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<leowt> is there supposed to be an /init binary in a android root?
<hno> leowt, I think so, just to make things different...
<leowt> i cant get too boot because /init is missing
<leowt> Failed to execute /init. Attempting defaults...
<leowt> [ 3.105845] Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.
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<hramrach_> leowt: yes, you should have init. but you can change the init by kernel argument
<hramrach_> like init=/bin/sh or init=/opt/my/awesome/application
<leowt> hramrach_: i know, but i dont undersand why there is no init binary
<leowt> without it i cant get it to boot
<leowt> there is no sh binary either
<hramrach_> either building the filesystem failed or mounting the filesystem failed
<hramrach_> like you have no init in the image or when the image boots wrong / is mounted
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<leowt> i really dont have init on the image nor the root folder
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<oliv3r> Turl: i think I did; didn't I? I haven't changed those functions in the comments I received; so that codes should be the saem
<oliv3r> leowt: then your compile may have failed?
<Turl> leowt: sounds like your ramdisk is all broken? /init should be there, next to empty /system, /data and other things
<Turl> oliv3r: I dunno, where's your latest code? :P
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<oliv3r> Turl: i have it in my github; but haven't pushed the latest changes yet (the null pointer stuff etc, nor andy's new comments) will try to do that tonight
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah the goto on there is pretty ugly :)
<Turl> just "return -EFAULT;" and the like
<n01> :D agree
<oliv3r> i find returns mid code to be ugly :)
<Turl> oliv3r: why do you have that return 0 then? ;)
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> could have moved that below too
<oliv3r> but its at the end of the 'funcion'
<oliv3r> but then i'll have 3 returns mid function :(
<oliv3r> i'll admit it's a small function
<Turl> when one usually goes the goto thing you set ret to some value at the start and then let it fall through go the exit: label
<n01> if you have to return an error without cleanup it is better to immediately return IMO
<oliv3r> also, not sure why he complains about the use of likely() in probe. The gain is miniscule, but what's there to loose!
<Turl> but IMO the goto thing is only for when you need cleanup
<oliv3r> yeah i did have cleanup
<Turl> if you can just return, use the damn return statement :D
<oliv3r> i think generally, people frown against mid returns, as it could lead to unexpected reading of the code (especially if you overlook the return)
<oliv3r> but it's just 'taste' i guess :)
<oliv3r> just like I prefer to have {} even around single line statements :)
<oliv3r> well there is SOME cleanup; if things fail, i have to set my pointer to NULL :p
<Turl> yeah but only after you set it to garbage :)
<oliv3r> well if the create of sysfs entry fails
<oliv3r> but upto that its fine
<oliv3r> so I suppose it does need some cleanup!
<Turl> yeah but it's just 1 line which you can put in 1 case, doesn't merit goto cleanup IMO
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<oliv3r> but yeah, as the code is now; i should just remove the return 0; set ret = 0 at the start; and let it fall through
<Turl> oliv3r: I don't recall if they pointed it out too, but the ret on sunxi_sid_read_byte is unnecesary too
* Turl gets more popcorn for reading emails
<n01> popcorn *_*
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<leowt> going to build again
<leowt> and get some attention to it
<Turl> AW working with upstream gets them... *drumroll* free bug fixes o.o
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<n01> ehi Turl are you in Stockholm?
<Turl> n01: nope, I'm on the other side of the earth in fact :P
<n01> even better :D working in the USA?
<Turl> n01: no, I meant the bottom half, south hemisphere :P
<n01> hoooo cool :)
<Turl> n01: hno might be way more near to there, why were you asking btw? :P
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<n01> I didn't mean to be intrusive ... compiling my code and have to waste 10 min :)
<Turl> n01: ah :P
<Turl> n01: get some popcorn and read the emails on lakml/arm-netbook
<n01> :D popcorn at work, hummm dunno if it fits the company policy :P
<slapin_n1> n01: if they have microwave oven, then it definitely fits
<n01> unfortunately there isn't :((
* slapin_n1 remembers 7-letter company started with S where there was kitchen but hate policy to 'the food smell', so no microwave oven, so everybody ate damn smelly junk food :(
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<hno> Turl n01. yes I am in Stockholm area.
