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<hno> oliv3r, no.
<hno> and the olimex board works with both A10 and A20.
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<Gorp> Anyone have any idea how to remove the "p2v8" at the end of the vermagic in a compiled kernel module?
<Gorp> I'm trying to compile a kernel module, but the vermagic keeps showing the wrong string.
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<Gorp> Anyone? .__.
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<oliv3r> hno: ping
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<oliv3r> hmm, my olimex a20 refuses to boot from flash
<ZetaNeta> yo, guys. Does anyone aware where android keeps the modules?
<oliv3r> if I power it from usb-otg i it hangs at aw_clkevt_init: sun7i_timer0_clockevent mult 6442450, max_delta_ns 170000, min_delta_ns 1000, cpumask 0xc047e8c0, irq 54
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: /system/lib/modules?
<ZetaNeta> ouch
<ZetaNeta> i am wondering why "find / | grep SAMPLEMODULE" didnt work
<ZetaNeta> but anyway, tnx
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: yw
<oliv3r> if i power through a 5V powerbrick it hangs at: [ 45.114609] Freezing of user space aborted
<oliv3r> before init devices.
<oliv3r> before power init.
<oliv3r> before dram enter selfresh.
<oliv3r> before gating off dram c?
<oliv3r> trying 12V brick now
<oliv3r> same
<ZetaNeta> and what exactly are you booting?
<oliv3r> stock nand on the new olimex-a20-micro dev board
<ZetaNeta> oh
<ZetaNeta> i didnt have any of those devboards (through dreaming bout one). But a tablet with working android on it
<ZetaNeta> So..... Try booting something else?
<ZetaNeta> Maybe something else may work?
<ZetaNeta> btw, what else you get before "[ 45.114609] Freezing of user space aborted"?
<oliv3r> this is kinda new
<oliv3r> we haven't support for anythign else; we need to load stock android once to get the memory timings
<ZetaNeta> oh
<ZetaNeta> btw, does you wiki need a ALIP specific g_serial manual?
<oliv3r> no clue
<ZetaNeta> becouse now i got experience
<ZetaNeta> in that
<ZetaNeta> question
<oliv3r> if you use the bsp to build the hwpack; all those will get installed automatically
<oliv3r> so not quite sure what you are trying to say
<ZetaNeta> i mean the g_serial module setup
<ZetaNeta> i learned how to fully configure it on ALIP
<oliv3r> ah ok
<oliv3r> sure make a wiki page fro it
<aexl> ZetaNeta: yes please. also you could maybe enhance /USB_Gadget please.
<ZetaNeta> ok
<aexl> ZetaNeta: you're LoCoZeNoz_Zue right? thx for the name change^^
<ZetaNeta> ?
<ZetaNeta> I am?
<ZetaNeta> Oh
<ZetaNeta> Probably IRC took my secondary nick
<oliv3r> that explians a lot :)
<aexl> oliv3r: seems something is seriously broken. android kernel is normally more verbose.
<oliv3r> *nods*
<oliv3r> i'll ask tsvetsan later what is supposed to happen
<oliv3r> it also looks like there's some LCD being initted or something
<aexl> maybe they can send you a livesuit image. if they are available sundays ...
<oliv3r> i'll ask tsvetsan for it prob
<oliv3r> but who knows what they have :)
<oliv3r> also, i'll have to find a box that runs livesuit :p
<aexl> what's your distro?
<oliv3r> gentoo
<oliv3r> but i've heard bad things about the linux livesuit
<aexl> i've got it running in squeeze. but it always says "invalid image".
<aexl> or you try android/cwm on sdcard ...
<oliv3r> yeah, but how do I boot the sdcard?
<oliv3r> the problem is; we need to boot from nand (boot0/1) first to get the timings
<oliv3r> i'm gonna try fel_boot next
<oliv3r> since we boot from boot0/1 first; which sets up the clocks etc
<aexl> doesn't it automatically when sdcard is inserted?
<oliv3r> and if we can boot u-boot from there, we have all the timings setup right; but gotta ask hno if spl/fel wil change those timings again
<oliv3r> aexl: but how do you configure your spl (dram timings etc) if you don't know these yet
<oliv3r> normally, you build your spl, with timings you extract from a running stock android
<oliv3r> because boot0/1 has setup the registers properly
<aexl> i just mean when you have the android image but no livesuite ...
<oliv3r> ah ok
<oliv3r> put the stuff from the livesuit image on the sd card
<oliv3r> yeah; hope it's on the wiki then :)
<oliv3r> might be as easy as extract, dd; done
<aexl> right. or you try out some other images right now.
