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<fonz93> hello
<fonz93> chil360: are you online?
<fonz93> *not afk
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<chil360> hi fonz93
<fonz93> i probably found the cause of the random reboots mentioned by the users using Facebook and google play music
<chil360> great. what have you found?
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<fonz93> i am testing this:
<fonz93> this is the error that appears everytime in kmsg before a reboot
<fonz93> qtaguid: iface_stat: stat_update() lo not found
<fonz93> and looking to google
<fonz93> other users got this error
<fonz93> before freezing their device
<fonz93> there are many users that suggest to cherrypick commits on "net/netfilter/xt_qtaguid.c"
<fonz93> others suggest to disable it totally
<fonz93> i am trying now the easiest way, disabling it
<fonz93> the build process is almost done, i'll report if it fixes the problem or not
<chil360> ok. thanks. I will look into what qtaguid does.
<fonz93> oh ehm..
<fonz93> how can i build the kernel only?
<fonz93> instead of running the whole build process?
<fonz93> there is some command like make -jX?
<fonz93> *are
<chil360> I have created a script to build the kernel outside of the build tree and repack it in a boot.img and installable zip
<fonz93> is it in your sources?
<chil360> needs some extra tools set up for repacking.
<chil360> not in my sources.
<fonz93> ok
<chil360> there is a command to only build the kernel in the rom tree but I can't remember what it is
<fonz93> this is the thread where they suggest to disable "CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QTAGUID": http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=5375
<fonz93> this config is enabled on synopsis kernel but it seems to not cause random reboots
<fonz93> so moddingg33k should have been update the "qtaguid"
<fonz93> hopefully this is the cause because on kmsg there aren't any other errorsa
<chil360> CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QTAGUID is a recommended option https://source.android.com/devices/tech/kernel.html
<fonz93> yes, i know that, it is enabled by default in huawei sources
<fonz93> but may need some updates for android 4.3+
<fonz93> i really hope that..
<chil360> I will compare the source to other kernels and mainline sources an see what update patches are there.
<fonz93> if the problem is not there, i really don't know where it is
<fonz93> the kmsg only shows that
<fonz93> build process it's done, i am going to flash it
<chil360> ok.
<chil360> do you know anything about fixing the ril?
<chil360> I'm still stuck trying to get it working in slimlp
<fonz93> unfortunately not, i didn't try doing something for slimlp as i am not able in making work most of the stuffs
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<fonz93> YES
<fonz93> reboots are gone
<fonz93> google play music is now working
<fonz93> going to test facebook
<fonz93> that error is not showed now
<fonz93> fucking facebook it's really slow to open after cleaning dalvik..
<chil360> good work!
<fonz93> facebook videos seems to work fine too
<fonz93> no freezes or reboots
<fonz93> we probably need to update that QTAGUID if we want to enable it on android 4.3+
<fonz93> on 4.2 it's fine so the problem it's on 4.3+
<fonz93> from here: M8625SSNSKMLYA20301A
<fonz93> but may be changes after merging Huawei sources
<fonz93> *changed
<fonz93> or not, it may be not affected by changes as Huawei probably used M8625SSNSKMLYA20301A or something similar to build their sources
<fonz93> and after merging Huawei J1 sources QTAGUID didn't change
<fonz93> so we can start cherrypicking commit from that date
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<fonz93> we can also take a look on moddingg33k sources as are not affected by that bug
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<fonz93> hi luca
<chil360> hi luca
<luca020400> I'm going to read irc log :3
<luca020400> fonz93 : for build only boot.img
<luca020400> lunch $device && mka bootimage -jx
<fonz93> oh really nice
<fonz93> thank you
<fonz93> were can i find then the boot.img? will be still send to the /out folder?
<fonz93> *where
<luca020400> /out/target/product/$device/boot.img ;)
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> from Commits on Jul 19, 2013
<fonz93> we can cherrypick 3 commits
<luca020400> Great work fonx
<fonz93> ty
<fonz93> this: netfilter: qtaguid: rate limit some of the printks
<fonz93> it's one of the commits i saw previously
<chil360> might be worth taking the whole netfilter folder - it's all out of date
<luca020400> fonz93 : wich sources are you using ?
<fonz93> luca020400: chil360-kernel
<luca020400> ok
<fonz93> chil360: if you think it can be done, ok
<luca020400> Yea I think it too
<fonz93> trying right know
<fonz93> i'll now use the teamhacklg current branch
<fonz93> to be sure it'll work
<fonz93> no xD
<fonz93> it gave me a second or two
<fonz93> less in booting
<fonz93> but i don't really care about that xD
<luca020400> Set it to interactive
<luca020400> Is one of the best governor
<luca020400> Every xda user is really a noob :/
<luca020400> XD
<chil360> luca: how's lolipop going on your moto g?
<luca020400> stock lollipop
<luca020400> Reaaaaaaaaaallllllyyy bad
<luca020400> cm12 is great
<chil360> I'll have to try building cm12 again. haven't tried in a while.
