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<kenny> lastlog kenny
<kenny> well that didn't work :)
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<wens> mripard: dropped your acked-by on v5 of gmac clock driver, only change was eliminated compiler warning
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<ccaione> morning
<ccaione> Turl: you were right, it has been two days of work to setup gentoo
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<nabblet> ccaione: on what hardware?
<ccaione> nabblet: macbook pro retina :)
<nabblet> ccaione: and now everything is fine?
<Montjoie> dont forget to compile gcc twice:)
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<ccaione> nabblet: not everything, still working on. I need to adapt my arch setup to gentoo. It takes time
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<ccaione> lol
<Montjoie> ccaione, now it is time to use a conf engine for gain time, cfengine for example
<ccaione> Montjoie: I'm a gentoo-noob, so yeah I have a lot to learn. Thank you for the advice :)
<Montjoie> cfengine is for all OS, not only gentoo
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<ccaione> didn't know
<MAT__> Hi everyone, is there a way that I can compile the GPIO module for sun7i ?
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<ysculo> hello
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<ysculo> nice talk at fosdem :) I realized at was not alone going mad with allwinner source code ...
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<NermaN> hi all =)
<NermaN> how to set mac address for EMAC in device tree?
<nabblet> I have a question about http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort The things you state under "work in progress": are those already implemented in your kernel and just need to get into main line - or are the work in progress as in "we are still trying to get it to work"
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<NermaN> nabblet: some of things are waiting for mainline
<ysculo> my boss heard about E200 processor and Malis 0S. He wants that because it's lowlowlowcost. And I'm freaking out. Does anyone knows about this OS ? I want to kill the idea before it spreads. Especially if there is no linux support on those processors as fallback.
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<nabblet> NermaN: so they are already working in the sunxi kernel?
<NermaN> nabblet: SATA and NAND are working, and now as i know they waiting for mainline
<nabblet> doh, stupid question
<nabblet> NermaN: yeah, thank you :) Hand to read your first reply a second time XD
<alexvf> ssvb: yesterday i checked the DEBE diagram in the a20 user manual
<alexvf> ssvb: could i use the sprite controller to blend the UI over the video+subtitles?
<alexvf> ssvb: i don't know what is the sprite controller or how it works
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<nabblet> NermaN: because i was wondering: olimex are basing their debian on your kernel. They offer sd cards with Debian pre installed for A20 and I wasn't sure if that will get all the hardware A20 has to run properly
<alexvf> mmm, ssvb sleeps too :)
<alexvf> anyone knows how can i blend 3 layers on the a20 display (UI + subtitles + video)?
<alexvf> i learned that i can't blend 3 layers
<alexvf> but there should be a way, maybe using the sprite controller?
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<chkktri> hello again, just to make sure, are LDM volumes (windows dynamic disks) supported in 3.4 kernel?
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<Turl> ccaione: :)
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<binaryferret> ls
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<Turl> Password:
<Nyuutwo> verysecretpasswordofdoom
<mnemoc> 42
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<Turl> Access Granted
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<plaes> oh.. how convenient - Puneet's messages end up in spam
<plaes> not sure if it's bad or good
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<ccaione> definitely good
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<bfree> Turl: just a quick follow up on yesterday, debian experimental has a 3.13 armmp kernel now
<Turl> bfree: :D
<Turl> poor puneet :p
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<libv> anyone in germany who wants a 1GB mele a1000 equivalent?
<libv> http://www.ebay.de/itm/141144218134?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
<libv> 30€
<libv> i got one just before fosdem, still need to document it
<libv> headers for pins are available, but no pins present
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<bfree> libv: no sata (or am I blind)?
<libv> wait a sec.
<libv> ah, right, no sata
<libv> still, has vga and makes for a good demo machine
<Turl> libv: 4 USB
<bfree> thanks for confirming
<libv> yup, and rtl8188ctv
<libv> i will try to document this, and the big load of toys i got from Tsvetan, in the next few days
<libv> i bought this thing 2 weeks ago, when it dropped from 50 to 40
<libv> i now wish i had waited 2 weeks :)
<libv> but then, i rather doubt that it will drop that much further
<libv> rtl8201cp for ethernet
<Turl> (dunno if it's sunxi, but cheap nonetheless)
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<libv> Turl: i never was a big fan of hdmi sticks though :)
<Turl> ah, it's a action kind of thing
<Turl> I thought it was 15€ buy now
<libv> and i am sure that a used sunxi one can be had for less
<Turl> libv: that's what you get when you can't read german :p
<libv> Turl: it almost was a world language, but for some reason it failed :p
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<Turl> rpi are real cheap these days http://dx.com/p/raspberry-pi-project-board-green-267945
<libv> that's because they are crap :p
<libv> as you very well should know :p
<Nyuutwo> but that crap sells to people as entry level linux board
<Turl> libv: I was being ironic :p 56$
<libv> ah, ok, kind of thought that it was awkward, but didn't think it through :)
<Turl> libv: you can get a CB1 for that price :p
<libv> people should get a lime instead
<Turl> libv: if you're not in europe it costs a bit more though
<Turl> but yeah, it's nicer if you can live with half the ram
<Turl> eh
<Turl> if you are on europe it costs even more heh
<Turl> damn VAT :)
<libv> i don't mind paying taxes, tbh. i like having roads and cyclelanes and a metro
<libv> and in europe, the espionage and defense budgets are """reasonable""" ;)
<Turl> libv: but don't you pay customs?
