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<wens> leviathanch: you're using mmc_of_parse :)
<wens> Turl: AFAIK, the new pll6 code is going to break old dts, unless we add the strcmp from your earlier patch
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<Turl> wens: I talked about it with mripard, it's not such big a deal
<wens> i was thinking if the old dts will break over 3.15, maybe he could drop the old compatibles he's renaming
<wens> nvm
<wens> no real users of pll6 before 3.15, and u-boot will configure it
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<wens> Turl: yeah, that's the one
<Turl> so yeah, it may be ok to just drop the old compatibles
<Turl> probably after a cycle so we don't need to juggle patches around to keep it booting
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<Net147> libv: do you know of an A20 board that has the LCD1 pins exposed to drive the LCD separately from HDMI?
<wens> Net147: cubieboard2
<Net147> wens: is that the only one?
<Turl> wens: cb1/2 have LCD0 pins exposed I think
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<Net147> I have an Olimex A20 which has an LCD connector on-board. it is connected to LCD0 pins.
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<Turl> is any of you good spotting blown caps and the like?
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<wens> Net147: I've only read cubieboard schematics
<wens> I can look at omilex boards, but I don't have any
<Net147> wens: but cubieboard 1/2 has LCD1 pins exposed?
<wens> Yes
<wens> wait
<wens> only vsync/hsync from LCD1
<wens> most of the GPIO pins for stuff like mmc card detect and regulators are using LCD1 pins
<Net147> so can I drive the HDMI and LCD separately at different resolutions with different graphics?
<wens> sorry I misunderstood you
<wens> no you can't
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> For hdmi, i can choose resolution only from the hdmi list? 1080, 720, ...
<rm> which OS
<JohnDoe_71Rus> debian 3.4.75+ patwood
<rm> in Android, probably; in GNU/Linux you can use pretty much any resolution
<rm> e.g. I use 1680x1050 and 1280x1024 over HDMI
<JohnDoe_71Rus> i try 1024x768. [DISP] Unsupported mode: 1024x768p60, ignoring
<rm> maybe you need to ensure EDID worked fine first
<rm> try the uEnv.txt as suggested in the 1st reply
<JohnDoe_71Rus> No valid EDID mode found :( thanks
<JohnDoe_71Rus> http://pastebin.com/yYftFyfn full boot
<Turl> the olinuxinos may have lcd1 pins on the gpio header
<wens> they do, but a few of them are used for usb vbus
<Turl> ph0-ph27
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> i use this device http://www.cubieforums.com/index.php/topic,1622.0.html to convert hdmi to D-sub
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<Net147> wens: can I use the LCD0 and VGA at same time showing different graphics?
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<wens> Net147: that I don't know
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<Philippe_Fouquet> Hi
<Philippe_Fouquet> I work on olimex board : A20-OLinuXino-MICRO-4GB
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<oliv3r_> gooood morning
<oliv3r_> Philippe_Fouquet: nice :) those are nice boards
<plaes> o/
<JohnDoe71rus> oliv3r_: hi
<Philippe_Fouquet> I have a small question
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<Philippe_Fouquet> Some body know where in source the EEPROM is reading for setup the mac address?
<Philippe_Fouquet> I use kernel 3.4.39 and android 4.2
<ccaione> mooooorning
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<gzamboni> morning
<gzamboni> i talked with the mozilla guys at fosdem and i asked if the mozilla os was android based or not
<gzamboni> they said they used the linux kernel that was made for the android and that the mozilla os is not based on the android os.
<gzamboni> they said also that they failed to use the A13 with the mozillaos
<gzamboni> so now they are using an A31 wich apparently they got the drivers code from a cyanomodgen project
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<plaes> o_O
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<plaes> and cyanogenmod got their code from?
<gzamboni> allwinner 31 sdk i supose
<gzamboni> apperently they use their own irc server/channel but he said they also hang on some freenodes channels
<tkoskine> Mozilla people use #b2g @ irc.mozilla.org for FirefoxOS development.
