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<luca020400> Good afternoon
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<DeveloperDutch> @fonz93 I will use the sources you recommended, why don't we use https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_atheros_wlan/tree/cm-12.0 instead of a old fork?
<fonz93> chil360 should have been update them
<fonz93> i think they're updated now to Lollipop
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<fonz93> KonstaT updated them to KitKat before him
<fonz93> so i think they're good
<fonz93> i didn't try to use them from CyanogenMod
<DeveloperDutch> I also didn't but it is far more commits ahead than ours
<Dazzozo> holy crap its Alkalinorap
<Dazzozo> you havent been here in a while
<Alkalinorap> hi! I've been busy, but sometimes I come to greet
<Alkalinorap> more than a year ago left the Huawei brand :P
<fonz93> the commits you see more
<fonz93> i think have been included and modified fore us
<fonz93> in the latest KonstaT update
<fonz93> and they are all from KitKat
<DeveloperDutch> O so the wifi problem isn't there?
<fonz93> there a % that can be amplified by the ROM side
<fonz93> because in KitKat we got the same bug
<fonz93> but not so often as we have on Lollipop
<DeveloperDutch> Yeah I expreienced the bug a lot
<fonz93> the problem is inside wi-fi modules
<DeveloperDutch> prebuilt ones?
<fonz93> not
<fonz93> prebuilt ones work
<fonz93> but not on chil360-kernel
<DeveloperDutch> maybe we can use htclegacy ones as i did for my cm12 build
<fonz93> i don't know if we can
<fonz93> which problem did you get from them?
<DeveloperDutch> None but I didn't modify the kernel I only used the ones in this repo's prebuilt folder https://github.com/HtcLegacy/android_device_htc_pico
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<fonz93> woa
<fonz93> all there?
<fefifofum> ;)
<fonz93> what's happened?ahaha
<Alkalinorap> lol
<fefifofum> Alkalinorap invoqued us
<Kra1o5> yeah
<fonz93> ahahah
<Alkalinorap> xDDD
<Alkalinorap> invoked*
<DeveloperDutch> The rom I published is the one I used prebuilts for wifi was faster but disconnected more
<Kra1o5> DeveloperDutch, you mean prebuilts from 4.1?
<fonz93> did you got a log?
<fonz93> *get
<fonz93> he tried prebuilts from HTC Explorer
<fonz93> i didn't even know that was possible xD
<DeveloperDutch> No I don't have log i am really new to android development
<Kra1o5> wow from htc pico
<fonz93> you have CM12 now on your phone?
<DeveloperDutch> Yes, but I don't even know if they were used in build procces
<fonz93> what do you mean?
<DeveloperDutch> Well I only added them to the right folder and added this to u8833.mk: # Wifi PRODUCT_COPY_FILES += \ $(LOCAL_PATH)/prebuilt/etc/firmware/fw_bcmdhd.bin:system/etc/firmware/fw_bcmdhd.bin \ $(LOCAL_PATH)/prebuilt/etc/firmware/fw_bcmdhd_apsta.bin:system/etc/firmware/fw_bcmdhd_apsta.bin \ $(LOCAL_PATH)/prebuilt/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf:system/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf \ $(LOCAL_PATH)/prebuilt/etc/dhcpd/dhcpcd.conf:syst
<DeveloperDutch> Enter before every $
<fefifofum> lol
<luca020400> what !?!?
<luca020400> Hi all
<luca020400> Hi armani devs :p
<Kra1o5> hi luca020400
<fefifofum> hi
<DeveloperDutch> hi
<fonz93> oh
<fonz93> then you didn't add the wi-fi modules
<Dazzozo> wow its a reunion
<Dazzozo> hi fefifofum
<fonz93> but the ones in the ROM side
<Dazzozo> hi Kra1o5
<fonz93> i don't think they can change something
<Kra1o5> Dazzozo, sure back in time
<fonz93> hi luca020400
<Kra1o5> & hi Dazzozo :P
<fefifofum> hi daz how is it going?
<DeveloperDutch> So I had to use the ones from the kernel
<luca020400> Hi fonz93 and developer something XD
<luca020400> *dutch
<fonz93> which one?
<Alkalinorap> sajldkfjlksadjflsdajflasdjflksajdfklsajdfklsajdflkjsadlkfjasdlkfjsalkfjsadljfksajkl23jk23ldsfasdfsafda
<Alkalinorap> (tradition)
<Kra1o5> yeah like old times
<fonz93> lol??
