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<CaptHindsight> anyone working on RT kernels for the A20?
<CaptHindsight> we are seeing ~80uS max IRQ latency jitter using preemept_rt
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<memleak> hello!
<memleak> had a question about the RTC for SUN7I (A20) is the DATA_YEAR_MIN 1970 or 2010?
<memleak> MAX being either 2100 or 2073
<memleak> rtc-sun4i.c definitions are a bit tricky to read
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<rellla> ssvb, oliv3r: good comments on cnx. there are so many people, that did not inform themselves before making a statement. sad.
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<mripard> oliv3r: no, but several people are interested
<hno> memleak, hardware is neutral. Year 0-255. So it means whatever the driver says.
<memleak> https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/blob/sunxi-3.4/drivers/rtc/rtc-sun4i.c#L68 does the first number or the second apply to sun7i? @ hno
<mripard> memleak: the first
<memleak> oh ok thanks!
<mripard> and for the record https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%3F:#C
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<memleak> heh thanks!
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<oliv3r> got a VERY positive mail from EVA! they will share the A23 user manual with the community
<oliv3r> and stuff will be requested by UPPER management, so lets see how that goes
<oliv3r> IMG they still use as it is more powerfull then mali (mali 400 sure)
<oliv3r> and they 'hope' powervr become more OS friendly (right)
<oliv3r> mripard: yeah If time permits, as am I; u-boot is 'small' enough to comprehend
<oliv3r> i've got a few fixes/patches that i'm working on; but ... time, time time time
<oliv3r> but lets hope I can get sunxi used here at my new job soon
<oliv3r> that means more support :D
<ccaione> oliv3r: hoo got new job?
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<plaes> what's EVA?
<plaes> s/what/who/ ? :)
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<libv> good news on the docs
<libv> bad news on the gpu
<rz2k> plaes: AW's community manager and the girl speaking on all exhibitions and etc. You can hear her talks @ Charbax's arm-devices YouTube blog when he visits various chinese exhibitions.
<plaes> thanks :)
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<atiti> hehe I've met EVA at CES
<atiti> very friendly
<plaes> wens: did you see that TI pushed their SoC code to stmmac
<plaes> nice work you did \o/
<oliv3r> libv: well she did reveal, that she's not allowed to reveal yet, about new MALI based SoC
<oliv3r> which we kinda new
<oliv3r> libv: look at it this way, their high-end cores will be IMG (for now, until samsung shows them that the newer mali's kick ass)
<oliv3r> but the mid-low end range, what's most interesting to us anyway, will likly remain to be mali :)
<wens> plaes: yeah they did it faster than STi :p
<wens> oliv3r: did you ask for A80 optimus board?
<oliv3r> yeah said we'd be intrested as a community
<oliv3r> but she shouldn't have high hopes for support :p
<oliv3r> and yes, starting March 1st, i should officially be working for ultimaker.com
<oliv3r> :)
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<ccaione> oliv3r: gratz!! it looks cool :)
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<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> young company, awesome engineers
<oliv3r> and ... 3D printing!
<oliv3r> what is not cool about that
<oliv3r> means that i'll have very little sunxi time; as hoemtime wil be spent writing the book :p
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<gzamboni> oliv3r, congrats for your new job, thats awesome EVA and AW will give us more attention
* plaes is not sure whether he should send a reply on patch that fixes single typo...
<wens> you should :)
<gzamboni> oliv3r, convice them to develop a pick and place machine
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<plaes> gzamboni: yes!
<plaes> deltabot-based pick&place would be cool
<plaes> though, this is a bit too niche product
<gzamboni> whats deltabot ?
<plaes> faster way to move :)
<Turl> congrats oliv3r :)
<plaes> also, try youtube
<gzamboni> im searching here :-)
<Turl> oliv3r: I saw eva linking your fosdem interview on linkedin :p
<oliv3r> really, awesome :) i linked her the talk apage and video page in an e-mail
<oliv3r> so she should be able to watch it now :)
<gzamboni> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv5B63HeF1E interesting i didnt know this technology
<plaes> yeah, that patent expired last year :)
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<CaptHindsight> if you avoid places like reprap and visit linuxncnc, machine design, cnczone, practical machinist etc you'll learn more about machines
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<gzamboni> once i will finish my actual project i was wondering if its a good idea to try to do an open pick and place machine, first with those makerbeams monts
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: have you seen the other open pick-n-place projects?
