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<fonz93> chil360: i am trying your SlimLP
<fonz93> it's really smooth compared to KitKat
<fonz93> the FM radio itself it's working, but it has no audio output
<fonz93> i'm really impressed
<fonz93> it got a really huge change this device
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<Xeo> Hi fonz93
<fonz93> Hi
<Xeo> I did not flashed yet.. :)
<Xeo> i dont wana loss data :(
<Xeo> well i will try when i will be free.. :)
<Xeo> Hi chile360
<Xeo> Chil360
<Xeo> Chil360 are you porting SlimLP for G510/U8951??
<Xeo> Thank you fonz
<fonz93> chil360: did you got this error? "ath6kl: wmi ctrl ep is full"
<fonz93> in kmsgh
<fonz93> *kmsg
<fonz93> after this wi-fi is still connected but it stops working
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<Xeo> hi shadow :)
<Shadowghoster> good morning Xeo
<Xeo> Fonz93 i can find slimlp zip for g510 there is only slimu8833 :(
<Xeo> Good After Noon Shadow :)
<Xeo> its 1:53PM here :P
<Shadowghoster> here its 10 am ^^
<Xeo> do you know we can calculate our distance.... by angel of sun ... Geometry :)
<Shadowghoster> :P
<Shadowghoster> We did that in astronomy
<fonz93> Xeo: flash the u8833 version
<Xeo> No way ohh u8833 can be flashed in both y300 and g510 XD
<fonz93> exactly
<Xeo> mm ok
<Xeo> which gapps are better slim or banks
<fonz93> i am currently using banks
<fonz93> i am pretty sure that Y300 users are blind xD
<fonz93> that fucking "ath6kl: wmi ctrl ep is full" is killing me, there are no solutions on google
<Xeo> wifi problem or data ??????
<fonz93> wi-fi
<Xeo> mmm on modaco someone said wifi is ok on g510
<Xeo> try some other wifi router/connection???
<fonz93> is it working
<fonz93> but sometimes stops working even if wi-fi is still connected to the network
<fonz93> and is not router/connection related
<fonz93> as we can clearily see the kmsg error "ath6kl: wmi ctrl ep is full"
<fonz93> Dazzozo: are you here?
<Xeo> I am no dev but google found this /*
<Xeo> 601 * Under normal WMI if this is getting full, then something
<Xeo> 602 * is running rampant the host should not be exhausting the
<Xeo> 603 * WMI queue with too many commands the only exception to
<Xeo> 604 * this is during testing using endpointping.
<Xeo> 605 */
<Xeo> set_bit(WMI_CTRL_EP_FULL, &ar->flag);
<Xeo> 607 ath6kl_err("wmi ctrl ep is full\n");
<Xeo> 608 ath6kl_recovery_err_notify(ar, ATH6KL_FW_EP_FULL);
<Xeo> 609 return action;
<Xeo> unable to understand single word :)
<fonz93> i got that too
<fonz93> it seems that this issue happens when wi-fi it's waked up from idle
<fonz93> they added a flag to prevent idle and then prevent that issue
<Xeo> you can set never idle disconnect ... if weekup then connect :)
<fonz93> it's already set that way
<fonz93> but it seems to go in idle anyway
<Xeo> I am flashing SlimLP :)
<Xeo> just coping zip files ............
<Xeo> i have CWM recovery that flashed cm11 would it work ...?
<Xeo> 180 MB little size :)
<Xeo> rebooting to recovry ... XD
<Xeo> i will try wifi and report you :)
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<Xeo> taking backup favorite rom.........CM11
<Xeo> hey my real mac is blocked here ...:) at office i used to change my softmac... lets find out there will any way to change softmac in slimLP.. XD
<fonz93> why should you change your mac adress?
<Xeo> Office ristriction :) hehehehe
<fonz93> lol
<Xeo> mac binded network here.....
<Xeo> backup taking time.... :(
<Xeo> backup done.... and i like tea time..... XD
<Xeo> Flashing slim and Gapps Done..... restaring... XD
<Xeo> restaring saying root acces lost fix yes or no
<Xeo> what should i select
<fonz93> choose no, you have to flash a the latest SuperSU to get root work
<Xeo> fonz93 ....
