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<kenny> Can anyone tell me what I need to enable to get the second cpu working on jwrdegoede sunxi-devel on a CB2? (A20)
<kenny> [ 0.062040] CPU1: failed to boot: -38
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<kenny> Also I notice the kernel is compiling with -msoft-float. Is this expected? it also includes -mfpu=vfp so it seems like it's building hf
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<wens> kenny: the kernel shouldn't do floating point, that is the rule i think
<wens> ccaione: looks like it was just people not checking mail over the weekend :p
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<Marcus1> hello! :)
<Marcus1> I am trying to set up my Cubietruck to be able to play 720p-Videos running Cubian and mplayer... now I found https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libvdpau-sunxi ... but I get the error "vdpau_private.h:28:25: fatal error: vdpau/vdpau.h: No such file or directory. Compilation terminatet." when I try to make it
<Marcus1> does anybody here know what to do? :)
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Marcus1: libvdpau-dev present?
<Marcus1> ah, no, it wasn't... now it works
<Marcus1> let's see if the mplayer works too
<Marcus1> wow
<Marcus1> amazing... CPU doesn't do anything anymore
<Marcus1> thank you very much!! :)
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<nabblet> hi :)
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<nabblet> sorry, lost connection :/
<nabblet> RiverRat: i thought about raspi too - but the more i look at A20 the more I want to use it :D What speaks for Raspi is, that it is more common, so i'll probalby get more help with gentoo (which I guess I'll need now and then)
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<oliv3r> nabblet_: there's gentoo users even here ..
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus :p
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: ?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> I read this
<nabblet> oliv3r: thank you for reply :) That message was not intende for this channel. It was for #gentoo and i was asking some basic stuff in order to know if i want to go the gentoo-do-it-yourself way or get an SD card with debian. guess i'll use both
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<nabblet_> oliv3r: this http://linux-sunxi.org/Gentoo#Debian confuses me a bit. what's the point of it?
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<nabblet> Oo... i am connected twice it seems Oo
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<wens> nabblet: installing Debian via Gentoo?
<nabblet> wens: yes.it just looked odd me. it's all about installing gentoo and then comes "well that's all nice, but better install debian"
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: Explain please. if the EDID is not read, use the kernel parameter or script.bin? disp.screen0_output_mode=EDID:1024x768p60
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<ccaione> mripard: what do you think about the idea of Lee to get rid of of_device_id?
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<ccaione> hoo wait, he was referring to AXP20X
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<oliv3r> nabblet: under gentoo; you can bootstrap debian to your sd card
<oliv3r> nabblet: it's for gentoo users, getting debian on their device
<oliv3r> nabblet: running gentoo ON the device shouldn't be hard
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: if there is no valid EDID, remove EDIT: from the mode
<oliv3r> wow
<oliv3r> this should give Alwinner a big BIG run for their money
<oliv3r> though the MT one includes a modem doesn't it
<oliv3r> but h265 hardware decoding
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: if i remove EDIT:, they set script.bin settings anyway. even if EDID can be read. i test it
<JohnDoe_71Rus> Perhaps such a priority EDID - kernel options - script.bin?
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<nabblet> oliv3r: oh, thank you for pointing out
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: wait for the new KMS driver :p
<wens> oliv3r: yeah, MTK (this is the abbr. they use) chips are mostly targeted at phones/tablets
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<wens> so a modem is a must
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: how long?
<oliv3r> nabblet: the idea when I wrote that was, gentoo users might want to install something from their gentoo to their device, and (cross)compiling everything may be a bit much. deboostrap is much much cleaner then installing some image
<oliv3r> nabblet: but installing an armhf stage3 tarball should be pretty straight forward
<oliv3r> wens: yeah but i strongly dislike that they don't seperate the modem from the SoC; think replicant :)
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: when it's done :p
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: In the world, nothing ends
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<wens> oliv3r: well their strategy is to be a one stop shop :p
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<ccaione> mripard: ok, Lee suggests to submit all the drivers altogether. I don't fully agree but ok.
<nabblet> oliv3r: oh, ok i see now
<nabblet> also thanks for writing it :)
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<eagles0513875> hey oliv3r
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<oliv3r> eagles0513875: lo
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<oliv3r> nabblet: i never finsihed it :p
<nabblet> oliv3r: what's left to do?
<oliv3r> i never got it to work; so i haven't done anything
<oliv3r> it's been a while since i've messed with all that
<nabblet> oliv3r: never got it to work <- what hardware?
<nabblet> oliv3r: also i just noticed that u-boot seems to work A1x Allwinners only. What do I use for A20 ?
<oliv3r> nabblet: some phenom i think
<oliv3r> nabblet: i couldn't run deboostrap successfully :p
<nabblet> :(
<oliv3r> but I gave up very quickly :p
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<binaryferret> nabblet: I've had u-boot working with my A20. I'm having other issues with OTG atm but I have it booting into a ubuntu terminal.
<nabblet> oliv3r: how much will this linux-sunxi.org website help me with getting gentoo on olimex A20 ? it has a A20 allwinner cpu but I don't know how much i have to consider the rest of the hardware
<nabblet> OTG?
<binaryferret> OTG Usb devices. Basically I currnetly can't get my usb keyboard to work with it.
<binaryferret> However that's nothing to do with u-boot and might just be down to my script.bin file which I'm playing around with at the moment.
