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<y0g1> hello, anybody here?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> no
<y0g1> JohnDoe_71Rus: :)
<y0g1> I nned some help with u-boot and kernel 3.13
<JohnDoe_71Rus> sorry. I can not help
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<oliv3r> morgin'
<oliv3r> y0g1: you need to be more specific :p
<libv> aha, so in android, the A23 reports... Processor "dual-core A23", android version 4.2.2
<oliv3r> sounds logical?
<libv> and kernel 3.4.39 built on Wed Nov 27 13:43:38
<oliv3r> yeah that's probably the 3.4 lichee kernel from the A20 sdk
<oliv3r> (yes we have 3.0, 3.3 and 3.4 lichee kernels)
<libv> could it be that android 4.2.2 devices are all A23?
<oliv3r> their lichee kernel is buitl uppon 3.3, not our 3.4, so all fixes are ignored and bugs are re-introduced
<libv> or can you get a 4.2.2 on the Q88
<oliv3r> i don't recall what android version their a20 SDK runs, but it may be 4.2.2
<libv> the device calls itself the Q8H
<libv> which is also written on the motherboard
<atiti_> hm, I cant get my kernel to boot on the A10 :( Precompiled one works fine, mine crashes with memory issues
<oliv3r> i'm mostly intrested in the SID registers and a10-meminfo
<atiti_> and its using the same config
<libv> build number: polaris_a70H-eng JDQ39 20131127 test-keys
<oliv3r> a70h? strange
<libv> oliv3r: just a sec, i only just booted it for the first time :)
<oliv3r> oh lol
<oliv3r> :D
<libv> hehe
<oliv3r> let me find out the sid registers
<libv> "force 4x MSAA" is an option
<libv> mali does that virtually for free :)
<oliv3r> SID Base address: 0x01c23800 size 0x200
<oliv3r> libv: yeah; why it's an option puzzles me
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<libv> now... fel mode first
<oliv3r> exploring a new chip is always so exciting :)
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<libv> 10d delivery time means that it is not in weil am rhein as claimed.
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<oliv3r> aktuelles gebot 1 euro!
<libv> there's another one from the same seller
<oliv3r> remind me in 10 hours and 30 minutes :)
<libv> hehe
<oliv3r> still 512 mb ram :(
<JohnDoe_71Rus> set timer )
<libv> i found a proper A13 device on ebay which should run out today still, and which should still arrive this week
<oliv3r> lts hope
<libv> aha, fel booted.
<libv> AWUSBFEX soc=00165000(unknown) 00000001 ver=0001 44 08 scratchpad=00007e00 00000000 00000000
<libv> fel read does not seem to want to work
<libv> nope, nothing
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<oliv3r> libv: THAT SUCKS :(
<oliv3r> and i keep turning on friggin' caps lock for some reason today
<libv> my instance of adb also isn't happy
<oliv3r> old version?
<oliv3r> new android requires s ome 'security activation'
<libv> yeah
<libv> big dl again
<oliv3r> you can get just the adb
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<libv> oliv3r: for windows, yes
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<oliv3r> libv: i know it's distributed with http://shortfuse.org/?page_id=2
<oliv3r> so i tend to just download that zip and extract it from there, if i need a quick adb
<libv> i have it installed now, but it still fails to recognize the tablet :(
<libv> same thing every time
<oliv3r> lsusb does see it right?
<oliv3r> i have had the same thing happening to me a few times
<oliv3r> lsusb would show it, but no contact
<libv> yeah
<oliv3r> i had to double check the adb settings as they are 'off' now by default and reboot a few times, it was very iffy
<libv> yeah, android sucks
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<foubarre> hello
<foubarre> I am looking into the recent "looks like a regression" about OTG that push cpu load to stars: https://github.com/cubieplayer/Cubian/issues/183
<foubarre> is there a place where i can find what is going on on this point, if at least it is handled by someone?
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<libv> heh, no superuser...
<libv> no adb
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<oliv3r> no SU?
<wens> »/sb c
<oliv3r> install terminal
<oliv3r> run su :p
<libv> not allowed
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<oliv3r> O.o
<oliv3r> android that's not pre-rooted
<oliv3r> wow
<oliv3r> that's new
<oliv3r> boot into recovery mode; those tend to be root + adb
<foubarre> I am looking into the recent "looks like a regression" about OTG that push cpu load to stars: https://github.com/cubieplayer/Cubian/issues/183
<foubarre> is there a place where i can find what is going on on this point, if at least it is handled by someone?
<libv> oliv3r: no use.
<libv> oliv3r: you either need root or adb for that
<oliv3r> libv: you can't reboot into clockwork mod?
