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<libv> tonikasch: read up on our wiki on what the cedrus guys are doing, and what media they are testing with
<Turl> what you need first of all is a simpleish, working program to RE, so you may start from there
<libv> right
<libv> first goal is to capture and replay a simple test case
<libv> and then you can gradually start prying the captured data apart
<tonikasch> sorry, keyboard gone, brb
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* Turl wonders how did he manage to write that
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<tonikasch> ok
<tonikasch> a newbie question, i assume that has to be done in android
<libv> tonikasch: anywhere where you have working binaries
<Turl> tonikasch: preferably would want to do it outside of android
<Turl> because it's easier to work on there
<libv> tonikasch: android is a pain, but it's not impossible
<libv> i spent half my lima time under android
<libv> and the other half on sunxi :p
<Turl> libv: have you had to suffer the pain of gdbservering over adb? :)
<libv> yup
<tonikasch> haha, well, we have no binaries in linux... well, we have some code of libvpu.so that performs some opening and closing of the vpu and perhaps some other thing
<libv> Turl: it actually wasn't too bad
<libv> Turl: the worst time was actually banging my head in the lack of LD_PRELOAD and trying to hack elf headers
<Turl> libv: I suffered the most because I was trying to debug an android daemon that was autorun from init
<libv> ouch
<Turl> so each time it died I had to reattach the gdbserver, reconnect my target, ..
<libv> i had to deal with init things when working for intel. really insane shit that you had to rebuild the iso image (android-x86) to be able to change the scripts
<libv> my second mali target (mali-400) had very flaky usb
<libv> transfer a big file (like an image from a test) and adb would die
<Turl> libv: you worked on android x86? you've been everywhere :P
<libv> for intel, for a bit yeah, implementing hw composer, for no reason whatsoever
<libv> noticing, once again, just how shortsighted the ruling graphics driver mob is.
<tonikasch> anyway, do you think libhybris is worth a try?
<libv> tonikasch: you would have to ask the cedrus guys
<libv> it might be more trouble than it is worth
<tonikasch> ok, i'll ask them
<libv> once you have your workflow going, it is not that impossible to work with android
<libv> i had my Makefiles deal with most androidy things for me
<tonikasch> :)
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<tonikasch> btw, libhybris won't be enabled on libraries supplied already-build-by-the-maker, will it?
<tonikasch> I mean, if the vpu libraries are shipped in android tree as .so files, libhybris is not going to work, i guess
<tonikasch> (in android build tree...)
<Turl> tonikasch: it's designed to work with blobs as far as I know
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<tonikasch> oh! ok, so I'll continue that way first and then start with android RE, thanks
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<IrcDroidClient> rellla what is in that paste?
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<rellla> pirea: the logs, jemk requested about crashing g2d with libvdpau_sunxi and VDR
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<pirea> what is vdr rellla ?
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<rellla> www.tvdr.de
<pirea> rellla is about tv input, right?
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<jemk> rellla: strange, i would have expected at least one ret: -1 when the "wait g2d irq..." thing happens
<rellla> jemk: i try to give you a log with working osd, then crashed after another. wait
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<jemk> rellla: i hoped to get the log of the ioctl that makes g2d crash and see if there are any strange parameters
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<rellla> first i played bunny with mplayer in another ssh, works
<jemk> ha: G2D blit: 04e94000 (1280x720) 0:0 - 0:0 -> 03d00000 (1280x720) 0:0 [- 1280:720] ret: -1
<rellla> after that the log shows the first start of vdr after reboot. crashed osd.
<jemk> vdr tries to copy a zero-sized surface, g2d seems to not like that...
<pirea> jemk libvdpau-sunxi is slow with osd... because of g2d
<jemk> pirea: you tried the wip/osd-performance branch?
<pirea> jemk i will try
<pirea> jemk if resolution of display is 1080p playback is still slow
<rellla> jemk: maybe there is some div by zero in the g2d code? if 0:0 -> 0:0 is the issue, this will be fixable imo.
