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<fonz93> morning
<fonz93> chil360: are "ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit" and "ro.config.max_starting_bg" for you?
<fonz93> i modified them but i got no changes
<fonz93> what are they supposed to do?
<chil360> yes, I added them.
<chil360> they limit the number of apps kept in memory after being closed
<fonz93> i changed from your 16 to 6
<fonz93> but it didn't change
<fonz93> they will only be closed only when RAM is needed?
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<luca020400> chil360 : where are sources ? XD
<chil360> sources?
<luca020400> slimlp
<luca020400> I'm idit
<luca020400> Really idiot
<fonz93> you're not logged in
<chil360> XD
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<Xeo> Hi
<fonz93> hello
<Xeo> how are you fonz93
<luca02040000> Hi Xeo ^^
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<luca02040000> and zonz93
<Xeo> hi luca
<Xeo> How are you Luca
<fonz93> Xeo: i'm fine thanks
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<fonz93> Xeo: you?
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<Xeo> I am OOOOOK XD
<Xeo> Luca can you port Gingerbread to G510/Y300????? its a good idea... :)
<fonz93> i didn't try it yet but the patches missing can probably fix the fm radio volume issue
<fonz93> if they'll work i'm 99% sure they'll fix it
<luca020400> It the patches work the fm radio volume is fixed
<fonz93> still thinking why no one tried to apply them..
<luca020400> Me tooo
<Xeo> are you up SlimLP for g510 too XD... good luck.....!
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<Xeo> hi shadowghoster
<Shadowghoster> hey
<luca020400> H
<luca020400> i
<Xeo> I was talking about M12 :P
<Xeo> hi luca
<luca020400> WHERE IS MY EXTERNAL HDD !!!?!?!!
<fonz93> if you don't know
<luca020400> Xeo : not in the washing machine XD
<luca020400> I have 2 tb hdd
<luca020400> 1 tb for windows
<luca020400> The other tb for linux
<luca020400> gb /home ?
<Xeo> Woooow i have only 500 GB :(
<Xeo> if you are still unable to find Ext.HDD just have a look you into washing machine..... Lol
<Xeo> is if HDD or SSD...
<Xeo> Do you know? you can wash SSD..XD
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<Shadowghoster> :P
* Shadowghoster has 4tb external himself and 6TB network
<Shadowghoster> Xeo: I know :D
<Xeo> so is SSD of HDD
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<fonz93> how to hide this log:
<fonz93> ALOGE("Couldn't load %s module (%s)", MEMTRACK_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID
<fonz93> ?
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<Dazzozo> why hide it lol
<Dazzozo> is it hurting anyone
<Dazzozo> we get enough errors/warnings on recent android versions anyway
<fonz93> we don't use the memtrack in legacy repos.. wanted to hide it xD
<Dazzozo> well to hide it you can just remove the line
<Dazzozo> the error log level is always logged
<fonz93> ok ty
<Dazzozo> but its really not necessary
<Dazzozo> no, thats bad
<fonz93> oh
<Dazzozo> you should *just* remove the ALOGE line
<Dazzozo> you still need to return err
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> ah Dazzozo, i don't know if you read that yesterday, updating the xt_qtaguid in the kernel fixes the random reboots with Google Play Music, Facebook videos etc..
<Dazzozo> yeah i was told that about 6 months ago lol
<fonz93> oh
<fonz93> didn't read about it
<fonz93> just tried to debug it
<fonz93> and i got that
<fonz93> why no one did it?
<Dazzozo> well for me, the same reason im not working on L anymore
<fonz93> ah ok
<Dazzozo> time, and wanting to spend it in different places
<Dazzozo> seems like you guys are getting there eventually though, so yall dont need my shit
<fonz93> not really, you're faster
<Dazzozo> because i know what im doing
<Dazzozo> and thats why its boring :P
<fonz93> ahahahah
<fonz93> Dazzozo: you also know what this error is related for? "nl80211: survey data missing!"
<fonz93> it's important?
<fonz93> sometimes happens that wi-fi is still connected but internet stops working, to make it work again i have to desconnect and reconnect
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<Dazzozo> the wpa supplicant driver throws it
<Dazzozo> probably doesnt like something our kernel is doing
<Xeo> Hi Dazzozo :)
<Dazzozo> hi
<Xeo> How are you ... I am huge fan of your work.... :)
<Dazzozo> fonz93: this issue shouldnt even be a new one, the survey info code has been there for years and my understanding of it is that its err, sort of essential
<Dazzozo> so chances are its a kernel bug
<Dazzozo> Xeo: im good
<Dazzozo> fonz93: actually, that wouldnt surprise me, this is Y300 right?
