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<servili007> libv: Yep, was my binary drivers, works beautifully after a local recompile, thanks
<jlj> is the edid hdmi code only in 3.4 or should it work in 3.0 too?
<jlj> so that the card autodetects the resolution at start up
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<auxym> bah. hours of messing around to figure that my problem seems to be buggy wifi drivers
<auxym> do any of you know if "8192cu" are drivers provided by realtek or community-developed?
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<Turl> jlj: should be on both
<Turl> auxym: there's some drivers on mainline, and then there's the ones provided by realtek
<Turl> I think 8192cu is the realtek one and rtl8192cu the mainline ones
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<auxym> yeah thats what I figured. Guess I'm out of luck for bug reports in that case?
<Turl> auxym: what bug are you experiencing?
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<auxym> trying to connect to my apt block's wifi, which uses WPA2 with EAP-PEAP (mschapv2) auth. the exact same wpa_supplicant config that works on my suse box with ralink 2800 fails on my a10.
<auxym> the a10 (with rtl8188cus) does work with regular wpa2-psk and about anything else, just eap-peap that I can't get working, no matter what tweaks i do to wpa_supplicant.conf
<auxym> I'm about 99% percent sure its not a config issue but something with the driver (or h/w)
<auxym> tried with manual wpa_supplicant config but also wicd and lxde's network manager, all the same result
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<Turl> auxym: you could try with the other driver
<auxym> yeah, i did try a bit yesterday, albeit with an older kernel (3.0 something) it was way worst, i couldnt get anything to connect. googling around, a lot of people are reporting that rtl8192cu has a lot of issues. hence with it seems 8192cu is the default
<auxym> ill try getting the latest one from realtek and compiling it tomorrow, it was released nov '12.
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<oliv3r> mornin'
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<rellla> morning
<rellla> Turl: ping
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<oliv3r> mornin
<oliv3r> turl is probably sleeping :)
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<rellla> wiki spammers got more clever last days :p
<oliv3r> again?
<oliv3r> turl just changed the questions
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<hramrach__> mornin
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<oliv3r> hmm, taht's strange, my cubie1 doesn't have the boot magic csel value in dram controller
<oliv3r> ssvb: ping
<ssvb> oliv3r: pong
<oliv3r> hi
<oliv3r> so, what do I need to look for/at
<oliv3r> though I think it's all solved now, isn't it?
<oliv3r> i've put default boot0 values here:
<oliv3r> btw, boot0 is identical (for the same version) amongst all boards
<ssvb> I think the ball is now on Tom's and/or Allwinner's side
<oliv3r> luke was saying in the 'how easy it is to use allwinner SoC's' that they have 1 binary dump, and only change the fex file
<oliv3r> tom doesn't compile boot0 as it's fully closed (until recently of course)
<oliv3r> i do hope sincerly we get more dram info
<oliv3r> but i still doubt it's allwinner's own IP
<ssvb> it would be interesting if they shed any light on CAS6 vs. CAS9 configuration choice
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<oliv3r> i mean, look at things like tpr1, tpr2, tpr3; they simply copy the values from the config into the register
<ssvb> maybe CAS7 would be the best for this hardware
<oliv3r> and there's more options they just blalantly copy from the config -> registers
<ssvb> sure, I mean these settings affect memory latency
<oliv3r> i hate working with a black-box like that :)
<ssvb> probably Allwinner could review them and advise what is best for reliability & performance
<oliv3r> but i sincerly doubt we get any more info :p
<oliv3r> we have their 'latest changes' since that's the a20 memory settings
<oliv3r> and they haven't changed much really
<oliv3r> well in the code
<oliv3r> and i bet nobody dares touchding dram_para :)
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<oliv3r> gah, not even the timing refresh rates are the same, which is crazy concidering the ram and pcb layout is identical
<ssvb> to me it just looks like some random reshuffling of dramc setting is being done, and then they keep whatever does not obviously fail
* ssvb fails to see any intelligence in this process
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<oliv3r> i doubt there is
<oliv3r> sun4i sun5i sun7i in 1 dram.c is slowly becomming messy
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<oliv3r> sun4i doesn't have option c), sun5i wants this option done before option a), sun7i has this additional option
<oliv3r> if it where only performance tunings
<oliv3r> as for the pll5 vs pll6 options, those are 'tuning' settings, which should be in dram_para, with some safe default
<oliv3r> not hardcoded imo
<oliv3r> but that's all for later
<oliv3r> just like removing GPS clock in dram.c
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<hramrach__> ssvb: that's how chip design works as well. you test it until there are no obvious flaws
<hramrach__> so no wonder chip settings follow similar pattern
<hramrach__> hmm, I have this patch for sun[67]i nand partition support in kernel somewhere
<hramrach__> the top two commits here (or on ML)
<hramrach__> so if somebody feels bored you can look at it and suggest how to do it sanely
<hramrach__> basically I have 1 code which I #include with different header which makes it support two layouts
<hramrach__> OO code in C for you
<hramrach__> it's ugly but the alternative is to have the code twice which is also ugly
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<hramrach__> but given that sun[45]i fits all four mbr copies into one page and sun[67]i requires get_part_sector dances to read just one mbr maybe it is worth splitting after all
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<hramrach__> github upload 15k/s /o\
<mnemoc> can someone make me a branch to merge into stage/3.4 ?
