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<spanitzer> :D
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<MrCr4zzyHD> hi
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<wbrambley> Hi
<wbrambley> @chil360 Are you using project " hardware/qcom/fm" from SlimRoms or cm12?
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<alain> hi
<alain> i need help
<alain> to fix a huawei g510
<alain> when i go to install the update.app
<alain> it show error
<alain> emmc is readonly
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<fonz93> morning
<wbrambley> Evening ;)
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<fonz93> lel
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<Flea997> hi
<spanitzer> Hi
<Flea997> hei span
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<Flea997> Доброе утро Revan
<XRevan86> Flea997: 12:36 :)
<XRevan86> Flea997: Salute.
<Flea997> 10:37 here
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<Flea997> connection problems revan?
<XRevan86> Flea997: Not really, I had problems with ejabberd.
<XRevan86> one more
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<Flea997> what is ejabberd?
<XRevan86> Flea997: An XMPP server/
<XRevan86> Flea997: I'm self-hosting it.
<XRevan86> Flea997: And on a top of it biboumi.
<XRevan86> ( http://biboumi.louiz.org/ – XMPP gateway to IRC )
<Flea997> i don't understand why should someone use it
<XRevan86> Flea997: Just to use XMPP client instead of IRC one.
<Flea997> and why?
<XRevan86> Flea997: To have one client instead of two.
<Flea997> oh
<Flea997> so smart
<rymate1234> don't some xmpp clients support IRC?
<XRevan86> rymate1234: Some, but not all :).
<rymate1234> ha
<rymate1234> ah
<fonz93> rebooting
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<fonz93> why am i getting this?°_°
<fonz93> hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm7x27a/libgralloc/ionalloc.h:33:27: fatal error: linux/msm_ion.h: No such file or directory
<fonz93> nevermind
<fonz93> fixed
<Flea997> yay
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<luca020400> Hi
<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> Yes the chil change worked
<fonz93> yes flea said it to me
<fonz93> thanks
<Flea997> are you using holoirc luca?
<luca020400> Yes he asked it to me xd
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> Does my cm12 work ?
<Flea997> as slim
<Flea997> going to study
<Flea997> bye
<XRevan86> luca020400: You're awesome, you know
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* XRevan86 haven't tested it, yet, as my Y300 is my primary phone.
<luca020400> Yes it works :)
<luca020400> For what I'm awesome ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: For making CM12 happen, of course.
<luca020400> Nha
<luca020400> I just ported a patch and build iy
<luca020400> The thread is a copy pasta of the moto g 2014 cm12 xd
<luca020400> I have lunch
<luca020400> Bye
<XRevan86> luca020400: bye
<luca020400> 4° and snow
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> 2:45 screen on and battery at 45%
<Dazzozo> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<fonz93> ???
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<spanitzer> Luca?
<spanitzer> Your CM12 for Y300 is working
<spanitzer> But you build it from source or?
<spanitzer> Porting is very bad
<fonz93> source
<spanitzer> Fonz93? Are you building lollipop too?
<fonz93> yes
<fonz93> spanizter: do you have the default wallpaper on cm12 right now?
<fonz93> *spanitzer
<luca020400> Cm12 is from source
<luca020400> fonz93 : which ROM are you building ?
<fonz93> cm12
<luca020400> Ak
<luca020400> If you need I'll post sources
<luca020400> I just added a patch
<fonz93> i already updated the patch and that thing in build/core
<fonz93> i am now updating overlays
<luca020400> Ok
<fonz93> something is missing?
<luca020400> Nha
<fonz93> ok
<luca020400> Torch has been removed
<luca020400> Maybe add wake overlay
<fonz93> yes i added some overlays
<fonz93> saw them from ariesdev
<fonz93> and some from source
<luca020400> git am $name.patch
<fonz93> ?
<luca020400> Commit with auth
<fonz93> ah
<fonz93> ty
<fonz93> what name.patch is?
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<luca020400> 3g :/
<luca020400> Why you wrote hhhhg dazzozo ?
<luca020400> Spanitzer : have you tried my cm12 ?
<spanitzer> Sorry
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<spanitzer> Yes Luca now i use your cm12 and fonz93 i have the default wallpaper
<luca020400> Le gallerie non aiutano xd
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<luca020400> Ok
<luca020400> Does data work ?
<fonz93> spanitzer: can you send me a screenshot
<spanitzer> No luca
<fonz93> of the wallpaper
<spanitzer> Yes Fonz
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<spanitzer> Is Bluetooth working on lollipop?
<Dazzozo> i should hope so
<Dazzozo> i had it working with zero changes
<spanitzer> Ok
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<fonz93> Dazzozo: did you got data connection working on your CM12?
<Dazzozo> yeah
<fonz93> huge changes are needed?
<luca020400> Ok
<luca020400> Wallpaper ?
<luca020400> So I want a screen too
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> Samp vs sassuolo
<luca020400> Let's see
<luca020400> Am I online
<luca020400> ?
