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<bfree> mmc works modular on sun7i for me, not on sun4i yet but that may be pebkac somewhere
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<TheSeven> someone interested in a linux kernel driver for talking DMX on top of a generic serial port (that is capable of break detection and at least 250kbaud)?
<TheSeven> it's implemented as a line discipline, so it can be run on top of basically any UART driver (including the 16550a-based one in sunxi :)
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<bsdfox> TheSeven, any reason it's not userland?
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<libv> 552 is what the .fex says and 1.536 is what cpufreq says
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> Hi
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<[7]> bsdfox: yes, because of 1. better latency, and 2. userland not being able to detect incoming break chars
<oliv3r> damnit i want an A23 with 1 GiB now :)
<oliv3r> libv: hm, fex might lie, does a10-meminfo run?
<oliv3r> if only it had hdmi and gmac!
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Can i ask a general question about insmod?
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: you maylwaysa ask
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> http://pastebin.com/gbEStur8 if modules built in kernel, work fine
<wens> you should use modprobe if possible to take care of dependencies
<wens> from the looks of it , you need rt2x00lib.ko and rt2800lib.ko
<JohnDoe_71Rus> modprobe missing in firmware
<wens> well, insmod the 2 I mentioned first?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> wens: they present in folder
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<wens> yes, you have to load them yourself. insmod does not do that for you
<JohnDoe_71Rus> load rt2x00lib.ko then rt2800lib.ko then rt2800usb.ko?
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<wens> yes
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> rt2x00lib.ko and rt2800lib.ko load. rt2800usb.ko the same error, but list of Unknown symbol * (err 0) short
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<mripard> Turl: thanks
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<oliv3r> crapster
<oliv3r> tsvestsan!
<oliv3r> argh
<oliv3r> so, turns out, the BROM configures/uses the SPI0 on PortC to do a SPI-NOR boot from
<oliv3r> all fine and dandy, but Port C is also the nand port
<oliv3r> and i don't think any of our boards breaks out those pins :S
<gzamboni> cubieboard has spi0 in the expansions pins
<oliv3r> from Port C?
<oliv3r> let me check schematics
<oliv3r> I know cb breaks out the SD2 which shares pins with the nand (one pinmux of it anywy)
<gzamboni> i mean the spi0 from the fex, i dunno if its portC
<gzamboni> i supose they should match
<oliv3r> there's 2 SPI0's pinmuxed though
<gzamboni> ok
<wens> it uses portI for SPI breakout
<oliv3r> PC has it, and PI too
<wens> on cubieboard
<oliv3r> yeah that's useless :(
<oliv3r> BROM only checks PC
<gzamboni> Thats probably why i had to change my port muxing in the default cubieboard fex to make spi work
<gzamboni> this means that when im using the spi breakout my nand doesnt work if they are using the same spi bus 0
<gzamboni> let me check
<oliv3r> gzamboni: ? a little more info :p
<gzamboni> one sec, im checking the A10 PIO controller to see if im right
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<gzamboni> there is something wrong with this table: http://linux-sunxi.org/A10/PIO
<gzamboni> if i want ot use spi dev i have to set the PI10 11 12 and 13 to <3> to work and in the table it says its mux <2>
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<wens> it is what the manual says
<gzamboni> so manual is wrong :/
<oliv3r> gzamboni: might be a typo; check the sources! a20 may have fixed that (PIO or manual
<gzamboni> and apparently i wont be able to use NAND + SPI dev on cubieboard as they both use spi0 in a different mux
<gzamboni> let me check
<wens> oliv3r: still the same
<gzamboni> humm, ok,, its right, its the default cubieboard.fex thats wrong
<oliv3r> gzamboni: you can use SPI0 on Port I (if that's mapped)
<oliv3r> but SPI0 on port-c + nand is a no go
<gzamboni> its mux 2, at [spi0_para] in cubieboar.fex its set to 3
<wens> you can't boot from SPI if nand is present anyway, unless you wipe the nand?
<gzamboni> im booting from a nfs share
<gzamboni> maybe thats why they didnt put the right mux, to make nand work
<gzamboni> so no reason to expose those pins in the gpio unless you dont want nand :P
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<oliv3r> wens: if ther's no boot signature, then no, you can't :p
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<oliv3r> wens: but anyway, i wanted to see if i could get a system that boots via SPI-nor
<oliv3r> gzamboni: that's an interesting dilema anyway
<oliv3r> gzamboni: .fex is stored on nand
<oliv3r> so to use spi0 as configured per .fex, you need to read it from nand :)
<gzamboni> ok, mux 2 is the correct mux to make spi0 work in PI, but as cubieboard uses spi0 on nand they cant use the spi and nand in the same time. thats why the spi0_para pi dont have the right mux value
<oliv3r> anyway, if the BROM fails to load a signature from NAND, it will configure SPI0 on PC and read the data from there :)
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<wens> can't use spi0 with nand?