<fefifofum> are you cleaning your keyboard?
<luca020400> ahha
<Kra1o5> fefifofum, he have a cat
<Alkalinorap> exactly
<fefifofum> yes, but his cat knows how to type properly
<Kra1o5> wow
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<luca020400> Hi Peyotitot
<Peyotitot> hi luca020400
<fonz93> "wmi ctrl ep is full" it's my nightmare
<DeveloperDutch> Does anyone know if you can use google drive for ota updates?
<luca020400> Which prebuilt are you using fonz93 ?
<luca020400> Yes you can
<DeveloperDutch> Because I have a free website but it is v ery slow so not for ota
<fonz93> on Lollipop i don't use prebuilts
<fonz93> on CM10.1 the stock ones
<Kra1o5> Dazzozo, not
<Kra1o5> DeveloperDutch, **
<Kra1o5> use basketbuild or androidfilehost
<luca020400> I used it for aospa
<DeveloperDutch> HOw?
<Dazzozo> fefifofum: pretty good now, had a shit year tho :P
<Dazzozo> you?
<luca020400> Set the file public and then somehow ( I don't remember how XD ) you can grab the direct link ( host ? )
<Alkalinorap> Dazzozo, I still have the g300 with cm9
<DeveloperDutch> Well my website is developerdutch.tk dot.tk domain for free and my host is hostinger.nl
<Alkalinorap> lol
<Dazzozo> wow
<Alkalinorap> It is my relic
<Kra1o5> i have it too
<Kra1o5> & Y300
<Alkalinorap> although my main phone is the moto g 2014
<luca020400> my too
<luca020400> *mine
<Alkalinorap> nice
<DeveloperDutch> I have a y300 and a lg l3 (completely destroyed)
<Kra1o5> lol
<Kra1o5> I have one Xiaomi Redmi 1S
<luca020400> I developed cm12 for titan u.u
<Alkalinorap> my y300 gave it to my mother
<luca020400> XD
<fefifofum> Dazzozo, i'm good, busy with android because i always end up buying chinese devices...
<fonz93> i have an Y300 and a Nokia 6630 lol
<Dazzozo> lol
<luca020400> Y300 and moto g 2014
<Dazzozo> im not doing anything android related really
<Kra1o5> fefifofum, But is very funny
<luca020400> ( Y300 --> my father )
<Kra1o5> luca020400, i have lumia 520
<Dazzozo> im working on 3ds stuff for a while
<luca020400> wp
<Kra1o5> luca020400, yeah
<DeveloperDutch> lg l3 --> closet
<Kra1o5> not is really bad
<luca020400> I never tried a wp phone
<luca020400> Todo list XD
<Alkalinorap> Dazzozo, homebrews and apps or something related to crack games?
<DeveloperDutch> I know a guy who has one there just useless
<Kra1o5> luca020400, is good for "normal" people
<fonz93> normal ahahah
<luca020400> Normal = ? haha
<Dazzozo> Alkalinorap: a bit of both, and im mostly working on the latter just because its interesting
<fonz93> peoples that don't hack his phone?xD
<luca020400> ok google removed the possibilty to create direct links for drive
<Alkalinorap> oh ok
<Dazzozo> i already bought basically every game worth having, so
<DeveloperDutch> And what about mega I think it's impossible
<luca020400> nope
<luca020400> Android file host
<Alkalinorap> Dazzozo, have you omega ruby or alpha shappire?
<luca020400> bad service ( you can't move files XD ) but infinite space
<Dazzozo> ruby, yeah
<luca020400> sapphire
<Alkalinorap> I want it..
<Dazzozo> i had ruby as a kid on gba
<DeveloperDutch> Dazzozo how did you setup your server for ota
<Dazzozo> so i wanted to honour that
<luca020400> I had sapphire
<Alkalinorap> meanwhile I'm playing pk black 2
<Dazzozo> DeveloperDutch: what do you mean?
<luca020400> getcm & jenkins ?
<Dazzozo> what it runs?
<Kra1o5> Dazzozo, refer to getcm
<DeveloperDutch> Ok do I need to edit any files?
<Dazzozo> yes, definitely
<Dazzozo> as it has all my devices and urls
<Dazzozo> so it pretty much wont work if you dont edit it
<Kra1o5> & you need to have a dedicated server
<DeveloperDutch> And is it at a host or pc
<luca020400> set your server
<Dazzozo> its running on my server
<DeveloperDutch> I have a RPi is it possible?
