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<vinifr> Turl, ok, works. thanks a lot for your help :D
<vinifr> Turl, btw, your patch for gpio works very well:
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<Turl> vinifr: you're welcome :)
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<Turl> ssvb, wens, how accurate are axp measurements?
<Turl> ACIN current: +0.07 A (avg = +0.07 A)
<Lumocolor> so are there any analog to digital pins on the cubieboard2? as it doesn't look like there is
<Turl> that's on a mele, I doubt it's *that* efficient :)
<Turl> Lumocolor: I think the resistive touch pins double as adc but not completely sure
<Lumocolor> Turl: thanks, though I was hoping to have a touch screen, I guess theres still capacity based touch screens?
<Turl> Lumocolor: resistive touchscreens are rather crappy, capacitive ones are so much better user experience wise :)
<Turl> and they usually work over I2C
<Lumocolor> hmm well the neo900 disagree
<Lumocolor> ok
<Turl> Lumocolor: resistive ones require you to punch the device, pretty much
<Turl> capacitive ones can even work with hovering :)
<Lumocolor> so then its weather I can get a 5inch lcd with cap touch? aliexpress?
<Turl> probably a good place to start looking
<Turl> Lumocolor: you can buy one assembled maybe too (aka a tablet)
<Lumocolor> which pins are the restive touch ones?
<Turl> the *_TP ones I think
<Lumocolor> a kit yes, gutting a little tablet
<Lumocolor> thansk
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<Turl> Lumocolor: what are you planning to do?
<Lumocolor> Turl: diy handheld/pockect computer
<Turl> Lumocolor: I meant just buy a sunxi tablet and use it, instead of a board with a screen and stuff
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<Lumocolor> Turl: I'm waiting for the makeplaylive tablet, Infact I need to get on with trying to help them markect/promote (i'm a newbie btw)
<Lumocolor> I wanted a smaller thing that fits in a big pockect
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<Lumocolor> Turl: arrg theres no 5inch capacitive touch
<Lumocolor> only resistive
<Lumocolor> looks like my only option for batty moniting is the microups
<Lumocolor> unless I use a gpio pin for a low battery input from a indicator led ?
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<Turl> Lumocolor: you could also make something with a uC if you are into that
<Lumocolor> Turl: uC?
<Turl> Lumocolor: any reason why don't you use a board with battery support?
<Turl> Lumocolor: microcontroller, like a PIC or an AVR or something
<Lumocolor> there on the big side, not pocket size really
<Lumocolor> what about a micro controller?
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<Lumocolor> a micro controller to monitor the battery you mean?
<Turl> you could make a board with one capable of measuring batteries or something, and have your system talk to it via i2c or serial
<Lumocolor> thats would microups does, its one the big side but it's easy 5 inch lcd touch capacitive
<Lumocolor> opps
<Turl> Lumocolor: lime is pretty small
<Lumocolor> wrong paste
<Lumocolor> lime?
<Turl> 84x60 mm, quoting the site
<Lumocolor> right size but it's a10, I was hoping for a20 1gbram yum yum
<Lumocolor> but thansk for the pointer
<Lumocolor> this is why we need emoa-68 to succeed and I've pre-ordered my improv but then need more sales to ramp in to production, otherwise I would have my improv by now, so I've been looking into alternatives for the mean time
<Lumocolor> then=they
<Turl> the idea is cool on paper, but their execution has been poor so far
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<Lumocolor> Turl: they need help with markecting/promotion the product(s), the hardware is done and working or needs that final push (ie the tablet case to be finished which I think was going to be done with money from selling improvs)
<Lumocolor> there problem is people not going "HERES MY MONEY!!! take it!"
<Lumocolor> which is becuase they don't get it unless the have a 1to1 chat for 40mins
<Lumocolor> I'd say they have delivered in hardware and by the looks of it software, unlike other projects. and unlike other projects no built in future doom :)
<wens> Turl: as I've said before, some of the power used doesn't go through the AXP
<wens> it really depends on the board layout
<Lumocolor> so it's really frustrating for me to see it frozen in time
<Lumocolor> axp?