<luca020400> We are waiting for the kernel patches merge and then we will start nighlies
<luca020400> Meanwhile I build 10 roms XD
<luca020400> And probably we will have 3.10 kernel
<chil360> 10 roms!! XD
<luca020400> Some users got the android 5.1 update with kernel 3.10
<luca020400> But probably 3.10 kernel is a fake
<luca020400> It have the same host build of android one devices XD
<luca020400> Of motorola build the kernel in the google server
<luca020400> *or
<luca020400> But I don't think so
<chil360> any news of when the aosp 5.1 source is out?
<luca020400> nope
<luca020400> No one repo got 5.1 update
<luca020400> But insted of android 5.1 I want lollipop kernel
<fonz93> luca020400: if i mka -j4 how much time will take to build the kernel?
<luca020400> You cpu and ram ?
<luca020400> Are you using ccache ?
<fonz93> amd 955 x4 3.2 ghz and 2x2 gb 1600 mhz
<fonz93> no ccache
<luca020400> Anyway I take 15 minutes with prima driver
<fonz93> with -j4?
<luca020400> like 15/7 minutes
<luca020400> like 15/7 minutes
<luca020400> Anyway -j is your cpu + 1
<luca020400> so -j5
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> so i must use -j5 and not -j4
<luca020400> Not must
<luca020400> but -j4 uses 3 cpu
<luca020400> *prallel proces
<luca020400> *parallel proces
<luca020400> *process
<fonz93> got boot.img in 7 minutes
<luca020400> I feel like an idiot
<fonz93> but the ramdisk was already built
<luca020400> ok
<fonz93> love this command <3 thanks
<luca020400> :D
<luca020400> mka recoveryimage
<luca020400> etc
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> xda users start to drop me a lot of pm
<luca020400> Is there any spam filter XD
<luca020400> After became crazy to make the falcon ( moto g 2013 ) kernel working with titan ( 2014 )
<luca020400> They say
<luca020400> Create a new branch
<luca020400> Fuck them
<fonz93> after replacing the whole netfilter folder
<fonz93> from teamhacklg current branch
<fonz93> files changes are:
<luca020400> Check if there are some other files that need an update ( if not already done ) :p
<luca020400> Wait a bit
<fonz93> i really don't know which files should be updates and which not xD
<fonz93> *updated
<luca020400> Give me some time
<luca020400> Hmm
<fonz93> i'll give it a try
<fonz93> i can always revert the commit anyway
<fonz93> not a big deal
<luca020400> add this commit
<luca020400> excpet net/netfilter/x_tables.c change as is already here
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> we already got them
<fonz93> all
<luca020400> ok great
<luca020400> The 2nd news
<fonz93> if i have already a boot.img in the out folder, after launching the command to making a new one, it automatically delete/overwrite the old, yes?
<fonz93> obj folder too?
<luca020400> hmm
<luca020400> Usualli I delte the /out/target folder
<fonz93> after netfilter updates
<fonz93> seems all fine
<luca020400> ok
<fonz93> no kmsg errors no freezes or reboots
<luca020400> so push it XD
<fonz93> done
<fonz93> after this there shouldn't be any kernel panic issue
<fonz93> i hope so
<fonz93> *issues
<chil360> great. I'll apply it to my kernel for slimlp and test it.
<luca020400> For .....
<luca020400> My father XD
<fonz93> my commits are "rough" i don't know if you like them ahaha
<luca020400> squash update u.u
<fonz93> yes this should be the term
<fonz93> i don't really know what the other updates do, so some bugs can appear xD
<fonz93> i just looked into that QTAGUID
<fonz93> i might need to reduce the swappiness level
<luca020400> Why ?
<fonz93> it is always full
<fonz93> the zRAM
<luca020400> In my moto g 2014 is always full XD
<fonz93> when it happens to me the phone is unusable for 1-2 seconds
<luca020400> With full you mean 100% ?
<fonz93> yes
<fonz93> 0 free space
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> 97% now
<fonz93> switching to windows
<luca020400> good luck :p
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<luca020400> chil360 : can you share lollipop source code ?
<chil360> willing to share it with other devs as long as it's kept private until ril is working properly
<luca020400> oky
<chil360> it's in a private 'team' in bitbucket. I could add you if you want
<luca020400> I'll be glad
<luca020400> I used bitbucket too for "private" things
<chil360> what's your username on bitbucket? luca020400?
<luca020400> ofc
<luca020400> I am in the motog2024devteam
<chil360> done - you should have access: SlimLP-Y300
<luca020400> yea ty
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<chil360> luca: just pushed some slimlp kernel updates that I have been testing
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> If you want a G330 tester tell me
<chil360> any chance you can help with ril?
<luca020400> I'll lokk into
<luca020400> Anyway I can't test
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> Anyway I applied same patches to display caf and it didn't worked first time XD Don't know why
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<chil360> the code was changing quickly at the start difficult to keep up.