<nabblet> binaryferret: did you also get that SD card with debian preinstalled with your olimex?
<binaryferret> nabblet: I'm not using olimex. I'm using a random chepo chinese A20 tablet.
<binaryferret> but my kernel and everything was booting from the sdcard
<Turl> nabblet: you'll get kernel & uboot, so basically all the core bits are from linux-sunxi :)
<oliv3r> nabblet: i don't think it will cause you any pain at all
<oliv3r> nabblet: mount an sd card somwhere, and follow the gentoo arm handbook
<oliv3r> nabblet: the only thing that's sunxi specific, which doesn't matter which guide you follow, is getting the kernel from linux-sunxi rather then vanilla gentoo
<oliv3r> same goes for the modules
<nabblet> Oo - so it's all about the CPU? thought i have to take much more care of other things
<oliv3r> what turl said
<oliv3r> nabblet: what other things
<nabblet> dunno, how stuff is connected, other chips. I have no clue though
<nabblet> that's why i'm asking here so much
<Turl> you could say all that is handled by script.bin
<binaryferret> That's kind what the script.bin file is for
<binaryferret> kind of*
<nabblet> so, if i would use the vaniall kernen from gentoo, what would be the difference to the unixi?
<Turl> oliv3r: make a gentoo rootfs :p
<Turl> nabblet: that you'd get a serial terminal, i2c if you're lucky. The rest is not supported on mainline
<binaryferret> nabblet: I'll attempt to answer as it helps my learning, but the vanilla kernel is from the mainline which at present doens't have sunxi support. linux-sunxi does
<oliv3r> Turl: i would expect one would exist; but really; wget stage3.tar.gz; unzip stage3.tar.gz; done
<oliv3r> the stage3 tarbabll technically almost IS a rootfs
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<oliv3r> binaryferret: almost perfect
<oliv3r> binaryferret: mainline kernel has very little sunxi support; the basics work, but no mmc etc
<binaryferret> Ahhh righty.
<Turl> oliv3r: can you chroot and start emerging stuff?
<oliv3r> if you use sunxi-devel or sunxi-next, you get mainline with the latest WiP patches giving you sata support at the least
<oliv3r> Turl: you are expected to
<oliv3r> Turl: you do have to mount some filesystems etc
<oliv3r> but the gentoo handbook talks all about that
<oliv3r> there
<oliv3r> follow that :)
<oliv3r> for the kernel, use the sunxi kernel, for the bootloader, use u-boot
<oliv3r> OUR*
<oliv3r> I should do a gentoo install on my olimex :D
<nabblet> what olimex do you have?
<nabblet> oliv3r: ^
<Turl> yeah, what's on Tsvetan's box? :)
<Turl> oliv3r: I haven't you seen writing new device pages on the wiki :p
<oliv3r> nabblet: erm a lime and a a20-micro
<oliv3r> Turl: i'm writing a book!
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<Turl> oliv3r: the olimex pages need some love
<Turl> :)
<Turl> gogogo :)
<Turl> oliv3r: so much generic test, no pics, so sad :( http://linux-sunxi.org/A10-OLinuXino-LIME
<Turl> A20 micro doesn't even have a page
<Turl> :p
<plaes> Turl: it has
<Turl> plaes: then wiki search sucks at highlightig it when you look for 'a20 micro'
<oliv3r> Turl: book first
<nabblet> is that linux-sunxi communit effort or is allwinner behind it?
<Turl> plaes: what's the page name?
<Turl> oliv3r: haha sure, but add pics later :)
<Turl> nabblet: everthing here is community effort
<Turl> plaes: that doesn't look micro to me
<plaes> and it needs some love
<nabblet> Turl: wow. The kernel mods too?
<Turl> plaes: ah, there's no "full" version. Odd naming
<Turl> nabblet: yes
<nabblet> respect!
<Turl> :)
<plaes> Turl: yeah.. that -micro is a bit odd :)
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<nabblet> plaes: is i get that correc,t 3.12 has the support i need (guess, that you kernel is ahead of the mainline though)
<wens> basic means the system will boot
<nabblet> oh i see
<wens> look further down for the various device drivers
<oliv3r> Turl: i'll make those pages right :)
<oliv3r> i'll do all my devices
<nabblet> hm, olimex also offers to ship sd-cards with debian preinstalled. So what kernel are they using?
<plaes> nabblet: "latest" :)
<plaes> but probably 3.4.x
<nabblet> plaes: so they they lack the support your kernel is having?
<nabblet> offering
<Net147> nabblet: Linux version 3.4.67+ (root@debian) (gcc version 4.7.1 (Debian 4.7.1-7) ) #6 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 1 17:32:40 EET 2013
<wigyori> nabblet: you can also take a look at openwrt if you're happy with 'minimal' support - that's using 3.13.1 as of now
<plaes> nabblet: 3.4.x has currently best feature set
<plaes> but it's quite hacky
<wigyori> bear in mind that with 3.4.x you're likely to have all features, with 3.13 that's much less
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<nabblet> why's that
<plaes> upstream (3.12+) means that all drivers are properly reviewed and use devicetree
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: if i compile sunxi from scratch what do i end up with do i have a basic root os?