<fonz93> you sent 6 messages in 2 seconds ahahaha
<luca020400> Yea 3g
<luca020400> I can check irclog but I can't sent messages
<luca020400> Xd
<spanitzer> Lollipop is a little bit slow :D
<spanitzer> Wait a minute
<spanitzer> Or two ;)
<spanitzer> Or four;)
<Dazzozo> or 60
<fonz93> fucking chromium ages for building
<spanitzer> Luca and fonz93?
<fonz93> ?
<spanitzer> Is it okay Wien i post the Screenshots in Lucas thread?
<spanitzer> When
<fonz93> ok
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<luca020400> fonz93: I have a prebuilt script for chromium
<fonz93> oh, how it works?
<luca020400> It copy current chromium lib
<luca020400> And before the build disable chromium build and cpoy the old libs
<luca020400> Brute force xd
<luca020400> Butbit works
<fonz93> can you send it to me?
<fonz93> when you are home
<Dazzozo> L sucks
<luca020400> When I'll back at home
<Dazzozo> im going back to kitkat
<fonz93> lol
<Dazzozo> android is dead
<luca020400> Navbar ring is horrible in kitkat
<luca020400> Yes it is
<Dazzozo> enjoy ur memory leak
<luca020400> Nha
<luca020400> It's like kitkat
<luca020400> With correct lmk values
<luca020400> Google replaced lmk values for 32 bit with 64 bit ones
<spanitzer> Download stops in play store!
<spanitzer> Fucking huawei
<luca020400> Practically them are 2* than kitkat
<spanitzer> Fonz are you building for the forum IR only for you?
<spanitzer> Or
<fonz93> only for me at the moment
<Dazzozo> im not sure whats worse
<fonz93> there are no big changes from the luca's one
<Dazzozo> xda/modaco or gbatemp
<luca020400> Xda
<luca020400> Gbatemp and modaco are ok
<luca020400> In xda everyone is a noob
<luca020400> Idiot
<Dazzozo> gbatemp is full of people talking about stuff they dont know anything about
<luca020400> And everything bad
<luca020400> Xda too
<luca020400> At xda I know only 4 devs that know what they do
<luca020400> *ofc only for my device
<spanitzer> Fonz? What changes do you make in your cm?
<Dazzozo> u tell me gbatemp is ok
<fonz93> spanitzer: only minor changes for now
<fonz93> Dazzozo: how to change MDP and ADSP size in ION kernel?
<fonz93> if they even exist with ION
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<andrea2107> Ho
<andrea2107> Hi
<fonz93> hi
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<Dazzozo> fonz93: ???
<Dazzozo> what makes you think its any different
<fonz93> because the lines i used to change when we got PMEM are gone xD
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<fonz93> and i don't know now how to increase them
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<fonz93> why the hell the building process is now blocked to :"Install: /home/lorenzo/ROMs/cm12/out/target/product/u8833/system/app/Email/Email.apk"
<fonz93> for 6 minutes
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<Dazzozo> thats not what its doing
<Dazzozo> thats what its done
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<spanitzer> How can i fix the play store?
<Dazzozo> delete it
<andrea2107> Enter
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<andrea2107> Try to click enter
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<fonz93> how to know what is building now?
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<spanitzer> Fonz the Screenshots are online
<spanitzer> In Lucas cm12 thread
<MrCr4zzyHD> Lollipop in g300 is possible ?
<Dazzozo> ye
<MrCr4zzyHD> Waiting xD
<Dazzozo> dont think anyone but me has a g300 here
<MrCr4zzyHD> I will buy Oneplus One ... Good choice?
<Dazzozo> no theyre a terrible company
<Dazzozo> donate the money instead to african children
<MrCr4zzyHD> ok i will...
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: They are?
<Dazzozo> apparently everyone just forgot the shit they pulled?
<Dazzozo> have they even released the one yet?
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: OnePlus One?
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: My friend has one
<MrCr4zzyHD> I like the One
<MrCr4zzyHD> But the screen is very big
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<spanitzer> Buy a nexus 5
<spanitzer> Or nexus 6 XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> Maybe...
<Dazzozo> the 6 is awful
<Dazzozo> average phone premium price
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<luca020400> Home finally
<luca020400> fonz93 : http://pastebin.com/AHTcLMpk
<derlafff> MrCr4zzyHD: company is terrible, but
<derlafff> device is awesome
<derlafff> and it's the best choice if you want to have fresh cyan next few years
<MrCr4zzyHD> I know man
<derlafff> I have one, you can ask questions
<derlafff> XRevan86 invited me
<MrCr4zzyHD> It's cheap and good
<derlafff> yep
<MrCr4zzyHD> Has many developers
<derlafff> I am using L for the second month already
<derlafff> and it's stable
<MrCr4zzyHD> Lollipop is smooth ?
<derlafff> ofc
<derlafff> 4.4 was smooth on 1/2 cpu freq
<derlafff> but cpu freq adjuster wasn't ported to L yet :)
<derlafff> so I can't tell if L is faster or slower
<MrCr4zzyHD> OxygenOS will be good
<derlafff> I still have no idea what it is
<derlafff> I kinda dislike MS being involved in it
<XRevan86> derlafff: MS is involved in Cyanogen, not OxygenOS.
