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<Turl> anytime
<Turl> mrnuke: really? "In sunxi MMC init. FUCK YEAH!!!" :P
<protoCall7> lol I saw a compiler error fly by earlier about a function called "fork_zero_fucks" :-P
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<mrnuke> Turl: that's what the code outputs. You have no idea how much headache I had to endure to get the uboot code to compile under coreboot env
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<mrnuke> Turl: That is one hell of a well-earned "FUCK YEAH!!!"
<mrnuke> Turl: but I can remove that line from the wiki if you so desire
<Turl> mrnuke: I don't desire anything
<Turl> just found it funny w/o context
<Turl> :P
<mrnuke> Turl: feel like giving it a try, see if you can do anything useful with lichee uboot?
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<Turl> mrnuke: what can one wish to do with lichee uboot? :p
<mrnuke> try to see how one could play with NAND ?
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<Turl> mrnuke: but you still need an SD. kind of missing the point :p
<mrnuke> no need for boot0/boot1 binaries -- or did oliv3r's talk completely misrepresent the issue?
<Turl> mrnuke: well yeah, no need for boot0/boot1
<Turl> mrnuke: but you trade that for needing an SD
<mrnuke> SD is cheap
<Turl> mrnuke: devices have a finite number of user accesible SD slots
<Turl> often just 1
<mrnuke> did I say "permanent solution" somewhere?
* mrnuke reading backlog
<Turl> mrnuke: no, you didn't
<Turl> mrnuke: m
<Turl> fu kbrd
<mrnuke> BTW, with 3.4 I keep dd'ing /dev/zero to start of /dev/nand, but I can't seem to clear whatever bootloader is there. I reboot with no SD and it still prints me pretty messages
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<Turl> the bootloader is on an inaccesible part I think
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<Turl> the first thing you can write is the "mbr"
<mrnuke> mhm. could lichee uboot have access to the bootloader?
<Turl> (or at least hose it)
<Turl> mrnuke: easy solution is to buy a board without nand :)
<Turl> the mtd uboot may be able to write it as well
<Turl> who knows
<mrnuke> mtd uboot. Wait, what? How many uboots do we have?
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<Turl> mtd uboot is the main one + mtd patches
<Turl> mrnuke: just the "main one" and lichee
<Turl> (which is wip still I think)
<Turl> bbrezillon may know more
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<mrnuke> bbrezillon... Where did I see that nicj before?
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<mrnuke> oooh yeaah. He's the one with the NAND branch of sunxi-devel
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<mrnuke> bbrezillon: I think in your DT patches for NAND, you don't declare pin PC24, but that one is a DQS line or something that should be in the base group
<mrnuke> yup. NDQS according to datasheet and cubie schematic
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<protoCall7> has anyone had any luck getting source code out of Allwinner?
<protoCall7> I'm about ready to start sending letters to Onda and Allwinner, asking that they honor the GPL and get me the source :-/
<protoCall7> I highly doubt they care though
<Turl> protoCall7: what source are you missing?
<protoCall7> kernel for one
<protoCall7> but I'd really love to have the full A31s SDK
<Turl> they're only legally obliged to give you the GPL bits
<Turl> so kernel and uboot
<protoCall7> it identifies itself as sun6i, but I'm not sure that the code for the kernel and uboot are the same as the standard A31
<protoCall7> *nod* but it would sure be nice of them to give us the binary blobs too ;) (not gonna happen, I'm sure)
<libv> protoCall7: what is it you really want?
<protoCall7> libv at this point, a datasheet, the kernel sources, and any proprietary modules (no source required on those, of course) would be amazingly helpful
<libv> protoCall7: helpful for what?
<protoCall7> I'm trying to port cyanogenmod
<protoCall7> I've used the A10 and A20 examples in github as a starting point, but those have only gotten me so far
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<bbrezillon> mrnuke: sorry for the huge delay, in fact DQS is only usefull when interfacing with a DDR (or synchronous) NAND, this is why I kept it out of the base pins
<mrnuke> bbrezillon: OK. Makes sense.
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<mrnuke> bbrezillon: BTW, how did you test the code?
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: but I should definitely define a nand_ddr_pins
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: I boot on an SD card
<bbrezillon> and then use the NAND driver to read/write on the NAND flash
<mrnuke> so your github branch already has the MMC driver?
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<bbrezillon> mrnuke: no I meant from u-boot, then I load a ramfs
<bbrezillon> so that I don't need the MMC driver
<mrnuke> ooh. I see. I tried to merge your branch locally, and ended up with a kernel that freezes on boot. (probably a PEBKAC here)
<bbrezillon> but IRC the MMC driver is nearly mainlined, so you should be able to apply MMC patches on top of my branch
<bbrezillon> you're using a cubietruck ?
