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<buZz> some program i am trying to compile depends on xmmintrin.h
<buZz> anyone knows a method to get rid of such a dependancy?
<Nyuutwo> buZz: looks like some SSE specific stuff
<buZz> yes it is
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<Nyuutwo> so you probably need rewrite your algorithm, for example for NEON on arm
<buZz> :
<buZz> :/
<buZz> might be a bit beyond my grasp, but ok
<Nyuutwo> or you will bastaridize speed
<buZz> i tried just removing the include line, and it gave errors on calls it made .. maybe they will be easy to replace
<Nyuutwo> they are when you don't need speed
<Nyuutwo> buZz:
<Nyuutwo> welcome in asm shimmed in C
<buZz> speed might be optional :P
<buZz> will have to try how slow it will
<buZz> be
<Nyuutwo> so reimplement calls in naive C (or you should have it anyway)
<Nyuutwo> make cross tests (even inputting same random values to both implementations) on x86
<Nyuutwo> check speed of naive implementation on arm
<Nyuutwo> and then rewrite algo an crosscheck it
<Nyuutwo> this is most sane way of doing this
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<buZz> sane is rarely my method of choice ;)
<buZz> but thanks for thinking along with me :D
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<buZz> Deskwizard: wow
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<buZz> for a while i thought you were the same person
<Deskwizard> hehehehe
<Deskwizard> got my olimex A20 board today :)
<Deskwizard> couldnt resist any longer
<Deskwizard> lol
<Nyuutwo> neat good quassel
<Deskwizard> yeah it was a nice discovery for me
<Deskwizard> there is something I probably didnt set correctly but i doubt its quassel's fault, the core doesnt seem to stay connected all the time
<Nyuutwo> Deskwizard: maybe autoreconnect?
<Deskwizard> maybe, I think its more of a disconnect when no client (or perhaps I'm just too thick to notice it stays connected..) definetly a code 12
<Deskwizard> 12 inches from the screen :P
<Nyuutwo> for me it just connecting to quassel takes long time (reading backlog)
<buZz> Deskwizard: cool :D
* buZz just putting the last touches on a allwinner tshirt design, based on their booth-tshirt
<buZz> (redrawn by hand vertice by vertice :/)
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<TheSeven> now what kind of nonsense is this!?
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<Nyuutwo> TheSeven: /dev/sda1
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<MasterChief10> Hello, Building RTEMS for Olinuxino A13 Micro
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<MasterChief10> as describer here
<MasterChief10> Got hello.exe in ~/rtems-beagleboard/arm/arm-rtems4.11/c/beagle/testsuites/samples/hello
<MasterChief10> anyone explain please, this file is just Hello World executable and RTEMS kernel is another file or this is a Hello World together with kernel
<TheSeven> MasterChief10: I guess you'll have better luck asking that in #rtems
<ccaione> moin
<MasterChief10> TheSeven: Never got any answer on that channel, seem like channel is dead
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<TheSeven> anyone around who got mali to work on a20?
<TheSeven> is limadriver worth it already?
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<libv> TheSeven: have you tried looking at our wiki?
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<TheSeven> libv: which wiki? lima or linux-sunxi?
<TheSeven> I couldn't find useful information in either of them
<TheSeven> rm: are your kernels based on an unmodified linux-sunxi tree, or do they contain some patches?
<rm> unmodified
<TheSeven> ok, thanks
<TheSeven> libv: ah, I thought you were referring to lima
<TheSeven> is that in a somewhat usable shape already? (for A20)
<libv> TheSeven: no.
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<andyjoecn> hi
<andyjoecn> can anyone provide me with a manual
<andyjoecn> for A31S
<libv> andyjoecn: have you tried looking at our wiki?
<libv> if it's not on there, then we do not have it.
<andyjoecn> ok I see
<libv> it's A31s, a platform very very few people have and even less care about
<andyjoecn> for A31 or A31s, the manual is not complete
<libv> andyjoecn: what did you expect?
<libv> andyjoecn: be glad that you have anything at all
<libv> allwinner is violating GPL all over the place
<andyjoecn> only A31/A31s support LPDDR2/3, right ?
<libv> i dunno
<libv> i guess all support ddr3, whether that is the lp variation or not, i am not sure
<andyjoecn> Ture
<andyjoecn> all support DRR3
<mnemoc> libv: wiki page about gpl violations to be solved?
<libv> mnemoc: perhaps with a big warning on the front page
<libv> mnemoc: never did hear back from eva
<mnemoc> :(
<libv> mnemoc: i think i am going to be proven right on my stance on allwinner joining linaro
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<libv> they ticked their linux box, and we are no longer on their agenda.