<oliv3r> nabblet: they are using OUR kernel
<oliv3r> nabblet: slightly outdated I suppose
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: if you compile sunxi from scratch, you end up with a kernel :p
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<nabblet> oliv3r: :) i wanted to know why i'll have more luck with 3.3 thatn with 3.12+
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ok after that where do you go from there?
<nabblet> *than
<wens> I should do a debian image some day, with _current_ mainline
<nabblet> i thought that 3.n will have everything that has 3.n-1
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<oliv3r> nabblet: 3.4; because 3.4 supports all hardware, where 3.13 will only do CPU, LAN and erm, some other small thigns (i2c, timers)
<wens> nabblet: 3.3 and 3.4 are forks from mainline Linux
<Turl> wens: debian has currentish mainline packaged as mmp flavor
<Turl> with sunxi support :)
<wens> nabblet: think of it as a stable branch with vendor provided drivers
<wens> Turl: mmp?
<Turl> wens: multiplatform
<oliv3r> nabblet: no storage support, so you can only put your rootfs on nfs etc
<wens> I'll have to look into that
<wens> was using debootstract --foreign to do the rootfs
<Turl> wens: I think it was bfree_ that did it
<Turl> yeah deboostrap is nice
<oliv3r> doesn't the official ubuntu/debian installers also do debootstrap?
<Turl> wens: do you also use qemu to do the second step on your x86 box?
<oliv3r> or do they install some kind of image
<Turl> maybe a combo of deboostrap + tasksel
<Turl> but I'm just guessing
<Turl> deboostrap does have a magic flag or two that says 'used by debian installer'
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: what image would you recommend for something super light weight
<eagles0513875> if i for example use the ubuntu 12.04 image can i upgrade to 14.04? or would that just break every thing
<binaryferret> Since bumbing into the deboostrap explanation on linux-sunxi, I'm in love with it...well maybe not love, but certainly made me go 'phwoar' hehe.
<binaryferret> bumping*
<wens> Turl: yeah qemu static something
<binaryferret> I'm still learning lots, so it was new to me hench my initial awe.
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<Turl> eagles0513875: something like buildroot should be super lightweight
<eagles0513875> Turl: it is but i cant seem to get the correct build for my cubieboard 2 :(
<Turl> eagles0513875: what's the problem?
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<eagles0513875> Turl: boot up doesnt complete i get an error about mmc andn that is it
<Turl> you just need to pick the right arch and buildroot does the rest
<Turl> mmc?
<Turl> wat.jpg
<eagles0513875> Turl: mmc errors trying to boot off the memory card
<nabblet> but isn't 3.13 based on 3.4 ?
<nabblet> still don't understand why it has less support
<Nyuutwo> nabblet: beacuse 3.4 which we use is not mainline
<nabblet> ah! ok
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<Turl> nabblet: basically allwinner downloaded 3.4, added their bits and used that
<Turl> 3.5 and all the following versions have none of the bits allwinner added
<nabblet> oh, ok. now i understand!
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<Turl> we started cleaning up/rewriting and merging on mainline starting on 3.8
<Turl> so 3.8+ have some kind of sunxi support, although it's very basic so far
<wens> well 3.15 should have a nice headless system
<nabblet> and Allwinner also playing some part in this? or was this a fire&forget commitment in 3.4 from them?
<wens> that's assuming hans has enough time to get all his patches accepted
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<Turl> nabblet: fire, forget, goto fire
<Turl> nabblet: so far, they did this on 2.6.36, 3.0, 3.3 and 3.4
<nabblet> but they don't care to get it mainline?
<plaes> nabblet: they only make chips :)
<Nyuutwo> nabblet: they would need convince kernel team to include their (sometimes shitty) patches
<Nyuutwo> and also to build android tablet you really don't care about mainline
<Turl> nabblet: their business is selling "turnkey" solutions, in a way
<Nyuutwo> even script.bin looks some quirky way to help tabletmakers to configure
<Turl> selling easy to manufacture tablet designs to makers
<eagles0513875> i am impressed with this community how helpful everyone is :)
<Turl> they may have started considering mainline though, reworking everything each time you need to jump to a new kernel isn't exactly productive
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<nabblet> me too :)
<nabblet> ok, what about olimex then?
<nabblet> they sould have a viable intrest, no?
<Turl> olimex designs, makes and sells oshw using their SoCs
<nabblet> yes, but most of ther hardware will be running linux, so they'd want support for their hardware = support for allwinner (and others)
<Nyuutwo> nabblet: you have olimex bu are they buy enough chips so aw see mainlining as investment?
<eagles0513875> what company wouldnt see mainline as an investment
<Turl> nabblet: olimex collaborates here
<Turl> nabblet: both with code, esp. when their products are involved
<Turl> also with hardware donations to community members so we can test changes and the like
<Turl> eagles0513875: one that doesn't care and just wants to ship stuff quickly
<eagles0513875> Turl: you have to keep the customers happy if its not easy to get a kernel working with their stuff they might as well fold up shop
<nabblet> well, i guess also makers of this kind of hardware figure that their customers will figure out themselves
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: you give android sdk and why mainline it?
<Turl> eagles0513875: their customers just edit script.bin and use livesuit to flash their shiny newly made tablets
<Nyuutwo> 80% of users don't care what is in their tablet when they can check their social media site
<eagles0513875> then it comes to the distro wars im sure distro Nyuutwo if its in mainline less work for main stream distros to be built for it
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: tables i agree.