<Turl> or is it free if you pay VAT?
<libv> when importing from outside the european union, yes
<Turl> ah
<Turl> makes sense then
<libv> again, also necessary, it's the missed taxes, and it allows a tiny bit of control, like the issue we now have with overly cheap solar panels from china
<libv> (which killed several european companies already)
<speakman> What's "surface size" when running the Mali test app?
<libv> speakman: ?
<bfree> not quite €35, but still might be interesting to some, uk £49 ire €63 (delivered incl. VAT) http://www.7dayshop.com/headphones-audio-visual/media-streaming-devices/7dayshop-android-4-2-jellybean-dual-core-tv-box-media-player-with-x-4-usb-ports-2-5-sata-hard-drive-slot uart unknown (it looks like a jeserun a19). and I've no clue how sane/insane ordering from that particular store is (though I'm a little tempted)
<libv> speakman: you mean, from the output on the console?
<speakman> Surface size: 480x480
<speakman> GL Vendor: "ARM"
<speakman> GL Renderer: "Mali-400 MP"
<speakman> GL Version: "OpenGL ES 2.0"
<libv> width x height, in pixels?
<speakman> Running the "test" binary included in sunxi-mali repo.
<speakman> I'm having problems with Qt5.2 having problems with creating surface. A wild guess it may have to do with that specified surface size. The resolution on the LCD is 1024x768.
<libv> no
<speakman> EGL Error : Could not create the egl surface: error = 0x300b
<libv> speakman: EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW
<ssvb> speakman: sigh, http://www.cubieforums.com/index.php/topic,173.msg9218.html#msg9218 shows how to provide a proper native window for Qt5
<ssvb> speakman: but I'm going to roll out a more foolproof 'solution' for the mali400 binary drivers soonish
<speakman> ssvb: I've been trying that one. The patch might got lost while rebuilding. I'll have another look at it. Thanks!
<speakman> ssvb: I've gone from Qt5.1 to Qt5.2, that's why I lost it.
<ssvb> speakman: just been a bit busy during the daytime and lazy in the evenings/weekends lately
<speakman> ssvb: Let me know if I can be to any help with the foolproof solution. :)
<chkktri> Turl: sadly this didn't work for me, getting "Error scanning /dev/sda: Error reading from /dev/sda: Invalid argument"
<alexvf> any piece of documentation/sample about how to use sprite controller in a20?
<speakman> Huge improvements! But now this: "EGLFS: OpenGL windows cannot be mixed with others."
<speakman> Seems to be an issue with Qt5 example I'm testing
<alexvf> ssvb: do you know anything about sprite controller?
<ssvb> alexvf: not really, haven't used them myself, but libv should know something because sprites had been mentioned in his FOSDEM talk
<alexvf> ssvb: thanks, i'm searching for the talk in google :)
<libv> alexvf: why would you need sprites?
<alexvf> libv: it's just a crazy idea, maybe it has no sense
<libv> alexvf: that sentence does not explain why you would need sprites
<alexvf> libv: but, since i read that sprites are alpha blended over the result of video+osd
<alexvf> libv: i'm trying to use them to draw an UI on top of all
<libv> alexvf: we have 4 layers
<alexvf> libv: what i want to do is to draw an UI over mplayer
<libv> 1 is used for the fb
<Turl> chkktri: maybe something missing from kernel config?
<libv> and they can be alpha blended two and two
<Turl> chkktri: do you have support for GPT enabled?
<libv> video doesn't often need to be alpha blended
<libv> so you should get away with displaying that in the pair with the framebuffer
<libv> then you have 2 further layers to play with, one of which you can alpha blend with the pair with the fb and the video
<alexvf> libv: yes, but i also want subtitles over the video
<alexvf> libv: i'm currently using the (non finished i think) osd branch of libvdpau-sunxi
<ssvb> libv: libvdpau-sunxi uses up the layers but alexvf still wants to alpha blend something on top of it
<alexvf> yep
<libv> it uses them all up already?
<libv> because it is using the second pair for video, perhaps?
<libv> the first pair could be used for framebuffer and video
<alexvf> libv: i don't quite understand how do you blend two by two
<libv> then you have the second pair at your disposal
<alexvf> libv: by software?
<libv> alexvf: this is just how the hw works
<ssvb> libv: libvdpau-sunxi uses up the "Alpha Blender 1"
<libv> ssvb: alpha video?
<ssvb> libv: osd and subtitles
<libv> there are only limited uses for that
<libv> well, alexvf, give it a go then
<libv> but be careful, the sprites will be used as RGB cursors in kms
<libv> as kms is a useful piece of shit badly reinvented twice by people who never did any display driver development before
<ssvb> I'm afraid that kms might be a leaky abstraction, forcing us to forfeit some of the display controller features and go for the lowest common denominator
NermaN2718 has joined #linux-sunxi
<alexvf> libv: do you think my idea can work?