<mnemoc> (same for 3.0 is also welcomed)
<mnemoc> but can't review the ML atm
<hramrach__> mnemoc: tha't a branch. want a pull request?
<hramrach__> but look at the code befor you consider merging ;-)
<mnemoc> hramrach__: not only nand. all the pending stuff
<mnemoc> i can't review :(
<mnemoc> just want to merge stuff to show it's still alive
<hramrach__> it did not break the kernel for me ;-)
<mnemoc> there is tons of hansg stuff pending
<mnemoc> is someone can make a branch to merge on one pass *safe* stuff, it would be gratly appreciated
<mnemoc> need to do tons of things before leaving .es this thrusday
<hramrach__> heh, leaving on wed so not going to do much stuff either
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<hramrach__> maybe leave it for later. it's summer holidays so people are offline a lot
<mnemoc> great time for job hunting :-/
<Black_Horseman> great time for lives
<hramrach__> I don't think that's too much of an impediment. They have dedicated departements just for that in most companies ;-)
<mnemoc> but if the guy who signs the contract is in the caribian, your are screwed
<hramrach__> I am sure they have procedures for that. can't stop the company because somebody ins in the carribean
<mnemoc> :)
<oliv3r> bus-factor 1
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<oliv3r> Turl: ping
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<Turl> oliv3r: pong
<oliv3r> hey
<oliv3r> good morning :)
<oliv3r> Turl: i would like to use your expert opinion on something
<Turl> oliv3r: :p sure
<Turl> rellla: wiki spam :( I changed the questions like 3 days ago
<Turl> mripard: do you have any news from mdp on DMA?
<oliv3r> oh dma
<oliv3r> Turl: let me prepare a paste
<mripard> Turl: nope, pinged him like last friday, he's still off the radar
<oliv3r> Turl: currently, we have a table with fixed magic values, hpcr_value[32];
<oliv3r> Turl: i found a way to give those magic values meaning
<oliv3r> the least intrusive (littlest changes) is to use those defines instead of the magic values
<oliv3r> i opted for assiging it directly as can be seen in the paste
<oliv3r> any other possibility way of doing this, keeping the descriptivness?
<oliv3r> i guess the only other way, is to set those registers one at a time
<oliv3r> yeah, but then i loose the meaining of the index i'm affraid
<oliv3r> i was thinking of doing that too
<Turl> oliv3r: it goes in the comment
<oliv3r> but it's 'fixed order' then
<oliv3r> sun5i and sun7i have different array entries
<oliv3r> indexes*
<oliv3r> and the array becomes sensitive to ordering
<oliv3r> which is why i kinda try to stay away from that method
<Turl> then I guess your solution is the way to go
<oliv3r> :S
<oliv3r> i don't like mine though :)
<Turl> yeah it's a bit verbose :)
<oliv3r> i know
<oliv3r> but i want to be able to quickly group identical settings for the various socs
<oliv3r> ok then i'll keep it that way
<Turl> maybe you can make a helper macro
<Turl> all of them have XS_EN for example
<oliv3r> like?
<oliv3r> except the ones that are '0'
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> but yeah, xs_en is a little reduntant
<oliv3r> IF you set anything, you need to enable it;
<Turl> #define HPCR_DEFINE(name, val) hpcr_value[(name)] = ....XS_EN | (value)
<oliv3r> it strips the XS_EN
<oliv3r> it's a few characters shorter
<oliv3r> #define XS_EN(name, val); :p
<Turl> #define HPCR_DEFINE(name, val) hpcr_value[(DRAM_HPCR_ ## name)] = ....XS_EN | (value)
<Turl> (untested, but might work :p
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> lets try that
<oliv3r> if it saves 5 characters, it'll be good
<oliv3r> i'm acking of putting that define above the declration
<oliv3r> aye read that today too
<oliv3r> and will be lowered more again jul 1st
<hno> hi mnemoc!
<oliv3r> Nelly kroes, our dutch hero-es, said 'there are no telecom borders in europe'
<oliv3r> hi hno :)
<Turl> oliv3r: today is jul 1st :p
<oliv3r> Turl: every year, every jul 1st the rates will be dropped
<Turl> oh cool :)
<oliv3r> and in a few years, all roaming costs should be gone in the EU
<oliv3r> Turl: ok it shortedned by over half the line, very good
<hno> hi oliv3r
<oliv3r> enjoying your vacation?
<Turl> oliv3r: does it build? :P
<oliv3r> erm
<oliv3r> dunno yet :)
<oliv3r> lets find out
<oliv3r> there might be a space too much in your define
<wingrime> Turl: may be disable wiki registation for while
<oliv3r> not an option really
<oliv3r> manually accepting new registrants maybe
<wingrime> ssvb: why aw set a20 clocks as 920 Mhz?