<oliv3r> i think felboot might be the best direction now
<oliv3r> i want to get into u-boot console asap
<oliv3r> well one thing I can do
<oliv3r> is boot 'anything' that gives me a console
<oliv3r> nuke env partition
<oliv3r> then, boot0/1 will work 'good enough'
<oliv3r> e.g. i can access u-boot console
<aexl> CWM_on_a_SDCard Boot_Android_from_Sdcard
<oliv3r> because now (the main problem) is they've set the timeout to 0 seconds
<oliv3r> aexl: you have to remember though; this image will have to support A20
<ZetaNeta> I am fixing main page/ru alittle. Should i refer to a "ARM SoC family" as to a single thing, or as to several (разработаной, разработаных). It seems like to a single thing
<oliv3r> erm, can't read russian :D
<ZetaNeta> there is different words for developed for single and multiple things
<ZetaNeta> it seems like a single thing sounds better
<oliv3r> aexl: step 4; dd the image by hno -> a10 :)
<ZetaNeta> yet, they both seems like the other variant is better when i read it
<aexl> oliv3r: right. and there are many a20 distros out yet. eh ...
<aexl> s/are/aren't
<aexl> ZetaNeta: family is singular
<ZetaNeta> well, i am using russian now......
<ZetaNeta> through probably on rus too
<aexl> oliv3r: #Cubieboard2(A20):
<ZetaNeta> hramrach_, May you put g_ether and g_serial into the kernel defconfig? They seems very usefull
<ZetaNeta> Atleast if you expect amiga, why you think they will not use g_serial?
<oliv3r> aexl: Was thinking of thast too
<ZetaNeta> i am failed at doing wiki pages.....
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<hramrach_> ZetaNeta: they are in the patch
<ZetaNeta> what patch are you talking about?
<hramrach_> the one that I sent to the mailing list which changes the defconfigs
<ZetaNeta> yet, i dont understand the idea of patches
<aexl> ZetaNeta: at least write down the infos you have. nevermind the format.
<ZetaNeta> hramrach_, Yet, i dont understand why you need a patch for configurations?
<ZetaNeta> why cant you merge obvious things into the existing config?
<ZetaNeta> why do you need patch?
<ZetaNeta> nvm
<ZetaNeta> il leave the config crazyness to you
<hramrach_> how else do you merge something into a config other than by a patch?
<ZetaNeta> ?
<ZetaNeta> on client side: make linux-config. On you side: just replace the old on on git?
<ZetaNeta> i didnt understand what you mean with this patch
<ssvb_> ZetaNeta: merge as in get these changes added to the linux-sunxi repository on github?
<hramrach_> you replace old config with new config and git produces a path that updates the old config to new config
<ZetaNeta> oh, i am just not so good into the git thingy
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<ZetaNeta> you sad g_serial is in somekind of patch
<ZetaNeta> i mean to add g_serial to what people get when using the firststeps instructions
<ZetaNeta> (i am really far away from git man)
<ssvb_> ZetaNeta: the idea is that 1) a patch is created 2) then it is posted for review 3) then if nobody has objections, it gets added to github
<hramrach_> the patch to which I posted link does add g_serial
<ZetaNeta> ssvb_, You gave best answer
<hramrach_> 'but nobody has reviewed that so the config on github is still the old one with no drivers
<aexl> ZetaNeta: it's also about who commited what and code history.
<ZetaNeta> so, is it ok to make a folder /lib/modules/3.0.76/kernel/android and to put there all android modules?
<ZetaNeta> my question, will it find them
<hramrach_> not likely
<hramrach_> the andriod kernel has different symbol version
<hramrach_> but you can try
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<oliv3r> bah, can't write anything via fel; fel-read seems to work though
<oliv3r> usb_bulk_recv error -7
<oliv3r> well gotta go
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<damo22> i noticed that olimex has a product involving the A20 chip and 1xSATA... i cant find any gnu/linux stuff for the a20 chip, is this something very new?
<hramrach_> it's very new
<hramrach_> support is under development
<ZetaNeta> i have copied modules in /lib/modules/3.0.76/kernel/android. Should i reboot to use them?
<hramrach_> read it will crash a lot for some weeks or months to come ;-)
<hramrach_> ZetaNeta: run depmod. then try to load the modules
<ZetaNeta> "FATAL: Error inserting ft5x_ts (/lib/modules/3.0.76/kernel/android/ft5x_ts.ko): Invalid module format" :PPPP
<ZetaNeta> how to force load again?
<hramrach_> it probably won't work
<damo22> hramrach_: i was following the A10 stuff a while ago from olimex they were going to release a board with A10 and 2x USB ports that could support 500mA each... but they stopped developing the board, do you know of a board that can support 2x full powered usb ports?
