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<libv> and the bastard had the audacity or stupidity to mail me to ask why i undid it.
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<Turl> libv: :p
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<libv> now he claims to be sorry, and that he never used a wiki before
<libv> as if that explains his actions ;)
<Turl> libv: mainline uboot got usb +1'd by the uboot people :)
<wens> arokux still has to send v4 :)
<wens> still no word on my 8250_dw patches :|
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<libv> ked + hardware doesn't sell
<Turl> wens: Greg has a 2-week policy I think
<libv> aaron should be working on making it easy for individual soc projects to isntall kde
<Turl> wens: did you --to him on them?
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<wens> Turl: i did
<wens> Turl: 2-week policy?
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<Turl> "For his part, he will review patches within one or two weeks."
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<wens> guess i'll just wait
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<libv> looks real broken...
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<Turl> libv: I don't think they ever used that domain
<Turl> libv: the monospaced-looking font with chinese glyphs is pretty bad indeed :)
<Turl> libv: ah, no wonder, it's the fallback font
<libv> their "about us" is in latin
<Turl> libv: it expects a font named "微软雅黑"
<Turl> if you change it to arial it looks rather sane
<libv> btw, now has a subtitle "a series of open source hardware"
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<Turl> libv: for some reason that site keeps shrinking
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<libv> i somehow feel that we shouldn't be expecting too much support anymore from that side
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<BorgCuba> hi, has somebody experience using "mdev"?
<BorgCuba> libv, I have to ask, whats going on with lima/limare/mesa/compiler?
<libv> nothing.
<BorgCuba> too bad
<BorgCuba> you need any help?
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<libv> heh
<libv> ssvb: uboot and graphics is pretty broken
<libv> the lcd display driver "interface" is only for displaying a splashscreen as i can tell, and there is no way of telling it "no, we didn't find a monitor, so we should not be used"
<libv> the edid code is braindead
<libv> it's like X up until 2005
<libv> (which is when i fixed X to use edid)
<libv> so that's dead weight too
<libv> my best bet now is to see if i can get any use out of the cfbconsole driver
<libv> perhaps get the serial output showing properly, as it only shows the denx logo and then prints uboot info and then nothing
<libv> sunxi-3.4 fucks up the dotclock, and i cannot seem to find the access to the dotclock register that does it, suggesting that a more general ccmu change resets the dotclock behind our backs, giving us no sane way of reinstating it
<libv> so there will need to be a full disabling of the display engine in our platform code
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<ssvb> libv: is it perhaps just a minor configuration tweak missing? something like changing the log output target from the serial to the display (or mirror the output to both)?
<libv> for cfb, yeah, i guess so, i was about to look into that
<ssvb> as for the platform code update in sunxi-3.4, it should not be a big problem (as long as you know what needs to be done)
<ssvb> I also have a problem with the PLL5P clock speed in sunxi-3.4 -
<ssvb> the right solution is probably to just invent new machine id numbers and use them both in the updated u-boot and in the new sunxi-3.4 kernel
<ssvb> it means that the old sunxi-3.4 kernel will refuse to boot with the new u-boot, telling that the machine id is wrong
<libv> in the pll5 case, my engines seem happy at 300MHz
<libv> although, i am not sure whether i tested all of them
<libv> i think that debe has code where it halves if higher than 300MHz
<ssvb> the code in sunxi-3.4 deals with the divisors quite poorly
<libv> i really dislike refusing to boot
<ssvb> it is better than exhibiting obscure bugs at runtime, or clocking the hardware way too high
<libv> right
<libv> ah, only debe in my sunxi_kms code needs pll5
<libv> everything else is pll3/7 which is reserved for graphics anyway
<libv> ssvb: could the debe bandwidth/caching issue you have been seeing be related to the pll5 setting?
<ssvb> unlikely, I already have the sunxi-3.4 pll5 related fixes, and experimented with the pll5 divisor in debe
<libv> ok
<ssvb> have you tried to boot the mainline kernel?
<libv> nope
<ssvb> ok, I guess it should work fine with minimal changes
<libv> s/fine/just as badly as sunxi-3.4/
<libv> i need to find out what resets the dotclock pll
<ssvb> well, for the mainline kernel we need to ensure that the right information is passed via DT (but this already works for PSCI, so should not be a problem)
<ssvb> about the pll reset, maybe mripard_ or Turl can help
<ssvb> libv: what happens if you just disable PLL3/7 by clearing bit 31 in PLL3_CFG_REG and PLL7_CFG_REG?
<libv> ssvb: for display engine reset, you mean?