<mnemoc> marketing driven companies
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<mnemoc> +1 for a hall of shame
<mnemoc> (obviusly also a hall of fame)
<libv> we have 2 halls of fame already :)
<libv> OSHW and Community_Hardware
<mnemoc> :)
<andyjoecn> libv: can you provide more information about memory system of A31?
<mnemoc> so only the hall of shame is missing
<mnemoc> boldily linked from the home page
<mnemoc> boldly linked from the home page
<libv> andyjoecn: no.
<libv> andyjoecn: stop whining about generalities, and start asking real questions.
<CaptHindsight> I'm playing catch up here, A10/20 was given lots of source and docs but the A13 and A80 no so much?
<libv> andyjoecn: and don't expect people to know everything
<mnemoc> libv: to get anything we need to touch their PR/Marketing sensitiveness
<libv> CaptHindsight: a10, a20, a13 is decent
<libv> CaptHindsight: everything else is not
<mnemoc> and been a non-profit vendor neutral group we can actually talk freely
<libv> mnemoc: right
<mnemoc> followed by a reply to eva with a link to the gpl violations state page
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<mnemoc> CCed to the ML
<libv> ok
<mnemoc> agree?
<andyjoecn> so there is no board with LPDDR for sale, right ?
<libv> i will do that, as we both have a reputation to keep up :p
<mnemoc> :D
<libv> but first, shopping, and then vacuuming, as otherwise my other half will beat me even more than usual :p
<mnemoc> :D
<CaptHindsight> what is Linaro's position on a founding members GPL violations?
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: they remain neutral
<mnemoc> same as ARM itself
<libv> CaptHindsight: but do nothing
<mnemoc> "not-our-problem" (tm)
<CaptHindsight> I've been watching this for over 20 years
<mnemoc> linaro is a company which's business is to help other companies get mainline support
<libv> i am not too fond of linaro, they achieved only part of what they could've achieved, and they are way too tied in to change anything fundamental within their member companies, making the whole thing far too washed down
<CaptHindsight> when coreboot around 1999' met so much resistance I knew something funny was up
<libv> resistance?
<libv> it was called linuxbios then though
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<CaptHindsight> yeah, why the x86 vendors just didn't want to touch it
<libv> CaptHindsight: because it fundamentally changed their mode of working
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<CaptHindsight> we offered to work with Intel when they were first starting EFI
<libv> CaptHindsight: cfr. the RadeonHD project
<CaptHindsight> they didn't even have it running yet
<libv> modesetting and bios free display drivers
<libv> oh, and arm gpus
<CaptHindsight> there's a pathology at work here
<CaptHindsight> control and backdoors, no privacy
<libv> CaptHindsight: it's human nature and the weight of corporations
<libv> s/weight/inertia/
<CaptHindsight> "institutional mindsets"
<libv> that's true everywhere
<libv> the difference between open source software and corporations, is that the shit throwing happens in public, and there's no-one to keep people in check when it explodes
<CaptHindsight> yeah, thats the problem
<CaptHindsight> not sure when people are going to fix that
<libv> not fixable.
<mnemoc> corporation = money driven; institution = inertia
<CaptHindsight> well we fixed the deification problem eons ago
<libv> CaptHindsight: not really.
<libv> CaptHindsight: it's amazing what some of the open source gods have on their records, and how they still are seen as such.
<CaptHindsight> fanboy-ism
<libv> there's just no actual blood flowing
<libv> but only just
<CaptHindsight> I see it with makerspaces and open hardware as well
<libv> explain
<CaptHindsight> like the open source gods
* libv has no experience with makerspaces, and only knows olimex hw
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<CaptHindsight> people just need someone to put up on a pedastal, if you' in the game early it happens the rest is like the room of monkeys
<CaptHindsight> nobody even knows why they are still exalted but everyone still does it
<CaptHindsight> with the open hardware projects and makerspaces there are few people that published some awful designs...
<CaptHindsight> but their words are taken like gospel now
<libv> people are stupid
<libv> and don't remember anything much
<CaptHindsight> I think Bre Pettis of makerbot is the only one that people stopped following
<CaptHindsight> but he had to sell his co to Stratasys for ~$600M to get to that point
<CaptHindsight> now he's off patenting everything in those reprap type printers
<CaptHindsight> i was going to get back on designing and Allwinner board with an FPGA, not sure which SOC to use now
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: extend the lime
<libv> for instance, for all my display work, i spent years working on actual code that nobody cared for, and i spent a lot of time talking about it while noone cared. people either ignored me or told me i was completely wrong. when the latter went off and actively proven me right (without mentioning me of course), i went and pulled this one big figures pants down
<libv> what do people remember: i am a whiny guy who was wrong, and who then cried out loud and stabbed this one person in the back
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<CaptHindsight> I recall
<libv> humans are stupid
<CaptHindsight> i was waiting for the A80 but not so sure now if the docs and source will not arrive
<CaptHindsight> mnemoc: whats the lime?