<oliv3r> Turl: yes, yes it does :)
<oliv3r> wingrime: 912 I think is the 'stock' a20 clock
<oliv3r> wingrime: did you get your c2 yet?
<wingrime> oliv3r: nope
<oliv3r> :((
<Turl> oliv3r: heh great :) I'm surprised I didn't mess up the ##concat
<Turl> oliv3r: neither have I :P
<oliv3r> i thought it would have been DRAM_HPCR_##name :)
<oliv3r> gawd i hate the 80 lines limit
<oliv3r> linus is right, checkpatch should be far more flexible there
<ssvb> wingrime: nobody knows for sure, but I guess that initially they want to play safe and avoid any potential problems
<Turl> I think this new spammers are humans, and it's hard to separate humans from humans with a captcha :/
<ssvb> wingrime: or maybe they have problems with their manufacturing process and the chips just can't work at high clock frequencies
<ssvb> wingrime: the CPU in my CubieBoard2 can be overclocked to 1.15GHz, but is really unstable at 1.2GHz even with higher voltages
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<wingrime> ssvb: I saw somewhere that current tech process ar 40nm
<wingrime> for a20
<wingrime> but RockChip's IC now use 28nm
<ssvb> wingrime: btw, A10 in my Mele A2000 also can't be clocked higher than 1.15GHz, so A10 and A20 seem to be pretty similar with the regards to the CPU clock frequency limit
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<Turl> mnemoc: what do you think? should we disable registrations?
<wingrime> ssvb: it can be related curent RTL (litography standard block library)
<rellla> Turl: so you can only separate them with manual account confirmation. but that maybe keeps someones from contributing...
<wingrime> ssvb: AW may be can't use 28nm with current price policy
<oliv3r> wingrime: i still think a20 is a 'cheap stop gap' while we wait for a40 :)
<Turl> rellla: yeah :( sucks that spammers exist
<ssvb> wingrime: it looks like Allwinner is losing this round to the competition, the others have Cortex-A9 SoCs with more cores and higher clock frequency
<Turl> rellla: elinux has registrations disabled too
<oliv3r> it's better to make us work harder in removing spam accounts, then it is to not let people contribute
<oliv3r> contribution is top prio
<oliv3r> ssvb: i kinda agree
<oliv3r> ssvb: but even with a worse soc, they could have still made a killer, if they had their oss work in order (e.g. have support mainlined before silicon leaves the factory)
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah but they sell premade device designs pretty much
<Turl> it's not a need they have
<oliv3r> true, they do buy a lot of IP
<wingrime> ssvb: but AW have good market place with 'Cheap' SOC , I think that AW can't make better SoC generaly related TSMC prices for better tech-process
<Turl> and judging by the code quality, looks like they're fans of 'it works? SHIPIT!'
<wingrime> ssvb: SoC simply not fit cheap price policy with better techprocess
<wingrime> Turl: china logic
<Turl> wingrime: s/china/most companies'/
<wingrime> Turl: it possible make manual conformation ?
<wingrime> Turl: you simply can drop 'Crap' usernames
<rellla> Turl, mnemoc, auto delete of new accounts with no edit within eg. a week would be a first step. and i would delete all accounts without contribution till now. i searched for that but i haven't found out to do that without direct manipulation of the db
<Turl> mostly prop software companies
<Turl> rellla: yeah but there's that :P how do you do it?
<Turl> rellla: there's no concept of deleting accounts afaik
<Turl> just blocking
<rellla> db tables are very connected afaik :(
<Turl> wingrime: they already have it enabled I think, you get a mail and need to click a link or sth
<wingrime> Turl: I talking about That after email activaion, some one from linux-sunxi must aprove it
<wingrime> like invite
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<Turl> mnemoc: ^
<rellla> Turl: looks good. so try it and delete us all ;)
<Turl> yeah I'm not gonna run it as is :P need to take a db backup first if anything
<Turl> but I've got class in like 15m, can't do it now :P
<oliv3r> Turl: go to your class then :)
<oliv3r> this is how it'll look like
<oliv3r> i like it
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<rellla> need a mediafile tester with either vlc or xbmc. any voluntaries?
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<oliv3r> i have no sd card with xbmc on it
<oliv3r> still waiting for you to create a universal image like hasng's :)
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<rellla> ah. nice to know ;)
<rellla> i want to know, how a 1080i file plays on a10
<rellla> hramrach__ ^
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<naobsd> hmm, there are some forks on github, how can I find better one...
<oliv3r> notmart: what are you after
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<oliv3r> hno: i think there's some flaws in the hpcr tables w ehave
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<oliv3r> ah, yeah either mine or hno's u-boot
<oliv3r> both work if you have the right branch
<oliv3r> mine is very volatile though
<oliv3r> as i randomly push --force stuff :)
<oliv3r> but hno hasn't gotten all my patches worked in yet
<oliv3r> there's a small performance bug in hno's branch, it's nothing major :)
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<naobsd> dram init code is tooo cryptic for me ;)
<oliv3r> naobsd: yeah it's horrible
<oliv3r> but if you look at my last patches, i'm working on cleaning it up
<oliv3r> or atleast give meaning to things, cleanup follows
<naobsd> mbus clock is not fixed yet?
