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<rhen> hi
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<andrea2107> hi!
<andrea2107> this irc channel is dying :(
<Shadowghoster> jup
<andrea2107> btw i just bought a cinophone
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> great price *-*
<andrea2107> just 95euros :)
<Shadowghoster> ^^
* Shadowghoster bought an OPO ^^
* andrea2107 bought a thl t6 pro for 95euros
* andrea2107 just bought it from an italian reseller :)
* andrea2107 paid the same price as from cina
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<Shadowghoster> specs?
* andrea2107 now will have an octa core phone :)
<Shadowghoster> hmm
<andrea2107> i think it is a great price
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<Shadowghoster> But not so much Custom Roms I think ^^
<andrea2107> hi
<Shadowghoster> hey XRevan86
<XRevan86> salute
<andrea2107> yes...but when it arrives
<andrea2107> i will try to port a rom from mtk6592
<Shadowghoster> mhm
<Shadowghoster> MT-CPUs are always bad for modding
<andrea2107> it is the same processor but with a different clock
<andrea2107> i don't think
<andrea2107> there are so many things and there is a cm11 built from source WIP
<andrea2107> some mtk quad core sources got released from lenovo and sony
<andrea2107> think about this
<andrea2107> oh and i like the thing that crappy mtk devices get always some updatesa
<andrea2107> a my friend have a dual core mtk
<andrea2107> and official android 4.4 *-*
<andrea2107> bye bye crapdragon
<andrea2107> best thing: xiaomi redmi note uses an mtk6592
<andrea2107> so if somebody would port miui...
<andrea2107> btw zte nubia z5s mini is too good...at 150 euros on aliexpress
<andrea2107> but too risky for dutyes
<andrea2107> strange
<andrea2107> luca isn't one
<andrea2107> on
<andrea2107> he is always here
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<rhen_> Is there anyone here who used a G300 and an Y300/G510 too?
<XRevan86> rhen_: I did/do.
<XRevan86> My friend has a G300 and I have a Y300.
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: LibreOffice Viewer guarantees a forced reboot on my Y300.
<XRevan86> Apparently it has something to do with RAM.
<XRevan86> * it indeed has
<rhen_> I can replace my G300 to a G510 with no cost
<rhen_> Is it worth the upgrade?
<XRevan86> rhen_: It is, Y300 is better built.
<XRevan86> but there are two disadvantages: Y300 has a different design for a different taste :), vibration is… rougher.
<rhen_> the design doesn't mater, I can get used to it
<XRevan86> rhen_: Also I don't know what causes reboots on my Y300.
<rhen_> logcat?
<XRevan86> rhen_: Doesn't help.
<XRevan86> I think it's a kernel panic but I don't know how to debug that on Y300.
<rhen_> out of memory situation?
<XRevan86> rhen_: I think so.
<XRevan86> rhen_: But why OOM creates a reboot?
<XRevan86> rhen_: I have never seen on any other device (with the same amount of RAM) such a behavior.
<rhen_> i can overload my g300 till it freezes than soft reboot.
<XRevan86> Ideal behavior: killing other apps and then the main app.
<XRevan86> but instead I see "Ascend" logo which means that not only UI but Linux restarts.
<rhen_> I get this behaviour with some older version of UC browser. Seems like it had some memory leak bug back than
<XRevan86> rhen_: Which one?
<XRevan86> Which behaviour *
<XRevan86> rhen_: Complete reboot including kernel?
<rhen_> the memory overload
<XRevan86> a freezer then
<rhen_> no, just soft reboot with CM loho
<rhen_> *logo
<XRevan86> Ah, okay.
<rhen_> Dazzozo, are you here?
<XRevan86> I have a feeling I need to test a custom kernel
<rhen_> good to you to able to do your own kernel :)
<XRevan86> rhen_: Not that much custom.
<XRevan86> rhen_: Though I think I can do through crosscompilation.
<rhen_> are you working on your OPO now?
<XRevan86> rhen_: I don't have one.
<XRevan86> or does Dazzozo have?
<XRevan86> oh my
<XRevan86> I've pulled a kernel from CarbonRom ( http://www.modaco.com/topic/374065-carbonrom )
<XRevan86> and LibreOffice segfaulted instead of full CM11 ROM
<XRevan86> so the question is: what did Dazzozo with Linux that luca020400 didn't?
<XRevan86> eh, now it works on stock CM11 kernel
<rhen_> maybe it is libreoffice's fault
<XRevan86> rhen_: And Firefox's
<rhen_> have to go
<rhen_> good night
<XRevan86> rhen_: Good night.
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