<Dazzozo> *technically* possible but it would probably run like shit
<Kra1o5> you probably want this
<Dazzozo> oh yeah i saw this
<DeveloperDutch> Already saw it but didn't work on server
<Kra1o5> DeveloperDutch, i have it working
<Kra1o5> on shared hosting
<Kra1o5> so probably works on RPi
<DeveloperDutch> Well actually did but I also need front end because my site is removed otherwise (stupid rules)
<Kra1o5> you probably need a paid domain name
<Kra1o5> to avoid problems
* luca020400 Needs a server :(
<DeveloperDutch> No I don't I need a payd host
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<fonz93> what if i remove "WMI_CTRL_EP_FULL" from "enum ath6kl_dev_state"?
<Kra1o5> yeah too
<Kra1o5> fonz93, not is the best idea
<fonz93> xD
<luca020400> I hate when users drop me a PM " making custom roms "
<luca020400> brb
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<luca020400> with PS I am using your roms with pleasure
<luca020400> brb
<Kra1o5> xD
<fonz93> well they pm me with how to remove link2sd
<luca020400> True story
<luca020400> hi sorry if my question is silly but is this possible to run windows 10 on y300?
<luca020400> ahahhahahahaha
<luca020400> ahahhahahahaha
<fonz93> ahahahahahahahaha
<DeveloperDutch> I PM everyone about audio
<Dazzozo> is that real?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> screenshot ?
<fonz93> DeveloperDutch: ?
<DeveloperDutch> lol
<Dazzozo> omg
<Dazzozo> ok
<fonz93> audio?
<DeveloperDutch> Well fixed it now
<fonz93> ah the building error
<fonz93> everytime i have a broken build
<fonz93> i go to see AriesDEV
<fonz93> or HTCLegacy
<fonz93> lol
<fefifofum> haha
<fonz93> they get same errors and fix it
<luca020400> Is there any way to automatically remove pm form modaco ? XD
<fonz93> well i hope he was talking about windows phone 10
<luca020400> windows
<fonz93> and not the real windows 10..
<Kra1o5> yes luca020400
<luca020400> how ^^ ?
<fonz93> you use that function ah?ahaha
<DeveloperDutch> Yes you need to change some of the ones like this: AudioSystem::EVRC --> AUDIO_FORMAT_EVRC
<luca020400> Yes I was your changes
<fonz93> DeveloperDutch: i didn't make a build recently, what it fixes?
<DeveloperDutch> Some build error of saying that evrc isn't a member of audiosystem
<fonz93> oh, when you got that?
<DeveloperDutch> Everytime
<luca020400> Building audio hal ?
<fonz93> i didn't have that
<DeveloperDutch> I am now building with your sources hope they work
<fonz93> when i did last commit
<fonz93> to fix getpresentation
<fonz93> they were buildable
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but that didn't fix
<fonz93> i don't know if some CyanogenMod update broke them again xD
<fonz93> it did for me
<fonz93> but they may updated something
<fonz93> i'll look into it
<DeveloperDutch> All errors are in audiohardware_cad.cpp
<luca020400> Kra1o5 : How ?
<DeveloperDutch> Well haven't tested with your sources maybe I did somethin else wrong
<luca020400> nha
<luca020400> Something in cm sources caused these errors
<Kra1o5> how what? luca020400
<luca020400> I build audio hal without any errors some days ago
<fonz93> with getpresentation fix?
<DeveloperDutch> Yes that made the errors less but still some
<luca020400> Kra1o5 : do you know I'm idiot ? XD
<luca020400> wrong channel sry
<Kra1o5> ok
<fonz93> what are that configs?AUDIO_FEATURE_ENABLED_COMPRESS_VOIP
<fonz93> do we support them?
<Kra1o5> probably
<Kra1o5> not the first
<fonz93> lol
<fonz93> what it does?
<fonz93> compress?
<fonz93> what it means?
<luca020400> check audio hal
<fefifofum> fonz93, you should check the makefiles of audio hal
<Kra1o5> yeah
<fefifofum> you can find the flags for your soc
<luca020400> is there any device with double speaker ( like moto g 2014 ) running cm12 ?
<luca020400> lol
<fefifofum> "home of the G300's CyanogenMod port and mnupea"
<fefifofum> lol
<luca020400> mnupea asked for a title
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> *new title
<fefifofum> i'm sure that will go into his cv
<luca020400> cv ?