<wens> i mean , together
<gzamboni> oliv3r, first read at SPI0 should be "harware softcoded"
<oliv3r> gzamboni: LOL what's that?
<oliv3r> wens: not if you use SPI0 on Port C
<oliv3r> wens: and the BROM only boots from Port C
<oliv3r> which somewhat makes sense of course, as it's muxed with nand, and you want to boot either/or
<gzamboni> software inside the Ax ic
<wens> no chance of rewriting the BROM? :p
<oliv3r> and that's fine, but I odn't have hardware that brings out spi0 :p
<oliv3r> wens: well if you have a laz0r that changes bits, possibly :p
<oliv3r> only a few bits need to be flipped really
<gzamboni> whats laz0r ? :P
<gzamboni> i have a fex using spi0 in spi0 to create an spidev and on nand, the spidev worked but i didnt test the nand, i supose it wont work, i will test once i will get back to that harware
<gzamboni> well, thas confusing i meant (fex spi0) in spi
<gzamboni> spi0
<gzamboni> spi0 in pi9 - 13 , thats better
<n01> Turl: ping
<gzamboni> as you can have spi1 in pi also
<wens> if the hardware had breakouts, you could wipe the nand, use spi0 in portC to boot, then switch to portI for spi0, and use nand for storage
<gzamboni> how will you use spi0 in portC to boot?
<gzamboni> ok, let me google SPI-NOR boot
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<gzamboni> i'm so newbie, NOR flash
<oliv3r> gzamboni: NOR flash connected via the SPI bus :p
<gzamboni> doesnt it read already directly the NAND flash from spi0 ?
<oliv3r> gzamboni: my plan was to have a small 512 kiB or maybe 1 MiB nor Flash, load u-boot into it
<oliv3r> and then boot from sata :p
<oliv3r> you could use the big nand module in the same fashion of course, but that's a bit silly
<oliv3r> loading the kenrel + rootfs etc from sata should be much much faster
<wens> gzamboni: nand isn't spi, they're just muxed on the same pins
<wens> oliv3r: i use sd + sata atm :p
<oliv3r> wens: of course that works too; but for example, for the LIME
<oliv3r> it would be a cheap variant
<oliv3r> once we have mtd; then using onboard flash is still usefull
<oliv3r> but those are slow
<oliv3r> also, with SPI, we'd have something quite likea bios
<oliv3r> something you never have to update (or not often)
<wens> anyway I can set a clock parent through DT or something?
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<gzamboni> there are some spi nand on the market, didnt know it didnt use it, so it wont conflict with the PI spi0
<gzamboni> in the fex it uses only the chip select mux of the spi0
<oliv3r> spi nor or nand probably won't matter much to the spi bus driver
<wens> gzamboni: the SoC has a custom nand flash controller
<oliv3r> though spi-nand is probably quite rare
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<gzamboni> i dont have any idea of pricing but http://www.micron.com/products/nand-flash/serial-nand
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<n01> fuck, my cb2 is not working anymore
<oliv3r> n01: what does or does it no longer do?
<n01> power on
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<n01> ok, broken cable
<oliv3r> n01: lol; that's not a broken cb2 :p
<n01> :} lol
* n01 loves the sun in his hometown
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<n01> mripard: alessandro acked the v2??
<mnemoc> uh, calxeda died
<oliv3r> huh
<rm> almost as if buzzwords alone don't sell $50K servers which are worse in performance than $5K x86 ones
<oliv3r> werent they focusing on 32bit
<n01> uhm I think that the datasheet for axp209 is wrong
<n01> the address is not 0x68 but 0x34
<oliv3r> what does the current source tell you?
<oliv3r> also, isn't it configurable?
<n01> the TWSI Address should be fixed AFAIK
<oliv3r> normally there's 2-4 gpio's/pins that allow you to configure its address
<oliv3r> hardware wise
<n01> from the datasheet it seems like fixed. which pins are you referring to?
<wens> let me check the docs
<n01> also in fex pmu_twi_addr = 52 (0x34)
<libv> oliv3r: a10-meminfo doesn't work
<libv> it runs, but it doesn't get any useful data
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<oliv3r> libv: looks like diff mem controller then
<oliv3r> very interseting
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<libv> puneet is back with his allwinner kernel :(
<oliv3r> again?
<oliv3r> i told him yesterday even again
<n01> wens: anything new in the docs about the address?
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<wens> n01: as you said, fixed at 0x68
<n01> thanks, I'll drop a note in the wiki
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<libv> oliv3r: do we know whether it works on a30?
<oliv3r> libv: it doesn't work on a31
<oliv3r> i made a31-meminfo
<oliv3r> or started to make it
<oliv3r> but never finished it
<oliv3r> BUT
<oliv3r> i have all registers documented on my github
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<oliv3r> mripard: ping
<eagles0513875> hey ojn
<eagles0513875> oliv3r:
<eagles0513875> lol
<eagles0513875> how are you
<oliv3r> hi eagles0513875
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: what does one need to know to program for the various types of SOC boards out there?