<hramrach_> I have no problem with using USB prots on cubieboard
<hramrach_> not sure what the exact power spec is, though
<hramrach_> why would olinuxino not power the USB ports? or does it have only one?
<damo22> hramrach_: i'll have another look
<damo22> hramrach_: according to the spec for revision D of the A10s board, there is 1x usb + 1x usb-otg and they both provide full power requirements
<damo22> far better than what a RPi can do
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<lkcl> damo:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/lkcl-3.3-a20;hb=refs/heads/lkcl-3.3-a20
<lkcl> damo22: ^
<lkcl> which is a branch with an important bugfix of
<damo22> wow nice
<lkcl> it works fine on the EOMA68-A20 board
<lkcl> the binary-only NAND driver source is also available, that was released under the gpl last week by allwinner
<damo22> i want to deblob a whole allwinner compatible kernel and try to develop a free/libre distro
<damo22> but unfortunately people are telling me that allwinner stuff is not supported upstream due to the fex stuff
<hramrach_> people are porting the AW drivers to mainline
<hramrach_> but it takes time
<damo22> yeah i can imagine
<hramrach_> shortly you should be able to netboot an a10 device with mainline kernel
<damo22> :D
<hramrach_> but that's about the only thing you could do with it. no local storage support. no display
<damo22> so many SoCs not enough FeeT
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<Turl> hramrach_: you can do that today :p
<ZetaNeta> hi
<ZetaNeta> i am getting billions of those: [ 15.022] (EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOPUTCMAP: Invalid argument
<ZetaNeta> in xorg logs
<ZetaNeta> what does that mean
<Turl> ssvb_: ^
<aexl> ZetaNeta: do you still have the android modules in alip?
<hramrach_> ZetaNeta: that means that Xorg tries to upload non-exixtent color map entries
<ZetaNeta> i have them, but seems none are loaded
<ZetaNeta> hramrach_, Anything i should do bout it?
<hramrach_> that's normal. just ignore it
<ZetaNeta> Video works normaly it seems
<ZetaNeta> oh
<ZetaNeta> [ 15.268] (II) config/udev: Adding input device ft5x_ts (/dev/input/event1)
<ZetaNeta> seems it got it
<ZetaNeta> but....
<ZetaNeta> Let me read some other lines
<aexl> looks good. but i always thought (EE) leads to xorg not loading ...
<ZetaNeta> [ 15.273] (II) config/udev: Adding input device ft5x_ts (/dev/input/mouse0)
<ZetaNeta> [ 15.273] (II) No input driver specified, ignoring this device.
<ZetaNeta> seems like there is a xorg problem with that
<aexl> do you have evdev installed?
<ZetaNeta> ?
<aexl> xserver-xorg-input-evdev
<ZetaNeta> yes, dpkg shows it
<damo22> if you guys are maintaining a fork of mainline just for allwinner stuff, do you have a central fork that you always try to keep the latest?
<aexl> maybe create a xorg.conf an specify the driver. evdev.
<aexl> s/an/and
<Turl> damo22: see for mainline
<damo22> ty
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<Turl> after I get it up to speed again there will be a sunxi-devel with patches not yet merged too
<ZetaNeta> aexl, Can you please guide me what to add to xorg.conf
<damo22> woot!
<aexl> are you able to "Xorg -configure"?
<ZetaNeta> No devices to configure. Configuration failed.
<aexl> service lightdm stop - than again
<ZetaNeta> Why does alip have so much "desktop" video drivers?
<ZetaNeta> I already killed lightdm
<ZetaNeta> It shows a list of availible drivers, and this error
<ZetaNeta> I think here we may find help:
<ZetaNeta> xserver-xorg-input-mutouch?
<aexl> xinput - it's a program
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<ZetaNeta> lets try installing the utouch and xserver-xorg-input-mutouch
<aexl> multitouch problems should be gone since after 3.0.39
<ZetaNeta> yet, do we lose anything by adding another xorg driver?
<aexl> as i said before i also had problems with ts:
<ZetaNeta> ehehehe
<ZetaNeta> i have gave you dat link already XD
<aexl> yeah^^ but look at #p1453 and on
<aexl> nice find btw! thx
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<aexl> someone should probably do a
<aexl> ^^^
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<Turl> aexl: feel free to :)
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* specing touches aexl
<aexl> not me^^
<aexl> maybe next time i'm confronted with it. but mnemoc told me around 3.0.42 that the problems should be fixed and that i should it try it. i'm still running 3.0.39 with my changes.^^
<ssvb_> ZetaNeta: the "FBIOPUTCMAP: Invalid argument" can be workarounded in the kernel by not returning error when userland tries to use FBIOPUTCMAP incorrectly
<ssvb_> ZetaNeta: that's how the x86 drivers (vesa and friends) usually behave
<ZetaNeta> in what section may i find that option?