<Dazzozo> or something with the ath6kl
<fonz93> yes it's Y300
<fonz93> and in the same time in /proc/kmsg
<Dazzozo> well the ath6kl has the ancient external modules
<fonz93> ath6kl: updating target stats
<Dazzozo> and we almost didnt get the source code for those
<Xeo> Dazzozo: Can i ask about your CM11 ?
<fonz93> ok ty for the explanation
<Dazzozo> if you want
<Dazzozo> fonz93: it shouldnt be too hard to update it, i kept huawei's changes separate
<Dazzozo> they basically just added initialisation hacks
<Dazzozo> and... not much else
<fonz93> how did you got that?
<fonz93> (huawei changes)
<Dazzozo> really long story
<Dazzozo> they released a wifi module source drop for some gingerbread device
<Dazzozo> that used some ath6kl series chip
<Dazzozo> i took that, figured out what the upstream version was from the .git dir
<Dazzozo> that they accidentally leaked
<Dazzozo> applied those changes to the tree taken from the same tag as our kernel
<Dazzozo> you cant get the download anymore, they removed it
<Dazzozo> so it was part timing, part luck, part skill :)
<Xeo> I face outgoing call issue...when ever i make call my g510 says (call ended) it never dial call. i used to enable and disable flight mode then it connect to network and let me make call.
<Xeo> is it mismatch baseband issue?
<fonz93> Dazzozo: omg, how much time the download worked?
<Dazzozo> like a month or so lol
<Dazzozo> Xeo: possible i guess
<fonz93> Xeo: did you ever update your phone with an update.app?
<Xeo> i download get rill app to fix mismatch baseband but app said you mobile modle is not in list or something..
<Xeo> no
<Xeo> i use only fresh Dazzozo CM11
<Xeo> no even any other kernel
<fonz93> wich version of Huawei stock ROM did you get when you bought your phone?
<Dazzozo> but yea, count yourselves lucky that you never had to deal with this, all this bullshit was done for you :P
<Xeo> g510-200 may be?
<Dazzozo> anyway i gotta brb, have a parcel waiting for me at the mailroom
<fonz93> Dazzozo: :D :D :D
<fonz93> Xeo: this is the phone model
<Xeo> Huawei OS
<Xeo> i have back up...
<fonz93> something like this: V100R001C00B200
<Xeo> actually i am no developer.. :(
<fonz93> well, if you really want to try to fix that
<fonz93> this will delete all of your things, including data
<Xeo> ok
<Xeo> then
<fonz93> it will restore and maybe update
<fonz93> all of the other partitions (baseband etc)
<fonz93> from then you should re-install recovery and then CyanogenMod
<Xeo> ok
<fonz93> bootloader won't be re-locked so you haven't to unlock it again
<Xeo> but i have recovery of my OS
<fonz93> it's old
<fonz93> it won't update your baseband if it needs to
<Xeo> on huawei os making call works
<fonz93> because the RIL was made for that baseband
<fonz93> do what i said, if it won't work you just lost 1 hour of your time
<fonz93> but atleast you tried to fix it
<Xeo> mmm ok i will flash ...
<fonz93> no one got that bug so i don't know where this issue is coming from
<Xeo> Thank you so much fonz93 and Dazzozo
<Xeo> first I will confirm that it was g510-200 of g510-100, i might have BOX with warranty card or something at home..
<fonz93> if it's an G510-0100 search the latest firmware in the same page, just choose the right product model
<Xeo> yah i had to flashed veryvery first time may be i have that zip too
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<fonz93> hi luca020400
<Dazzozo> back
<luca020400> Hi dazz
<Shadowghoster> [Welcome Back]
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<fonz93> codeaurora only made this commit to add FM on kitkat in frameworks_base
<fonz93> do you think it's enough?
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<fonz93> well, it was already been added on slimkat-caf branch..
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<luca020400> Back
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<asdf_> hi all
<asdf_> fonz93: the kernel of your cm10.1 work on slimbean ??
<fonz93> it should if slim didn't change the ramdisk
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<XRevan86> luca020400: hi
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