<n01> lovely place Stockholm :) I was there a couple of month ago for an interview ... really nice
* slapin_n1 likes recent list discussions so much with lkcl and hno, like wasted half a day reading them...
* hno got tired.
<hno> n01, let me know if you get in the area again.
<n01> I'll do, thanks :)
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<bfree> finally got somewhere with my 3.10+initramfs. building in the initramfs it was dying with it complaining it was an unsupported machine. gutting the config_initramfs_source (i.e. dropping all modules) and it finally actually loads and dumps me to an initramfs prompt (no surprise there as it needs the nbd module for it's intended root)
<bfree> so size (and/or mine or u-boot's addresses) are presumably the problem
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<techn__> rz2k: btw why you removed hackaberry pcduino etc from wiki? :/
<rz2k> because they are listed in the A10 dropdown menu
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<rz2k> and they are not "community featured"
<rz2k> lets feature stuff manufacturers of which actually help us (cubieboard/olimex)
<rz2k> (also if you dont agree with me, you are free to revert it, I'm not starting commit war)
<techn__> rz2k: I partially agree.. but I'm afraid that someone dislikes that change :/
<rz2k> and how do we care about that if they dont help us and are not valuable to us. :)
<techn__> but they shall give their opinnion if they are watching at all
<rz2k> there are zero chances about that
<rz2k> these products are done just to make some money on hype about a1x
<rz2k> nothing more
<rz2k> (when olimex/cubieboard atleast share sources and can be talked to something if there are problems found/something needed)
<rz2k> just remember piece of crap named gooseberry, the bare LY-F1 board of second revision :)
<techn__> imho they still are a bit too far from community :(
<rz2k> and they tried to sold THAT as a devboard
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<rz2k> techn__: atleast something :)
<techn__> but atleast they are commiting thei own repositories.. and participates to discussion :)
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* rz2k trying to figure out NFC ECC problems
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<techn__> and not to mention some community rewards ;)
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> is down?
<aexl_> what is meant by "community featured"?
<aexl_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: yes
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> :( eh, gonna go into google cache
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and why its down?
<aexl_> no idea.
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: rz2k looking into it
<rz2k> mnemoc is looking into it
<rz2k> I'm not an admin of our webserver
<rz2k> :)
<hno> rz2k, the wiki is not down... just a bit overloader.
<rz2k> bots?
<hno> don't know yet. Server load is 13 and rising.
<Turl> load is pretty high :(
<hno> but plenty of cpu left...
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<Turl> yes, must be IO
<Turl> (which is horribly slow by itself already)
<aexl_> was hacked ...
<Turl> aexl_: I heard about that on other channel but didn't see any disclosure on their site
<aexl_> Turl: youre possible right that its just load.
<aexl_> possibly
<Turl> postgres is recovering stuff apparently
<hno> btrfs is complaining a bit as well.
<Turl> mdadm reports no problems
<aexl_> so i should stop hammering the site? :D
<Turl> aexl_: yes, preferably :)
<hno> I'll reboot it. A bit too laggy do do anything on right now.
<hno> Or... seems to calm down now.
<Turl> hno: I took nginx down to ease the load a bit
<hno> Ok.
<hno> I'll do some maintenance and then we reboot it. Ok?
<Turl> ok
<Turl> lkcl: ping?
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<hno> Seems to be some DNS issue also.
<Turl> hno: we better wait before reboot
<Turl> hno: psql: FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode
<hno> linux-sunxi guest is not doing too well.
<hno> but the host as such seems to run well.
<hno> which instance?
<jelly-home> wiki is down for me when accessed over ipv6, connection refused
<Turl> jelly-home: yes, nginx is down atm
<jelly-home> nod
<hno> we are working on it..
hno changed the topic of #linux-sunxi to: Wiki down of unplanned maintenance. Allwinner/sunxi development discussion - Don't ask to ask. Just ask! - See | | Logs at
hno changed the topic of #linux-sunxi to: Wiki down for unplanned maintenance. Allwinner/sunxi development discussion - Don't ask to ask. Just ask! - See | | Logs at
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<hno> Turl?