<jemk> pirea: well, the memory isn't really fast enough for fullhd: http://ssvb.github.io/2013/06/27/fullhd-x11-desktop-performance-of-the-allwinner-a10.html
<jemk> rellla: i think the 0:0 is the issue, we need to catch if (width == 0 || height == 0) return; or something like that
<ccaione> uhm, is it legit someone gives my a precompiled kernel, with sources but without defconfig, and refuses to provide me the defconfig?
<rellla> jemk: easy to fix it in vdpau, but we better search for it in g2d...
<jemk> https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/blob/sunxi-3.4/drivers/char/sunxi_g2d/g2d_bsp.c#L759 this leads to an biiiiig surface if src.w or src.h are zero
<ZetaNeta> I remember olimex had a adapter to plug a laptop screen....
<ZetaNeta> Anyone can point me to the page?
<rellla> jemk: src.width and src.height do not correspond with x1 and y1 in vdpau?
<jemk> width = x1 - x0
<jemk> x1, y1 is the other edge of the rectangle
<rellla> logs say src.width = 1280 but rect.x1 and tect.x0 are 0. are they related to eachother?
<jemk> src.width is from size of the whole surface, the src_rect is the area that should be used if you don't want the whole surface
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<jemk> rellla: this should fix the problem: http://sprunge.us/IJdC
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<rellla> jemk: thanks, i'll try that later. i must enjoy this sunny weather :p bbl
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<nove> there is no escape from android, new binaries will be always be there first
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<nove> if we don't what to be late, we must get openmax support in libhydris
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<nove> and finally, people are speaking of RE other vpu
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<nove> and in this case a on2 vpu, is a bit odd, but it looks like they have source code
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<nove> very strange
<oliv3r> on sun5i; what else is going frmo PLL6 (which should be sata)
<nove> let's worship might google, so that we get another tada source
<nove> complain is easy, but nobody wan't to do the dirty laundry
<wens> oliv3r: wild guess, usb phy clocks maybe
<wens> docs don't really say where they come from
<oliv3r> i think i did it on the wiki
<oliv3r> APB1 and {NAND_CLK, <unknown>_CLK, SD[0123]_CLK, TS_CLK, SS_CLK, SPI[0123]_CLK, IR[01]_CLK}
<oliv3r> all can run of pll6
<oliv3r> (with the {} bit optionally from pll5)
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<mnemoc> ,pom
<mnemoc> err
<mnemoc> moin
<wens> haven't had your coffee? :p
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<oliv3r> ijc: what clock is pll6 being setup for sata support? i'm going over the a20 usermanual and it states, that if pll6 is used for sata support, pll6 must be 100 MHz
<mnemoc> wens: indeed :\
<oliv3r> ijc: ah wait, we init pll6 to a safe 600 mhz; the moment sata out is enabled, pll6 gets reconfigured to /6 so 100 MHz
<oliv3r> ijc: but def. something take into account
<oliv3r> i documented it all on the wiki for now
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<ijc> hno: Any chance you could reply to the mainlining thread offering your S-o-b for the contributions which you made to u-boot-sinxi.git which ended up incorporate there?
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<ijc> AFAICT most of the other people who didn't give an S-o-b at the time were contributing either to a file with a clear GPL header or it was code which hasn't been included in the upstreaming series.
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<ijc> It looks like I'm going to need to do a deeper dive but having your S-o-b would be very helpful since it would move a big bunch of code into the "unambiguously OK" pile.
<ijc> hipboi_: ^ If you would also be happy to also provide an S-o-b then that would be super awesome.
<ijc> I think replying to this mail: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/linux-sunxi/mainline$20v2$200$2F9/linux-sunxi/GjEHbncgw3s/SluloBweA8oJ
<ijc> and saying "All of my contributions to u-boot-sunxi.git are Signed-of-by: Your Name <you@example.com>" would be perfectly adequate.