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: skillz :p
<eagles0513875> like what
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: knowledge of C; asm helps
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: proper knowledge of linux is strongly recommended; unless your going the winCE route :p
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: not affraid to delve into what we call u-boot
<eagles0513875> im not afraid of anything at this point
<oliv3r> wens: can I pick you rbrain with regard to DMA?
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: what are you trying to accomplish
<eagles0513875> im still trying to comprehend on my cubieboard 2 how it will provide enough power to ones SATA hard disk
<eagles0513875> nothing i just want to give back to the community at this point
<wens> oliv3r: DMA?
<oliv3r> libv: it could still be the same memory controller; but with different addresses
<oliv3r> wens: yeah
<eagles0513875> and possibly a kit kat version of android for the cubieboard 2
<wens> oliv3r: don't know much.. what do you need?
<oliv3r> wens: I'm doing some work on something, and bumped into this: https://github.com/hno/Allwinner-Info/blob/master/BROM/ffff4000.s#L2077
<oliv3r> wens: i know what each line above and below does
<oliv3r> wens: that signle line baffles me; it wants to load the address to 0x4831f
<oliv3r> the above asm was setting up the DMA of the SPI
<oliv3r> now when I look at our memory map; the entire 0x40000 block isn't defined; so what could possibly there?
<eagles0513875> ill be back in a bit guys
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<wens> oliv3r: no clue
<oliv3r> wens: :(
<oliv3r> mripard: :)
<oliv3r> wens: see I don't know at all how DMA works
<oliv3r> so not sure why this is done
<oliv3r> it's not even in mapped memory (that we know off)
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<wens> for DMA , you tell the controller source and destination address, burst length, and let it do its magic
<oliv3r> so it works directly with RAM
<wens> oliv3r: yeah
<oliv3r> i also don't get why/how the BROM is enabeling DMA mode, since we don't have setup the ram controller at all
<oliv3r> so this can't even be DMA related; as we don't have ram
<wens> why don't you try reading from that address in the OS?
<oliv3r> good point
<oliv3r> wens: all zero
<oliv3r> wens: if i write to it and read it back immediatly; nothing
<Turl> oliv3r: what addr?
<mouchon2> hi all, i am currently coding smart card driver for the a20 and have some questions. The first one is which class of driver do you think this kind of driver belong ?
<oliv3r> Turl: 0x0004831f
<Turl> oliv3r: http://olimex.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/new-products-in-stock-aluminum-radiator-for-a10a20/ :p cubietech is not the only one who ships radiators
<oliv3r> Turl: lol
<oliv3r> whoot
<oliv3r> oh shit
<oliv3r> my name is even linked there :p
<Turl> oliv3r: that addr is after the srams right?
<Turl> there's nothing there
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah exactly
<oliv3r> but it writes 0x8 there for some reason
<oliv3r> that addressed isn't referenced anywhere else from the BROM
<mouchon2> my second question is related to device clocking. Does using clk_get(NULL,"apb_scr"); and clk_get(NULL,"scr"); are enough to enable device clock ?
<oliv3r> mouchon2: you'll probably want devm_clk_get
<oliv3r> mouchon2: but what i remember from the manual; that sounds like the two clocks the SCR needs yeah
<Turl> mouchon2: you also need to clk_prepare_enable(..) them
<oliv3r> mouchon2: as for which device, i'm not sure if we do or do not have smartcard readers in the kernel currently, but initially i'd expect it to be a char device?
<mouchon2> thanks for the information
<oliv3r> mouchon2: i do know that various set-top boxes have built in smartcard readers, that dont' connect via serial or USB port; so there should be 'something' somewhere
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<mouchon2> indeed i have only seen usb scr and char device make sense for me too
<oliv3r> so initially; i'd guess char :)
<oliv3r> mouchon2: search for Enable Smart Card Reader 0 Support
<oliv3r> that should give you a good hint
<mouchon2> thanks , i started to code it as a new class driver but will convert it tho char dev.
<oliv3r> if you search for that string, you should find a pretty reasonable example driver
<eagles0513875> hey oliv3r
<eagles0513875> im not sure if you could possibly help me with a non related sunxi issue
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: erm just ask :)
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: mind if i pm ya
<eagles0513875> as its offtopic
<oliv3r> sure
<mouchon2> oliv3r: i hope to see you at fosdem :-)
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<oliv3r> :)
<Turl> oliv3r: ahh
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<Turl> oliv3r: it's not an address
<Turl> oliv3r: it's a literal :)
<Turl> oliv3r: it's sending that via spi0 if I'm reading it correctly?
<oliv3r> Turl: wait, here; i'll show you my wip
<libv> oliv3r: where did you document a31 dram settings?