<ssvb_> it's a single line kernel patch
<ZetaNeta> and where may i find it?
<ZetaNeta> or, if it single line. Paste it xD
<ssvb_> I haven't sent it anywhere and lost it already :)
<ZetaNeta> :(
<aexl> ^^
<ZetaNeta> Did yeah know Allwinner infringes copyright? (sry, google translate)
<ZetaNeta> Of america online?
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<ZetaNeta> With the LiveSuit software
<ZetaNeta> No?
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<aexl> ZetaNeta: ?
<ZetaNeta> It uses AIM logo as exit button :D
<ZetaNeta> AOL: *calls lawyers*
<ZetaNeta> make: m2c: Command not found
<ZetaNeta> What is m2c?
<ZetaNeta> A random joke: What makes Binary and Koren similar?
<ZetaNeta> not much people may answer this
<specing> what is "Koren"?
<aexl> korean?
<hno> oliv3r, do you have adb root access? Then it's easy to nuke the env.
<ZetaNeta> yeah
<ZetaNeta> korean
<damo22> binary and korean? they both use |o|o|Oo||
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<specing> One is spoken by computers and the other by people who build them?
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<aexl> there are 10 kinds of koreans ...
<ZetaNeta> damo22, You are correct
<ZetaNeta> specing, A good answer, yet damo22 is right
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i have patched ft5x_ts.h in kernel sources, now how do i build it?
<aexl> though make ... modules should suffice
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ,
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> you mean i can just use make on linux-sunxi folder?
<aexl> what do you mean with "patched"?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> changed
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> edited the sources
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> now i want a ft5x_ts.ko made out of this
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> that i may copy paste on sd card
<aexl> well you compile it just like the kernel.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and where do i get the module outputed to?
<aexl> when you follow - the folder is called output
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> when i installed all this, i used the easy 3 step way
<aexl> depends on INSTALL_MOD_PATH=
<aexl> i think you can even set it on sd card. but beware that it will build all modules (and kernel if choose so).
<aexl> maybe make M=drivers/input/touchscreen modules could work
<aexl> to only build the ts modules.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ERROR: "ump_dd_handle_create_from_phys_blocks" [drivers/video/sunxi/disp/disp_ump.ko] undefined!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ERROR: "ump_dd_secure_id_get" [drivers/video/sunxi/disp/disp_ump.ko] undefined!
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> what now?
<aexl> is that the last commit? should go into issues then.
<aexl> and try: make M=drivers/input/touchscreen modules
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Thats last commit as i know
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And thats probably my fault
<aexl> of course with arch=... cross_compile=...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I tried to put some stuff as built in in Graphics section
<aexl> sun4i_defconfig^^
* LoCoZeNoz_ZUE have mouth open widely
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> FATAL: Error inserting ft5x_ts (/lib/modules/3.0.76/kernel/drivers/input/touchscreen/ft5x_ts.ko): Invalid module format
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it doesnt even take this!
<aexl> kernel and module version should be the same. so you have to build the kernel as well.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> it gives error identical to the..... wait....
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> So i need to install this kernel?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> they seem to have same version
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> but... well, anyway. gonna try installing it
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<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i hope il not break my microsd if il be "repluging" it so often
<aexl> more likely the reader^^ i broke two in a couple of weeks.
<aexl> btw you sure it wouldn't be easier to plug a usbhub into your tablet?
<Turl> mripard_: A10s support already? :) I didn't even get mine yet :p
<mripard_> Turl: I got mine two weeks ago, I finally found some time today to work on it :)
<Turl> mripard_: somehow you managed to open a support ticket with some company by sending that patchset :o
<mripard_> ?
