so far, given your experience.
<hramrach> as for a13 there are relatively cheap tablets with that chip to be had. but maybe olinuxino would be better because you can both connect a laptop screen and VGA on that one
<libv> swabbles: i am mostly trying to discourage, tbh, as it really is a mammoth task, and i prefer to see something real happen than see something started for a few weeks and then left
<libv> swabbles: there are probably much more managable things that you can do instead
<swabbles> libv: so either I choose this, and show you my progress after a period of time, and then we can see if I am still dedicated enough, or I choose something else?
<libv> swabbles: i cannot really stop you from choosing anything or tell you to do anything
<libv> swabbles: you just should realize what you are getting yourself into here
<libv> swabbles: upstream as a goal just doesn't work here.
<libv> swabbles: that is simply too far away
<swabbles> libv: no, ok, my goal is to just carefuly refactor the code atm.
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<wingrime> libv: I think general topics must be translated
<libv> wingrime: i disagree :)
<libv> even the front page quickly becomes out of sync
<wingrime> libv: I mean non technical
<libv> wingrime: what is there on linux-sunxi.org that is non-technical?
<wingrime> libv: I mean some noob's how-too
<wingrime> *to
<libv> wingrime: nope, as that contains details which will change all the time
<wingrime> libv: what is your native lang?
<libv> wingrime: dutch
<libv> wingrime: but my german is now more fluent
<libv> wingrime: and i know quite a lot of french, enough to understand just about anything, but i never really practiced speaking
<libv> wingrime: i am a hard man to trump with such logic.
<libv> wingrime: did you really think that such a cheap trick would work?
<wingrime> libv: what you about
<wingrime> libv: yeax, my speaking far from good
<hramrach> the point is that if you want to read the wiki you should know English
<libv> wingrime: this is a technical wiki, there is absolutely no way that translations can be defended
<hramrach> and if you want to make stuff for dumb Russians make ready-made images with RUssian localization
<mnemoc> maybe of tutorials...
<libv> mnemoc: those change quite often too
<mnemoc> true
<libv> firststeps was referenced soo often...
<wingrime> hramrach: I think some russians tutorials are there in 4pda.ru
<libv> i really had to spend an hour changing some sometimes seriously rotten referencing pages
<wingrime> hramrach: but that site about tablets, phones, not devboards
<libv> and i actually should've not created a forwarding page for firststeps so that the translation pages would deliberately break
<hramrach> then make a devboard section there if you really care that much
<wingrime> libv: we have no normal how-to systems, we have 2-3 debian how to
<hramrach> heh, yeah
<libv> wingrime: what do you mean with "normal howto"?
<hramrach> like universal
<libv> ...
<hramrach> but no such thing exists. You can have just howto with steps for multiple cases
<libv> hramrach: that did not further quantify things
<libv> we should have 3 general howtos
<wingrime> libv: I mean , step-by step tutorials system, page for boot , page for each distro
<wingrime> libv:remove dups
<libv> images, bsp/hwpack/manual build
<hramrach> anyone if free to remove them :)
<libv> wingrime: check RecentChanges
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<libv> wingrime: in any case, there need to be 3 different general tutorials
<libv> and if the 3 debian tutorials bother you, start unifying them
<libv> wingrime: i am rather fully and painfully aware of that.
<hramrach> that's actually 4 of them already :s
<libv> wingrime: http://linux-sunxi.org/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/Libv&offset=&limit=250&target=Libv
<libv> i have done quite a bit of my wiki share in the last month
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<libv> wingrime: but before you start unifying the debian tutorials, have a quick read through the full build howto
<libv> so that you can try to reference that one as much as possible
<wingrime> libv: nice work
<wingrime> libv: http://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_SD_card same debootstrap but for ubuntu
<libv> yes, that page needs a lot of work too
<wingrime> libv: , that part must be moved to distro specific page
<libv> i was ranting about it when reworking the full build howto
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<morfoh> moin
<wingrime> morfoh: not moin for me :) 20:34 here
<morfoh> wingrime: well... I understand that if you interpret that "moin" as "morning" but that is a misconception ;)
<wingrime> morfoh: moin, for what lang it?