<alexvf> my problem now is the lack of documentation/samples on how to use the sprites
<libv> alexvf: it's all there.
<alexvf> i only have the disp ioctls, which have little documentation
<libv> there are 4 of them, i do not recall any ordering
<libv> each sprite can be set to a power of two width up to 1024, and power of two height up to 512
<libv> with freely settable stride
<ssvb> alexvf: the a20 user manual, "5.4.2 Display Engine Block Diagram", the registers description and also linux-sunxi sources should be enough
<libv> and they support some basic colour formats
<ssvb> libv: sounds like these sprites are a very powerful feature
<alexvf> do you think i need to mess with registers?
<libv> ssvb: yes, and no
<alexvf> aren't ioctls enough?
<libv> if they have ordering, then they could be
<libv> but only when kms could expose them properly.
<libv> which it can't
<alexvf> i would prefer not to mess with registers as i have never worked so close to hardware
<libv> kms planes are an afterthought, by yet another person who never did overlays or display development before
<libv> and this afterthought only exists to make wayland more competitive with the android hwcomposer
<libv> before that time, i, once again, was pretty much the only person who had done overlays for a decade
<ssvb> alexvf: the sprites should be already exposed via disp ioctls
<alexvf> ssvb: yes, they are but my first tests are not working
<libv> alexvf: arbitrary stride means that you should be able to have 2 sprites next to eachother, showing different parts of the frame bit of framebuffer
<alexvf> ssvb: just trying to request a sprite block
<libv> or even get 2kx1k if you use all 4
<ssvb> when I was implementing the hardware cursor feature for fbturbo, I did not know that the display controller documentation even existed :) so I just used the kernel sources to figure out everything important
<alexvf> ssvb: so it could get reimplemented to take advantage of sprites at some moment?
<alexvf> libv: i read on the a20 manual that up to 32 sprites could be used
<ssvb> alexvf: yeah, the palette reduction for ARGB32 cursors might be unnecessary now
<alexvf> libv: so you say only 4 are actually available?
<ssvb> alexvf: just give it a try and report back ;)
<alexvf> i'm going to experiment a little and hopefully see something on screen, which i am unable to see right now :)
<alexvf> yes, i'll report any progress
<alexvf> thank you ssvb and libv
<NermaN2718> is there info about cpufreq on mainline? =)
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<speakman> Does G2D has to be declared in script.bin or is it on by default when enabled in kernel?
<libv> speakman: why do you ask?
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<Turl> NermaN2718: there's no cpufreq support on mainline
<Turl> (for sunxi that is)
orly_owl has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> NermaN2718: I have a forward ported version of the one on 3.0/3.4 sitting on my git tree if you really need it
<Turl> speakman, libv: there's a g2d_para section on script.bin with _used/_size
<speakman> I've finally been able to test some Qt5 examples, but although it's all on accelerated GPU right now, it still seem anything but smooth. :/
<speakman> I'm currently running "collidingmice" example, and they're all having "choppy" movements. Like it's 10 fps or something.
<Turl> speakman: cpufreq?
<Turl> have you adjusted it to performance?
<Turl> speakman: echo performance|sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
<speakman> Oh! Didn't know about it. :D
<speakman> it's at 50% CPU exactly while running collidingmice. I guess that's one core at 100% constantly.
<speakman> Just cpu0? There is cpu1 as well.
<speakman> HUGE difference!!!!
<Turl> do it on both if they're there
<Turl> they may be tied to each other already though
<wens> Turl: did you see my gmac clock patch?
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<Turl> wens: probably :)
<speakman> Turl: yep, they're tied to eachother
<Turl> wens: I still haven't got my network back in place so I cannot easily test stuff
<ssvb> speakman: what kind of hardware are you using?
<speakman> Anything else which might speed up the A20 a bit? Most demos are still slow. :/
<Turl> wens: so I haven't started taking patches
<Turl> wens: but I'll do next week at the latest
<Turl> wens: the new gear is on the way :)
<Turl> speakman: are you using fbturbo as X driver?
<Turl> or are you running this with framebuffer mali?
<ssvb> speakman: anyway, set the 'performance' cpufreq governor first, to get better performance and also more realistic cpu usage statistics
<wens> Turl: I see. good luck :)
<speakman> ssvb: That's what I've done.
<ssvb> Turl: speakman is using the framebuffer mali driver, so no X11 there
<speakman> Turl: nope, pure framebuffer/eglfs
<Turl> oh ok then :)
<speakman> Will there be even better performance with X11 and fbturbo?
<ssvb> speakman: still 100% cpu usage on one core? 'htop' is a useful tool
* speakman is also doing all this through Buildroot, which is a bit tricky compared to having a full fledged debian based system running.