<mrnuke> no. cubieboard. I did however add things to my devicetrees
<bbrezillon> are you sure about the irq you put in your NAND node ?
<mrnuke> completely uncertain. Thanks for pointing that out.
<hypophthalmus> So I'm having trouble with my serial console freezing up on my Mele A1000. It was suggested that the usb module could be bad (although it was brand new). But I tried another one, and it's doing the same thing. Any ideas of what could be wrong / how I can make it more reliable?
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: wait, I started to define DT nodes for cubieboard
<bbrezillon> I'll search for these patches :)
<mrnuke> bbrezillon: I can test, if I am able to boot off MMC. If you need me to test, I can pull in from your github
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: http://pastebin.com/BXJM4uzS
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: sure, any test is welcome
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: BTW, you were asking about booting from NAND in u-boot, I'm not sure this will work with the current u-boot + mtd patches
<bbrezillon> because the ECC layout (ECC bytes placement in the OOB area) is different from the one chosen by yuq when he developped his driver
<bbrezillon> you were also asking about accesss to boot0 partition, and this is supported (but not much tested) by the last version of my driver (the one you can find on my github)
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<mrnuke> bbrezillon: I'll be happy if I can just nuke those blobs from my board :)
<bbrezillon> BTW, is anyone interested in porting my driver to u-boot ? This way we would a complete NAND bootable solution
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: do you want my rootfs and kernel .config ?
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: my bootargs to boot from ext2 ramfs: bootargs = "console=ttyS0,115200 earlyprintk root=/dev/ram0 rootfstype=ext2 rw"
<hypophthalmus> The ethernet connection on my device just randomly started working but I booted this time... but I didn't do anything.
<hypophthalmus> Well, whatever the reason, my device seems to be working now and I finally have a kernel where both my usb soundcard and ehci work at the same time. Thanks for everyone's help.
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<mrnuke> bbrezillon: finally got something working here. Seems I have a bunch of bad eraseblocks
<memleak> hi mrnuke
<memleak> what time do you usually go to bed?
<mrnuke> memleak: about two hours ago usually
<memleak> ah
<memleak> those cigars keeping you awake?
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: If you programmed the NAND flash using AW tools this is normal
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: you'll have to comment a line in the kernel code in order to erase the NAND blocks considered as bad
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: http://pastebin.com/SLE5ztnL
<mrnuke> bbrezillon: I did some funky merging of your branch, your a10 dts pastebin and sunxi-devel.
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: be careful, if you erase the NAND you will loose everything stored on it
<mrnuke> I do get a /dev/mtd0, and I can read it, but can't yet write to it
<mrnuke> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mtd0 bs=8192 count=1 -> dd: error writing ‘/dev/mtd0’: Input/output error
<bbrezillon> you have to erase it before writing it
<bbrezillon> flash_erase tool
<bbrezillon> ;)
<bbrezillon> flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 0
<bbrezillon> should work
<bbrezillon> then you can write on it
<wens> seems a bit... too low level :p
<memleak> are you root?
<memleak> gotta say it with a thick scottish accent...
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: how many mtd devices do you get ?
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: (you should have 3)
<mrnuke> mtd0 and mtd0ro
<bbrezillon> could you pastebin the dmesg result
<bbrezillon> ?
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<mrnuke> night!
<protoCall7> anyone know of a way to identify if my kernel came from Allwinner, or the device manufacturer?
<plaes> in android?
<protoCall7> yes
<plaes> check device info, it gives some info about the kernel
<protoCall7> I can send a uname over if that's of use
<protoCall7> I'll take a peek
<bbrezillon> mrnuke: thanks and good night :)
<protoCall7> Kernel 3.3.0 huangzhihua@SRV2013 #1
<protoCall7> and the build date
<protoCall7> ... not too telling
<plaes> yup
<plaes> Onda V701s ?
<protoCall7> V975s
<memleak> what is the point of the fex file? what if you just use u-boot without it?
<plaes> memleak: yup, u-boot doesn't use it
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<memleak> if you don't have or use a fex file, what happens to the GPIOs and DRAM? does it revert back to hardware defaults?
<plaes> mm.. probably
<plaes> or it crashes :)
<memleak> nobody knows?
<plaes> well, check the code
<memleak> i did but its not obvious, matter of fact it's very cludgey
<plaes> script.bin is just a way to specify board configuration: so you can use same kernel and drivers on different allwinner boards
<memleak> if you're only using one kernel on one system, you dont need script.bin?
