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<wens> Turl: sorry, I never tried our 3.4 with the cubietruck
<Turl> wens: ah, ok :)
<Turl> Nazcafan: maybe you'll need the cubieboard guys' patch then
<nazcafan> I've looked into this patch
<nazcafan> I am absolutely no low level developer
<nazcafan> however
<nazcafan> it does look a little bit as if they had basically copy pasted the whole wireless stack, doesn't it?
<nazcafan> I was wondering whether I wouldn't be better of trying to backport the the patch for mainline support that's mentioned in the wiki for 3.14
<nazcafan> s/better of/better off/
<wens> I think they just put an older version of bcmdhd in their kernel
<wens> Nazcafan: you can try by just backporting the SDIO IDs and chip function offsets
<wens> I don't know if the structure of brcmfmac has changed or not
<Turl> wens: what about allwinerization (muxes, pins, etc)?
<wens> good point
<wens> well the wifi part can work on its own, so just the stuff for the mmc controller is needed
<wens> that should be taken care of in the fex file?
<nazcafan> what's the MMC?
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<pacopad> @libv : Hi Libv , i try to put the egl/gl init part of the sunxi-mali test program in an other soft without succes
<pacopad> when i check eglgeterror everything is ok , eglQuerySurface and eglQueryString returns value but glGetString(GL_VENDOR) returns NULL
<pacopad> wht should i check please ?
<libv> pacopad: try starting from the mali test, again
<pacopad> i tryed 3 times but no way , i think there is something big that i didnt see
<pacopad> the mali test compiles and works on my plateform
<libv> pacopad: then modify it, bit by bit
<libv> pacopad: be aware though, the mit license and the copyright statement do apply
<pacopad> in fact i 'm trying to had opengles in libvdpau , so i cant start from this project
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<pacopad> can i have a wrong context even if eglMakeCurrent returns no error ?
<discopig> i followed http://linux-sunxi.org/Binary_drivers to get hardware acceleration working on a minimal debian, but when i try to run es2gears to test i get this error: libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to open lima (search paths /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri:${ORIGIN}/dri:/usr/lib/dri)
<discopig> i tried the workarounds on the wiki but nothing seems to fix it
<discopig> what could be the issue?
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<rm> plaes, may I ask you
<rm> why did you move Debian images to their own page
<rm> but not the Ubuntu ones
<plaes> rm: got busy :)
<rm> to be honest I don't think moving to separate pages was necessary in the first place
<rm> there are not that many Debian and Fedora images to warrant that
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<plaes> rm: actually, it wasn't my call
<plaes> I was just updating the Fedora image links
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<DJJeff> Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (
<DJJeff> anyone?
<plaes> ?
<DJJeff> oh
<DJJeff> nvm
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<oliv3r> i should have mentioned this yesterday; start spamming olimex LIME on sites that promote the pi due to the 3d/10y/2.5units thing
<plaes> 3d/10y/2.5units?
<plaes> 3D is the broadcom offer?
<bertrik> I hate spammers, spammings and spam
<plaes> bertrik: I hate rpi spam :)
<oliv3r> 3D = opensourcing of the 3D engine bits; 10years should bave been 2 years :p and 2.5units = 2.5 million units marker
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* Wizzup is having some trouble getting spi to work on an cubie a20, the kernel doesn't seem to have SPI_SUN7I in there
<Wizzup> I enabled SPIDEV, but I assume that's not enough
<Wizzup> (aside from the script/fex changes I need to do)
<Wizzup> If someone has a good guide, let me know, I'll be continuing the quest soon
<nazcafan> Wizzup, what kernel are you building? I built the linux-sunxi kernel wihout any trouble really?
<nazcafan> just following the wiki page: http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_Kernel
<oliv3r> Wizzup: chances are, sPI wasn't ported yet to sun7i
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<Wizzup> I read stuff about sun7i spi though, mailing list posts from 2013
<Wizzup> and stuff like "the sun7i spi code is better"
<oliv3r> could be the code dump
<oliv3r> but it wasn't merged
<Wizzup> okay
<Wizzup> I should find a different way to control my LEDs then ;-)
<Wizzup> the weird part is that I also cannot find the other SPI_SUN4I etc settings in .config
<Wizzup> not even set to =n
<Wizzup> but maybe that's because I did a defconfig for sun7i
<oliv3r> i would imagine that SPI was merged all over
<oliv3r> but i'm not sure on the status here
<Wizzup> I just pulled sunxi-3.4 (updated rather)
<Wizzup> still not there
<Wizzup> afaics
<oliv3r> find . -name '*sunxi_spi*'
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> maybe it's unified allready
<nazcafan> is there any documentation (in English) of the general architecture of the A20 and the derived boards?