<speakman> ssvb: Yep, the collidingmice is still 50% constantly
<speakman> Unfortenately I have to leave the office now. I'll scroll through the backlog tomorrow (UTC+2) if there is anything. Thanks A LOT so far guys!!
<ssvb> speakman: no, with X11 there will be a few tens percents extra overhead, and that is assuming that everything is configured right
<ssvb> speakman: try some other non-cpu hungry demo :)
<speakman> ssvb: Will do first thing tomorrow :D
<speakman> Btw, why isn't the Qt5.2 createNativeWindow patch posted upstreams?
<ssvb> speakman: I guess that's because it is the mali400 framebuffer drivers bug/misfeature
<Turl> libv: I found you someone to scold with NDH :) https://linux-sunxi.org/Mixtile_Loft_Q
<ssvb> speakman: the other framebuffer egl/gles drivers allow to use EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY and NULL as the native window to get 'reasonable' behavior (fullscreen framebuffer use)
<ssvb> speakman: the mali framebuffer drivers are not compatible with this assumption
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<ccaione> Turl: give him a call
<Turl> ccaione: I don't have free calls to china numbers unfortunately
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<binaryferret> Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me as I've been banging my head against a wall for days now. I'm trying to get a touchscreen working. The touch screen is gslx680. I'm using the driver source from https://gitorious.org/gslx680-for-sunxi . via dmesg etc it seems to insmod fine, and detects the chip - but I'm not getting any response from touching. I tried evtest and it detects the gslx680 event but again when I go to test it, it d
<binaryferret> http://pastebin.com/5Zi7KqTf is dmesg, and Xorg log file
<binaryferret> Here is the fex file http://pastebin.com/pf8CkG6u I think it has something to do with the wakeup and that the touchscreen is just not being made active. However, I'm still learning so request your help to debug the issue.
<binaryferret> I should note, that it's for an Allwinner A13 tablet.
<binaryferret> I'm running linux-sunxi kernel from the 3.4 branch (normal branch).
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<alexvf> binaryferret: have you checked evtest output?
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<binaryferret> alexvf: Yes alexvf once I select the input for evtest (glsx680) it displays osme information and then any trouches don't generate any events.
<binaryferret> alexvf: at the bottom of this http://pastebin.com/5Zi7KqTf is what evtest displays.
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<alexvf> binaryferret: i can only guess that you may try other .fex
paulk-collins has joined #linux-sunxi
<alexvf> i don't know about that driver
<alexvf> but other input drivers need different values based on the concrete hardware
geecko has joined #linux-sunxi
<alexvf> maybe yours is a bit different than the one which works with that .fex parameters
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<alexvf> binaryferret: have you tried revert_x_flag = 1?
<binaryferret> alexvf: No. I thought because I wasn't getting any events on evtest that it wouldn't matter. I will give that a try tho.
<binaryferret> I got it in my head that revert_x_flag just flipped something.
<alexvf> binaryferret: note that im just guessing
<alexvf> binaryferret: but that change is explained in some branches of the driver in github
<binaryferret> Okdokey. I'll look into it and give that a whurl.
<alexvf> binaryferret: good luck
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<alexvf> ssvb: the sprite test almost worked
<alexvf> ssvb: i could paint a semi-transparent rectangle over the video+subtitles thing
<alexvf> libv: actually it seems that each sprite can be set to a power of two width up to 512, and power of two height up to 1024 (not the other way around)
<alexvf> libv: and up to 32 sprites can be allocated, although i could not get more than one working
<alexvf> libv: due to some memory bug that i have :)
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<binaryferret> alas no :(
gzamboni has joined #linux-sunxi
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<ssvb> alexvf: very nice, it would be also interesting to check if multiple sprites can be overlapped and blended with each other
<alexvf> yep, it is what i'm trying to do :)
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<binaryferret> I'll forward the question on the mailing list.
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<fralle> somebody know which keys or gpios witch will put the a10 into fel mode?
<fralle> docs are talking about keys... guessing this are gpios? but which ones?
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<oliv3r> montjoie[home]: i prefer puppet over cfengine; but to be fair, i never used either!
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<oliv3r> libv: does http://www.ebay.de/itm/141144218134?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 have a remove control (IR)?
<Turl> binaryferret: check if you get interrupts when you touch in /proc/interrupts
<Turl> fralle: usually it's a button dance you need to do
<Turl> ie, some combination with some timing involved
<Turl> the bootloader checks for it and puts the device in fel mode
<Turl> fralle: the easiest way though would be to make a fel card
<fralle> thnx turl
<fralle> but im trying the contrary
<fralle> my card stops in boot1
<fralle> key
<fralle> key found going into fel
<fralle> same img into cubieboard runs
<Turl> ah, so you want it not to go into fel?
<fralle> yeah!
<Turl> hmm
<fralle> cubieboard boots
<fralle> with same img
<Turl> maybe check cubieboard schematics?
<Turl> see what pin they wired
<fralle> fel pin?
<fralle> but thats not the one :)
<fralle> seems it looks for more than that pin...
<fralle> but how to configure which ones...
<codekipper> exit
<Nyuutwo> which pin is fel pin?