<oliv3r> libv: in my local git :p let me push it somewhere
<libv> :)
<oliv3r> gitorious down?
<oliv3r> i just pushed it to gitorious/oliv3r i think
<oliv3r> oh no feck i pushed it to the linux-sunxi.org
<libv> feck?
<mripard> oliv3r: ?
<libv> have you been watching a british sitcom?
<oliv3r> libv: i don't have it in a repo, sorry; i removed the patch when i started to push things, is this workable for you? http://sprunge.us/aYPO
<andoma> humhum.. what's the status for CEC on sunxi?
<libv> oliv3r: ok, i'll see what i can deduct from that, thanks :)
<libv> andoma: there is cec code there
<Turl> oliv3r: and what's the problem with the next part?
<libv> andoma: whether it works, i do not know
<andoma> libv: mkay, at least that's something
<oliv3r> libv: but since i didn't have hardware and i stopped caring a little :p; it's far from complete or anything, i was just initially experimenting/dabbeling with it
<oliv3r> Turl: the C part, i'm writing still, you interrupted me :p but I don't get the 0x483f bit
<libv> oliv3r: right :)
<libv> oliv3r: i'll give it a whirl
<Turl> oliv3r: it's a literal
<Turl> oliv3r: and it's written into the transmit spi0 register I think
<Turl> so it's spi data or sth
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<oliv3r> Turl: yeah it loads that number into r0; as an address, no?
<Turl> ldr reg, =literal isn't it?
<oliv3r> well look 5 lines about (2070)
<oliv3r> oh wait, i think i know my thinking mistake
<oliv3r> the 0x01c20000 is loaded as number into r1, and then used as offset for the store/ldr's
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah, it loads the base addr as literal
<Turl> then stores stuff in [literal + offset]
<oliv3r> so what's the diff between =0x0 and #0x0
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<Turl> oliv3r: = is the pseudoinstruction to load literals I think
<oliv3r> wouldn't ldr r0, #0x04831f be the exact same?
<oliv3r> obviously not, but i don't get it :p
<oliv3r> less important now then you shows me the errors of my ways
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<oliv3r> btw, it writes stuff into the SPI0_CTL register if i'm not mistaken
<oliv3r> which makes perfect sense :)
<oliv3r> mripard: nvm turl helped me greatly :)
<oliv3r> libv: feck, when fuck is a little over powered :p
<nedko> do you know whether someone succeeded with sunxi-nfc-mtd on an a20 and/or with building it against newer sunxi kernel (it doesnt build for me)
<Turl> oliv3r: I think 0x8 is the tx one (or maybe I was just looking at the wrong place)
<Turl> oliv3r: I don't see any ldr reg, #blah
<oliv3r> Turl: pretty sure that offset 0x08 is SPI_CTL; makes sense too
<arete74_> hi,
<oliv3r> Turl: no it's mow # really, but I fail at asm (hence why i'm doing this)
<oliv3r> Turl: but 4831f is setting up the SPI0 controller, setting mode, phase ctrl, polarisation etc; so it makes really sense
<arete74_> i have an patch for 3.4 stage sunxi_w1 depend on W1_MASTER_GPIO
<arete74_> was is the gudie line for send patch?
<oliv3r> arete74_: git send-email --to=linux-sunxi :)
<arete74_> ok thanks
<Turl> oliv3r: never mind what I said, I was looking at twi registers >.<
<oliv3r> Turl: pfew :p
<libv> oliv3r: ah, the bad f-word
<oliv3r> libv: :p
<libv> oliv3r: search youtube for "father ted" :)
<oliv3r> libv: I have heard of father ted; af riend of mine is a big fan
<oliv3r> libv: i think the a31 meminfo I even did copy/paste all the defines into etc, so that may actually be most you need
<oliv3r> libv: the diff i sprunged should help though as it's what i started to get a31 memory support working
<oliv3r> libv: can you put the fex file syomewherE?
<oliv3r> libv: that should give a hint about the dram controller actually; as the content is quite different, lots of magic values
<oliv3r> can we push it as is to sunxi-boards/../a23?
<oliv3r> libv: that smells awefully lot like sun6i memory controller
<oliv3r> look at all those magic values in dram_para
<oliv3r> i bet half of my balls that ti's the same ctrl
<libv> oliv3r: christmas tree balls?
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> atleast now i find use in working on sun6i memory controller code again, or rather, a23 code
<oliv3r> libv: we need to run tinymembench on it to see how it compares to a20 :)
<oliv3r> libv: did you get serial to work yet?
<libv> nope, i haven't put the serial noise thing on it yet
<oliv3r> mnemoc: git.linux-sunxi.org is n't working right; if i click on 'tree' in sunxi boards it borkes
<mnemoc> uhm
<oliv3r> and all other links too
<oliv3r> libv: sun6i, mele quad runs at a 'safe' 312 MHz, so that 552 is really good
<mnemoc> generated links are wrong
<mnemoc> prefix gets duplicated
<oliv3r> libv: nand ctrl maay even be upgraded; it now has a flag for 2 channel nand support
<Turl> mnemoc: missing / on some config parameter?