<eagles0513875> im talking about board like cubieboard etc
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: aw targets tablets
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: not necessarily
<eagles0513875> the cubieboard 2 has an A20 in it
<Turl> eagles0513875: those probably don't make a considerable enough sales volume for aw
<eagles0513875> possibly :)
<eagles0513875> but value for money they come with quite alot of features
<eagles0513875> anyway
<Turl> even if they were to lose all those sales, their bottom line would probably not change much
<Turl> yeah, you get hw value, but miss sw value :)
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: you can upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 just fine I'd imagine, the armhf ports are quite mature; but if you want lightweight, xubuntu and if you can do without a GUI; i'd just deboostrap plain cli debian
<Nyuutwo> mainlining is an effort which can payoff but how much more deals will they get?
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: i think i might stick with build root if i cant get that going ill use probably ubuntu 12.04 stripped down as much as possible
<eagles0513875> sadly i do need a minimalistic X server which i probably would be better off building myself for the only application i need
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: i tried archlinuxarm on cubie2 - works neat
<nabblet> eagles0513875: use a window manager?
<eagles0513875> nabblet: i am thinking of enlightenment if i do
<binaryferret> eagles0513875: You can get a minimum headless Ubuntu 12.04 rootfs. I think it comes under a special name such as Nano. Then build up what you need from that.
<eagles0513875> :)
<eagles0513875> good to know as i have been struggling getting build root to compile the right image for my device
<nabblet> eagles0513875: fluxbox. nice and easy
<nabblet> :)
<eagles0513875> im debating if its worth the continued effort or get an image and just go with it
<eagles0513875> nabblet: i have tried enlightenmment its quite nice as well. native c/c++ coded
<eagles0513875> would be perfect for Soc's
<eagles0513875> but lacks apps sadly
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: you can use apps from other de
<eagles0513875> i know :)
<eagles0513875> i guess ill give the 12.04 image a try
<eagles0513875> lol
<eagles0513875> Turl: im on the sunxi page
<eagles0513875> question though is the 12.04 kernel the mainline one that is in 12.04
<eagles0513875> or something special
<nabblet> have to leave :/ thank you for your kind explainations and patience! will be back if i get my olimex a20
<binaryferret> Good luck nabblet.
<nabblet> oh, i'll need that XD
<binaryferret> Hehe.
<eagles0513875> i need it too
<nabblet> eagles0513875: you can have it till i get my olimex :)
<eagles0513875> binaryferret: does the 12.04 image use a special kernel or mainline kernel
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<Turl> eagles0513875: the linaro rootfs don't have any kernels
<binaryferret> Depends where you're getting the 12.04 image from I guess. If it's one directed from the linux-sunxi website then I imagine it'll contain the linux-sunxi kernel.
<Turl> you need to provide your own (in tis case, sunxi)
<Turl> this*
<binaryferret> However if you're tlaking about rootfs, then it's just the rootfs and you'll need to build your own.
<eagles0513875> binaryferret: no no not rootfs the 12.04 image from the sunxi site
<eagles0513875> Turl: that means then if i have to provide my own kernel I would not be able to use mainline or can i
<binaryferret> Could you provide the link? I don't think I've come across that yet.
<Turl> eagles0513875: link?
<eagles0513875> im looking at ubuntu 12.04 here http://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_OS_images
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<binaryferret> Ubuntu 12.04 desktop with 3.4 kernel image for A10-Cubieboard(nand install)?
<binaryferret> That'll be (unless someone corrects me) a linux-sunxi kernel built for the A10 cubieboard.
<eagles0513875> binaryferret: there is one for the a20 btw
<eagles0513875> im on the cubieboard2
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<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: SD or nand?
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: what is the recommended practice?
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<binaryferret> I'd recommend SD first until you get comftable using it. SD card is easy to recover from and I've found it easy to continually make backups of your sdcard as you progress
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: I used rootfs (archlinux but you can use any other), got sunxi-bsp repo and installed rootfs + kernel on SD
<binaryferret> thus giving you an easy way to clone previous working images and then retry things.
<eagles0513875> then i can easily do waht your saying with a root fs and build root
<Nyuutwo> it needs crosscompiler so you can try use install script from that repo and ready to use hwpack
<Nyuutwo> + it is easy to update kernel using this repo
<Nyuutwo> http://linux-sunxi.org/BSP - here it is description
<eagles0513875> i was under the impression that the images all you need to do put them on the sd card and run the installer off the sd card
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: there are few ways of doing
<eagles0513875> would a normal off the shelf installer put on the microsd card work?
<Nyuutwo> first you just "unpack" byte by byte of raw image to your device
<Nyuutwo> but you get device with one less byte and it don't work
<Nyuutwo> you can use manual install, (make 2 partitons, install u-boot to sectors, unpack hwpack and rootfs)
<Nyuutwo> or use script
<Nyuutwo> but you need to supply hwpack and rootfs
<Nyuutwo> hwpack is distro agnostic
<eagles0513875> does build root take care of hwpack
<Nyuutwo> rootfs is distro, some of them try to install kernel but every board boots slightly different
<Nyuutwo> and when you need diffrent kernel for each families of cpus (like sunxi, kirkwood ...), distros need to compile all this kernels when they want support familly/board
<Nyuutwo> and I said about kernel but not u-boot when you must have compiled for specific board
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: buildroot? http://buildroot.uclibc.org/ ?