<libv> i will be a tiny bit smarter about that, involve ahb1, dram and the engines on their own as well
<ssvb> ok
<ssvb> as long as it works
<libv> won't be more than a dozen or so register writes and just a few reads (only ahb1 really)
<ssvb> if you have some preliminary code, I could test it
<libv> s/if/when/
<libv> currently still thinking things through
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<libv> heh, true color is the only dependable option for simplefb it seems, why did they chose to only think about 32bit colour afterwards?
<libv> it's not as if it would've required much more thinking or infrastructure.
<libv> hah, rpi
<ssvb> 32bit color is ok
<ssvb> and btw, the raspbian distro is afaik using 16bpp by default :)
<libv> i am looking at 3.16 code
<libv> the linus tree from just a few weeks ago
<libv> there, simplefb only seems to do 16bpp
<libv> oh, you're right
<libv> it parses it later on
<libv> default is 16bpp
* Turl doesn't see any default
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<libv> right, it seems to be overwritten
<Turl> it doesn't probe if you leave it out
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<ssvb> libv: in any case, if you can initialize the display hardware good enough for showing a logo in u-boot, then simplefb might be already half-way ready
<ssvb> does anyone have any idea where the simplefb framebuffer memory is getting reserved in the kernel?
<ssvb> ok, it's IORESOURCE_MEM
<libv> aha, i have input over serial, but output over hdmi
<libv> this cfbconsole stuff is really only meant for ancient pc based hw
<libv> it will not play well with usb keyboards.
<libv> ah, this should be defined by config
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<wingrime> ssvb: how your one week challenge?
<ssvb> wingrime: if you have not noticed, libv is working on the u-boot video driver :)
<wingrime> Cool
<libv> s/working on/complaining about/
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<wingrime> libv: thats realy task critical for sunxi
<ssvb> wingrime: I still have to take care of the dram controller and the unified single u-boot binary support for sun4i/sun5i/sun7i devices during the remaining week :)
<wingrime> *mission critical
<libv> wingrime: why so?
<wingrime> ssvb: you intend make some dram auto detect?
<ssvb> wingrime: dram auto detect already works
<libv> wingrime: most platforms get by without display, as it seems that the other display driver is only about showing a splash screen
<wingrime> libv: video , it's major thing that make use trash aw kernel
<wingrime> *user
<wingrime> ssvb: with timings?
<ssvb> wingrime: the DDR3 standard from JEDEC specifies speed bins and the timings for these speed bins
<ssvb> wingrime: the DDR3 chip manufacturers are surely allowed to provide better timings than mandated by the spec, but targeting the timings of the slowest standard speed bin should work everywhere
<wingrime> ssvb: i mostly about , if some trace length differs from others, bit can be recived inverted
<wingrime> Thats can limit dram clocks
<wingrime> And about optimal dram clock
<ssvb> all the dram settings for sunxi devices are very poorly configured, one can hardly do a worse job :)
<wingrime> Code must do as well
<wingrime> Not manualy
<wingrime> Ssvb: we have some better dramc docs than from rockchip?
<ssvb> wingrime: yes, linux-sunxi wiki
<wingrime> )
<wingrime> ssvb: are you detect bus width and chip count?
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<wingrime> Cool ))
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<Turl> ssvb: the dt binding is pretty simple
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<libv> wingrime: can you help out with
<libv> iirc, you worked on cedarx
<wingrime> libv: we have famous autocomplite file with all stuff, bu as I remeber there was something from ffmpeg, also Oliv3r found somerhing...
<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<wingrime> libv: aw defenetly use some libs for software audio decoding in android source, but I barely sure thats nothing can be interested in it...
<wingrime> Most shit in kernel
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<wingrime> Gps module seems present only in a10, together with audio hw decoding
<wingrime> And gzip hw accel seems in a10 only
<Turl> gzip hw accel? o.o
<wingrime> Turl: see wiki
<wingrime> Turl: it was for png
<ssvb> wingrime: is GPS really functional in A10? the DRAM code has some weird GPS hardware reset for A10
<ssvb> wingrime: I mean, is GPS a feature that really works properly in A10 tablets?
* ssvb has no Allwinner tablets
<Turl> ssvb: nobody used it afaik
<wingrime> ssvb: it useless, it frontend for simle gps reciver, modern recivers work with uart directly
<Turl> ssvb: I recall seeing a comment around the code somewhere
<Turl> saying it had to be gated or it'd try to read memory and stall - something like that
<wingrime> There some 3rd company that use it
<wingrime> Tom talked about it
<wingrime> In Soc IP list you can find company name
<wingrime> L
<wingrime> (Wiki)
<Turl> /* if we don't reset the gps module, it will access sdram
<Turl> * but sdram is not ready, and the system will die...