<plaes> it specifies board configuration
<plaes> which drivers to add and where are various peripherals connected
<plaes> and which parts of SoC to enable
<plaes> basically same as devicetree in the mainline kernel
<memleak> isn't uboot supposed to handle the locations of everything?
<plaes> nope, uboot sets up minimal environment to load and execute the kernel
<memleak> ok
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<memleak> plaes, are you aware if cubieboard2 has hardware default for DRAM etc?
<memleak> or must it be told everything?
<memleak> also whats this open source fex alternative the link you sent me referring to in sunxi-tools?
<memleak> fexc?
<memleak> holy fuck mel gibson looks old!
<plaes> there, fixed the link there
<plaes> yes, fexc
<memleak> HAWSOME
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<memleak> hey hey hey hey hey hey hey kuldeepdhaka wazzap boi
<memleak> plaes, thank you :)
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<kuldeepdhaka> memleak, o/
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<memleak> kuldeepdhaka, how is youz mang?
<kuldeepdhaka> memleak, ? :|
<memleak> hmm?
<kuldeepdhaka> memleak, idk whose is that?
<memleak> whos you?
<kuldeepdhaka> memleak, human
<memleak> wait...
<memleak> HAAAHAHA you thought by youz mang i meant a person's name!?
<memleak> i was asking how you were
<kuldeepdhaka> memleak, doing well! wau?
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<memleak> GREAT!
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<jelly-home> hm, A23 tablet for $37+shipping, that one might even be real
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<rm> how much for shipping
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<grafgustav> Good day! I use the cubieboard 2 with the linux-sunxi kernel 3.4.79. We are trying to implement SPI, thus compiled them and added the modules manually. The correct module (spidev) does load, however the expected device /dev/spidev0.0 does not appear. We did compile the User mode SPI device driver support as a module. Has anybody faced this or a similar issue?
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<memleak> grafgustav, good to know someone else besides me is working on SPI driver :)
<codekipper> mrnuke, Thanks for fixing the devel branch. I'm now booting debian and openwrt with the mainline kernel on my Mele.
<memleak> grafgustav, you looked at this page right? https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/spi/spidev
<codekipper> is anybody running 3.4.x with Hans' u-boot? My console doesn't work with this setup but it does with the mainline.
<memleak> grafgustav, for reference (even though you're using sun7i like me) http://linux-sunxi.org/SPIdev
<wens> codekipper: you can't use Hans' u-boot with 3.4
<wens> grafgustav: spidev is just the userspace<->kernel space tunnel
<codekipper> wens, :(. I was hoping for one card to rule them all with my development. Oh well, nevermind
<wens> you need the actual SPI driver for your SoC
<memleak> wens, correct but its not showing up in /dev for him
<memleak> and there is no official spi driver for sun7i (hes working on it like me)
<wens> I see
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<memleak> indeed :)
<codekipper> wens, however, the platform does seem to boot and I can ssh over my wireless network
<codekipper> just the console's not working.
<wens> that sounds weird, it shouldn't boot altogether
<codekipper> wens: I've got all the files in my boot partition that I need and I just copy over the uEvt.txt
<memleak> hmm hes AFK now
<memleak> well im off to bed!
<wens> well I've never used the 3.4 kernel save for the time I was REing the wifi
<memleak> sleep well sunxi / cubie devs / allwinner folks
<memleak> 5am and 6 beers finally cured my insomnia for the night!
<wens> memleak: seems like you're somewhere in the middle of the pacific?
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<codekipper> it works quite nicely...I have working 3.4.79, modified 3.4.79 and 3.14.5 which starts up on my debian partition and openwrt partition
<memleak> im in chicago il
<wens> oh right! 5am, missed that
<memleak> LOL
<memleak> byeeee
<grafgustav> goddamnit. Somebody answers for once and I miss it
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<speakman> Any idea how to get the raw pressure from the sun4i-ts driver? tslib (ts_print) just gives 0 och 255 and nothing in between.
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<plaes> speakman: probably from /dev/input somewhere
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<Seppoz> how cna i get rid of the dual system message output?
<Seppoz> speakman: i dont think the sunxi ts drive heav preassure
<Net147> Seppoz: for serial debug? disable CONFIG_DEBUG_LL I think
<speakman> Seppoz: Are you sure? How does rtp_press_threshold in the Fex file work then?
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<speakman> Looks like the threshold value is sent into the hardware and the filtering is done before reaching the sun4i-ts driver.
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<Seppoz> how would i get the IRQ Number of Port PH21?
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<oliv3r> Turl: yeah; i posted without backreading
<oliv3r> Turl: feel free to complain if you don't have enough time ;)
<oliv3r> but those 3 chapters are pretty short and easy
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<oliv3r> lkcl: well hello you!