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<luca020400> Great f2fs
<luca020400> Add f2fs tools in msm common
<luca020400> and fstab entry for f2fs
<chil360> and latest zram
<luca020400> Better 3.18 :p
<luca020400> Hmm
<luca020400> set selinux to permissive
<chil360> it is
<luca020400> Yes XDX
<fonz93> chil360: how is lollipop on our device? Dazzozo said that was slow
<Dazzozo> it was hella slow initially
<Dazzozo> idk if thats changed
<luca020400> Really slow XD
<chil360> seem ok to me as long as you dont install full gapps
<luca020400> Full gapps
<chil360> the google launcher is really slow
<luca020400> so you want kill your phone XD
<fonz93> i maybe know why volume rocker don't work with FMRadio
<fonz93> a patch is missing
<chil360> which patch?
<fonz93> don't know exactly
<fonz93> but is missing the fourth volume slider
<fonz93> but is present in cm10.1 by kra1o5
<luca020400> It was in kk too
<fonz93> i haven't it
<luca020400> *missing
<fonz93> yes i am talking about kitkat
<fonz93> in 4.2 it's present
<luca020400> yes
<fonz93> so i guess it's a missing patch the problem
<luca020400> yes
<fonz93> yes i was looking on that
<fonz93> i'll look in slim sources if they are already present or not
<luca020400> I don't think ao
<chil360> dazzozo: is the ril fully working in your cm12 build?
<Dazzozo> i had ril working months ago but everything probably changed since then
<chil360> using the proprietry rild & libril?
<Dazzozo> yes
<chil360> how? I've been trying to get it working for ages!
<Dazzozo> i have no idea, it was so long ago
<Dazzozo> i can probably give it another go though
<Dazzozo> my 3ds is sort of out of action until i can flash the nand through hardware
<luca020400> what happened XD
<Dazzozo> im doing some nand haxx
<Dazzozo> and i did a dumb dumb
<Dazzozo> and i guess some signature verification on boot is failing
<Dazzozo> i was flashing the nand through software
<Dazzozo> but if you cant actually get back to the software exploit that youre flashing nand through...
<Dazzozo> one failed attempt and you're locked out until you can hardware flash
<luca020400> Hmm
<Dazzozo> didnt actually expect what i did to "brick" it, but it did
<Dazzozo> but now i sorta need to learn to solder and stuff
<luca020400> New 3ds or 3ds ?
<Dazzozo> 3ds
<Dazzozo> i have 4
<Dazzozo> a physically broken (dead) one
<Dazzozo> a software bricked one which i can fix by soldering to the nand test points
<Dazzozo> an old xl on 4.5
<Dazzozo> and a new xl
<Dazzozo> on 9.2
<Dazzozo> been testing soldering on the broken one so far
<Dazzozo> but i need some thinner wire
<luca020400> Bye
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<luca020400> Yeaa
<luca020400> Hi u.u
<XRevan86> luca020400: o,o
<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> Why XD
<fonz93> i really hate github when it is fucking downloading at 40 kb/s
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> I had this speed or 2 months
<luca020400> *for
<luca020400> Use a free vpn
<fonz93> stopped a git clone of framework base almost 5 times because of the slow speed
<luca020400> 10 days gratis
<luca020400> And then reinstall the app XD
<fonz93> thanks i'll try it
<luca020400> No it isn't
<fonz93> it will even work..? who knows
<luca020400> I don't think . But why you shouldn't try XD
<fonz93> i think there's a reason if eloi's didn't add it
<fonz93> maybe they didn't be able to make it work
<luca020400> eloy ?
<fonz93> eloimuns and eloygomez
<luca020400> I know XD
<luca020400> Maybe they just haven't tried
<fonz93> i hope so
<chil360> XD
<chil360> I think I just fixed ril in slimlp
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> how
<fonz93> loooooool
<luca020400> haahahaha I think XD
<chil360> For the last couple of weeks I'v been messing around with building rild and libril
<chil360> because I was getting nowhere with the proprietries
<luca020400> And it magically worked ?
<chil360> tried a lot of things when using the built rild/libril.
<chil360> Just put back the proprietries and tried something I noticed when messing with the built versions
<luca020400> What have you tired ?
<fonz93> what is not working now?
<chil360> In the build props there is a line: ro.telephony.ril.v3=qcomdsds,skippinpukcount,signalstrength
<luca020400> signalstrength
<chil360> the name of the property has changed now ro.telephony.ril.config
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> some device config changed it
<fonz93> omg, report aosp
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<chil360> all that time and in the end it was something so simple!
<luca020400> Hmm are you sure now it works XD ?
<luca020400> It sounds too simple for me XD
<chil360> That won't have an effect now using the proprietries.
<luca020400> Yes I know . Just for keep repo clen XD
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<chil360> seems ok so far, just tried making a call and it worked fine.
<luca020400> Great
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<chil360> luca, you started uploading to basketbuild didn't you? Any good?
<luca020400> basketbuild is great
<luca020400> ftp
<chil360> XD
<luca020400> Maybe android file host too
<chil360> what about hosting ota files?
<chil360> direct linking?
<luca020400> yea
<luca020400> Both
<chil360> I thinking of using basketbuild instead of google drive when I start releasing slimlp builds
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> Anyway cm12 is better
<luca020400> XD
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<Solitary> hey guys, anybody interested in Oneplus One invite?
<luca020400> Good night . Anyway I'd like to have a OPO
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