<fralle> let me see
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<Turl> fralle: do you have LRADC keys on board?
<Turl> bbl
<fralle> nop
<fralle> :)
<fralle> UBOOT_SEL is fel pin
<Turl> fralle: usually on tablet you need to press a key on lradc to enter fel, maybe if you have it floating it is reading a key?
<Turl> I dunno on cubieboard
<Nyuutwo> on cubie there is button on other side of board than USB otg connector
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<Nyuutwo> is there a pio connected to this pin, or just tabletmakers connect it to other pio used for button?
<fralle> ok ok
<fralle> ill check
<fralle> can u tell boot1 through fex file to skip LRADC?
<binaryferret> Turl: Sorry for the wait on a reply was away from pooter. I'll check out interrupts.
<binaryferret> Cheers.
<binaryferret> Not sure what I'm looking at, so I might go away and have a gander and see what the output says but here is the output http://pastebin.com/d52ptba9
<binaryferret> what the output means*
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<fralle> Turl, the lradc is it supposed to be pulled up?
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<Turl> fralle: I don't know really
<Turl> fralle: it just occured to me that it may be that
<Turl> Tsvetan: maybe oliv3r or Tsvetan know
<Turl> err fralle ^
<Turl> binaryferret: and I bet the gslx680 number remains static if you don't do anything and grows when you touch?
<Turl> binaryferret: seems to be fine interrupt wise
<binaryferret> Turl: I'll just do some more tests to confirm that.
<fralle> i can see its pulled up in the cubieboard
<binaryferret> Turl: Weirdly, gslx680 interrupts are growing when I keep running cat /proc/interrupts
<fralle> mine is down...
<Turl> binaryferret: anything touching the screen or near it?
<Turl> it's odd that it interrupts "just because"
<binaryferret> Without touching anything.
<Turl> binaryferret: are you sure the fex config is correct?
<binaryferret> Turl: It's the fex file that came with the device and I took it from Android nanda. Now, with that said the ctp_name was different, so I edited the fex file. The fex file referred to ekt4ft (or something like that). When insmod the module in android it doesn't seem to use the script.bin
jemk has joined #linux-sunxi
<binaryferret> so I imagine that the fex file could actually be incorrect.
<Turl> binaryferret: do you have a copy of the module handy?
<Turl> the original android one
<binaryferret> Which one, the one from android or the one I built?
<Turl> ^
<binaryferret> I can do in a moment if you don't mind waiting 5 mins.
<Turl> I'm in no hurry :)
<jemk> Turl: the dram gate names are in the wrong order, they need to be the other way around. But otherwise it works :)
<libv> Turl: done :)
<Turl> jemk: I listed them the wrong way? oops :(
<Turl> jemk: thanks for the heads up, I'll swap them around
<Turl> jemk: just the names right? the mask is fine isn't it?
<jemk> Turl: mask should be fine
<binaryferret> There is the mod from android http://binaryferret.com/tmp/android_gslX680.ko
<binaryferret> Also the original script.fex file from android nanda partition http://binaryferret.com/tmp/original_script.fex
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<libv> alexvf: ah, ok, well, i only ended up having to use it for the kms cursor, as anything else was just not possible with kms
* libv looks in the box for oliv3r
<oliv3r> Turl: what do I know
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<libv> hrm, i wonder where i left that box
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<libv> oliv3r: none was included
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<libv> oliv3r: but it does have irda
<oliv3r> libv: is there an IR 'eye'
<libv> oliv3r: yup
<oliv3r> ok i should get it shouldn't I
<libv> only 30€ is a pretty good deal imho
<libv> i will try to document this device tonight still
* libv just got out of his post-FOSDEM ancient-dosgame playing phase
<libv> some emails seem to have gathered as well :)
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<oliv3r> dosbox?
<libv> yeah
<libv> i wonder how well that works on a20 actually
<binaryferret> It works pretty well :D
<oliv3r> :D
<libv> binaryferret: cool :)
<oliv3r> dosbox + win98
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> libv: which game was it bytw?
<libv> maybe i should try it on one of my tablet... argh!
<libv> no, been there, done that, i will have a chance to do so _next_ year
<oliv3r> libv: been where, done what?
<oliv3r> oh btw, I i need to make this official some point anyway
<libv> 1994, sid meiers colonization. wholly politically incorrect, buggy, but it gripped me back then and i still love it today
<oliv3r> I'm officially now working for Ultimaker (ultimaker.com)
<oliv3r> i'll be finishing up my horror job the next few days
<libv> oliv3r: cool, you got the job quicker than you expected!
<libv> oliv3r: congratulations
<libv> oliv3r: so it was more than just a few days of filling in for a friend
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<oliv3r> yeah now it will be :)
<oliv3r> embedded software development
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<libv> someone please fix mkutsevol for a bit
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<oliv3r> yes please
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<libv> Turl?