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<Turl> hno: did you reboot the container? I lost my shell
<hno> I think I confused lxc a little. But I really need to reboot, btrfs have oopsed.
<Turl> hno: go ahead
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<aexl_> did you just reboot mnemoc?
<Turl> aexl_: yes, his bouncer runs on the same server
<aexl_> Turl: oh. :D
<hno> Ok, it's up but no DB.
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<hno> Turl, are you looking into the DB issue?
<Turl> hno: yes, trying to see how does one start this postgresql, the init.d script doesn't work
<hno> Ok. I would think it's supposed to work..
<hno> but maybe the DB is running on the host and not within linux-sunxi?
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Can someone point me to where "exactly" alip rootfs is now. Becouse i somehow can find only build-log, md5 and sha sums
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> is alip debian or ubuntu based....?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> becouse it seems its one of those "ubunties"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I dont need ubuntu. Is there any debian/gentoo images out there?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> at the moment i just wanna try any rootfs, but i am not quite sure il change it "anytime soon". So it should be usable (and non ubuntu)
<aexl_> wait for
<aexl_> though i don't know of gentoo
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: you can debootstrap it quite easily
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well, nvm. Gonna go and reverse engineer some protocols
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Borring... Say ping if you are alive
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ping
<aexl_> oing
<aexl_> do we use from now on?
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* LoCoZeNoz_ZUE holds a pair of philips ear-buds in his hands...... A year or 2 and those will cost more than 8 euros i bought them today.
<Turl> aexl1: it depends on what you want to do
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: why so?
<Turl> aexl1: mainline has little support for peripherals
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> no
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Philips have quited their business of selling webcameras, tvs and all that stuff
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> now they are primary selling lightning solutions
<aexl1> Turl: well with regards to ml ripard seems to be the only one who's "really" into allwinner ...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> s/quited/sold to some japanese company/g
<Turl> aexl1: I've been working on clocks too, and n01 and oliv3r are doing watchdog and sid
<hno> status update on the wiki. Fighting a bit with btrfs.
<aexl1> Turl: sid?
* LoCoZeNoz_ZUE didnt understand anything exept "btrfs" in hno's words.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Any problems with btrfs?
<Turl> aexl1: security ID
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: yes, it's being a bit troublesome
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i had all my systems use btrfs
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> even for "important data"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Need help with it?
<aexl1> so oliv3r is Oliver Schinagl right?
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Done.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> [ -s /dev/sdb ] || "Define SD_CARD variable"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> /bin/sh: 1: Define SD_CARD variable: not found
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> make: *** [hwpack-install] Error 127
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I think they have forgoten "echo"
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: what are you up to?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> wow, i have added echo and it worked
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> where to make a bugreport?
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, the linux-sunxi root fs is on btrfs, and have run into a odd but recoverable state.
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: where did you get that script?
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: we got some help on #btrfs, the fs was being extremely slow and returning enospc randomly
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well, never encountered anything similar on desktops/servers
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Through, i think btrfs is way too much for a arm system
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> journaling of ext4 is already too much for a embedded system, what to say about btrfs that have much of "RAID-related" features
<specing> Erm
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, The host is not ARM.
<specing> Until you get a quad cortex-a15
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I thinked you tried to put btrfs on SD XD
<techn__> pretty agressive ppl in lkml :/
<aexl1> techn__: everywhere! i can't how they jump on lkcl ...
<aexl1> +believe
<techn__> dont kill the messenger :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, I was trying "make hwpack-install SD_CARD=/dev/sdb ROOTFS=/data/sunxi/linaro-precise-alip-20121124-519.tar.gz"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Just search first SD_CARD in the makefile
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And you will see the error
<aexl1> techn__: exactly. he might be a little too short-leashed. i just hope he develops any grudges.
<aexl1> "he doesn't" of course
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: source?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Does linaro root fs (ALIP) have touch screen support?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> or should i do some magic to make it work?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: where do you 'make'?