<Turl> wens: meles must have shady layouts then :p
<Turl> Lumocolor: yeah, and I can think of a couple of reasons why people don't go all "take my money now!11"
<Lumocolor> Turl: please tell me, I'd love to know
<Turl> like, what's the point of it if you then want to upgrade the rest of the components of the system
<Lumocolor> arr yes keep going and....
<Turl> by the time your tablet feels slow they'll be 4K ones with better battery tech and a new wifi standard
<Lumocolor> keep going....
<Turl> brb, dinner :)
<Lumocolor> ok you need to bear in mind that emoa-*68* is for low cost not for super super cutting edge. emoa-*cf* is your highend compact cutting edge one
<Lumocolor> ok bed for me
<Lumocolor> wifi can be a mini express card which is what they have done in the tablet.
<Lumocolor> lowcost != 4k hehe
<Turl> low cost devices nowadays have 720p screens
<Turl> time will tell :)
<wens> Turl: all devices do :p
<Lumocolor> and emoa-68 goes up to 1080
<Turl> Lumocolor: little margin there
<Turl> Lumocolor: good night :)
<Turl> dinner time for me
<Lumocolor> 3am for me! I should go to bed
<Turl> wens: I'll be plotting A, mW and C with munin
<Turl> (why is it mW? the script expected W :p)
<Lumocolor> for small devices you really want emoa-cf other wise your using pricy conterver IC's for small high res screens, but eoma-68 is half the size of emoa-68 so you relly want to be using that for small devices.
<wens> Turl: kernel interface uses mA mV mW
<Lumocolor> eoma-cf is half the size of emoa-68
<wens> lm-sensors then normalizes the output
<wens> bbrezillon: hans didn't name the board
<Lumocolor> as for upgrading the rest of the components usb2 is going to be around of 1 more decade, only wifi & bluetooth needs to be upgradable. emoa-68 is only for ten years then it gets replaced/updated
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<Lumocolor> with emoa-68 small,tiny markets like a budget pocket computer can be fullfilled wheres before they couldn't and with money rasied from emoa-68 sales you can have your fancy hign end emoa-cf device of your dreams
<Lumocolor> the emoa standards serve the poor and help the poor and the rich at the same time
<Lumocolor> right bed for me. I'll get back to your replys, if any at some point. thanks for all your help
<wens> bbrezillon: it seems the standard A31 design has VCC_PF and VCC_SDMMC fixed at 3.0V
<wens> bbrezillon: nvm, they are connected to DCDC1 as well
<Lumocolor> re: A10-OLinuXino-LIME arrg no sound, little usb audio interface I guess
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<wens> just noticed the A31 usb series also CCed a few allwinner people
<Turl> wens: you noticed pretty late :p
<Turl> those CCs have been going on for ages :)
<wens> Turl: really?!
<Turl> wens: around early 2013 patches :)
<wens> oh my, I never added them
<Turl> neither did I
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<wens> compile testing a23 kernel
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<Turl> wens: you got a working uboot? :)
<wens> seems like the new driver for this merge window are scattered in different trees
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<wens> I'm having trouble hunting them all down
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<Turl> wens: sunxi-devel :p
<Turl> or -next :)
<wens> Turl: basic u-boot was merged :) I just have trouble fitting it in with mmc boot0
<wens> -next is missing a few things, such as mfd I think
<wens> -devel has a couple old patches
<Skaag> does that cedar functionality on those ARM SoC's also do compression or just decompression?
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<wens> it supports some types of compression
<Wizzup> Lumocolor: I got sound on the LIME
<Wizzup> just connect three pins and change the .fex
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<Skaag> wens: would be wonderful if i can somehow tap into that functionality
<Turl> Skaag: check the ML, it can be done, but there's some gotchas
<Turl> gnight :)
<ssvb> Turl: about HWMON, that's just like wens said, on some boards the AXP may be partially bypassed
<ssvb> Turl: the hardware, which is designed to run on a battery power is likely to have accurate HWMON reporting
<ssvb> Turl: at least the A10-Lime and the Cubietruck are good, and the Cubieboard1/Cubieboard2 are bad in this respect :)
<wens> those 2 boards still have bypasses and step-ups for 5V
<ssvb> wens: for USB and SATA?