<fonz93> the one included with recovery it's old
<fonz93> brb i switch to linux
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<Xeo> here comes Slim logo
<Xeo> well i selected yes :(
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<Xeo> I selected yes will there be some error?
<fonz93> root won't work
<Xeo> lets see XD
<Xeo> i only used Cm11 first time on slim
<Xeo> searching for lasted recovry
<fonz93> doesn't matter
<Xeo> sorry
<fonz93> our latest recovery doesn't have latest SuperSU for lollupop
<fonz93> *lollipop
<Xeo> searching for SU
<Xeo> can you provide link
<fonz93> write superSu
<fonz93> firt link
<fonz93> on xda
<Xeo> its been time slim logo not going?
<fonz93> it took almost 5-10 minutes to me
<fonz93> it's because of ART runtime
<Xeo> hmmmm
<Xeo> su 2.45 stable.....
<fonz93> ye
<fonz93> yes
<Xeo> well phone came alive ........
<Xeo> checking connection
<Xeo> will charge data????????
<fonz93> if you haven't a wi-fi connection yes
<Xeo> checking for update :(
<Xeo> signing in wow
<Xeo> great keyboard
<Xeo> send msg with automatic verification like whats app great
<Xeo> and its taking time........
<Xeo> well
<Xeo> works smooth wow great slimLP
<Xeo> well now checking wifi for you fonz93
<Xeo> Chil360 great work thanks alot
<Xeo> and thank you too fonz93
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<Xeo> its saying model y300 hehehehe
<fonz93> it's normal, the ROM it's made for Y300
<Xeo> mmm ok
<Xeo> wifi working fine for me
<Xeo> really
<Xeo> hi Flea997
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<Xeo> app switcher is really good:)
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<Xeo> wellcome back flea997
<Flea997> switched from phone to pc
<Xeo> mmm
<Xeo> hey i have just flashed SlimLP to my g510.... it killing good.
<Xeo> I cant find MTP or USB mod????
<Xeo> i wana flash SU
<fonz93> eh?
<Xeo> Data storage to windows.... no notification nothing is storage option about it
<fonz93> it automatically use mtp
<fonz93> and it worked fro me
<fonz93> *for me
<Xeo> may be g510 of y300 issue never restarted let restart and see...
<Xeo> heheh is showed when i press reboot LOl
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<Xeo> :( still
<Xeo> no notification
<Xeo> MTP showed in PC but nothing inside
<Flea997> i'm sorry, i wish i could help you :c
<Xeo> hmmmm
<Xeo> hey never faced call ended issue ........ great
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<Xeo> mtp worked when i installed USB enabler app somehow triger MTP... no its working...
<Xeo> hye faced my first restart......... while opening the Google Map... just installed :)
<Xeo> Well I need to go now...
<Flea997> bye arbab
<Xeo> again thank you all of you developers .... Dazzozo, Chil360, Luca, Fonz93 and many other i don't know... Thanks Good Bye...
<Xeo> me Irfan...... :)
<Flea997> ops
<Xeo> ok
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<Flea997> lucaaaa
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<Flea997> welcome back ;)
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> Launch done . Good afternoon
<Flea997> launch?
<luca020400> -a
<fonz93> pranzo
<fonz93> credo
<luca020400> Si XD
<Flea997> avevo capito, ma volevo correggerlo
<Flea997> lel
<luca020400> Come sempre :p
<Flea997> see you later
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<luca020400> Bye
<fonz93> chil360: are you here?
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<luca020400> i DON'T THINK SO :P
<luca020400> Caps
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<chil360> I'm here now.
<luca020400> Now we have cm11 too
<luca020400> :3
<luca020400> with a day of work lol
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<chil360> I have started to push my sources to github https://github.com/SlimLP-Y300
<luca020400> The sources are the same as bitbucket ?
<chil360> yes
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> so I'm going to build cm12
<chil360> ok
<chil360> once I have finished pushing the repos from bitbucket I will add a u8951. Only a couple of things need changing from kitkat.
<chil360> on modaco you said something about reloading apn list. What do I need to change?
<luca020400> Don't know why but sometimes apn list need a "reload"
<fonz93> hi chil
<fonz93> did you read about the error i mentioned this morning here?