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: checking what's the problem ..
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> at the sunxi folder
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: oh. okay.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> sunxi-bsp
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> The make file
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> The one i had have a error
<aexl1> right
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> You forgot to put echo
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<techn__> huihai
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: fork, change, pull request - or just issue.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: issue filed already ;)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyway to make touch work on my inet97 board? (mpman MID74C) with linaro rootfs? (ALIP)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> without pluging in the OTG mouse or keyboard?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: are the modules loaded?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Idk, how to check?
<aexl1> lsmod
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> .... and how am i going to do that?
<aexl1> in the terminal
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> any way i can get console using usb (adb-like)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Becouse the touch screen doesnt work
<aexl1> console through usb?
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: Fix pushed.. thanks
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yeah! I got a linaro ALIP on my tablet, and touch doesnt work
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Meaning i cannot interact with it unless there is a way i can do it from desktop
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: strange that it wasn't catched earlier :(
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i am also wondering why
<aexl1> techn__: that's fast. *thumbup*
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> techn__, *thumbup*
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, Yet, what can i do with my touch to make it work
<aexl1> connect mouse, keyboard or do the console thing.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> How, i dont have a OTG addapter
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> If you didnt understand: My board have no normal USB
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> only the miniusb
<aexl1> do you have wi-fi?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yeah, but i wonder how would i enable it
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<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: you have serial?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<aexl1> no. you should first try to load some modules in /etc/modprobe or /etc/rc.local - you have to take the sd card out of course.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<aexl1> find out what modules are loaded in android. lsmod in a terminal app or ssh or adb
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
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<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: uart/serial cable.. but anyway if you have adb connection.. check lsmod and add same modules to /etc/modules
<aexl1> unless of course you have a microsd breakout board and a script.bin/uboot that lets you get a serial console.
<techn__> oh.. I ment lsmod on orginal android image
<aexl1> techn__: right /etc/modules
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<aexl1> seems loco needs ft5x_ts ssd253x_ts goodix_touch
hno changed the topic of #linux-sunxi to: Allwinner/sunxi development discussion - Don't ask to ask. Just ask! - See | | Logs at
<hno> wiki up and running again :)
<aexl1> hno: hurray! :D
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<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: seems you need ft5x_ts ssd253x_ts goodix_touch
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yeah, i saw goodix_touch in lsmod
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So.... what are my next actions?
<aexl1> do you have all the modules in mind?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<aexl1> insert them into /etc/modules one per line on the sdcard
<aexl1> also check that they are in /lib/modules/...
<aexl1> which board did you configure for?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> inet97
<aexl1> hm i also have a 512mb tablet. but 10".
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> goodix didnt help :P
<aexl1> what's the best distribution+release for building?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> should i add the other 2?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Or maybe its just Xorg problem?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: only add what's working in android.
<aexl1> it should at least react.
<aexl1> i think it's a better approach to try to connect with the tablet -> wi-fi -> ssh
<aexl1> have you checked /lib/modules/...
<aexl1> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yeah
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it got goodix
<aexl1> wi-fi should be 8192cu or 8188cu
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> may i just load all the modules from androids lsmod?
<aexl1> i guess.
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> what if it doesnt find a module i have gave it?
<aexl1> no problem. it just won't load. have you made the changes in /etc/network/interfaces on the sdcard?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> not yet
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> let me try those modules
<lioka> hi. i'm trying to identify some 10" tablet, a10-based
<lioka> here's fex:
<lioka> rings any bell ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Mpman?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Something US made probably
<lioka> i already have hackberry up'n'running, and my impression was i can use kernel from it just by replacing script.bin -- is that true ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> bluetooth, wifi....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> got modem.....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> doesnt match any popular vendor serial number.....
<lioka> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: actually it is something rebranded by russian reseller
<aexl1> lioka: pretty much. but hackberry has no lcd right. so you also need modules for that.
<aexl1> lioka: pictures would be more helpful actually.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What reseller?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> You mean mobile operator? Мегафон, Билайн, МТС?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> wait....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> *facepalm*
<lioka> aexl1: i'm using sunxi-v3.4.43-r0 for hackberry, what modules do i need ?
