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<Skaag> how do you convert a boot.cmd to boot.scr?
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<wingrime2> Turl: ping
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<wingrime2> ccaione: ping
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<mrnuke> god: ping
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<Skaag> pong
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<wingrime2> mripard: are you know how rebuild dts?
<wingrime2> mripard: heh , make zImage not build dts ))
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<Turl> wingrime2: make dtbs
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<wingrime2> Turl: somesing are changed in GIC?
<wingrime2> Turl: I get IRQ when it should not be, and not get when it should
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<Turl> make sure you use right irq number
<Turl> i think they have offset compared to user manual
<Turl> compare with other devices
<Turl> good night - almost 5 am :)
<wingrime2> interrupts = <0 5 1>;
<wingrime2> was
<wingrime2> interrupts = <0 5 4>; for recent
<Turl> 4 look ok
<Turl> we had interrupt edge wrong before
<wingrime2> but but problems still there
<wingrime2> I have some IRQs on start than nothing
<Turl> did you ack it?
<wingrime2> Turl: no, I just add printk in irq handler to figure out is there irq
<wingrime2> Turl: but some 4-5 irq are on start than no reaction, so strange
<Turl> and return irq handled?
<wingrime2> 37: 6 0 GIC 37 sunxi-ir
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<Turl> maybe ir fifo full and needs drain?
<wingrime2> Turl: last time I debug it, it was defenetly worked
<Turl> cant check if it has fifo now, on phone and very tired :p
<Turl> good night :) ask mripard when he shows up
<wingrime2> Turl: good night
<leviathanch2> Turl, mripard: hey! can you please give me some feedback about the recent doc?
<leviathanch2> Turl, mripard: http://git.o2s.ch/?p=linux-next.git;a=blob_plain;f=Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mmc/sunxi-mmc.txt;h=703d5d5703c387f9974931d6ca57df1bfd97ad46;hb=refs/heads/20140307
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<ccaione> wingrime2: pong
<wingrime2> ccaione: on what branch I should base my mainline patch
<wingrime2> ccaione: dts get modification on every our patch
<wingrime2> ccaione: on what base I send it
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<wingrime2> Turl: I find issue, I just forget add pinctrl to dts
<wingrime2> Turl: so, irrecord --device=/dev/lirc0 MyRemote looks works
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<sappel> good morning! I need urgent help, I'm totally stuck right now. I just need to recompile a kernel with enabled hidraw for my cubieboards. I have a running sd card image with lubuntu...
<sappel> so if I'm trying to load a new kernel (I already cross compiled it), do I need all the u-boot + boot.cmd/scr + script.bin stuff?
<sappel> or should I be fine copying the new uImage to /boot partition + copy modules to /root?
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<sappel> hm, obviously not. although with the new kernel the system takes ages to boot...including some ply-terminal problem. might be the reason for that..
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<mripard> leviathanch: don't put the addresses, interrupts, clock indices in the documentation
<mripard> otherwise, it looks fine
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<montjoie[home]> hello I fail to boot sunxi-devel with http://pastebin.com/GgE0i9sW any idea ? does I need to set machineid as per http://linux-sunxi.org/Manual_build_howto ?
<mripard> montjoie[home]: no. You're not passing the DT
<mripard> montjoie[home]: please look at http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_Kernel_Howto
<montjoie[home]> I have that in uEnv.txt uenvcmd=fatload mmc 0 0x46000000 uImage; fatload mmc 0 0x49000000 sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dtb; bootm 0x46000000 - 0x49000000
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<montjoie[home]> and just before fdt_high=ffffffff
<mripard> that doesn't seem to be the case
<mripard> the loaded kernel is at 4800000000
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<wingrime2> mripard: clk_set_rate we have implemented?
<mripard> yep
<wingrime2> mripard: it need Hz value?
<plaes> wingrime2: what board do you use to test irda?
<wingrime2> cb2
<mripard> wingrime2: yes
<wingrime2> plaes: driver now only for RC , not irda, for irda I have no HW
<plaes> RC?
<wingrime2> plaes: Remotecontrol, rx only no tx
<plaes> ahh
<plaes> so you just connect the diode to pins?
<wingrime2> no reciver then
<wingrime2> plaes: and this is not just diode
<plaes> well, self-contained circuit
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<smotocel69> oliv3r linux-3.4.79 have full cubietruck support?
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<srxa> is there any chance to enable secondary display with EGL with sunxi-mali drivers? ((EGLNativeDisplayType)1)
<wingrime2> mripard: lirc works but, I only get it in "raw mode"
<labrador> hello guys.. is gadgetfs is working for you ?
<mripard> wingrime2: I'm not sure about what the raw mode is, but cool if it works :)
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<wingrime2> oliv3r: lirc works
<ccaione> wingrime2: pong?
<wingrime2> ccaione: nothing )
<ccaione> :) ok
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<ssvb> srxa: do you mean GLES with two monitors?
<srxa> eglfs with two monitors
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<ssvb> srxa: as far as I know, mali binary drivers do not support eglfs flavour of egl
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<ssvb> srxa: Qt5 needs to be patched even to support a single monitor with mali framebuffer drivers
<srxa> i have qt5.3 working with eglfs on primary monitor, i can run another application using linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb1, but i would like to have eglfs on both monitors
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<ssvb> hmm, does qt5.3 work out of the box with the mali framebuffer drivers now?
<srxa> no
<srxa> still i need to modifi native window
<ssvb> I see
<srxa> but there is qeglfshooks for imx6..and example how to enable two eglfs displays
<srxa> with fbGetDisplayByIndex
<srxa> which is vendor specific call
<ssvb> in any case, "strings libMali.so | grep /dev/fb" (framebuffer mali driver) returns both "/dev/fb0" and "/dev/fb%i", so it *might* be possibly convinced to use /dev/fb1 somehow
<ssvb> srxa: imx6 uses vivante gpu, right?