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: yep thats it :)
<eagles0513875> nice thing they have a script which sets the defaults of what it needs to compile for my board
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: this afaik doesnt build sunxi hwpack
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: i am wondering if i should get my board working with 14.04
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<eagles0513875> since its supposed to have better arm support
<Nyuutwo> but you get rootfs + kernel (modules in rootfs) but I'm not sure if it uses linux-sunxi
<Nyuutwo> + for me the best way of making such rootfses for embed is openembedded (pocky)
<eagles0513875> ya i was thinking bout open embedded actually
<eagles0513875> is that easy to get going
<ccaione> Nyuutwo: oe sucks
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<Nyuutwo> to build first image, and get it to work it easy
<Nyuutwo> adding new packages to image it is not bad
<ccaione> I find really hard to make fine tuning with oe
<Nyuutwo> adding new packages to oe is hell
<ccaione> much better buildroot
<eagles0513875> ccaione: ya build root you have the menu config
<ccaione> eagles0513875: it's not that just you have the menuconfig.
<eagles0513875> and some scripts that set the defaults for your particular board
<Nyuutwo> ccaione: in oe you configure in image recipe+build config
<ccaione> Nyuutwo: in oe if you have a problem you have to dig in a hell of bash and python
<Nyuutwo> ccaione: in buildroot you have a dozen of makefiles to grep
<ccaione> hell, I prefer makefiles to bash and python :D
<eagles0513875> lol
<eagles0513875> what can of worms did i just open up lol
<ccaione> hahah, nope, this is IMHO obviously :)
<eagles0513875> i guess for now ill stick with buildroot
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: yup, crosscompiling whole rootfs is veery hard,arcane thing
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: wouldnt an iso of 12.04 or even 14.04 at this point be sufficient
<ccaione> eagles0513875: make an opinion by yourself trying both
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: iso for arm?
<eagles0513875> ccaione: i have been fighting with buildroot for some time
<ccaione> then try oe
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: i think 14.04 they are doing it or something
<eagles0513875> buildroot isnt bad its just some settings which would need to be tweaked
<eagles0513875> at this point i need to get my prototype working
<eagles0513875> on this board so as long as its on the SD i dont care tbh
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: there should be some rootfs in tarball, for armv7hf
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: whats in the img file of 12.04 for any device does that have the bare essentials for what i need
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: essentials to get into console, tools to setup internet connection and apt-get
<Nyuutwo> from this you can install everything
<Nyuutwo> but it is hard sometime to set up some programs like X
<oliv3r> lots of talk here; i think i'm not gonna backread today :)
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: if need be i compile for this program i need a very minimalistic X install
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: if i use the 12.04 image is it safe to upgrade to the dev version of 14.04
<ccaione> oliv3r: you can skip my lines. haven't said anything smart :)
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: mine too (just saying how to use hwpack and sunxi-bsp)
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: i don't see why not; but these are questions for #linux or #ubuntu
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: the kernel is really all that matters
<oliv3r> (to us)
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: rootfs should get you into having ability to install what you need, X server in rootfs is an extra
<oliv3r> and since the rootfs/distro is kernel agnostic; or should generally be
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: ok my question though is the stuff for my cubieboard 2 has that been included in mainline or will i need a sunxi kernel
<oliv3r> ccaione: :p anything you say is smart!
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: but sunxi-bsp + hwpack is the missing link between rootfs and full blown rom IMage
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: sunxi kernel; no question about it
<oliv3r> (i should start redirecting people to the sunxi fosdem talk :)
<ccaione> hahaha
<eagles0513875> so a kernel recompile is in the works which normally doesnt take long for this laptop hehe can have a full mainline kernel done in 20 min lol
<oliv3r> :D
<oliv3r> fast!
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<eagles0513875> oliv3r: core i7 4th gen haswell proc 2.4ghz turb boost to 3.4 16gb of ram lol
<Nyuutwo> why when I look for ubuntu install on arm shows barely nothing, linaro is better, archlinux has support for cubie2 (but it does it's way)
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: ssd?
<eagles0513875> dunno
<eagles0513875> dont think so unless its a hybrid one
<eagles0513875> its a toshiba
<eagles0513875> got it from costco in the us for 800 USD
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<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: http://releases.linaro.org/14.01/ubuntu/saucy-images/developer - looks like linaro/ubuntu rootfs
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: ?
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: probably this + hwpack can get you sd card with ubuntu
<eagles0513875> :-/ ok
<Nyuutwo> hasn't x on board
<eagles0513875> if need be i will compile it
<eagles0513875> as long as i get a minimal installation going
<Nyuutwo> nano is smaller
<eagles0513875> wow
<eagles0513875> linaro has a hell of alot of stuff downloadable
<eagles0513875> http://www.linaro.org/downloads/ Nyuutwo thing is i dont think they support my board :(
<Nyuutwo> they probably don't
<Nyuutwo> i dislike ubuntu beacuse of releases
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: i think i might just give arch a go but again ill have to go through that entire procedure you mentioned
<Nyuutwo> they use sunxi 3.3
<eagles0513875> ok. at what point will i know all the changes that were added to sunxi if they were upstreamed and are now in mainline foor my board
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: the image on the sunxi site is ready to go
<Nyuutwo> so use it
<Nyuutwo> but for long term using hwpack + rootfs + install script is way to go
<eagles0513875> why long term?