<chil360> hi fonz
<chil360> wifi?
<fonz93> yes
<chil360> I saw it.
<fonz93> did you got it?
<fonz93> or am in the only one?
<fonz93> *i
<chil360> Wifi stops working sometimes for me too but I haven't looked into the cause.
<chil360> I read the messages from yesterday about updating the ath6kl driver using patches from dazzozo's github
<fonz93> it seems to be the same issue that i got on kitkat
<fonz93> but it uses to happen more often
<fonz93> then kitkat
<fonz93> but never tried to debug kitkat so i don't know if it is the same error
<asdf__> fonz93: same issue with ur kernel in 4.2.2
<chil360> ok. I will try and add the patches to the mainline ath6kl driver when I get a chance and see if I can get it working.
<fonz93> ok
<luca020400> chil360 : users want slimlp for g330
<luca020400> Tell me if you need a tester
<chil360> ok. It's only the audio hal that should need some work. just needs modifying to build in L.
<chil360> I'll make a patch for it and then you can try it in CM12
<luca020400> Hmm
<luca020400> I'll give a patch to my friend XD
<luca020400> but in 5 min he will test it :3
<fonz93> luca, updating the apn didn't solve the data problem
<luca020400> ok
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<luca020400> hi
<Flea997> yo
<luca020400> fleaaaaaaaaa
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> oi
<luca020400> just to say fleaaa
<Flea997> oooook
<luca020400> cm11 vs cm12 in dual sim devices
<luca020400> cm12 is better
<Flea997> i don't have a dual sim device
<Flea997> and i don't have 2 sims
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<luca020400> Nessuna scheda sim - nessun servizio
<luca020400> In status bar and lockscreen
<luca020400> In cm11
<luca020400> You can't remove it
<Flea997> :c
<luca020400> in cm12 only in lockscren
<luca020400> but you can live with it XD
<Flea997> no i can't
<Flea997> :P
<Flea997> i'll buy ubuntu cola soon
<luca020400> haha
<luca020400> Just go at porto antico :p
<Flea997> and put it as profile picture
<luca020400> I'll find your home
<Flea997> and you'll kill me?
<luca020400> yea
<luca020400> or just trash the ubuntu cola
<Flea997> not to bad
<Flea997> 1€
<luca020400> https://www.google.it/maps/place/Eataly/@44.408498,8.927462,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe5b72d10fab9ac0d
<Flea997> too*
<luca020400> hmm
<luca020400> only 20 min from my home XD
<Flea997> actually is not eataly
<luca020400> yes it is
<Flea997> nope
<luca020400> ?
<Flea997> under eataly
<luca020400> I can't go over it in maps XD
<luca020400> It's over bigo bar
<luca020400> the bigo XD
<luca020400> hdr doesn't work on cm11
<Flea997> should i flash LP?
<luca020400> for test it
<luca020400> garlic
<Flea997> onion
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> I prefer garlic D
<luca020400> XD
<Flea997> they are 2 different things
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> aglio garlic cipolla onion
<luca020400> *aglio
<Flea997> Flea997> they are 2 different things
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> I know 1!!!
<Flea997> very different
<luca020400> I know 1!!!
<luca020400> I know 1!!!
<Flea997> ok sta degenerando
<luca020400> lol
<Flea997> btw i'm charging the phone, and then i'll flash
<Flea997> luca sostituisci le donazioni su xda con un "paga per un amico" su whatsapp
<luca020400> ahhaha
<Flea997> Sources*
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> Do you know I have access to these repos before ?
<Flea997> stfu
<Flea997> :P
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<luca020400> Anyway before = the day before yesterday :p
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<chil360> Read the build instructions on github XD
<luca020400> I read them
<luca020400> Probably is due to new python ?
<luca020400> Don't kno
<luca020400> w
<luca020400> it works for em
<chil360> Java configuration
<chil360> For some reason, on arch, the classpath is not set properly when javap is invoked.
<luca020400> ok
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<andrea2107> hi
<luca020400> hi
<andrea2107> dead trigger 2 with medium graphic is beatiful...can't imagine high
<andrea2107> chil360: are you afk?\
<Flea997> he was writing 2 min ago
<chil360> I'm here... busy!