<srxa> they introduce variable QT_QPA_EGLFS_FB for that, but i dont know how to use it for mali
<srxa> yes
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<ssvb> afaik none of this eglfs stuff is mandated by any standard, these are the implementation details of some egl/gles drivers
<ssvb> you can't expect mali binary drivers to behave the same as the drivers for some other gpu and also support all their nonstandard extensions
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<srxa> i know that, but if there is such extension, i would like to find it :)
<ssvb> you have the blob
<srxa> yes
<ssvb> and you can poke it until it works the way you like :)
<srxa> lol
<ssvb> btw, it looks like there is a reference to 'getenv' in the blob, so it might honour some environment variables
<ssvb> also it's probably better to ask for support at http://community.arm.com/groups/arm-mali-graphics
<srxa> ok, thx
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<montjoie[home]> hello does uboot can read ext4 fs ? I got some Unrecognized filesystem type with it
<wingrime2> mripard: I have to change sun7i.dtsi sun4i.dtsi , and all IR reciver enabled devices
<wingrime2> mripard: I should choose some base for it
<specing> montjoie[home]: uboot is just for booting, afaik it only reads fat32
<wingrime2> mripard: I mean, we have bunch non accepted stuff, so, mainline patch should be sended over sunxi-next?
<wingrime2> mripard: and how it will be resolved
<wingrime2> mripard: more one question, witch parts of patch should be separated
<wingrime2> mripard: dts stuff can be in single patch with driver, or not, same with Makefile/Kconfig
<wingrime2> ?
<montjoie[home]> strange my first cubieboard2 have only ext4 and it works with old u-boot
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<mripard> wingrime2: don't worry about how it will be resolved, it's part of my job :)
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<mripard> but usually, we do one patch per thing you're doing
<mripard> so one for the driver, one to add the driver in the defconfig, one for the DTSI, one for the pin muxing, and another one for the boards.
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<wingrime2> mripard: aganist sunxi-next
<wingrime2> ?
<mripard> yes
<wingrime2> mripard: MODULES [=n] ... how I can enable this ...
<wingrime2> mripard: I can't find in menuconfig
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<mripard> it's at the top level
<mripard> "Enable Loadable Modules Support"
<wingrime2> mripard: sorry , search by "/" not find anything
<wingrime2> mripard: looks like I can't do platform device as module
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<wingrime2> hm, can
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<montjoie[home]> I finaly got booting a sunxi-devel kernel, but now it stop after bootconsole [earlycon0] disabled , http://pastebin.com/W9BhU1jj for boot log
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<montjoie[home]> it seems that the kernel runs a bit further after but the uart show no nothing, any idea ?
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<ccaione> montjoie[home]: which console are you using at login time? (inittab?)
<bgal> montjoie[home]: it seems that the kernel console is not enabled, you should see something like: console [ttyS0] enabled
<montjoie[home]> where can I enable it ?
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<montjoie[home]> ccaione I always use ssh for login before
<montjoie[home]> it's y beginning with uart
<nabblet> hi, i was looking at your wiki (want to install gentoo on olimex a20) read about crosscompliling. now (it's my first time with compiling for embedded) is it really necessary to crosscompile? i think the a20 has enough performance?
<montjoie[home]> nabblet yes gentoo can be used on it
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<Seppoz> can i dsable automatic ra check in uboot
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: hm, but do i need to crosscompile. can't i do the whole thing natively as i do it with normal gentoo installs?
<montjoie[home]> compiling in RAM helps
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<bgal> montjoie[home]: in theory it's already enabled in commandline
<nabblet> btw props to this channel for being so active and having the wiki :)
<montjoie[home]> nabblet the problem is the first kernel creation, I have set a gentoo stage with a arch kernel the first time
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ah, and then you used the arch kernel for compiling?
<montjoie[home]> yes for compiling the real "gentoo" kernel
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: tbh i am willing to wait some time (although i think the a20 will be sufficiently fast) to get around the crosscompiling pain
<nabblet> what i read there are many thing i can do wrong :P
<montjoie[home]> with crossdev it is easy to crosscompile
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: well the wiki says the catch is to emerge/install/setup crossdev
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: your trick with the archkernel is nice. didn't think of this option at all!
<srxa> ssvb: ping
<montjoie[home]> nabblet I forgot the u-boot, I have get an already built one also
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: do you (personally) have experience with gentoo @ olimex a20 ?
<montjoie[home]> nabblet no only cubieboard2
<nabblet> oh, ok
<nabblet> would anyone benefit from me writing down my steps (given i succeed)
<nabblet> ?
<nabblet> i see there is already a section about the olimex a20 in the wiki
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ok, so what i need/want is compiled kernel + compiled u-boot + stage 3 ?
<montjoie[home]> for sunxi-devel does someone know if CONFIG_SUN4I_EMAC=y is sufficient to have the network ?
<nabblet> and the clue is to get the compiled kernel and the compiled uboot i need crossdev? and stage 3 i just copy over as in normal gentoo installs?
<montjoie[home]> nabblet yes, but if you use gentoo, crossdev is not a pain
<montjoie[home]> yes just copy stage3
<montjoie[home]> and the uImage in /boot
<montjoie[home]> and all u-boot tricks
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: i set up a vm with gentoo. i read that (with crossdev) you need to take care about your home arch and your target arch. will that be tricky in a vm?
<montjoie[home]> It just be slower inside a vm, nothing more as I know
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ok. thank you. just wanted to make double-sure i am not starting off in the wrong direction :) I'll go with crossdev on my gentoo vm and see how far this will get me.
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: oh, and one more question. the olimex a20 can only boot from micro sd-card. now, i have a 4 GB sd-card which will probably suffice for an X-less setup. How much should i take into account for a setup with X (and fluxbox)? do you have some kind of clue?
<montjoie[home]> no idea
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ok, thank you for your kind answers
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<nabblet> montjoie[home]: out of interest: why did you chose to use the arch-kernel instead of crossdev?
<montjoie[home]> it is the first I found, too enthusiast to wait for the compilation to end
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ah so you were using crossdev parallely?
<montjoie[home]> now yes
<montjoie[home]> I compile all gentoo in tmpfs, but kernel si too large, and nfs is too slow
<nabblet> i don't understand "to wait for the compilation to end" <- compiling on what machine? your cubieboard?
<montjoie[home]> no my main machine
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: what are its specs and how long did you wait? just want to get an idea of how long it might take me
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<montjoie[home]> a quad core with only one core enabled and undercloked due to hardware problems, not a good example:)
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: fair enough. still how long does it take (roughly)?
<montjoie[home]> compiling a kernel is less than a hour, 15min I think
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: ok. and you were too impatient so you got the arch kernel instead? I think it would take me more time to find a suitable precompiled kernel :P
<nabblet> + precom. u-boot
<montjoie[home]> :)
<nabblet> the google-foo is strong with this one...