<Turl> oliv3r: nah, time is np :p
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah, they're rather short
<Turl> *too* short, in case of the 2nd one imo :p
<Turl> Seppoz: it's the PIO IRQ
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<oliv3r> Turl: yeah i had it planned longer, but shortened it quite a bit done
<oliv3r> down*
<oliv3r> but feel free to add suggestions!
<oliv3r> remember this is a book aimed at people like puneet :p
<Turl> hahaha
<Turl> oliv3r: ha, now puneet wants to nuke boot0/1
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<wens> better not tell him how, or he'll come back crying
<plaes> oliv3r: then you need to add a section with proper email and asking etiquette :)
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<Turl> plaes: that'd be a fine idea :P
<oliv3r> that's appendix A :p
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<ccaione> I want a signed copy :)
<Turl> ccaione: you should've signed up as reviewer
<Turl> you get one :P
<Turl> mripard: yay inbox flood :)
<ccaione> Turl: I'm not self confident enough to be a reviewer ;)
<wigyori> jelly-home: that a23 tablet, where did you ifnd it?
<mripard> Turl: consider yourself lucky, I considered adding support for a clk-default-parent DT property :)
<Turl> mripard: someone already did
<Turl> generic one, to set parent and freq
<Turl> I pointed you to it didn't I?
<wigyori> jelly: d0h - thanks :)
<Turl> mripard: I wanted to ask you btw, can you guarantee the machine hook runs after the clock registration and before the sweeping disable?
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<Turl> hm
<Turl> mripard: did you send duped patches?
<mripard> Turl: yes, and no
<mripard> pfff
<mripard> ti,default-parent
<mripard> ...
<mripard> seriously, what's so ti-specific about it ? :)
<Turl> only supported for TI specific mux clock for now,
<Turl> as generic mux clock does not support DT clocks
<Turl> :p
<Turl> whatever that means
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<mripard> :)
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<lkcl> oliv3r: allo sah
<wens> didn't someone also send patches for parent/clock rate setting via DT?
<Turl> mripard: when do the arm soc guys stop pulling btw?
<Seppoz> anybody knows where this error is from?
<mripard> Turl: somewhere arond now
<Seppoz> why i cant request gpio?
* Turl needs to get organized, too much stuff to do these days
<mripard> Turl: I'll send my pull request in an hour or so
<Turl> mripard: I'll try to send the clock one this week then; am I missing anything?
<wens> Seppoz: you are requesting IRQ on a GPIO directly? and on mainline?
<Seppoz> not on mainline
<Seppoz> im not sure if its gpio
<Seppoz> it should be eint
<Seppoz> what is the correct wa of converting gpio handler from request_ex into irq that i can use in request?
<wens> I don't know the 3.4 code, sorry
<wens> Seppoz: you should gpio_request (not sure this is the name), followed by gpio_to_irq()
<mripard> Seppoz: you requested two times the same irq number.
<Turl> you need to request the PIO irq
<mripard> Turl: I don't think so
<mripard> Turl: nope
<mripard> you need to request whatever is return by gpio_to_irq.
<Turl> (it is ugly as hell though)
<Seppoz> what is the PIO irq?
<Turl> Seppoz: the interrupt that signals an EINT interrupt has occured
<Seppoz> problem is that i dont think gpio_to_irq works on request_ex handler
<Seppoz> its all gay
<Seppoz> i hate allwinner
<mripard> Turl: yeah, they are always right...
<wens> Turl: never trust bad vendor code :/
<mripard> and they actually have IRQF_SHARED
<mripard> and Seppoz doesn't.
<Seppoz> i tried with shared
<Turl> the handler goes and cleans the eint flag manually
<Seppoz> int_port = gpio_request_ex("gt911_para", "int_port");
<Seppoz> thats what i have
<mripard> Seppoz: it's not just you, it's also whatever other driver requested the driver before.
<Seppoz> how do i get the irq from this for request
<wens> Turl: well if the pio driver in 3.4 doesn't actually do irqs, then that's the only way to do it :(
<mripard> wens: I was pretty sure it did
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<wens> mripard: yeah, just took a quick glance, it does.
<wens> so that goodix code is doing it wrong
<Seppoz> so what is the way to convert a gpio handler to irq?
<mripard> gpio_to_irq
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<wens> Seppoz: int irq = gpio_to_irq(int_port); request_irq(irq, ....);
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<Seppoz> so that ft5xx fails with the same error
<Seppoz> can i see which driver requested which irq?
<mripard> /proc/interrupts
<mripard> but also, the end of the error message tells you so
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<Seppoz> which?