<lioka> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: no, not these :]
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So..... i think its XORG who doesnt accept my TS.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anything i can install for it to work?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: as i said it should at least react. try to connect!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> how!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I loaded all androids modules
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> It didnt change anything
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> maybe there is some missing
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> but basicaly i copy pasted (with some edits) the lsmod from android to /etc/modules
<aexl1> here i had some problems with my ts as well: - kernel problems should be gone by now.
<aexl1> without a connection you won't even know if the modules are loaded properly -> wi-fi
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: you need to get some interface to connect with your device :) serial, usb, ts or wifi
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i got usb
<lioka> aexl1: already have. seems i need serial console somehow at least
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> no touch screen, no serial cables and preferlably to do all this with no wifi
<aexl1> lioka: what does it do?
<techn__> if you dont have serial and usb and wifi doesn't work.. you could try to embed usb serial support to kernel :/
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i got usb
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: would you be willing to open you tablet? :/
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yes, i done it alot of times
<lioka> aexl1: well. with microsd inserted -- damn nothing at all
<aexl1> do you have an old usb-cell phone connector?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nop :(
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: try compile usb serial into kernel.. make linux-config and select serial gadget in somewhere driver/usb/...
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: then wi-fi it is.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> its preferlably to get all this working without wifi
<aexl1> can you check logs from the sdcard?
<aexl1> lioka and LoCoZeNoz_ZUE
<techn__> aexl1: good idea :)
<aexl1> techn__: it's a pain in back. :D
<aexl1> /var/log/kern.log /var/log/Xorg.0.log
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<aexl1> why do i have mouse double-clicks in xfce with 2 different mice? 1 new!?!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> may someone explain why there are CD fs drivers enabled in linux-sunxi kernel?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> For what?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ntfs support? Really?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and like i am going to use amiga HDD on my tablet?
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<aexl1> =y?
stekern has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: you need the sd2* module for our tablet
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<oliv3r> and we have no working source yet
<oliv3r> sd2322 or so
<aexl1> ft5x_ts ssd253x_ts ?
<oliv3r> it is on the ml just not tested
<oliv3r> ssd253x
focus has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> android drivers are horrible though. they habe some strange dependandies on eachother
<oliv3r> hence ft5x + goodix + ssd253x
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> will try that, after filling a bugreport about the kernel options
<aexl1> but when it's not in android's lsmod?
<oliv3r> what kernel?
<oliv3r> android loads all 3 and all depend on anothet
<oliv3r> i think ft5x is the main one
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: see!
<aexl1> ;)
<oliv3r> also the ssd235 one should work 'solo'
<oliv3r> aexl1: what i mean, goodix depends on ft5x
<oliv3r> ssd253 depends on either/both
<aexl1> but LoCoZeNoz_ZUE meant it wasn't in android's lsmod.
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: file error report or patch of those not needed drivers..
<oliv3r> not in our ketnels i believe, those should be ok
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oliv3r, I found another problem
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Il give you a link when i finish listing them
<oliv3r> stock android is 'bad'
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> true
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So i have cyanogenmod
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, there is very many USB CD/DVD drives. And NTFS is there in case someone plugs their NTFS formatted USB driive.
<oliv3r> usb-otg cd drive
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyone have ever saw a USB CD drive plugged into a tablet?
<oliv3r> devboard + cd
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Or maybe a linux user using NTFS? Anyone? Any at all?
<oliv3r> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: cubieboard
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: someone could plug it :)
<oliv3r> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: and yes, i could, in theory
<oliv3r> both
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> There are more chances someone would use ReiserFS, or a PS joystick. And we "are not prepared"
<techn__> you can have usb stick with NTFS
<oliv3r> how many usb drives are fat/ntfs
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> techn__, The major of all masochist
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> All usb drives i know are fat
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: i still used NTFS on an old hdd some month ago.
<oliv3r> cr + ntfs is 'readonably' common
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Portable HDD is another thing
<oliv3r> cd is dieng though
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yet, who got a Rio Karma player?