<montjoie[home]> and time to compile crossdev the first time
<nabblet> that's what i am afraid of -> a consequence of that is this chat :)
<nabblet> muha! Nice. Just assembled the case i bought with the olimex. They made an extra spacing for the sata-hdd! smart!
<nabblet> didn't notice that before
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<megal0maniac> Hi all. I've just gotten my hands on a A20 based box. Apparently uBoot is configured to boot from SD card, but what I've tried so far hasn't worked (single partition ext2 or ext4)
<megal0maniac> Serial doesn't seem to work, so it looks like I'm blind here. Are there any uBoot defaults that you might suggest I try?
<montjoie[home]> nabblet I have just built one, 17m for a kernel
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<Skaag> how do you convert a boot.cmd to boot.scr? and can I just replace them with uEnv.txt?
<libv> megal0maniac: what hardware is this?
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<megal0maniac> Which is effectively the same as imall.iteadstudio.com/iteaduino-plus-a20.html
<libv> megal0maniac: start with: http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_howto
<libv> and start documenting
<brain_> back in the Sunxi room yay.
<libv> megal0maniac: there is an http://linux-sunxi.org/Iteaduino_Plus_A10 page already
<Seppoz> when i try to compile oder uboot i get strip:gen_eth_addr: File format not recognized, anyone had that before?
<libv> but start with the clean device_page_example, and you can probably copy a thing or two over
<libv> heh, there isn't any real info on that page.
<megal0maniac> libv: Yeah, it's a20 core and a different base board so I'd rather start fresh
<megal0maniac> There's pretty much nothing on that page :P
<libv> megal0maniac: yeah, definitely start fresh
<brain_> I still gotta finish up my wiki article once I get some free time.
<libv> megal0maniac: as for getting the board to boot, you do have serial, right?
<megal0maniac> libv: I "have" serial, but the line just stays low
<libv> ah, you said
<megal0maniac> Checked with a LA as well
<libv> edit the fex, but first, please spend some time documenting this device, and you can then add all your findings to the resulting page, as you go along
<megal0maniac> fex?
<megal0maniac> (I am not very familiar with sunxi platforms)
<brain_> I have been working on AMLOGIC 8726MXS 1.5 dual arch the past month. got everything working a native port of ubuntu running on flash, nice HD screen on one and another 8" same specs.
<libv> megal0maniac: then all the more reason why you should work through that howto :)
<megal0maniac> Have been using Seagate Dockstar up until now
<libv> megal0maniac: after the initial documenting of the device, you will be referred to the manual build howto
<megal0maniac> If I had serial, or if I could just boot into arch...
<libv> megal0maniac: there already is u-boot and sunxi-boards support
<libv> megal0maniac: and if this iteaduino-plus-a20 page had existed already, you would've immediately found it :)
<libv> hence me being so pedantic here
<libv> we _need_ people to document their hardware, and help themselves and others in the best way possible
<megal0maniac> libv: I'm with you on that. But if all I have access to is un-rooted Android, and no uboot, or serial, or ability to boot from something else, I'm pretty limited in what I can achieve
<libv> megal0maniac: that's all fine atm
<libv> megal0maniac: getting info off of the android device is also documented out of that new_device_howto
<libv> but i do not think you need to do that
<libv> as we already have the necessary data captured
<libv> just nothing documented :(
<libv> so just work through the New_Device_howto
<libv> it'll take a bit of time and a few photographs, but you will see things coming together quickly
<libv> and it will all make sense afterwards
<libv> if not, that's what we're here for
<megal0maniac> I've started with photos as well
<megal0maniac> I have two weeks with this thing
<brain_> libv: I have a question for you concerning the lima driver, i do not know if there is code out yet or not but if so let me know, I would like to help work on it and also was wondering if it is architecture dependent? my AML8726MXS has dual MALI400@333MHZ i believe. I would like to try to work on some acceration. I wrote a GSLX680 Firmware dumper for kernels that don't have a separate .ko, pulled some code from the sunxi driver over
<brain_> to AML tree and wrote the LCD drivers from scratch. I think i am ready to tackle 3d now lol.
<libv> it should take just a few hours :)
<libv> brain_: code hasn't been dumped for months now
<libv> brain_: check out my fosdem talk, there was nothign new since then
<oliv3r> wingrime2: aweseme! amazing :) it'll be good to have this driver upstream
<megal0maniac> libv: And once I've done all of this? (Which I'm happy to do)
<brain_> libv: :( os there ANY code sitting on github anywere? I am halfway throgh the fosdem talk page.
<libv> megal0maniac: then you should have also worked through a full manual build, and then you know how things fit together and have a working device booting happily off of SD
<libv> brain_: it's still the q3a code from last may or so
<libv> megal0maniac: you can skip step 1 and 3 though
<megal0maniac> Hmmm.. Okay
<libv> megal0maniac: it's mostly about building up the wiki page now and getting useful pictures in
<brain_> ok, what about FBturbo for the GUI acceleration? how portable is that?
<megal0maniac> I'll start uploading pictures in the meanwhile
<libv> 5,6 is also useless for you
<libv> just wiki the hell out of it :)
<Skaag> Turl: just saw your URL from last night. thanks!
<libv> and serial, that's also not needed
<libv> So basically, work through http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_page
<libv> and then once you are starting to feel happy about that, run through http://linux-sunxi.org/Manual_build_howto
<libv> and then you can immediately whatever things you encounter to the wiki page as well
<libv> +add
<megal0maniac> libv: I'm still not seeing how this will help me make any progress, since I'm pretty much at a dead-end, but I shall continue regardless :)
<megal0maniac> For the curious: http://imgur.com/a/VeKK3
<megal0maniac> (I do try and take decent pictures)
<nabblet> montjoie[home]: thank you for the info
<oliv3r> smotocel69: not full; but a lot is supported, i think wifi might not be supported entirely yet
<nabblet> megal0maniac: did you take the pictures?
<nabblet> argh
<megal0maniac> nabblet: Yip
<megal0maniac> Why?
<nabblet> what a stupid question. i should read
<megal0maniac> Lol
<nabblet> megal0maniac: nice table you have there!