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<oliv3r_> JohnDoe71rus: hi
<oliv3r_> Philippe_Fouquet: we don't have code for that yet; you'd have to hack it in yoursel
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<oliv3r> gzamboni: how can they fail to get a13 working; only if they ignore us
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<gzamboni> they were in the same building of you talk and they didnt seem to be "aware" of the sunxi project
<gzamboni> i should have talked with them before the talk and should have invited them to come see your speech
<Philippe_Fouquet> oliv3r : you know where I can find exemple ?
<oliv3r> gzamboni: yeah; a little sad really; to work with allwinner hardware, and not be aware of linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> gzamboni: or worse, i mean, i made my title pretty obvious 'allwinner' was in the name
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<oliv3r> just shows the involvment really
<oliv3r> gzamboni: yeah :)
<oliv3r> i'm supprised they didn't even bother to check the schedule
<oliv3r> Philippe_Fouquet: nope, not existant
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<Philippe_Fouquet> oliv3r : Ok thank for your reply
<mripard> gzamboni: I'm not sure that would have changed anything actually
<mripard> oliv3r was pretty clear about the fact that linux-sunxi doesn't care about the A31
<gzamboni> dont know, as they tried out the A13 before, maybe the A20 could interest them
<gzamboni> i will just join their irc server /channel and leave a msg, hey, i heard you are working with allwinner chips for the mozilla os, im from the sunxi comunity if you need some help you can join us at #linux-sunxi at freenode
<oliv3r> gzamboni: i dont' understand how 'a13 doesn't work'
<oliv3r> maybe with allwinner stuff
<gzamboni> i dont know the sources they used
<oliv3r> mripard: you make it sound like i was being harsh!
<oliv3r> gzamboni: excellent :)
<gzamboni> mripard, later today i will clean up my dt work on the dma code and send you
<oliv3r> i know someone ported it to a20 qallready
<mripard> oliv3r: you were pretty blunt about it...
<oliv3r> mripard: i was wasn't I :(
<mripard> gzamboni: cool, I was going to ask you :)
<oliv3r> taking the a31 tree; and getting it to run on a20 should be pretty easy imo
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<mripard> wigyori: what's your u-boot version on this A13 board ?
<mnemoc> moin
<wigyori> morning
<wigyori> mripard: linux-sunxi / u-boot-sunxi, 2013.10-rc2, @b322f6723d59b9bb88701991c7b8b15867bf3692
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<mripard> wigyori: yeah, that's the issue then
<mripard> you need the commit 75ec90fd
<mripard> it's one of the points we have to work on on the MMC driver
<wigyori> gotcha
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<wigyori> for some reason, any later than this commit broke the 3.12 kernels with the backports on a20
<wigyori> will check it in the evning\
<wigyori> thanks
<mripard> you're welcome :)
<ccaione> mnemoc: how's going with your filco?
<oliv3r> Turl: did you have to review chapter 1 yet?
<Turl> nope
<mnemoc> ccaione: i love it, but still trying to digest the price :p
<Turl> bolt left me w/o modem & router btw :p
<Turl> if any of you is good spotting electronic faults I'd appreciate the help later today
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<ccaione> mnemoc: c'mon, money well spent. I have 4 mech kb and planning to buy a new one. :) my gf is gonna kill me
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<mnemoc> :D
<mnemoc> the only annoyance in the filco majestouch is the half enter key
<ccaione> iso or ansi?
<mnemoc> beside that i'm very happy with my keypad-less ninja majestouch
<ccaione> ansi :) cannot stand the ISO layout
<mnemoc> after some years using a das keyboard without labels and strugling to realign my hands every time i get distracted, I love that the ninja has those "hidden" labels
<JohnDoe71rus> keyboard for touch-typing?
<mnemoc> the brown switches are like in the middle... you don't need to press them much for them to react
<mnemoc> blue switches require hammering
<ccaione> I learnt to touch-typing after switching to dvorak
<mnemoc> but they feel equality touchy
<ccaione> touch-typing == typing without looking at the kb
<mnemoc> oh...