<oliv3r> there ya go :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who is going to read Minix partitions on his tablet?
<aexl1> okay we get it ...
<oliv3r> lol, talk to hramrach_
<aexl1> is this making the kernel slower? or just bigger?
<oliv3r> hes fixinng up the defaults
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who is masochist enough to try plugging his old amiga HDD to a new "touch screen, 1gb ram" tablet?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, Both
<oliv3r> slower,
<oliv3r> not much, mostly bigger
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Bit slower, alittle. And bigger from including them into the kernel
<oliv3r> how can it be slower
<oliv3r> do you habe 1g ram on your tablet?
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<oliv3r> i gonna rad ml logs now, turl was heaving fun
<oliv3r> oh, ps yeah, im oliver schinagl
<aexl1> oliv3r: :thumbup: for reading the logs!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> As i know control group is a major "everything eater"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> It would speed up stuff, especialy on embedded that have "mainly a single task of serving to the user" when turned off
<aexl1> and that's disabled?
<oliv3r> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: talk to hramrach_ hes redoing defaults
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, As i see, its not
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I am searching and making a "issue" at github
<aexl1> there are worse things ...
<aexl1> like no touchscreen. :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<aexl1> scnr
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, I said USB drive, not USB stick. If you take a random USB drive most of them are formatted NTFS or HFS (MacOS)
<aexl1> hno: fat
<aexl1> hno: not you
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Well, if you succedeed to find what is linux-sunxi, i am very sure you dont have one.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Becouse all you sticks will be either with fat, either with ext*. Or BSD disklabel......
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But i am not sure any non-masochist use NTFS. As its unpossible to maintain it under linux easily
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And if you know how different x86 is from arm. Bravo, you are not a beginner in our world of linuxes!
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, most my sticks are ext*. But yes, nearly all USB sticks out in the world are VFAT formatted.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> If you want, we may leave ntfs. But yet i am concerned who uses amiga, and same time linux on a A10 device........
<hno> But FAT do not really work if you want to transfer media files due to stupid 2GB file limitation.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And suddenly will want to plug his old HDD to tablet. Using some very weird ways, as i dont know how to plug it into the tablet
<aexl1> 4gb
<specing> No love for F2FS?
<hno> whatever. Too small.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> 4gb
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Alot of flash drives are 4-8GB
<aexl1> anyway: mountain - molehill
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What exactly do you have to take more than 4 gb?
<hno> I am not talking about USB flash sticks.
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: hdvideo
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Arghh!!! I found a pirate! or... oh.......
<hno> Even a full length DVD quality movie is >4GB.
<aexl1> just private videos of course. wink wink
<hno> Pirate movies are generally <1GB.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> sir. Do you have a single NTFS hard drive at home?
<Turl> hno: the crappy ones :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyone in here got 1?
<hno> Me? Sure.
<aexl1> not the ones you get from colleagues. :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And you sure wanna plug it into the tablet?
<hno> I don't have a tablet. None of my Allwinner devices even have a screen.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And you surely got no time to install NTFS-3G? Or take a look at make linux-config?
<hno> and I only have 9 Allwinner devices.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyway. I think we should refuse from NTFS in kernel, and if they need it. They can use much more stable and just better NTFS-3G
<aexl1> i once had to take a <4gb hd movie too test my tablet. worked fabulously.
<techn__> my 128GB stick is NTFS.. and also 7xxGB usb hd is NTFS
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: all distros ship with ntfs-3g these days
<Turl> (user oriented ones that is)
<hno> Sure I use NTFS-3G whenever accessing NTFS from Linux. But those poor ones stuck with Android generally do not have that choice.
<Turl> android has vfat support, and that's it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So.... Anyone who got a NTFS drive, and uses kernel driver to access it? Anyone?
<Turl> if you use CM you may also enjoy extN disks and in kernel ntfs
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Who needs this failure of MS called NTFS?
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: the only deak with the kernel driver is that it's read only
<hno> In my world CM is Android.
<aexl1> i just formatted an hdd fat to play some music ...