<megal0maniac> nabblet: Thanks! It's shitty pine, but it's stained and varnished :P
<megal0maniac> I have a chair made out of the same wood, and it gets dented by buttons on my jeans
<nabblet> :(
<nabblet> on the otherhand you get vintage :D
<nabblet> megal0maniac: maybe you want to rotate http://imgur.com/a/VeKK3#6 180°
<megal0maniac> haha
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<nabblet> because of the printed lables
<megal0maniac> Oh, yes. Sorry
<nabblet> megal0maniac: oh, just was a casual hint... since you obviously put effort into the pics
<nabblet> img 5 too
<nabblet> m
<megal0maniac> nabblet: That desk is my "signature" in a sense: http://imgur.com/a/rblx5#0 http://imgur.com/a/AJJIG#0
<nabblet> forget img5
<nabblet> megal0maniac: i really enjoy your images... but there is always electronic stuff blocking the view :(
<nabblet> ;)
<nabblet> for img5 keep it as it is to have tha A20 correct
<megal0maniac> :P
<megal0maniac> Yeah, I'm happy with them now
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<wens> oliv3r: what does boot0/1 do exactly?
<wens> here's the A23 u-boot imported: https://github.com/wens/u-boot-sunxi/tree/lichee-dev-a23
<wens> it even has display drivers
<oliv3r> the nightly kernel keeps crashing on me :S
nove has joined #linux-sunxi
<ccaione> mripard: how can I add default attributes for platform devices?
<ccaione> just filling the .groups doesn't work. maybe using device_create_file()?
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<libv> megal0maniac: how does one get serial on this board?
<mripard> ccaione: iirc, yes
<libv> megal0maniac: we will get you further, don't worry
<mripard> ccaione: look at how it was done for the SID
<mripard> oliv3r spent an awful lot of time figuring it out
<megal0maniac> libv: The unit was sent to me as an "engineering sample" for review, but I'd like to go a little bit further than that. So I'll contact Itead for more info, I'm sure they'll be accomodating - they've already given me the device for free :P
<megal0maniac> libv: It should be on pins 9/10 on the header on the side of the board
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<megal0maniac> No detail about logic level, but I assume 3v3 ttl
<libv> ah, i see
<libv> yeah, since it is a20 exported directly
<libv> pics look good :)
<ccaione> mripard: ok, even though I preferred shutdown and startup attr as attribute of the input device
<libv> megal0maniac: make the page iteaduino_plus_a20, and i'll add a redirect from ibox
<megal0maniac> Thanks :) Backers of the indiegogo campaign get a breakout board which gives SATA and USB-serial interface. I didn't get that :/
<libv> megal0maniac: someone else can add the info on those then :)
<libv> megal0maniac: so this is just a 2.54mm header?
<megal0maniac> It's just a breakout, plus a PL2303 or similar for USB-serial. And yeah, 2.54mm but the pins are skinny so nothing connects nicely :/
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<oliv3r> crap even hans's kernel crashes now that always ran stabily
<oliv3r> u-boot broken
<libv> oliv3r: ?
<libv> oliv3r: did you just break u-boot?
<megal0maniac> Okay, added pin header to album
<megal0maniac> Heh :) Way too high-res for what it is
<libv> well, you better too high than too low.
<libv> s/you //
<Seppoz> i want to checkout the 2012 verison of sunxi uboot, how cna i do that?
<megal0maniac> libv: And there's this on the product page, which is a start https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/406894/files/20140303064939-ibox32pin.gif?1393858179
<megal0maniac> uboot should be on uart0, right?
<libv> megal0maniac: that can only be an external link
<brain_> megal0maniac: If you having issues getting serial output...I would ditch the pl2303
<libv> brain_: ?
<megal0maniac> brain_: I was talking about the breakout board that I didn't get
<libv> brain_: we will get to that in a bit.
<megal0maniac> (Although I am using a PL2303 as well, but I know it's good)
<megal0maniac> libv: It is an external link, is that an issue?
<libv> megal0maniac: you just cannot upload it to our wiki, that's all :)
<libv> but yeah. uart0 should work
<mripard> oliv3r: do you have an A20 olinuxino?
<mripard> do you know if the sid is supposed to be programmed?
<brain_> DEATH TO PROLIFIC!! sorry I have 13 of there cables and maybe 2 work...half the time lol. FTDI all the way from from now on, or Silab.
<libv> i do not see any issue with the .fex included in our boards repo though
<megal0maniac> Ooh!
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<megal0maniac> Serial chatter!
<libv> megal0maniac: how?
<libv> megal0maniac: connecting the wires again?
<megal0maniac> libv: Yeah. Connected LA to all of the UARTs listed on that page, set to autobaud
<libv> megal0maniac: :)
<megal0maniac> "Jump to secend Boot"
<megal0maniac> Apparently even debug messages are badly translated
<megal0maniac> Unless I don't know what secend is?
<megal0maniac> Interestingly, holding the uBoot button and plugging in returns nothing over serial
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<megal0maniac> Cool, I have a serial dump, and serial settings (although I guess those are pretty standard. 115200 8n1)
<wens> oliv3r: you want the boot0 files for A23?
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
<nabblet> as i see it allwinner a20 has hardfloat. correct?
<megal0maniac> nabblet: Yip
<nabblet> thx
<Seppoz> is thee a way how much memory there is in linux instead of uboot
<Turl> leviathanch: " and as "allwinner,sun5i-a13-mmc" on all other A1x and A2x allwinner chipsets." - be more specific. Some day we'll have A23 support and it may or may not be compatible.
<Turl> leviathanch: you got a typo on "appart"
<megal0maniac> Eugh. Can't get into uboot
<ccaione> Seppoz: what do you mean
<Seppoz> im having big issues getting uboot to work
<Seppoz> only one i have working is bin
<Seppoz> and it has 1gig mem hardcoded
<Seppoz> but mine only have 512
<Turl> leviathanch: and I think the base, clock, irq stuff is not necessary at all
<Turl> leviathanch: grab another binding and have a look at the format, try to follow it
<ccaione> doesn't uboot use a sort of mem-test to checko for available memory?
<Seppoz> it wont help if i cnat modify uboot
<Seppoz> is there a way to do it in the kernel?
<megal0maniac> libv: The uboot delay is set to 0, so it isn't possible to get in. Any ideas?