<wingrime> *from
<morfoh> afaik "moin" is used at any time by the guys living in the northern part of .de ;)
<wingrime> oh
<morfoh> I am not exactly from that part of .de but not that far either ;)
<wingrime> morfoh: "northen part" thats isn't GDR?
<Turl> hi morfoh :)
<morfoh> hi Turl :)
<mnemoc> there was a northern part in west germany too :p
<morfoh> wingrime: well... it is also used in the northern part of the annected part which was called GDR ;)
<wingrime> morfoh: nice to know
<morfoh> mnemoc: should I slap you immediately for you unqualified statement? :p
<morfoh> your*
<morfoh> wingrime: yup :)
<libv> heh, and here i thought that one of my hannoverian colleagues had picked that up in helsinki :)
<morfoh> libv: how that? helsinki? :)
<morfoh> because finish isn't actually related to any of those northern languages afaik ;)
<libv> because we both spent quite some time there working for nokia
<libv> morfoh: read that wiki page you referenced
<morfoh> ah ic :)
<libv> the bit called "Moi"
<morfoh> ic :)
<wingrime> libv: you worked for nokia?
<morfoh> libv: I only looked at the first paragraph ... my fault :)
<libv> wingrime: when it was still a company, yes
<libv> wingrime: just like ssvb
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<wingrime> libv: ... it was linux related work or, you coded for symbian, or their firmware?
<libv> wingrime: maemo/meego N9
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<libv> on the kernel side of the imagination powervr
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<wingrime> libv: thats why you still dislike powervr
<libv> i am not sure where ssvb was, but he was also on the maemo/meego side
<libv> wingrime: yes, i know how it is to work with
<wingrime> libv: n9 was a nice phone
<wingrime> libv: as n900
<libv> wingrime: it had some severe problems
<wingrime> libv: ?
<libv> lacking camera button, usb-flap breaking off
<libv> and it was declared dead before it was released
<Turl> it had awesome ads though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfE3B6L-Otw
<libv> anyway, wait and see what will come of jolla
<wingrime> libv: many modern phones have no camera button, thats not serve
<wingrime> libv: serve problem, was "declarea of dead"
<libv> thing is, it would've taken us a surprisingly short amount of time to put an android on this device
<libv> and the graphics driver team was big and clued enough to get surfaceflinger working nicely as well
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<libv> but elop wanted his big bonus, and a ticket for the MS CEO races
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<wingrime> libv: I can predict nokia atmosphere when stuff knowed that thay are working on dead device
<libv> heh, it's been almost 3 years already
<wingrime> libv: how it was
<libv> it was fun afterwards
<libv> those that remained had very little to do, comparatively
<libv> and we had access to what used to be the executive sauna for "team-meetings"
<Turl> libv: any hope on nokita people?
<libv> Turl: most folks made a decision for themselves, jump ship or stick around
<libv> Turl: jumping ship for guys in my team was real easy
<libv> intel guzzled them up for the most part
<libv> one guy got left out though, due to his history with some intel employees
<libv> so most of my team got replaced with "fresh" externals
<libv> which had a few very good guys
<libv> and we had some good times still for the rest of 2011
<wingrime> libv: n9 omap based?
<Turl> wingrime: 3xxx from what I recall, cortex-a8
<libv> yup, 3430 if memory serves
<libv> vastly outdated already by the time of release
<libv> galaxy S2 got released before it
<wingrime> libv: thats make easy android for it
<libv> wingrime: instead nokia decided to stick a snapdragon in the housing and to ship windows
<wingrime> libv: thats windows phones so crap
<wingrime> libv: I not what phone without access to filesystem
<wingrime> *want
<mnemoc> it's so pathetic that the only thing they advertise is the quality of the low light pictures
<wingrime> libv: I more like TI for hardware
<libv> mnemoc: tbh, one had to be glad that anything was advertised
<mnemoc> :D
<libv> mnemoc: it wasn't allowed to be sold in .us, .uk, .de and .fr
<mnemoc> uh
<mnemoc> patents?
