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<rqou> I love how my <redacted> has four different footprint silkscreen styles thanks to symbols being stolen from four different places
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<rqou> O_o rust shipped simd support
<rqou> i guess they really haven't been slacking and feature after feature is starting to land
<mithro> tinyfpga: Why is the clock on B4 on the TinyFPGA B2? That doesn't seem to be a global net driver on the ice40 8k?
<cr1901_modern> >awygle: berenstein bears
<cr1901_modern> For the love of all that is holy, don't even start ._.
<tinyfpga> mithro: it’s also connected to C4...that connects to a global buffer
<tinyfpga> mithro: I think I just wasn’t paying attention when I made the pin constraint file
<mithro> tinyfpga: digshadow grabbed the info from your example -- so maybe that should be changed?
<tinyfpga> mithro: yes, I need to change the example
<tinyfpga> mithro: but I didn’t connect it to a global buffer in the BX at all
<mithro> tinyfpga: oh? that's less than ideal :-(
<tinyfpga> mithro: I probably should have...but I don’t think it will be a huge issue
<tinyfpga> mithro: yeah, not ideal
<tinyfpga> mithro: I can connect it to a global
<tinyfpga> mithro: ...buffer in the next production run in the fall
<mithro> digshadow was just testing the ice40 8k in vpr -- but I'm still in the process of adding support for routing onto the global buffers from the fabric
<tinyfpga> mithro: ohh, I see XD
<mithro> tinyfpga: It generated the design correctly but failed because the clock signal wasn't on a global buffer driving pin
<tinyfpga> mithro: you should be fine on the B2 then if you use C4 for the clk
<tinyfpga> That’s global buffer 0
<mithro> yeap, John is going to test that tomorrow
<tinyfpga> woohoo!
<tinyfpga> Send me a tweet when you have it working
<tinyfpga> I mean...tweet it to everyone XD
<mithro> tinyfpga: When I have a picorv32 working is when I'll tweet
<mithro> I think elms is pretty close to getting RAM working
<tinyfpga> ok
<mithro> Had blinky working fine on the icestick :-)
<tinyfpga> nice!
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<mithro> vpr is much slower than arachne -- it takes a like a _whole_ 5 seconds to do the flow but it does get a much better result
<rqou> hmm, this fuzzer has a problem
<rqou> 10k routes not working due to fuzzer sucking
<rqou> i guess this is what happens if your naive router cannot ripup existing routes
<rqou> ok, maybe fixed it
<rqou> nope
<rqou> ok, applied a different hack
<rqou> very high quality code all around
<rqou> also, idempotent code is good
<rqou> whee, surpassed 100k "doesn't work" paths
<rqou> ok, yet another hackfix
<rqou> if only somebody had written an actually good "worse is better" P&R tool *hint* *hint*
<rqou> hey azonenberg: ping?
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<rqou> alright, fuzzing should be complete except for three entries that for some reason the automated tool is choking on
<rqou> i can probably do those manually
<rqou> and then i think it's analysis time?
<rqou> no wait
<rqou> there's still some missing information about the left/right IOs trying to enter the fabric
<azonenberg> Back
<rqou> what were you doing? house?
<azonenberg> Yeah
<rqou> how's it going?
<azonenberg> Didnt get a ton done since i was in the city for work today and the boat back to seattle was delayed for some reason
<azonenberg> We cut out trim boards for a window, then bought some more supplies
<azonenberg> hung the exterior lights on the garage and by the front door and caulked around them
<azonenberg> moved the rest of one pallet of insulation inside
<azonenberg> And tarped the other 4 pallets since it was cloudy and we didnt want them to get wet if it rained
<azonenberg> and it was too late to keep working
<azonenberg> Tomorrow i'm working remote so we should get a good 4-5 hours of work in
<rqou> why does it always sound like you have a giant mile of "misc" left no matter what?
<azonenberg> Because building a house is a massive project :p
<azonenberg> Tomorrow's goal is to hang the last exterior light (on the back deck), install the power outlet on the back deck
<azonenberg> finish doing trim on all of the windows with normal sills
<azonenberg> then probably start thinking about getting plywood pieces for the office window and a few other spots that need deeper cavities
<azonenberg> oh, and i think we still need firestop foam around a few cable penetrations
<rqou> WTF dude
<rqou> why so much stuff?
<azonenberg> well, it didnt get done earlier :p
<azonenberg> The rough-in inspection just involves putting electrical boxes up
<azonenberg> and wiring
<azonenberg> not any of the fixtures
<azonenberg> in fact you arent allowed to do fixtures earlier, as the inspector has to be able to look into the boxes
<rqou> seems like you keep getting bottlenecked on inspection
<azonenberg> not really
<rqou> something something small government become a republican :P :P :P :P :P
<azonenberg> We've never been in a situation where we had nothing to do until an inspector came
<azonenberg> While waiting for the electrical inspector, we were caulking things
<azonenberg> While waiting for the caulking inspection, we'll be finishing framing
<azonenberg> Some tasks, like hanging insulation, are indeed blocked pending inspection of other things
<azonenberg> but that doesnt mean we have nothing to do
<azonenberg> If we ever run out of things to do there's a bunch of interior electrical finish work to do
<azonenberg> Two now-unused boxes need to have covers installed, then i have to install the kitchen, laundry room, and both bathroom light fixtures (rewired, but the sheetrock is up so no reason we can't do those fixtures now)
<azonenberg> plus the bathroom power receptacles
<azonenberg> that can happen at any time before the final electrical inspection
<azonenberg> i'm keeping that work in reserve if i ever have nothing to do
<rqou> so anyways, the actual question
<rqou> azonenberg: thoughts on having a "worse is better" coolrunner-ii toolchain for microcontrollers or whatever?
<rqou> or should i just make xc2bit no_std compatible?
<azonenberg> Dont know
<rqou> do you care about this use case?
<azonenberg> I see it as being potentially useful but i have no immediate use for it
<azonenberg> I would say, dont put any effort into it either way at this time
<azonenberg> until there's a user request for it
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<rqou> ok, pretty sure the things the tool can't figure out are not connected
<rqou> anyways, now the only fuzzing that still isn't quite done is left/right IOs
<rqou> azonenberg: time to apply more brain now?
<rqou> azonenberg: the muxes are in general not as fully utilized as i would expect
<rqou> 15513 sources among 1696 muxes
<rqou> so a bit more than 9 per mux on average
<azonenberg> interesting
<rqou> azonenberg: ok, somehow the rightmost column is special somehow
<rqou> both the "L" and "second set of L" wires have config bits mirrored horizontally
<rqou> but "second set of L" wires logically occupy the spots that would normally be used by R wires which are not mirrored
<rqou> (i'm treating the R0-3 wire bit configuration as the "canonical" one)
<rqou> and the U/D wires are weird too somehow
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<azonenberg> Unsurprising, if it's a boundary location
<pie__> if openfpga ever gets a tv series, it could be a running gag that azonenberg keeps knocking down and rebuilding the same wall just to seem busy
<azonenberg> pie__: :p
<pie__> ;D
<azonenberg> one way or another this remodel is going to be over at the end of next month
<azonenberg> Because thats when my landlord kicks me out :p
<azonenberg> I mean i have longer time horizon projects too, like the kitchen and bathrooms
<azonenberg> but those will be done while living in the house