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<wens> ssvb: that's right
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<wens> Turl: btw, what happened to the apb1 merge patches? (and other stuff you have in your tree)
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<TuxboxGuru> anyone know of a good 5" LCD screen that works with a Cubie ?
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<bbrezillon> wens: okay, then DCDC1 (on the AXP221) can definitely deliver 3,3V, we just have to check that other devices connected to DCDC1 support 3,3V
<wens> bbrezillon: funny that the reference design specifies 3V, not 3.3V
<bbrezillon> wens: yes, I was wondering about it too
<bbrezillon> on the app4-evb1 (the one I'm working on), it's written 3,3V on the schematics but the regulator is configured to deliver 3V
<bbrezillon> (I guess the bootlaoder configured it this way)
<wens> bbrezillon: I ment to ask you, do you have the fex file for that board?
<wens> anyway I'm going to order that A31 hummingbird board, once I clear some shipping details with them
<bbrezillon> I'm not sure I have (I'm only using DT ATM)
<wens> bbrezillon: if it has android on the NAND, you should be able to fish out the fex file
<bbrezillon> I'll take a look (I guess there is a tutorial on the wiki on how to dump the fex file)
<wens> if there is one, it should be in nanda
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<deasy> hi i always get weird characters on my console with serial/ttl connection
<deasy> if someone know how to troubleshot this...
<deasy> seems than when i active flow control it stops
<deasy> but everyone say to disable it
<deasy> with these weird characters i also get command
<deasy> like at+xxx
<deasy> i have post it on cubieboard forum but seems no one know what is it
<deasy> at the beginning i have mind it's maybe bad soldering on the uart pins
<wens> are you sure nothing else is using the port?
<deasy> but it seems to be not that
<deasy> how to be sure ?
<wens> lsof? ps?
<deasy> is seems that comes from the prolific
<deasy> because the device i plug receive the weird characters in the console and try to execute commands
<deasy> i get these weird characters on minicom and on screen programs
<deasy> maybe i need to user more actual software
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<deasy> wens, thank you for trying to help me :p
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<deasy> also i have see than no matters of what i set in parameters about the flow, minicom display "nor" in the bottom
<deasy> what is "nor" ? it's not flow control ?
<deasy> i suppose prolific is not very good for make drivers as i get a BSOD on windows (and i'm not alone when flow control is enabled)
<deasy> well i need to install a more actual distro and test it
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<deasy> wens, when you say the port, you mean "/dev/ttyUSB0" ?
<deasy> plop popolon
<popolon> plop
<deasy> yeah at seems modem command
<deasy> i suppose a trouble with configuration
<wens> deasy: try to disable it :)
<deasy> i don't know how to do it and the wiki even don't touch a word about it
<wens> that's your system doing
<deasy> maybe a trouble with driver...see after update
<deasy> as prolific are not good to make driver on windows, i suppose it's same under linux
<deasy> or worst
<wens> you shouldn't need a driver under linux
<wens> the kernel has support for it
<deasy> ho okay
<deasy> module pl2303 is loaded
<deasy> i see something weird
<deasy> dbus message with "modem-manager on ttyusb1 trying to open and close a serial port in a loop
<deasy> it stop after several try
<wens> then get rid of the modem-manager
<deasy> i remove it
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<deasy> wens, thank you this little troubleshot have resolve my problem than i have since months
<deasy> it was probably modem-manager service sending at command and trying to set flow control mode to my pl2303
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<deasy> wooohooo seems i get a correct connection without trouble now
<deasy> i prefer it to deffect device
<deasy> i will post this on the cubie forum
<deasy> done
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<Lumocolor> TuxboxGuru: I'm looking for a 5inch lcd too, try
<Lumocolor> Wizzup: thanks for the info
<Wizzup> Lumocolor: I think it's pin 14,16,18 on gpio-1
<Wizzup> left,ground,right
<Wizzup> but just check the pdfs
<Lumocolor> thanks
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<ccaione> Turl: I'm not using the S802 :(
<Lumocolor> Wizzup: I assume I will need a headphone amp?.