<libv> and unless you really go over a certain boundary, like bre pettis apparently, they ignore/forget the nastiness
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: the lime is the flagship of allwinner based OSHW :)
<libv> if you cross a certain line, people only remember the nastiness
<mnemoc> the "winner" gets the nastiness forgotten, the "loser" get's it exagerated
<CaptHindsight> fanisim
<CaptHindsight> I started getting excited when Makerspaces stated popping up
<CaptHindsight> people actually looking at facts and science and building things
<mnemoc> too much "artist" aura on those places...
<CaptHindsight> but they ended up being like an unsupervised junior high with tools
<CaptHindsight> mnemoc: the one I visited around here just required a shower and soap to clear the auroa/aroma
<mnemoc> :D
<CaptHindsight> been using the cubie2 here
<CaptHindsight> we have an FPGA and IO breakout board that it plugs into for power and extra headers
<mnemoc> can you name one makerspace born project that "graduated" into a oshw startup?
<CaptHindsight> makerbot went closed
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: the thing with the lime (and other olimex designs) is that you can make your own board based on them adding the fpga
<CaptHindsight> there are few that aren't very popular
<CaptHindsight> yeah, I need to keep cost down. I'm mainly a hardware guy 30+ years of cpu board designs mostly x86
<CaptHindsight> so an allwinner pcb is a few days work for me
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: olimex has a bunch of allwinner based designs you can use as starting point. and in the mean time get a board for prototyping the extension
<mnemoc> assuming you want to go for OSHW
<CaptHindsight> yeah, we have a few cubie 1 and 2's
<mnemoc> cubieboards aren't opshw
<CaptHindsight> I have the reference designs from allwinner as well
<CaptHindsight> Tom Cubie didn't post his design files?
<mnemoc> only the schematics
<CaptHindsight> crappy board layout anyway
<mnemoc> hipboi's goal was on size and price more than elegance ;-)
<CaptHindsight> they way can write a few hundred lines of code a day and work with compilers is like me with pcb layout tools and soldering irons
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<specing> CaptHindsight: is anyone working on a oshw x86 laptop that doesen't use ancient cpus?
<CaptHindsight> it works, just not a great layout
<CaptHindsight> specing: I get design files right from AMD. I could publish my own spin on them but Sage has that one open board
<CaptHindsight> the guys at Sage used to work for AMD
<specing> 'Sage'?
* mnemoc hasn't seen any SoM with amd APUs yet
<CaptHindsight> I can easily make a completely open laptop, but how many will buy it?
<mnemoc> look at the campaign of the novena as reference
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<CaptHindsight> Bunny
<CaptHindsight> I could have gotten him a better enclosure
<rm> how many will buy it? <- depends on the price
<specing> I'd be prepared to drop $2000 on such a device
<mnemoc> the novena was intentioanlly made to look hackish, and overpriced
<mnemoc> l33t
<specing> The novena: a) is ARM b) looks like a 1920's car
<CaptHindsight> Laptop Ships January 2015 $2,195 Free Global Shipping! jikes!
<specing> I don't mind the bulkness if it light... but I doubt that novena is light
<mnemoc> but it's hipster ;-)
<CaptHindsight> I can get laptop cases from the cheapo to the Lenovo copies
<specing> Good, I like the looks of thinkpads (old and new ones)
<CaptHindsight> I got one like this and pcb was tapped to the case inside
<mnemoc> joke case, joke keyboard, joke display, no sata
<specing> what mnemoc said
<mnemoc> they insist in thinking a laptop is a tablet with keyboard
<CaptHindsight> I'm printing multilayer PCB's using nothing but fluids now, core + traces
<specing> I want something I can program on for 16h a day without making my eyes/fingers/whatever hurt
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<CaptHindsight> that should make low volume PCB's and assembly lower cost
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<specing> I wanted to buy that new lenovo T440s but was turned off by encrypted bios, lack of thinklight, CLICKPAD and THE UPSIDE DOWN LOGO!
<CaptHindsight> next week is computex taipei
<mnemoc> solid 13.3" full hd display with old-thinkpad keyboard, large battery for under 2k and I'm sold.
