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<atsampson> Nyuutwo: the thermonuclear option would be to embed a Cubieboard in it and have it deliver keyboard events over Ethernet ;-)
<atsampson> (I think there's plenty of space to do so)
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<jixh> anyone here?
<oliv3r> no
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<jixh> Bucureşti
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<leviathanch> mripard, Turl: hi, what do you think about the recent patchset? nothing to add? or so awful that you just resignated? ^_^"
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<plaes> leviathanch: mixed CAMEL_Case defines look bad :P
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* plaes needs to figure out how to send email to list from his primary account not via gmail address :S
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<plaes> \o/ found it
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<oliv3r> camelcase should dier
<plaes> yup
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<plaes> hrm.. I wish there was a way to fetch the whole linux-sunxi archive via my mail client
<oliv3r> if wishes where horses, we'd all be eatin' steak right now!
<plaes> I'm currently reading google groups via news.gmane interface
<plaes> via nntp
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* plaes tries..
<specing> ZetaNeta: so, did you do it?
<ZetaNeta> specing, ?
<ZetaNeta> did what?
<ZetaNeta> The contest? No, i am not interested without a prize
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<plaes> int is 16bits on arm32?
<oliv3r> should be 32bits
<oliv3r> int should always be the native with of the ALU/CPU
<plaes> ok
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, do you think it's worth trying to port Replicant to Allwinner tv sticks?
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<oliv3r> paulk-collins: why not?
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: technically; it's all the same
<oliv3r> just how the display is being exposed
<oliv3r> HDMI or LCD
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, mhh, actually, I'm not sure the high resolutions will do
<paulk-collins> without graphics acceleration blobs
<paulk-collins> so maybe I start with tablet, get a cubieboard and/or an olimex lime and see whether it works =
<paulk-collins> s/=//
<oliv3r> for starters; absolutly
<oliv3r> if you do 3.4 kernel; resolution doesn't have to be a limiting factor; can always force a lower resolution
<oliv3r> (via script.bin)
<oliv3r> so whatever you have at hand should be fine
<paulk-collins> ah ok
<oliv3r> biggest problem will only be the touchscreen driver
<paulk-collins> by the way, how does it work when using an external display?
<paulk-collins> does the fb driver expose the correct resolution?
<leviathanch> plaes: oh, ouch
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: i know that we can probe via EDID/i2c the correct res in linux
<leviathanch> did I put camel case somewhere?! O_o
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, ok
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: but you can always force 1024x768 or whatever via script.bin I think
<oliv3r> but i'm no expert in this regard
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: have you setup hansg's Fedora on any of your devices?
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, not yet
<oliv3r> try it :D
<paulk-collins> alright :)
<oliv3r> only takes a 4gb sd card and a few mninutes
<paulk-collins> well I'll definitely try GNU/Linux on these too :)
<oliv3r> :)
<plaes> leviathanch: SDXC_RespTimeout and SDXC_FIFORunErr
<plaes> etc.. :)
<plaes> not your fault though...
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, by the way, this claims it has GPS: http://dx.com/p/ainol-numy-3g-ax1-7-android-4-2-dual-core-tablet-pc-w-512mb-ram-8gb-rom-gps-white-252829#.UveEij1WXQo
<oliv3r> ainol, nice one
<oliv3r> Memory512MB (354MB available) atleast its honest
<paulk-collins> :)
<oliv3r> though i'm not confinced on the GPS yet
<oliv3r> could be external, could be that the a10 is listed as having gps; and thus they say it does
<oliv3r> even when nothing is connected to the receiver
<paulk-collins> lol ok
<paulk-collins> yeah, watching it right now
<paulk-collins> seems to have a modem too?!?