<Turl> mripard_: see the email titled "[#QRH-665-96871]: [PATCH 3/6] pinctrl: sunxi: Add Allwinner A10s pins"
<mripard_> yeah, just received it
<mripard_> wtf
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> guys, why should kernel include everything as a module? Any monolithic fans in this channel?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> (exept me ofcourse)
<mripard_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: I tend to compile everything in the kernel as well
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: I'm a monolithic fan when it comes to building an android kernel
<mripard_> Turl: mostly because android sucks at loading modules I suspect :)
<Turl> I use modules for the rest
<Turl> mripard_: yeah :P and because you usually cannot fit 250M worth of modules on /system
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i use monolithic kernel whenever possible
<Turl> my desktop is fully modular, I use my distro kernel there
<Turl> I guess you could say modular for general purpose, monolithic for fixed function
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> when i use something "its not awkward to compile kernel on like on debian" like gentoo i only use monolithic
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I use monolithic for all my desktops, nothing even to say bout servers
<Turl> bbl, pizza awaits :)
<mripard_> ah, when it comes to desktop, I only use modules
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> linux was first made as mono
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> and i see no advantage of modules exept that you 1. can unload them 2. if you got <5MB boot partition
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> the bad side of "being a monolithic fan" is that you always do 2-4GB boot partition for 6MB kernel + grub
<aexl> isn't the linux kernel monolithic no matter how many modules you make?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl, Do you know what is monolithic
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> In basic its when you kernel is a single binary
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Not needing any "modules" to work
<mripard_> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: Well, when it comes to support a broader set of machines, having modules makes sense
<aexl> not exactly but says linux is monolithic and os'es are modular
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What exactly do you mean under that
<mripard_> You can't possibly compile every filesystem, every device driver into a static kernel image, it would make no sense
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> why,
<paulk-desktop> is there u-boot support for pcduino?
<mripard_> aexl: yeah, from a architecture point of view, it's monolithic
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> What exactly stops me from compiling all the FS into 1 kernel
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> even through i dont need them all
<mripard_> nothing
<aexl> mripard_: okay. but i know now what you mean.
<mripard_> except that it would be always loaded into RAM
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I dont think il ever use Amiga partition layout. Or some rare FS
<aexl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: but even if you have 250M modules linux is still monolithic
<mripard_> and you'll have it even if you don't use the feature
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl, Yet, how should we call the difference betwen "no-modules-linux" and the one who got em?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> if not monolithic?
<aexl> modular and non-modular?
<mripard_> hno: thanks for your work on A10s-olinuxino btw, it worked nicely here :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Now explain those 2 terms to entire internet and say that using "monolithic" is uncorrect. Go on
<mripard_> hno: have you started working on A20/A31 yet?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Its like explaining that 3D is term from graphics, and all 3d movies should be called "stereo movies"
<aexl> modular means that you can load modules, non-modular means you cannot. monolithic is the kernel no matter how much is built-in or not ... i guess.
<mripard_> aexl: yeah, strictly speaking, you're right. Yet the difference is blurry to a lot of people
<mripard_> and so a lot of people use monolithic for !modular
<aexl> but to say that i use a non-monolithic linux is wrong,
<aexl> just saying.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Thats the best example i could made aexl
<aexl> i was just a little confused since i always wanted to try a microkernel like hurd (though i hear bad things) or minix.
<aexl> especially to head something like this in a tech channel.
<aexl> s/head/hear
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<hno> mripard_, lkcl have done A20 support, pending for cleanup and integration. Available in lkcl-sunxi-a20 branch of my u-boot repository.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> aexl, Yet, people are not computers.
<hno> Got my Olimex A20 board a couple of days ago so I have something to test on.
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<aexl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: yeah. this is why i asked.
<mripard_> hno: yeah, I got it something like 20minutes ago, thus why I was asking
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i got no devboards, but a a10 tablet. Is A10 better than A31/A20?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> becouse they seems to be a "next generation" yet i see they (maybe something with my eyes) are slower than a10
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> how many cores does you pc have? (a quick vote for entire channel)
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: A10 is 1 Cortex A8
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> no, i mean you desktops
<Turl> A20 is 2 Cortex A7 and A31 is 4
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: my desktop has 4 cores, 8 threads
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well, lets put it simplier. How many does /proc/cpuinfo show (including 0)
<Turl> $ cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep 'model name' -c
<Turl> 8
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> tnx
<aexl> 2 (it's a dell from 2007)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> anyone else wanna vote?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh, 2?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> well, ok
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Anyone else wanna vote?
<aexl> will be 6 on 15th :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> ok
<Turl> linux-sunxi server votes 8
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i asked becouse the "FirstSteps" guide uses -j5 when doing make with kernel
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> And as any gentoo use knows, it should be -j(cores+1)
<Turl> I do -jcores*2
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> Well, now i got another idea. To put a "hint from gentoo users" on bottom/top of the page
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> gonna do that right now
<Turl> :P
<aexl> pf
<Turl> just use -j :P
<aexl> i can use -j 32 as well ...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> "i want people know how to compile faster and better" - average gentoo user
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> s/know/"to know"
<aexl> it's already in FirstSteps on also on this is no new gentoo information. ;)
<Turl> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: 1) buy a bigger box with an ssd 2) ... 3) profit! :)
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> XD
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> "for free!" - me
<jelly-home> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE: it doesn't matter now many cores an intel or pc desktop has, when each single core can crunch integers 100x as fast, and access memory 20x as fast as your arm soc
<aexl> i've got an ssd but i wouldn't use it for crunching ...
