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<Turl> libv: looks like WIP
<Turl> libv: cool, they have two offices now
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<libv> wow
<libv> someone needs to read up on wiki formatting: http://linux-sunxi.org/Android
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<imcsk8> hello, i compiled the linux-sunxi kernel and i get this error: "Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try Passing init= option to kernel" this is my uEnv.txt file: http://pastebin.com/wAz1TXSS can somebody give me some pointers?
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<Turl> imcsk8: I think the error is quite self explanatory
<Turl> imcsk8: your rootfs is lacking an init binary, or has it on an nonstandard place
<imcsk8> Turl: the problem is that i've checked my rootfs and it's there, the only thing that could be odd is that is a /sbin/init is a symlink to /lib/systemd/systemd
<Turl> and does the latter exist and is executable?
<imcsk8> Turl: yes it is
<Turl> imcsk8: and your rootfs is stored on nandb right?
<imcsk8> Turl: yes
<Turl> imcsk8: you can try passing init=/lib/systemd/systemd on extraargs then
<Turl> imcsk8: are you using an initrd or so?
<imcsk8> Turl: nope
<Turl> imcsk8: last thing that crosses my mind would be checking that your rootfs partition is ok, like not with all the contents inside of a folder or something like that
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<imcsk8> Turl: thanks for your help!
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<libv> bsdfox: did you ever send in patches for your 9.7" tablet?
<libv> Turl: what of this needs to be rescued: http://linux-sunxi.org/Building_CyanogenMod_for_ZaTab
<libv> there seems to be nothing zatab specific in there.
<libv> oh, it's just a template.
<libv> nothing worth rescuing then.
<libv> hrm
<libv> But there is only this one user of this template.
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<ccaione> mripard, can I have a tested-by on the v8? I don't have a A31
<mripard> didn't hans test it already ?
<ccaione> I hope so. Just to be sure I didn't screw up again
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<mripard> ccaione: it doesn't compile...
<wigyori> morning
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<ccaione> mripard: whaatt?
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<ccaione> seriously? I must be stupid. I tried it yesterday.
<mripard> ccaione: nvm, I'm missing a patch.
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<mripard> you should really put more stuff in your cover letter. Like what patch you depend on, in the v8 case, that you want the previous patch to be dropped, etc.
<ccaione> mripard: thanks for the heart attack :)
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<ccaione> I'd like to ping tglx to see if he wants to drop the patches of just a follow-up
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<mripard> ccaione: your v8 works
<ccaione> tnx
<ccaione> mripard: is there a missing dependency for those patches not yet pushed?
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<mripard> I don't think so
<mripard> except for the "genirq: Add a new IRQCHIP_EOI_THREADED flag" patch from tglx that is in linux-next, it applied cleanly on top of sunxi-next
<ccaione> ok cool, thank you
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<mru> ssvb: mripard: I think I've got something on the pmu irq
<mru> it seems to be on irq 152, not 98 like the manual says
<mripard> on the A20?
<mru> yes
<mru> at least I get a sane-looking perf report
<mru> I'm not sure what would happen if you claimed some unrelated periodic interrupt was the pmu
<mru> but iiuc the pmu interrupt handler checks if there actually was a counter overflow
<mru> it would still be great if you could run this by allwinner people
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<mripard> mru: I will, I'm just buffering up questions as they come :)
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<ssvb> mru: nice, and it looks like the irq from just one CPU core, and another one has irq 153
<ssvb> everything seems to be perfectly fine, but just poorly documented
<ssvb> mru: are you going to send a patch to the linux-sunxi mailing list?
<ssvb> thanks, that was a great find
<mru> I was about to check 153
<mru> did you verify it?
<ssvb> yes, it is very simple to run something with "taskset -c 0" and "taskset -c 1"
<mru> I was about to do that
<mru> but if you already did I don't need to
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<libv> not that i want to drag people away from sunxi stuff, but the #linux-exynos people could use a hand as well
<mru> the board on my desk right now isn't an exynos...
<mru> ssvb: patch sent
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<Montjoie> hello does http://linux-sunxi.org/U-Boot#Compilation is still up to date ? I got System not configured errror when following it
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<libv> Montjoie: paste bin the full error
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<Montjoie> the solution is to do make board_config
<Montjoie> as said the README
<Montjoie> Makefile:485: *** "System not configured - see README". Arret
<atsampson> libv: I found that "building CyanogenMod" page useful when I was doing it, but it's not really ZaTab-specific, so it probably ought not to be a template
<libv> atsampson: turn it into a proper separate page then :)
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<smotocel69> hy
<smotocel69> pwm driver works?