<derlafff> XRevan86: OK
<MrCr4zzyHD> I think I'll wait for 12s
<XRevan86> (I have no idea what OxygenOS is either)
<fonz93> luca020400: thanks
<MrCr4zzyHD> The oneplus is developing oxygenos to replace coloros
<derlafff> why would you want oxygenos?
<derlafff> I am not sure if they can make anything better than CM
<derlafff> and I am pretty sure they will base on CM
<MrCr4zzyHD> I don't want oxygenos. I want cm12s
<derlafff> ah
<derlafff> I though that 12s stands for 12 Feb
<derlafff> look:
<derlafff> some features from CM11S were already ported to nightlies
<MrCr4zzyHD> Only more one or two weeks...
<derlafff> like off-screen gestures
<derlafff> so, probably, they will push all the features from CM11S to CM12
<derlafff> to do whatever they want with oxygenos
<derlafff> -> CM12S can not release
<derlafff> I mean, it can, but it probably will not
<MrCr4zzyHD> I Know
<derlafff> eh.
<derlafff> :)
<MrCr4zzyHD> One thing wait ... My bad english is not helping me ...
<MrCr4zzyHD> Ok...
<MrCr4zzyHD> Cyanogen will suport Oneplus One for two years
<derlafff> yep
<derlafff> and I don't see any reason not to be official CM port for more than 2 years
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<HoloIRCUser> Hi.
<luca020400> hi
<XRevan86> HoloIRCUser: hi
<HoloIRCUser> Hi luca, do you have a Moto G 2014?
<luca020400> yea
<HoloIRCUser> Someone has tried to compile 3.10 kernel from Google experimental branch for it?
<luca020400> I don't know
<HoloIRCUser> You tried compile it?
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> Try to build it is pretty useless
<HoloIRCUser> Why?
<luca020400> Everything need to be fixed
<luca020400> I don't have enought time to work at it anyway
<luca020400> I have cm12 and cm11
<HoloIRCUser> Me too. I have a Y300.
<luca020400> My time - cm* - school = 1
<HoloIRCUser> Oh.
<HoloIRCUser> And I hate it.
<luca020400> cm12 is great
<HoloIRCUser> My Y300.
<luca020400> I love my mto g
<HoloIRCUser> Maybe I will buy one.
<HoloIRCUser> When I have money.
<luca020400> 180 $
<HoloIRCUser> What type of money? Dollar?
<luca020400> I bought it for 169€
<HoloIRCUser> Oh.
<HoloIRCUser> So, aprox. $3000 on Argentina.
<HoloIRCUser> Do you remember how much you spent on your Y300?
<luca020400> 129
<luca020400> €
<HoloIRCUser> Me 163€.
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<asdf_> hi all
<luca020400> hi+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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<HoloIRCUser> Hi.
<asdf_> hahahahah
<asdf_> i have a question....
<asdf_> is possible merge data partition and intertal storage ?
<luca020400> ....
<luca020400> yes
<asdf_> I had a phone where did this type of merge
<asdf_> and in y300 i think is possible
<luca020400> a guy used fdisk or something similar
<asdf_> yeah..
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<asdf_> and have 2gb of memory for apps
<luca020400> so remove internal one and extend data one
<asdf_> this..
<HoloIRCUser> Stupid data plan.
<MrCr4zzyHD> What best rom to use on g300 ?
<HoloIRCUser> Hynix or Samsung flash memory?
<HoloIRCUser> Cya later.
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<luca020400> OMG
<luca020400> done.
<luca020400> Package Complete: /home/luca/android/cm12/out/target/product/titan/cm-12-20150208-UNOFFICIAL-titan.zip
<luca020400> real37m44.685s
<luca020400> what happened XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> XD
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<MrCr4zzyHD> Luca what phones do you have?
<luca020400> moto g 2014 and Y400
<MrCr4zzyHD> moto g with lollipop was good ?
<luca020400> stock lollipop is really bad
<MrCr4zzyHD> I had heard
<MrCr4zzyHD> I will buy one Oneplus One
<luca020400> Too big
<MrCr4zzyHD> Yes, it's the problem
<MrCr4zzyHD> But very good phone
<derlafff> I don't know
<derlafff> I've always used small phones
<derlafff> but very quickly get used to 1+1
<derlafff> *got
<MrCr4zzyHD> But it's too big for take to school
<derlafff> em?
<derlafff> I take it everywhere, but I have smartwatch, which helps not to take it out of the pockets as often
<MrCr4zzyHD> But ia no problem for me
<MrCr4zzyHD> is no*
<luca020400> the 37 min build works
<luca020400> XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> I want Lollipop but I only have g300 ;-;
<MrCr4zzyHD> Delarfff
<derlafff> MrCr4zzyHD: m?