<oliv3r> yeah but external
<oliv3r> DX listed it as external
<oliv3r> e.g. usb
<oliv3r> which is good
<oliv3r> i guess :)
<oliv3r> hmm, a20; a20 doesn't have GPS i think
<oliv3r> it was removed to make room for an extra i2c
<oliv3r> or 'hidden' and those pins have an extra mux
<paulk-collins> well, they could still have added an external one
<paulk-collins> I think I'll get one of these
<oliv3r> the little ram worries me
<oliv3r> but it's a good deal still
<paulk-collins> because it has dual cameras
<oliv3r> yeah i have a a13 dual camera device too
<oliv3r> both connected to csi0
<paulk-collins> ok
<oliv3r> probably the same as I have lol
<oliv3r> a 'q88' clone
<oliv3r> but it's double the price that it should be
<oliv3r> those a13's go for 40 USD now
<oliv3r> unless this has a relaly ogod screen
<paulk-collins> yeah, my q88 has a really bad screen
<oliv3r> 'tn'; horrible
<paulk-collins> ok
<paulk-collins> I should add mine to the wiki too
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> please do
<oliv3r> new device howto we have :)
<paulk-collins> TZX-Q8-713
<paulk-collins> I guess you have the updated version of mine
<oliv3r> screen of the aw1 looks nice in the video
<leviathanch> plaes: oh, these names have been copied this way out of the allwinner mmc datasheet by the Chinese who provided these defines
<leviathanch> was always reading over it without noticing the camel case
<leviathanch> plaes: I can change the variable names if it is a requirement for merging it upstream...
<paulk-collins> yep
<paulk-collins> so I'll go with the ainol (A20) and the Ampe (A13)
<paulk-collins> now I need an A10 10.1" for my mom
<paulk-collins> and I'll be set :)
<oliv3r> the ampe not the same as your q88
<paulk-collins> indeed
<oliv3r> so you want 2? :p
<paulk-collins> I want one tablet of each allwinner soc
<paulk-collins> plus one for my mom
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<oliv3r> btw, the ainol does have a 'map' app, so it's likely it really does have gpsbut q88 is a13 isn't it?
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, yes but its battery is broken, and I didn't find spare ones on dx.com
<paulk-collins> and I need a device with dual cam too
<oliv3r> ah in that case, yeah
<oliv3r> battery :p
<paulk-collins> huh
<paulk-collins> my bad then
<paulk-collins> thanks
<paulk-collins> so can I just solder it in place of mine?
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> i think its dual cables, so that you can 'choose' the connector type
<oliv3r> but it's the only 'thin' one
<paulk-collins> pretty cool
<paulk-collins> I'll do that
<oliv3r> much cheaper
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> then there's that too
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<paulk-collins> alright, I'll check the voltage of the current battery
<oliv3r> 3.7V
<oliv3r> no need to check
<oliv3r> all lipo's are 3.7V
<oliv3r> and the AXP only supports 3.7V lipo's afaik
<paulk-collins> ok
<paulk-collins> says 0.83V now, which explains why it doesn't turn on
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> yeah kinda dead
<oliv3r> probably brooken and the safety keeps it from doing anything else
<oliv3r> i'm using an old iPhone 3GS battery for my cubietruck
<oliv3r> so if you have an old phone
<oliv3r> you can use that battery too i guess
<paulk-collins> usb plugged in -> 3.9V
<oliv3r> it's trying to charge
<oliv3r> but the battery probably won't hold its charge
<paulk-collins> well yes, I have a faw batteries aside, but I'm not sure they're healthy
<paulk-collins> indeed
<oliv3r> should have brouight a spare lipo witrh me for you :)
<paulk-collins> android says it's charged at 62%
<paulk-collins> oh that would have be great!
<paulk-collins> huh, this time it held
<oliv3r> so it's charging now?
<oliv3r> you can unplug it?
<paulk-collins> 3.66V unplugged
<oliv3r> lol you fixed it!
<oliv3r> might still be broken :p
<paulk-collins> mhh I remember it already happened
<paulk-collins> like each time I measure it, it works
<paulk-collins> but the next day, it doesn't
<oliv3r> yeah busted batt
<paulk-collins> or maybe it's the soldering?