<megal0maniac> I'm going out in a few minutes, but will start with wiki stuff tomorrow
<megal0maniac> Once I'm in, I don't quite get a shell, but I can execute commands. Although I
<megal0maniac> assume that's all Android
<Seppoz> its possible to get in
<Seppoz> just rename the kernel
<ccaione> Seppoz: rename the kernel?
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Seppoz has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> Skaag: you're welcome
<Turl> ok, finished backreading :)
<ssvb> srxa: pong
<srxa> ssvb: it seems that enabling secondary eglfs has nothing to do with mali driver, rather with sunxi disp
<ssvb> srxa: how so?
<srxa> mali will render on any EGLDisplay that is defined, and phisical screen is defined with sunxi disp
<ssvb> srxa: sunxi disp provides you with /dev/fb0 for one display and /dev/fb1 for another one (if configured for dual monitor support)
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deasy has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> srxa: how is EGLDisplay related to anything?
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<labrador> anyone having uart & rtc wakeup working ?
<srxa> EGLDisplay first must be initialized, and initialization is from display driver
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<ssvb> srxa: please define "initialization"
<ssvb> srxa: how do you imagine it happens?
<srxa> with EGLinit i think...
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<srxa> because, when i set xinerma in .fex file, i have only fb0 for both screen, and EGL complains that it can not open the display
fredy has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> are you asking me to explain what happend inside of the proprietary blob? I have no clue
<ssvb> you can strace your program and try to get some ideas
<srxa> is sunxi disp open source or propriety?
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<ssvb> you are dealing with the libMali.so proprietary blob
<srxa> ok, thx
<ssvb> when you are calling egl* functions, their code is inside of this blob
<srxa> hm..so, first step is to search for all strings in libMali.so...and see if something logical is there
<ssvb> for the "xinerama" setup, does it properly behave like a large single framebuffer spanning over both monitors?
<srxa> yes
<ssvb> what does "fbset" say?
<srxa> i must set it again and see, now i have disp mode 2
megal0maniac is now known as megal0maniac_afk
<srxa> just a moment
<srxa> mode "1280x720-60"
<srxa> # D: 74.250 MHz, H: 45.000 kHz, V: 60.000 Hz
<srxa> geometry 1280 720 1280 0 32
<srxa> timings 13468 220 110 20 5 40 5
<srxa> rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,8/24
<srxa> endmode
<srxa> with linuxfb i have half application on both screens
<ssvb> what is the resolution of each individual screen?
<srxa> 1280x720
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<ssvb> this just does not compute, for a combined xinerama framebuffer I would expect 2560x720
* ssvb has never used this xinerama mode though
<srxa> but i must set fb0_height in fex i think, to double, because now i have only half of each monitor :)
<srxa> i will manualy set width for fbo now
<ssvb> what is your final goal? this xinerama mode in Qt5? or two independent displays both running their own Qt5 applications?
<srxa> whatever, just to use dual display in accelerated mode
<ssvb> for the xinerama mode, it might be indeed a problem in the kernel sunxi disp driver
<ssvb> but this has nothing to do with mali or Qt5
<srxa> manually seting fb0 dimensions does not help
<srxa> same info in fbtest
<srxa> fbset, sorry
<ssvb> if you can get properly behaving framebuffer with 2560x720 resolution on /dev/fb0 for userland applications with no glitches, then mali might be fine with it too
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<srxa> ok, i will try acomplish that too
<ssvb> I think that almost nobody has really used this functionality, so there may be still tons of bugs in this xinerama support
<srxa> then, i will bw
<srxa> be first to test everything
<srxa> :)
<ssvb> and I can't even imagine what it is supposed to do, for example, for LCD (low resolution) + HDMI (high resolution) :)
<srxa> no, vga+hdmi on same resolutions
<srxa> i am developing games for gambling machines, and i am trying to use this platform for that, if i acomplish my goal, it will be idally for that
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<labrador> i am trying to build 3.10 but always whatever changes i do to my config it fails.. anyone have succesffuly build 3.10 kernel ?
<montjoie[home]> for which board ?
<montjoie[home]> you need to give more info
<labrador> montjoie[home]: A13 olinuxino
<labrador> the reason that trying to use 3.10 is cause i cant have wakeup from uart or rtc in the 3.4 kernel
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<nove> labrador: from what i am aware, 3.10 is *still* not usable
<labrador> nove: ok
<labrador> any idea howto be able to wakeup my board after sleep from uart or rtc0 ?
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<ccaione> labrador: on A20 there is an alarm IP. did you check if there is anything similar on A13?
<labrador> ccaione: alarm IP ?
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<ccaione> labrador: it is a kind of alarm able to wake-up the processor
<labrador> ccaione: how to search if A13 has one ?
<ccaione> datasheet? :)
<labrador> ok
<labrador> thank you
<labrador> also may i ask.. my olinuxino with a li-po 1400mah battery can hold maximum 1hour with powersave governor
<labrador> its kinda thursty right ?
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<specing> sounds about right
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<labrador> is it worth disable audio and video to reserve some power ?
<labrador> or the difference will be very small that dont woth it ?
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<wingrime2> labrador: just fix PM and device code
<wingrime2> labrador: add to pm wakeup source just by Not disabling IRQ from device
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<labrador> wingrime2: i am not following.. can you explain farther please ?
<wingrime2> labrador: .., you can make any device to be wakeup source, still it have IRQ
<wingrime2> labrador: sleep for sunxi is .. just asm("wfi") - wait for IRQ
<mnemoc> moin
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<wingrime2> mnemoc: moin
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<ccaione> moin??? isn't 7pm in germany? :D
<mnemoc> hi wingrime2
<mnemoc> ccaione: irc has different time rules
<mnemoc> ccaione: it's morning when you join, it's night when you leave
<mnemoc> mru: :)
<ccaione> hahaha Resistance is futile. Your ass will be laminated.
<ccaione> ok, gotta prepare my ss
<wingrime2> ccaione: 0 am there
<ssvb> srxa: btw, is it right to assume that the x11 mali driver is not an option for you?
<srxa> i was considering wayland plugin, but it also relays on eglfs
<srxa> and clone mode also didn't work with egl...and i have same picture on both screens with linuxfb
<srxa> i will try at the end with xserver
<srxa> but i really think that isue us somewhere in linux disp...
<srxa> sunxi disp, sorry
<srxa> because clone mode use only fb0....