<naobsd> sorry
<naobsd> there is #ifdef CONFIG_SUN7I
<oliv3r> naobsd: a20 yeah :)
<oliv3r> a20 has mbus of pll6; a13 has pll5 (pll6 not available/working) and a10 has unchanchable mbus :)
<oliv3r> e.g. all settings are ignored.
<naobsd> mmm
<oliv3r> so you can't tune mbus for a10, a13 a little (but not really) and a20 (default) is pll6 which gives you about 20% performance increase
<oliv3r> boot0 has this by default obviously
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* oliv3r starts to yell *arrrrggh*U
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<naobsd> oliv3r: thank you
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<auxym> im using a debian image from the miniand forums and its missing the kernel headers (to compile modules)
<auxym> any idea how I could get my hands on them? kernel 3.4.29+
<hramrach__> rellla: 1080 generally plays for me. I can tell you if it crashes the player but not what the output is atm ;-)
<hramrach__> also post a sample of the file otherwise nobody can test ;-)
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<rellla> hramrach__: it's the new one (9th) sample of
<rellla> i'm interested, how the a10 goes with 1080 interlaced
<rellla> as for my pvr-streaming client i need fluid playback of 720p and 1080i dvb-s/s2 streams
<rellla> currently streaming of 1080i channels isn't that perfect
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<wingrime> oliv3r: you are remeber where that tool for android
<wingrime> oliv3r: for dram
<wingrime> oliv3r: I just bye chep tablet for a10 testing
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<wingrime> trul: do you remember where that tool
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<naobsd> oliv3r: I got ramdom crash with your u-boot wip/a20
<naobsd> random
<naobsd> e.g. [ 31.127569] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address aaaaaaa8
<naobsd> it seems stack is broken...
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<naobsd> hno's u-boot with fix for mbus_clk_cfg is working and better performance w/o fix... so something may be wrong in another place :(
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<hramrach__> hmm, rellla gone
<hramrach__> currently my disp is broken and cannot play anything with vlc
<hramrach__> my kernel was too experimental after all it seems
<hramrach__> but not sure what I did to break disp
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<hramrach__> maybe it was broken by one of the recent merges. need to investigate a bit more. I am quite sure the part with tracking disp layers stil worked since I used it to track layers
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<auxym> i just made a bootable sd card with bsp/hwpack. does it install kernel-headers to the rootfs? if not can I get them somehow?
<auxym> i need to compile a module
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<mnemoc> auxym: clone the tree and build your own custom kernel
<mnemoc> those hwpacks include exclusively the defconfig
<auxym> ok... so I need to edit the kernel config so it produces headers when compiling?
<auxym> never compiled a kernel before
<Turl> auxym: do you need an out of tree module?
<mnemoc> /porc/config.gz is usually the simplest starting point
<Turl> mnemoc: don't we have a make linux-config?
<mnemoc> yes
<Turl> you can use that to enable the module if it is in-tree
<mnemoc> yes
<Turl> but if you need sth external you'll need the headers
<auxym> yeah. as we talked ysterday im going to try the latest driver from realtiek for the wifi, so I need to compile it from source i downloaded from realtek's site
<Turl> auxym: what version is it?
<auxym> 3.4.4_4749 released nov 11 2012, according to rt
<auxym> and yeah, thats the version your commit has
<auxym> too bad :( was my last hope
<Turl> yeah but it's not merged on linux-sunxi
<auxym> i see. can I somehow merge into my local copy? sorry im not terribly familiar with git
<Turl> so applying those commits to your tree and rebuilding could be a way to go for testing the new release
<Turl> auxym: yes, sec
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<auxym> awesome, trying it out
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<auxym> Cannot write to `-' (Success).
<auxym> guess thats not good?
<Turl> is that the only thing that's printing?
<auxym> bah, ill just wget them manually and cat them into git am
<auxym> git gives me this though, normal?
<auxym> previous rebase directory /home/francis/sunxi/sunxi-bsp/.git/modules/linux-sunxi/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given.
<Turl> yeah not good
<Turl> the first one doesn't apply any longer, let me refresh them
<auxym> oh :\
<Turl> meanwhile run git am --abort
<auxym> done
<oliv3r> wingrime: a10-meminfo?
<oliv3r> naobsd: that's almost impossible, since u-boot only ... boots :)
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<oliv3r> naobsd: i still have to confirm, but my branch should setup the memory identically as boot0
<Turl> mnemoc: /q?
<Turl> auxym: try wget -O-|gunzip|git am
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<Turl> should apply the 4 patches
<auxym> looking good
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<auxym> so.. make clean, make the hwpack and I should have a kernel with the latest module?