<Wizzup> I just soldered it onto a female minijack plug and plugged in my headphone
<Wizzup> worked fine
<Lumocolor> Trying to work out if there s spdif in
<Wizzup> should be
<Lumocolor> oh right
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<Wizzup> it = HPL,HPC,HPR
<Lumocolor> what would it be called in the document
<Wizzup> there's also a spdif I think, not sure if in
<Lumocolor> there is spdif (out I'm guessing, )
<Lumocolor> output
<Lumocolor> I assume the mic in does not need a external preamp for a typical computer mic
<Wizzup> think so
<Wizzup> I need to connect LINEIN as well, soon
<Lumocolor> I see theres gps pins, how would I hockup a gps too it and would it need any non-free firmware blobs & drivers?
<Lumocolor> use the olimex module?
<Lumocolor> a10 manual: On-chip 24-bits ADC for recorder!
<Lumocolor> I wonder what the noise floor is like ;) :\
<Lumocolor> Wizzup: whats the nosie like with headphones in with no capacitors?
<Wizzup> I'm a bit confused (not a pro when it comes to hw), but the sound quality was fine for me
<Lumocolor> ok, I'm a newbie too.
<Wizzup> I can take pictures later (in ... several days or more)
<Wizzup> I want to add LINE IN next
<Wizzup> So then I can control my led floodlights with music/audio-in
<Wizzup> I'll be back later
<Lumocolor> sounds fun
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<Turl> wens: they're still on my tree
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<tipolosko> hi :)
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<vector80> Hi, I have uboot for both my Sdcard and my eMMC, and I optimised them for my board, and compiled perfectly, they are running perfectly also, Thank you soo much for this. However, I wish to display some logo during uboot ( both LCD and/or HDMI), is that possible ? What do I must do to have such feature ?
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<shineworld> vector80, I'm interested too...
<shineworld> In android sdk this is done by boot1
<mnemoc> vector80: allwinner's u-boot has a display driver, fat and awful.
<shineworld> before to run u-boot
<mnemoc> iirc there was a project using spatch to extract display drivers from the kernel and making them stand alone
<shineworld> mnemoc, boot1 is something like spl in uboot chain ?
<mnemoc> nah
<mnemoc> boot0 is like the spl
<shineworld> ah, I ask for that because :
<shineworld> this is a boot from nand in which the flow seem: boot0, boot1 which launch u.boot
<mnemoc> as you can see there boot1 knows nand, and filesystems, etc..
<shineworld> and the display logo ( a donkey) is show at boot1 level
<mnemoc> iirc boot1 is a full featured binary of their old RTOS
<mnemoc> and loading u-boot only for flexibility, not because they actually need it to load the kernel
<shineworld> by my view point to have a display immediately used is a good thing (so customer don't worry about "work or not work) but I can understand if this is out of u-boot goals
<mnemoc> you should be able to make the linux kernel display penguins under 2s since power up
<shineworld> I'm using A10/A20 how HMI (human machine interface) connected with a RTOS board and the boot time of A20 is not a good thing to see.... so a logo can be interesting
<shineworld> Actually to start Android on nand it take 30 seconds, and in SD (class 10) something like 44s...
<shineworld> I don't know why NAND, more slow in speed test than SD, is more fast at boot
<mnemoc> disable android's boot animation and use linux's built in splash thing instead
<shineworld> removing 3 seconds asked to u-boot they don't are similar
<mnemoc> and obviusly bootdelay 0 in u-boot
<mnemoc> you can always CTRL-C your way in anyway
<shineworld> I know how to disable boot animation but I miss your last suggestion (use linux's built in splash)
<mnemoc> fb driver built in, and instead of showing penguins show a custom image
<mnemoc> pnm iirc
<shineworld> I will search for that on google
<mnemoc> most of the time android takes to boot is scaning apks
<shineworld> I've already reduces pre-loaded classes of zygote (just I meet my needed classes)
<shineworld> the bootle nek at boot is zygote classes pre-loading too
<mnemoc> the package manager scans the world in it's constructor
<shineworld> yes... I can put my hands in
<mnemoc> odd that you want to use a monster like android for an HMI :p
<mnemoc> all the class and resource preloading is for making runtime of a general purpose javaish mosnter run fluently
<shineworld> a long story.... but it works fine so.... (I'm a windows programmer and I found more simple to understand Android framework than start from zero with Linux)
<mnemoc> nothing you really need on an HMI
<mnemoc> fair enough
<shineworld> I fell that I'm mistaking the thing... But I don't know where to start with linux and GUI with touchscreens
<vector80> omg, just see all, let me read
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<tipolosko> Hi
<shineworld> If anyone here know some good link on "write your embedded linux app with graphics and touchscreen...." I'm ready to change my vision :)
<vector80> shineworld, I read all
<vector80> Let me give you info
<shineworld> however mnemoc thanks for suggestions I'm searching some info in google
<vector80> My kernel completes booting in 4.4 seconds
<vector80> and I complete booting usually in 7 seconds
<shineworld> wow ... linux ?