<oliv3r> well that's an easy fix
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> make sure to fully power it off (10 second press on power)
<paulk-collins> ok
<paulk-collins> battery alone still says 3.79
<paulk-collins> still seems to work
<paulk-collins> that's odd
<oliv3r> maybe it's a weak soldering joint
<oliv3r> those chinese tablets are usually very very badly soldered
<paulk-collins> indeed, it didn't seem to hold strongly when unsoldering it
<paulk-collins> so yeah, replicant boots
<oliv3r> that was fast
<oliv3r> fix battery, replicant works
<paulk-collins> :)
<paulk-collins> I mean the old 4.0 port I had installed on the sdcard
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<oliv3r> a lie!
<oliv3r> 3g connected to uart/usb likly
<paulk-collins> yeah yeah sure
<oliv3r> well it IS interesting how they hooked it up
<oliv3r> there is i2s so they could use that
<oliv3r> 180 USD; wow steep
<oliv3r> but does have 1g and 10"
<paulk-collins> yeah
<paulk-collins> so I guess I'll take that one too
<paulk-collins> makes 3 tablets with everything I need
<oliv3r> for that price, the screen should be prestine
<mnemoc> there are several 3g/usb modules to cheaply hook an mini-pcie slots
<paulk-collins> I hope so
<mnemoc> s/an/in/
<paulk-collins> I suppose I'll adapt my AT ril so that it can work on any kind of USB modem too
<paulk-collins> I wonder how it goes for audio routing though
<oliv3r> might be usb audio device, or i2s
<paulk-collins> so in the end, I get 3 tablets for EUR 260, that's good
<oliv3r> not too horrible
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, then I'll have to decide about the single board computers
<oliv3r> i orderd some JST battery cables for 4 euro's :)
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: you mean cubie/olimex boards? or sticks
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, cubie/olimex
<paulk-collins> I have in mind cubieboardv2 and olimex lime
<paulk-collins> but I wonder about cubietruck
<oliv3r> cubietruck has 2gb ram
<oliv3r> cubieboard 2 has only 1
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<oliv3r> otherwise they are pretty much the same
<oliv3r> cubietruck has a wifi + bluetooth module onboard
<oliv3r> actualyl no
<oliv3r> which is very interesting
<paulk-collins> ah ok
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, another thing, is there support for HDMI audio on the linux-sunxi tree?
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<oliv3r> paulk-collins: 3.4 should have it yeah
<oliv3r> we have driver for it :p
<paulk-collins> nice
<oliv3r> i dont' have a device capable of playing back audio over hdmi, so I personally never tested it
<paulk-collins> I was asking because some HDMI to VGA converters have audio out too
<oliv3r> yeah but those are pricey :S
<oliv3r> they have like the whole digital -> analog thing in it
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<paulk-collins> indeed
<paulk-collins> but I have no HDMI screen
<paulk-collins> except the big ass 108cm living room tv
<oliv3r> good target device for XBMC when we are ready for it ):
<oliv3r> cubietruck has native VGA
<oliv3r> lime requires brekoutboard for vga
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<paulk-collins> oliv3r, well, it has HDMI, doesn't it?
<oliv3r> cubietruck? yeah hdmi, vga, headphone jack
<oliv3r> lime has hdmi only
<mnemoc> the lime is tiny :)
<mnemoc> specially next to the cubietruck
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> not sure what powersupply it uses
<oliv3r> i think i read somewhere 5V only
<oliv3r> but it uses a bigger barrel then what I have
<paulk-collins> ok
<paulk-collins> so the plan is that I go with tablets first
<paulk-collins> and then try on single board computers
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<bertrik> yay, running my own compiled kernel from the sunxi github archive on my olimex-A10-lime \o/ Probably not a special thing to you guys, but I'm happy I've got the basics running
<mnemoc> kudos bertrik :D
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: well you have your first sun5i hardware with fixed battery :)
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: so that can be your first target!
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<wens> mnemoc: size of LIME and cubieboard compared?
<mripard> leviathanch: it's a huge patch, I didn't have time to review it yet
<wens> mripard: is your sunxi-next supposed to hold all accepted sunxi patches? or just the ones that go through you?