<andrea2107> what are you doing XD?always working on slimLP ? you are amazing
<Flea997> a wonderful guy
<chil360> luca: just added repo for u8951. should be all that's needed.
<luca020400> ok
<andrea2107> it's a shame i have a g330,i hope thl will update tg=hl t6 pro on april
<andrea2107> thl
<luca020400> I just need to download huawei things
<andrea2107> you plan on doing cm12 luca? didn't you drop the community? XD
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> and yes
<andrea2107> so....
<andrea2107> wo cares...you're back and it is amazing
<andrea2107> who
<andrea2107> you were the only guy to care about g330
<luca020400> nha
<andrea2107> btw how is lollipop? it has a nice ui?
<luca020400> yes
<Flea997> i'm finishing my homework and then i'll flash
<andrea2107> i want to try it....i just hope thl will update as they didn't say nothing
<andrea2107> btw i don't think it will be hard...they already have art on kitkat(i can choose without any rom between art and dalvik)\
<andrea2107> btw i never did these crazy things to root a fuckin phone...
<Flea997> which phone?
<andrea2107> thl t6 pro
<Flea997> merdatek?
<luca020400> Yes
<andrea2107> non credo proprio sia una merda
<andrea2107> non ho pgato nulla
<andrea2107> quasi nulla
<Flea997> who fucking care about antutu
<Flea997> :P
<andrea2107> ok so i care about performance
<andrea2107> i did test so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany games
<andrea2107> fifa 15:not lagging
<Flea997> i have a pc for them
<andrea2107> dead trigger : no lag
<luca020400> Me too
<andrea2107> i don't have a pc to play everywhere
<andrea2107> so..why you hate mediatek
<luca020400> closed ming ( OEM )
<luca020400> *mind
<andrea2107> android one
<andrea2107> mtk6589
<luca020400> android one OEM = google
<andrea2107> some OEM are releasing sources
<andrea2107> like sony and lenovo
<luca020400> a few
<andrea2107> btw since android one
<luca020400> Time to build cm12
<andrea2107> is a budget phone
<andrea2107> it will exit with mtk6592m
<andrea2107> in the next stage
<andrea2107> i hope
<andrea2107> mtk phones are very similiar
<Flea997> wtf 1000ms lag
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> wtf i am just reading
<andrea2107> OS:
<andrea2107> Android OS, v4.4 (Froyo)\
<luca020400> ahhaha
<luca020400> chil360 : I'll build rom and kernel with sabermod 4.8
<andrea2107> so build liquidsmooth..
<luca020400> cm21
<andrea2107> it has no sense doing cm21
<andrea2107> because it isn't even exited
<luca020400> cm12
<andrea2107> cm21
<andrea2107> i want android 303039239023023.0
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Just use wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff
<Flea997> andrea wtf
<Flea997> i want cm12
<andrea2107> wops
<andrea2107> don't watch that link
<luca020400> chil360 : I'm not going to build fpr g510
<andrea2107> build for g330! XD
<luca020400> I need to update audio hal
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<andrea2107> do it! you are a wizard!
<chil360> ok. I'll try and do it later. doing a g510 build at the moment.
<chil360> back later.
<Flea997> bye
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<luca020400> building cm12
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<Flea997> gr8
<Flea997> oh hi fonz
<luca020400> building cm12
<Shadowghoster> hey fonz93
<luca020400> hi fonz
<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> CM_VERSION=12-20150207-UNOFFICIAL-u8833
<fonz93> today downloading from playstore it's a suicide
<fonz93> dammit
<luca020400> no it isn't
<fonz93> it is, atleast for me
<fonz93> 30 kb/s
<fonz93> when i download from normal internet
<fonz93> 850
<fonz93> omg
<luca020400> 1.6 mb/s
<Flea997> poor fonz
<luca020400> dead trigger 2 medium graphics no lag at all
<Flea997> dead trigger sucks
<Shadowghoster> 1.35 MB/s
<Flea997> you are not italian :P
<Shadowghoster> :P
<luca020400> :p
<Flea997> i'm having tea, brb
<Shadowghoster> oh Tea *also some drink*
<luca020400> hmm
<luca020400> Strange error
<luca020400> #include <linux/msm_ion.h>
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<chil360> back
<luca020400> Hi
<luca020400> error while building display
<luca020400> #include <linux/msm_ion.h>
<luca020400> Cannot find
<Flea997> i'm flashing
<Flea997> right now
<Flea997> i love you chil
<chil360> can you post the full error message?