<Turl> which is sufficient for most people
<Turl> hno: :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Turl, Yeah, but 1. NTFS-3G. 2. NO normal man knows what is linux-sunxi. 3. NTFS is a fail
<hno> Why are we having this argument?
<aexl1> hno: right.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> To choose. Whenever to remove kernel NTFS support or not to
* Turl wonders the same as hno
<aexl1> it's supposedly 0,1% speed
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, it's thjere for a reason.
<Turl> keep it on? it doesn't hurt to have it there
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Ok. Moving onto next question. Who got a amiga formated HDD?
<aexl1> Turl: :THUMBS_up:
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Question closed.
<aexl1> just. leave. it. :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> For. what. ?.
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: lol
<aexl1> 0.01%
<aexl1> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I am a gentoo riser. Stop stoping me
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ricer
<Turl> I'd say 0% on active use
<aexl1> lol
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: I have no idea why we should support amiga format :p
<oliv3r> hno: what is the boot0/1 gpl status? is it what we have/thought?
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: remove that -ffast-math from your cflags now
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> techn__, Not me either! Question closed
<hno> I got an Amiga drive somewhere... don't know if it still works. But it's only the partition table that is enabled because it is enabled by default.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Turl, I dont have any
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hno, You got a chance to save it using you desctop
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: then you're a fake gentoo ricer :)
<aexl1> lols guys
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Turl, You catched me man. But really. ffast math breaks everything
* Turl goes to do olimex's wpc
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Btw, i am trying to compile gcc with gcc. Yet, it dies of something.
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: -Ofast -funroll-loops!
<oliv3r> Turl: found thread, popcorn time! (was uploading 3.9.4)
<Turl> oliv3r: uploading where?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> The peace, The O2
<hno> oliv3r, hard to say. The GPL release is a patch adding GPL headers & NAND driver sources, from a git tree that we do not have. But it applies cleanly to the A20 SDK sources.
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: wrong repo :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> o.o
<hno> And I would immediately close that with a NAK.
<aexl1> happens.
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, redo it, but this time with a patch that enables things you thinks is missing, and another patch that disables things you think can not under any circumstances be needed by anyone.
<aexl1> hno: *thumbsup*
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Man. Just acknowledge people about a magic "make linux-config"
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its linux. And it should be independent of any defaults
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> *remembers RMS*
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, yes, we acknowledge that those that need a slim setup all know how to configure their kernel.
<aexl1> not even sun4i_defconfig?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hno, Only now i found that option
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Put it in a "more public" place
<hno> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Or redoit as "make menuconfig" so it will be more intuitive.
<oliv3r> us gentooers always get bullied :(
<aexl1> it says sun4i_defconfig everywhere
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: sunxi-bsp is just container of relevant parts for working with sunxi stuff.. it contains u-boot, kernel, binary drivers.. etc
<hno> I don't care for how you configure your kernel.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> It took me awhile to figure out how to configure kernel
<oliv3r> Turl: subject, typing on tablet slow
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And i gave up thinking that you have hardcoded everything and other stuff
<techn__> .. with couple of helper functions so that you can make stuff in one directory :/
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, we do our best in getting rid of any hardcoded shit.
<oliv3r> hno, allwinner-boot ttee? it is 'there'
<hno> oliv3r?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> You got you "3 commands, and its ready" way. Make the default settings better, sir
<aexl1> issues/8 still there
<oliv3r> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: TALK TO HRAMRACH, hes refoing the fefconfig
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And where is he?
<oliv3r> on the ml
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<aexl1> oliv3r: what the duck?
<oliv3r> aexl1: ?
<hno> aexl1, closed.
<aexl1> oliv3r: "refoing the fefconfig"?
<oliv3r> f=d
<oliv3r> sortof
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> hno, you avatar makes me and my cat cry bloody tears.
<hno> Good.
<techn__> lol :D
<aexl1> hno: youre awesome!
<aexl1> in that mid-summer norwegian sun!
<hno> that's not norway.
<techn__> swedish
<aexl1> :/ sry
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> no, thats myway
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<hno> that picture is taken in Västerås.