<mnemoc> i was talking about the feeling of typing
<oliv3r> Turl: strange; i got a first draft back from packt that needs some work
<mnemoc> i assume no programmer looks at the kb when typing
<Turl> maybe it was ccaione?
<oliv3r> Cocaine!
<ccaione> Turl: what?
<Turl> or sb else they got :)
<Turl> ccaione, were uou not reviewing too?
<ccaione> nope
<oliv3r> hamrach was
<oliv3r> i have to ask on the ML for a 3rd reviewer still
<Turl> I don't think I'll see my router working ever again :'(
<Turl> big burn marks on the pcb
<Turl> and what I believe are burned wan traces
<Turl> pcb traces
<binaryferret> Not fully related to sunxi, but I'm attempting to get touch screen working with an A13 device and I'm using a driver for the gslx680. In order to build it I need to edit the MakeFile and change a variable to the build folder of my kernel. However I'm not sure which folder this is in the linux-sunxi tree.
<binaryferret> Wait I think I was being stupid and just had to point it at the linux-sunxi folder...durr
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<oliv3r> Turl: no pic no glorry
<oliv3r> libv: i'm studying the olimex LIME design, and i notice HDMI is having its own dedicated pins? does that mean HDMI + LCD0 is possible without problem?
<wens> oliv3r: HDMI always had it's own pins
<oliv3r> on luc's slide, he mentions there's 2 LCDC's and HDMI is connected to LCDC0
<wens> the issue, as stated by libv, is that HDMI and LCD0 share the same display engine
<oliv3r> in KMS speak, it would have been CRTC0 really
<oliv3r> exactly
<oliv3r> so how can olimex show LCD + hdmi on their boards; when the LCD is wired to LCD0
<wens> did they show different output?
<mnemoc> wens: yes
<oliv3r> mnemoc: you lurker!
<mnemoc> :p
<mnemoc> video + android
<mnemoc> s/video/movie/
<mnemoc> maybe using different parts of the buffer?
<Turl> its mostly about the res/mode rather than content I think
<wens> don't think that's possible
<wens> the HDMI controller takes LCD data/sync lines for the video
<Turl> oliv3r, check your inbox
<oliv3r> i'm allready on it :p
<oliv3r> but i have poop forming in the bowls
<oliv3r> so not sure what i'm doing first
<Turl> :p
<Turl> multitask!
<tomboy65> hehehe
<tomboy65> take your phone with your weechat with you and keep entertaining us
<oliv3r> Turl: one of the LAN ports looks like its fried
<oliv3r> bu the others should still work; only looks like the LAN ports died?
<Turl> it doesnt boot at all
<Turl> no LEDs
<oliv3r> Turl: WAN ports seems fried too
<oliv3r> what did you doO!
<Turl> yeah I believe it was my cablemodem that fried first
<Turl> thundersyorm
<Turl> storm*
<wens> :/
<Turl> is the yellow leaky thing on the inductorish thing normal?
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah
<oliv3r> that's hot glue, to keep it from resonating
<oliv3r> the LAN port got fried and took the rest down
<Turl> you mean wan (blue)?
<Turl> pcb traces on there look burnes
<Turl> d
<Turl> I think it also took down the GbE port on my mobo :/
<libv> oliv3r: i will find out soon
<libv> oliv3r: tsvetan will throw a bunch of kit in a box soon and stick it on the post :)
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<oliv3r> libv: he said :)
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah quite possible
<oliv3r> libv: you arrived back home?
<JohnDoe_71Rus> libv: Download and compile lima. tests are run. Perhaps the practical application? cb2
<libv> oliv3r: yes, and i am still alive, and my feet seem on their way to recovery
<libv> how was fosdem for you guys?
* libv still cannot believe that 22 rooms were recorded and that there were many livestreams
<Net147> libv: I missed the livestream so I am waiting for the videos to be online
<libv> Turl: we sadly still are mostly ubuntu packages, all attempts to get more packages up and get a more useful packaging working mode have failed so far
<Turl> net147 /topic
<Turl> do you know if the mele wifi works as ap?