<specing> now I have my 7y old laptop on life support
<CaptHindsight> you can walk down the aisles and pick out parts
<specing> pending something worth buying
<specing> mnemoc: me too
<CaptHindsight> same for a visit to Shenzhen
<CaptHindsight> all we need to do is lock in the enclosure, LCD, Keyboard etc from a vendor without the mainboard
<CaptHindsight> then just make an open mainboard
<mnemoc> there are nice inexpensive ips 11-13" >1080p panels these days
<specing> there are nice inexpensive IPS panels for all sizes these days
<specing> system vendors just charge an arm and a leg premium for them
<CaptHindsight> there are lots of OEM/ODM's that have it all, we just want that minus the mainboard
<mnemoc> but manufacturers still believe in 1366x768 as a good resolution...
<specing> e.g. Lenovo charges $200 more for the IPS panel
<specing> same panel is $70 new from
<CaptHindsight> all these parts get purchased in high volumes, you get the low prices for low volume buy purchasing them out the backdoor from the assemblers
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: so, when can you expect your laptop? :p
<CaptHindsight> they get the million piece price, you pay that + 1-2% in the markets
<CaptHindsight> I asked the coreboot group to decide on something and they were looking at some off-the-shelf laptop to port
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: having a good design/specs/prototype, indiegogo will tell you in 2 weeks if there is market for it
<CaptHindsight> with the success of Bunnys project maybe
<CaptHindsight> I'm mostly working on new tech for additive manufacturing now
<CaptHindsight> when I get some time I'll see about it again
<CaptHindsight> but if someone sources the laptop from one of the whitebox vendors minus the mainboard it's easy
<mnemoc> the novena is like the apple of open hardware. we need an open laptop for programmers :)
<CaptHindsight> it's imx6?
<mnemoc> yes :
<mnemoc> :\
<CaptHindsight> I can make it with any cpu under 50W
<mnemoc> rk3288 :p
<CaptHindsight> but an APU board is easy
<mnemoc> yes, the APUs are nice.
* mnemoc uses a thinkpad with a4-5000
<CaptHindsight> AMD APU + TI ARM EC use in the Google chromebook
<CaptHindsight> the firmware for the EC is all open and already written and working
<mnemoc> stm32f103 <3
<mnemoc> also supportd by chrome os' ec
<libv> chromebooks have the crappy keyboard layouts
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: if you have contact with AW, can you ask if the A80 supports SATA? and how many USB3 controllers it has?
<specing> I'd rather have a haswell if it weren't for that dreaded management engine and SMM
<mnemoc> libv: and no local storage
<specing> Even the new T-series thinkpads have crappy layouts
<CaptHindsight> anything Intel is going to have Blobs
<specing> T420 was last to have the old layout
<specing> CaptHindsight: so APU it is
<CaptHindsight> with AMD IIRC it's just the gpu .... atombios
<mnemoc> this a4-5000 is very nice, and works blobless
<libv> specing: i mean, as in: important keys missing
<libv> the island style stuff has sadly become unavoidable
<mnemoc> libv: it's intended for web-only poeple
<specing> libv: yes. The T440s also has F1-F12 behind 'function lock', not available by default
<specing> libv: were replaced by media keys
<CaptHindsight> asrock e350m1 is want a coreboot board to try for cheap
<specing> the X1 carbon has an adaptive touch row instead of the function row
<mnemoc> they reversed the meaning of the fn on those. the multimedia keys were already there.
<specing> yep
<libv> what about delete, home, end, page up, page down
<specing> libv: still present but moved I think
<mnemoc> pgup/pgdown are down with the arrows in my thinkpad
<CaptHindsight> look at the whitebox laptop suppliers, see if they have a keyboard you guys like
<CaptHindsight> keyboard and LCD
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<libv> those are the ones that really let the 11" arm chromebook down, and i do not think that bigger ones have those keys
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: look for old thinkpad keyboards. or thinkpad x220's
<mnemoc> full size enter key PLEASE
<CaptHindsight> as long as I don't have to compile anything :)
<specing> mnemoc: isn't US ansi the one that has that slim enter key?
<CaptHindsight> I don't even like ladder logic
<specing> mnemoc: other layouts have full enters as far as I know
<CaptHindsight> oh Jetway
<CaptHindsight> jetway makes laptops in taiwan, they sell all or just parts
<specing> I don't care if it is the chinese keyboard, I don't look at keys at all
<specing> *while typing
<mnemoc> are there laptop keyboards with mechanical switches?