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<Turl> sorry for the delay libv :)
<libv> :)
<libv> it got solved
<libv> i wonder if he ever was an actually active user of our channel
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<oliv3r> Turl: you pinged me
<oliv3r> libv: which game was it
<oliv3r> oh nvm i saw it now
<oliv3r> col was awe-some
<Turl> libv: also on #cubieboard fwiw
<Turl> oliv3r: maybe you knew how boot1 selects fel mode and what not
<oliv3r> I did a show'n'tell at ultimaker allready
<libv> oh, november 10 he had some questions
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<oliv3r> Turl: it can; if oyu press '2' during boot
<libv> and he has been lurking ever since
<Turl> oliv3r: the problem is that it always enters fel mode because of a key :)
<oliv3r> we may even use a LIME or something for something :) i'm trying to push
<Turl> oliv3r: he wants it not to enter fel mode :p
<oliv3r> no uart output then proably
<oliv3r> which means a short somewhere
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<Turl> binaryferret: can you link me again to the new driver?
<binaryferret> the driver that I built from source?
<binaryferret> or the android one?
<Turl> the new source one
<libv> oliv3r: this tv box, is from a well-known german "restposten" seller
<libv> and these devices are ones that customers sent back
<libv> under german law, you get like a month where you can send your online or mail bought stuff back and get your money back, without having to give any reason
<binaryferret> http://binaryferret.com/tmp/gslx680_ts.ko that's what I built. The link to the actual repos where I got the source is https://gitorious.org/gslx680-for-sunxi
<oliv3r> libv: and not include the remote! :(
<binaryferret> Turl: Not sure if it matters, but this http://binaryferret.com/tmp/gslx680.fw is the firmware file that is taken from the original module, and used with the built module.
<Turl> binaryferret: try removing lines 163-166 and ctp_io_port from your fex
<libv> oliv3r: true
<binaryferret> Ok will do that now.
<oliv3r> still 30E is a nice price
<libv> oliv3r: but tbh, you must have a few remotes lying about already
<oliv3r> actually, they are scarce!
<Turl> oliv3r: don't you have a mele?
<Turl> that has a remote :)
<oliv3r> dgot a few dbox ones :D
<oliv3r> i do not @turl
<Turl> maybe you should get one then :p
<oliv3r> i know!
<libv> oliv3r: surely you have like a universal remote somewhere
<kivutar> anybody here with a cubieboard2 and a serial to usb willing to boot an image and tell me the kernel error? I'm trying to port openelec
<libv> somewhere in some drawer, with batteries which are flowing out already
<Turl> libv: and if he doesn't, they're cheap
<Turl> :p
<Turl> oliv3r: ouch oliv3r :(
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: I have on desk
<Turl> odd that they run their forum on :81 btw
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<libv> kivutar: please spend 5$currency on a uart ;p
<libv> well, uart-to-usb thingie
<binaryferret> Turl: Just to check when you say remove lined, are you talking about the original one from android, or the script.fex file I posted to pastebin?
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<Turl> binaryferret: the original one from android doesn't have it
<Turl> you added it to your fex, remove that
<binaryferret> Okdokey.
<kivutar> libv, already did, but still waiting for the package to be delivered ;)
<libv> :)
<oliv3r> kivutar: i thought openelec was ported ages ago
<oliv3r> Turl: i think their chinese board runs on :80; bbs.mele.cn
<Turl> can't they use hostnames like normal people? :p
<oliv3r> well one is bbs.mele.cn the other forums.mele.cn
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<oliv3r> but i got the idiot reply; which makes me sad :(
<kivutar> oliv3r, xbmc was, not openelec
<Turl> oliv3r: it's probably some low rank community manager for non.cn
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<Turl> 2
<Turl> fuu
<oliv3r> kivutar: what's the diff! :)
<binaryferret> Turl: Unfortunetly I get a few messages like [ 57.362486] gslx680: script_parser_fetch err.
<Turl> binaryferret: followed by tp_io request gpio fai ?
<Turl> you can ignore that
<kivutar> oliv3r, xbmc is a mediacenter, openelec is an OS
<kivutar> in my case, I use openelec without xbmc so I don't care if xbmc is ported or not
<kivutar> that makes a big difference
<kivutar> openelec before being an xbmc distro is a nice cross compiling distro
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: ..., it has cubietruck uboot
<Turl> binaryferret: did you change anything else than kill the io_port line on the fex from your previously working one?
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: how it is comparing to openembedded
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<binaryferret> I removed lines 163 to 166 and the cpt_io_port line.
<Turl> binaryferret: and ctp_twi_addr = 0x15 still on the fex?
<Turl> binaryferret: (or 0x40? just noticed they're different)
<binaryferret> No sorry. I removed it. I take it I misunderstood and those lines should resemble what they used to be
<binaryferret> ctp_twi_id, ctp_twi_addr, ctp_firmware, ctp_screen_max_x were removed (163-166)
<binaryferret> along with ctp_io_port
<Turl> binaryferret: ahh
<Turl> I probably wasn't clear enough
<Turl> remove them from the driver c file
<Turl> that if block
<binaryferret> OOOo sorry lol.