<luca020400> Finally I can rename the sim in cm12
<luca020400> Great
<MrCr4zzyHD> The oneplus has a reset button?
<derlafff> MrCr4zzyHD: nope, only one power button
<derlafff> and two for volume control
<MrCr4zzyHD> humm ok
<MrCr4zzyHD> thanks
<luca020400> reset button ?
<MrCr4zzyHD> Because the battery is not removable
<luca020400> reset button = power button
<luca020400> Press it for 20 sec in moto g
<derlafff> you can shut it down with long hold on power button
<MrCr4zzyHD> I did not know XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> I was to buy a Z2
<luca020400> z1c
<MrCr4zzyHD> xperia z2
<luca020400> or z3c
<luca020400> other sony phone are useless
<MrCr4zzyHD> but sony takes to make updates
<derlafff> sony are more expensive
<luca020400> yes
<derlafff> + their cameras are not significally better than 1+1
<derlafff> because 1+1 has sony's camera
<derlafff> everything else is better on 1+1
<MrCr4zzyHD> The best hardware-software phones are nexus
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzyHD: I doubt that.
<derlafff> if you want google android
<spanitzer> chil360: Can you make a SlimLP build for the G510 without NFC?
<MrCr4zzyHD> I like pure android
<MrCr4zzyHD> I hate touchwiz
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<HoloIRCUser> Did you mean LagWiz? I hate it too.
<MrCr4zzyHD> Yes LagWiz
<MrCr4zzyHD> xD
<HoloIRCUser> And Emotion UI is his chinese equivalent.
<MrCr4zzyHD> Yes and Miui
<HoloIRCUser> Yep.
<MrCr4zzyHD> Miui is more or less
<MrCr4zzyHD> But Lagged
<MrCr4zzyHD> It should not be considered android
<HoloIRCUser> XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> Because android is from google
<spanitzer> Hey hey hey
<spanitzer> I have a Galaxy Note 4 here and it is very very smooth!
<spanitzer> No lags!
<MrCr4zzyHD> But touchwiz is very bad
<spanitzer> You cant say things about a Galaxy s2 or a S3!
<spanitzer> Old devices!
<spanitzer> The New Samsung are not laggy!
<MrCr4zzyHD> In galaxy s5 touchwiz is bad
<spanitzer> The note 4 is so smooth like a nexus
<spanitzer> Snapdragon 895
<MrCr4zzyHD> But in Nexus is very better
<spanitzer> Snapdragon 805 ftw
<HoloIRCUser> LagWiz is LagWiz.
<MrCr4zzyHD> I like Oneplus One Snapdragon 801 :33
<HoloIRCUser> Good choice.
<HoloIRCUser> But is too big.
<HoloIRCUser> At least for me.
<MrCr4zzyHD> Like iPhone 6 Plus
<HoloIRCUser> No thanks.
<spanitzer> No the opo is not big
<HoloIRCUser> I hate Apple stuff.
<MrCr4zzyHD> No, Oneplus is big like iPhone 6 plus
<MrCr4zzyHD> I hate apple too
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzyHD: Anal slavery.
<spanitzer> The Note 4 have 5,7" and it is okay
<XRevan86> good :3
<MrCr4zzyHD> Apple is bad and expensive
<MrCr4zzyHD> Oneplus is very good and cheap
<HoloIRCUser> It's very big for my pocket.
<HoloIRCUser> Both devices.
<MrCr4zzyHD> It's too big to take to school
<HoloIRCUser> Yep.
<MrCr4zzyHD> To school I take my g300 =p
<spanitzer> Omg
<spanitzer> G300
<spanitzer> Single Core
<spanitzer> :D
<MrCr4zzyHD> ;-;
<HoloIRCUser> You know what phone use for school?
<HoloIRCUser> Nokia 1100
<XRevan86> Nokia 3110
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<MrCr4zzyHD> XD
<XRevan86> it can be used as a self-defence.
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<HoloIRCUser> Movistar!!!!!!
<HoloIRCUser> I hate you.
<MrCr4zzyHD> You are from spain ?
<HoloIRCUser> Argentina.
<MrCr4zzyHD> ok
<MrCr4zzyHD> I'm from Portugal =o
<MrCr4zzyHD> And my english is very bad ;-;
<spanitzer> Germany X-(
<HoloIRCUser> My english is worst.
<derlafff> don't worry, I think there are not very much people who speaks English natively
<MrCr4zzyHD> I have english test tomorrow
<MrCr4zzyHD> :0
<HoloIRCUser> XD.
<derlafff> *many :-P
<MrCr4zzyHD> I have to study xd
<HoloIRCUser> fonz93: Are you connected?
<MrCr4zzyHD> Only here I have a g300?
<HoloIRCUser> Yep.
<luca020400> probably
<MrCr4zzyHD> I will sell
<luca020400> for 10$
<luca020400> XD
<derlafff> I will buy it for 10$ :3
<MrCr4zzyHD> Maybe
<MrCr4zzyHD> Or 30€€€
<MrCr4zzyHD> Luca you are from Texas ?