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<oliv3r> or whatever they have installed?
<oliv3r> boot + volume-down or something
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<libv> oh, right, android system recovery 3e
<libv> now it shows up on adb as well
<oliv3r> that should boot adb normally
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<libv> i hate android and its users :)
<libv> and the fact that those idiots cannot ever get decent information amassed consistently
<t3st3r> Btw, are there way to get rid of this android crap on Cubieboard? Does u-boot now handles NAND read, etc correctly?
<libv> t3st3r: did you check our wiki?
<t3st3r> I did and there was mention it still does not works. Though as I can see there're mention of some separate u-boot tree.
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<libv> this thing is a waste of time atm.
<t3st3r> so you mean this lichee-dev u-boot does not works?
<oliv3r> libv: so recovery doesn't work either?
<oliv3r> t3st3r: it's old unsupported and we wish you good luck with it :)
<t3st3r> I'm really annoyed android crap boots from nand and want to replace it with something more sane
<libv> oliv3r: how does one use a stock recovery to do anything?
<oliv3r> t3st3r: while possible it isn't really wells upported and good lock :)
<oliv3r> libv: i connect adb to it
<libv> oliv3r: and then?
<oliv3r> libv: since that tends to 'just work' 90% of the time
<libv> oliv3r: this stock recovery has no shell or such
<t3st3r> [13:45:40] <oliv3r> t3st3r: while possible it isn't really wells upported and good lock :) <- well, I don't get what's your "official" plan to deal with systems with nand.
<oliv3r> run a10-meminfo :p, install su/root it from recovery :)
<oliv3r> luck* :)
<oliv3r> t3st3r: mtd
<oliv3r> t3st3r: patches welcome!
<oliv3r> t3st3r: right now, there is basic mtd support, but some things do not work yet, oob etc, only ubfs if i'm not mistaken is supported
<libv> oliv3r: su is installed, superuser is installed
<libv> none will run
<t3st3r> also I've noticed android seems to have some really insane partitioning.
<oliv3r> libv: that's really strange
<oliv3r> libv: a10-meminfo, will that run?
<oliv3r> libv: how did they manage to fuck all that up?!
<oliv3r> maybe that's why it's only 1 Euro :p
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<libv> heh, perhaps i can pull stuff, but this is the shittiest waste of time imaginable
<oliv3r> can you dump 0x01c23800 about 0x200 bytes worth?
<libv> how?
<oliv3r> devmem probably not in the android busybox :S
<libv> busybox is not willing to run on a nonrooted device
<oliv3r> oh i ment in recovery mode
<libv> there is not even an sh available in recovery mode
<oliv3r> O.o
<oliv3r> pff
<oliv3r> yeah don't waste time on that for now
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<oliv3r> or fireup livesuit and put a diff image there
<libv> fel doesn't work, so there is a good chance you need livesuit changes
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<oliv3r> looks like a23 may be trickier then we thought
<oliv3r> without devmem or fel mode; it'll be crap to get working initially :(
<libv> sun8i
<oliv3r> confirmed sun8i?
<libv> loads of files in the fs state "sun8i"
<oliv3r> lkcl: time to request some code dumps, bootloader etc for a23 ;)
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: did you manage to get stuff done last night?
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<libv> great, one rootexploit doesn't work because it depends on /proc/kallsyms being readable
<libv> config has been retrieved though
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<foubarre> I am looking into the recent "looks like a regression" about OTG that push cpu load to stars: https://github.com/cubieplayer/Cubian/issues/183 . Is there a place where i can find what is going on on this point, if at least it is handled by someone?
<oliv3r> libv: what about superoneclick? should root everything they claim ;)
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<atiti_> hey guys, I'm seeing tearing in my Xorg with fbturbo on an A10
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<atiti_> using the latest stable 3.4 kernel + mali + ffmpeg/vdpau
<atiti_> anyone has any idea on how to debug?
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<panda84kde> libv: oliv3r: you're working with no serial port and no filesystem access, right?
<notmart> I'm trying to make this u-boot https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi/tree/lichee-dev-a20 able to boot from mmc, on an a20, anybody knows if it's possible at all?
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<notmart> it just says mmc init failed
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<libv> panda84kde: the serial port will give me nothing
<libv> panda84kde: i could add one in 3 minutes
<libv> oh, although, u-boot prompt
<libv> hrm
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<oliv3r> libv: do you have one of those mmc adapters?
<libv> i don't need one, the pads are pretty obvious
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<panda84kde> can't you load a different ramdisk with bootloader access? You can the edit default.prop to have ro.secure=0
<panda84kde> (message meant for libv)
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<oliv3r> ah ok, nvm then :)
<oliv3r> panda84kde: er, i have serial port pretty much all the time, it's almost impossible to do it without it
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<oliv3r> notmart: why are you using lichee-dev-a20 tree?
