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<ske1th> yes i did it
<ske1th> Thanks to Shadowghoster
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<Xeo> hi spantizer
<Xeo> I have a question..... about flashing stock rom g510-200
<Xeo> I had build issue prviously i had stock build for 510 was B193, but when i search from latest from huawei consumer portal i found B200 build and latest update to B193, well i have baseband issue resulting call ended every ting when i dial. which i unable to resolve it.. i was confused what should i select B193 or B200...
<Xeo> Then i decided to restore B193 which i tooked backup when i unlocked the Phone and installed CWM.....
<Xeo> It worked
<Xeo> XD then flashed SlimLP call ended issue gone. XD
<Xeo> I also flashed SlimpLP U8951 ... face NFC issue ... my g510 didn't come with built in NFC that is why ..
<Xeo> i am again returned to initial SlimLP U8833.
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<fonz93> this is the cause of lags and freezes on cm12: http://www.modaco.com/topic/374484-romy300502-cyanogenmod-12/?p=2250095
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<Xeo> Hi fonz93
<luca020400> hi
<Xeo> Hi luca
<Xeo> there you are... XD
<fonz93> hi
<Xeo> I have resolved call ended issue XD......... Yah ,.....
<Xeo> i set animation to 0.5 in developer option.... SlimLP is smoother now..
<Xeo> Luca.... have found you HHD .....XD
<luca020400> yes
<Xeo> Great XD
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<Xeo> Luca whats your opinion your Cm12 VS SlimLP (Y300/g510)
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<luca020400> I hyaven't tried both
<Xeo> no way...
<Xeo> I found SlimLP is better XD
<luca020400> but is feature less
<Xeo> yah
<Xeo> I m missing CM features :(
<Xeo> what DPI is best for 510
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<luca020400> yea
<Xeo> luca how to set DPI....?
<luca020400> amazon lost my order
<luca020400> fuck
<Xeo> then...?
<luca020400> claim
<Xeo> mmm killing wait...... :(
<luca020400> *reclaim
<Xeo> luca: y300 and 510 dpi is same....?
<luca020400> yes
<Xeo> I feel icons blur or faded not much clear...
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<Xeo> wellcome back fonz93
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<spanitzer1> Hi
<spanitzer1> I need help
<spanitzer1> OnePlus One 64GB or LG G3 16GB with 2GB RAM?
<luca020400> lg g2
* Shadowghoster has an OPO ^^
<Shadowghoster> how much does the g2 cost?
<luca020400> 300
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<Shadowghoster> OPO is only 270
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<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> chil are you afk?
<andrea2107> i need help with your slimlp
<andrea2107> i just flashed it and it messed system partition
<andrea2107> now i can't flash anything because it can't mount system
<andrea2107> and if i format system i get recovery black screen (crash)
<andrea2107> now i heard that a chinese guy fixed it
<andrea2107> so i am going to try
<andrea2107> i wanna try the taste of lollipop
<andrea2107> ah and the error is not how is big the partition
<chil360> have you got a nandroid backup you can restore?
<andrea2107> there is something messed up in the meta-inf
<andrea2107> no,i don't have a nandroid sadly...and if i would what i could do? system isn't mounted
<andrea2107> oh i have twrp
<Shadowghoster> upgrade
<andrea2107> it isn't the problem....
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> just tried cwm
<andrea2107> same problem
<andrea2107> when i flash it cwm doesn't throw an error...it crash
<andrea2107> now....my g330 isn't my principal device...but i don't like to brick something
<luca020400> try to flash the rom with fastboot
<luca020400> and after it
<luca020400> fastboot flash system system.img
<andrea2107> oh so this is the problem
<andrea2107> there is a problem
<andrea2107> idk what to do whit that guide
<luca020400> with pc extract slimlp zip
<luca020400> and folow guide
<andrea2107> ok...but with this i will fix system partition on every rom?
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> but it will erase the system partition
<andrea2107> ok here's the problem
<andrea2107> if i flash...let's say
<andrea2107> aosp mod
<andrea2107> it throws same error
<andrea2107> now
<luca020400> fastboot format system
<luca020400> fastboot format cache
<luca020400> fastboot format userdata
<andrea2107> ok will try
<luca020400> *erase
<luca020400> *not erase
<luca020400> *format
<luca020400> XD
<andrea2107> fortunately the root tool of my thl just insalled fastboot
<andrea2107> in the path of windows
<andrea2107> so i can use directly on cmd
<andrea2107> what filesystem should i use
<luca020400> ?