<luca020400> what
<luca020400> Italy
<HoloIRCUser> luca020400: You know if the patch of FM radio than fonz93 has mentioned solved the volume issue?
<HoloIRCUser> Texas XD.
<luca020400> I don't know
<MrCr4zzyHD> Forget, I was reading where stood the server
<MrCr4zzyHD> LEL
<luca020400> server ?
<HoloIRCUser> Eh?
<MrCr4zzyHD> In your stats
<luca020400> link XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> that xd
<MrCr4zzyHD> I'm stupid, ok ? SORRY
<luca020400> np
<MrCr4zzyHD> xunga
<MrCr4zzyHD> You know what mean xunga?
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<HoloIRCUser1> And again...
<luca020400> o
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> XD
<HoloIRCUser1> Movistar!!!!!!
<MrCr4zzyHD> I use that word in Portugal xp
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<luca020400> hi flea
<Flea997> hey m8
HoloIRCUser1 is now known as HoloIRCUser
<HoloIRCUser> I don't like the 1 on my nickname.
<MrCr4zzyHD> I don't like the HD on my nickname, but it's life.
<luca020400> HoloIRCUser is better :p
<HoloIRCUser> Yep.
<HoloIRCUser> XD
<Flea997> HD is bad
<luca020400> I don't like the number in my nickname .
<Flea997> 4k is better
<luca020400> but is my birthday XD
<MrCr4zzyHD> Yup
<HoloIRCUser> Too much thinks start with One.
<HoloIRCUser> OnePlus One
<MrCr4zzyHD> Selfies in 4k, imagine
<HoloIRCUser> XBox One
<luca020400> I hate selfies
<HoloIRCUser> Android One.
<MrCr4zzyHD> HTC ONE
<Flea997> luca, you send me always your selfies
<HoloIRCUser> One Microsoft.
<MrCr4zzyHD> I hate selfies with boys. I like selfies with girls.
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> What XD
<luca020400> No one know my face u.u
<HoloIRCUser> At least I know your name.
<Flea997> that's is what you think
<luca020400> My name is ?...
<HoloIRCUser> Luca Steffani?
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<luca020400> yea
<luca020400> XD
MrCr4zzy has joined #huawei-g300
<luca020400> flea997 = alessandro .......
<MrCr4zzy> Why girls like instagram?
<Flea997> grrr
<luca020400> XD
<HoloIRCUser> You removed the HD.
<MrCr4zzy> Yeah :D
<HoloIRCUser> You video card doesn't support it?
<MrCr4zzy> Tomorrow I have 4k
<Flea997> don't talk about video cards
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> ahhahahaha
<XRevan86> Flea997: I have an awesome videocard…
<Flea997> me too
<luca020400> r7 250 ....
<Flea997> but blue screens
<XRevan86> it's called Intel HD Graphics 1000
<luca020400> hahahahaha
<HoloIRCUser> Intel HD 4000
<Flea997> Damn
<MrCr4zzy> My video card supports Minecraft.
<luca020400> intel hd 4600
<HoloIRCUser> Intel 82865G.
<Flea997> i had and intel hd2500
<MrCr4zzy> I have Intel HD Graphics 4000 and Geforce 710M
<luca020400> cpu ?
<Flea997> every video card support minecraft
<HoloIRCUser> The mine support Minetest.
<luca020400> Intel® Core™ i5-4460 Processor
<luca020400> (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz)
<HoloIRCUser> XD.
<XRevan86> Flea997: Even the worst of Intel GMA?
<luca020400> mine too
<Flea997> maybe
<Flea997> low quality
<MrCr4zzy> Intel i5-3230M 2.60Ghz
<Flea997> render distance very short
<luca020400> everything at ultra
<luca020400> XD
<HoloIRCUser> Intel i5- U series.
<Flea997> i played mc on a 10 years old pc
<MrCr4zzy> I will build a gaming computer
<HoloIRCUser> I don't remember the model.
<HoloIRCUser> Everybody here have a Intel i5?
<MrCr4zzy> maybe
<Flea997> me
<luca020400> me
<XRevan86> Intel Pentium
<Flea997> i53330
<MrCr4zzy> me i5
<HoloIRCUser> Intel Lentium IV.
<HoloIRCUser> On family PC.
<luca020400> aha
<HoloIRCUser> With Xubuntu.
<HoloIRCUser> And Win 7.
<luca020400> win 8.1 / ubuntu with gnome shell
<MrCr4zzy> win 7
<Flea997> win 7
<HoloIRCUser> Win 8.1 Update 1.
<XRevan86> openSUSE Tumbleweed :3
<MrCr4zzy> I have had 8.1
<HoloIRCUser> On my PC.
<MrCr4zzy> But I went back to 7
<HoloIRCUser> I hate my PC.
<luca020400> archlinux when I have some time
<Flea997> windows 7 ultimate not cracked cuz i'm a rich man
<HoloIRCUser> It has a crazy TPM chip.
<HoloIRCUser> Stupid MCaffe/Intel.