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yeah, yet. 5 min compilation on a machine that can do it in 2..... not gentoo way
<Turl> aexl: code on ssd, object files on tmpfs :D
<aexl> Turl: tmpfs is on ram. :D
<Turl> aexl: yeah no ssd wear :)
<aexl> optimizations. i love technology.
aexl is now known as aexl|away
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> my mind stream: SSD/HDD > Cold Static Storage/Hot Dynamic Storage > Bitcoin cold wallet > omg, i forgot to install armory
<mripard_> bfree: ping?
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> guys, i have found a error at the wiki
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> It says to add hf to all commands if you got a hardfloat toolchain
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, all commands are already with HF added :D
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> so either 1 either another should be fixed
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> i vote for removing the useless "add hf" thingy.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh.... my fail
<hno> 2
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> failed to read properly XD
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> btw, i predict that there will be no future where embedded systems will support bitcoins
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> as to properly use bitcoins, you already need a 9gb file
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> I think there is one thing bitcoin creator didnt think of :D
<hno> LoCoZeNoz_ZUE, 2 of my Allwinner boards have SATA.
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> oh... ouch
<LoCoZeNoz_ZUE> yet, there are still embedded systems where they count storage in kb
<hno> and trivial to attach any mount of USB storage to any board.
<hno> Was long since modern ARMs counted in KB, if excluding the absolute bottom budget range.
<hno> i.e.. Cortex M*.
<aexl|away> there are even 512 GB flash sticks out there. and 64GB sd cards.
<aexl|away> micro sd cards
<hramrach_> does a10 support those 64gb cards?
<hramrach_> it has xhci but spec lists 32gb max
<hramrach_> not xhci
<hramrach_> sdxc
<hramrach_> but nobody tried the new cards afaik
<hno> aexl|away, is there 64GB SD cards? Where?
<Turl> hramrach_: the beauty of sd cards is that you can have 2x32GB and switch them :)
<hramrach_> everywhere
<hramrach_> pretty much every random PC parts stro stocks them
<hno> Last time I read sdxc it it specced for 32GB max. But the transfer format supports very large sizes.
<hno> Oh, Sandisk even have a 128GB one.
<hramrach_> to be recise last time I looked the only > 32gb sdxc cards were full size
<aexl|away> wicked. and the prices aren't that high.
<hramrach_> so you would need uSD -> SD expander for most boards
<Turl> hramrach_: I have a spare one
<hno> hramrach_, yes, and is why we convinced Olimes to have a full size SD slot on their new OLinuXino boards.
<hramrach_> expander?
<hno> Olimex
<Turl> I broke one on purpose to get UART
<hramrach_> did not they have full size slot to start with?
<Turl> uSD on tablets
<aexl|away> no micro sd with 128 gb.
<hramrach_> they need more sillicone for 128MB than fits on an uSD
<hramrach_> but they will come in a few months I guess
<aexl|away> Turl: what's shipping to Germany from your location? :D
<hramrach_> dx has free shipping ;-)
<Turl> aexl|away: shipping it to you would probably cost more than buying it on dx :)
aexl|away is now known as aexl
<hramrach_> wow, that looks ugly
<aexl> okay.
<Turl> hramrach_: it works :p
<Turl> it's hardly top quality but it did get its job done
<hramrach_> the reviewers say it is too loose
<hramrach_> which is expected since they just stuff a flex cable with hardly any support into the slot
<hramrach_> an that's the obviously ugly part
<Turl> hramrach_: it has a hard part on the uSD end of the cable that clicks on the slot
<aexl> ive got sparkfun breakout board. but i didnt get the job done. androids uboot only told me 3#3#3#3#3#3#3#3#3#3#3#3
<Turl> aexl: wrong speed?
<aexl> well it showed kernel booting.
<Turl> aexl: you need to replace uboot with a modified one to output to uSD card too
<aexl> yeah but i didn't know how to boot from sd card with the breakout board attached or how to replace androids uboot. maybe some day ...
<Turl> aexl: you need to build with one of the lichee branches, don't remember which now
<Turl> then replace the u-boot.bin on nanda with what you built :)
<aexl> that's all (besides a modified script.bin)?
<Turl> yes
<Turl> the build needed the special branch and a little configuration, hno can probably clarify that part
<Turl> but then it was justreplacing it and modifying script.bin
<hno> hramrach_, the early A10 prototype and the A13 OLinuXIno micro boards only have micro-sd. A10s and A20 OLinuXIno MICRO both have micro-sd + full size sd.
<hno> Turl, what?
<aexl> hno: for using sdcard as uart - which lichee-branch do i need? and what do i need to modify in the code?