<andrea2107> formatting is not supported with fylesistem of type ' '
<luca020400> ext4
<andrea2107> ok
<andrea2107> what command so?
<luca020400> fastboot format ext4 system ?
<andrea2107> ok i will google
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> fastboot format -t ext4 system ?
<luca020400> something like this
<luca020400> fastboot format fs=ext4 system
<andrea2107> doesn't work like that
<luca020400> is there any update.app ?
<luca020400> for g330
<andrea2107> yes...
<luca020400> Download an Y300 update.app
<andrea2107> not from huawei as for now
<andrea2107> but yes..
<luca020400> extract the system.img
<luca020400> flash it
<andrea2107> wait...i am searching for mirrors
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<andrea2107> luckily i found a update.app unpacker https://gist.github.com/raptium/3749027
<Flea997> hi ^^
<luca020400> hi
<luca020400> there are a lot of update.app extracotr
<andrea2107> oh to sya..i don't have an sd card on the g330 actually
<luca020400> you don't need to flash updte.app
<andrea2107> oh i am really lucky
<andrea2107> huawei deleted g330 update.app
<andrea2107> -.-
<andrea2107> i must find a mirror
<luca020400> so download the Y300 update.app
<andrea2107> ok i just found it
<andrea2107> on mediafire
<andrea2107> XD
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<andrea2107> btw if something happens to y300
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<andrea2107> ok i have the update.app
<andrea2107> wow my pc is so slow
<Flea997> ez
<andrea2107> i could have done 2984842898924982489 things no
<andrea2107> now
<andrea2107> but my pc hangs only for 10 chrome tabs
<andrea2107> :(
<Flea997> very powerful
<luca020400> have you extracted it ?
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> i am still waiting for my pc to install activeperl
<luca020400> lol
<andrea2107> ....
<andrea2107> still instaling
<andrea2107> oh i started 10 min ago...he asked me admin rights 5 min after
<Flea997> still trying to understand science
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> i want to try lollipop :(
<Flea997> don't cry
<andrea2107> it seems that chil's update.manifest is bugged
<Flea997> *patpat*
<andrea2107> and it will mess up with system
<luca020400> it isn't bugged
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> just something wrong in the recovery
<andrea2107> i am not the only guy having this bug!
<andrea2107> like 5 guys
<andrea2107> and one fixed it flashing a cm12 port
<luca020400> nha
<andrea2107> to a chinese version of g330
<luca020400> have you tried to flash slimlp system.img ?
<andrea2107> no....bu for now i want to revive my phone
<luca020400> because you already have it XD
<andrea2107> oh
<andrea2107> a thing
<andrea2107> recovery is still working
<andrea2107> but it crashes when i try to format system
<luca020400> Flea997 : I love science
<andrea2107> wipe*
<Flea997> yes me 2
<andrea2107> yes me 3
<andrea2107> ahhahha
<Flea997> but i don't understand what my class m8 wrote
<luca020400> hmm ?
<andrea2107> still generating html documentation
<andrea2107> .....
<luca020400> ok
<luca020400> installation is pratically done
<andrea2107> yes......
<luca020400> but it will take ages
<andrea2107> but half our to install a fucking perl
<andrea2107> wow...btw i am so lucky...i have the last mirror for huawei firmware
<andrea2107> i could do dome more mirrors....but naaaaaaah
<andrea2107> installation finished
<andrea2107> yeeeeeeeeeeee
<andrea2107> ehm
<andrea2107> when i open split_updata it closes
<andrea2107> ....
<andrea2107> he says he can't found command
<andrea2107> and rapidly closes
<andrea2107> ...
<andrea2107> but i clicked add path on the setup
<Flea997> what i'm studying
<andrea2107> you are studying bat's shit?
<Flea997> bat?
<andrea2107> guano= merda di pipistrello no?
<andrea2107> luca?
<andrea2107> ok i will try alone
<Flea997> bird
<andrea2107> there was a tool for y300...
<Flea997> not bat
<andrea2107> bat!
<andrea2107> is bat!
<Flea997> open wiki u noob
<andrea2107> Lo stesso utilizzo ha il guano, costituito da escrementi di uccelli marini e pipistrelli
<andrea2107> copied from wikipedia
<Flea997> yes
<andrea2107> soooo....bat!
<andrea2107> batman will kill you noob XD
<Flea997> but i'm studying the islands made of guano
<luca020400> yeaaa
<andrea2107> ok so when you will be big you will buy an house there
<luca020400> no XD
<Flea997> ueueue
<Flea997> i'm already "big"
<andrea2107> you are little.......NOOB!