<libv> mnemoc: elop
<mnemoc> :\
<mnemoc> all those who voted to keep elop in charge of nokia should be burned alive
<wingrime> mnemoc: board of directors are decided to kill it
<mnemoc> a board director who decides to destroy the company he runs should be jailed
<wingrime> mnemoc: elop was only butcher
<Turl> elop was just a trojan horse
<mnemoc> but he was allowed by insiders to do destroy the company
<mnemoc> a CEO who acts against the company's best interest can be kicked out easily
<mnemoc> and they didn't
<mnemoc> so it's not elop's fault
<wingrime> Turl: they elected him expectly for THAT
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<wingrime> mnemoc: oh, forget, I acked patrick patch
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<mnemoc> wingrime: i'll apply it today
<wingrime> nice
* morfoh needs to kick mnemoc out of his lazyness :p
<mnemoc> i'm coding...
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<morfoh> mnemoc: quote: "excuses, excuses, excuses" :p
<morfoh> :)
<mnemoc> narf
<morfoh> :)
<morfoh> mnemoc: it hurts a bit to get "stabbed" with his own weapons ... right?!?! ;)
<Turl> morfoh: :p
<Turl> morfoh: you can't talk much though, I haven't seen any progress on that rootfs from you either ;)
<aesok> +--+
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<aesok> ++++++++++++++++++++++
<aesok> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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<morfoh> Turl: *cough* :p
<morfoh> Turl: but you know the other parts of the story so shut up :p
<Turl> IRC as a brainfuck IDE, that's new
<Turl> morfoh: :)
<Turl> morfoh: "excuses, excuses, excuses"
<Turl> :)
<morfoh> :)
<morfoh> hehe
<mnemoc> :)
<morfoh> (:
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<montjoie[home]> Hello I seek for someone knowing exactly what means "wait clock cycle" for DMA engine of A20 (A20 User manual page 170)
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<montjoie[home]> same question for source/destination data block size of DMA
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<PaceyIV> Hi, I'm back. Sorry for today!
<PaceyIV> I'm trying to undestand what you say me today, but I don't unsterstand much! :(
<PaceyIV> Here there is my script.bin http://pastebin.com/3UbXswMC I don't make it myself. I use the one provided me by Olimex officiale debian image I think
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<PaceyIV> I don't remember if I change something about USB host port, but I'm sure I don't make any changes at the memory or CPU clock section
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<Robert_E> hi guys
<Robert_E> i use Cubietruck with lubuntu installation running kernel Linux linaro-ubuntu-desktop 3.4.61+
<Robert_E> when running startx, it fails at FATAL error module g2d_51 not found
<Robert_E> my research find out this kernel "needs" g2d_23 ?! any idea to fix this?
<popolon> Robert_E, install it
<Turl> Robert_E: or disable g2d support on X
<popolon> which version of the module is with the kernel ?
<popolon> is gd with it ?
<Robert_E> i dont know exactly
<Robert_E> it seems to xserver wants to load g2d_51 on linaro-ubuntu-desktop 3.4.61+
<ssvb> Robert_E: try to find and remove the patch, which makes it require g2d_51
<Robert_E> ssvb, u say it so easily
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<Robert_E> Turl, how to disable it? for which function g2d is used?
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<Turl> impatient people :\
<wingrime> Turl: should we better recomend single partiniton
<Turl> wingrime: hm?
<wingrime> Turl: no special partition for boot
<Turl> wingrime: it doesn't make much difference
<wingrime> Turl: now, our setup looks like , "dd" bootloader, than make root and copy it
<wingrime> mnemoc: ^
<wingrime> Turl: not realy, reconfiguration make more easy
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<Robert_E> so popolon and Turl i be back
<Turl> wingrime: difficulty around the same
<Turl> robert_e: change accelmethod on xorg.conf to something else than g2d
<wingrime> Turl: I mean, we can make qt or ncruses tool thats work in sunxi based hw, so you can easy change parameters
<Turl> robert_e: g2d is used for 2d acceleration
<Robert_E> if u can tell me how to disable g2d or install g2d_51
<Turl> wingrime: same with 2 partition?