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<notmart> oliv3r: i need to boot from the nand
<oliv3r> notmart: dont' even bother with that for mmc; the regular main tree works just fine with mmc
<notmart> and that works fine
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<oliv3r> notmart: ah ok in that case, yeah you need a lichee u-boot for nand
<notmart> so i was trying to have an u-boot that tries the mmc, if fails boots from nand
<oliv3r> dunno if the lichee u-boot does that
<notmart> seems pretty much mutually exclusive tough ;)
<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> as the SPL won't have enough room to do both
<libv> panda84kde: all i have is update.zip
<libv> panda84kde: if i can get that to work at all
<notmart> it seems forked from a very old version.. it does have drivers for sunxi mmc, but doesn't work
<libv> if the recovery system wishes to execute those
<oliv3r> notmart: but if you chainload from boot0/boot1/spl you can do anything you want :p
<oliv3r> notmart: extremly old; it's there for reference mostly (and nand support)
<notmart> oliv3r: uhm what do you mean? loading the mmc from boot1 or?
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<oliv3r> notmart: you either chainload u-boot from SPL; or via boot0->boot1
<oliv3r> e.g. you can then run a full blown u-boot, which supports whatever you want, as there are no size restrictions anymore
<notmart> right now i have lichee u-boot that's loaded from boot0/boot1, or i can send a different uboot via usb
<oliv3r> the problem is, we don't have a patch that adds nand support to our u-boot; and dont' really plan on doing that
<oliv3r> we want to put efforts towards the mtd branch as that is the recommended way of accessing nand anyway
<notmart> but as far i understand it's still not recomended for general usage, right?
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<oliv3r> notmart: mtd? For users, no, for testers, devs etc, it should be usable enough. There are complains about some bugs surfacing, but it appears those also exist in the libnand driver
<notmart> it's to put on what a device will ship by default, so making something that should be ok for users..
<notmart> are there instructions on how to setup a nand with the mtd driver?
<oliv3r> 3.4 kernel with libnand
<oliv3r> notmart: not sure, maybe on the wiki
<oliv3r> notmart: did you hear anything more about the submitted FEX file?
<notmart> oliv3r: yeah, apparently luke would prefer to not have it upstream just yet
<oliv3r> right, then we best close the ticket
<notmart> for the fact that since the card is modular, it poses a bit of a problem
<notmart> yeah, for now yes
<oliv3r> well it will have to be handled at some point :)
<oliv3r> with dt, it's a little easier
<notmart> indeed
<oliv3r> you'd have the soc.dtsi, then the eoma.dts and then the board dts which includes the eoma.dts
<oliv3r> with FEX, there's no such thing as includes, so you'd need a solid board FEX, which boards copy/paste and modify
<notmart> i closed the pull request
<oliv3r> lots of comments etc :)
<oliv3r> notmart: sure
<notmart> for the nand, i'm not sure if is safer first to just ship the version with libnand (and tell if one wants to boot from sd to use the serial adapter) or try to go mtd already instead..
<oliv3r> for regular Joe user, mtd isn't the right way just yet
<notmart> ok
<oliv3r> but patches are welcome :)
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<notmart> eh :)
<notmart> on the wiki don'seem there are references to the mtd driver yet
<oliv3r> quite possible :p there's only some stuff on the ML
<oliv3r> but people with the technical skills to work on mtd are lacking atm unfortunatly
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<oliv3r> whoot!
<n01> :D add your last name
<oliv3r> 10 AM!
<oliv3r> yeah i did
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<wolfy> so, those of you who go to fosdem.. what hotels did you pick ?
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<oliv3r> wolfy: i think novotel off grand palace hotel
<n01> I don't know yet
<gzamboni> there are some hostels for about 30 euros / single room
<n01> it's an hostel :(
* n01 had bad experience with hostels
<n01> a friend of mine travelling with me got bed-bugged
<gzamboni> what does it means bed-bugged ?