<oliv3r> libv: to short to didn't see enough; and poops
<Net147> Turl: topic?
<libv> oliv3r: there's just too much going on, isn't it :)
<libv> isn't there even
<Net147> Turl: I see...
<oliv3r> much more then a few ago
<libv> as for watching something during the train trip, i am usually completely busted on monday
<libv> and, since fosdem went so well, the universe had to even out again, and everything trainwise went wrong...
<libv> which is not fun when you are carrying all the cabling for the devroom in your arms
<JohnDoe_71Rus> libv: use backpack
<libv> JohnDoe_71Rus: ...
<libv> JohnDoe_71Rus: 12kilos in my arms
<libv> 21 even
<libv> 10-15 on my back.
<JohnDoe_71Rus> computer commandos
<oliv3r> libv: that's a lot of cables :p
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<libv> JohnDoe_71Rus: doesn't work as well
<libv> the wheels tend to be too small.
<libv> JohnDoe_71Rus: this was my 7th devroom, i have been through all of this before, i have gone through many iterations
<libv> this works best
<libv> but it does really get to you when you need to run from train to train across stations
<libv> as belgian rail, and deutsche bahn messed up everything they possibly could
<JohnDoe_71Rus> libv: thanks for your work.
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<libv> yw, and i really do this because i love doing this, it's great to be part of this insane thing called fosdem
<oliv3r> libv: why so much power!
<libv> organizers believe they had around 10k visitors
<oliv3r> most of the cables you carry is power
<binaryferret> I've put the gslx680.fw firmware file in lib/firmware, but when I modprobe gslx680_ts it falls over when it tries to open firmware gslx680.fw. I tried renaming the file to something random and got the same message so it's leading me to believe that it can't find it. Has anyone gone through getting the gslx680 driver working on a A13 tablet?
<libv> oliv3r: yes?
<libv> oliv3r: 200 folk devroom?
<binaryferret> I've used the driver available from https://gitorious.org/gslx680-for-sunxi
<libv> 92 powerplugs in 10 powerbards all over the devroom (most of them in the front half)
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<oliv3r> libv: you supplied them all with power!
<libv> i think i had 4 of those bars already for my first devroom in 2006
<libv> and they saw very very very heavy usage
<libv> now i think people have longer lasting hw, and perhaps don't see the powerbars as easily
<libv> but they do see quite some usage, and you see some people flocking around them
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<libv> plus, more devrooms probably provide power
hansg has joined #linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> yeah it's good to have of course
<oliv3r> but that's a lot of lugging :(
<oliv3r> how do you carry it? no bag at all?
<libv> cheap big sports bag
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<libv> comes with wheels and a handle so it is supposed to roll...
<libv> but that doesn't really work
<libv> so i just carry it
<libv> i can run quite well with it, but not for long distances, and not over and over again
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ganbold_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> lol yeah i imagine
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<nove> really liked libv talks, from there i got a feeling of: without users, what we are doing has no meaning
<nove> a crazy idea, there is android, firefoxos, sailfishos, tizen, plasma active, the ubuntu mobile thing
<oliv3r> they are all potential users
<oliv3r> we need some distro hackers though; to get us nice images
<nove> all use the linux kernel, and similar userland libraries
<oliv3r> similar enough yeah
<nove> why isn't possible to do, apt-get install android
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<nove> not run android applications under X, but android has a graphic environment
<nove> like gnome, kde, xfce is for the desktop
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popolon has joined #linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> nove: because surfaceflinger won' twork under X yet? :p
<oliv3r> or whatever their disp driver is called
<oliv3r> nove: but think even easier
<oliv3r> android = apk run by davlik/art engine, right?
<oliv3r> so basically it's just dalvik -jar app.jar
<oliv3r> why can't I run an APK using dalvik on my desktop?