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<Nyuutwo> firstly you get expected partition layout for updating kernel from hwpack, and you use full capacity of your sd
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: there's no official installer; but deboostrap works just fine
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: ports.ubuntu.com i think is your url
<eagles0513875> sd is tiny 8gb
<eagles0513875> i think Nyuutwo i would prefer to install to nand
<eagles0513875> at least with the cubieboard 2 i can attach then up to 2tb hard disk
<eagles0513875> lol over 5V
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: debootstrap is a hassle, give minimal rootfs which is effect from running it
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: nand driver is kludgy
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: there's no ubuntu rootfs; linaro creates those :)
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: so i gave right adress ;p
<oliv3r> and unreliable :p nand tends to get corrupted for some reason, not sure if that's a hardware bug or not
<eagles0513875> ok will stick to my SSD
<eagles0513875> god im so conflicted as to how to go about this
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: yeah, as far as ai'm aware, you either get a full blown image (made by cubie guys or what not), linaro alip rootfs or deboostrap your own rootfs, w hich is almost like running na installer :)
<oliv3r> now if you didn't mind Fedora, fedora image is a full blown installer and everything (sort of)
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: yeah but gentoo installer is more usable
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: is that really a installer? i just follow the handbook
<oliv3r> which basically means, 'unpack rootfs'
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: yup and it is neater than debootstrap
<oliv3r> isn't that basically the same, but automated?
<Nyuutwo> yup done on server on daily basis
<oliv3r> i mean, how is it neater then deboostrap; if its basicalyl the same
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<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: one step done by server so i don't have to install debootstrap on my laptop which runs Gentoo
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: i might try ubuntu the linaro guys are saying as long as i have a working kernel i shouldnt have problems
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: how do you bootstrap gentoo on the server? boot it with some bootable media i'm sure?
<oliv3r> eagles0513875: yeah the alip image works quite well
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: boot it from ubuntu livecd, unpack some files, chroot and install bootloader (on arm we just can unpack it too)
<oliv3r> but on ubuntu livecd, you can just as easily do a deboostrap :)
<oliv3r> mind you, I am a gentoo user, on desktops, laptops and servers :p
<oliv3r> though I gave up on gentoo on my laptop; a single core pentium-m is just to weak to compile constantly :p
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: for sake of argument, mandrake livecd
<oliv3r> also, i want my laptop to 'just work' :)
<oliv3r> mandrake-get deboostreap
<oliv3r> in case you haven't seen my sunxi presentation at fosdem; that was a deboostrapped xubuntu, which i debootstrepaped from feodra :)
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: waiting for better sound
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<Nyuutwo> eh, I use gentoo on PC but on arms surrounding me I have/plan archlinux
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: im just curious why use the long term solution you provided instead of just sticking with arch
<Nyuutwo> beacuse when you will be trapped by bug in kernel, when it will be fixed, you just download new hwpack and run script
kuldeepdhaka_ is now known as kuldeepdhaka
<Nyuutwo> and you can easilly setup enviroment to make fix
<Nyuutwo> when you use arch way you have to make your own upgrade scripts or stick with arm packagers
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: any chance you can put together and send it to me
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: making partitions on image is not good idea
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<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: is it possible to put together a guide on how you setup yours with the long term stuff you are mentioning
<Nyuutwo> so installing is to be done on sd card directly
<eagles0513875> i think it would be great not only for me but others as well
<eagles0513875> no problem to install on the SD card
<eagles0513875> is 8gb enough
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<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: my desktop system probably would fit
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: just stick with gentoo :D
<eagles0513875> nice
<eagles0513875> im trying to figure out what im going to do with this laptop
<eagles0513875> 13.10 has been a total disaster for various pieces of hardware for me
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: btw sunxi-bsp has refs to 4months old kernel
<Nyuutwo> and hwpack site reffers to sunxi-3.0 hwpacks
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: what would the first step be for me?
<eagles0513875> in terms of the long term solution
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: http://linux-sunxi.org/BSP
<Nyuutwo> git clone git://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-bsp.git
<Nyuutwo> then decide whether find some hwpack or make own
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: it is true, the bsp may need some love
<oliv3r> but git clone sunxi-bsp; cd linux-sunxi; git pull; cd ..
<oliv3r> make
<oliv3r> works just fine does it not?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: does your daily build script build daily hwpacks?
<Nyuutwo> afair there was some free ci servers to use (?fedora?)
<oliv3r> ci?
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: there is also Travis CI for easy integration with git hub
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: continuous integration
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: its useful to ensure high qualitiy code plus commiter gets notified if the commit breaks the compilation
<Nyuutwo> and also good way to get clean builds of software to mass deploy
<eagles0513875> exactly
<eagles0513875> oliv3r: it is veyr easy to integrate into a github repo
<eagles0513875> all you need to add to the repo on git hub is a YAML file
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: i think even travis CI can generate builds as well
<Nyuutwo> does axp driver shutdowns now board?
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<plaes> Nyuutwo: this driver isn't integrated yet
<oliv3r> "what is your favorite serial console client!"
<oliv3r> GNU Screen, minicom i got covered :)
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: picocom ;p
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: BSP seems very easy to work with :D
<oliv3r> actually i disklike minicom, requires way to much setup; screen is nice n easy as you invoke it from the cli and don't have to worry about settings
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: yup, but pull up linux
<eagles0513875> ?