<ssvb> srxa: dual display support works for x11 mali drivers with this patch - https://github.com/mittorn/xf86-video-fbturbo/commit/650da1afc946a2a1db39262870615aebb8995f17
<srxa> i will try, but first i must compile qt with xcb support :)
<ssvb> srxa: there are lots of issues everywhere, but if you have independent /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1 framebuffer, then mali framebuffer drivers need special handling for this
<ssvb> srxa: just for fun, you might try to patch libMali.so binary (framebuffer mali drivers) and replace /dev/fb0 string with /dev/fb1
<ssvb> srxa: and maybe the "/dev/fb%i" string too
<srxa> that is first what i will try, just to see if it will work at least on secondary display only
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<labrador> wingrime2: any document that explains the progress of assign that device as wakeup source?
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<wingrime2> labrador: pure logic
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<wingrime2> labrador: 1) commentout resume/suspend in source driver (it must have External IRQ)
<Turl> ccaione: also moin doesn't mean morning :p just hello
<labrador> can you help me to understand for ex: what i have to do enable the uart interrupt ? (i dont know what file is coresponding for that i am searching for)
<Turl> labrador: if your uart works then it is already enabled
<ccaione> thought moin==morning
<labrador> Turl: my uart works fine but it not wakeup when data is received and systam is in sleep state
<Turl> labrador: what kernel are you using?
<Turl> and on what platform?
<labrador> Turl: sunxi-3.4 olinuxino A13
<Turl> ccaione: see [[Moin]]
<ccaione> hooooo
<Turl> labrador: you may want to have a look at arch/arm/plat-sunxi/pm/ then
<Turl> I think normally USB, LRADC and a couple other things are set as wake sources, but not uart
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<labrador> Turl: also if i put sytem on sleep and plug a usb device it dont wakeup
<labrador> system wakesup only when one of the onboard buttons are pressed
<ssvb> mnemoc: can we apply mru's patch to stage/sunxi-3.4? https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-sunxi%40googlegroups.com/msg03264.html
<Turl> labrador: only the first usb controller seems to be enabled for wakeup
<Turl> I think that's OTG
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<labrador> no.. non of the usb devices can wake it up..
<Turl> labrador: you need to plug your device to something
<Turl> labrador: like you would do to charge a tablet or copy a file to it
<Turl> that is the port enabled for wakeup
<wingrime2> Turl: i find problem, and resolved it, lirc work using /dev/lirc0
<wingrime2> Turl: but it have some stranges
<Turl> wingrime2: great
<Turl> wingrime2: what is strange?
<wingrime2> Turl: when i run irecord to detect remotecontrol, it unable detect keys , but using --force - (using raw mode) - helps
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<labrador> so just plug a usb flash drive on a usb cant wakeit up ?
<wingrime2> Turl: after it, using -a to convect to normal file also works,
<Turl> labrador: no (unless you implement it of course)
<Turl> wingrime2: I'm not familiar with lirc
<wingrime2> Turl: also, I tested building as module and find annonyng bug
<Turl> wingrime2: what bug?
<wingrime2> Turl: strange unregular oopss after serval insmod /rmmod
<Turl> wingrime2: o.O
<Turl> wingrime2: maybe wrong unregister order of irq
<Turl> or forgot it enabled
<wingrime2> Turl: no, looks mem corruption
<wingrime2> Turl: earlyer I have no normal way test it as module (no mmc,etc)
<labrador> Turl: i see that in pm.c there is the wakeup sources.. but how can i add uart for example ?
<Turl> wingrime2: PC is at __kmalloc_track_callerunxi-ir o.O
<wingrime2> labrador: for uart you only need add cmdline noconsolesuspend
<Turl> labrador: see standby/standby.c
<Turl> wingrime2: I think aw standby code disable interrupts?
<Turl> but it's easy to try, maybe that works
<wingrime2> Turl: usualy driver suspend routine do it
<Turl> wingrime2: yes, but aw quality code :)
<wingrime2> Turl: but , for some cases, for example LRADC , PM saves regs and . reconfigure it again
<wingrime2> Turl: and enable irq
<wingrime2> Turl: yes, allthings belong to suspend blob and drivers resume/suspend , and anything that can generate IRQ can be wakeup source
<Turl> wingrime2: suspend blob mask all interrupt in standby/standby_int.c it seems
<wingrime2> Turl: just for make sure ))
<Turl> :)
<nove> help me decide here http://linux-sunxi.org/Register-mediawiki-extension, is this worth the trouble that will create? Should be done? I can't decide, this web things are so complicated and with many limitations not allowing to do exactly what one wants.
<labrador> wingrime2: noconsolesuspend on bootargs not working
<Turl> nove: table is enough imo
<Turl> nove: like on user manual
<wingrime2> labrador: no_console_suspend=1
<wingrime2> labrador: to cmdline
<labrador> ok.. let me try it
<mnemoc> ssvb: sorry... I didn't see it. will apply it now. what about merging stage to sunxi-3.4 and making a version jump? any other outstanding patch for 3.4?
<labrador> wingrime2: nope.. not working too
<wingrime2> labrador: than you need unmask uart IRQ in PM
<wingrime2> too
<Turl> you will need to add code to enable the uart interrupt on standby/standby.c
<mnemoc> nove: will you write the extension to hook packetdiag in mediawiki?
<Turl> that together with no_console_suspend=1 should be enough
<labrador> wingrime2: how can it be done ?
<labrador> there is 2 files.. pm.c and standby.c that i have to edit and add sections for uart ?
<srxa> ssvb: when i grep strings from libMali.so, there is no /dev/fbX...just /dev/mali and /dev/gator/anotate
<Turl> labrador: yes
<nove> mnemoc: i could write, but until know only found problems, not solutions
<ssvb> srxa: where did you take your libMali.so?
<srxa> r3p2-01rel1
<mnemoc> nove: packetdiag is intended for long registers, not only one word
<Turl> mnemoc: isn't it intended for network packets? :P
<mnemoc> Turl: indeed :p
<mnemoc> Turl: >4 bytes :p
<nove> mnemoc: this will take a bit of work, and i am undecided because there are more things in that time would be better spend
<labrador> Turl: i have to create also standby_uart.h file ?