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<hansg> oliv3r, I've been looking into the 2 dram patches from Jens Kuske and I've just pushed the first one. Which is obviously correct. I believe we should also merge the second one, which looks good to me. Are you ok with me pushing the second one (after testing) too ?
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<oliv3r> hansg: i was busy replying (got some other stuff to do inbetween)
<oliv3r> hansg: but yeah;t he second patch looks really relaly good and very sensible;
<oliv3r> hansg: but i don't want to push it yet; it needs to be well tested by more people over a longer period of time i thin
<oliv3r> it's quite an 'important' patch
<oliv3r> mripard: when you contact AW again with your list of questions; can you add jemk's 2nd dram patch? I doubt they will know; but even so ...
<mripard> what jemk's 2nd dram patch?
<oliv3r> Jens Kuske, u-boot dram fix autorefresh timing setup
<oliv3r> i'm replying right now
<hansg> oliv3r, ok then I'll just add it to my personal sunxi-next branch for now.
<oliv3r> hansg: yeah getting it tested broadly is good
<oliv3r> btw, what is still left in your sunxi-next?
<oliv3r> hansg: unless you dissagree and think u-boot sunxi should be the 'test bed'
<oliv3r> i'm fine with that too, its just the nightlies are build from that aswell
<oliv3r> i dont' wanna risk a fallout (i don't think we'll have one)
<oliv3r> Turl: you are a good tester with your router! go test it :)
<hansg> oliv3r, my sunxi-next has the PSCI stuff in there needed to get SMP + HYP mode on the A20 with upstream kernels
<oliv3r> hmm, i saw smp patches in our current tree
<hansg> oliv3r, and the beginnings of sun6i support (without spl, needs boot0 + boot1 for now, this is mostly mripard's work)
<oliv3r> oh good good
<oliv3r> so we do have a working u-boot (after boot0)
<oliv3r> is the psci stuff not mergable to our u-boot? or does it break 3.4?
<hansg> oliv3r, yes, but it cannot read any storage yet ...
<hansg> It breaks 3.4 :(
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<oliv3r> is there no way to make it work with 3.4?
<oliv3r> (i don't have the expertise to fix it)
<hansg> Best to keep it out for now, since it will also get in the way of our u-boot upstreaming effort it makes quite a bit of core changes to u-boot and is not upstream yet
<oliv3r> ah! ok
<oliv3r> so u-boot might get those changes upstreamed anyway?
<oliv3r> and thenw e only add sunxi specifics?
<hansg> Most of them yes, only a small bit is sunxi specific
<hansg> Right
<mripard> hansg: we were talking about this with maz, I don't think it actually breaks 3.4
<mripard> or it shouldn't :)
<hansg> So about using u-boot-sunxi as test-bed, vs waiting a bit. I think in the end the only way to get that dram patch tested is to put it in u-boot-sunxi. Just letting it sit on the list for a week more is not going to help much
<hansg> I guess I could / should also run it through sun4i and sun5i smoke testing before pushing though
<oliv3r> ok; let us all test it on our hardware
<oliv3r> let it run for a day or two, and push it then? :)
<hansg> mripard, we've a hack in 3.4 to use the arm_arch_timer in physical mode rather then in virtual mode as it is not setup in virtual mode by u-boot-sunxi
<hansg> I think that may be what is breaking the 3.4 kernels with maz's PSCI patches
<oliv3r> is the PSCI stuff allready under review with u-boot?
<mripard> hansg: ok
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<oliv3r> hansg: what boards do you have to test the new u-boot memory stuff on?
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<hansg> oliv3r, I think waiting 1 - 2 days for some tests is fine
<oliv3r> i'll test it on a Lime and a cubietruck
<oliv3r> that's what I have handy right now
<oliv3r> and connected while writing the book
<oliv3r> you have a few mele's right?
<hansg> oliv3r, I've 20 different sunxi boards all in all, I'm not going to run tests on all of those. I usually just pick one sun4i + 1 sun5i + 1 sun7i when I want to do more thorough testing then running on just one board
<oliv3r> if you can do a sun5i +cb1 and cb2 maybe?
<oliv3r> we should have a very brought spectrum then
<hansg> oliv3r, will do
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<hansg> Got to go now, if you don't hear anything else from me that means the patch works as advertised
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<oliv3r> hansg!! okay :p i'll push it if the tests turn out fine after a day or two
<oliv3r> though ideally they'd be tested on some crappier devices
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<oliv3r> ok jemk's patches are not a huge deal; i read them a few times now and I understand them now. I'm still overly excited about them :)
<oliv3r> they are good stuffs!
