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<hno> lkcl, whoho!
<hno> so SD driver works unmodified?
<hno> kind of expected.
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<lkcl> hno: yes. other than marking it as CONFIG_SUN5I
<lkcl> has anyone got a working kernel compile for an A20 device at all? any kernel, from anywhere.
<lkcl> hipboi: ^ ?
* lkcl gotta find a working kernel...
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<mnemoc> lkcl: try the import/lichee-3.3/a20-dev branch of my github. or the sun7i related tags in the same github
<lkcl> mnemoc: ack. i thiiink that's the one i'm using...
<lkcl> ta
<lkcl> let's see.... which is the cleaned-up one?
<mnemoc> lichee-3.3/sun7i-dev is the "vanilla" branch
<lkcl> ok
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<mnemoc> import/lichee-3.3/a20-dev is rebased over reference-3.3 and "sanitized"
<lkcl> back
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<mnemoc> i *can* have introduced troubles during the rebasing/sanitization
<lkcl> well, we will soon find out :)
<mnemoc> :)
<mnemoc> that's why I keep both ;-)
<lkcl> yehyeh.
<lkcl> i have fel-boot working on the a20, and u-boot, but not the kernel yet
<mnemoc> also, it's a dev branch. if lichee-3.3/sun7i-dev fails too, try their last tag
<lkcl> ack
<lkcl> oo they have one??
<lkcl> Switched to branch 'import/lichee-3.3/a20-dev'
<mnemoc> that's rebased/cleaned
<mnemoc> lichee-3.3/sun7i-dev is original from allwinner. and has tags
<lkcl> ahh riighht.
<lkcl> errrr.... does git have global tags, or are they per-branch?
<lkcl> that would be... odd
<mnemoc> global
<mnemoc> also, you can have orphan tags too
<lkcl> i strangely felt compelled to ask
<lkcl> niice
<lkcl> ok off it goes...
<mnemoc> i'll try to check if I have more un-pushed tags lingering around
<lkcl> mnemoc: ack
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<mnemoc> lkcl: git fetch amery --tags again please
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<hipboi> lkcl, the machine id allwinner use is different from the ones i registered
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<lkcl> hipboi: deep joy!
<lkcl> mnemoc: ack. got it
<lkcl> arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby.S:3: Error: file not found: arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby/standby.code
<lkcl> bloody hell.
<lkcl> _again_??
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<lkcl> WARNING: modpost: Found 12 section mismatch(es).
<lkcl> To see full details build your kernel with:
<lkcl> anything i should be worryin about there?
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<lkcl> fuck me i got a boot. and a segfault but i got a boot
<lkcl> [ 1.171421] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 6e6f448
<lkcl> [ 1.178606] pgd = c0004000
<lkcl> hmmm.... what's that all about?
<rz2k> lets run a jtag on a20 and see what it was about
<lkcl> rz2k: can't do that....
<lkcl> rz2k: wits-tech fucked up the board design
<rz2k> lol
<lkcl> yeah don't start... :)
<rz2k> okay :)
<lkcl> at least i got a boot
<mnemoc> lkcl: their script should include the call to build standby.code, at least that's how it worked on the a1x trees
<lkcl> mnemoc: ack
<lkcl> wow okay disabling usb-otg it's getting somewhere
<wigyori> hmm, u-boot question. i'm using 2013.04 but can't get an spl to be built correctly for the olinuxino board
<wigyori> if i use an earlier 2012.10 spl, that starts up correctly, and after that i can use the main u-boot binary built of 2013.04
<lkcl> argh they changed the script.fex names
<lkcl> holy fucking shit - a boot
<mnemoc> can you document in the Fex Guide the differences in script.bin you noticed?
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<lkcl> mnemoc: i think it more sensible to rename them back to what they were in the a10
<lkcl> it's not just additions, it's actual renames
<lkcl> e.g. mmc0_para it's now sdc_buswidth rather than bus_width
<mnemoc> we need to provide an script for users to translate their stock .fex
<mnemoc> so documenting the differences is important
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<wingrime> mnemoc: how much ways read chip id do you know ?
<mnemoc> i've seen it in the SC, the BROM, cedarx and SID
<mnemoc> but the SC seems to be the most reliable
<wingrime> you forgot SRAM hidden reg
<mnemoc> SC is SRAMC+0x24
<wingrime> we have any documents about SC?
<mnemoc> we know it has the state of the boot pins, chip_id and a bit to enable reading the chip_id
<mnemoc> but it was discovered by hno, not pre-documented
<mnemoc> good thing is it's consistent in all sun[4567]i we know of
<mnemoc> <--- documentation is going here
<wingrime> mnemoc: I already tesed it
<wingrime> It more interesting how insiders think about it
<wingrime> I also think about BROM checksumm
<mnemoc> matson is the closest thing we have to an insider, but he doesn't even reply replies to his own mails :-/
<wingrime> mnemoc: we still have strange "/modules/" dir
<mnemoc> problem with the brom is that it can only be read (on linux) after iomap()ing the section
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<wingrime> mnemoc: mnemoc: have we any other insiders
<wingrime> maybe hipboi know others emails?
