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<Dazzozo> motherfuckers!
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<rhen> hi
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<Flea997> hi
<fonz93> hi
<fonz93> i don't know what it is, but gg
<Flea997> what fonz said ^
<Dazzozo> firm relaunch
<Dazzozo> it loaded the firmware off the sdcard and booted it
<Dazzozo> i believe most people refer to it as "cfw"
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<fonz93> oh
<fonz93> why the fuck i am stuck at 99% fetching projects
<fonz93> AGAIN
<fonz93> shit
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<rhen> fonz93: I thought we would use the chromium webview with caf display sources
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<luca020400> hi
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<luca020400> meteor9 : before you was 9 what happened xd
<luca020400> *8 xd
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