<wens> [ 19.811020] current handler: sunxi-gpio
<Seppoz> ok but i didnt add it there
<Seppoz> how do i find out where it comes from?
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<wens> what are you talking about? this is from the traceback you pasted
<wens> the stacktrace tells you where this came from
<Seppoz> RQ handler - redirect interrupts to virtual irq chip static irqreturn_t sunxi_gpio_irq_handler(int irq, void *devid)
<Seppoz> maybe i have to use the virtual irq address?
<mripard> gpio_to_irq returns a virtual irq
<wens> Seppoz: you are supposed to use whatever irq gpio_to_irq gave you, not the IRQ for the pio controller
<Seppoz> ok let me try with that
<mrnuke> hi mripard
popolon_ has joined #linux-sunxi
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<Seppoz> kernel crashes on gpio to irq
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<Seppoz> are you sire i can pass a handler to this?
<mripard> Seppoz: show us the code
<mripard> mrnuke: hi
<Seppoz> sure, sec
<mrnuke> mripard: I hope my SPI dt patches didn't make you facepalm
* mrnuke quietly hides behind the furniture
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<wens> mrnuke: i think they're good, except for a typo ( double "PC20" ) for spi2, which someone pointed out
<Seppoz> [ 3.316357] INT HANDLER: 4001487616, this is the content of int_port
<Seppoz> thats what i pass to gpio_to_irq
<mripard> mrnuke: hmmm, I didn't see them actually.
<mrnuke> mripard: I made the istake of sending them to sunxi list, but not CC'ing anything else
<wens> Seppoz: this looks more like an error returned from gpio_request_ex
<Seppoz> well i can use that handler to control the gpio by gpio_write_one_pin_value
<Seppoz> i meassured and it works
<mripard> mrnuke: ah, that's why then, please use scripts/get_maintainer.pl in the kernel source, and cc whoever shows up
<wens> Seppoz: please ignore my last reply
<mripard> otherwise, I won't 1) most likely see them 2) merge them
<Seppoz> wens: are you sure that i can use gpio_to_irq to convert a gpio handler to irq?
<Seppoz> please note that gpio_request_ex does not return the gpio code but a handler
<Seppoz> *handle
<mrnuke> mripard: OK. Should I just resend them then?
<wens> Seppoz: yeah, I'm looking it up, and it seems gpio_request_ex is allwinner stuff :/
<Seppoz> it is
<Seppoz> its very messy
<Seppoz> and its really killing me
<Seppoz> on any other platform requesting irq or gpio takes 1 min
<Seppoz> here it bugs me for days now
<Seppoz> mripard: do you know how to do this correct?
<Seppoz> how is SW_INT_IRQNO_PIO defined?
<wens> the gpio driver uses the [gpio_para] section of the fex file
<mripard> mrnuke: yes, please
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<wens> so you'll have to define a gpio there (with a number)
<Seppoz> wens: no ph21 there
<Seppoz> why?
<wens> you add one :)
<Seppoz> i want that interrupt
<Seppoz> i can add gpio
<wens> hear me out
<Seppoz> ok
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<wens> then, you define in whatever section you're driver is using, some property to pass the gpio number you just defined
<Seppoz> not sure what you mean by that
<wens> then you use Linux's proper GPIO API: gpio_request_one + gpio_to_irq + request_irq
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<Seppoz> gpio_request_one that do i use there?
<Seppoz> the number i defined?
<wens> ok, say you define gpio_pin_1 = port:PH21<....> in [gpio_para], this tells the gpio driver you want to use PH21 as a gpio (see the fex guide)
<Seppoz> gpio_pin_18 = port:PH21<6><default><default><0>
<Seppoz> like this?
<wens> yeah
<wens> so in your case, gpio_pin_18 would probably be GPIO 17 in the kernel, which is mapped to PH21
<wens> then in your driver, you request GPIO 17 from the kernel, using the standard API
<wens> how you pass the number 17 is another problem
<Seppoz> lets try sound slike it could work
<wens> anyway, I've never done this, the above is an educated guess based on the code (drivers/gpio/gpio-sunxi.c)
<wens> hope you get it working
<Seppoz> well so far no error
<Seppoz> and it also triggers
<Seppoz> but i think its not setup correct
<Seppoz> atleast it looks better than before
<Seppoz> i actually think it works
<Seppoz> you are the man
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<Seppoz> thank you very much
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<memleak> you don't need sun4i keyboard driver for OHCI keyboard support right?