<luca020400> semi-cracked
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> I'm using my father key
<XRevan86> Flea997: You could donate to a good project but instead you bought a Шindows 7 UselessEdition
<Flea997> i didn't bought
<Flea997> my dad did
<luca020400> my father key = work key
<Flea997> exactly
<MrCr4zzy> My pc does coffee
<luca020400> work key = free
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> as luca
<XRevan86> Flea997: Your father could donate to a good project but instead he bought a Шindows 7 UselessEdition
<Flea997> haahah
<HoloIRCUser> Hahaha.
<HoloIRCUser> KMSPico.
<XRevan86> Flea997: LibreOffice accepts donations.
<luca020400> microsoft toolkit
<HoloIRCUser> Or KMS activation.
<Flea997> i'm not rich btw
<luca020400> me too
<MrCr4zzy> My PC runs flappy bird
<Flea997> yes you are
<HoloIRCUser> Me neither.
<luca020400> nha
<XRevan86> Flea997: Sell UselessEdition and donate to Debian :3.
<Flea997> i saw you with lamborghini
<luca020400> lol
<Flea997> another linux-fag
<HoloIRCUser> Linus Torvalds: NVidia, fuck you!.
<XRevan86> Flea997: Donate to OpenBSD.
<XRevan86> // fixed
<Flea997> lel
<XRevan86> I'm sure, money will go to a good cause (OpenSSH, OpenSMTPd, LibreSSL, some other good OpenBSD projects)
<HoloIRCUser> Hahaha.
<Flea997> if i want to donate
<luca020400> Ty <3
<MrCr4zzy> Donate me please I need the Oneplus :'c
<HoloIRCUser> Best Linux distro?
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> raspian
<XRevan86> HoloIRCUser: Gentoo
<luca020400> archlinux
<XRevan86> Oops, I wanted to say Debian
<XRevan86> I got distracted %).
<luca020400> :p
<HoloIRCUser> Xubuntu.
<luca020400> lubuntu
<HoloIRCUser> I like Xfce.
<luca020400> I like lxde
<XRevan86> HoloIRCUser: Apparently, it's either Ubuntu, Ubuntu or Ubuntu.
<MrCr4zzy> LEL
<HoloIRCUser> Haha.
<HoloIRCUser> No.
<HoloIRCUser> I like oher distros too.
<luca020400> Found your distro
HoloIRCUser has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<luca020400> GParted Live u.u
HoloIRCUser has joined #huawei-g300
<luca020400> GParted Live u.u
<luca020400> Same for vodafone it
<MrCr4zzy> Playing Don't touch the spikes xp
<luca020400> vodafone is illegal
<Flea997> lol
<HoloIRCUser> And CMC-Networks.
<MrCr4zzy> I hate vodafone Portugal is expensive and shit
<luca020400> YOU CAN'T CHANGE DNS
<HoloIRCUser> 100KB download speed.
<HoloIRCUser> You can't create ports.
<HoloIRCUser> *open ports.
<luca020400> ADSL 1.8 MB/s , Mobile Data 700 kb/s
<luca020400> yes you can with vodafone
<XRevan86> <deanon> My provider is called MSNet </deanon>
<HoloIRCUser> With CMC no.
<HoloIRCUser> 1KB upload speed.
<HoloIRCUser> You know Veleno OS?
<Flea997> do a speedtest now luca
<MrCr4zzy> 1,5MB download speed
<HoloIRCUser> How to install Arch Linux?
<luca020400> wiki
<HoloIRCUser> It's all a command line.
<XRevan86> HoloIRCUser: You're not ready for Arch if you ask questions like this one.
<luca020400> XD
<HoloIRCUser> Ha.
<luca020400> I rember the archlinux installation process
<HoloIRCUser> I need to do some research...
<luca020400> Without wiki
<HoloIRCUser> Cya later.
<XRevan86> HoloIRCUser: nogen later.
HoloIRCUser has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<luca020400> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/beginners%27_guide everything start from this
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> Time to eat something
<MrCr4zzy> I'M back
<Flea997> ahaha
<spanitzer> Hahahha
<spanitzer> I have 50MBit Download and 10MBit Upload and can make dynamic DNS :D
<MrCr4zzy> 12mbit ;_;
<luca020400> 16MBit
<MrCr4zzy> RESTORING G300 TO STOCK .-.
<spanitzer> What?
<spanitzer> Omg!
<MrCr4zzy> ?
<spanitzer> Why you flash the stock Rom!
<MrCr4zzy> Because is the most stable
<MrCr4zzy> And I will sell the phone
<MrCr4zzy> Completed...
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spanitzer has joined #huawei-g300
HoloIRCUser1 has joined #huawei-g300
<HoloIRCUser1> Hello everybody!
<XRevan86> SomeClientUser1: hi
<HoloIRCUser1> Haha.
<HoloIRCUser1> Holo IRC don't want to let me change nick.
<luca020400> Change you nichname pls
<luca020400> disconnect
<HoloIRCUser1> Why?