<luca020400> you are just 17/8
<luca020400> :p
<andrea2107> i just found an exe
<andrea2107> to extract huawei.app
<andrea2107> with the option for g330
<andrea2107> so i should extract system.img from the list?
<luca020400> extract everything
<andrea2107> i don't need
<andrea2107> the program let me choose
<andrea2107> what i want to extract
<andrea2107> it have an integrated identifier
<luca020400> extract everything anyway
<andrea2107> ok i am extracting
<andrea2107> done
<andrea2107> now?
<Flea997> fuck you luca
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<andrea2107> ?
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<andrea2107> btw now what i have to do?
<andrea2107> i have all the files
<andrea2107> luca don't dye now!
<andrea2107> we are almost done
<Flea997> he's spamming
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> welcome back
<luca020400> fastboot flash boot.img
<luca020400> fastboot flash system.img
<luca020400> aspetta
<luca020400> fastboot flash boot boot.img
<luca020400> fastboot flash system system.img
<luca020400> who is spamming ?
<andrea2107> ok
<Flea997> u
<luca020400> mamama
<andrea2107> then i boot to recovery and i flash aosp mod?
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> boot stock rom
<andrea2107> and then?
<luca020400> after first boot flash aosp
<andrea2107> ok ty
<andrea2107> error: cannot open boot.img
<luca020400> is there any boot.img or similar ?
<luca020400> you can flash aosp mod boot.img
<luca020400> hopefully
<andrea2107> boot.img and boothd.img
<luca020400> boot.img
<luca020400> fastboot flash boot boot.img
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<andrea2107> error: cannot open boot.img
<andrea2107> i should use aosp mod one?
<luca020400> try
<andrea2107> i can't use aosp mod kernel since my stock rom is ics
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> so a ics boot.img
<andrea2107> and where i can find it
<andrea2107> why i can't simply do this with aosp mod
<luca020400> are you sur you cannot flash the boot.img §?
<andrea2107> it says
<andrea2107> error: cannot open boot.img
<luca020400> teamviewer
<andrea2107> could i try to use system.img..and then if it works go to boot.img?
<luca020400> fastboot boot boot.img
<Flea997> hi revan
<andrea2107> wait i am opening teamviewer
<Flea997> Как дела?
<andrea2107> flea...you are italian
<Flea997> but revan not
<luca020400> google translate
<luca020400> XD
<XRevan86> Flea997: Да пока не родила.
<Flea997> google translate won't help me
<Flea997> it translate : Sì , fino a quando il foro
<Flea997> literally : "yes, until the hole"
<XRevan86> Flea997: That's not it.
<Flea997> yeah, i think it too
<XRevan86> it's a rhythm answer to the question, means something like "I didn't give birth just yet"
<Flea997> D:
<XRevan86> :D
<XRevan86> Flea997: Don't bother, it's cultural
<luca020400> Packages (1) linux-firmware-20150206.17657c3-1
<luca020400> hope everything will work after the update
<luca020400> omg
<luca020400> root account doesn't exist
<luca020400> what shall I do XD
<XRevan86> luca020400: This is not possible %)
<luca020400> this is what I said
<luca020400> after another reboot
<Flea997> lol luca
<andrea2107> luca
<luca020400> login incorrect
<andrea2107> i rebooted to recovery
<luca020400> but there isn't any passwork
<andrea2107> now?
<luca020400> adb push 13.system.img $internal sd
<andrea2107> and then?
<luca020400> adb push *.boot.img $internal sd
<luca020400> ftw
<luca020400> what shall I do
<andrea2107> command incorrect
<luca020400> ofc
<luca020400> I don't reber internal sd card mount point in twr
<andrea2107> internal_sd
<andrea2107> so?
<luca020400> adb push 13.system.img internal_sd
<andrea2107> i should add the _ to internal sd ?
<andrea2107> ok ty
<luca020400> same with the boot.img
<luca020400> use correct name
<Flea997> going to play tennis
<Flea997> cya
<luca020400> bye
<XRevan86> Flea997: nogen
<andrea2107> how many time could it take?
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<Shadowghoster> hi fonz93
<fonz93> hi
<Flea997> i go away and fonz log
<Flea997> :c
<XRevan86> fonz93: salute
<luca020400> haha
<andrea2107> xrevan,this time "ciao" is better
<luca020400> *cry*
<Flea997> bb see you later
<andrea2107> luca still pushing
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Cyanogen is no longer a good thing?
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<andrea2107> ciao = informal salute
<luca020400> what is fucking happening
<andrea2107> luca idk if it is working
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Ah, sorry %).