<gzamboni> i ve never been in a hostel
<gzamboni> im going by car so i will let all my stuff in my car
<gzamboni> and probably get a single room
<gzamboni> i will only stay saturday to sunday's night, the others i will stay in a friends house in Lille
<gzamboni> damn, it will be better to drink up some beers in a pub :D
<n01> agree
<gzamboni> humm lille is only 111km from Bruxels, maybe i will get back in my friends apartmeent
<gzamboni> in case i dont find a beer partner
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<gzamboni> yeah, i will get back to lille, you got me scared of those hostels n01
<n01> hahah, maybe I was unlucky. And it was paris so yeah, a little dirtier ;)
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<Turl> hey oliv3r :)
<oliv3r> Turl: hey turl!
diego has joined #linux-sunxi
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<Turl> oliv3r: what happened with the uboot patches? :p
<Turl> oliv3r: I see hans commited them
<oliv3r> Turl: i have them queued up
<oliv3r> but I couldn't get wens stuff to work
<oliv3r> and haven't had time today to try his latest patches
<mripard> Turl: what happened to your clock patches ? :)
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<Turl> mripard: I should send them again indeed :p
<mripard> Turl: yep
<Turl> it's rc4 already; I suppose that if we don't get any comments by rc6 it's enough notice to pull them to mike & you
<Turl> thoughts?
<mripard> especially since we have real users coming in already
<Turl> (if I send them today that is)
<mripard> yeah, send them today
<mripard> we'll see how it turns out
<Turl> weather is kind of killing me, 36C that feels like 39C :(
<ssvb> atiti: you are seeing tearing when doing what?
<ssvb> atiti: usual desktop stuff (like windows dragging)? opengl es applications? video playback?
<n01> Turl: here 0C :(
<atiti> actually both dragging around windows and full screen scrolling (dmesg etc.) and video playback
<atiti> its actually weird cos the screen is "jumping" around (I'll try to get you a video if you would like)
<Turl> n01: but that's neither cold nor hot ;)
<oliv3r> hometime
<n01> it definitely cold for me :) (I'm from south of italy but live in the northern part)
<atiti> I'm testing the video playback using mplayer + libvdpau-sunxi
<ssvb> atiti: for dragging windows and scrolling it is "normal" in x11 desktop (unless you are using a compositing window manager), but yes, video might help if it shows something really unusual
<ssvb> atiti: video playback should be tear free at least with xv
<Turl> n01: luckily you can 'fix' the cold temps
<ssvb> atiti: not sure if I checked for tearing with libvdpau-sunxi yet, but I can give it a try
<Turl> how's libvdpau-sunxi working these days btw?
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<ssvb> atiti: nope, no tearing with libvdpau-sunxi for me
<atiti> hm ok
<ssvb> atiti: are you testing with something like http://people.freedesktop.org/~siamashka/files/20130130-tearingtest/ ?
<atiti> ssvb, nah, i was testing with the big buck bunny
<ssvb> atiti: there is no h264 encoded file there, but it can be easily created
<atiti> yea Ill go ahead and create one
<ssvb> atiti: btw, how do you define tearing?
<atiti> horizontal lines lines where the upper and lower parts of the image are misaligned
<ssvb> ok
iamfrankenstein has joined #linux-sunxi
<atiti> ill try to play around with it a bit more
<ssvb> atiti: are you sure that libvdpau output is used ([VDPAU SUNXI] prefixed messages in mplayer log)?
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<Turl> oliv3r: where can I find wens' patches?
deasy has joined #linux-sunxi
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<wens> Turl: 2 clocks are missing in the gmac node, I forgot to push them
<ssvb> Turl: libvdpau-sunxi is working :) there is some room for improvement though, just like with everything else
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<Turl> wens: hm, but that's not uboot :p
<wens> Turl: oh, you wanted u-boot
<wens> just a sec
<Turl> ssvb: nice :)
panda84kde has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> wens: I'm doing a quick review before I test
<Turl> wens: AHB_GATE_OFFSET_GMAC looks suspicious, it's the same number as emac :p
wingrime has joined #linux-sunxi
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<Turl> looks good otherwise; you could move the gmac init stuff into a function like it's done with emac for clarity but no big deal in any case
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<atiti> ssvb, I'm sure vdpau is used, otherwise the playback would be a slideshow :D
<libv> hno: does our fel work with A31?
<ssvb> atiti: which one of the bunny videos are you testing?
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<ssvb> atiti: if it's a low resolution big buck bunny, then it can be decoded in software without problems
<atiti> h264 1080p
<wens> Turl: ahb1_gate vs ahb0_gate? # AHB_GATE_OFFSET_GMAC
<atiti> will get you a video soon (uploading now), the output is prety weird
<wens> Turl: same offset, but second register
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<wingrime> are you about qtav?
sspiff has joined #linux-sunxi
<nove> jpeg encoder does 2048x2048 at 18fps, 320x320 at 500fps (A13)
<Turl> wens: ah ok :)
<nove> wingrime, you saw?, i made jpeg encoder work
<wens> Turl: btw, please take a look at the gmac clock in my kernel tree, and let me know what you think about it
<atiti> sry for the quality, phone recordings suck
<foubarre> atiti: this is not tearing in the common sense of tearing. It is not a buffer being refreshed while displayed. it looks like even static content (console on left) wobbles vertically..