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<wingrime> They seems asked aw include their fronted to soc, backend chips with sample hw presented on company aite
<wingrime> *site
<wingrime> Turl: seems default config in IP
<ssvb> Turl: thanks
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<wingrime> Seems they use it
<wingrime> F20 there
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<libv> wingrime: this page is more about proving allwinners disregard of licenses
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<libv> i am now looking into what it takes to have multiple inputs and multiple outputs to the uboot console code
<libv> i am amazed that this hasn't been done yet.
<Turl> libv: remember it's a bootloader, not an OS
<Turl> even if it has apps
<libv> and apparently, it is not cool to use enums either
<libv> Turl: on pc bioses, you have had point and click interfaces for ages
<libv> uboot is just backward
<libv> ah, great: include/common.h:#define stdout 1
<libv> now wonder that they are using switch statements pointlessly
<libv> it should have multiple consoles though, so cfb_console must have messed up somewhere, or my config is off
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<libv> heh, so much for that.
<libv> as this of course can only be set from env
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<T0mW> I'm having trouble using the framebuffer on an A20. The LCD (LVDS) is 18bit, the fex has fb0_format set to 9 (RGB888). The framebuffer comes up as 24bit (appears to be RGBA8888). What is really bugging me is that the colors are not correct. Red will intensify until I give it 0x3c, then it goes to a dim RED.
<T0mW> anybody do any direct frame buffer manipulation via /dev/fb0?
<libv> what do you mean with "give it"?
<libv> also, what a20 device is this?
<T0mW> Sorry, AllWinner A20
<libv> it is clear that this is an allwinner soc
<libv> sunxi is synonymous for allwinner socs
<T0mW> ok, it is the AW-SOM technologies DIMM
<libv> this does not appear to be documented
<T0mW> I cannot find info on this RGB888 format with regards to 18bit LCDs. I thought that since the framebuffer is organized as 4 bytes per pixel, it must not be RGB888 but ABGR8888, which it seems to behave as such (the latter).
<T0mW> understood.
<T0mW> However, you seem to be saying that the A20 chip is not a standard device, that there are derivatives?
<T0mW> It says "ALLWINNER" on the device, I'm using the linux-sunxi kernel sources.
<libv> did you follow that link that i just pasted?
<T0mW> libv: yes, ..., what is your point? I've 16 years experience with ARM linux, and the last few years been working with LCD (ttl). This thing has me googling like mad, trying all sorts of configurations, etc. So, what was your point again?
<libv> oh, too good to ndh
<libv> understood.
<T0mW> It's not like I'm some newbie crying to IRC when "it don't work". I'm looking for professionals to assist another pro in resolving an issue.
* libv resumes what he was doing
<T0mW> libv: not get lambasted by some hobbist with an ego.
<libv> oh?
<libv> T0mW: good luck with your issue.
<Turl> T0mW: A20 is a SoC, and as such it's the same everywhere. But devices are not the same
<Turl> T0mW: so you should go through and add support to uboot and submit patches for that and the fex (config) file to the community
<Turl> so the next guy with whatever that device is can just get it running quickly
<libv> Turl: apparently only professionals are allowed to tell him anything
<libv> on a sunday afternoon
<Turl> libv: let's call Jon Masters :)
<libv> Turl: i don't see him paying a graphics driver developer by the hour, so i guess he doesn't want help
<T0mW> Turl: I understand that boards will vary, however I've the schematic for this and wired the LCD up myself. All I was asking is if someone has any documentation on the A20 framebuffer byte format. This is not my first time on IRC, many years of IRC, but the first time I've been "shown the door" on a linux kernel site. I do a lot of kernel work, if I have to, I'll run up kgdboc and delve into the whatever framebuffer source there is.
<T0mW> I've gone through the sunxi site and there isn't any info on the framebuffer other than the FEX config info.
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<libv> it's nice to know that professionals also look to the wiki first.
<Turl> such patience. I didn't even finish reading :|
<libv> and he never answered my first question either
<libv> this console muxing is also pretty hairy undocumented stuff
<bonbons> libv: if stuff was documented properly it would all be boring!
<libv> in that case, u-boot is very exciting :p
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<libv> there are just too many things awkwardly packed onto eachother, and too few people actually go and test things
<libv> it is the nature of the beast i guess, being an embedded bootloader
<Turl> libv: is barebox any better in that regard?