<mnemoc> Turl: likely :p
<mnemoc> Turl: wanna fix it? it's just a cgi
<Turl> I can try
<oliv3r> bug should be somewhere in the config
<oliv3r> libv: lol 'extremity_freq = 1.5 GHz
<oliv3r> btu max fre is 1.2 GHz
<mnemoc> oliv3r: I'll have the next 2 weeks "off" and I would like to resume the sunxi-3.10 hybrid thing, do you think you can do the pending backporting?
<Turl> mnemoc: where's cgitrc?
<oliv3r> libv: i think it be nice to have the a23 BROM in hno's repository, it's likly a new version
<mnemoc> Turl: /etc/
<oliv3r> mnemoc: the missing patches? I can try :)
<mnemoc> Turl: and including a generated thing at /srgit/
<mnemoc> Turl: and including a generated thing at /srv/git/
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i ran turls' script to get an updated list of patches; only 10 new ones
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: at least having everything from sunxi-next
<mnemoc> oliv3r: cool
<oliv3r> mnemoc: but you should atleast test the current tree and see if it still works ;)
<oliv3r> (I don't have a long xmas holiday)
<arete74_> ok send, is my first linux patch!
<mnemoc> oliv3r: I will obviously
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i'll then add the other patches and push that
<oliv3r> libv: a31 had an axp221 i think; but i doubt the axp223 is much different
<mnemoc> oliv3r: ok
<oliv3r> how many PLL's does a10/A20 have? 6 right?
<oliv3r> or was it 7? maybe 8?
<oliv3r> A23 has 10, just like A31
<oliv3r> A23 is A31 with mali
<oliv3r> at it's 'core'
<oliv3r> and it smells dual channel memory controller
<oliv3r> so 1 GiB A23 tablets are possible
<mnemoc> a quad A23 is supposed to be coming
<oliv3r> i really wanna get an A23 with a gig :)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: really?! where do you ahve that info from?
<oliv3r> if that is true, then that's even more so obvious it's a a20/a31 hybrid
<Turl> mnemoc: oliv3r should be fixed now, let me know if I broke sth else :P
<oliv3r> anyway, this is all me speculating
<oliv3r> Turl: maxima.linux-sunxi.org/postfixadmin is broken
<mnemoc> hopefully they learned (like samsung) from their PVR experience and returned to mali for good
<Turl> oliv3r: a23 is quad?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: I disabled maxima
<oliv3r> Turl: nah, dual core; but mnemoc just said there's a quad a23 comming?
<mnemoc> Turl: no, the a23 successor
<oliv3r> probably a60
<Turl> oliv3r: I didn't touch postfix though
<mnemoc> maybe even pin compatible with a23
<oliv3r> Turl: i know but mnemoc was supposed to fix it but he broke it :p
<mnemoc> oliv3r: disabled it, not break it
<oliv3r> libv: the fex disables all uarts
<oliv3r> libv: so after u-boot; you won't ever have a uart output
<oliv3r> libv: even the debug uart port is disabled
<libv> oliv3r: yeah, i was thinking of changing one of them to see if that would get me serial
<oliv3r> libv: so it won't print much until you change the fex i'm affraid
<oliv3r> libv: not sure if boot1 parses the fex file
<oliv3r> libv: i don't think OEM's actually ever change boot0/1
<oliv3r> so the only output could be from boot0/1
<oliv3r> I want an A23 tablet now :)
<eagles0513875> hey oliv3r question is there a really high demand for kit kat?
<eagles0513875> with this laptop i probably could churn out various versions of it
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: for us? not really; it would be awesome as we have no android rootfs at all of course
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: what do you mean
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: with not really i ment, 4.4 doesn't bring any memory savings to CM as that is allready memory savin
<eagles0513875> ok
<oliv3r> the whole '4.4 runs on 512 mb ram' thing was mostly intended for companies that are putting android 2.3 on devices
<eagles0513875> what perks does one have building CM on such a board
<oliv3r> with memory laden interfaces; that said; an up to date working CM tree for sunxi would be awesome
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: i cm 11.2 on my tablet its great
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ok ill see what i can do with that :)
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: i know atsampson has a tree somwehere where he started doing CM 10.2
* mnemoc looks at 4.3-based galaxy nexus and his nexus one with .es SIM...
<Turl> libv: your tablet has a full size sim slot? o.O
<libv> Turl: no, it doesn"t
<oliv3r> Turl: you mean micro surly
<oliv3r> full sized == credit card size
<Turl> oliv3r: microSD is what cubieboard has right?
<oliv3r> Turl: SD vs sim now?