<mnemoc> but there is no much difference between the binary header of a network packet and the register of an IP
<srxa> ssvb: i am using your kernel, 20130913 branch
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<mnemoc> nove: registers described only in tables are hard to digest. a visual representation makes it much easier to understand
<nove> mnemoc: but as Turl said, only the table is enough, and for that wiki templates should be enough
<ssvb> srxa: heh, I see
<ssvb> we really need to add mali r3p2 support to sunxi-3.4 kernel eventually
<mnemoc> nove: enough != good
<nove> mnemoc: i agree
<srxa> yea :)
* nove likes pretty pictures
* mnemoc too
<mnemoc> and even better if they are generated out of simple plain text
<Turl> labrador: something like this, together with the cmdline option should be more than enough for what you want to do http://sprunge.us/RgjP
<labrador> Turl: i will give it a try..
* Turl likes useful pictures
<Turl> for cat pics I already have a facebook account
<ssvb> srxa: for r3p2 mali blobs, these references to "/dev/fb0" and "/dev/fb%i" are in libEGL.so
<srxa> ssvb: ok
<ccaione> ssvb: do we have r3p2 (api 19) blobs?
<ssvb> srxa: unlike r3p0, it is not a single blob for everything with just a set of symlinks to it :)
<srxa> :)
<ssvb> ccaione: r3p2-01rel1 is no good?
<libv> our r3p0 binaries also reference /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb%i
<ccaione> ssvb: I need APIv19 for another project.
<nove> the solution is to put usefulness and prettiness together, but i am not seeing how
<Turl> ccaione: *cough*sellout*cough* :)
<Turl> j/k :p
<libv> also, i think that MALI_FBDEV is an environment variable that can be used
<nove> to not waste more time, for now lets stay with table templates and continue on
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<mnemoc> e8cec2c..e42126f android-3.10 -> android/android-3.10
<mnemoc> * [new branch] experimental/android-3.14 -> android/experimental/android-3.14
<mnemoc> ow
<ccaione> :D
<ssvb> mnemoc: is there something good or bad?
<mnemoc> ssvb: i don't know... i've been VERY disconnected
<ssvb> https://www.kernel.org/ lists 3.12 as longterm
<mnemoc> iirc someone from canonical took that job, not greg hk
<ssvb> does this affect us, android or anybody else?
<mnemoc> ssvb: if 3.14 becomes next android instead of 3.10 there is much more sunxi stuff in by default
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<mnemoc> ssvb: and so more problems for aw to hack their crap in
<mnemoc> and so, better chances of getting them collabirating
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<mnemoc> with libv's sunxi-kms in progress I find hard to justify sunxi-3.10 at all
itdaniher has joined #linux-sunxi
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<libv> i suck at progress tbh, i spent the week procrastinating on the wiki
<libv> all i wanted to do was update the mali binary driver page for the split ump
<nove> by the way, is common occurrence here that new people wanting to compile a kernel version without knowing what is supported
<libv> nove: you mean "compile the mainline kernel"
<nove> would it be good to have a feature matrix, with what is support by what
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<mnemoc> that's the main point for the stable sunxi- branches... and imo it should match an android supported kernel. sunxi-3.14 could be it
<libv> nove: what is not supported?
<libv> a31, a31s, a23
<libv> other things are mostly bugs, apart from touchscreen code which is often MIA
<libv> nove: or are you talking about people who wrongly wander into the mainline kernel work without a clue, thinking that that is the one true way, and that everything will magically be better?
<nove> libv: there is some misunderstanding, like per example getting mainline kernel, and then asking why display don't work
<libv> nove: you should've been here a few months ago
<nove> libv: yes, that
<libv> type in kernel on the wiki and you'd only get to the mainline kernel page
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<libv> which only booted on a handful of dev boards (not sure whether that has massively changed yet)
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<Turl> libv: people with things that are not dev boards don't have too much a use for mainline, because there's no display support
<libv> nove: the issue is that most people believe that this is like an x86 pc
<nove> and maybe a page in the with a matrix of socs vs kernel versions, and what its state (what works and what doesn't)
<libv> they are new to the arm world
<libv> nove: there are plenty of warnings on the wiki
<libv> and that's the other big issue, people do not search or read wikis
<libv> nove: the only real solution is device pages.
<libv> device pages which clearly guide people to the manual build howto, which tells people how to build the sunxi-3.4 kernel
<libv> device pages is what people do tend to read, especially if they are kept structured and to the point
<libv> anything else will always result in TLDR
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<nove> libv: and if searching in search engines for the device, getting our wiki in the first result
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<libv> nove: good point
<libv> i just googled for linux leliktec and got nowhere
<libv> oh, with the accent correctly, i do get a hit
<Turl> libv: our wiki has 0 results for leliktec
<libv> quite quickly as well
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<libv> Turl: inet k70hc, i brought that one up
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<libv> "LélikTec linux" has the page as the third hit, so good
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<libv> good
<libv> some other tests are quite good indeed
<libv> so device pages
<libv> device pages
<libv> device pages
<libv> device pages
<libv> device pages
<mnemoc> :D
<mnemoc> and distro pages
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<srxa> ssvb: editing /dev/fb0 to /dev/fb1 and i have eglfs on secondary display
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<ssvb> srxa: this means that you already can use two displays
<srxa> yes, now just find way how
<ssvb> srxa: by just running two programs and using different sets of mali libraries for them (by tweaking LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something like this)
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<srxa> yea, that is the easiest way :)
<ssvb> but it still makes sense to try using environment variables, libv suggested that MALI_FBDEV might work
<srxa> hm...i dont think so, i already try that
<srxa> but there is FRAMEBUFFER variable also
<ssvb> are you tracking what is getting passed to getenv function?
<srxa> no
<srxa> i set variable in qt environement variables for deployment
<ssvb> the natural way to debug this would be to set a breakpoint on getenv and see what kind of environment variables are used by the mali blob
<ssvb> you can also ask in the official mali support forums, if the blob is configurable via environment variables, then they surely should know it :)
<srxa> ssvb: FRAMEBUFFER is solution...
<srxa> ssvb: it's so simple on the end ...
<ssvb> :)
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<srxa> ssvb: but now i have 40 fps per screen, instead of 80...
<srxa> it will be enough
<Turl> srxa: you still have 1 mali, not 2 :p
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<srxa> but dual mali :)
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<labrador> guys is there anyway to put my system to sleep for ex: 1 minute and then wakeup ?