<libv> i wouldn't know
<Turl> libv: it has a linuxish look to it;a=blob;f=drivers/video/omap.c;h=485cc7538b18153aa0a8d7c4c4b10648e14f497f;hb=refs/heads/master
<libv> it does indeed look better
<Turl> libv: the edid code looks old though, judging by the (c)
<libv> it generates modes with gtf
<libv> which makes it lightyears ahead of uboot
<Turl> heh
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<T0mW> libv: lcd_lvds_bitwidth = 1 is all that was needed, thanks for your help.
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<libv> ooh, a contribution.
<libv> we random hobbyists are soo honoured.
<Turl> didn't he say he read the fex guide?
<Turl> "lcd_lvds_bitwidth: 0 for 24 bit; 1 for 18 bit"
<libv> Turl: that's not the professional way :p
<libv> seems i had badly messed up my env, and needed another config variable
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<libv> err, define
<libv> now i have both serial and hdmi :)
<libv> even though the cfbconsole code insists on being called "vga" :)
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<libv> it's amazing how so many people very obviously depend on our wiki, and then blatantly refuse to add to it
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<rds> now that LIBV is doing code, I am affraid no one is going to add to the wiki. this is bad!
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<libv> *sigh*
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<Nyuutwo> libv: I have messed with u-boot consolemux on imx6 (serial + netconsole)
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<libv> Nyuutwo: apparently, you can only truly enable it when getting console from env
<Nyuutwo> AFAIR (don't have code now) it was defining consolemux and change in (default) env
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<Nyuutwo> afair that was also requrement
<libv> CONFIG_SYS_CONSOLE_IS_IN_ENV is needed for that
<Nyuutwo> I have configured succesfully
<Nyuutwo> but probably I have come here to late for help
<libv> the other init code just picks the first that does both in and output
<libv> and then makes sure that iomux doesn't break things
<libv> instead of just enabling all in and outputs
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<Nyuutwo> nice to know - I didn;t have to go code hunting
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<Turl_> rds: now you're just trolling :)
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<libv> Turl: only now?
<rds> yes, I am teasing LIBV - his is my hero!
<libv> i would prefer being quietly worshipped from afar.
<rds> nonetheless, you don't need to make fun of me, every time I show up here
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<libv> why do you show up here?
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<libv> why do you so closely monitor our irclog, and what is the purpose of you coming here?
<libv> it's clearly not lurking
<libv> and we've established that you feel that you cannot contribute
<libv> so why?
<rds> i am just lurking
<libv> not really
<rds> i am almost ready to contribute
<rds> first, i am getting familiar with the process
<libv> ...
<rds> and how open sources projects get organized
<libv> Turl: that edid code is pretty recent
<libv> Turl: i wonder why gtf was chosen over cvt though
<rds> how developers share their code and skills, etc
<Turl> libv: it's like (c) Y2K, maybe that's why
<rds> so, libv, just lurking a project like this, one can learn a lot!
<Turl> and xfree86
<libv> Turl: "2." in the header lurks here
<Turl> libv: maybe rds is one of those guys doing studies on gpl communities and sending questionnaires
<Turl> libv: heh :p
<libv> it's mostly taken from drivers/video/fbdev/core/fbmon.c
<rds> turl: do you have a link ?
<Turl> rds: not really, I only get the questionnaires :p
<Turl> I asked one of them to send me a copy of their paper when it's finished and they said they would, but never heard back from them
<rds> i am lurking at 4 open source projects to observe how the teams work toghether
<rds> how best is the sharing of information, and how the documentation flows from the developers to public sites (wiki )
<rds> and, I don't work for NSA. :-)
<libv> rds: i mostly think that you are very bored individual.
<Turl> rds: you could try searching for stuff in google scholar
<rds> maybe!, but I don't understand why you pick some much on me! no one else does!
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<Turl> rds: maybe because you pick so much on libv :)
<rds> i don't pick on him, I just noticed overtime, that he has skills better than most here, but has no focus!
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<rds> and he just called me of a "boring individual"!
<rds> turl: thanks for the tip on "google scholar"
<rds> let me browse it for a little time.
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<libv> hrm, s906 really only needs to have u-boot and boards patches, for which the files are on the ml
<Turl> libv: that picture though...
<libv> just looks corny, he himself did that
<libv> anyway, later, i have 3 device pages open in tabs where my involvement is required
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<libv> ooh, now that ended up being pretty obvious.
<libv> seems that sun7i was loading defaults into plls from the fex file
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<Turl> libv: :)
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