<Turl> pretty big coincidence that they're on the ctp section lol
<binaryferret> lol yeah
<binaryferret> I was wondering when I removed ctp_screen_max_x if I had misunderstood :D
<binaryferret> I'll do that now and get back to you and rebuild it etc.
<kivutar> Nyuutwo, strange, I used the cubieboard fex, not the cubietruck fex
<oliv3r> kivutar: wasn't openelc a xbmc based oS :p
<kivutar> I never tried openembedded yet
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: fex, but not u-boot
<Nyuutwo> u-boot configures DRAM and it is probably failing
<Turl> oliv3r: xbmc is an app :p
<Nyuutwo> afair cubietruck has 2GB and cubie2 has only 1GB
<oliv3r> doesn't openelec center around xbmc
<kivutar> Nyuutwo, you have a cubietruck too?
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: nope
<oliv3r> i always see these raspbmc vs openelec talks
<kivutar> oliv3r, yes it is, but some of its forks are not
<kivutar> my fork uses retroarch in replacement of xbmc
<Turl> what we do have is OpenEmbedded https://linux-sunxi.org/OpenEmbedded
<kivutar> anyway thanks Nyuutwo for having tryied the image, I will get the right u-boot
<kivutar> Turl, nice, I will try it then
<kivutar> maybe it would be more suited than openelec for my project
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: be prepared for some gotchas in oe
<Turl> cool, we have a cedar encoding gst plugin https://github.com/ebutera/gst-plugin-cedar
<Turl> why don't people come over here and talk about the stuff :p
<Nyuutwo> Turl: does it high profile?
<Turl> Nyuutwo: dunno
<kivutar> Nyuutwo, why?
<Turl> it's based on a PoC so it's probably PoC too
<oliv3r> i think that guy was here
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: i worked with oe, and it is targeted for users not developers of packages
<Turl> Nyuutwo: here's the PoC limitations https://github.com/jemk/cedrus/tree/master/h264enc#limitations
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: like, when you recompile it doesn't show you log what was done
<Nyuutwo> but you can force to do it
<Nyuutwo> or nonremoving sources of compiled packages which just eat space by default
<nove> Turl, Enrico announced here, is the right path but i think is a bit too early, better to wait for when the driver starts to get in shape
<kivutar> wow
<Turl> nove: oh, good then :)
<kivutar> what's that bitbake thing
<Turl> isn't that what yocto et al use?
<kivutar> derived from portage.. ok
<kivutar> is it C?
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: python/bash heap of kludgecoding to leash crosscompiling of packages which developers didn't thought of doing that
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: more like emerge
<Turl> kivutar: python acording to wiki
<Nyuutwo> bb files are like portage
<kivutar> wow python...
<binaryferret> Turl: I'm going to have to rebuild the kernel before hand, as I've just realised that the tab I'm using I built at work. I'm at home so when I build the driver and now try and insmod it, it moans about versions.
<kivutar> its even worse than cmake
<nove> Nyuutwo: the hardware appears to be capable of high profile encoding, appears because the result wasn't tested to see if it really uses high profile features
<Turl> binaryferret: check uname, you can probably find the hash used to build there and check that out with git
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: cmake doing rootfs would be much worse than bitbake
<kivutar> looks like oe supports a lot of boards
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: it is easy to add new
<binaryferret> Turl: Good idea. Cheers.
<kivutar> layers are like overlays?
<Nyuutwo> http://hastebin.com/xobulutege.md - some example of working exaple of new board, but I have to do properly and publish
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: yup
<Nyuutwo> they also have priority
<Nyuutwo> and you have bbappend which just add a bit of bbfile
<kivutar> I see
<Nyuutwo> btw portage cannot into full crosscompiling afaik
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: why not?
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: when you need run tool on host to generate file for target
<oliv3r> i think you can emerge into a specific root
<oliv3r> with dependancies from that root
<oliv3r> though i immediatly admit, i haven't tried all that yet; but i think the embedded handbook talks about it
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: yup cross-emerge, but I think something broke when I tried
<oliv3r> ah yeah; i think it did
<oliv3r> but i did it 2 years ago
<Nyuutwo> and it don't create rootfs tarball for deploy
<Nyuutwo> armv4tl-softfloat-linux-gnueabi-emerge -av @system - will try it
<binaryferret> Darn uname -a isn't giving me a hash. Unsure how other way to get the build hash
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<oliv3r> softfloat? armv4? ouch
<oliv3r> no armv7hf
<kivutar> and what about angstrom?
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<Turl> binaryferret: long shot you can try /proc/config.gz
<Turl> time to rebuild otherwise :p
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: s3c2440 (tekway oscilloscope ;p)
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: didn't tried to compile it
<Nyuutwo> i once tried use it on htc wizard but it was so slow
<Nyuutwo> and some android ui
<Nyuutwo> on tablet i plan use archlinux
<binaryferret> Hehe alas not. Rebuild it is.
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<Nyuutwo> but I need axp support to powerdown it
<Nyuutwo> and some suspend would be nice
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<kivutar> oe looks tentaculous
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: ??