<drachensun_> So I've got another new one, anyone seen source for sichuang.ko its a touch screen driver I am seeing on an A13 tablet
<atiti> foubarre, agreed
<atiti> but additionally to the wobbling theres also slight tearing sometimes, and irregular speed for playback (though I suspect its not the decoders problem)
<Turl> wens: I'll have a more detailed look later, but I see your drawing has 3 input clocks but you only have two on your dt binding
<foubarre> did you try with an other Os, a totally different image? I once saw that with defective graphic adapters.
<foubarre> if you take an other distro, one very different, and does the same... you're doomed.
<Turl> atiti: are you using hdmi?
<atiti> Turl, yes
<wens> Turl: correct. the external one seems optional, and the A31 doesn't have the divider
<wens> Turl: seems simpler to just use the internal clock source
<Turl> wens: with 0Hz? :)
<wens> Turl: well, we can't actually control the clock rates within the clock driver
<wens> Turl: they are just placeholders
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<ssvb> atiti: this looks like a known problem :( it's not just video playback, but any memory intensive workload may cause this effect on a10 with 1920x1080 32bpp 60hz mode
<atiti> ah
<atiti> you think reducing the depth to 24bpp would help?
<ssvb> we suspect that just the framebuffer scanout for hdmi output gets starved because of insufficient memory bandwidth
<atiti> so theoretically if the memory could be upgraded to a higher speed one that would solve some issues I guess
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<Turl> atiti: it may not be just the memory, but the bus too
<ssvb> 24bpp may help (3 bytes per pixel), but that's quite an unorthodox mode which hits slow path in a lot of applications
<ssvb> atiti: what is the dram clock speed on your device?
<Turl> you could lower the Hz if your monitor is ok with that
<atiti> ssvb, how can I check?
<atiti> hold on, will check
<Turl> bbl
<atiti> dram_clk=360
<ssvb> and as Turl mentioned, using 1920x1080 50hz mode (if your monitor supports it) helps to mitigate this effect
<atiti> I'm evaluating the A10 as a possible hardware for a product, so it would be awesome if it could do 1080p @ 60 Hz
<Turl> you could upgrade that to an A20
<Turl> ssvb: does the problem exist on A20 too?
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<ssvb> atiti: some a10 hardware is clocking dram up to 480mhz, so 360 is a bit low
<atiti> yea, we've been looking at the A20 too, but havent found any hardware with it
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<ssvb> atiti: btw, your bunny video on youtube plays in slow motion, so we can't be sure that it is properly using vdpau hardware acceleration
<ssvb> atiti: just check the mplayer log output, maybe there is something interesting there
<ssvb> atiti: ah, there is actually (unreadable) mplayer log window in that youtube video, and it looks like mplayer complains that the decoding speed is too slow
<ssvb> atiti: at least it usually spits a paragraph of text in such cases, and the blurry unreadable text looks like it could be this particular message
<atiti> I'm sure it's using vdpau
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<ssvb> why is it playing so slow and tearing then?
<atiti> I can sent you the mplayer logs
<lioka> speaking of mplayer with libvdpau-sunxi -- mine just powers off (?) board after few seconds of trying. rings any bell ,
<lioka> ?
<atiti> ssvb, thats what I'm trying to figure out :D
<ssvb> :)
<atiti> the slow playback is also interesting because sometimes its slow motion, and sometimes it speeds up
<lioka> it's on hackberry, with sunxi-v3.4.67-r0
<atiti> ive tried playing back with software decode but I was getting 1-2fps, so you can really feel the hardware is doing something
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<ssvb> atiti: if I remember correctly, 1GHz Cortex-A8 can software decode 720p variant of bunny video in realtime
<atiti> single core?
<atiti> thats impressive
<ssvb> atiti: but not the other 720p videos :) bunny is one of the easiest videos to decode
<ssvb> it may be slow because of "[alsa] 48000Hz 2ch floatle (4 bytes per sample)", something funny may be happening with audio decoding
<atiti> hm could be
<ssvb> do you know what are the entry1, ..., entry9 messages?
<atiti> the sound is funny, it plays back first couple of seconds fine, then since the video is slow motion it cuts out, then resumes at some point and repeats again
<atiti> yea, the entry stuff I've added to debug why VDPAU wasn't initializing correctly
<atiti> apparently it was failing at ioctl(qt->fd, DISP_CMD_VERSION...) in the presentation_queue.c
<atiti> I'm guessing because I was running an older kernel
<atiti> since then I upgraded to the latest 3.4 stable
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panda84kde has joined #linux-sunxi
<atiti> hmm yes
<atiti> I can confirm audio was causing the slowdowns
<atiti> seems the play back full speed with -nosound
<atiti> ok not quite
<atiti> but its much better
<atiti> I think I'll have to play around with the RAM overclocking
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<nove> is there a way to turn off the lcd backlight from command-line?