<fefifofum> curriculum vitae
<DeveloperDutch> In The Netherlands it's a paper that you show when you want to apply for a job it tells what you have accomplished on school
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<fonz93> if i get this error: "wmi ctrl ep is full", this patch can fix it? http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.wireless.general/96665
<fonz93> i didn't get what he want to do with that commit
<luca020400> Try
<codename13> Hey guys, I'm a small developer for the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X, which has an msm7x27a chipset like the Huawei G300. I've managed to get OmniROM 5.0.2 booting on my device after having patched in some legacy functions.
<luca020400> I can't help you .. I hate samsung
<fefifofum> lol
<DeveloperDutch> Lol me too overprised
<luca020400> I hate lagwiz
<fefifofum> he still didn't ask his question...
<fonz93> xD
<Kra1o5> yeah
<Kra1o5> luca020400, you need t owait
<luca020400> For Laglesswiz ?
<luca020400> If yes I have to wait a lot
<codename13> Basically nothing is working in my build though, because I use outdated drivers (PMEM, old Adreno drivers, etc.) I need to do lots of work to bring up my device
<Kra1o5> codename13, probably yes
<luca020400> yes
<fonz93> are you using display and media legacy then?
<codename13> Have you guys managed to fix any bugs in LP yet?
<DeveloperDutch> If anyone needs free web hosting found my old one it's better than the one I currently use : https://www.neq3hosting.com/
<fonz93> we have almost all working
<codename13> Yep, using display-legacy and media-legacy :(
<fonz93> you don't have to
<fonz93> you can probably update your kernel to ION
<fonz93> looking at TeamHackLG kernel
<fonz93> chil360 did that on our kernel too
<fonz93> and we got Lollipop working
<codename13> My kernel is 3.0.8. It has tons of Samsung code that causes lots of conflicts. Also, I had to disable SELinux and PIE security to get Lollipop booting.
<codename13> Would it be easier to port a whole new kernel, or try and diff the ION changes?
<fonz93> you can also take a look here: https://github.com/AriesVE-DevCon-TEAM and here: https://github.com/HtcLegacy
<fonz93> i don't know
<fonz93> xD
<codename13> Oh wow, thx
<fonz93> they got all old devices
<fonz93> with gingerbread
<codename13> You guys are much more friendly than other devs I've talked to
<fonz93> so they get 3.0 or lower
<fonz93> *got
<fonz93> well your build atleast boots up, you can track the errors through log and kmsg right?
<codename13> yep, it's just super overwhelming lol
<fonz93> xD
<fonz93> anyway before beginning to fix something you really need ION
<codename13> My device is a single sim version of the S Duos, and those ppl complain so much
<codename13> So ION first, then newer media and display drivers so I can use newer Adreno libs?
<luca020400> have you tried to boot the s dus rom ?
<codename13> luca, why?
<luca020400> you said " My device is a single sim version of the S Duos, and those ppl complain so much"
<codename13> The hardware is pretty much identical, execept I think the second sim slot is blocked on our device
<fonz93> they got some newer source?
<luca020400> just put dsds
<codename13> what's dsds?
<luca020400> dual sim
<fonz93> dualsimdualstanby
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<codename13> put dsds where huh?
<luca020400> setprop persist.radio.multisim.config dsds
<codename13> our devices are stuck on ICS officially. We have unofficial KitKat and JB though. I'm rocking Omni 4.4.4
<luca020400> or add persist.radio.multisim.config=dsds to build.prop
<luca020400> sources ?
<codename13> What good would dsds do for me?
<luca020400> enable multisim
<fonz93> s duos got multi sim, not his phone
<codename13> Oh I understand, nope I aint building for S Duos
<luca020400> I'm idiot V2
<fonz93> did s duos get ION update?
<codename13> I suck at organizing and managing my git branches and stuff so blech
<fonz93> disable backup in gedit
<fonz93> ahahah
<codename13> Nope, S Duos is pretty much dead. 99.9% of their ROMs are modified stock. The other 0.01% are modifications of our custom ROMs for Ace II X
<luca020400> me too
<fonz93> oh
<codename13> How do I disable backup huh?
<luca020400> editor settimgs
<codename13> What's that do exactly?