<Wizzup> not in drivers/spi
<Wizzup> at least, it should be unified
<Wizzup> but there is no CONFIG for it
<oliv3r> Nazcafan: linux-sunxi.org
<Wizzup> yes, that one
<mnemoc> oliv3r: hi, was the A23 user manual official released or leaked?
<Wizzup> there is no config to enable it though
<oliv3r> obj-$(CONFIG_SPI_SUN4I)+= spi_sunxi.o
<oliv3r> obj-$(CONFIG_SPI_SUN5I)+= spi_sunxi.o
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<oliv3r> probably need to replace SUN4I with SUNXI
<mnemoc> +1
<oliv3r> it's untested for SUN7I atm, so i can write the patch, but someone needs to test it other then me
<oliv3r> it probably will need some dma/irq changes to the SPI driver
<oliv3r> hmm
<oliv3r> to much work for me today :p
<oliv3r> have to finish chapter 4 :)
<mnemoc> :D
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<oliv3r> patch sent
<oliv3r> someone review and merge it :p
<oliv3r> (and test)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: [PATCH] Unify sunxi SPI driver a little more
<oliv3r> mnemoc: do we have daily hwpacks?
<oliv3r> (without mali stuff?)
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<martin__> hi folks
<martin__> just tried to make modules_install on kernel-source 3.4.61, but I get the error: linux-sunxi/firmware/ihex2fw: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting ")")
<martin__> can anyone help me with this? :)
<oliv3r> we are at 3.4.79 i think atm?
<oliv3r> so that bug may have been solved many months ago?
<oliv3r> run make again :)
<martin__> so...new checkout ? :)
<martin__> oliv3r: is 3.4.79 in cubieboard/linux-sunxi ?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: we aren't doing hwpacks currently, since the changes in u-boot and sunxi-mali broke the bsp... but surely they need to be revived
<mnemoc> oliv3r: shouldn't we default spi_sunxi to at least m?
<mnemoc> (in Kconfig)
<mnemoc> surely not part of the unification, but a 2/2
<mnemoc> good defaults help a lot on feature consistency in .config when renaming things
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: i whole heartedly agree :)
<oliv3r> patches welcome :p
<oliv3r> <- busy wiritng chapter 4 and i have a LOT to do still :(
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: m/y or y/y ?
<mnemoc> spi/dma
<oliv3r> i'd go with y/y to be ho nest
<oliv3r> it's a core feature :)
<nazcafan> oliv3r, what are you writing?
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<oliv3r> Nazcafan: a book :)
<nazcafan> about linux embedded development?
<mnemoc> oliv3r: ok
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<arete74> mnemoc: i have send an patch for sun7i_deconfig
<arete74> now is an usable kernel
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<mnemoc> arete74: shouldn't we improve the default values in Kconfig instead?
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<arete74> mnemoc: i have copy option from sun4i_deconfig and add the missing to sun7i_deconfig
<mnemoc> :)
<mnemoc> but adding good defaults we can remove the lines from all defconfigs and get the things enabled unless the user explicitely turns them off
<arete74> ok i can send an path next day for this!
<arete74> ok i can send an pacth next day for this!
<mnemoc> great. I'll merge this one first, and then we can start cleaning the defconfigs by setting defaults
<arete74> we must improve deconfig also for kernerl ml,so the nights build are suable!
<arete74> suable/usable
<mnemoc> at least in sunxi-devel and sunxi-next
<mnemoc> which are controlled by us
<mnemoc> then people can just pull a prebuilt from the nightlies and USE them
<arete74> now for sunxi-devel was is the deconfig that night build use?
<mnemoc> sunxi_defconfig
<mnemoc> the night build thing actually builds all defconfigs that match sun.i
<mnemoc> so if we get variants they will be built too
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<bjoernb> libv: do you expect to have a working lima-mesa driver upstream by summer?
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<rellla> jemk: do you have a backup of the osd branch somewhere? seems, that there has sth gone bad while the merges...
<mnemoc> $61 for a CT + black case
<jemk> rellla: git merges can always be undone, but better would be to fix what's wrong
<rm> No feedback score. <- scam
<mnemoc> but it's Ali...