<hno> libv, quite likely but have not tried.
<hno> best way to try is to enter soft fel mode and try to upload a31 u-boot to RAM and execute it.
<libv> hno: it hangs against A23 :(
<libv> it hangs reading
<hno> reading what?
<hno> we do not have a FEL bootstrap for A23, so you must use soft FEL mode for now.
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<hno> Hmm.. A23? Is there an A23?
<hno> Right, there is. A13 counterpart of A20.
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<hno> libv?
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<hno> libv, to clarify, soft FEL mode means entering FEL from boot1 by using soft button or serial console, and uploading u-boot means just that, u-boot.bin from the SDK to 0x4a000000. Not using the FEL u-boot SPL bootstrap.
<hno> The SPL is unlikely to work on A23 without modifications.
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<oliv3r> hno: so we need hardware and some midnight grinding time on it!
<hno> oliv3r, yes.
<hno> an SDK would be nice too. User Guide even better :)
<oliv3r> drachensun_: great and I bet no sources anywhere :(
<hno> An SDK with bootloader sources would also be nice.. maybe even better than User Guide..
<oliv3r> hno: yeah absolutly
<hno> drachensun_, which touch controller is it? And any meaningful info if you run modinfo on the module?
<oliv3r> hno: we do know a23 is called sun8i
<oliv3r> i'm expecting a20 like stuff, but with some updated parts
<hno> you never know until it's dissected. We already know from the A31 and A20 that they are getting used to substitute core IP blocks.
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<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> hno: the tablet libv has, uses the a31 AXP; so atleast i can start to recycle my work on that that i pushed ages ago
<hno> sun5i was mostly cleanups & fixes compared to sun4i. sun6i & sun7i quite noticeable changes.
<oliv3r> yeah but sun6i sounds 'older' while it is very different
<oliv3r> sun8i still might be more similar thenw e think
<hno> It is older. work on sun6i started long before sun7i.
<hno> with a23 being in a2x series I would hope it's similar to sun7i.
<raoulh> ssvb: ping
<ssvb> raoulh: pong
<raoulh> ssvb: i tried with the defconfig in the kernel tree instead of our own
<raoulh> but same problem
<raoulh> no change :-/
<ssvb> raoulh: can you post your dmesg log?
<raoulh> here is the output from the mele g
<ssvb> raoulh: and also lsmod
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<ssvb> raoulh: disp_ump module seems to be missing
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<raoulh> kernel config used http://pastebin.com/a4gH7sRC
<raoulh> ah
<drachensun_> oliv3r: yup, exactly, I haven't found any source or any other mentions
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<drachensun_> hno: Can I run modinfo under android without a modules.dep?
<drachensun_> hno: I looked at the raw data and I think its a sitronix
<hno> drachensun_, you can run modinfo on any linux system. It just reads the module header and reports what it finds.
<drachensun_> hno: "can't open '/lib/modules/3.0.8+/modules.dep': No such file or directory"
<hno> drachensun_, when running modinfo where?
<hno> never seen modinfo even looking for modules.dep...
<drachensun_> its busybox
<drachensun_> "/system/bin/busybox modinfo sichuang"
<hno> mode the module to a real Linux system, i.e. your x86 desktop.
<drachensun_> I tried .ko
<drachensun_> and the actual path to the ko
<drachensun_> gotcha
<hno> busybox modinfo is not modinfo.
<drachensun_> "filename: sichuang.ko
<drachensun_> license: GPL
<drachensun_> author: CT Chen <ct_chen@sitronix.com.tw>
<drachensun_> srcversion: 7B007448C9DAE7E0B01A629
<drachensun_> description: Sitronix Touch Screen Driver
<drachensun_> alias: i2c:sichuang_ts
<drachensun_> depends:
<drachensun_> vermagic: 3.0.8+ preempt mod_unload modversions ARMv7"
<drachensun_> I had seen another sitronix driver submitted the mailing list
<drachensun_> ssd253x_ts
<drachensun_> this device has that driver as well but isn't using it for this screen
<drachensun_> I guess I will email the guy and see if any help is forthcoming.