<CaptHindsight> makerbeam is a flimsy extrusion
<gzamboni> not yet, i saw some of them, but they are for big things, not for micro electronics to do pcbs
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<CaptHindsight> there a couple just for smt electronics
<Turl> oliv3r: they offered us optimus boards? when? :p
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-Kpv-ZOcKY take a look at an adpet delta vs the toy see-me-break
<CaptHindsight> adpet/Adept
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<CaptHindsight> you might want to make a better version for DIY than the seeme
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<oliv3r> Turl: they asked if we wanted some :p
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<Turl> oliv3r: when? I must've missed it :p
<wens> will they provide SDKs with it? :p
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<Turl> wens: +1 :p
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<plaes> haha
<plaes> batteries not included
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<gzamboni> let me check here CaptHindsight , thnanks
<gzamboni> CaptHindsight, it seems to be much more complicated to control tho
<Montjoie> hello, can I control a fan with GPIO on a cubieboard ?
<mripard> Montjoie: usually, a PWM is more fit for that
<gzamboni> sup mripard, are you continuing the dma stuff ? i didnt have time yet to continue with the sun4i
<mripard> gzamboni: yeah, I'm still working on it
<mripard> I'm stuck with mem2dev transfers though...
<Montjoie> mripard, does cubieboard2 have a PWM, by GPIO I meant the external output pin
<gzamboni> Do you plan to unify the A10/A20 inside the same driver ?
<gzamboni> i saw you posted they have some similarities at the sunxi wiki
<gzamboni> Montjoie, cant you do pwm using a regular gpio by software ?
<gzamboni> i never used pwm on linux
<mripard> Montjoie: the PWM are exported on a few pins, I don't know wether they are usable or not on the cubie2
<mripard> gzamboni: unify what?
<Turl> I don't think a gpio would provide enough current to run a fan
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: linuxcnc has kinematics for delta robots
<gzamboni> do you think we will be able to use the same driver to A31,A23,A10 and A20 ?
<mripard> gzamboni: for the DMA ? nope
<mripard> A31 is pretty different
<mripard> A23 has the same controller though
<mripard> but sun4i, sun5i, and sun7i should be able to have a common driver too
<wens> what's the difference between normal and dedicated DMA in A10/A20?
<CaptHindsight> Montjoie: depends on how the fan is connected to the cubie, the IO pins themselves don't drive much current if that what you mean
<gzamboni> CaptHindsight, never used linuxcnc, i read it some time ago, seems to be a good software
<Montjoie> I just see a sunxi-pwm driver, it seems to use the lcd output
<mripard> wens: as far as i understood, only one channel can be active at a time
<wens> Montjoie: there's a PWM controller, with PWM outputs muxed on some pins
<mripard> with dedicated DMA, you have all the 8 channels that are usable in parallel
<mripard> Montjoie: a very common use for PWM are backlights :)
<wens> mripard: so 8 channel dedicated DMA capable of dev2dev would be quite complicated hardware-wise
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: we are using an FPGA with the A20 to control all types of cnc machines
<gzamboni> :) nice, i never played with FPGA, my brother is working with a project using a xilinx
<CaptHindsight> I'm surprised that there isn't a A20+FPGA board already. I'm tempted to float a deign around China
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: linuxcnc controls it all
<CaptHindsight> deign/design
<gzamboni> i would buy one :)
<mripard> wens: yep, but the A31 has 16 channels, and only in "dedicated" mode
<mripard> so it seems doable :)
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<gzamboni> CaptHindsight, is it a project you're on for a company ? are you selling out this cnc controller ?
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: Linuxcnc + cubie + an FPGA expansion board, Mesa Electronics might sell the fpga board
<CaptHindsight> they make several already, in fact you could use any allwinner board with ethernet and use that to connect to an fpga for RT machine control
<gzamboni> whats the programming language for FPGAs ?