<eagles0513875> what do you mean?
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: sunxi-bsp uses submodules and there is reffered old kernel
<Nyuutwo> just cd sunxi-linux; git fetch ; git checkout <commit or tag you want>; cd ..
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: screen on exit clears terminal, picocom doesn;t
<Nyuutwo> you probably want tag sunxi-v3.4.79-r0
<Nyuutwo> s/sunxi-linux/linux-sunxi/
<eagles0513875> ok
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<Nyuutwo> then configure, make, make install
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: shouldnt it be easy to fix the reference to refer to the 3.4 kernel you mention and get that committed to the repo
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: it is very easy, but it should be done regulary
<eagles0513875> agreed.
<Nyuutwo> and also makefiles have some problems with stamping, make ant then make install afair recompiles u-boot and regenerates tarball
<eagles0513875> you are a bit over my head at this point
<eagles0513875> i think before i worry about the kernel i shoould get things built and on the memory card
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: it works, but generates some unecessary work for PC so just longer coffe break
<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: ? what do you mean
<Nyuutwo> eagles0513875: probably something that is not important for you ... so briefly, when you make first time it builds everything, and when you didn't touch anything second make shouldn't rebuild anything but it does
<eagles0513875> ok that is odd
<eagles0513875> shouldnt it build only stuff that has changed
<Nyuutwo> it compiles fast so whatever
<Nyuutwo> but it makes big tar to just unpack it (hwpack) as it moves from building hwpack to installing it
<Nyuutwo> and when it starts installing it sudoes so you need be before pc to insert password
<Nyuutwo> but still faster than waiting for oe to make rootfs in form of tarball and ubifs
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<eagles0513875> Nyuutwo: will be fast regardless
<eagles0513875> lol
<eagles0513875> with the specs in this laptop
<Nyuutwo> probably not, bottleneck is probably in hdd
<Nyuutwo> but it is a time to make a coffe or tea
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<paulk-collins> oliv3r, it seems like the video of your talk doesn't have sound :( http://video.fosdem.org/2014/K1105/Sunday/ARM_Allwinner_sunxi_SoCs_and_the_community_behind_it.webm
<mnemoc> codec issue maybe?
<paulk-collins> mhh, I think webm is vorbis
<paulk-collins> I'll try with vlc to double check
<paulk-collins> no luck :(
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<nove> the video in the link at topic has audio only in the right channel, low volume but is audible
kivutar has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: i know; they have to 'fix' it
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, ok, good to know it's not definitive
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: we have our copy still
<oliv3r> so we can always supply that
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, captured from the live stream or something else?
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> livestream rip
<oliv3r> :)
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<NermaN> what is difference between sunxi-next and sunxi-devel
<oliv3r> next has been submitted and accepted; devel is 'whats currently being worked on/trying to get submitted'
<NermaN> oliv3r: so as i find, mainline will get sata support?
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> i submitted that a few months ago; hansg has been cleaning that up for the last few weeks
<oliv3r> should get merged into u-boot soont oo
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<NermaN> so, seems like mainline is near capable to run simple (no screen, sound, etc) server
<oliv3r> yep
<NermaN> oliv3r: it is your hobby to develop sunxi kernel, or it is your work?
<oliv3r> hobby :)
<NermaN> oliv3r: you are incredible cool, i tried to port some driver from one kernel to another and did not success with it, though I am c developer too =)
<oliv3r> NermaN: practise makes perfect
<oliv3r> and nerds are usually not cool :p
<plaes> depends who's your audience :P
<bfree_> Turl: just ftr that kernel is called armmp in Debian and all I did was poke them with the accepted emac patches for 3.11 (which applied to 3.10) to get network root support in a bit earlier (into their 3.10 rather then waiting for it to get in from mainline in 3.11)
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<Turl> :)
<Turl> did they bump it to .12/.13 now?
<bfree> 3.12 in testing and sid atm
<Turl> and wheezy-backports :D
<Turl> kernels for everyone :p
<bfree> as it's just busywork (until they pick the kernel for the next release) I've not been attempting to backport or push anything else at them. that one was worth it as they'd just added very basic sunxi support but no device for a rootfs. at least with emac patched in you could use a network rootfs so it became "usable"
<NermaN> oliv3r: i need other u-boot to run mainline kernel? Want to try it, but do not want to setup UART right now.
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<nove> do our socs have ARM Coresight or whatever is named hardware tracing? http://ctpd.dorsal.polymtl.ca/system/files/hardware-assisted-software-tracing.pdf
<nove> LTTng looks neat, only is need to find how can be useful for us, without getting in the way
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<oliv3r> NermaN: sunxi-uboot should work; dunno if we backmerged hansg's patches for -devel/-next
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<oliv3r> nove: yeah all arms have it; i think we call it BIST or JTAG; BIST being the more likley
<nove> needs more investigation
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<ssvb> mnemoc: as I suspected earlier, the real testing of the former stage/sunxi-3.4 begins now :)
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<oliv3r> saw a bug on bugtracker today; nand + sata = ok; take otu nand; sata dies
<plaes> bugtracker?
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<ssvb> oliv3r: 3.4.75 seems a bit 'old'
<oliv3r> ah, i have no clue what version we're on atm :)
<oliv3r> busy writing a book!