<vector80> my board is INTERRA-3, you can see in sunxi
<vector80> yes, it is debian
<vector80> debian wheezy
<vector80> I am using sunxi uboot and sunxi kernel 3.4.79
<vector80> I modified 3.4.79 a little, to match my board features
<shineworld> 7 seconds are my paradise in terms of boot time....
<vector80> paradise?
<shineworld> dream
<vector80> I am booting my android in 16 seconds
<shineworld> sorry bad word
<shineworld> Please .... describe me how :)
<vector80> Alright
<vector80> It is a lonngg story
<vector80> Shall we speak here, or do you want this in Private messages?
<vector80> which is good for the community ?
<shineworld> perhaps is better private to avoid problems with channel
<vector80> I don't want to fill up the IRC wall
<vector80> ok
<shineworld> of course
<vector80> Lets go priv
<vector80> oh my god this Xchat can't open a new window
<lauri> Hi guys
<Lumocolor> is there any non-free bits in the debian image for the olimex a10 LIME? what other distributions are there and images of debian are there?
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<vector80> Lumo, basically I have lubuntu, linaro, debian and fedora running on A20
<vector80> these are just Rootfs, if you have a working uboot and kernel, I think you can use any rootfs you want,
<vector80> Lumocolor, as I say, just try to learn how to build your own uboot and kernel, and you can select any rootfs you want
<vector80> I highly recommend learning booting from TFTP & NFS
<vector80> So you can try those rootfs one by one
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<tipolosko> re
<tipolosko> About my problem with usb ports i've done some other test in these days
<tipolosko> i've modded my mk802 and removed the wifi module, and connected an usb socket
<tipolosko> so now i have 3 usb ports, and thanks to this hack i could use it without any hub (for basic usage)
<tipolosko> without usb hub, the system is working properly without usb lockups
<tipolosko> fyi i'm using these device: 2.5 usb hd (self powered), 3.5 usb hd, usb network card
<tipolosko> so no problem with this configuration.
<tipolosko> so i've done another test:
<tipolosko> i've modded my usb hub in order to get power supply from an external source
<tipolosko> using the same usb peripherals, usb hang occurs again
<tipolosko> i've already planned to buy a new hub, but don't know if that would help..
<tipolosko> (already tried another powered hub before)
<tipolosko> btw i've tried to build sunxi-devel without success :D
<tipolosko> any thoughs?
<lauri> What is up with the real-time clock on Cubietruck? Cold boots set the date to either 2010 or 2018
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<vector80> lauri, you must set correct time via "date" command, and then use hwclock -w command to write that date to your RTC
<ssvb> lauri: probably the kernel is just missing something like this -
<lauri> ssvb: so the problem is that realtime clock is not actually used?
<lauri> since the time is set via I2C?
<ssvb> lauri: I believe that the RTC battery is just not charging, so you lose your date/time settings after the cold boot
<lauri> okay
<lauri> which kernel Git repo I should prefer for CT?
<ssvb> Lumocolor: it's up to you what software you use, the A10-Lime can surely run without any non-free blobs, but you are not forbidden from using them either
<ssvb> lauri: what do you want to use it for?