<CaptHindsight> I talked to them about this 2-3 years ago at Computex
<specing> mnemoc: none that I know of, too much travel to fit in case
<specing> mnemoc: plus the mech keyboards are HEAVY
<mnemoc> but they feel great :p
<CaptHindsight> they only make intel laptops, so they would be happy with an AMD mainboard, they might even sell them
<specing> As far as I know, you have to buy either a lenovo T/X series or DELL precision or HP elitebook/ZBook to get good keyboards
<CaptHindsight> "chiclet style flat key"
<specing> some chiclets are better than others
<CaptHindsight> 6-cell battery
<specing> Or atleast that is what I read
<CaptHindsight> only 1366 x 768 LCD :(
<specing> need atleast 100Wh battery or even better - hotswap capability (small internal, big external)
<CaptHindsight> but it's only a 13.3"
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: look at x230 vs x220 keyboard comparison
<mnemoc> x220 = good, x230 = crap
<CaptHindsight> yeah but now we'd have to build a case
<specing> CaptHindsight: yes :/
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: probably you can find x220 "clones" where you can fit a better display
<specing> CaptHindsight: or buy broken T420, much like gluglug does
<CaptHindsight> I'm working on rapid SLA printing of cases, but that's later this year
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<Nyuutwo> alt near prt-sc ... and typing ogonek like for ł, pressing Alt+L
<mnemoc> specing: is there a US layout with full enter key?
<CaptHindsight> the cost of the molds for a laptop is >$100K
<specing> mnemoc: maybe us international?
<mnemoc> specing: I use us intl layout, but if it comes with us labels it's always with "ansi" keys :<
<CaptHindsight> you need at least 4 molds plus whatever more for small parts
<CaptHindsight> for now the lowest cost route is to find a laptop with everything you want minus the mainboard
<mnemoc> someone built the x220 case... and the mold must be out there
<CaptHindsight> whats the mfg>
<mnemoc> lenovo
<CaptHindsight> x220 by whom?
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<mnemoc> lenovo
<mnemoc> it's a thinkpad
<mnemoc> but "superseeded" by a lenovo-redesigned crap
<mnemoc> it was the last of it's kind
<CaptHindsight> it's from 2011
<CaptHindsight> was that before or after IBM sold it?
<mnemoc> after
<CaptHindsight> well you could make a new mainboard that works in that
<CaptHindsight> but the batteries and backlights are old
<mnemoc> i can't, you do :)
<CaptHindsight> yeah i could
<mnemoc> only talking about keyboard and case
<mnemoc> display and battery need renovation
<jelly-home> CaptHindsight: or put one of these on top of any other laptop:
<mnemoc> they are too big
<specing> jelly-home: would need a case redesign
<CaptHindsight> to swap or add a maniboard isn't that much work, designing the whole thing is
<jelly-home> specing: I mean literally, that's what I do whne borrowing brother's acer laptop
<specing> CaptHindsight: and designing the whole thing out of something else than ABS? plastic is even more work
* jelly-home carries his own usb keyboard w/ trackpoint everywhere
<CaptHindsight> Novena Just the Board ($550)
* mnemoc prefers to keep a display and a good keyboard on every place, and only carry a 11.6-13.3 laptop with long battery life
<specing> CaptHindsight: isn't that a bit ... crazy?
<specing> CaptHindsight: of wait I totaly forgot about that FPGA
<CaptHindsight> I could make boards for 1/2 that and in a few weeks
<CaptHindsight> heh, undercut him before he even ships
<specing> CaptHindsight: with an APU?
<specing> Can you make it so that we can connect plain Li-ion? batteries (without controllers?
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: the novena is an "Apple", overpriced symbol of style, for the OSHW hipsten niche
<mnemoc> hipster*
<CaptHindsight> specing: no, you'll start a fire
<jelly-home> CaptHindsight: could you really design a board from scratch in a few weeks?
<specing> I'd be so proud if I could walk around the street with a bunch of plain batteries taped to the screen/bottom :D :D :D :D
<jelly-home> mnemoc: also, you pay for a year or two of design finetuning
<specing> CaptHindsight: I mean, for the board to include a charge controller
<CaptHindsight> jelly-home: if I don't then I get fired, that's all the time we get
<CaptHindsight> jelly-home: some boards we do in days
<mnemoc> jelly-home: those 2 years of design can also be paid if you aim at lower price/larger quantity
<CaptHindsight> pcb layout takes the longest
<jelly-home> CaptHindsight: that environment does not sound too open, tho
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<CaptHindsight> jelly-home: I can post my designs under any license
<specing> CaptHindsight: those are desktop APUs, we need either mobile ones or a 500Wh battery
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<mnemoc> jelly-home: also, lowering the price you have lower risk of getting cloned
<CaptHindsight> we get the reference designs right from AMD, but they aren't good for making a laptop that you'd want to sell, you modify the files and layout the board
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<mnemoc> can you OS a design based on the reference design from AMD?