<ijc> TBH I don't think this is strictly speaking needed, due to DCO clause (b), but it would certinaly short circuit a long and tedious argument with Wolfgang on the topic
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<Turl> mripard: ping ping? :)
<mrnuke> ijc: yeah. Wolfgang's nitpicking on the SOB made no sense. Though I think he was more concerned about saying that "j" and some_weird_nick wrote something, instead of using the real name
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<mrnuke> ijc: I think Wolfgang didn't like the use of nicks as opposed to real names, in the commit message
<Turl> mrnuke: you sending email as "mrnuke" probably doesn't help much :p
<mrnuke> Turl: it all depends on which machine I'm sending it from
<mrnuke> Turl: and yeah, mrnuke helps. That Wolfgang guy should know whom he's dealing with.
<Turl> mrnuke: you mean the guy who created uboot? :)
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<mrnuke> yeah. him. he created uboot. I wrote code for coreboot
<Turl> ok. just don't nuke each other
<Turl> mrnuke: and fix your MUAs
<mrnuke> MUA?
<mrnuke> Milking User Agent?
<mrnuke> you could have lmgtfy'd that one ;)
<Turl> I already was on wikipedia
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<mrnuke> lucky me
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<mripard> Turl: pong
<mrnuke> mripard: hi
<mripard> mrnuke: hi
<mrnuke> mripard: should I resend v3 of the sun4i-spi long transfers patch?
<mripard> didn't you send it already ?
<mripard> I definitely have a v3 in my inbox.
<mrnuke> OK. I thought it might have gotten lost. All is good then
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<hno> ijc, sure. I did have s-o-b lines in sunxi-patchqueue.
<mripard> mrnuke: I have a few more comments though, don't send the v4 right now
<mripard> I'm replying to it just now.
<mrnuke> mripard: no v4. Waiting for your comments first
<mripard> (it's really minor things though)
<ccaione> uhm, since when is legit to cast void * to int without getting a warning?
<mrnuke> ccaione: I did that? where?
<ccaione> mrnuke: you? O_O see broonie last email
<mrnuke> -ENOPARSE
<ijc> hno: There's still quite a few un-signed off patches even in the pq, although I've not looked to see if they are ones which matter for the initial upstreaming series so an explicit mail would still be very much appreciated.
<ijc> mrnuke: Yeah, I tihnk you are right re the nicks. I've investigated the especially weird ones and I think they can be discounted since they were only adding support for boards which are not included in the series
<mrnuke> ijc: I'd say just don't mention 'other' contributors. They should have (C) lines in the actual source, in which case SoBs certify section (b) of the certificate
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<rigo> hi
<rellla> jemk: the patch partially solves the problem, but i have some problems after 3rd, 4th, ... restart video layer disapperars this floods the logs. blit is called twice. once with 0:0 - 0:0, the other time with correct values. osd is shown. http://paste.debian.net/89101/
<rigo> can you please help me what packages are needed to install the s2-liplianin-v39 driver package?
<rigo> the first em comes when i try to build with make all (because of a ln problem. i solved it by re-creating the link) now i get this: http://paste.debian.net/89104/
<jelly-home> rigo: do the s2-liplianin have a tree for linux 3.4 kernels?
<jelly-home> people*
<rellla> jemk: this adapted patch works around it at vdpau side http://paste.debian.net/89105/
<rigo> no clue. i already installed on an ubuntu 12.10 minimal server. somehow.. once..
<rigo> the ubuntu runs 3.6.3 kernel
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<Turl> rigo: you should ask whoever makes s2-liplianin-v39, it seems to require a header that doesn't exist
<rigo> u mean some header in sunxi linux?
<rigo> this file actually exists /usr/src/linux-headers-3.4.79-sun4i/arch/arm/include/asm/timex.h
<jelly-home> rigo: but asm/timex.h isn't the same thing as mach/timex.h
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* jelly-home looks at his old tree to find linux-sunxi/arch/arm/mach-sun[457]i/include/mach/timex.h
<Turl> interesting, they actually do exist :)
<rigo> and to get this far i had to re-create a ln called build which pointed to a non existing folder.