<kivutar> Nyuutwo, i'm giving a try to yocto
<kivutar> it is almost the same right?
<Nyuutwo> kivutar: not so same
<kivutar> oh
<Nyuutwo> oe is a system of building and it provides some basic packages
<Nyuutwo> yocto (pocky) is a distro based on oe
<Nyuutwo> afair it is reference distro
<kivutar> mmmh
<Nyuutwo> but yocto says about itself it is not a distro but tool to create your custom one
<Nyuutwo> and oe/yocto ecosystem just develops wild
<Nyuutwo> trying to upgrade from one release to another it is like to bump version of kernel to your kernel modules
<Nyuutwo> it just sometime breaks
<kivutar> well it is the same with openelec
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<binaryferret> Turl: Ok, rebuilt (issue with 8188eu wifi driver now but will look into that later) and I get this output http://pastebin.com/ZP6QFrEd
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<Turl> binaryferret: does it work?
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<binaryferret> Alas no. Still no events on evtest :(
<Turl> binaryferret: what about the interrupts now?
<binaryferret> Turl: Still growing when not touching screen.
<Turl> binaryferret: hrm
<Turl> binaryferret: do you have/can you install i2cdetect?
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<binaryferret> Yep alreayd installed
<binaryferret> on bus i2c-1 I get a 27 at 0x27, UU at 0x40 and a UU at 0x51
<Turl> binaryferret: what's UU?
<binaryferret> Not sure. It's just the charactrers that are displayed. I'll google and find out
<Turl> ah, in use by driver
<binaryferret> Yep that's the one.
<Turl> 0x51 is your rtc
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<binaryferret> Ok.
<Turl> binaryferret: iirc there was a flag to force the scan, can you see if there's anything on 40 really?
<Turl> 0x40 that is
<binaryferret> Okdokey. So uninstall the mod and then do i2cdetect?
<Turl> that should work too
<binaryferret> ok on i2c 1 it at 0x40 it shows 40
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<Turl> binaryferret: if you run ./pio -m 'port:PB03<1><default><default><1>'
<Turl> does it disappear?
<binaryferret> I don't have pio. I'll have to get that.
<binaryferret> Well I have it, but not on the device.
<binaryferret> Turl: Sorry to sound like a newb, but I get a usage message (what commands to input) when I run pio. I can't seem to correct the above.
<Turl> binaryferret: did you pass -m?
<Turl> binaryferret: maybe it doesn't take the port:, I don't have the tool here to double chek
<Turl> check*
<binaryferret> I typed ./pio -m 'port:PB03<1><default><default><1>'
<Turl> try without port:
<binaryferret> Ok I ran it without the word port: and it didn't complain. I then did i2cdetect 1 and on address 0x40 I got 40.
<Turl> any new numbers?
<binaryferret> Nope.
<Turl> binaryferret: now rerun pio, but change the first 1 to a 0
<Turl> and try agai
<Turl> n
<binaryferret> Okdokey. Still the same numbers.
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<Turl> ahh sorry
<Turl> it's the last 1, not the first that you need to change
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<Turl> keep the first 1 as 1
<binaryferret> Ok, so we sent 0 as the data? part of the pin config?
<binaryferret> 0x40 no longer contains anything.
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<Turl> ok, so 0 shuts down the chip
<Turl> 1 wakes it up
<binaryferret> Ahhhhh I see.
<Turl> binaryferret: now load your driver and do ./pio -m PB03
<Turl> make sure it's at 1
<binaryferret> ok so wake up chip, then install mod.
<Turl> the module should wake up the chip itself
<Turl> install it and confirm it's awake using pio
<Turl> ./pio -m PB03
<Turl> should print the pin config
<binaryferret> Okdokey PB3<1><0><1><1>
<Turl> that's fine
<Turl> :/
<Turl> dunno then
<Turl> have you visually confirmed that's the chip on the tablet?
<binaryferret> I haven't visually. I've just manually uninstalled and installed the android driver while android is running, and read that the gslx680 will be on i2c 1 address 0x40.
<binaryferret> However I'll open the backup and get out my loop.
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<Turl> binaryferret: usually that testing is enough
<Turl> I don't see anything going wrong though, sorry :(
<Turl> the continuous interrupts are a bit odd however
<Turl> maybe the driver author has some other idea
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<binaryferret> No worries matey. Thank you for all the assistance. At least I've learnt some new ways to debug.
<binaryferret> Silead gsl1680
<binaryferret> it says on the chip.
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<Turl> binaryferret: you can try https://github.com/rastersoft/gsl1680
<Turl> although a userspace driver is kind of weird :)
<binaryferret> That was my next port of call. However I wanted to exhaust as many avenues in this before I went skipping off to try other things. I tend to sometimes get excited and start jumping around areas a little too often, so I'm being good and ticking of things as I go along :D
<Turl> :)
<Turl> binaryferret: see also https://linux-sunxi.org/GSL1680
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<binaryferret> Awesome. Will check them out. Thanks for all your help.
<Turl> anytime :)
<Wizzup> btw, has anyone tried getting grsec on top of linux-sunxi?
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