<ssvb> raoulh: ok, if I delete disp_ump.ko, I seem to have similar error messages in /var/log/Xorg.0.log but opengl es still works (no black window)
<ssvb> raoulh: so it looks like the fallback is working in my case (at least for running glmark2-es2)
<raoulh> ssvb: ok the missing disp_ump was the problem :)
<raoulh> it's working now
<raoulh> thanks!
<ssvb> raoulh: thanks, but wait a second, why was it missing?
<ssvb> raoulh: and why are you getting a black window? there seem to be still some unresolved mysteries
<raoulh> the .ko was not installed in the built image!
<raoulh> so i installed it with opkg
<ssvb> hmm, why was it not installed?
<drachensun_> ok, I'
<raoulh> and loaded the module by hand, then restarting xorg and the gl app
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<mnemoc> moin
<raoulh> ssvb: but, disp_ump should be automatically loaded like mali and mali-drm?
<ssvb> raoulh: heh, "Dec 16 15:33:29 <ssvb>raoulh: but as libv mentioned earlier, first check that you have the right modules for this kernel in your rootfs" :)
<raoulh> :D
<drachensun_> oh and is anyone interested in consulting to bring up Linux on A10/13/20 tablets for a commercial customer?
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<drachensun_> I'm working for them now, but I've been hired by Amazon and once I start I'll have to quit the contract and they will need someone
<mnemoc> congrats for your new job
<drachensun_> thanks
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<mnemoc> android platform stuff?
<drachensun_> they were very secretive about the whole thing, however from before I signed the NDA I was told it was kernel/BSP work for devices
<drachensun_> so presumably yes
<drachensun_> so yeah, I'm pretty excited, its exactly what I wanted to get into
<drachensun_> but this other company came along and needed help getting Linux up on the A10
<drachensun_> I really dont have much time but I didn't want to turn them down since just a little help would go such a long way
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<ssvb> lioka: are you using a good power supply?
<lioka> ssvb: hackberry's original one. is it good enough ?
* ah is opening his delivery from china. :D
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<mnemoc> drachensun_: maybe Turl, but afaik he is very busy until mid january
<drachensun_> that actually would line up pretty well, I'll email him
<oliv3r> drachensun_: ssd isn't that solomon?
<oliv3r> drachensun_: btw, they license their module as GPL; request source :D
<drachensun_> oliv3r: yup, I send the email about the source and yes I read the submission again and you are right the ssd is solomon
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<hno> drachensun_, likely that ts driver is built from modified reference sources. Any other for the same chipset likely works with only small tuning.
<oliv3r> IF you can get the source;s that'll be awesome enough still
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<drachensun_> hno: oliv3r was right, its not the same as the one I was thinking but there is a st1232 which I think is a sitronix as well
* [7] has trouble getting the uarts to work on his olinuxino a20
<[7]> I've mapped uart3 to PG6/7, function 4, using the fex
<[7]> according to the A20 datasheet that's correct
<[7]> yet I don't get any wiggling on those pins if I send something
<Turl> [7]: check with dmesg that you've got the right ttyS*
<[7]> <6>[ 1.259645] [uart]: serial probe 3 irq 36 mapbase 0x01c28c00
<[7]> <6>[ 1.285587] sunxi-uart.3: ttyS2 at MMIO 0x1c28c00 (irq = 36) is a U6_16550A
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<hno> drachensun_, collect what info you can about which ts controller it really is and how it's connected
<hno> st1232 is a Sitronix i2c model.
<lioka> hmm. u-boot v2013.10-sunxi doesn't work for me. 'spl: not an uImage at 80
<lioka> although hexdump at 0x2000 clearly shows proper magic
<lioka> err, at a000
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<lioka> false alarm. usb cardreader on tf700 sucks.
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<hno> drachensun_, google finds a (confidentail) i2c manual for st1x32 if that helps.
n01 has joined #linux-sunxi
<hno> appears to support spi as well.
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<drachensun_> hno: thanks for the tip, I found the sheet
<drachensun_> and looks like it will do, hopefully it hasn't changed much
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<libv> hno: those Q88 tablets which are claimed to come with A13
<libv> hno: well, they apparently are coming with A23 these days
pepee has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> and the resellers haven't been properly told
<pepee> hi
<hno> libv, ouch for those who exected an a13.
<pepee> I have an "AK212" (MK802 mini-pc clone, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AK-212-Mini-PC-Google-TV-Box-A10-Cortex-A8-4G-Storage-Android-4-0-/331044122508 ), and I want to install linux on it
<libv> hno: like me :(
<pepee> I want to test the latest FOSS driver, lima, but I know nothing about ARM and how to do things.. where should I start?