<jelly-home> rigo: does "find /usr/src/linux-headers-3.4.79-sun4i -path '*/mach/timex.h' -path '*mach-sun?i*'" return anything?
<rigo> negative
<rigo> http://paste.debian.net/89114/ i ran the find -name *timex*
<jelly-home> rigo: I'd say your kernel headers package is broken/incomplete, then
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<rigo> i've installed this Cubian-base-r8-a10.img from.. dunnowhere. some official source
<jelly-home> complain to your OS vendor (or learn how to build your own whole kernel patched with your drivers, as suggested hours ago)
<jelly-home> the fact there's whole SEVEN people in #cubian isn't really a good sign
<jelly-home> rigo: I guess you could try to grab the linux-sunxi sunxi-3.4 tree and transplant the missing headers, see if that helps
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<rigo> from github?
<jelly-home> sure, or a nightly tarball if those still exist
<jelly-home> rigo: ah, apparently they do http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/amery/repo-dumps/
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<rigo> im trying something now. maybe ive missed something before.
<rellla> jemk: fine now. one more thing is, that the g2d_fill in rgba_clear after each video frame decreases performance rapidly. this has to be fixed to be called only once after the last g2d_blit
<rellla> jemk: we move towards a useable vdr :p
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<captainigloo> hi there, i have a question about sunxi and SPI bus
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<captainigloo> it's possible to have SPI transfer with 9-bits ?
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<jemk> rellla: so the patch solves the problem? shall we patch the kernel or work around at vdpau side?
<jemk> rellla: and rgba_clear should only call fill when the surface is dirty
<Turl> captainigloo: on what SoC?
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<rellla> jemk: i think we should do both. at minimum we need the vdpau patch, but it's better to solve the kernel bug, too.
<rellla> jemk: G2D_DMA0_SIZE_REG and G2D_OUTPUT_SIZE_REG cannot handle -1 that good ...
<rellla> jemk: fill should be called at surface close and change. but not after each video frame. iirc we talked about that already
<rellla> jemk: you have a clue, why we there is a double g2d_blit without the zero-check in vdpau?
<jemk> rellla: well, it can handle it, it interprets it as max size (8192px i guess). But that is not what one expects
<jemk> rellla: i think these calls come from softhddevice, i don't know what and why they do this, but i don't think its good behaviour
<jemk> the fill only happens if something was on the surface before, if we don't clear that it will be visible forever
<captainigloo> Turl: a13 or a10
<jemk> we can't really see if there is a change (maybe one could track all draw operations, but...) so we have to clear every frame, that's how vdpau works
<jemk> normally the video gets rendered to the surface and overwrites the old osd, but as we show the video on an extra layer we have to clear the surface explicitly
<Turl> captainigloo: the FIFOs there are 64 x 8 bits
<jemk> rellla: the biggest performance killer is still this: https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libvdpau-sunxi/blob/master/presentation_queue.c#L261
<captainigloo> Turl: ok so the answer is no ?
<rellla> jemk: ok. so no chance so far with g2d to fix that. nvidia, intel etc. are using 1 layer
<captainigloo> Turl: cause i have an LCD screen wich i would like to connect to my a10 or a13 board, but it needs 9bit width spi transfer
<Turl> captainigloo: well, I don't know much about the spi protocol
<Turl> captainigloo: maybe you can send one 8 bit message with just 1 bit and then the 8 bits on the next one?
<jemk> rellla: I don't know how they do it exactly, but the specification says that videomixer renders the video to the output_surface, overwriting old content
<captainigloo> Turl: hum i don't think it's gona work
<captainigloo> Turl: first bit is to say the 8 following bits are a comand or a data
<captainigloo> Turl: i think it has to be 9 consecutives bit, at least it's how i understand the datasheet
<captainigloo> i tried to send a 2 bytes btw, and it doens't work
<captainigloo> i found that code btw : https://github.com/notro/fbtft
<rellla> jemk: ehm, why do we need XClearWindow? it runs ok without it ...