<Turl> in theory, yes
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<auxym> great. compilin' (and crossing fingers)
<auxym> bah. huge thanks for your help Turl, but no go. still same issue with peap authentication. ill have to find a workaround i guess
<mnemoc> Turl: type freely
<mnemoc> Turl: i'm flying out of .es this thursday at 6am.... so i'm a bit short of spare time. but i can read and reply async ;-)
<Turl> auxym: hm, well, it was worth a shot in any case :)
<Turl> mnemoc: going back to .cl?
<mnemoc> Turl: i'll try .de first
<mnemoc> there is zero job for C apes in .cl
<mnemoc> VB or java only
<Turl> mnemoc: no apes programming PICs? :P
<oliv3r> samsung is looking for people in south korea
<mnemoc> Turl: chile doesn't make anything. sells cooper, apples and fish
<mnemoc> nothing made, only collected
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<mnemoc> everything else is imported
<mnemoc> not even a f* bike factory
<oliv3r> sprechen sie deutch
<auxym> would it be worth to either post the issue (with wpa_supplicant logs) somewhere, or email realtek?
<Turl> mnemoc: we are assembling our stuff at least :P
<mnemoc> oliv3r: I lived a year in berlin back in 2006..... but i wouldn't try to speak it loud :p
<rellla> *deutsch btw ;)
<mnemoc> but to be honest, i don't speak spanish either....
<mnemoc> just type :|
<oliv3r> rellla: i was born in austria, i'm half austrian :) left when i was 10 though
<rellla> your last name sounds austrian ;)
<Turl> mnemoc: how come you don't speak spanish?
<mnemoc> i've spoken more english in the last decade than spanish even when living in spanish speaking countries 33 of my 35 years
<mnemoc> Turl: social problems
<oliv3r> no hables espagnol?
<Turl> the same probably holds true for me wrt writing
<oliv3r> move to s. korea, work for samsung
<mnemoc> sure i can, if i know the person in front of me and there are les than 4 people total
Dreadlish is now known as PanBozio
<Turl> oliv3r: 8/10 nice try :P
<oliv3r> 8/10?
<mnemoc> but in english it tends to be work-related, and that's simpler to deal with
<Turl> oliv3r: we grade stuff on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being excellent
<oliv3r> oh
<oliv3r> hah
PanBozio is now known as Dreadlish
<oliv3r> parles vous francais
<auxym> oui :)
<oliv3r> ich bin ein berliner!
<mnemoc> love that city
<Turl> oliv3r: I'm a es-en guy, I need to learn cn and then I'd have covered the majority of the world's population :P
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<oliv3r> LOL
<oliv3r> yeah i wanna learn cn
<auxym> sounds hard as hell though
<Turl> I don't :P I can hardly distinguish the characters
<mnemoc> it's easier to teach chinese to speak english than an argentinian to speak anything.....
<Turl> mnemoc: lol
<mnemoc> like with spaniards
<mnemoc> they just can't
<mnemoc> .es people can't even pronnounce two consonants together in spanish words
<mnemoc> and god save us from spaniards trying to talk in english
<Turl> mnemoc: no creo :P
<mnemoc> septiembre -> se-tiembre
<Turl> mnemoc: I had a english teacher from spain once :D
<mnemoc> sexo -> seso
<mnemoc> victoria (my daughter) -> vi-toria
<mnemoc> madrid -> madri'
<mnemoc> they can't even speak their own language
<Turl> I hate 'setiembre', but RAE says it's ok
<mnemoc> sure it's "ok"
<mnemoc> they can't bad spain's spanish
<mnemoc> ban
<Turl> on the other hand, all of those are pretty normalized
<mnemoc> even with football teams -> atletico -> a-letico
<mnemoc> seso? aletico? that's not valid anywhere
<mnemoc> and not even jouranlists can pronounce them
<Turl> mnemoc: well, that must be Only in Spain (c)
<Turl> seso over here is what you have inside your head :p
<mnemoc> yes, .es problem. the rest of the spanish speaking counties only have troubles with the s/z and b/v
<Turl> that's not a problem, that's a solution ;)
<Turl> y/ll
<mnemoc> :p
<mnemoc> Turl: y/ll is written. s/z and b/v sound differently
<Turl> on some places of spain (most iirc) b/v is written too
<Turl> I'll give you s/z :P
<mnemoc> the rule is c sounds like k or z.
notmart_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> in the south of spain they make s sound like z
<mnemoc> in latin maerican and canaria, z sounds like s
<mnemoc> try to survive 10 minutes talking with someone from cadiz and you'll want to suicide
<Turl> haha
notmart has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
<mnemoc> the "german" sch sound is in half of the words
auxym has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
<mnemoc> and all 's' sounds like an strongly marked z
<Turl> sch sounds like y?