<Turl> hno: what do you need to get uart on sd slot booting from nand? I recall you needed to use one of the lichee branches and touch something on the config
<aexl> Turl: thx^
<aexl> ^^
<hno> ah, console. With a modern lichee u-boot it should be sufficient to set the debug_uart to the SD slot in script.bin (and disable the same sd slot).
<hno> earlier you needed to build sun4i_sdcon in the lichee-dev branch.
<aexl> hno: ah yes i remember. and you said something about having console over sd and still be able to boot from sd.
<hno> you can't. But you can in theory boot u-boot (and kernel) from SD and then switch to console for the kernel. But now with fel booting available it's not really needed.
<hno> easier to just load u-boot & kernel (+ initrd if needed) over fel than switching between sd & uart adaper.
<aexl> hno: hm. i thought you said something about pulling GND to devices or so.
<hno> No, but I may have said something about shorting certain NAND lines to GND for disabling NAND so you can boot from MMC2 if you wire up those signals to an MMC like I have done on my Cubieboard
<hramrach_> hno: nice. the full size slots come useful
<hno> But I forgot to add that NAND disable wire before gluing on the MMC adapter.. but it's not a big deal, can skip the NAND boot step using JTAG to test BROM loading from MMC2, or use a screwdriver to short the right NAND lines at boot..
<hramrach_> hw hackers ..
<aexl> hno: but that includes opening my tablet right? :D
<hramrach_> cubieboard comes open ;-)
<aexl> hramrach_: one a10 device is enough for me.
<hno> There is Samsung class 10 64GB micro-sd cards.
<aexl> hno: thx for the info.
<hramrach_> the mmc on a10 is also ~ class 10 so no need to look more ;-)
<hno> And lexar SDXC 256GB UHS-1 rated.
<hno> but costs more than all my Allwinner boards together.
<hramrach_> lexar ..
<hno> at ~2 EUR /GB.
<aexl> Pretec SDXC 64GB, Class 16 :D
<hramrach_> once I tried Lexar firewire CF reader. It did not work :/
<hno> Class ratings varies greatly between vendors.
<hramrach_> you could get the same functionality with IDE-CF and FW-IDE bridge but not in a usable case
<aexl> according Pretec are the only ones that ever offered class 16. and that was 2011.
<hno> Wonder what performance one would get from CE-ATA 4-bit (what works in an SD slot). A13 and later supports CE-ATA in MMC2.
<aexl> does allwinner support uhs-i?
<hno> I don't know what the clock limit of Allwinner MMC controller is. Never tried.
<hno> but I do not think it can reach those speeds.
<hno> The NAND controller maxes out at ~15MB/s (30MB/s in A13 dual channel)
<hno> s/A13/A31/
<aexl> i need a new µsd anyway. gonna ask my local computer shop tomorrow.
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<aexl> hno: so 15 MB/s is also the max. you can get a writing on NAND?
<hno> With the NAND chips in the boards I have much less...
<aexl> yeah i once test 3.3 or so ...
<aexl> tested
<hramrach_> I did not observe any difference between UHS-I and class 10 uSD card
<aexl> hramrach_: in a10 device?
<hramrach_> yes, in a10
<hno> UHS-I and class 10 is about the same I think. Of the cards I saw some minutes ago both ratings was ~95MB/s.
<hramrach_> the rating of the UHS was way higher by the manufacturer spec
<aexl> hno: class 10 with 95 MB/s?
<hno> well.. it was also rated as x600 so...
<Turl> the class usually indicates min. write speed, read is usually way higher
<Turl> althought I've never seen more than 20MB/s on the cards I've used
<aexl> so why install linux on nand then?
<Turl> aexl: because it's there? :P I dunno
<aexl> Turl: ^^ really?
<Turl> aexl: would you throw away 4G of storage? :P
<hno> I long tried to convince both Olimex & Cubie to have two SD instead of SD + NAND. Got mostly there with Olimex.
<aexl> you can still use it for storage. ;) but if sdcard is really faster the i let the os on sd.
<aexl> +than
<Turl> hno: you kind of got there with cubie too
<hno> A very useful featore of SD cards is that you can replace them when worn out.
<Turl> hno: new cubies will have "pSD" instead of nand
<aexl> wasn't emmc even faster?
<Turl> tSD, sorry
<hno> Full emmc is faster than mmc, double the transfer bandwidth.
<hno> using 8 data bits instead of the 4 available in SD interface.
<hno> and the MMC2 controller in A13+ do support this. The MMC0 controller only supports at most 4-bit transfers.
<aexl> but emmc has nothing to do with a card anymore right? or is it still replaceable?