<luca020400> long press in freenode
<luca020400> settings
<luca020400> nickanme
<luca020400> Et vola
<HoloIRCUser1> I know
<HoloIRCUser1> I'm not a idiot.
<luca020400> :p
XRevan86 is now known as BiboumiGateUser1
<HoloIRCUser1> But it isn't working.
luca020400 is now known as CellUser24
HoloIRCUser1 is now known as HoloIRCUser
BiboumiGateUser1 is now known as BiboumiGateUser
CellUser24 is now known as CellUser24HDMI
<fonz93> what the hell?
CellUser24HDMI is now known as luca020400
HoloIRCUser is now known as WhatTheHellIsTha
BiboumiGateUser is now known as XRevan86
<WhatTheHellIsTha> Character limit.
<luca020400> lol
WhatTheHellIsTha is now known as Nokia1100User
luca020400 is now known as luca020400000000
luca020400000000 is now known as luca020400
<Nokia1100User> Happy now?
<luca020400> Yes
<Nokia1100User> :-P
<luca020400> *3310
<XRevan86> *3110
<luca020400> Now is better
<luca020400> Wrong name XD
Nokia1100User is now known as AiFonSixUser
<XRevan86> > Weight: 187 g
<AiFonSixUser> I have one of that.
<AiFonSixUser> And a Nokia 1100
<XRevan86> ипхоне6
<AiFonSixUser> And a potato with Android 4.1.
<XRevan86> AiFonSixUser: Samsung potato?
<AiFonSixUser> Huawei potato.
<XRevan86> Why's it a potato?
<AiFonSixUser> And a Samsung Galaxy Champ.
<AiFonSixUser> Ask to anyone that has a Y300/G510/Orange Daytona.
<XRevan86> Chimp
<XRevan86> AiFonSixUser: I have an Y300 %).
<AiFonSixUser> With broken screen.
<AiFonSixUser> Put a mirror in front of you and ask it.
<XRevan86> AiFonSixUser: Does it have something to do with Debian 2.2 potato?
<AiFonSixUser> What is that?
<XRevan86> AiFonSixUser: A Debian release from 2002.
MrCr4zzy4k has joined #huawei-g300
<MrCr4zzy4k> Hi
<AiFonSixUser> Ah, a codename!
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: hi
<MrCr4zzy4k> I'm in 4K now
<MrCr4zzy4k> :D
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: heh
<AiFonSixUser> 8k is the future.
<AiFonSixUser> You're outdated.
<MrCr4zzy4k> easy cap is the future
<AiFonSixUser> I broked the screen of a Samsung Champ.
<AiFonSixUser> Because I was furious.
<spanitzer> I'm in 16k :D
<MrCr4zzy4k> Turn down for what...
<XRevan86> 16k is too much
<XRevan86> Keep on 12k
<AiFonSixUser> Somebody noted this: when you reboot the Y300, the last image on the screen before reboot appears during boot for a very short time.
<XRevan86> 15k top
<AiFonSixUser> Hi spanitzer.
<XRevan86> 15.99k top
<MrCr4zzy4k> I'm with 128gb ram
<spanitzer> chil360: Can you optimize SlimLP? It is a very nice rom
<AiFonSixUser> On Windows 95?
<spanitzer> AiFonSixUser: Hi
<AiFonSixUser> It's a alpha.
<spanitzer> CM12 is bad
<spanitzer> Ununsable
<MrCr4zzy4k> Windows xp ftw
<spanitzer> Windows 7
<MrCr4zzy4k> xp
<AiFonSixUser> MrCr4zzy4k: That doen't care if you don't have a capable video card.
<AiFonSixUser> ReactOS.
<MrCr4zzy4k> I'm with windows 7
<AiFonSixUser> CM12 it's in alpha.
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: Delete it and install openSUSE :-P
<AiFonSixUser> Or Manjaro Linux.
<AiFonSixUser> UEFI?
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: YUUUUUSSSSS
<MrCr4zzy4k> I will install lollipop with 128gb ram on my pc
<luca020400> WINDOWS 3.1
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: Would it be enough?
<AiFonSixUser> android-x86.org
<MrCr4zzy4k> I'll change my chip for 4G
<MrCr4zzy4k> Today
<XRevan86> AiFonSixUser: Trash your x86 and install MIPS :-P
<MrCr4zzy4k> because I'm Crazy
<AiFonSixUser> Battery -80%.
<MrCr4zzy4k> LEL
<MrCr4zzy4k> Five Night's at Freddy's ------> all
<AiFonSixUser> What web browser use on your PCs? I use Pale Moon and pcxFirefox.
<XRevan86> Firefox
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<MrCr4zzy4k> Google Chrome
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<MrCr4zzy4k> Holo my friend
<MrCr4zzy4k> :33
<XRevan86> MrCr4zzy4k: You need to get some material friends.
<MrCr4zzy4k> Holoooooooooo
<luca020400> stopppppppppp
HoloIRCUser is now known as AifonSixUser
<MrCr4zzy4k> I have a material friends
<AifonSixUser> Okaaaaaaayyy.