<jemk> rellla: what doesn't work after the merge, i had no problems but as always only tested with mplayer/mpv
<mnemoc> with scrow
<mnemoc> escrow*
<rellla> jemk: i cannot really undo it, because there is no osd branch anymore. or i'm too stupid
<rellla> there is a problem with g2d i think
<jemk> rellla: git checkout -b osd 94c5977
<rellla> http://www.vidup.de/v/fYKiz/ it's the top layer.
<jemk> rellla: and you have osd branch before making it runtime configurable
<rellla> thanks, i'll try that later
<jemk> rellla: I'm on cubietruck, no flashplayer ;)
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<bjoernb> jemk: do you have 3d accelleration working?
<jelly-home> mnemoc: it's still a PITA to undo the transactions
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<MSameer> does anybody know if the A20 HDMI registers are similar to A10 ones?
<MSameer> I found some CEC related bits in the A20 user manual so I can try my luck
<jemk> bjoernb: not at the moment, it worked once, but since some time it doesn't, but as I don't need it i didn't care yet
<bjoernb> jemk: k. i do not get them running. and sound is lost now as well.
* MSameer feels he's asking stupid questions :)
<mnemoc> iirc we do have a cec driver
<libv> bjoernb: definitely not
<libv> bjoernb: i do not believe in upstream and a 1-1 tie to a given mesa version
<libv> bjoernb: please watch my fosdem talk
<MSameer> mnemoc: we have a driver that turns on and off the tv but nothing more
<MSameer> i am trying to see if I can improve it
<mnemoc> i see. go ahead! please!
<bjoernb> libv: i was there, so i must have misunderstood you. i had the feeling after the talk that lima will be ready this year.
<libv> bjoernb: but it will not go "upstream"
<libv> it will not be merged into mesa
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<bjoernb> libv: so it will live in linux-sunxi and not in kernel.org?
<libv> bjoernb: t series is out already
<libv> bjoernb: and we barely scratched the surface there
<bjoernb> libv: so your focus is the mali t600/700 and not anymore the mali-200/400?
<libv> did i say that?
<libv> bjoernb: it was once again mentiond in my talk
<libv> where i questioned whether we should completely rewrite the kernel driver and get it into the linus kernel, or whether we should instead spend time on the t series
<mnemoc> how would arm react to a mainlined driver?
<bjoernb> libv: sorry, i have to watch your talk then. i obviously was not paying enough attention in brussels.
<libv> *shrug*
<libv> how would it react if there is no t-series work being done?
<libv> which has higher priority?
<mnemoc> t-series +1
<libv> so, get dma-buf/fetch going well on the current code, and then move on
<mnemoc> :)
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: with the nightly kernel build, where are the modules stored? (I should just check dl.sunxi :p)
<mnemoc> lib/modules/...
<mnemoc> linux-sunxi-stage-3.4-sun7i-20131010T235839/lib/modules/3.4.61+/kernel/drivers/video/sunxi/disp/disp_ump.ko for example
<mnemoc> there is a .txt with the filelisting of every tarball generated during the "nightly" builds
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<bjoernb> libv: so i get that you want to build one driver that users can make-install and use it with the mesa packages from linux-sunxi.
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<jemk> rellla: you could also try to compile softhddevice without USE_VIDEOTHREAD
<jemk> rellla: vdpau-sunxi isn't threadsafe yet
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<Skaag> I'm getting this error compiling sunxi-bsp: spi_sunxi.c:33:22: fatal error: plat/dma.h: No such file or directory
<mnemoc> what head and what config?
<Skaag> A13_Olinuxino, checking head
<Skaag> Of course I enabled a bunch of drivers I needed, beyond the defaults
<Skaag> perhaps some of them are not yet possible for ARM
<Skaag> I'm on branch master
<mnemoc> master is mainline
<mnemoc> didn't know there was spi in mainline already
<Skaag> now to find out what I enabled that added this feature
<Skaag> ok maybe usb wireless
<mnemoc> Skaag: you mean bsp's master or linux's master?
<Skaag> hm. SPI support was checked, in linux-config
<Skaag> bsp's master
<Skaag> checking linux
<mnemoc> cd linux-sunxi :)
<Skaag> On branch sunxi-3.4
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<Skaag> ok I disabled SPI and now it compiles
<Skaag> I wonder what I enabled that activated SPI, I don't think it's something I would enable myself on purpose
<mnemoc> Skaag: can you update to the lastest stage/sunxi-3.4 and test again?
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<Skaag> yes
<Skaag> hope a git pull is enough
<Skaag> massive pull..!
<Skaag> :)
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<Skaag> hm. it claims I made changes to files that I never touched.