<CaptHindsight> yes
<mnemoc> nice
<CaptHindsight> we just download Orcad and Allegro files
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<CaptHindsight> we even get Gerbers to modify
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<CaptHindsight> they don't post the laptop APU prices on an open site
<mnemoc> the CPU chose is not the most important part of the design of a good laptop for our niche :p
<specing> they are probably cheap enough because they have to underprice intel
<specing> yes, atleast I have a powerfull desktop I can ssh into
<CaptHindsight> must be under $100 if it's in <$400 laptops
<mnemoc> $78 on single piece with free shipping
<CaptHindsight> A10's are under $100 as well
<CaptHindsight> anything socket FS1 so it can be swapped
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: maybe aiming at exchangeable SoMs with different options
<mnemoc> true. sockets :p
<specing> CaptHindsight: these are socketed?
<specing> I thought all new stuff comes with soldered CPUs?
<npcomp> Yes, I thought so as well.
<mnemoc> so FS1 be it. next?
<specing> two RAM sockets for 16GB
<specing> everything else is already decided by the case used
<CaptHindsight> exactly, so find the case :)
<mnemoc> mSATA
<mnemoc> and mini PCIe + sim
<CaptHindsight> for my applications it might get an FPGA onboard
* mnemoc thought we were talking about different projects :p
<CaptHindsight> that could replace the EC but then you guys will have to rework the EC firmware to keep ACPI happy
<specing> CaptHindsight: you could just make it so we get one full-sized PCI express slot on the side of the laptop
<specing> that would be so cool
<npcomp> Been very happy with a laptop with an A6-1450 in it, but fairly certain it's BGA.
<CaptHindsight> well it depends on how easy it is to mod the case
<specing> CaptHindsight: if you want an FPGA then I assume you'll already want to mod the case
<CaptHindsight> if they can me machined easily to add a slot than that would work
<specing> CaptHindsight: in that case it may be easier to just export a PCI express slot on the size
<mnemoc> "full-sized PCI express slot" crossed the line imo :p
<specing> its easier and can be used for other stuff too
<specing> mnemoc: I thought I crossed the line with the 'batteries tapped on the back' already :P
<mnemoc> :D
<CaptHindsight> requires 5 lantern batteries and a monkey (not included)
<CaptHindsight> to turn the crank
<specing> "built in gas generator with a reservoir in the display'
* mnemoc had VESA mounts in the back of the display of :p
<CaptHindsight> whats the latency jitter like with xenomai on the A10/20 or 13?
<CaptHindsight> preempt_rt on the A20 is ~80uS
<CaptHindsight> the laptop mainboard can also be ARM
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<specing> no. no ARM.
<specing> away with the ARM. No more.
<CaptHindsight> as long as there aren't any PCIe peripherals
<jelly-home> LEG, then
<specing> LEG is fine. Better than ARM.
<specing> 10/10 would cut again.
<CaptHindsight> we should move this conversation to #coreboot or start an #openx86laptop
<specing> Ok, moving into #coreboot
<mnemoc> :)
<specing> I can also start that channel, but I'm worried I'd have to do PR as founder if this thing becomes too popular
<mnemoc> #goodopenlaptop :p
<mnemoc> if done properly it doesn't need to be bound to x86
<mnemoc> and domains are available
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<rm> mnemoc, are there any pre-built hwpacks for A20 devices, similar to ones for A10 at ?
<mnemoc> rm: not as "real" hwpacks, but you can take u-boot, script.bin and kernels from
<mnemoc> the code to generate the hwpacks needs a lot of love to learn to deal with the userspace libs properly
<rm> thanks
<mnemoc> ssvb: around? taking the dust out of my CT, wrote the latest u-boot-sunxi on the card. and... ethernet support doesn't work. I was told you are the one to bother for that :)
<mnemoc> rm: patches welcomed :)
<mnemoc> rm: code runs every hour
<ssvb> mnemoc: how does it fail?
<mnemoc> tells ethaddr is not set, but it is.
<ssvb> mnemoc: then it's something else
<ssvb> mnemoc: the problem I was nagging about was a failure with lots of "ERROR: v7_dcache_inval_range - start address is not aligned - 0x7fb677e0" spam
<mnemoc> <--- my output
<mnemoc> i'm not getting that start address is not aligned stuff
<ssvb> mnemoc: don't know, I'm using static ip addresses myself
<mnemoc> ok. i'll do that as well
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<mnemoc> when using mainline, where do you normally load the initramfs?
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<Turl> mnemoc: where do you load it for 3.4?