<codename13> man, I feel so cool talking with devs in irc
<codename13> just yesterday I felt sick of development and I said I was gonna quit, but I think I just got hooked back in
<luca020400> Open your editr
<fonz93> xD
<luca020400> Got to preferences
<luca020400> eid
<luca020400> *edit
<luca020400> uncheck create a backup before saving the file
<luca020400> or something similar
<luca020400> moddingg33k is "back"
<fonz93> wat?
<luca020400> under a menu XD
<codename13> like the right sidebar menu that runs vertically?
<luca020400> yes
<codename13> You mean the settings button?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> XD
<codename13> I can't find the backup button..
<fonz93> i switch to ubuntu
<fonz93> wait
<luca020400> bye
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<codename13> peace out
* luca020400 Switch to english language bye
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<codename13> wait where's the craete a backup button!!!
<codename13> nooo
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<luca020400> Guide :
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> Open editr
<codename13> you're back
<codename13> yus
<luca020400> Menu edit ( should be near file )
<luca020400> preferences
<luca020400> There are a few tabs
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<luca020400> now go to editor tab
<luca020400> and uncheck create a backup copy of files before saving
<luca020400> Done
<codename13> So the page I'm looking for is https://github.com/NAME/REPOSITORY/settings
<codename13> ?
<luca020400> hahaha
<luca020400> no
<luca020400> Like gedit pluma etc
<codename13> wow finally got it
<codename13> I thought you were talking about disabling a setting on Github or something lol
<luca020400> no XD
<luca020400> I can't google omd
<luca020400> *omg
<luca020400> now it works again
<codename13> I was wondering why I never saw any ghost files in other devs repositories...
<luca020400> in linux mint is disabled by default
<fonz93> what i have to do when applying a patch it says: fatal: corrupt patch at line xx?
<codename13> Oh I use Ubuntu 14.something
<codename13> Check the patch file at that line
<luca020400> patch -p1 < /path/to/patch
<codename13> ...or do that
<luca020400> maybe there is a typo inside the patch
<codename13> or maybe the patch can't apply itself to the source properly?
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<luca020400> patch -p1 < /path/to/patch will find the error
<luca020400> you can't apply it
<luca020400> XD
<fonz93> why?
<codename13> luca, are you from italy like it says on xda?
<fonz93> o lol
<fonz93> wrong paths
<luca020400> yes I am
<fonz93> i have to modify it
<luca020400> ^
<codename13> how's the weather there atm?
<luca020400> look good
<codename13> I'm typing from the cold Canada
<luca020400> ask to fonz too
<luca020400> :p
<fonz93> it's raining here...
<codename13> got to go
<luca020400> byye
<codename13> I'll be back
<fonz93> goodbye
<codename13> Later tonight probably, or during the week
<codename13> thx and bye
<luca020400> later tonight --> I will sleep
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> bye
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<fonz93> oh fuck
<luca020400> ?
<fonz93> our wi-fi got updates
<fonz93> that are similar but different from the mainline
<luca020400> ?
<fonz93> probably thanks to qualcomm?
<luca020400> where
<fonz93> i am looking to ini.c
<fonz93> *init.c
<fonz93> but probably in the whole source
<luca020400> rom ^
<fonz93> no, wi-fi modules
<luca020400> ... at least a link XD
<fonz93> look at ar6000/init.c
<fonz93> and look at this patch
<luca020400> we already have it ?
<luca020400> yes we have
<fonz93> it seems so
<fonz93> a little bit different
<fonz93> but we have
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<Alkalinorap_> home of the G300's CyanogenMod port and mnupea
<Alkalinorap_> WAT
<Alkalinorap_> mnupea still exists?
<luca020400> <luca020400> mnupea asked for a new title some times ago
<Alkalinorap_> oh
<Alkalinorap_> lol
<fonz93> which was the old title?
<luca020400> home of the G300's CyanogenMod port
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<luca020400> XD
<fonz93> lol
<Alkalinorap_> without and mnupea
<Alkalinorap_> xDD
<luca020400> yea as I remember
<fonz93> oh shit
<fonz93> there's no core.c
<fonz93> Dazzozo: where did you take original plain sources of athk6l drivers?
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<fonz93> i leave
<fonz93> goodbye
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<luca020400> bye
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<Dazzozo> Alkalinorap_: mnupea has me on facebook
<Alkalinorap_> that man is mythical
<Dazzozo> ill tell him that
<Alkalinorap_> do well
<Alkalinorap_> :P
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