<memleak> what is sun4i keyboard driver under input devices -> keyboards even do? i looked at the code and it seemed way to simple to have any affect on USB keyboards
<memleak> do dis tingy, then do dat tingy, den do dis, if dat, do dat, else dat, den do dis, etc etc
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<ccaione> mripard: ping
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<oliv3r> if you had a homeserver (on a olimex) what would you do with it? samba, transmission, ssh, apache, what else would you think cool and very easy to do a basic install of
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<plaes> torrent? :)
<ArdaXi> does anyone have any idea why xorg-server fails to compile on my A20?
<ArdaXi> plaes: transmission seems to cover that
<plaes> indeed :)
<plaes> oliv3r: media box
<plaes> and also pbx
<ArdaXi> plaes: eh, video decoding isn't quite there yet
<plaes> ArdaXi: pictures, music falls under media too
<ArdaXi> at least stuff like xbmc fails horribly so far
<ArdaXi> which is why I'm trying to install X in the first place
<ArdaXi> and failing because of missing GL headers
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<bertrik> oliv3r: software defined radio listening station perhaps
<ArdaXi> !
<ArdaXi> I never thought of that
<ArdaXi> but stupidly I had been looking around what to do with my SDR
<mrnuke> oliv3r: I'd take it apart and do development on it. Whoo needs home servers anyway?
<ArdaXi> take it apart?
<mrnuke> assuming it came in a case
<ArdaXi> well, there's not usually a lot to 'take apart'
<ArdaXi> since olimex generally makes devboards
<mrnuke> nice! no need to take it apart. Just start hacking on it
<ArdaXi> doesn't take away the fact that I bought this particular one to use to play media
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: btw, this may have something on gentoo+vdpau+x https://github.com/StephanvanSchaik/gentoo-on-arm/blob/master/cubieboard2/video-decoding.md
<Wizzup> also, if you paste a log of the error I'd like to help
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: yeah, I vaguely know that dude
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: most likely, you just need to turn off -opengl as use flag
<Wizzup> Or rather, set -opengl
<ArdaXi> lemme check
<Wizzup> but if you can send a log
<ArdaXi> I thought I'd disabled that globally
<Wizzup> Ah, good ;)
<ArdaXi> yeah, I'll regen the log, been doing a bunch of things since
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<ArdaXi> Wizzup: the particular package that's failing is xorg-server
<ArdaXi> which does not have an opengl useflag
<Wizzup> can you paste the log ;)
<ArdaXi> it's generating
<ArdaXi> this thing isn't exactly fast at compiling
<Wizzup> :)
<Wizzup> It's better than my current laptop
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: I will be back in 30 minutes
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<oliv3r> plaes: transmission-daemon; done allready
<oliv3r> plaes: 'mediabox'? samba coers that :p
<oliv3r> bertrik: that's probably a little too mcuh for a beginner :)
<oliv3r> mrnuke: this is beginners style; think puneet!
<oliv3r> i was half way through a cups setup; but that requires too much
<oliv3r> it is really easy
<oliv3r> but yeah
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<ArdaXi> Wizzup: had to truncate it a bit because it was too long for sprunge, I cut out a few lines in the middle
<oliv3r> so nothing smart comes to mind? :p
<oliv3r> Turl: you dissapoint me!
<ArdaXi> GL/gl.h should be in media-libs/mesa
<ArdaXi> but I have that installed
<oliv3r> do you have gl installed or gl-dev :) the headers usually come with the dev packages
<ArdaXi> oliv3r: this is gentoo, every package is a dev package
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: xorg-server does have a opengl useflag-sure that is disabled?
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: oliv3r also uses gentoo :)
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: not here it doesn't
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<Wizzup> ArdaXi: ah, may be specific to the arm overlay
<Wizzup> ah..
<ArdaXi> I just checked, /usr/lib/opengl/xorg-x11/include/GL/gl.h exists
<Wizzup> alt. you can have a look at git://github.com/steev/arm.git
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: eselect opengl list?
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<ArdaXi> xorg-x11
<ArdaXi> only option, selected
<Wizzup> reselect it anyway :)
<Wizzup> where do files in /usr/include/GL point to
<ArdaXi> to ../../lib/opengl/global/include/GL/ and ../../lib/opengl/xorg-x11/include/GL/
<ArdaXi> but the list is rather incomplete
<ArdaXi> eselect thorws an error saying the implementation doesn't provide a libGL.so
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<oliv3r> ArdaXi: 'm a gentoo user myselfosm
<ArdaXi> oliv3r: ah, okay, well, the point remains =]
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<Wizzup> ArdaXi: so something is up for sure :)
<Wizzup> swabbles: ping
diego71 has joined #linux-sunxi
<ArdaXi> see, I'm tempted to just create the symlink that should be there in the first place and retry
<memleak> when you run mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d boot.cmd boot.scr and you have boot.cmd written correctly, is the load address and entry point supposed to be all 0s?