<CaptHindsight> the fpga vendors have their own tools for programming, but you can use RTL, VHDL or Verilog
<CaptHindsight> open cores has lots of GPL logic blocks and peripherals as well
<CaptHindsight> you can find stepper motor and servo controls in the open as well
<CaptHindsight> we're using SPI and some GPIO to connect the FPGA to the cubie2 right now
<CaptHindsight> I'm tempted to make a allwinner + fpga + motor driver board and let it be copied in China for $50, just to keep the price down
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<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: https://tinyurl.com/m3kjjeb this with an A20 and FPGA could be $50
<gzamboni> what about cheap cnc machines =P what kind of cncs do you have ?
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: http://imagebin.org/294446 you mean like this?
<gzamboni> this one should costs a fortune
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<CaptHindsight> you can find them on ebay and craigs for a few $K
<CaptHindsight> they usually just need a new controller
<CaptHindsight> a cnc machine builder doesn't care so much about allwinner + linuxcnc, but small appliances like 3d printers, routers and mills can benefit from lower BOM cost and smaller size
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<Turl> hey hansg :)
<CaptHindsight> and those were on old ARM9 single core SOC's
<CaptHindsight> the user interface had to be on a separate PC over ethernet
<CaptHindsight> we can play HD video or game and machine on an A20
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<CaptHindsight> not that you'd want to
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_UmhUjZhNo LinuxCNC (EMC2) hexapod parallel robot
<gzamboni> you can play doom while your cnc do all the job :P
<CaptHindsight> you actually can, have to make a vid soon
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<CaptHindsight> if allwinner added a servo PID block and a hardware stepper only buffers and drivers would be needed
<CaptHindsight> or a couple uC's like the BBB's am3500
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<CaptHindsight> sorry, am3358 http://www.ti.com/product/am3358
<gzamboni> what is the motor control thing there is in the AW datasheet ?
<gzamboni> its the pwm ?
<CaptHindsight> what section of the manual?
<gzamboni> let me check
<CaptHindsight> the A20?
<gzamboni> A10 and A20
<gzamboni> i remember seeing it somewhere
<CaptHindsight> there is PWM but I'm wondering what you found
<gzamboni> i cant find it anymore, but i remember i did see something about in a drawing or something, but it should be like the GPS and other things they say they have but without any drivers.
<CaptHindsight> yeah, might be hidden in there
<CaptHindsight> if we knew where they get their ip blocks it wouldn't hurt
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: if you find it, please post it
<CaptHindsight> maybe we can turn it on
<gzamboni> i can't even find anymore where i did see it
<CaptHindsight> mrnuke: is coreboot for A20 in the works? Thanks for the A10 port!
<CaptHindsight> gzamboni: some of the boards mention motor control like the http://www.merrii.com/en/detail.asp?id=149
<CaptHindsight> but I think they either are just cutting and pasting specs or refer to PWM
<CaptHindsight> or maybe the small vibration motors
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<gzamboni> i think i saw a motor control mention but it was refering to the pwm
<gzamboni> but i supose it should exists small spi/i2c CIs for that, no ?
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<oliv3r> a10 and a20 have 2 PWM controllers; sun5i has only 1 PWM
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<paulk-collins> oliv3r, what about A23 by the way? Anyone with one of these?
<memleak> speaking of PWN, does anyone know what the GPIO driver is for the AXP20?
<memleak> is that for hooking up GPIOs to the board, and if so then what is drivers/gpio/gpio-sunxi.c for?
<ccaione> memleak: GPIOs on AXP are not used on A10/A20
<nove> memleak: i t
<memleak> nove: ?
<ccaione> and those GPIOs are diffirent from the GPIOs on the SoC
<nove> memleak: i think AXP also has gpio pins
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<memleak> oh ok perfect thanks!
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<nove> paulk-collins: only libv has one, got it by mistake thinking was buying A13
<paulk-collins> ok
<paulk-collins> any support from linux-sunxi for it?
<paulk-collins> I mean, by any luck, would it work by just building sun5i or so?
<nove> paulk-collins: the hardware blocks are similar to a31
<memleak> Is there a good reason to use arch/arm/boot/dts instead of Makefile.boot ? Makefile.boot is a lot easier to understand.
<paulk-collins> nove, mmh ok
<paulk-collins> so no-go for now
<ccaione> memleak: ???
<nove> nobody tried, so yes
<memleak> ccaione, ?