<MrCr4zzy4k> Primas
<AifonSixUser> I was disconnected by my friends of Movistar by 2 minutes and you are fightining?
<MrCr4zzy4k> (°.°)
<MrCr4zzy4k> (>’.’<)
<AifonSixUser> Mmm.
<AifonSixUser> ...
<AifonSixUser> ...
<AifonSixUser> ...
<AifonSixUser> ...
<MrCr4zzy4k> ║█║▌║█║▌│║▌█║▌║
<MrCr4zzy4k> 01031989-50459
<AifonSixUser> I don't have a QR reader.
<MrCr4zzy4k> ..../""""""""|======[]
<MrCr4zzy4k> ..../""""""""""""|
<MrCr4zzy4k> \(@) (@) (@) (@) (@) (@)/
<AifonSixUser> sudo rm -rf
<MrCr4zzy4k> -<>-
<AifonSixUser> format c:
<AifonSixUser> What are you typing?
<MrCr4zzy4k> Bye
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AifonSixUser is now known as LagWizHappyUser
<LagWizHappyUser> Cya later.
<LagWizHappyUser> Or tomorrow.
<LagWizHappyUser> Tommorrow never dies.
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<fonz93> Dazzozo: i know understand what you were meaning when saying "cm12 is slow"
<fonz93> *now
fonz93 has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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<HoloIRCUser> fonz: Are you here?
<luca020400> he had to reboot the router
<HoloIRCUser> Oh.
fonz93 has joined #huawei-g300
<HoloIRCUser> Hi fonz.
<fonz93> hi
<HoloIRCUser> I have a question.
<fonz93> say
<HoloIRCUser> You attempt to make work volume changer of FM radio was successful?
<fonz93> i tried but got compilation errors
<HoloIRCUser> Oh.
HoloIRCUser1 has joined #huawei-g300
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<HoloIRCUser1> Ok, thanks.
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<spanitzer1> Fonz?
<spanitzer1> Which phone do you have?
<spanitzer1> Y300 or G510?
<spanitzer1> And why i'm Spanitzer1?
<spanitzer1> Who have my Name?
<Xeo> I think no one.. XD
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ske1th has joined #huawei-g300
<ske1th> Sup!
<ske1th> Does anyone know how to root kitkat 4.4.4?
<ske1th> I tried with root from huaweig300.com, but it says my device if offiline
<ske1th> and I have all drives updated
<Shadowghoster> root kitkat?
<Shadowghoster> cm11?
<ske1th> yes
<Shadowghoster> it has root included
<ske1th> yes i know... but i think i did some shit lol
<ske1th> and now is unrooted
<Shadowghoster> just reflash the rom
<ske1th> well, i'm newbie in this. i just used to follow the tutorial on huawei site.
<ske1th> if I reflash, I will lose everything?
<ske1th> yes
<ske1th> some months ago
<Shadowghoster> so you habe cwm installed?
<ske1th> cwm, the app?
<Shadowghoster> nope the recovery
<ske1th> if i press volume up and turn on? if so, yes
<Shadowghoster> ok
<Shadowghoster> just flash the custom rom again
<ske1th> but i will lose everytinhg?
<Shadowghoster> if you have flashed it before no
<Shadowghoster> now you have CM11 installed, right?
<Shadowghoster> if yes, than just reflash it
<ske1th> yesyes
<ske1th> 4.4.4
<Shadowghoster> ok
<Shadowghoster> than just reflash
<Shadowghoster> don't wipe anything
<ske1th> i didn't know it was possible to reinstall the rom without lose everything
<Shadowghoster> If it's the same rom there is no problem otherwise updates wouldn't be possible
<ske1th> wtf, what i did to my phone? lol
<ske1th> now when i enter in cwm, it says
<ske1th> android system recovery <3e>
<ske1th> and now clockwork mode
<Shadowghoster> seems like you reflashed stock
<ske1th> can i reinstall clockwork mode, and then reflash the rom
<ske1th> without lose my files?
<Shadowghoster> I think so
<Shadowghoster> but you must use fastboot
<ske1th> i have recovery clocwork in my sdcard
<ske1th> and i can choose to install from there
<Shadowghoster> Me its really bad to explain how to do it
<Shadowghoster> I don't wanna do this on 11:30pm ^^
<ske1th> sorry
<ske1th> i will try install from this version
<ske1th> i hope i don't kill this phone ahah
<Shadowghoster> me iss really difficult
<Shadowghoster> eh it's really difficult
<ske1th> ye, must be
<ske1th> i tried and it says
<ske1th> E: signature verification failed
<ske1th> do you have any tutorial?
<ske1th> my screen is now pink ahah
<Shadowghoster> pink screen take a look on modaco
<ske1th> well can't flash cwm
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<ske1th> wtf
<ske1th> when i press turn on + vol up
<ske1th> it stays in huawei logo forever
<ske1th> does anyone have cwm 6.0.4+ .img?
<spanitzer1> Hi
<ske1th> hi