<leviathanch> mripard: ok
<mripard> wens: all of them
<mnemoc> wens: cubietruck
<wens> mripard: don't know why I just asked, as it was obvious
<mnemoc> wens: the cubieboard 1/2 isn't much bigger than the lime
<wens> I see
<mnemoc> wens: but the truck, with VGA, is much larger
<mripard> wens: if you see something's missing, feel free to tell me :)
<wens> the 2.0mm connectors are hard to get, bummer
<mnemoc> i have tried several times to get tom/benn and tsvetan to get the headers on their shops without luck .... I think they just filter out my mails these days :p
<wens> I can get short cables that have a connector done on one side, with bare wire on the other
<wens> but the stores don't sell the connectors seperately :(
<mripard> it's on its way here, I'll let you know :)
<mnemoc> I got the same from ebay
<wens> so colorful
<mnemoc> nice for playing, but useless for those wanting to make an expansion board
<wens> Also found an Arduino RTC module that uses a wierd 3-wire interface
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, seems like the battery problem happened again
<paulk-collins> it shut itself off after a few minutes
<paulk-collins> and now it doesn't boot
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<oliv3r> paulk-collins: i bet if you measure the battery; it'll show up as depleted
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: the battery really is dead then :(
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<oliv3r> Hmm, you can choose which pin to use for sata pwr en; PC3 or PB1
<oliv3r> or rather, if you have onboard flash; you can switch to use pb1; which is twi0
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<Turl> +1 dupont wires
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<pacopad> Hi All , i compiled an android ing from SDK for my cupboard, here i stye message i got during boot : kernel BUG at drivers/mmc/host/sunxi-mci.c:1672!
<pacopad> what can i do correct that ?
<Turl> pacopad: first of all, you'll need more debug info than that
<Turl> paste the full log
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<pacopad> here is it : http://pastebin.com/kY5CxJBK
<Turl> pacopad: disable the broadcom wifi/bt support on the kernel and try again
<pacopad> ok i'll try that thx
<Turl> I don't have the code handy to see what is it bugging about, but it's certainly doing something the sdio driver doesn't like much
<pacopad> the broadcom net vendor was disable in the kernel
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<Turl> pacopad: under wifi?
<Turl> I don't know what's the option name, but you can try looking for DHD
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<pacopad> @Turl : if i try to disable mmc support , will it solve my problem ?
<Turl> pacopad: that may work too
<pacopad> ok
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<nikrou> Hi all
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<prahal> hi the hdmi/mixer are runtime suspended by the kernel on a custom built kernel for odroid but only since I switched to xorg 1.15 and rebuilt fbturbo against it .
<prahal> this after a vt switch forth and back from console . the x log shows the fbturbo loaded then after the vt switch dance the modesetting driver !
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<prahal> the runtime usage drops to 0 and the status is suspended
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<paulk-collins> oliv3r, so the Ainol tablet I ordered said external 3G
<paulk-collins> now I found the external thing, so I'll buy it too
<paulk-collins> it has USB and PCM, so it can do voice calls as well
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<paulk-collins> mhh lots of devices with A31 nowadays
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<mnemoc> even if it sadly has a pvr inside, A31, A31s and A80 deserves love imo....
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: no.
<oliv3r> vote with your wallet
<oliv3r> paulk-collins: ah, it goes into the slot, a usb + i2s modem connector thing then
<wigyori> the unfortunate thing is that even if the opensource community votes with their wallet, there'll be ~10m chinese users who buy that
<paulk-collins> oliv3r, I found some doc that says it's basically high speed USB (HSIC maybe) and a few PCM connectors
<paulk-collins> that's perfect for us because that's real modem isolation
<paulk-collins> that is reliable
<paulk-collins> and well, if you don't trust it, you can always remove it
<paulk-collins> now I really hope the protocol is AT
<wookey> SoI built a sunxi 3.4 kernel for my playslive/EOMA A20 board last night. But I'm struggling a bit to work out how to get it booting
<wookey> is this still the most relevent page: rhombus-tech.net/allwinner/a20/boot ?
<wookey> I've put the bootloader/tools in according to that and it seems to work
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