<mnemoc> think in chile pronounces as ssshile
<oliv3r> schoen stoppen
<mnemoc> pronounced*
eebrah is now known as eebrah|away
<Turl> like the y sound in "lluvia" then
<mnemoc> Turl: yes, like the argentinian lluvia
<mnemoc> while everyone else lluvia starts like the english "you"
<Turl> well, that sound is every ll/y on the words
<Turl> we should just write them with y, yuvia, yamada, yoyo, yo, yavero :P
<mnemoc> or teach argentians to pronounce :p
<Turl> that'd create a tear in space-time that would eat us all
<mnemoc> :)
<Turl> we could teach .es people "simplified spanish" too :P
<mnemoc> each province has an strongly differenciated accent
<mnemoc> and in my region in particular, the "local" language was standarized very short ago
<mnemoc> so galician speaking children don't understand theyr grandfathers or the other way around
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<mnemoc> kind of shameful
auxym has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> chilean teens need some spanish classes too, you can hardly understand what they write when there's a "wn", "wea" and similar words mixed with contractions, flogger speech and such :p
<mnemoc> .cl has a VERY poor vocabulary. like 500 words total
<Turl> mnemoc: standarized as making its teaching compulsory?
<mnemoc> the rest, wildcards
<mnemoc> Turl: inventing dictionaries and grammar standarizing a language that used to defer from town to town
<Turl> that's a major fail on their part
mturquette has joined #linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> Turl: in .cl over half of the 18yo children end public education without been capable to read
<mnemoc> and that is very clear when they try to express themselves spoken
<Turl> I know they were pushing for asturiano too (on asturias obviously)
<Turl> mnemoc: ouch
auxym has quit [Client Quit]
<mnemoc> asturia's language doesn't have legal priviledges. only basque, galicia and catala/valencian
<mnemoc> valencia people keeps fighting to be a real language and not a dialect, but they are mostly ignored :p
<Turl> iirc all the software used in public administration must be translated to asturianu, and stuff like that
<Turl> their OS translating community is pretty active
<mnemoc> Turl: nationalism, but no legal support
<mnemoc> bable (asturian) is not protected/supported
<Turl> bable?
<mnemoc> that's how they call their language
<mnemoc> no clue why
<Turl> I thought they called it asturianu with u
<mnemoc> they were not considered to have enough "own history" to deserve cultural protection :p
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: so what is your next move thursday, randomly go to germany and apply for jobs?
wingrime has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
<mnemoc> oliv3r: i'll leach some days in the house of a friend and try to apply as C ape to his company (in postdam or luneburg/hamburg) and if fails, keep searching in the berlin area
<mnemoc> and finish a webshop project in the meantime
<mnemoc> but aiming at working as c/linux ape with corworker with which to be able to talk while taking a coffee
<mnemoc> 7y fully remote is more than enough to make anyone nuts
<mnemoc> if berlin doesn't work.... probably hannover next
<mnemoc> at least that's the current plan
<hramrach__> you speak german?
<mnemoc> i understand and sort of read it
<mnemoc> can't talk
<mnemoc> so i;m limited to english speaking envs
<hramrach__> if you stay there you will learn fast :)
<mnemoc> i survived a year in 2006... hope i'll recover at least a very basic level soon enough
<Turl> do you need special visas or stuff to work on another eu country?
<oliv3r> germany isn't very english friendly
<mnemoc> Turl: I'm .it
<oliv3r> though I don't know where linux C apes can work in NL
<oliv3r> red hat :)
<mnemoc> oliv3r: it's fdifferent to apply to work on a supermarket than to apply to code network apps in c
<mnemoc> i'll obviusly won';t fake a CV in germna. it will be in english (as always)
<mnemoc> if they accept a CV and presentation letter in english, they are willing to accept english speaking engs
<mnemoc> if not, they won';t reply
<hramrach__> hehe, german have their own computer parts
<hramrach__> Plattenspeicher
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> what i ment is, that in germany, they prefer german
<oliv3r> just like in france, they prefer french :)
<oliv3r> exceptions apply of course
<mnemoc> sure. and need to learn german if i plan to work there
<oliv3r> in NL, if your an engineer, english isn't weird
<mnemoc> isn;t dutch like tisk? that not even yourself understand eachouther?
<mnemoc> err
<mnemoc> dansk
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> yes we understand eachother fine
<mnemoc> :)
<Turl> mnemoc: you got a referal from the inside? :)
* rellla feels linux-sunxi transforms to "find the best language" channel ;)
<hramrach__> chinese :)
<mnemoc> for my initial try (, yes
<mnemoc> chinese doesn't exist :p
<hramrach__> it does to a point. you just need to specify which chinese you mean ;-)
<oliv3r> most importantly
<oliv3r> how much time and WHEN can you work on sunxi agian :)
<Turl> mandarin is #1 :P
<hramrach__> ttly
<Turl> but only useful in .cn :P
<hramrach__> not that I know any word of any chinese :p
<mnemoc> oliv3r: i have a 3M 40h/w web project to do while searching for a job. the rest is for interviews, and sunxi
<mnemoc> once getting a job. sunxi will take all not-work time.... as i'm moving alone with zero interest in starting anything
<mnemoc> just worki with humans, eat and send money back to spain
<mnemoc> and got my a20 and a10s olinuxinos today :)
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<mnemoc> unfortunatelly lost the cb2..... shipped to my former employer
<mnemoc> but the cubietruck looks nicer ;-)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: c2?