<Turl> mnemoc: I always embed mine in the kernel, fwiw
<Turl> but it should work the same as 3.4 in that regard
<mnemoc> Turl: I've never used initrd on 3.4... we have real root= there :p
<Turl> mnemoc: then just load it somewhere after the kernel
<mnemoc> ok
<Turl> it shouldn't matter where, as long as it's in the first 256M or so
* mnemoc wonders why `source` tries to exectute 48000000 instead of ${loadaddr} by default
<mnemoc> Starting kernel ...
<mnemoc> resetting ...
<mnemoc> :(
<Turl> mnemoc: paste your commands so I can take a look
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<mnemoc> [ 0.000000] Linux version 3.14.4-116315-g073040b (amery@builder) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #3 SMP Mon May 26 18:28:33 CEST 2014
<mnemoc> :)
<Turl> :)
<mnemoc> forgot the holy console=
<mnemoc> <--- boot script
<mnemoc> now need an initramfs
<mnemoc> <--- my first boot of mainline on CT. /me happy
<Turl> what's that img?
<mnemoc> the script itself
<mnemoc> 0A2A0027.img: sun7i-a20-cubietruck.scr
<mnemoc> %.img: mkimage -A arm -T script -C none -d $< $@
<mnemoc> so I define the env in my laptop and not in the target
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<mnemoc> auto dhcp'ing a boot script is fun. a bit less fun when your u-boot decides to not let you clear ${bootfile} and `source` insists in using a god-knows-where address instead of ${loadaddr} by default, but fun anyway
<mnemoc> setenv bootcmd 'dhcp; source' would normally be enough
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<CaptHindsight> whats the story on this project? Any cooperation with the allwinner work here?
<mnemoc> there is no cooperation with allwinner of any kind except some datasheets mripard received from them
<mnemoc> that is a lone ranger project
<CaptHindsight> allwinner mainboard to use with a Motorola lapdoc or old notebook
<mnemoc> again. personal project.
<mnemoc> he presented it in a ligthening talk in fosdem this year
<CaptHindsight> not a bad idea except that Motorola doesn't make the lapdocs anymore or did they start them back up again?
* mnemoc has one too
<CaptHindsight> how are the keyboards on those?
<mnemoc> crap
<CaptHindsight> oh well
<mnemoc> I was trying to convince people in .cn to make a lapdock for toys. but failed.
<CaptHindsight> sorry for the interruption :)
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: maybe you are the one :p .... read that page
<CaptHindsight> easy enough, I have more projects than time
<mnemoc> that's what makes life fun
<CaptHindsight> too bad the eoma stuff just went batshit crazy
<CaptHindsight> if there was a new lapdoc it needs power supply and batter charger and place to doc the mainboard
<CaptHindsight> so it doesn't sit there in two parts with a cable
<CaptHindsight> you thought about making them work with HDMI sticks
<mnemoc> and devboards
<mnemoc> mounted on the back of the display with a vesa mounted plastic grid
<CaptHindsight> what about power supply and battery charger?
<CaptHindsight> where would that fit?
<CaptHindsight> brick for power
<TheSeven> hm... which linux desktop environments run somewhat smoothly (if at all) on OpenGL ES these days?
<TheSeven> I saw announcements of GLES ports of Unity from two years ago, yet the current ubuntu builds seem to require full OpenGL
<mnemoc> battery inside the laptop, feeding the board via usb
<mnemoc> TheSeven: there is a variant of unity that doesn't use 3d
<CaptHindsight> mnemoc: ok for low power cpu boards, not good for x86
<TheSeven> mnemoc: where can I find that?
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: it wasn't intended for x86 :p
<mnemoc> TheSeven: apt-get install unity-2d
<CaptHindsight> mnemoc: yeah, I know :)
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: personally I'm a big fan of 12V 5.5/2.1 DC in
* TheSeven can't believe he didn't find that...
<mnemoc> TheSeven: :)
<mnemoc> CaptHindsight: what voltages the APU needs?
<TheSeven> mnemoc: hm, unity-2d is just a transitional metapackage that depends on unity :/
<mnemoc> TheSeven: probably unity learned to support 2d too now
<TheSeven> the unity compiz plugin depends on the opengl one, which fails to load on my A20 olinuxino...
<TheSeven> now the question is: is that opengl plugin supposed to work with GLES?