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<lauri> ssvb: Desktop replacement
<ssvb> lauri: then it would be sunxi-3.4 for now
<tipolosko> ssvb: what about mk802 II and server usage? 3.4 also for me? :)
<ssvb> tipolosko: don't know, you might be already happy with the mainline kernel :)
<tipolosko> i'll give it a try, also to check if my problem is solved in mainline.. or is definately an hw problem :/
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<vector80> ssvb, I am trying QT5 in my board now, and I use 3.4.79
<vector80> I tried building r3p2, but failed
<vector80> than I tried your kernel, which is 3.4.75
<vector80> but it is very strange in my board, it reboots 10 seconds after booting
<tipolosko> is anyone running 3.4 on A10 with usb hub without lockups?
<vector80> I read wiki, but it doesn't mention about any specific kernel
<vector80> Does your modifications applied for current 3.4.79 ?
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<lauri> ssvb: sunxi-3.4 from right?
<Turl> lauri: yes, that's it
<lauri> I was confused because there are several repos..
<lauri> I'm currently on 3.4.79-sun7i+ which is from patwood I think (?)
<lauri> Could I expect stability improvements if I'd to the linux-sunxi kernel?
<Turl> lauri: linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi is the true one linux-sunxi repos
<lauri> Turl: yep, that I've understood I just want to understand main differences
<Turl> contributors usually have a fork to test their changes and such
<lauri> I'll try it out tomorrow
<Turl> I never looked at patwood's tree, I don't know what he added
<tipolosko> well, guys, going to bed.. :/
<tipolosko> see you :)
<Turl> tipolosko: night
<lauri> same here ..
<Turl> tipolosko: btw, I am
<Turl> I have a mele running 24/7 with a USB drive, also a soundcard for a while, never had usb trouble
<tipolosko> Turl: without hub i have no problems..
<tipolosko> but you use an external usb hub?
<Turl> tipolosko: no, but I think the mele has a hub inside
<Turl> it has 3 host ports
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<tipolosko> mele a1000?
<Turl> a2000, but it shouldn't matter, they're mostly the same with a different case :)
<tipolosko> mmm i don' think has an hub
<tipolosko> three is an odd number :)
<Turl> A10 only has 2 host ports
<tipolosko> a10 has also the otg one, right?
<Turl> one is directly wired and the other two go via a hub
<tipolosko> can be used as host
<Turl> yes, but they're all host ports
<Turl> the otg is exposed as a header inside
<tipolosko> ok
<tipolosko> so you're definitely right
<tipolosko> lsusb -t should confirm that :)
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<Turl> tipolosko: the GL850G is a hub chip
<tipolosko> gl850g, yes..
<tipolosko> the 1st hub i've tried uses gl850a
<Turl> I don't have lsusb to triple check, but I guess the chip being there is a safe bet
<tipolosko> and was failing ..
<tipolosko> sure :P
<tipolosko> so my best bet is to find an hub with gl850g as controller ic
<tipolosko> .. or buy a mele :D
<Turl> tipolosko: what are you intending to use your device for?
<tipolosko> as home server
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<Turl> tipolosko: same here :)
<Turl> tipolosko: the case is cool, and it's about the same size as my cablemodem so they stack nicely
<tipolosko> hehe good :)
<Turl> tipolosko: there's some newer meles with A20 and 1G ram, maybe they're a better choice
<tipolosko> not like my mk802 II : naked, with wire soldered here and there, heatsinks..
<Turl> this one is A10 and 512M
<tipolosko> i'll send you a photo :)
<tipolosko> mine has 1gb ram, but i always have ~700mb free
<tipolosko> i think i'll t
<tipolosko> d'oh
<Turl> I'm using less than 90M if you ignore file cache
<tipolosko> i'll do this: buy another hub, to have a test..
<tipolosko> right now my usage is 64M
<tipolosko> but when compiling mono it gets quite high :D
<Turl> mono o.O
<Turl> why don't you install it from your distro's repos?
<tipolosko> well, because i was just curious to check if it could handle the load
<Turl> :p
<tipolosko> failed compiling because git code was broken but it could do it without swap
<tipolosko> Turl: thank you for your help
<tipolosko> i'll search a hub with that ic, just to be sure
<Turl> :)
<Turl> you're welcome
<tipolosko> leaving, bye!
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