<oliv3r> ah
<oliv3r> and former employer won't get it to you?
<mnemoc> cubieboard+a20
<mnemoc> no. he hates me
<oliv3r> yeah i ment 'what about cb2
<oliv3r> why, really why
<oliv3r> well a20 olinuxino is better :p
<hramrach__> some people are just like that :S
<oliv3r> more pins
<oliv3r> 'you get sick and cost me lots of money'
<mnemoc> because i was on the hospital nad he lost money due to his beloved bus factor = 1 rule
<oliv3r> fu
<oliv3r> if it makes you feel happy
<oliv3r> it'll cost him 10x that to get his next bf=1
<mnemoc> i was sort of happy to send him the ssh keys for him to make his own backups and learn to build his products instead of "training" him
<mnemoc> after years begging to increase the bus fastor
<hramrach__> bus factor?
<oliv3r> bf
<mnemoc> hramrach__: how many people need to be hit by a truck to kill your project
<oliv3r> how many people can be hit by a bus
<oliv3r> that :p
<mnemoc> hramrach__: he sees it as company protection. devs CANT talk to each other
<mnemoc> or they'll steal his customers
<hramrach__> funny variable
<oliv3r> mnemoc: what u-boot branch do I need to get uart -> uSD output
<mnemoc> oliv3r: that's not a branch thing, it's a board choice
<mnemoc> with different -D in boards.cfg
<hramrach__> oh, well
<hramrach__> good night
<mnemoc> good night
<hramrach__> and good luck with job hunting
<mnemoc> i'll still pretty pissed off with him. probably next week will write some tutorials for my former boss
<mnemoc> but not a prio this week
<oliv3r> why?
<oliv3r> he hates you
<mnemoc> yes, but he fed me for 7y
<oliv3r> if he sends you the cubie 2.0; you write his shit
<mnemoc> true
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> a pure principle thing
<oliv3r> mnemoc: ok let me rephrase, how do I get a nand-capable u-boot that prints via uSD-uart
<mnemoc> ah, nand-capable u-boot is another story
<mnemoc> don't don;t about current dev. but you used to need the lichee-dev branch and patch some #defines
<mnemoc> hramrach, anyhow... at least for me german is FAR easier than french .... mostly due to speed
<mnemoc> and intention of comunicating
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> hramrach went to bed! :p
<oliv3r> do we have wiki page of nand-capable u-boot
<oliv3r> or better, precompiled bin?
<oliv3r> i want to start debugging my tablet with 3.4
<oliv3r> ssvb: ping
<ssvb> oliv3r: ?
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<oliv3r> ssvb: i think i found a nother bit of performance drop
<oliv3r> or not, not sure yet
<oliv3r> pll5 vs pll6 was one bit
<oliv3r> factor N = 2 vs 1 is the other
<oliv3r> the thing is, mbus has always been set, even for sun4i
<oliv3r> lkcl ported it over for sun7i but overlooked the changes on mbus; no problem
<oliv3r> but i'm sure i spotted it, anyhow, with N = 2, M = 2 and PLL6 *2 we should have identical performance/setup
<oliv3r> i still don't like how we're shooting blanks in a blackbox ::)
<oliv3r> anyway, mbus clock should be setup idential now, time to look at the rest
<oliv3r> ick, pll5 N is setup wrong aswell
<ssvb> oliv3r: are you comparing results by looking at the register dumps for boot0 and u-boot?
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> and compare them against boot0 source drop
<oliv3r> and u-boot source code
<oliv3r> needle, haystack, blackbox, lots of deep shit
<oliv3r> i know
<oliv3r> i'm open for suggestions
<oliv3r> i'm a little supprised that pll6 is used intensivly, but isn't even setup properly it seems
<oliv3r> 'we just go with the defaults'
<ssvb> well, it's better than nothing
<oliv3r> unless i'm overlooking something, it's a mess, but that'll be cleaned in time
<oliv3r> i'll gladly here suggestions :)
<oliv3r> ohh pll5 freq. might be off due to different board frequency
<oliv3r> code checks out
<oliv3r> pll5 is set depending on clk-freq from dram.c
<oliv3r> ah i'm using A20-olinixino
<oliv3r> let me switch to cubieboard
<Turl> pll5 at least on A10 is the dram pll
<oliv3r> yeah it is on a20 aswell
<oliv3r> but pll5 'n' factor is determined like such:
<oliv3r> reg_val |= ((clk / 24) & 0x1f) << 8;/* n factor */
<oliv3r> and clk is dram_clk from dram_para
<oliv3r> for cubieboard2, that should be 480 MHz
<oliv3r> ok that's odd
<oliv3r> if clk is 480, and you div that with 24, that's 20
<oliv3r> buf if you & 0x1f, it'll be gone
<oliv3r> oh wait, decimal :)
<oliv3r> so that's 0x14
<oliv3r> and that's not what's in the register :S
<oliv3r> my cubie runs at 432 MHz
<oliv3r> that explains that
<oliv3r> and someone submitted a 480 MHz dram_para
<oliv3r> right, fine with me :)
* Turl wants his cb2
<Turl> I'm missing all the fun :P
<oliv3r> Turl: :(
<oliv3r> wingrime still hasn't gotten his
<oliv3r> you got a10s though
<oliv3r> oh
<oliv3r> you want some fun?