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<oliv3r> one thing that this will mean, is it'll be more important for the chip densities to be recorded properly; and i'm pretty sure a few will be wrong in the repo
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<peterbjo1nx> Are there any errata in the A13 core i need to be aware of(enable patches for)?
<peterbjo1nx> im having some stability issues
<peterbjo1nx> random segfaults, kernel warnings (paging related)
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<libv> crap.
<libv> my a10s stick is not an allwinner a10s
<Seppoz> whats the prob?
<libv> its an atv something, which is quite contradictory to what was stated on the ebay page.
<Seppoz> lol
<libv> now i want my cash back, and i am not paying for sending it back to china.
<Seppoz> sorry for you
<libv> nah, be more sorry for our project :)
<nabblet> "stick"?
<libv> one of those dlna thingies
<libv> second time in 4 months that i open something up and find another chip in side
<libv> it was not too big a surprise this time round though
<libv> but still not nice
<Seppoz> did you guse see the chicago goard from merrii
<Seppoz> or columbia
<Seppoz> or how it was called
* nabblet reads up on dlna on wikipedia
<Seppoz> also our board is finally working, yay
<libv> nabblet: this wireless display stuff
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<peterbjo1nx> libv: do you know if A13 has any errata in its core?
<peterbjo1nx> as my system is very unstable
<peterbjo1nx> every application experiences random segfaults and some of them also trigger kernel warnings\
<nove> peterbjo1nx: try with a low memory clock, and see if those problem still happen
<peterbjo1nx> do i just change the clock settings or do i have to change timings too??
<nove> peterbjo1nx: what is the current memory clock?
<peterbjo1nx> dram_clk = 384
<peterbjo1nx> which, by the way, is the stock setting for this tablet
<ccaione> "no dick" ?
<ccaione> lol
<nove> peterbjo1nx: the memory clock is set in uboot, not from fex file
<nove> peterbjo1nx: what A13 device it is?
<peterbjo1nx> its a TZX-813 tablet
<peterbjo1nx> i made the u-boot board defs myself
<nove> libv: ^
<libv> peterbjo1nx: this is a new device
<libv> if it is an 813 and not a 713
<peterbjo1nx> oops typo
<peterbjo1nx> 713
<peterbjo1nx> anyway, i just checked my u-boot config and its the same as the fex
<libv> peterbjo1nx: the page could use some more work
<libv> peterbjo1nx: was it unstable under android?
<peterbjo1nx> Im not sure, it did hang a lot, but that could be because it ran out of RAM
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<libv> no, running out of ram would just kill applications
<nove> peterbjo1nx: is likely to be a hardware problem
<nove> peterbjo1nx: but try it with clock set to 360Mhz, and see if there any improvements
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<peterbjo1nx> by the way, im compiling a new kernel atm and im getting undefined symbols in the mali driver
<peterbjo1nx> im using linux-sunxi 3.4
<peterbjo1nx> ump_dd_handle_create_from_phys_blocks undefined
<libv> defconfig?
<peterbjo1nx> no, modified it
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<Laire> perhaps can somebody help me here, I search a distro for my cubietruck with sunix so that i can use pwm
jemk has joined #linux-sunxi
<mrnuke> fedora?
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<oliv3r> libv: the luck of ebay :(
<oliv3r> peterbjo1nx: probably not supplying enough power is my guess
<libv> Powerrrr!!!
<peterbjo1nx> could be, one of the inductors is damaged
<libv> oliv3r: yeah, i gave it a 50% chance that it was the wrong stick
<peterbjo1nx> but does anyone know why the mali drivers wont compile on sunxi-3.4
<libv> peterbjo1nx: because you changed the config :p
<peterbjo1nx> then tell me what to enable
<libv> peterbjo1nx: there is probably some dependency between mali and ump which is not handled properly
<libv> peterbjo1nx: git grep for the symbol :p
<peterbjo1nx> i've enabled both mali and ump
<libv> then check the Kconfig of the directory to see what needs to be enabled, if it is enabled, read the source code and find out what preprocessor directives disabled this symbol
<libv> oliv3r: btw, i did end up doing a lot of nitpicking on the cubieboard page still
<libv> oliv3r: all those cubieboard sub-pages have grown quite out of control
<libv> and some of them are not really cubieboard specific.