<oliv3r> (disp driver again)
<nove> no not under X, instead of start X, it would be started surfaceflinger (if that is the thing)
<leviathanch> wens: yes, I'm using mmc_of_parse
<oliv3r> nove: that shouldn't be a huge problem
<oliv3r> nove: since there is x86 android
<leviathanch> this way I can drop some homebrew functions and rely on the other kernel maintainers for my GPIO handling :-)
<leviathanch> wens: that's why I urge people to accelerate their upstreaming support
<nove> oliv3r: i thing so, and it would be better that dual boot
<oliv3r> nove: just needs a hacker to do the heavy lifting
<oliv3r> nove: but at the very least; you should be able to run it in a chroot no?
<nove> oliv3r: yes, but here the key would be to integrate in the distribution, so that a simple apt-get install, made it work
<oliv3r> even if it where a chroot env; should still be possible :)
<oliv3r> emerge android! :p
<oliv3r> i don't know why nobody made it happen yet; nobody cares?
<oliv3r> just like we don't have a community android either
<mripard> oliv3r: nove: Android uses a different libc, a different init system, dalvik as more of a daemon, etc.
<mripard> it's not impossible
<mripard> but it would be very hard to achive.
<nove> mripard: we have the source, but yes
<oliv3r> so wont' work in a chroot?
<oliv3r> libv, init etc all would work in the chroot nativily i'd expect?
<mripard> oliv3r: chroot doesn't start a brand new init
<mripard> it might work in a container though
<oliv3r> for starters
<nove> mripard: the previous init would be stopped, and new started
<oliv3r> but, ok, android is bionic etc, won't it be possible to recompile dalvik to simply use libv?
<oliv3r> nove: might aswell reboot then :p
<mripard> nove: you can't stop init.
<mripard> it's an instant panic
<mripard> oliv3r: what's libv ?
<mripard> (except libv)
<nove> glibc maybe
<oliv3r> libc :p
<oliv3r> yes, libv and libc are very confusing
<mripard> ah
<mripard> well, you'd need to implement bionic-specific functions into the glibc I guess
<oliv3r> i mean, bionic and libc are the same API are they not? they are not abi compatible, but API they are?
<mripard> nope
<oliv3r> oh there are bionic-specifics
<oliv3r> anyhting you know from the top of your head?
<mripard> bionic doesn't even implement full POSIX
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<nove> what about binfmt_misc, can be made to detect bionic linked binaries, and use the right loader
<mripard> actually, the loader isn't much of an issue
<mripard> you can have a glibc and android side by side, and it will work pretty fine
<oliv3r> define android
<oliv3r> androis is the entire system
<oliv3r> but does an apk need android, or is dalvik enough :)
<oliv3r> not that android is much more (or less I guess)
<mripard> android is a full java framework, underlying daemons, and dalvik, mostly
<mripard> if one of these aren't there, you won't be able to run any apk
<mripard> plus, the usual kernel stuff: binder, ION, ADF and their friends
<oliv3r> i thought that dalvik was the java framework
<mripard> no, dalvik is just the vm
<nove> and that can't be set as a init service, so to be possible to do service start/stop
<oliv3r> but it's apk -> dalvik -< all the gutsy stuff
<nove> service android start/stop, and alike
<mripard> you could have an apk that doesn't use dalvik at all
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<mripard> if it's all native stuff
<mripard> nove: Android's init is very specific too
<Turl> you could run android on lxc
<Turl> some do I think
<nove> same thing with firefoxos, is only the b2g process and some demons which interface the hardware
<mripard> Turl: yep, that was my first solution :)
<nove> well the base of the idea, is to put everything in the same box
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<Turl> second solution xould be normal android
<Turl> with chrootish linux
<nove> by been split has is now, i can't see a very good future
<Turl> maybe with user systemd
<plaes> is user systemd actually possible?
<nove> then it was the user that makes the choice of which one to run
<Turl> plaes, I have seen it mentioned around
<mripard> Turl: systemd lacks several android features, you can't use it instead
<Turl> not instead, but as 'subinit'
<mripard> but chroot doesn't run anything but the shell iirc
<Turl> isnt syatemd user mode forbthat?