<CaptHindsight> mnemoc: everything is 3.3V or less, the 12 is for analog and 19V is the common input for LithiumIon battery chargers
<TheSeven> hm, looks like unity-2d was actually the old "ubuntu classic" thing that didn't need any HW accel at all, and was deprecated when they introduced llvmpipe
<mnemoc> unity-2d was just like unity. not gnome2
<TheSeven> basically unity without desktop effects though
<TheSeven> anyway, it doesn't exist anymore since 12.10
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<ssvb> TheSeven: AFAK, kwin-gles is the best option if you want to do GLES compositing
<TheSeven> hm, it's not so much the compositing that I'm after, but something that runs at all and fits well on small LCDs
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<ssvb> TheSeven: then very likely you don't need GLES at all
<TheSeven> ...if I get unity (or something similar) to work without full GL
<ssvb> TheSeven: as for the desktop environments, there are a number of options: XFCE, LXDE, MATE, ...
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<ssvb> TheSeven: if you specifically want the unity user interface, then that's another story
<ssvb> TheSeven: basically, somebody needs to make this junk usable on low end ARM hardware
<TheSeven> I'd prefer it at least... if it can't be done that's one thing, but it bugs me that people seem to have been doing it for 2 years apparently...
<TheSeven> could also be that it's supposed to work out of the box and I'm just screwing up something of course
<ssvb> TheSeven: the current ubuntu does not seem to care about such hardware anymore, so somebody has to do their homework
<ssvb> TheSeven: or just buy a powerful hardware and be happy
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<mnemoc> Turl: if you have a minute, can you tell me until which part of sunxi-devel is already code accepted by maintainers?
<mnemoc> for sunxi-3.14.4-r1
<mnemoc> v3.15rc7 is already covered by sunxi-3.14.4-r0
<Nyuutwo> I read wiki, and I don't know if I want to jump mainline kernel or jus stay on 3.4
<mnemoc> Nyuutwo: depends of what do you need the hardware for
<Nyuutwo> I have 2 devices, tablet which I want to unandroize
<mnemoc> no display in mainline
<Nyuutwo> and cubie2 as car media center
<Nyuutwo> ouch
<Nyuutwo> so 3.4
<mnemoc> :)
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<Nyuutwo> and also in sunxi-bsp make update makes some magic
<Nyuutwo> what exactly it checkouts
<mnemoc> it uses gitsubmodules, and it's kind of unmaintained :\
<mnemoc> if you are happy with the default configs you can just use the nightly builds
<mnemoc> patches to revive sunxi-bsp are welcomed
<Nyuutwo> u-boot doesn't compile ...
<mnemoc> it does
<Nyuutwo> not for k1001l1c
<mnemoc> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `board/sunxi/dram_a20_olinuxino_m.o', needed by `board/sunxi/built-in.o'. Stop.
<mnemoc> uh
<Nyuutwo> and for me it doesn't even configure in bsp
<Nyuutwo> hmm big and little letters in name ...
<mnemoc> cd u-boot-sunxi, and build it yourself. then submit the patches to fix k1001l1c :) .... then try to fix the bsp :p
<Nyuutwo> probably only I have this tablet ...
<Turl> mnemoc: I think I told you the other day
<Turl> mnemoc: hans picks them in random order, and most is not yet accepted
<Turl> pick from sunxi-next if you wish :) or wait until it hits torvalds/master
<mnemoc> Turl: sunxi-next is much harder... in that case I'll wait for torvalds/master
<mnemoc> sunxi-devel is cleanly based upong v3.15rc7
<mnemoc> only sunxi stuff, without merges
<Nyuutwo> and fails on using /usr/include/image.h
<mnemoc> Nyuutwo: that has nothing to do with the error shown in the nightly build
<Nyuutwo> yup
<Nyuutwo> but still I hafe fun debugging compilation
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<Nyuutwo> - I have simmilar problem, will search upsttream
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<Nyuutwo> hmm staggering brainfart, <image.h> I need from u-boot, but <errno.h> from system ...
<mnemoc> Turl: [ 1.514724] /srv/build/amery/allwinner/linux-sunxi/3.14/drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: unable to open rtc device (rtc0) :(
<Turl> mnemoc: 1s in the boot, was it even probed by then? :)
<mnemoc> Turl: I'm fearful about missing commits that are not seen in buildtime but triggered by .dtb
<mnemoc> happens only with multi_v7, not with sunxi.... but sunxi_defconfig doesn't cover all sunxi functionality
<Turl> mnemoc: check if you can use hwclock
<Turl> mnemoc: if you need a more featureful rootfs I can give you a link to mine
<mnemoc> yes, please
<Turl> s/rootfs/initramfs/
<Nyuutwo> now include/fdt_support.h:15:1: error: unknown type name 'u32'
<Nyuutwo> and it was on mailing list of uboot
<Turl> mnemoc: /q