<jemk> rellla: if you don't mind a random background color you can remove the XClearWindow (with active osd, in non-osd mode the bg-color has to match for colorkeying) and see how much faster it gets
<jemk> too slow
<captainigloo> with support for a lot of lcd
<Turl> captainigloo: have you asked in the list? someone there may know better
<captainigloo> Turl: nope, i will do, thanks
<jemk> rellla: XClearWindow each frame is wrong either way, but I'm still working on finding a better way
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<hramrach> clear or not to clear that's a question
<hramrach> I know some mplayer outputs would not clear parts of window not overwritten by video rendering and you would get OSD test piling one on top of another
<hramrach> text
<ZetaNeta> Hai guys. I just got a ACER Z130
<ZetaNeta> And gonna put linux on it
<ZetaNeta> Anyone can redirect me to the right channel for MT6572?
<ZetaNeta> s/Anyone can/Can anyone/
<ZetaNeta> s/Can anyone/Can someone/
<jemk> rellla: you might want to test the latest git ;) if I didn't sleep already it should avoid unnecessary clears
<Turl> ZetaNeta: maybe somebody on #omnirom-mt6589 can point you to the right direction
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<jemk> hramrach: I guess so (similar to http://sprunge.us/IJdC), but you will get a lot of debug messages this way
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<rellla> jemk: no problems here. everything works fine. thanks for investigating. next will be to make video more fluid ;)
* rellla thinks, that he has blown up his lnb... f***
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<rellla> at least none, that i could recognize with vdr.
<rellla> jemk: it wasn't too late :p
<jemk> ok :)
<jemk> but if it still isn't fast enough, even with removed XClearWindow, I don't see anything more that could be removed
<rellla> jemk: h264 720p/50 isn't possible atm, right?
<rellla> jemk: i have to try removing XClearWindow still
<jemk> you mean interlaced?
<hramrach> p is non-interlaced
<rellla> no. 1280*720 with 50 full sized frames
<rellla> ARD HD for example crashes vdpau with segfault
<jemk> that should be possible...
<hramrach> is not normal video like 25-30 fps?
<jemk> rellla: give me logs ;) (VDPAU_TRACE=1)
<rellla> mom
<jemk> or a short capture
<hramrach> do you get any significant cpu usage with cedar vdpau?
* hramrach still has no system with cedar working
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<Turl> hramrach: last I played it was pretty insignificant
<jemk> hramrach: only for the XClearWindow (and sound decoding), if i remove all this its around 5%
<hramrach> cool
<hramrach> but is there no acceleration for XClearWindow?
<hramrach> maybe ssvb can add it?
<rellla> jemk: there we go http://pastebin.com/ftzjKWdN
<jemk> hramrach: it should be removed, it wouldn't be necessary if we would get expose events somehow
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<hramrach> I want to look at bitshaving to decode 10bit video with 8bit codec
<hramrach> I can do that on a PC as well but quite busy lately :/
<jemk> rellla: um, I guess that's because of the invalid pic_order_cnt (0x7fffffff), that looks bad
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<jemk> where should these reference frames come from, it's the first picture being decoded
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<hramrach> maybe a damaged stream or stream that does not start with key frame (which can happen when you tune into a broadcast or such)
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<rellla> hramrach: thats what i'm doing
<jemk> i think you are right, it's probably not a keyframe.
<jemk> But with my current mess of h264 framelist code I don't think I can fix this easily
<jemk> I have to redo this for interlaced support anyway, but always busy with fixing output things, i haven't had any time to work on the real things ;)
<hramrach> can't you skip frames until the stream makes sense?
<rellla> jemk: so now you can do real things again, as output is fixed basically :p
<jemk> skipping would be a way, but also needs some code reordering to know the frame type earlier
<hramrach> or fill the buffer list with black frames initially
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* nove likes vdr osd and wanted to use again, but doesn't know what to watch
<jemk> h264 code really needs a cleanup...