<mnemoc> no, he doesn't work for aw anymore
<mnemoc> matson i mean
<mnemoc> hipboi probably knows many, he worked here and still lives in the same town
<mnemoc> s/here/there/
<wingrime> He should know emails or QQ to stuff
<mnemoc> most likely
<mnemoc> but since he left aw, hipboi hasn't been very active around here
<wingrime> we still need 1) nand 2) cedar 3) usb documents
<wingrime> mnemoc: he must know eachothers
<mnemoc> hipboi might have access to aw employees, but he can't get us any of that without CEO approval
<wingrime> mnemoc: if I know any chinesse I think I get some aw stuff in seconds in some social networking
<mnemoc> lkcl otoh has had contact with aw's management
<wingrime> hipboi: talked with CEO directly ?
<mnemoc> wingrime: without authorization it's industrial spionage
<mnemoc> espionage*
<wingrime> mnemoc: maybe
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<wingrime> mnemoc: but china do their best in it
<mnemoc> the path to the drivers and documentation is eva, and aw's CEO if you can reach him
<mnemoc> and REing
<jelly-home> wingrime: they might do whatever, but I like my sources and drivers legal and preferably GPL compatible
<jelly-home> (v2)
<wingrime> mnemoc: does hipboy ever talked with aw CEO
<mnemoc> doubtful
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<wingrime> and how much bug company are ?
<mnemoc> matson might
<wingrime> *big
<mnemoc> no idea
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<wingrime> sorry, for my mistake , I don't know any chinesse I mean
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<wingrime> I mean "if I know"
<mnemoc> non-profit industrial espionage is probably VERY rare
<hramrach_> maybe start a non-profit industrial espionage foundation ;-)
<mnemoc> =)
<wingrime> It may be aw big enought that CEO have no any deal with coders , and all work are related slow middle layer managers
<wingrime> it so cool that that afraid set thair copyright on code
<wingrime> mnemoc: you can't imagine how simple wrong people in big company can enter and get some info simply ask stuff for help ))))
<wingrime> mnemoc: social engenering
<bfree> Fief ... Free industrial espionage foundation ... I like it, close enough to thief. perhaps poetic justice if such a group existed just to get sources for GPL violating blobs :-p
<wingrime> bfree: docs are more important
<wingrime> don't want see thir crap code ever
<mnemoc> they own their IP, and they can the docs as closed as they want
<wingrime> mnemoc: I HOPE THEY HAVE THAT DOCS
<mnemoc> what they can't close is the linux/u-boot/ffmpeg code written using those docs
<wingrime> HOPE, becose thait stuff is too lazy do it
<wingrime> *thay
<mnemoc> some pages in chinese and some diagrams they have for sure
<hramrach_> if it's electronic google translates
<wingrime> I not think thare is something intresting here
<wingrime> mnemoc: if you want steal some think realy interesting I prefer commented HDL files
<mnemoc> i don't want to steal anything
<wingrime> I too
<mnemoc> I want lkcl to convince aw's CEO of providing the missing doc and code
<wingrime> a10 will leave market soon
<wingrime> there is no any reason have docs closed or simulat
<hramrach_> there is
<mnemoc> the same IPs in the A10 are still in use in the A20 and A31
<hramrach_> patent trolls sue you ever discontinued device all right
<mnemoc> also true
<hramrach_> s/ever/over/
<wingrime> hramrach: with cedar are possible
<mnemoc> and usb, and emac, and nand, and and and
<wingrime> Thay defenetly decoding it without any license
<mnemoc> wherever there is money, there is a lawyer doing whatever possible to take it
<wingrime> emac are Mentor Graphics IP so there we not need any docs from aw
<mnemoc> and the more they know about a technology, more chances they have to milk AW
<wingrime> with nand , nand much simple, but i this can be something on GPL in
<mnemoc> emac is clamed to be davicom's. usb from mentor
<wingrime> mnemoc: we have normal code for USB?
<wingrime> it can be big present if nand are GPL based
<mnemoc> if you can call aw's code "normal".... yes
<wingrime> mnemoc: have we non aw mentor usb code?
<bfree> speaking of emac ... bring on Linux 3.11 for (sunxi) Workgroups ;)
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<hramrach_> wingrime: kind of. but the register layout does not match. see some logs ;-)
<wingrime> mnemoc: can you imageine if NAND or something form HDL code are GPL , so whole chip becmoes GPL voliation ?
<wingrime> hramrach: you about usb?
<mnemoc> wingrime: doubt it
<hramrach_> yesh, somebody talked about it in here
<hramrach_> there is a driver in kernel but does not quite fit the stuff AW has
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<wingrime> AW looks white on a first look
<mnemoc> white?