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: you can try, or maybe re-emerge mesa
<memleak> pastebin.ca/2658589
<memleak> does that look right to anyone?
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<ArdaXi> Wizzup: I've already re-emerged mesa thrice
<Wizzup> I see.
<Wizzup> #gentoo-{arm,embedded} may also be a good place to ask
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<memleak> "thrice" thats hilarious!
<memleak> ArdaXi, were you trying to be funny or do you actually say that? if you were serious i apologize
ioannis__ is now known as Black_Horseman
<Wizzup> thrice is valid afaik
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<ArdaXi> memleak: err, I was serious, but I also use that word for exactly that reason
<ArdaXi> it's a bit archaic, but yes, valid =]
<memleak> oops..
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<memleak> why is this channel so awesome? honestly we've got the best people in IRC right here!
<ArdaXi> I seem to see that sentiment in a lot of channels, really
<ArdaXi> I suppose people on IRC are generally pretty cool
<ArdaXi> especially devs
<Turl> oliv3r: owncloud, mediagoblin?
<ArdaXi> tahoe might be cool to play with
<ArdaXi> although not that easy
<memleak> chevy?
<memleak> mopar or no car...
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<memleak> you said tahoe and i couldnt help myself
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: making the symlink seems to have fixed it
Black_Horseman has joined #linux-sunxi
<Wizzup> interesting
<ArdaXi> at least it compiled
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<ccaione> lake tahoe
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<memleak> ccaione, nice one!
<ccaione> yeah ;)
<oliv3r> Turl: owncloud! that one is easy enough
<oliv3r> Turl: not sure about mediagoblin yet
<oliv3r> then again; that's probably because i don't know it well :)
<oliv3r> though for filesharing there's samba installed now, dlna might be a bit 'too advanced' to grasp
<oliv3r> owncloud does require a sql db i think
<oliv3r> worse, no owncloud debian package!
<oliv3r> i'm on jessie
<oliv3r> hmm maybe i'm not
<oliv3r> yeah i'll add backports
<oliv3r> should be a good lesson
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<oliv3r> Turl: for chapter 4, also remind me to update saucy to thar (i actually did install trusty thar, but the book still reads saucy)
<oliv3r> trusty i think it's called, not thar
<Turl> ok
<oliv3r> I'm just saying, so i don't randomly push changes after the first draft; and it's like 'why that change' :)
<Turl> haha ok :)
<oliv3r> the book will be released in june, and trusty is long out then and LTS release
<oliv3r> i don't know why i was stupid and went with saucy, at the time when i wrote it, i figured 'but thar is still beta'
<oliv3r> crapperino
<oliv3r> installing owncloud pulls in mysql :(
<oliv3r> and i didn't wanna bother with a db; or if so atleast with postgres
<oliv3r> and for owncloud, was thinking of simply using sqlite
<ArdaXi> owncloud is php, no?
<oliv3r> yeah
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<calhemp> oliver, I don't know if is valid, but I've a music server ( madsonic / subsonic) app and works very well in my cubieboard debian;) its java app but works fine to listen music with my friends
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<oliv3r> yeah mpd is probably a reasonable idea too
<calhemp> yes, I like the idea of home server with samba, ftp, transmission, mpd or alternative music app, and nginx or apache.
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<calhemp> oliver, and I don't know if is interresting? but a simple comment how to serial the device with arduino for simple bidireccional example? there are a lot of people with simple wheater stations or small projects with arduino and microdevices
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: okay, so how should I run an X server if all I want to use it for is libvdpau-enhanced mplayer?
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<Wizzup> ArdaXi: well, probably some kind of wm would still be nice, I guess it depends on the setting...
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: I don't need a window manager
<Wizzup> like, relaxing on the couch with no keyboard etc, or ssh access, or ...
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: to fullscreen mplayer maybe ;)
<ArdaXi> if libvdpau didn't depend on it, I wouldn't need X
<ArdaXi> I intend to control this with a web interface on a tablet
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<oliv3r> calhemp well there are gpio's in place allready; so those could be used just as much; but i make sure to mention it
<Wizzup> uh. I don't know, I think :)
<oliv3r> it s a good idea
<Wizzup> It's not that clear to me yet how you plan to control it
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: okay, let's keep it simple
<ArdaXi> I want to be able to run a command on SSH
<ArdaXi> and have video appear
<ArdaXi> on the framebuffer
<Wizzup> ach so
<Turl> ArdaXi: DISPLAY=:0 mpv ..... :)
<Wizzup> basically, you can just make mplayer start on startx
<Wizzup> or what Turl says
<ArdaXi> Turl: I do not have a DISPLAY=:0
akaizen has joined #linux-sunxi
<ArdaXi> because I have no X running atm
<Wizzup> but still, mplayer needs to be fullscreen - may be solved by starting it with -fs
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: put it in .xinitrc
<Turl> ArdaXi: set X to run automatically on boot or something
<ArdaXi> Turl: yes, the question here is how to get X to run at all
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: well, so your command can either also start X, or assume a running X
<ArdaXi> because right now it wants to run xterm
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: like I said- xinitrc
<ArdaXi> put what in .xinitrc?