<Turl> fuu kbrd
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* [7] has a funny idea...
<[7]> would it be possible (without too much effort) to run linux on just one core of the A20, and some realtime bare-metal code on the other core?
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<gzamboni> libv you didnt told us your grandpa was Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen, founder of the ULB
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<gzamboni> mripard, did you receive my email ?
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<mripard> gzamboni: yep, I did :)
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<oliv3r> heh; rookie mistake 101; don't connect the scope's gnd probe randomly to a pcb
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<oliv3r> you may short out the enitre building!
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<HdkR> Anyone create a Exynos5 based channel from libv's talk?
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<Wizzup> Not yet, wanted to (since I asked the question)
<Wizzup> I didn't create it yet 0) because ack of name (I thought of #sexynos), 1) because I didn't feel knowledgable enough to start it
<Wizzup> But I'm willing to host a wiki etc
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<Wizzup> HdkR: ^
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<nove> "can achieve a typical clock frequency of 50MHz"
<oliv3r> for fpga sounds reasonable?
<oliv3r> i'm not supprised; they use a lot of synopsys IP
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<nove> "DesignWare IP Portfolio"
<nove> "and ARC processors"
<HdkR> Wizzup: Oop sorry, still a bit jetlagged and having to do other things :P
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<Wizzup> HdkR: Yeah, suggestions for other names?
<oliv3r> #5exynos
<libv> HdkR: luxinos?
<Wizzup> I guess #sexynos is not that great ;)
<HdkR> I'm the least creative person in the world when it comes to names
<HdkR> I tend to name things Project #1/2/3
<HdkR> :P
<[7]> ##exynose? :P
<Wizzup> freexynos?
<oliv3r> well 5exynos is a play on exynos and still gievs you the sex
<plaes> exynoes :(
<plaes> all I could come up :)
<Wizzup> oliv3r: Ah... true
<HdkR> lol
<Wizzup> I mostly interpreted it as "for exynos5 only"
<HdkR> self depreciating nick
<HdkR> s/nick/name
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<oliv3r> isn't team-hacksung working on exynos*
<plaes> didn't they give up?
<plaes> can't even find them via google
<oliv3r> /j #team-hacksung
<libv> androiders...
<libv> there are probably some good people
<libv> there
<oliv3r> aren't they also hacking the tv's?
<libv> but it's probably stuck in the forum marsh
<oliv3r> i guess because it works quite well; there's little community
<oliv3r> i did hear from paulk-collins_ that some of the stuff isn't upstreamed at all though
<oliv3r> oh radeon UVD Video encoder opensourced
<oliv3r> openMax based
<paulk-collins_> teamhacksung mostly gave up
<paulk-collins_> and because of the split between CyanogenMod and OmniROM, things are even messier
<oliv3r> :(
<oliv3r> sad, really sda
<paulk-collins_> codeworks was kind of coordinating the effort, but AFAIK they stopped porting to new exynos targets
<paulk-collins_> they mostly maintain the already supported ones
<oliv3r> out of curiosity, what is mainlined and what is missing on exynos 4412
<oliv3r> i know sensor(s/hub)
<paulk-collins_> I suppose most of the board files for the actual devices are missing
<paulk-collins_> probably only a few EVBs there
<paulk-collins_> (in mainline)
* mnemoc look at his exynos 5420 tablet with sadness
<paulk-collins_> nexus 10?
<oliv3r> but code wise
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, to be honest, I didn't really look at it, but I'm not aware of anyone using mainline on the actual devices
<mnemoc> paulk-collins_: galaxy note 10.1" 2014 wifi
<paulk-collins_> oh yeah
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, I know Samsung have people working on mainline
<paulk-collins_> for exynos and related things
<plaes> for tv-s?