<aexl1> never been to Norway. :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I got a friend in norway
<hno> should have taken a new picture some weeks ago... might have given you quite different feelings.
<oliv3r> only been to ghoteborg
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But he doesnt know yet
<techn__> I have been once .. one day in Strömsö :)
<oliv3r> nice place, sweden in general is beautiful
<aexl1> the parts ive seen: definitely
<Turl> who's zetaneta? cgroups are extensively used on android
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> zetaneta is me
<Turl> well that ^ :P
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, and where is the patches?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What patches are you TALKING about?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> can you tell pls?
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: "Control Group support" I think fedora is using it
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: fork, change, pull request ...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> do you need any special patches to change default settings?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> techn__, Doesnt mean everyone else does
<hno> Yes Fedora is using cgroups a lot. Any distro using systemd is.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Take gentoo to the knee
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: there is atleast two opinnions of default settings.. kernel should be minimal (you).. kernel hould consist almost everying(harmrach)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> kernel should not have something no one uses
<techn__> and the middle ground, where we at
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Cant you just enable everything you need at make linux-config?
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, in your list the only thing no one uses is Amiga partition layout I think.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What about Rio Karma, Minix, Solaris......
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> BSD? UDF? Initramfs should be left to the ones who knows where the config is
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> There is alot of stuff i am sure no one needs in default configs
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And if they need it, i am sure they compiled not a single kernel
<aexl1> man going through some ml lkcl should really relax. he's starting to piss even me off. alright im a drunkard.
<oliv3r> Turl: im slow, but reading june 5th it looks like luke doest know we have stuff ml? slowly but going .. should have read the ml :p
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok, then i am going to fork the default config with blackjack and sluts
<hno> Minix is likely used by some. There is Minix for ARM even. And BSD for sure. UDF absolutely. Initramfs yes many.
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: lol. got me.
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, do you even know what UDF is?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yeah
<oliv3r> udf is usefull on that cdrom
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Yet its a rare technology
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Not much people use it. Not much devices supports it
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> everyone is too used to that cd rom are not usb drives
<hno> Every DVD movie is using UDF.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> o.o
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well.....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> a shock
<hno> Every hybrid DVD is accessed using UDF.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Are we talking about this technology that allows you to read/write on cd like on any normal storage? Just to make sure
<aexl1> thought so too
<hno> if you don't know what UDF is.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nvm, blackjack and sluts are awaiting me.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> with my minimalistic configs
<oliv3r> that i did not know
<oliv3r> i usually have udf disabled,but dvds seem to work
<aexl1> lkcl didn't even know
<techn__> aexl1: drunkard, same here.. going to sleep soon ;)
<hno> he was told about a couple of weeks after it was registered.
<aexl1> techn__: hm. should i get another. hm. why not? :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I drink perfume and eat mentos
<aexl1> hno: right. he's only arm. not sunxi. but a little bit?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: lol
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i think more options should be enabled in Crypto section of the kernel
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: nooo, android is the paranoid one.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> You have disabled Blowfish?
<hno> oliv3r, most DVDs are using iso9960 bridge format. And when playing DVD movies using the normal media players the UDF driver is all in userspace.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, Are you american?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: alright ill be quiet
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: German.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ouch
<hno> bridge format means it's accessible both using UDF and ISO9660.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyone american here?
<hno> aexl1, lkcl?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> nvm
<techn__> drachensun is also american
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: wtf?
<aexl1> hno: lkcl -> ml -> i like it here better. much more fun ...
<oliv3r> ah ok, understood hno
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl1, ?
<aexl1> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: "ouch"?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What ouch?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I am trying out something, what may work only on americans
<aexl1> (01:52:14) aexl1: LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: German.
<aexl1> (01:52:18) LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: ouch
<oliv3r> Turl: OMG on jun 7th now. not wanting to sound mean, but under a rock? he really missed all of our mainlining effort :( ouch
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Something what they may not like, but yet its fun
<aexl1> oliv3r: that's what i meant - lkcl, right?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Give me first and second name + age of any person in USA, and il do something funny
<techn__> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: why only USA?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> also russia
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> But it russia il need his ФИО