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<luca020400> hi
<Xeo> HI luca
<Xeo> luca: when will you upload next build of cm12 ? :)
<luca020400> when I will not work at moto g 2014 :p
<luca020400> anyway fonz93 will to upload some cm12
<luca020400> build
<Xeo> :P mmmm Good Luck with MotoG XD
<Xeo> really...! XD
<luca020400> luck ? =) eerything is done with it XD
<Xeo> well i haven't seen wifi problem in SlimLP
<Xeo> and also get resolved call ended issue.... XD fonz93 helped ....
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<fonz93> hello
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<Xeo> Hello fonz93
<luca020400> hi fonz93
<fonz93> hi all
<luca020400> finally cm12 with italian translations :3
<luca020400> *some
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<Xeo> I select our language "urdu" اردو then all display changed right to left...... i was confuse with brightness bar ... was also changed right to left but when I slide it goes in opposite ... :P...
<Xeo> it was slimLP
<Xeo> do anyone know urdu here??? کیا کوئی اردو جانتا ہے؟؟؟
<Xeo> ھعر
<Xeo> here یہاں
<luca020400> you can change it in developer settings
<luca020400> something like ltr
<Xeo> ltr?????? mean?
<luca020400> left to right ?
<Xeo> oh
<Xeo> yeh but i know ... but when i slide right to decrease brightness it goes left increase..... trought was left to right and display output was right to left.... confusing.... even to describe
<Xeo> i never used urdu translated OS my some elder relative do..... i used to with English...
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<luca020400> So is a cm bug ?
<Xeo> slimlp bug may be
<luca020400> can you try cm12 ?
<Xeo> hey does gapp laggs coz of DPI issue
<luca020400> probably
<Xeo> Check your build.prop (system/build.prop) and search for "ro.sf.lcd_density=YOUR DPI". From there, match up your DPI to the appropriate GApps package. See the guide below for comparison.
<Xeo> Version number -430 = Universal DPI, armeabi-v7a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -434 = 240 DPI, armeabi-v7a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -436 = 320 DPI, armeabi-v7a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -438 = 480 DPI, armeabi-v7a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -440 = Universal DPI, arm64-v8a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -446 = 320 DPI, arm64-v8a CPU
<Xeo> Version number -448 = 480 DPI, arm64-v8a CP
<luca020400> seems bugged anyway
<Xeo> should i flash >>>Version number -434 = 240 DPI, armeabi-v7a CPU
<luca020400> it will not work anyway
<luca020400> *it will lag anyway
<Xeo> framework issue then??
<luca020400> probably
<Xeo> mmm ok :)
<Xeo> did you tried ....... Gapp of 240dpi?
<luca020400> I don't even tried lollipop on Y300 XD
<luca020400> I just uploaded the build without test
<Xeo> hehehe
<Xeo> XD
<Xeo> and you knew phone would boot perfectly XD
<luca020400> it worked before
<Xeo> I know... it worked.... :)
<Xeo> I checked my DPI
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<Xeo> ro.sf.lcd_density=200 slimLP y300 on g510
<luca020400> is a custom value by chil
<Xeo> if change to 240 it effect???
<luca020400> you can change it
<Xeo> should i edit it?
<luca020400> it you want
<Xeo> no i dont know about it but exploring ........
<Xeo> it root explorer
<luca020400> 240 is he stock value
<Xeo> root explorer would allow edit build.prob or it would be read only due to system use....????
<Xeo> yah it saying file is on a read-only........
<Xeo> you would not be abe to save any chages
<Xeo> hehehe
<luca020400> set it to rw
<Xeo> properties...?
<Xeo> changed
<Xeo> should it need restart
<Xeo> well i am rebooting
<Xeo> now icons look great
<Xeo> no change in speed same old slim
<Xeo> slim search bar grown weird... switched to google now... looks great
<Xeo> music app stil laggy... disabled music installed other player....
<Xeo> Ram 185 MB free ......
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<luca020400> bye
<luca020400> My pc is going to crash XD
<luca020400> 2 virtual machines in the same time
<luca020400> XD
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<Xeo> Bye
<Xeo> اللہ حافظ
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<Flea997> hey
<fonz93> hi
<Flea997> fonz can i ask you a thing?
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<Flea997> wat
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<luca020400> hi
<luca020400> fonz clone is here
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> haha
<fonz93_> lol
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<luca020400> My name = a brand of shoes
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> except oppo os is a good phone
<luca020400> but 220 $ is a bit hight
<Flea997> mmm
<Flea997> 1 gb ram ?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> as always
<Flea997> redmi 2s
<luca020400> if you fund a 2gd arm for less than 180 euros tell me
<luca020400> I hate miui
<luca020400> I hate miui
<luca020400> I hate miui
<luca020400> I hate miui
<Flea997> ueeue
<luca020400> miui v6 is terrible
<luca020400> ios7/8
<luca020400> And I hate apple XD
<luca020400> *ios not apple sorry
<Flea997> i have an ipod touch
<Flea997> the first one
<Flea997> battery's duration is 30 minutes
<luca020400> haha
<Flea997> fucking latin
<luca020400> ^10000
<Shadowghoster> ?
<Flea997> homework
<Shadowghoster> ah
* Shadowghoster has had latin ^^
<luca020400> I have it
<luca020400> I hate it
<Flea997> so you can help me?
<Shadowghoster> nope
<Flea997> :c
<luca020400> aha
* Shadowghoster had his last lesson 2 years ago :P
<Flea997> so?
<Shadowghoster> got my degrees for latin after 10th grade ^^
<luca020400> I had it today u.u
<Shadowghoster> since then never used it again ^^
<Flea997> my brother helps me and he's 21 years old
<Shadowghoster> oh wait last year in rome i used it
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<luca020400> Why you should use it ? lol
<Flea997> rome?
<Flea997> :O
<Shadowghoster> yes rome ^^
<Shadowghoster> my 4th time :D
* Shadowghoster loves antique rome
<luca020400> I'd like to visit rome
<Flea997> i visited rome once
<Shadowghoster> ^^
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<luca020400> By . I'm going to see tv
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