<Wizzup> mpv foo
<akaizen> Hey Turl, are you still working on Android stuff for Allwinner/A20?
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: but I don't want _one_ foo
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: basically, you need something in xinitrc to make sure X doesn't stop
<Turl> akaizen: not actively, but the code is still on github
<Wizzup> which can be "awesome" as well
<Wizzup> or dwm
<ArdaXi> I just want to be able to run "command <file>" and have that file start playing
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: so X needs to be running with something, ideally a window manager
<Turl> akaizen: feel free to ask questions if you have doubts or anything
<ArdaXi> normally, this wouldn't require X at all
<ArdaXi> mplayer can run on the framebuffer on normal linux
<akaizen> Turl: awesome, can you point me to the repo, I'd like to kickstart activity up again
<Turl> ArdaXi: vdpau requires X though
<ArdaXi> Turl: then why does XBMC on the framebuffer work on sunxi?
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: does it use vdpau or openmax? :)
<Wizzup> It probably uses openmax then, with the android-hack
<ArdaXi> ah, okay, so I want to figure out how to get mplayer to do that then
<Turl> ArdaXi: XBMC uses the cedar blob doesn't it? not the RE'd vdpau lib
<Wizzup> ArdaXi: well, depends. XMBC is actually really nice for remote control
<Wizzup> So it depends on how hard you want to make your life ;-)
<ArdaXi> Wizzup: it is
<ArdaXi> it also doesn't work
<Wizzup> oh?
<ArdaXi> see the top banner
<ArdaXi> I've ran XBMC on this thing
<ArdaXi> it's completely unusable
<Wizzup> okay
<Wizzup> p.s. mpv is a lot better with vdpau, and mplayer2
<Wizzup> too
<ArdaXi> well, still, I'll want to use CedarX then
<Turl> ArdaXi: if you want to use the blob, you have xbmc and vlc
<ArdaXi> or VLC will do for now I suppose
<ArdaXi> Turl: I don't necessarily want to use the blob, I just don't want to use X
<Turl> ArdaXi: well, the other option is roll your own video decoder :)
<Turl> with the RE docs and vdpau it's not something impossible if you know what you're doing
<ArdaXi> why does vdpau need X anyway?
<Turl> ArdaXi: by design I think
<ArdaXi> Turl: I figured as much, I wonder why that design choice was made
<Turl> ArdaXi: ask NVIDIA? :)
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<ArdaXi> meh
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<akaizen> Turl: I have an A31 device thats relatively stable but overheats, I have an A20 that doesnt overheat but the WiFi and system is not as stable... is it possible to back port it?
pwhalen has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> akaizen: backport what?
<akaizen> wifi driver (same chip) possibly hardware decoding libs
<akaizen> or would it be easier to use the opensource stuff on github?
<Turl> well, they're two completely different systems, one of them is sun6i and the other sun7i
<Turl> the driver could be backported, yeah, but you need the kernel source to rebuild it
<Turl> although your descriptions of the issue sound mostly like hardware design flaws though
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<ssvb> ArdaXi: VDPAU needs integration with the native window system, similar to EGL / OpenGL ES
<akaizen> TurL: is there a way to turn off cores to prevent overheating?
<ssvb> ArdaXi: I guess one can make framebuffer based and Wayland based VDPAU, but as Turl mentioned, you will have to patch the video players too
<ssvb> ArdaXi: and VDPAU is relatively simple, just because it has a shortcut to display
<Turl> akaizen: yeah, you can offline cores via sysfs
<ArdaXi> ssvb: sounds like a fun project
<ArdaXi> when... I have time
<akaizen> I tried echo "0" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu#/online
<ssvb> ArdaXi: with a pure video decoder producing output into a memory buffer, you would have some major performance problems copying this buffer to have it shown on the screen
<akaizen> and then chmod 0444 but that did not seem to work
<ArdaXi> ssvb: can't you have it produce directly to the framebuffer?
<Turl> akaizen: that should be the way to do it
<Turl> akaizen: the governor may be trying to online them again shortly thereafter though
<akaizen> Do you know if the A31(s) KitKat SDK is public anywhere?
<Turl> akaizen: dunno
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