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<HoloIRCUser1> luca02400: It wasn't a men called neobis?
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<Xeo> HI
<Xeo> can I flash updated gapps to my stock Huawei g510 ... ?
<Xeo> Playstore update do not overwrite stock gapp... i want to recover some space... :)
<william_> :Xeo most of the updated gapps can be pushed to system without issue with apps like titanium backup. only ones i have had issue with are google search app and google services
<william_> Failing that just flash new Gapps, they should overwrite/delete the old ones.
<Xeo> that's mean....! I can't gapps through flash recovery ...?
<Xeo> i can't flash latest gapp zip thourgh recovry...?
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<Xeo> bye
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<luca020400> hi and good morning
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<nooabelilllk> hi everybody
<XRevan86> nooabelilllk: hi
<luca020400> hi
<nooabelilllk> is the webview issue a problem in cm11 if not using gapps and aosp browser?
<luca020400> webview problem still here with or without gapps and aosp browser
<nooabelilllk> not what i had hoped for
<nooabelilllk> so the only fix is changing the browser, right?
<luca020400> or flash a 4.4.2 build
<nooabelilllk> i have the newest cm build (4.4.4) from yesterday. so everything fine?
<nooabelilllk> or need to downgrade?
<luca020400> you can install chrome to avoid white boxes
<nooabelilllk> ok let me see if i get this right the webview sec fix is implemented builds later than 4.4.2 but to get rid of the white boxes i need to install chrome
<luca020400> yes . google implemented new webview in android 4.4.3
<nooabelilllk> ok now i get if google fixed it cm fixed it too
<nooabelilllk> tanks man you really helped me there
<nooabelilllk> so enjoy the weekend
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<Shadowghoster> woohu xposed for lollipop
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<Shadowghoster> luca020400 xposed has arrived on LP
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> mega hack XD
<Shadowghoster> xD
<luca020400> modified art runtime
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<luca020400> good night
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