<nove> paulk-collins: also by the allwinner roadmap (has version numbers), A80 is also different
<Turl> memleak: what's Makefile.boot?
<ccaione> memleak: better if you read about dts :)
<paulk-collins> ok
<memleak> arch/arm/boot/dts is the new devicetree method that increases LoC footprint and complexity IMO
<memleak> ccaione, yeah maybe :P
<Turl> memleak: there's no more old style platforms accepted on linux
<Turl> you should read up on multiplatform and DT :)
<memleak> but there is no entry in dts for sun7i or sunxi..
<ccaione> memleak: look at mainline
<Turl> sun4/5/6/7i all there
<memleak> im talking about sunxi-3.4 branch
<Turl> memleak: 3.4 is based on allwinner's codebase
<Turl> using the old style
<memleak> in theory would it be possible to copypasta dts code from mainline into 3.4 branch?
<Turl> no
<memleak> ok.
<Turl> 3.4 uses allwinner's fex to configure stuff
<memleak> ah ok so fex is their drop in replacement for dts?
<Turl> kind of
<memleak> ok that makes a lot more sense thanks Turl
<Turl> so you get an idea of what fex looks like
<memleak> oh CPU frequency stuff goes there!?
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<memleak> dvfs_table... if i wanted the CPU to always run at 1 GHz at all times, can i set min_freq to max_freq with lv1_count at 5?
<memleak> the kernel configuration im using does not use CPU frequency scaling or power management (suspend, APM emulation, CPU idle, etc)
<memleak> and i would like my board to run at max speed all the time.
<memleak> cat /proc/cpuinfo not showing my the current CPU speed makes it difficult to verify it's current speed...
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<memleak> i'm using cubieboard2 for RT only anyway
<memleak> not concerned about power savings at all
<Turl> memleak: enable the performance governor and that's it
<Turl> you don't need to touch the fex
<Turl> or just disable the cpufreq system entirely
<memleak> disable cpufreq makes it run at full speed? i just couldn't verify this because cat /proc/cpuinfo does not tell me
<Turl> memleak: BogoMIPS should give you a rough idea
<memleak> heh!
<Turl> (yeah, they're bogus and you shouldn't rely on them)
<memleak> what exactly is broken in the first place does not allow MHz to hit /proc/cpuinfo?
<memleak> is it a kernel or fex bug?
<memleak> i'd like to fix that..
<Turl> memleak: no ARM system that I know of shows MHz on cpuinfo
<Turl> so it's not a bug, it's a feature :)
<memleak> ah...
<Turl> MIPS systems don't show them either
<memleak> now i feel really dumb
<Turl> there's no reason to feel that way
<memleak> how sure are you that disabling all cpu freq settings will make the CPU run at highest setting? i know some VIA boards that without performance governor, it will never hit highest frequency.
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<Turl> memleak: well, if you don't touch it it'll run as fast as it was on uboot
<Turl> and I believe that's max freq
<memleak> oh ok!
<Turl> you can always just enable performance governor if you like it better :)
<lioka> memleak: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu?/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq
<Turl> lioka: he disabled cpufreq on purpose
<lioka> ah
<CaptHindsight> ok, so u-boot inits it at max freq and then fex starts to govern speed
<Turl> fex doesn't do anything, it's just a config file
<memleak> well Turl with your suggestion on BogoMIPS i guess i could compare the BogoMIPS with performance gov then without any CPU freq stepping in kernel and see the difference.
<Turl> memleak: that would be ok
<Turl> memleak: you could run some real benchmark too and compare results
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<memleak> Unigine Heaven benchmark for Linux seems real enough
<memleak> thanks Turl for all the help!
<Turl> anytime
<Turl> but why would you run a gpu intensive benchmark to test a RTOS system?