<libv> atsampson: btw, that was a *tag* before, you are it for fixing up the cyanogenmod building page :p
<atsampson> I'll add it to the to-do list...
<atsampson> I've got a whole bunch of more detailed notes written up from when I did it, that I'll turn into a proper set of instructions at some point
<libv> did you already have a wiki account, if so, i can stick the template to your personal page, so that it is at least referenced somewhere.
<peterbjo1nx> thanks for the advice, i discovered what the problem was
<peterbjo1nx> i tried to compile ump as built in and that didnt work
<peterbjo1nx> i set it to build as a module and it immediately worked
<libv> ok?
<libv> sounds broken
<peterbjo1nx> theres more shit like that in the sunxi kernel
<peterbjo1nx> drivers that are conflicting but can be selected simultaneously
<libv> how boring
<libv> just bought an mk802+ with an a10s
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<libv> still, gives me a chance to fix up part of the mk802 wiki mess.
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<MarkusR> I have problem booting the latest sunxi kernel one the cubietruck. Can someone help me?
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<Turl> markusr: see /topic
<MarkusR> Ok. The problem I get is the kernel is stuck at following:
<MarkusR> [ 0.952516] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p3...
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<MarkusR> Kernel is: [ 0.000000] Linux version 3.14.0-rc8-gae86c46
<MarkusR> and I use the latest u-boot.
<MarkusR> U-Boot 2014.04-rc2-01265-g60900fa (Mar 27 2014 - 22:08:40) Allwinner Technology
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<MarkusR> I am trying to boot a cubietruck from sd card / mmc
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<razlept> Turl: hey :)
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<Turl> hi razlept
<Turl> markusr: where did you get that kernel from?
<Turl> did you enable MMC support when configuring it?
<Turl> and does your sd card have 3 partitions or more?
<MarkusR> the kernel and uboot are both from https://github.com/jwrdegoede/
<MarkusR> yes the sd card has 3 partitions. It was working fedora 19 and 3.4 kernel before
<MarkusR> Maybe the problem is with initramfs image? I did not know how to built it for the new kernel
<Turl> if you're using root= you don't need one
<Turl> markusr: make sure you enabled the mmc driver when building the new kernel
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<oliv3r> libv: i might buy some a10s and a13 hardware from tsvetsan actually
<oliv3r> libv: yeah i saw; i just wanted to get it 'changed' quickly for starters :) (cubie page)
<oliv3r> libv: just tried to do my share :)
<razlept> gnight guyes
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<razlept> guys
<MarkusR> Turl: I am not sure if MMC was enables. so i am recompiling the kernel
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<oliv3r> markusr: you do realize that jwrdegoede's kernel is probably the mainline one, not sure how well it'll work with that rootfs :)
<oliv3r> since your using hans's u-boot by the tag it seems (i don't have it in my repo atleast)
<oliv3r> fatal: ambiguous argument '60900fa': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
<Turl> oliv3r: it should have mmc support tho :)
<oliv3r> and his u-boot isn't mainline only
<oliv3r> very true
<oliv3r> Turl: some memory optimzation patch was done by jemk; did you see?
<oliv3r> while i'm not happy to see him working on dram-u-boot; it was a very good patch
<oliv3r> good find*
<oliv3r> he should better focus more on cedrus :)
<Turl> oliv3r: his uboot kinda only works with mainline tho
<oliv3r> yep
<oliv3r> due to PCSI and timers something he said earlier
<Turl> yeah
<Turl> oliv3r: why aren't you happy to see people working on dram?
<MarkusR> oliv3r: yes. I want to test a recent kernel > 3.10 with a recent distribution. Any other suggestions?
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<oliv3r> markusr: then that's ok
<oliv3r> Turl: jemk -> cedrus :p
<oliv3r> (i am happy)
<Turl> oliv3r: ah, so jens kuske is jemk? I never made the relation :p
<oliv3r> yep
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<MarkusR> ok. now the cubietruck boots. and I can login
<MarkusR> The problem was indeed the missing mmc
<ssvb> oliv3r: cedrus needs fast memory too :)
<MarkusR> the hdmi output does not work.
<Turl> markusr: there's no support for displays on anything other than 3.4
<Turl> as well as many other things
<MarkusR> ok. is this being worked on? I don't see anything on the Linux_mainlining_effort.
<MarkusR> or is this the Display (KMS) under hard section?
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<MarkusR> bye. I will go to sleep. Thank you all for your help.
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<Turl> markusr, yes, it's under hard section
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