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<jemk> but not now, night all
<rellla> cu
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<Valduare> hi
<Valduare> I have an mk802 with a10s cozyswan crapola device :P
<Valduare> wanting to find someone else that has one to see if this is normal behavior for it or not. it most of the time wont boot when power is applied to it
<libv> mk802 with a10s?
<Valduare> aye cozyswan clone
<libv> well, start off by working through the new device howto in our wiki
<Valduare> it was my first mk device, amazon purchase.
<Valduare> I was able to get it booting linux
<libv> i myself have an a10s stick in transit
<Valduare> but the screen did this fantastical red circular distortions then severe screen distortions then white screen
<libv> does it boot android afterwards?
<Valduare> just hangs
<Valduare> this happend after i was on linux desktop
<libv> and what if you let it cool down for a bit?
<Valduare> just enough time to click on terminal and run ifconfig
<Valduare> its not warm,
<Valduare> fresh boot etc.
<libv> what are you using to power it?
<Valduare> it has a barrel jack power supply that came with it
<Valduare> 2 amp if I remember
<Valduare> let me double check on the amperage
<Valduare> yes 2
<libv> i had massive issues with my mele a1000 in oktober 2012, due to too little power
<libv> was it running android np on the same power supply?
<Valduare> aye I found on amazon a seller of apple ipad power supplies real nice for 7 bucks a piece bought a handfull of them
<libv> Valduare: do work through http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_howto
<Valduare> it would white screen in android too depending on if the planets aligned
<libv> hrm, smells like a pretty bad device to me
<libv> get it documented, get the u-boot and boards changes upstream, and add a big fat warning in the wiki page that your device is horribly unstable
<Valduare> be easier to just go straight to the big fat warning :P
<Valduare> hah
<Valduare> I just powered it over OTG port with a new power supply
<Valduare> its running much better
<libv> heh
<Valduare> now to try and remember what chipset the wifi is on this thing
<libv> that sounsd quite broken
<Valduare> what sounds broken?
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<libv> the fact that it is happy with OTG but unhappy with the standard powersupply
<Valduare> oh ya thats typical with china imports though
<Valduare> i'll just chop off the cord and splice it into a nice ipad charger heh
<Valduare> hey look i just came back to the mk802_a10s and its still running
<Valduare> now to get wifi working
<libv> Valduare: you seem to have no intention to create a wiki page or to send in u-boot/boards patches :(
<Valduare> I will if I get the thing functional
<Valduare> im a pretty quick wikimaker :P
<libv> hrm
<Valduare> i'll even give you a link to the files i used to get this thing running and what micro sd card I used so your set for yours when it arrives
<Valduare> wish i had a tv that ran 1080p
<Valduare> so it didnt cut off the outer edges of the screen lol
<libv> Valduare: none of us is going to write that wiki page or write those patches for you
<libv> Valduare: we have enough stuff we are and should be doing already
<Valduare> ?
<Valduare> why would you write a patch or wiki page for me?
<Valduare> im the one that got this thing working
<libv> ok, then i misunderstood you
<libv> i am quite set already, i have 11 sunxi devices atm.
<libv> so i have brought up sunxi hw from scratch before, but thanks
<libv> let me see if i can dig out a picture of what $chinese_seller claimed my stick should look like
<Valduare> ok
<Valduare> im excited to save a bit of money for one of those mk902 devices
<Valduare> 5 mp camera, 4 fullsize usb ports, rj45 and wifi and bluetooth, 8, 16, 32 gig nand options
<libv> i do hope mine ends up actually being an a10s, i have had surprises before
<Valduare> interesting
<Valduare> why a10s?
<libv> because i do not own an a10s yet
<libv> and i would like to test my kms driver on that too
<Valduare> ah
<Valduare> gtta find magnifyne glass to see what my chipset says
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<Valduare> just green screened when I bumped the hdmi cord...
<Valduare> unplugging hdmi and back in no effect