<CaptHindsight> memory bus load
<Turl> interesting use
<CaptHindsight> or just use Stress
<CaptHindsight> all depends
<Turl> although I like tinymembench a lot
<CaptHindsight> on x86 the biggest hit we see to RT performance is starting up a browser and streaming flash
<CaptHindsight> large memory allocations tend to bump IRQ latency times
<CaptHindsight> thats with SMI, ACPI, APM and any speed stepping turned off
<CaptHindsight> ARM doesn't have the same train wrecks to deal with, but cpu freq changes based on cpu load is something you want off for max RT performance
<Turl> ah, so you run desktop workloads on RT systems
<Turl> I was thinking in embedded RT
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<memleak> hmm.. why aren't any boards in the newer MALI DRM kernel drivers? i.e. r3p2-01rel4/driver/src/devicedrv/mali doesn't have arch-pb-virtex5-m400-X config.h files in it anymore
<CaptHindsight> Turl: just for testing, the typical RT app is linuxcnc controlling a cnc machine
<Turl> memleak: the mali drivers from malidevelopers don't bring board configs as far as I recall
<Turl> we have to add those in
<Turl> ssvb has a branch with the newer mali driver merged I think
<memleak> r2p4-02-rel1 has them
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<memleak> i'll look into it thanks!
<memleak> well i gotta run, ill be back in a few days, thanks for all the help guys! i love this community!
<Turl> :)
<Turl> see you!
<CaptHindsight> video playback, HD games, firefox all seem to beat up an RT system well really see where to set minimum thread times to
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<CaptHindsight> yeah there were some real nuts in arm-netbook :)
<nove> don't worry, there is also some real nuts here
<CaptHindsight> heh
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<randomblame> I'm a real nut
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<randomblame> I have a big fat problem with working on this allwinner tablet - there is no boot to recovery via adb so if I mess up a boot.img or recovery.img I have to reboot to windows and reflash the tab via livesuit and it's taking for freaking ever
<randomblame> I miss fastboot so much
<Turl> randomblame: heh, on most you can boot to android recovery with a key
<Turl> or you know, you can boot a sd card and fix it :)
<randomblame> no key combo here
<randomblame> actually that's not a bad idea
<nove> randomblame: last i heard livesuit could create a usd card to flash the device
<Turl> you can even make a android recovery sd card if you like adb :p
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<randomblame> guess I need to find a stack of kernel source that acatualy boots and change cmdline
<randomblame> I thought they added fastboot to uboot a long time ago
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<Turl> randomblame: the allwinner uboot has fastboot
<Turl> but it was pretty broken when I tried
<randomblame> aw I'd probably need a serial rig to even talk to uboot on this thing anyhow
<randomblame> reboot recovery from shell doesn't work but adb reboot recovery from the computer does
<randomblame> that's a kernel issue isn't it?
<randomblame> if I could just fix that one problem I'd be able to work around most of my other issues
<Turl> randomblame: are you running reboot recovery as root?
<randomblame> tried both
<randomblame> this thing is running 3.4.39 and is sourceless I haven't managed to get a build of sunxi-3.4 to boot
<Turl> randomblame: from what I recall, you just needed to write stuff to the misc partition, you may be able to do it manually
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<Turl> triple check the partition though
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<randomblame> ooh
<randomblame> ty
<randomblame> yep /misc is not mounting
<Turl> it doesn't have a filesystem :p
<randomblame> orly
<randomblame> well it exists at least
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<randomblame> strange that the a20 and a23 sdks don't have that setrecovery source
<randomblame> maybe it's unneeded? I modified it to match my devices partition layout and I'll try it at least
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<Turl> randomblame: setrecovery is not from allwinner
<randomblame> makes sense
<randomblame> what does not make sense is their love of live suite and windows
<Turl> randomblame: it makes sense if you consider factories having to flash hundreds of freshly built tabs :)
<randomblame> every other vendor has figured it out somehow :D
<Turl> randomblame: they all do it that way
<randomblame> aha it looks like setrecovery worked
<randomblame> managed to reboot to bootloader - though fastboot seems to be disabled and it's just sitting there helpless
<randomblame> thanks turl now I can reboot to recovery from a bad boot.img
<randomblame> well mostly
<randomblame> long as I have shell
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<Turl> yw
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<randomblame> annoyingly when I specify cortex-a7 as the cpu_varient this thing can not execute any of the binaries
<randomblame> I have to set it as generic
<Turl> randomblame: buildroot?
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<tm512> has anyone programmed a parallel flash rom with a cubieboard before?
<tm512> using the gpio pins
<randomblame> @turl: kitkat
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<randomblame> brb
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