<libv> hno: your average cheap android device buyer should be happy
<libv> apart from the hw being that locked down
<libv> anyway, i'll spend some time tomorrow soldering serial on
<libv> and then i'll see what i can do to get soft-fel going
<libv> pepee: /topic
<hno> might not be a good serial on those.. but nothing known until you try
<libv> what do you mean, not a good serial?
<bsdfox> hno, there is almost always serial broken out somewhere
<pepee> oh, heh..
<pepee> thanks libv
<libv> hno: there are two pads close together right next to the chip with clear traces running straight to it
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<hno> libv, several a13 tablets do not have header or pads for serial.
<libv> hno: photos will follow soon
<libv> this is a bga btw
<libv> 1.2x1.2cm or thereabouts
<libv> but serial seems pretty straightforward
<hno> yes, so hopefully they did not cut away the PB group serial pins like on a13.
<hno> but most debugging don't need that serial port if you can make a debug firmware that routes serial to the µSD slot, and is why it was downprioritized in A13 I suppose.
<pepee> are there already pre-made images for the mk802 using the FOSS driver?
<hno> ie to make a debug unit you just livesuit a debug image onto it and use µSD breakout for serial & jtag. No messing with UART pads.
<libv> pepee: what foss driver would that be?
<hno> libv, but with only release software available...
<pepee> lima I think
<libv> hno: this thing is actually severly locked down
<pepee> libv, aren't you the main lima dev?
<libv> hno: no root on android
<libv> pepee: yes, hence my questions
<pepee> ah k
<libv> pepee: _what_ lima _driver_, because there is one copy atm which doesn't run all glmark2 tests yet
<hno> there is much more foss drivers than lima going on here. But you are wery welcome to join in.
<pepee> I don't understand how it all works though.. and there have been many changes in mesa only, I guess it's the same for every other driver
<pepee> libv, something usable, that's the only thing I want
<libv> pepee: you can play q3a on limare
<libv> that's some measure of usable.
<pepee> ah, I didn't know there are multiple drivers, heh
<libv> hno: just to clarify from my side...
<libv> soft fel mode is the thing you enter by holding the fel button (whichever it is, vol up on the Q8H) and then pressing and releasing power repeatedly
<libv> and that is supposed to work?
<ssvb> pepee: btw, do you want 3d acceleration or something else? it happens that some people ask for mali drivers, but in fact only want accelerated video decoding
<libv> or is that the one that isn't supposed to work?
<libv> ssvb: <troll> surely you need lima if you want to run X! </troll>
<pepee> ssvb, I was going to ask about that.. the idea would be to use it to browse the web and such
<libv> *facepalm*
<libv> i was trying to be amusing in a very cynical way
<pepee> why facepalm?
<libv> pepee: so you need a gpu to be able to browse the web?
<pepee> for html5 videos, yes
<libv> ssvb: ah, you win it seems
<pepee> lol
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<pepee> wlel, that's what people does in android, no?
<pepee> I was actually thinking about selling these little things..
<pepee> I'm unemployed, and it would be a good idea to show to people and get some money
<pepee> and contribute if it goes well, etc
<pepee> I'm not a coder though, I wish I could help
<libv> pepee: what a novell idea
<pepee> lol
<libv> ah, 1 l
<pepee> computer-on-a-keyboard would be "novel", no? :P
<pepee> or cheap point of sales, cheap kiosks
<pepee> it's just a dream though, I'm too poor to do any of this massively
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<hno> libv, yes that is one way. any fel mode that is triggered by boot1 and not brom.
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<bsdfox> does A13 really only have two uarts? UART1 and UART3?
<hno> bsdfox, no. There is also UART0 and some more, but pins usually shared with other stuff you need more...
<hno> and not always complete iirc.
<hno> only UART0, UART1 & UART3 are usable.
<bsdfox> hno, is uart0 internal to the chip or something? I was looking at the datasheet and it seems to indicate uart1 which is available as an alt function on two sets of pins and uart3 available on one alt function set of pins
<hno> bsdfox, UART0 is available on the same pins used for µSD.
<bsdfox> ahh interesting. I don't see that listed here http://linux-sunxi.org/images/e/eb/A13_Datasheet.pdf
<bsdfox> thanks
<bsdfox> I assume uart0 is what the serial console is on when the chip starts?
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<Turl> bsdfox: usually uboot configures uart0 or 1
<Turl> there's no console working earlier than that afaik
<Turl> (at least on our normal mmc boot)
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<n01> has i2c on cb2 ever been tested?
<Turl> n01: on mainline or linux-sunxi?
<Turl> n01: I did some basic i2cdetect on mainline, I was able to find the axp as far as I recall
<n01> Turl: that's what I needed to know. tnx
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<n01> time to sleep. 'night
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