<wingrime> yes
<mnemoc> what does that mean?
<wingrime> I mean thay you some parts form unkn places
<wingrime> some unlicenced
<wingrime> codes are possible unlicensced
<mnemoc> there are things that don't get licensed on the SoC but on the board, like hdmi
<mnemoc> others on the product, like mpeg
<rz2k> techn_: mnemoc:
<mnemoc> not SoC's manufacturer problem
<rz2k> who pushed wrong sha to sunxi-bsp :p
<mnemoc> techn!
<mnemoc> or github is drunk
<mnemoc> happens
<rz2k> 74923e55fc3ef512d4cd2462da58ae5331611f37
<rz2k> the top of github
<rz2k> cedarx-libs
<wingrime> mnemoc: what if some SoC HDL if GPL, and what thay will do ?
<rz2k> lol
<rz2k> nice error code
<wingrime> lol
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<piyushverma> Is there any body have experiance of FB Flickring whe nset resolution to fullhd
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<jelly-home> wingrime: the easiest thing to do is pull all the hardware from the market
<wigyori> hmm, can't get a boot on my a13 with a mainline kernel
<wigyori> vanilla 3.9.4, vanilla script.bin from olimex, console set to ttyS0, board-related config is in, 8250 is compiled into kernel
<wigyori> what could be missing? the correct loadaddr is 0x40008000 right?
<wigyori> all i see is the starting kernel message
<ssvb> piyushverma: there may be some glitches on screen with fullhd resolution when heavily using mali
<ssvb> piyushverma: clocking memory higher and/or reducing the monitor refresh rate helps (for example from 60hz to 50hz)
<piyushverma> Long time before it was working in same situation
<piyushverma> So it looks strange
<piyushverma> now it's on 50Hz
<ssvb> what exactly is happening?
<ssvb> do the glitches look like screen shaking or some waves rolling over the screen?
<piyushverma> looks like screen shaking
<piyushverma> I think somthing wtih HDMI transmission
<piyushverma> casue even cedar display out also shaking
<ssvb> what is your memory clock frequency?
<piyushverma> I think 360
<ssvb> yeah, that's very low
<ssvb> not surprising that it is so easy to trigger this problem in your case
<piyushverma> default it come with this
<piyushverma> how much it could be overclocked
<piyushverma> one more surprise
<piyushverma> I use hackberry
<piyushverma> it have 1 gb ram
<ssvb> in many cases up to 480mhz
<piyushverma> I try to increse from script.bin
<piyushverma> but no effect
<piyushverma> does it stored in uboot ?
<ssvb> yes, it is hardcoded in u-boot sources
<piyushverma> humm so frequency will change wtih script.bin
<piyushverma> or need to build again uboot with patch
<piyushverma> got it thanks
<piyushverma> no info for nand flash :)
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<rz2k> for those who want to use yuq's nand driver with a10s/a13/a20 olinuxinos, they all have the h27UBG8T2B nand which is not supported
<rz2k> slapin_n1: hno: ^
<rz2k> i have panic with it :(
<rz2k> cant find the full datasheet for it
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<lkcl> ok the segfault i'm seeing happens only when putting usb0 into OTG (detect) mode
<lkcl> *but* if i put it into "client only" mode, then it doesn't get reset properly, i end up with it still appearing as a "fel loader" device!
<rz2k> lkcl: as a side question, what nand do you have on a20_eoma?
<rz2k> if you have any :p
<lkcl> so modprobe g_ether fails because the usb is locked
<lkcl> rz2k: same as on the eoma68-a10 module.
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<lkcl> i don't know what it is - i think it's 4gb, maybe 8gb.
<lkcl> hynix h27u8g8t20tr
<lkcl> if i can read correctly in the dark :)
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<lkcl> ooo, keyboard works.
<rz2k> sure its not h27u8g8t2B?
* rz2k cant see this nand in allwinners nand_id.c
<lkcl> 2BTR yep you're right. difficult to read in the dark :)
<rz2k> ok, so you are in the clean. both allwinners nand_id and yuq's mtd driver have your chip
* rz2k continues to search needed datashet to grab the id data right
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<lkcl> boot with HDMI, keyboard and mouse on a USB hub, woo! fvwm2 and midori!
<lkcl> ok should try the nand MTD driver next, see what happens there.
<lkcl> ahhh... best to try that on an A10 device first.... no networking on this hum
<rz2k> yes mtd driver in u-boot wants to tftp mtd partitions data from other system
<rz2k> thats sort of alternative to FEL/livesuit/whatever flashing
<rz2k> also I believe it can be booted with FEL
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<KamiKaze_Phoenix> hello
<KamiKaze_Phoenix> i think linux sunxi 3.4.xx have patch, where i can find this patch ?
<lkcl> KamiKaze_Phoenix:
<lkcl> then check out the stage/sunxi-3.4 branch
<lkcl> sorry
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