<ssvb> 3.4.79 :)
<oliv3r> besides the 115200 baud rate, what'st he parity and eveything? 8n1?
<plaes> usually yes
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<mnemoc> ssvb: :)
<mnemoc> ssvb: should I apply [linux-sunxi] [PATCH 3.4] sunxi: Unbreak broken CedarX userland software (2GB phys->bus issue) directly to sunxi-3.4 as an emergency hack^Wfix?
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<ssvb> mnemoc: let's just wait for some testing/confirmations
<ssvb> mnemoc: also only proprietary media players on cubietruck are affected
<mnemoc> ok
<mnemoc> [12788330.659229] ata4.00: status: { DRDY ERR }
<mnemoc> [12788330.659251] ata4.00: error: { ABRT }
<mnemoc> [12788330.659272] ata4.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED
<mnemoc> [12788330.659302] ata4.00: cmd 60/48:18:a0:1e:fd/01:00:76:00:00/40 tag 3 ncq 167936 in
<mnemoc> [12788330.659302] res 41/04:78:25:82:21/00:00:62:00:00/00 Emask 0x1 (device error)
<mnemoc> aaaaarg....
<oliv3r> disk dying
<oliv3r> disk dying
<oliv3r> warning
<oliv3r> warning
<ssvb> mnemoc: your new ssd?
<mnemoc> ssvb: no, one of the disks of the sunxi server
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, are you aware of how many uA you can draw from A10/A20/A13 USB host?
<mnemoc> 4 in raid10
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: in theory, 500mA
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: i wouldn't be supprised if it's much less
<mnemoc> ssvb: my new ssd hasn't even arrived yet :\
<oliv3r> mnemoc: oh the real server; uh oh
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, okay, but does it present 500mA to the USB devices?
<oliv3r> I don't know
<oliv3r> it depends on your power supply obviously
<oliv3r> i wouldn't be supprised if some just offer whatever you have connected
<oliv3r> there IS a 'power enable' gpio, that drives a FET
<oliv3r> so the limit is probably whatever the FET can deliver
<oliv3r> i don't recall there being any USB fuses?
<oliv3r> actually I do recall the script.fex having some power settings, but i'm not sure how that works exactly; why? what's the problem
<oliv3r> i have that :)
<oliv3r> works pretty well
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<mnemoc> it's pretty impresive to *see* the impact of using different cables and different chargers/PSUs on the same device
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: yeah; it'll show you if the source is limited; or how much is being drawn
<oliv3r> i don't know if you have it yet?
<oliv3r> but i use it to pull power to my sunxi devices
<oliv3r> I did my performance/power analysis a few mailing list posts ago
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<Turl> oliv3r: I think puneet isn't using fbturbo
<Turl> pretty sure you need that for vdpau
<mnemoc> oliv3r: I do have one... but haven't tried with sunxi devices yet.... only when charging my battery pack, amp and phone
<ssvb> Turl: you don't need fbturbo, but may just lose some performance
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<ssvb> Turl: libvdpau-sunxi abuses solid fill too much, and this may be a source of slowdown
<Turl> ssvb: I'll take your word for it then :)
<Turl> the error was kinda suspicious though
<Turl> ssvb: vdp_output_surface_render_output_surface called but
<Turl> > unimplemented!
<mnemoc> Turl: btw, start saving for fosdem 2015's tickets! you won't be forgiven twice!
<Turl> mnemoc: :)
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<oliv3r> Turl: do a talk about something and get invited :)
<oliv3r> Turl: nah; i wasn't in my talk :)
<oliv3r> Turl: fbturbo was causing crashes all over, so i switched back to the regular fbdev
<oliv3r> but yeah; fbdev IS needed
<oliv3r> ssvb: the only thing i noticed, and i blame mplayer2 for now, as mpv on fedora had no problem, was that after a while (15-30 minutes, or heavy resizing) would cause the playback to slow down
<oliv3r> but initially (as seen in the demo) everything worked fine
<oliv3r> but to be honest, I'm out of idea's why his setup won't work
<oliv3r> It may still be puneet being puneet
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah, I'll have to do that to go
<Turl> oliv3r: otherwise no saving will prevent a huge hole on my pockets :p
<oliv3r> for you it'll be way to expensive otherwise
<Turl> oliv3r: a one way ticket is ~1400€
<oliv3r> maybe we should think of an 'arm-devroom' for next year
<ssvb> oliv3r: maybe it works, but the system is a bit slow (poor cpufreq governor, slow memory clock speed or bus width, 6 channels audio decoding without neon, audio driver problems, ...)
<oliv3r> yeah i did use the performance gov
<ssvb> oliv3r: he just does not provide much information about his setup, it could be something really trivial
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> puneet being puneet
<oliv3r> maybe he's using 3.0 kernel :D
<ssvb> oliv3r: I think he mentioned in the first post that he is using this kernel - https://github.com/cubieboard/linux-sunxi/commits/cubie/sunxi-3.4
<ssvb> oliv3r: which is a bit out of sync with real linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> ah yeah
<oliv3r> but shouldn't cause major issues i'd think
<oliv3r> anyway, bed time :)
<mnemoc> good night
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<arete74> i try to load linux kernel mainline but uboot fail with this message
<arete74> Wrong Image Format for bootm command
<arete74> my uEnv.txt http://sprunge.us/YMfQ