<luca020400> linux/msm_ion.h cannot find etc
<luca020400> only this
<luca020400> Don't rember file XD
<chil360> need to know the file it's trying to build.
<luca020400> hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm7x27a/libgralloc/ionalloc.h
<chil360> open build/core/qcom_utils.mk
<luca020400> I already checked
<luca020400> msm7x27a is here
<chil360> ok
<luca020400> MSM7K_BOARD_PLATFORMS += msm7x27a
<chil360> Add: QCOM_BOARD_PLATFORMS += msm7x27a
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> I just removed settings patch XD
<chil360> why?
<luca020400> I was replacing the old patch
<luca020400> and inverted cat XD
<Flea997> the boot ended :D
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<Shadowghoster> Thanks chil360 :D
<Shadowghoster> but I won't flash it because my mom is using the phone now ^^
<chil360> XD
<Flea997> WTF
<Flea997> that's not italian
<Flea997> what language i put
<Flea997> omg
<luca020400> I'd like to lfash the rom
<Shadowghoster> xD
<luca020400> But my father have my Y300
* Shadowghoster hast LP already on his phone
<Flea997> islandese
<luca020400> Me tooooo :p
<luca020400> hahaha
<Shadowghoster> lol
<Flea997> i don't udersant a fuck
<Shadowghoster> just wipe data again ^^
<Flea997> i'm doing first boot
<Flea997> giving informations like wifi
<Flea997> etc.
<Flea997> i'm a moron
<Shadowghoster> nobody here is a moron ^^
<Shadowghoster> or at least I hope so
<Flea997> ty
<Flea997> ^^
<Flea997> rebooting then
<luca020400> rebuilding
<Flea997> chil
<Flea997> did you change something in the dpi?
<luca020400> Change it too 240 ( stock )
<luca020400> in the slimlp is 200
<Flea997> how can i?
<chil360> it's set at my preference of 200
<luca020400> build.prop
<Flea997> damn i still have to flash supersu
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luca020400 has joined #huawei-g300
<chil360> hi luca
<luca020400> hi chil360
<luca020400> 36%
<luca020400> And the rom is 240 mb
<luca020400> 90 kb/s upload
<luca020400> *230
<luca020400> the moto g one is 245
<luca020400> Going to build audio lib ;)
<luca020400> mm -B
<luca020400> and then I'll provide audi lobs
<luca020400> Install: /home/luca/android/cm12/out/target/product/u8833/system/lib/hw/audio.primary.msm7x27a.so
<luca020400> target Prebuilt: audio_policy.conf (/home/luca/android/cm12/out/target/product/u8833/obj/ETC/audio_policy.conf_intermediates/audio_policy.conf)
<luca020400> Copy: /home/luca/android/cm12/out/target/product/u8833/system/etc/audio_policy.conf
<luca020400> Going to upload flashble zip
<chil360> what are you trying to do?
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> I build the lib
<chil360> for u8833?
<luca020400> no u8825
<luca020400> I just replaced audio dir
<chil360> ah.. ok
<chil360> dont need to make flashable zip, just use adb push
<Shadowghoster> I think he want to provide it ôn modaco
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<luca020400> I don't even tested it on my u8833
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> chil360 : if you need it http://pastebin.com/AHTcLMpk
<chil360> thanks luca
<luca020400> Brute chromiuim prebuilt
<luca020400> But it works
<luca020400> 86%
<chil360> are you using ftp to upload to basketbuild?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> 99%
<chil360> I now have an account on basketbuild. trying to upload a g510 build.
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> basketbuild is great
<luca020400> but you can upload only 50 gb XD
<chil360> is there a way to stop the file being displayed until the upload is complete?
<luca020400> no
<chil360> so people can download incomplete files.
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> but you can flash it
<luca020400> *can't
<luca020400> byr
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