<labrador> i am asking because there is not rtc0 wakeup in sys
<labrador> wakealarm or something
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<libv> srxa: be happy that the mali scales that well
<libv> you do get exactly half the framerate.
<libv> srxa: but it happily does so without complaints
<libv> unlike some competitors
<srxa> yes, exactly
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<labrador> its a13 olinuxino
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<Turl> labrador: A13 doesn't have a built in rtc, but olimex (and pretty much anyone) include an i2c one, so yes, it should be possible
<labrador> but as i see its not currently available right ?
Turl changed the topic of #linux-sunxi to: Allwinner/sunxi development discussion - Don't ask to ask. Just ask and wait! - See http://linux-sunxi.org | https://github.com/linux-sunxi/ | Logs at http://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi
<Turl> labrador: you need to use the rtc-sun5i driver and backport some changes from the A13 sdk
<Turl> labrador: there was someone asking the same thing in here the other day http://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi/search?q=rtc-sun5i
<megal0maniac_afk> What does one do if the uboot timeout is 0 and you don't have access to setenv in the host system?
<Turl> replace uboot with one with a different timeout? :)
<megal0maniac_afk> Eugh
<megal0maniac_afk> I guess. And if you break uboot? :P
<Turl> you fix it? :p
<megal0maniac_afk> Why the hell was my Dockstar easier to hack than this "open development platform"??
<megal0maniac_afk> Turl: Seriously though, what are the recovery options with A10/20?
<megal0maniac_afk> Is there JTAG, or..?
<Turl> megal0maniac_afk: 1) insert sd card 2) ??? 3) system works
<Turl> sd card is the first storage medium checked to boot from
<Turl> so the only chance of bricking it is if you completely hose the hardware or so
<megal0maniac_afk> So booting from SD card is handled by the processor directly, not uboot?
<Turl> megal0maniac_afk: yes
<Turl> megal0maniac_afk: you need to install uboot on the sd card
<Turl> check the BROM page on the wiki
<Turl> it explains it with more detail
<megal0maniac_afk> Cool, thanks for clearing that up :)
<megal0maniac_afk> Another question. This box has 4 regular USB ports. How do you install an image onto the internal flash?
<megal0maniac_afk> i.e. there is no micro/mini USB connector
<Turl> with an sd card :P
<megal0maniac_afk> The SD card truly is the universal solution here... :P
<Turl> there is a tool that converts those livesuit images to a sd card that you can put in on the box and it boots and flashes the nand
<Turl> yeah it is
<megal0maniac_afk> That's cool though, it's versatile and difficult to kill
<Turl> I'd really suggest you start from there and forget about the nand. Unless you really need the sd slot for something else, that is
<megal0maniac_afk> Turl: Well, common practice for me is to put something "useful" onto nand in case sd card boot fails. Then I still have something usable
<megal0maniac_afk> usable != android
<Turl> ok :)
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<megal0maniac_afk> So.. practical example. I have lubuntu nand image for A20 which is an .img file. I have an SD card. What now?
<megal0maniac_afk> Do I dd it or is there a utility or how do I get it onto nand or..?
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<libv> megal0maniac_afk: all that is on the wiki
<megal0maniac_afk> As I'm slowly discovering :/
<megal0maniac_afk> There is a heck of a lot to learn on a new platform. Beginning to realise just how different it is from what I know
<libv> megal0maniac_afk: once you're done with the basics: http://linux-sunxi.org/Installing_to_NAND
<libv> megal0maniac_afk: there are thousands of different devices out there
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<libv> megal0maniac_afk: it's not just one or two like with the dockstar
<libv> you only rarely just dd 1 image to an sd card and be done
<Turl> the exception being fedora :P
<megal0maniac_afk> Which is okay. It just means I need to spend many hours on this to get comfortable :)
<Turl> if you have a nand image for your device you usually use phoenixsuit to make a card to flash your device
<libv> megal0maniac_afk: not as many as you'd think, for just getting something on an sd-card
<libv> megal0maniac_afk: but you do need to follow the howtos or it'll not work
<libv> i got quite pissed at a suse guy a year ago, he was playing with a cubieboard, and said "it doesn't boot" every 5 minutes
<megal0maniac_afk> Turl: Are you sure phoenixsuite does that? It seems like it only talks over adb and provides no other options
<libv> even though he got told to read the fucking wiki every time
<megal0maniac_afk> libv: Don't worry, I won't be that guy ;)
<libv> he just read 1 line and then gave up reading again
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<Turl> libv: hahah
<megal0maniac_afk> When you're messing around with this stuff, "not booting" is the default state. Anything else is a special occasion
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<Turl> megal0maniac_afk: phoenixsuite is like the new version of livesuite as far as I know
<Turl> and it can do flashing via FEL mode (OTG) or make the cards
<megal0maniac_afk> I've got it, but it seems pretty stripped down
<Turl> previously you'd make the cards with phoenixcard I think
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<srxa> megal0maniac_afk: it is nothing awfully to do...just 20 days ago i've got my device, then, as i was in windows, i try linux for first time(before that i only know $ls and $man and $cd from linux, $nano also :D), after few days i was compiling kernel, then i make Qt5 crosscompiled and work with my device, and today i was messing with hexeditor and binary blobs to make damn thing work as i wish :D
<megal0maniac_afk> Turl: I'll double check. Maybe I have an outdated version or something
<megal0maniac_afk> srxa: That's pretty impressive :)
<megal0maniac_afk> I'm not scared, I just know I have a lot of reading ahead of me
<megal0maniac_afk> Sleepy time. I need to be up in 6 hours :/ I'll be back, no doubt :)
<srxa> just google for evrything you need, read wiki and forums for issue, doesn't matter if forum is not strictly for your device...
<megal0maniac_afk> srxa: That's the nice thing about A20. It's a generic platform, and things like cubieboard2 have been nicely documented already
<srxa> yes
<megal0maniac_afk> Night :)
<srxa> bye
<libv> who here is Mul on the wiki?
<libv> nove?
<libv> ah, yes
<libv> i do not want to see people use the "0b0" notation
<libv> people who do that never had to set one of the higher bits
<Wizzup> haha
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<Turl> ccaione: ^ *hint*
<Turl> libv: it also breaks sparse and is not std C
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