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: thats not 4.4 though
<eagles0513875> 10.2 is 4.3 or 4.2
<oliv3r> Turl: microSD is cubie, olimex has micro sd and normal SD
<eagles0513875> 4.4 is 11.2
<Turl> oliv3r: fail, I said SIM
<Turl> I meant sd
<eagles0513875> hey Turl
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: 10.2 is 4.2 even i think
<atsampson> eagles0513875: there was enough difference with newer versions that I suspect you'd do better to start from scratch, from what I saw
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ya i dunno the numbering but i know its not kitkat
<oliv3r> Turl: well the q88 has siblins that even have dual sim slots
<eagles0513875> atsampson: ya i think i would start from scratch
<Turl> oliv3r: o.O
<Turl> hi eagles0513875
<eagles0513875> atsampson: was even thinking starting from googles tree and make changes specific for sunxi
<atsampson> eagles0513875: my repos are on https://github.com/atsampson/ if that's of any use
<eagles0513875> atsampson: would you say if i start again from the beginning going from my own tree using google's kit kat repo or CM
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: I think CM is nicer then pure asop; and since you won't need many blobs, even Replicant compatible :p
<atsampson> yeah, I'd use CM
<eagles0513875> ok ill pull directly from there :)
<eagles0513875> put everything into a bit bucket repo :)
* Turl waits for mnemoc's non-approving comment
<eagles0513875> ill start on this later on this evening :D
<libv> oliv3r: i have so far failed to mount anything apart from nanda, nandd and nande
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: gitorious!
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ???
<libv> oliv3r: and i cannot run nand-part at all as there is no /dev/nand or /dev/block/nand
<eagles0513875> that a new way to say glorious
<atsampson> eagles0513875: http://bookmarks.offog.org/ats/android has some links that I found useful
<Turl> libv: those are exclusives to our tree
<oliv3r> libv: :S some random libnand version probably againt oo; so not compatible at all with what we have
<oliv3r> libv: mtd!
<eagles0513875> atsampson: the 4.2 version that came with my cubieboard had a ton of features which were rather useless
<Turl> eagles0513875: it's a git hosting site
<libv> oliv3r: no such thing
<Turl> libv: there's only a handful of mountable partitions
<Turl> libv: cache, data, system, nanda
<Turl> and that should be it
<Turl> 'mount' should help you find the first three
<eagles0513875> Turl: i only know github and bit bucket and i have heard of gitorious but never really used it
<libv> Turl: well, nanda only has the script.bin
<libv> there must be a kernel somewhere else
<Turl> libv: that's written raw on a partition as an android bootimage
<Turl> libv: nandc iirc on other older devices
<libv> ok, what about an initrd?
<eagles0513875> atsampson: where did you initiall clone cm from
<Turl> just dump it on a file and read the magic, it should be easy to spot
<eagles0513875> cm in the sense that its not already compiled for a device atsampson
<oliv3r> Turl: http://www.sz2k.com/
<Turl> oliv3r: "honest, innovative, win-win". What a tagline :p
<oliv3r> Turl: lol yeah; but dual SIM!
<eagles0513875> damn dual sim would be nice hehe
<eagles0513875> on more phones for sure
<Turl> oliv3r: and a13 tablets with calling capabs! :p
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: i think im going to have to clone the upstream version :( i cant find a non version specific version of cm
<Turl> eagles0513875: get familiar with the build process and work from there
<Turl> the source tree is a single one
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: turl is cm dev! (former?)
<eagles0513875> ahh :)
<eagles0513875> so basically one tree all those devices :)
<eagles0513875> interesting
<oliv3r> i thought there was main CM tree; and then a device specific tree
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: that was what i was thinking
<eagles0513875> im looking for the main cm tree
<Turl> oliv3r: there's >250 git repos making android/cm :)
<oliv3r> 1 repo per app basically isn't it
<Turl> oliv3r: most of them are common, and then there's a handful of device specific ones for each case (device trees, maybe some hw compat repo)
<Turl> yeah, per app, framework component, etc :)
<oliv3r> ah i thought you had the CM tree, which incoporates all sub-repo's for android; and then you add your own hardware specific repo(s)
<Turl> oliv3r: indeed
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<eagles0513875> interesting
<eagles0513875> which basic repo would i need to clone Turl https://github.com/CyanogenMod
<eagles0513875> fuckin huge amounts of repos
<Turl> eagles0513875: most of them
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: it makes sense to have the repos seperate
<oliv3r> isn't there a single repo command or something?
<Turl> eagles0513875: read the instructions I linked, there's a tool that does that for you (repo)
<oliv3r> check
<eagles0513875> Turl: should i look at the developer resources on that page as you linked me the build guides for devices
<Turl> eagles0513875: if I were you, first I'd get my env set up for building and build for some other preexisting device to make sure it's all good to go
<Turl> and to get familiar with the build system and commands
<eagles0513875> perfect can test it out on my nexus 7 which already has 11.2 nightly builds on it
<wens> reminds me of the chromium repo
<oliv3r> Turl: why would anything enable DMA as early as the BROM?