<Turl> yeah I got the A10S olinuxino :)
<oliv3r> ok here's fun
<oliv3r> mind you, i gave up for now ;)
<oliv3r> (wait more links inc)
<Turl> oliv3r: you're doing all those manually? :P
<oliv3r> Turl: what?
<Turl> converting to HPCR(..) notation
<oliv3r> obviously
<oliv3r> how would you do it manually :p
<oliv3r> it doesn't exist yet :)
<Turl> why not write code to convert then? ;)
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> it's a puzzle
<oliv3r> :)
<Turl> not really
<Turl> I'll write it later today :P
<oliv3r> slow down cowboy
<oliv3r> :)
<oliv3r> if it where only that little table, it would be done
<oliv3r> right, from the sun4i code drop; we got these as defines
<oliv3r> so it's to be assumed, those are the array indexes for sun4i
<oliv3r> all kinda makes sense
<oliv3r> the values make somewhat sense
<oliv3r> undefined ones are empty (except for the last for some reason)
<oliv3r> sun5i (a10s!!) changed that
<oliv3r> the names got shuffled around a bit
<oliv3r> and the top half is missing
<oliv3r> the table kinda matches that too
<oliv3r> from what I saw, content seems to match too; but haven't delved into it
<Turl> oliv3r: you linked me to the same thing twice :p
<oliv3r> crap
<oliv3r> but the interesting bit comes with a20
<oliv3r> where the table doesn't really match the code
<oliv3r> of course this is u-boot vs kernel
<oliv3r> so it could be very much that it's a copy/paste job failing imo
<oliv3r> but it's what we have
<oliv3r> so a) what does your nand-u-boot say at: md 0x01c01290 0x10
<oliv3r> md 0x01c01250 0x20
<oliv3r> above one is wrong :)
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<oliv3r> md 0x01c01250 0x20 for a10s is?
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<lkcl> oliv3r: the main thing i wanted was "something working"
<oliv3r> aye
<oliv3r> it only causes some slight performance drop
<oliv3r> ssvb pointed out performance was lower
<oliv3r> so we went hunting :)
<lkcl> oliv3r: well, performance drop is better than shit-for-brains segfaults!
<oliv3r> hmm
<lkcl> ... is this kernel or u-boot, btw?
<oliv3r> u-boot
<lkcl> because there's two sets of patches i did
<lkcl> ahh u-boot.
<lkcl> i guessed, it work.
<lkcl> ed
<oliv3r> well that's what nand-u-boot shows; so that's good
<oliv3r> but it doesn't match the code drop
<lkcl> oh those: i got them from the allwinner gpl code release
<oliv3r> they don't match though
<lkcl> i have nooooo idea what they even do :)
<oliv3r> 0x1c012c0 and 0x1c012cc are different between code drop and 'boot from nand'
<lkcl> apologies: i thought you were talking earlier about the bug in the usb 3.3 a20 linux kernel driver
<oliv3r> sets up the 'host port controller'
<oliv3r> lkcl: now that you are here
<lkcl> yep... i'm clueless. copied it verbatim from a memory-dump and/or wits-tech / allwinner gpl source code
<oliv3r> lkcl: gpl drop for a20 u-boot is not complete, some files are not properly copywritten
<lkcl> i don't do "understanding" - i just do "working"
<oliv3r> memory dump, must be
<lkcl> oliv3r: awesome
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<oliv3r> lkcl: also, it's only a20 sources, they deleted the a10, a13 branches and most importantly a31 branch
<lkcl> copywritten, you mean "not properly marked for copyright"?
<oliv3r> ironically, the leaked a31 from march, HAS proper copyright on most files
<lkcl> oliv3r: ah
<lkcl> *smack*
<oliv3r> lkcl: yeah, some files lack gpl headers
<lkcl> ok. send me a complete list.
<oliv3r> prime example
<oliv3r> i'll compile a list of a20 boot0 files that lack proper copyright
<oliv3r> the a10, a13 and a31 branches are missing entirely
<lkcl> great.
<lkcl> and the rest would be good as well.
<oliv3r> a31 we have 'leaked', a10 would be helpfull (but should be identical as u-boot-spl that we have now for dram-init)
<oliv3r> i'll sort it tomorrow
<oliv3r> so expect an e-mail tomorrow
<lkcl> ack.
<oliv3r> actually
<oliv3r> it'll be a really long list
<lkcl> ok enough for me tonight.
<oliv3r> first 6 files in the root are allready wrongly copyright
<oliv3r> ok sleep well
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<oliv3r> lkcl: not gonna mail you wiht a list, it's almost everything that is NOT copyrighted properly, only a very small bit that's actually right
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