<XRevan86> andrea2107: For some reason I thought "ciao" is a farewell
<luca020400> what's wrong with ciao :/
<luca020400> XD
<fonz93> ciao
<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> i did
<andrea2107> i just pushed boot and system img
<andrea2107> now?
<andrea2107> (luckily i had enough space)
<luca020400> adb shell
<andrea2107> yes and then?
<luca020400> dd if=/internal_sd/system.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
<luca020400> dd if=/internal_sd/boot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p12
<andrea2107> ok
<luca020400> it will copy the images
<andrea2107> it says no such file
<andrea2107> since it isn't called system.img
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> reaname system.img
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> and boot.img odx
<andrea2107> what command?
<andrea2107> mv 23.system.img system.img ?
<luca020400> dd if=/internal_sd/NAME_OF_SYSTEM.IMG of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
<andrea2107> oh ok
<luca020400> dd if=/internal_sd/NAME_OF_BOOT.IMG of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p12
<luca020400> Ok XD
<luca020400> ahahahahaha
<andrea2107> btw someone sent me a pan baidu link to g330 fixed cm12
<andrea2107> i ill try after all of this
<luca020400> afterrr
<luca020400> link ?
<andrea2107> wait i have to login on the pc
<fonz93> switching to ubuntu
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<andrea2107> http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntqmNH3 China... sunnyden build it for c8812e, i dont know wether it will work on g330 or not
<andrea2107> i will try and if it doesn't work i will try to change some files from slimlp
<andrea2107> oh the message is from bushibaa
<andrea2107> wow adb shell is still working
<andrea2107> system.img is so heavy
<luca020400> 500 Mb
<andrea2107> i know
<andrea2107> i hate pan baidu
<andrea2107> it is soi slow
<luca020400> 7 kb/s
<luca020400> great
<andrea2107> will try to create a mirror
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<andrea2107> i know a great site
<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> i just did the two dd
<andrea2107> now i have simply to reboot?
<luca020400> reboot
<luca020400> wipe data cache etc
<luca020400> except system
<andrea2107> twrp asks me to install superuser
<andrea2107> i think it worked
<andrea2107> i say yes?
<fonz93> you're installing lollipop?
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> i am restoring my phone after i installed that fuckin lollipop
<fonz93> lol
<andrea2107> lollipop messed up with my system partition
<luca020400> now ?
<andrea2107> btw i am going to flash aosp mod so i don't need supersu for now
<luca020400> it boot
<luca020400> ?
<andrea2107> wait
<andrea2107> it is displaying android bootanimation
<luca020400> not huawei ?
<andrea2107> no...
<andrea2107> btw who cares
<andrea2107> if it works..
<andrea2107> idk if i had the huawei bootanimation with stock
<andrea2107> i didn't use it for so many time
<andrea2107> i came from lg optimus one....a great phone full of roms
<andrea2107> like a nexus
<andrea2107> official cm7..awwwwww great times
<andrea2107> and it had the same gpu we have now!
<andrea2107> ty luca i love you
<luca020400> ;)
<andrea2107> pretty bugged stock rom
<andrea2107> but aosp mod will fix
<luca020400> chil360 : have you tried to build wifi modules as kernel modules ?
<andrea2107> ok now i don't have system error
<andrea2107> with the same recovery
<luca020400> great
<andrea2107> i just destroyed slimlp from my internal sd
<andrea2107> i am never going to flash it if someone confirms it is working
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<Flea997> hi
<luca020400> hiiiii
fonz93 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> hi fonz ^^
<fonz93> hi
<Flea997> one of my friends won 900€
<fonz93> gg
<Flea997> ez money
<fonz93> izi money
<Flea997> i think izi is the right term
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<Flea997> easy crash easy life
<luca020400> lol
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<spanitzer> Hi
<fonz93> hi
<spanitzer> I hope the play store is now okay
<fonz93> why?
<spanitzer> 6-7 Full, SlimLP and Gapps 08.02
<spanitzer> Full wipes
<XRevan86> spanitzer: 1mobile.com
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<spanitzer> The Play Store make no downloads in slimlp
<spanitzer> No i will only use play store
<fonz93> XRevan86: i can stay without any Gapps
<fonz93> the problem is play services
<fonz93> it's required by many apps i use,,
<fonz93> *..
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<spanitzer> I need play store
<spanitzer> Nova Launcher, Whatsapp, Clash of Clans, Tapatalk, Google Camera, YouTube and more
<spanitzer> ...............
<spanitzer> Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
<spanitzer> Fix the Downloads in Lollipop!
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