<wingrime> Turl: no, you need user mount part
<Robert_E> it would be nice. because iam a Kernel-Newbie :(
<Turl> robert_e: read what I said above
<Robert_E> ok sorry :)
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<hramrach> wingrime: extra partition makes applying hwpacks under windows feasible
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<hramrach> wingrime: but I hacked the manual build instructions to allow either. Maybe somebody should read it to confirm it's still intelligible.
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<wingrime> hramrach: windows not such thing we are support there
<wingrime> hramrach: noobs can simply use ready to go image
<wingrime> hramrach: but I saying about 'default way'
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<ssvb> robert_e: where do you get your xorg packages?
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<ssvb> robert_e: it's not the first time I see this g2d_51 reference, it would be nice to find the offender
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<hramrach> wingrime: you can get an image and hwpack and replace the script.bin on windows
<hramrach> this is quite supported and is as ready-made as it gets
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<ssvb> robert_e: somebody has apparently patched this line in the sources - https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo/blob/9808a58d33192032d63ddc0cc730c2e14272481c/src/fbdev.c#L909
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<Robert_E> ssvb sorry for, but can u explan me what i have to do?
<ssvb> robert_e: we just need to find this guy and break his legs, err ... ask nicely to fix this problem and not to do this again
<ssvb> robert_e: I mean the packager of you distro
<ssvb> robert_e: in any case, wrong g2d module name should not have any fatal consequences, only 2d acceleration does not work
<PaceyIV> hramrach are you still here?
<hramrach> just ask if you want to know something
<hramrach> if somebody is around who knows the answer you will get one :p
<PaceyIV> Sorry for today. I'm back now. You suggest me to check ram value in the script.bin. Here http://pastebin.com/3UbXswMC what I've got. It's the same in the link you post me http://linux-sunxi.org/A10_Meminfo
<hramrach> PaceyIV: what you paste is .fex file which need not match the actual settings
<hramrach> those are obtained with a10 meminfo
<hramrach> if you really run at 384MHz that's quite low. You can still try something like 360
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<PaceyIV> what means the fex file not match the actual settings? I've used bin2fex to estract my currently script.bin
<Turl> PaceyIV: memory data on fex is just informative, not used to configure hardware
<PaceyIV> I don't undestant. It is not used at all or only the cpu e ram section?
<Turl> PaceyIV: lines 76-96 on your fex don't do anything to running system
<PaceyIV> I'l compile and use https://github.com/maxnet/a10-meminfo It says me this http://pastebin.com/vHbM4Psi
<Turl> ok then, a10-meminfo reads the hardware and tells you the current settings
<PaceyIV> My board use A20, it's ok?
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<Turl> yes
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<mnemoc> the ugly driver is deprecated
<mnemoc> use the gpiolib based one
<TheSeven> thanks
<TheSeven> do I need SUNXI_PWM for LCD backlight?
<hramrach> it depends on the backlight wiring/driver/..
<hramrach> TheSeven: CONFIG_GPIO_SUNXI for gpio
<hramrach> and probably CONFIG_GPIOLIB
<TheSeven> the backlight uses a PWM of the a20, so I guess that's a yes then?
<mnemoc> the pwm usage is probably hardcoded within the disp driver
<mnemoc> ignoring the PWM config
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<TheSeven> and what do I need for SPI? I can't seem to find anything sunxi-related...
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<Turl> TheSeven: SPI_SUN4I (or SPI_SUN5I)
<TheSeven> wow. that was too easy...
<TheSeven> why didn't I spot that?
<TheSeven> (which of these is appropriate for sun7i?)
<Turl> TheSeven: none, I don't think it's supported yet
<Turl> I don't know why there's two configs tbh, they seem to pull the same unified driver
<Turl> but the driver inside only seems to have platform structs for sun4i and sun5i
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<TheSeven> that might explain why I didn't find it
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<miseria> "mi silencio no es estar callado, ni mi soledad un lujo robado, mi palabra es sincera, pero siempre prisionera" bienvenidos: http://castroruben.com *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*
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<TheSeven> can I somehow control how much memory I give to mali and cedar?
<TheSeven> I guess using cedar doesn't make any sense at all if I don't want to play videos?
<TheSeven> but I probably need mali for the android gui?