<oliv3r> (the DMA gate in CCM)
<Turl> oliv3r: so linux doesn't have to do it? :p dunno
<Turl> wens: chromium also uses repo and gerrit I think
<Turl> as well as chromiumos
<oliv3r> Turl: i'd figure u-boot to enable it sure; but the BROM would only enable what it needs (so far it does)
<oliv3r> probably some copy/paste fail i'd imagine
<Turl> maybe
<Turl> oliv3r: got a link?
<oliv3r> though my commented version will be easier to read :p
<oliv3r> i haven't pushed it yet
<oliv3r> even though SPI would be in 'dedicated' mode, it still needs the memory controller to be setup and configured properly to function
<oliv3r> i would imagine so
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: :D going to try get buildroot working :)
<eagles0513875> hopefully ill have a working buildroot environment
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah that's dma
<Turl> oliv3r: I guess we'll have to put it on the same pile as 'why does uboot turn on gps?'
<oliv3r> Turl: it won't do that for long :p
<oliv3r> Turl: i'll remove that during one of the cleanups ;)
<Turl> :)
<oliv3r> but yeah looks like sloppy brogramming
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: have the changes to im guessing sun4i for the cubieboard2 have those changes made it into main stream
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: er, what? :)
<eagles0513875> basically have the hacks for cubieboard 2 made it upstream to mainline kernel
<oliv3r> some
<oliv3r> but for CM, you need our sunxi-3.4 kernel
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: im not talking bout cm at this point
<oliv3r> we have some drivers upstreamed to mainline, not specific to CB
<oliv3r> allwinner hasn't upstreamed anything
<eagles0513875> :(
<eagles0513875> so basically they are the road block right now
<oliv3r> the aren't even involved really :)
<oliv3r> so not blocking, nor helping
<eagles0513875> they make the hardware provide the specs then we do the rest
<eagles0513875> lol
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: what else to get a cubie 2 working would need to go upstrema into main line
<oliv3r> they did write the drivers, but never bothered upstreaming and made some abomination that would never be upstreamed
<eagles0513875> cant we grab that and fix it
<plaes> eagles0513875: it's a gruesome process
<eagles0513875> plaes: how so
<plaes> linux API are a moving target
<plaes> *APIs
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: anyhow, we've been working on doing just that for the past year :) welcome to linux-sunxi :)
<eagles0513875> :)
<eagles0513875> :D
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: sunxi-3.4 is their 3.0 kernel with tons of fixes and cleanup
<plaes> most of the drivers in the SDK have been written so it just barely runs
<eagles0513875> :-/
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<plaes> and allwinner uses it's own devicetree like configuration tool (script.bin)
<plaes> mostly because their SDK is pre-devicetree,
<oliv3r> device tree is much older; but dt for arm, possibly
<oliv3r> but no, they use 'fex' as it came from their pre-linux days
<eagles0513875> ahh
<plaes> but mostly - working with upstream requires patience and it might take a while until your code gets accepted
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<eagles0513875> gotcha
<eagles0513875> right now i need this device as a working prototype
<eagles0513875> for a project
<oliv3r> sunxi-3.4 kernel or stage/sunxi-3.4 kernel are your best bets then
<oliv3r> Turl: they even go as far as setup specific dma registers in the SPI DMA Controller register
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: im using the defaults you told me to last time
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: i forgot :p what defaults
<Turl> oliv3r: maybe PIO SPI would be too slow or sth :p
<eagles0513875> not sure which ones the 3.3.74
<oliv3r> Turl: but how do you do DMA if the memory controller is not enabled yet?
<gzamboni> in buildroot do i need to create a package to run a userspace C program i did cross compiled in my development computer ?
<Turl> oliv3r: device to sram? :)
<Turl> dunno tbh :p
<oliv3r> Turl: i think copy paste fial still :p
<Turl> may be
<eagles0513875> who let the zamboni out :p j/k gzamboni
<oliv3r> Turl: http://paste.debian.net/71933/ there; final result; enough for today
<gzamboni> :)
<gzamboni> 1st time using buildroot, seems nice, it loads fast
<oliv3r> Turl: if they would have used DMA, do they need the interrupt to signal that a dma packet is ready?
<eagles0513875> fuck me
<eagles0513875> oliv3r:
<eagles0513875> 4.280665] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card <6>[mmc-msg] sdc0 set ios: clk 400000Hz bm OD pm ON vdd 3.3V width 1 timing LEGACY(SDR12) dt B [ 4.294322] [mmc-msg] sdc0 set ios: clk 400000Hz bm OD pm ON vdd 3.3V width 1 timing LEGACY(SDR12) dt B <3>[mmc-err] smc 0 err, cmd 1, RTO [ 4.307746] [mmc-err] smc 0 err, cmd 1, RTO <6>[mmc-msg] sdc0 set ios: clk 0Hz bm OD pm OFF vdd 3.3
<eagles0513875> im still getting an mmc error
<oliv3r> i think i get them too; let me double check
<oliv3r> ah, can't
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: but it doesnt seem to boot it stops there
<oliv3r> broken sd card!