<paulk-collins_> clearly separate from the ones working on Exynos support for Android kernels
<paulk-collins_> not sure at all
<oliv3r> well i know mauro from linux-media started to work there; i follow the linux-media list and see a lot of samsung patches
<HdkR> N10 is the 5250, note 10.1 2014 is 5420 :P
<oliv3r> and samsung is hiring linux devs like crazy
<paulk-collins_> yes indeed
<paulk-collins_> they do that
<oliv3r> so there is some hope
<oliv3r> i do have the impression samsung would slowly move more towards mainline
<oliv3r> they do seem to get it, atleast a little
<oliv3r> or so it seems
<paulk-collins_> right, but I'm not sure they ship products that actually use it
<oliv3r> oh i doubt that; that'll be years from now i guess :)
<oliv3r> how brick-proof is exynos4412?
<paulk-collins_> also, a few years ago, someone started an effort to cleanup the galaxy s2 (exynos4) kernel code in a mainline-compliant approach
<oliv3r> can you recover from mmc easily? or do you always depend on the bootloader in nand working
<paulk-collins_> AFAIK it did boot but didn't work well at all, and he kid of gave up
<oliv3r> sad :(
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, it's not brick-proof
<paulk-collins_> basically as long as you don't touch at the bootloaders, you should be fine
<paulk-collins_> but boot order is probably set in stone through resistors
<oliv3r> what about uart?
<paulk-collins_> and UART/MCC are not first
<paulk-collins_> it's like NAND-first
<oliv3r> can you connect uart to debug?
<paulk-collins_> yes
<paulk-collins_> easily
<oliv3r> eMMC i assume :)
<oliv3r> ok good; that's really good
<paulk-collins_> right
<oliv3r> note 2 uart?
<paulk-collins_> basically UART is through the micro USB connector
<paulk-collins_> didn't check, but should work
<paulk-collins_> I can test right now actually
<plaes> hm
<oliv3r> gadget uart?
<plaes> all samsungs have powervr?
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, there is a hardware switch
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, basically, you trigger UART through a particular resistor value between ID and GND
<paulk-collins_> so it's real uart
<oliv3r> i'm reading it now
<oliv3r> ah that's amazing
<oliv3r> awesome
<plaes> link?
<oliv3r> i did read it doesn't work on sii and siii
<oliv3r> i should make me a cable for that
<oliv3r> ah better :)
<paulk-collins_> yeah, works on note2
<paulk-collins_> got bootloader output
<oliv3r> awesome
<paulk-collins_> you can get dmesg quite easily too
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<oliv3r> this should make it huge amounts easier to recover from a 'brick' on nand though
<oliv3r> if you can upload code over uart to fix stuff that is
<paulk-collins_> that's a first step
<paulk-collins_> basically, this happened:
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<paulk-collins_> * GNUtoo modified 1 byte on the nexus s bootloader's partition
<paulk-collins_> * the bootrom checked the signature, it didn't match, it stopped
<paulk-collins_> * nand was first so it didn't try UART
<paulk-collins_> * GNUtoo had to move around resistors to change the boot order to UART first
<paulk-collins_> * then he sent a signed bootloader through UART and it booted
<oliv3r> boot uart first? wow; didn't even know that was possible
<oliv3r> a signed bootloader extracted from a nother device I assume
<paulk-collins_> well if you move the resistors correctly, it can, or at least it was before NAND
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<oliv3r> atleast it's technically possible modify the resistors
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, Google thankfully distribute the binaries for nexus phones
<oliv3r> but what i'm really only after, changing kernels, see why things go wrong etc
<paulk-collins_> oliv3r, yeah but they're real tiny, it's impossible without a lense
<oliv3r> so serial + stock bootloader should be fine
<paulk-collins_> yes that'll work :)
<oliv3r> yeah you need a horribly steady hand :)
<paulk-collins_> that too
* paulk-collins_ already damaged a phone while soldering on it
<paulk-collins_> I'll go for a moment, bbl
<plaes> damn.. I'm really thankful for Allwinners ease of hacking..
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<mrnuke> heh! git output is awesome: "Fetching mripard"
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<mripard> :)
<oliv3r> it works too!
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