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<mnemoc> Skaag: git checkout --track origin/stage/sunxi-3.4
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<dannym> ugh... with 3.4.75+ and 3.4.79+ when I do pm-suspend it will suspend and not wake up again (at least not with USB keyboard).
<dannym> I fiddled with it in the first place since when I don't touch anything for 10 minutes, display and mmc will suspend and I can ssh to it fine, however display will not wake up no matter what I do...
<Skaag> mnemoc: fatal: A branch named 'stage/sunxi-3.4' already exists.
<dannym> I even tried ioctl(fd, DISP_CMD_RESUME) on /dev/disp
<dannym> it says "fail when in suspend".......
<mnemoc> Skaag: git checkout stage/sunxi-3.4; git reset --hard origin/stage/sunxi-3.4
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<calcprgmr1> Hey, I'm trying to install the sunxi-mali and fbturbo drivers on a Cubieboard v1 1GB on Ubuntu 13.10
<calcprgmr1> I installed all the dependencies, checked out the sunxi-mali repo, and am getting an error bulding the included test program
<calcprgmr1> looks like it detected armhf, release r3p0, and x11 version of the driver which should be correct
<calcprgmr1> but running "make test" gives a bunch of linker errors... /usr/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabihf/4.8/../../../../lib/libEGL.so: undefined reference to `XChangeWindowAttributes'
<calcprgmr1> and 20 some other undefined references to the same file
<calcprgmr1> if I force it to install the framebuffer version of the r3p0, "make test" completes and runs fine, but it blanks the whole screen and I want it to work with x11
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<ssvb> calcprgmr1: maybe try adding -lX11 to the gcc options and check if this helps?
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<calcprgmr1> That got rid of a lot of them, still has a few though
<ssvb> which ones?
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<calcprgmr1> drmGetMagic, XMissingExtension, XFixesCreateRegion, XextRemoveDisplay, XextCreateExtension, XextFindDisplay, DRI2SwapBuffers, XextAddDisplay
<calcprgmr1> build command is
<calcprgmr1> cc -Wall -o test test.c -lEGL -lGLESv2 -lX11
<ssvb> -lXext
<calcprgmr1> ok, now it's down to drmGetMagic, XFixesCreateRegion, DRI2SwapBuffers
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<ssvb> :)
<ssvb> could it be something related to "-Wl,--as-needed" being potentially set as default in your distro?
<ssvb> one more experiment might be adding -Wl,--no-as-needed option
<calcprgmr1> not sure, my distro is the linaro 12.04 image that I upgraded to saucy yesterday
<calcprgmr1> I'll try that
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<calcprgmr1> where should I put those options?
<calcprgmr1> cc: error: unrecognized command line option '-Wl'
<calcprgmr1> same for --no-as-needed
<calcprgmr1> cc --version:
<ssvb> it's a single option, not two
<calcprgmr1> cc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.8.1-10ubuntu8) 4.8.1
<calcprgmr1> oh, ok
<calcprgmr1> didn't fix the issue then
<ssvb> "-Wl,XXX" is telling gcc to pass the remaining XXX part to the linker
<ssvb> too bad that it did not help
<calcprgmr1> ah, ok
<ssvb> anyway, you can try to find the rest of the needed libraries
<ssvb> that would be -lXfixes -ldrm
<ssvb> or something like this
<calcprgmr1> and -ldri2
<calcprgmr1> it built with all of those, now to see if it runs
<calcprgmr1> and it does!
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<calcprgmr1> on an unrelated note, how do I change the kernel command line? I built my own u-boot and kernel from the linux-sunxi repos and want to enable EDID as well as set sunxi_fb_mem_reserve >= 11 (according to an error in Xorg.0.log from fbturbo)
<calcprgmr1> I have a boot.cmd/scr but it doesn't seem to be applying
<ssvb> maybe uEnv.txt
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<calcprgmr1> not uenv.txt either, I even edited my cmdline in .config and rebuilt but something else is changing it
<Turl> calcprgmr1: the bootloader, most likely. Adjust it via uEnv.txt or boot.scr
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<calcprgmr1> Ok, now my other issue is with fbturbo. I built it according to the linux-sunxi wiki. Am I right in thinking that with fbturbo driver running I should be able to run es2_info, es2gears, etc. without having to custom build them?
<calcprgmr1> my issue is that for some reason fbturbo sets up dri2 with the lima driver: (II) FBTURBO(0): [DRI2] Setup Complete / (II) FBTURBO(0): [DRI2] DRI driver: lima
<calcprgmr1> then running es2info gives a "DRI2: failed to open lima" error