<eagles0513875> no
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: linux picks it up
<eagles0513875> could it be a broken cubieboard 2 script to generate the def config for the board
<oliv3r> this is a kernel error, so doubt it
<oliv3r> either kernel or fex is wrong; likly the fex; but not sure
<oliv3r> or your cubie doesn't like your SD card much
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: :-/ will have to work on this over the weekend
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: will you be around maybe you can help me
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<eagles0513875> oliv3r:
<oliv3r> erm, dunno
<oliv3r> 40% chance :)
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: what binary format should i use?
<oliv3r> make sure to get additional sd cards
<eagles0513875> right now its uImage
<oliv3r> binary format for?
<eagles0513875> kernel
<oliv3r> uImage is fine
<eagles0513875> ok
<oliv3r> it's either ad river bug in the mmc driver; sd card that your board doesn't like (plausible) or fex missconfiguration
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: kernel revision from sunxi repo is 5dda5145c877335e17bd9ca48954841acc0f785a
<eagles0513875> repo is
<eagles0513875> https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi.git revision b4bca5e0651b460a4511582f07a935cb48f74948 ol
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ^
<eagles0513875> do those look good
<oliv3r> yeah looks fine
<eagles0513875> then if that is the case it seems like its a driver issue
<eagles0513875> the sd card my board finds it and boots off it
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ill post to the mailing list
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: maybe someone will notice it; but a few will suggest to ttest different card
<eagles0513875> thing is i dont have one
<eagles0513875> how can i zero out the card?
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<oliv3r> eagles0513875: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdcardwhever
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<eagles0513875> thanks oliv3r
<eagles0513875> just posted to the list
<Turl> oliv3r: :) do you have a spinor equipped board to test? :p
<eagles0513875> blarg
<eagles0513875> :(
<eagles0513875> this is really getting annoying
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<libv> Turl: so the linux image partition starts with "ANDROID!"
<libv> it's been uploaded, just like the boot.scr that sits in nandb
<libv> now i will try to read the bootinfo, if it survived at all after a full boot, that is
<Turl> libv: that's an android bootimage, you should be able to unpack it and get a zImage and ramdisk
<libv> aha
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<libv> off i go then :)
<wingrime> libv: you get a23 tablet?
<wingrime> libv: can you please intoduce recent news...
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<Turl> wingrime: read ML, there is news there
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<eagles0513875> hey again oliv3r
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<eagles0513875> oliv3r:
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<atiti> hm, does anyone know if the A20 memory architecture is different from the A10?
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<oliv3r> Turl: no i don't have SPI (yet) :p
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<bsdfox> eagles0513875, ask a question instead of just typing his nick
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: those mmc issues i was told on the mailing list they are nothing to worry about then what could potentially be causing the boot up on my cubieboard 2 not to complete
<bsdfox> eagles0513875, have you pasted the serial console output yet?
<eagles0513875> bsdfox: i dont have the device atm
<eagles0513875> i posted it on the mailing list
<eagles0513875> ill bring it with me next time
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<bsdfox> eagles0513875, paste the entire output next time
<eagles0513875> will do
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<andhe> just getting started with cubietruck. I've got it up and running with sunxi-bsp. It looks like the submodules are using older versions of the u-boot-sunxi and linux-sunxi which does not yet include alot of A20 related fixes... any recommendations? Should I just update to master of u-boot-sunxi and linux-sunxi manually before building?
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<Night-Shade> andhe: the linaro lubuntu image has fairly upto date u-boot in the bootfs
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<andhe> Night-Shade: thanks, but I'd rather not use random binaries which I don't know how to reproduce.
<Night-Shade> fair point, the git trees build and work for me
<Night-Shade> I build from git for the same reason
<Night-Shade> you can cross build on x86 or the cubietruck isn't to painful to just build locally on
<andhe> did rm -rf build ; cd u-boot-sunxi ; git checkout sunxi ; cd .. ; cd linux-sunxi ; git checkout sunxi-3.4 ; cd .. ; make ..... lets see where I end up. :)
<Night-Shade> I've got a cubietruck running upstream too from the work the fedora team are doing
<andhe> already have my cross build environment set up as I've already built sunxi-bsp once.
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<Night-Shade> thou 3.13 is much less functional for graphical type uses but it does support kvm, so heardware acceled VMs :)
<bsdfox> A20 has accelerated virtualization extensions?
<ojn> s/accelerated//, Yes.
<ojn> Cortex-A7/A12/A15 have them
<bsdfox> neat
<Night-Shade> works on debian jessie too
<Night-Shade> I'm struggling to get ethernet working inside the VM but not had much time to play with it this week
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