<hno> eMMC is soldered on. BGA package.
<hno> Can be replaceable if on a carrier and suitable connector. But nothing standard.
<aexl> oh "embedded mmc". :D
<hno> odroid have such replaceable eMMC.
<hno> yes
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<aexl> oh the black thing right from the usb/ethernet socket right?
<aexl> but the block diagram says "mmc0/1 8bit" and "mmc2 4bit"^^
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<bfree> mripard_: pong
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<mripard_> bfree: see your inbox :)
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<bfree> mripard_: bah I'm blind, see it now (sorry guess the pastes died as didn't set them to very long). I'll give your suggested addresses a go now in a few minutes
<mripard_> I really see only either the addresses or the configuration option regarding the compression that could cause this
<bfree> just fyi (don't worry I'll check myself now) a proper debian linux-image kernel package should have the config in it ;)
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<bfree> it's not the config options anyway
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<bfree> mripard_: :-( same error using the suggested addresses (well I'm presuming 0x4100000 for the kernel was a typo missing a 0 ... trying that it just fails at bootm in uboot with "Wrong Image Format for bootm command")
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<mripard_> bfree: what's your config?
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<bfree> mripard_: the normal one is: ... will take me a minute to figure out where the one with the low level dubugging is, but it's basically the same
<mripard_> bfree: could you test the uInitrd and uImage here:
<bfree> certainly!
<mripard_> I suggest you test my initrd and uimage first and then my initrd with your uimage and my uimage with your initramfs
<bfree> mripard_: that seems revealing as I get the same with your uimage and uinitrd (could it be my dtb then or have I some sort of screwed up u-boot)!
<mripard_> hmmm, odd
<mripard_> I don't have a cubieboard here, so I never actually tested the cubie dt
<mripard_> however, I know that Turl uses one to contribute
<mripard_> I think it's working fine though
<mripard_> I also use a way shorter cmdline
<mripard_> try booting it with only the console set
<bfree> yep, I tried that just in case
<mripard_> ok
<mripard_> with/without the NBD setup?
<bfree> yes, just retried with only console, not even the panic/loglevel line
<mripard_> ok, then I have the same thing here.
<mripard_> Turl: could you try the above mentionned uImage/uInitrd on your cubie ? to double check
<bfree> leaving devicetree, u-boot and hardware for me :-/
<mripard_> well, if Turl is able to boot it, you would get a working dtb as well :)
<mripard_> and presumably, he has a working u-boot as well
<mripard_> but it looks too "clean" to be an hardware issue
<mripard_> at least now we know that it's not a kernel/initramfs issue.
<bfree> yep! boy do I hope I haven't had a stupid pebkac moment somewhere after dragging you (and now Turl hopefully) through this!
<mripard_> don't worry, we all do some stupid mistakes :)
<Turl> what's up :)
<Turl> I don't have my cubie in here but I can give them a try tomorrow morning
<bfree> btw debian's 3.9 armmp is now up in unstable. 3.10 still hasn't been compiled by the buildd network:
<Turl> what issue are you having with it btw?
<mripard_> Turl: still the initramfs issue
<mripard_> bfree can't load an external initramfs image without a kernel panic
<mripard_> which is unfortunate :)
<mripard_> Turl: bfree: just FYI, here is my u-boot env
<bfree> Turl: so if you can boot mripard's uImage+uInitrd I'd love your dtb (and u-boot) to narrow down why I can't! and even if you can't it will help save my sanity ;)
<Turl> the dtb I use is built from the linux tree
<Turl> the uboot.. is something I built around nov/dec last year, burned to the card and forgot about :)
<Turl> I don't even use the uboot console these days, I have it set up to autorun, pull kernel and dtb from tftp and boot
<hno> bfree, which compression method are you using for the initrd? And how big is the uncompressed initrd? Have you tried moving it a bit later in memory?
<bfree> Turl: so is my dtb ... I'd jumped up to sunxi-current u-boot for it's devicetree support ... I can go back and double check again with an older one (e.g. my ~March debian packaged one)
<hno> also try using an uncompressed initramfs.
<bfree> hno: gzip for the initramfs itself, none for mkimage. but I'm also failing with mripard's uImage+uInitrd
<mripard_> hno: he enabled all the compression options in the kernel, and even the smaller dtb I provided doesn't work on his board, while it works fine here.
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<hno> bfree, and it wirks if the initramfs is embedded in the kernel?
<bfree> well to be strictly accurate debian's kernel team enabled all the compression options ;) /me standing on the shoulders of giants
<bfree> hno: with a small enough initramfs embedded yes, not with the full one though
<hno> how big is the uInitrd file? And how are you loading it?
<bfree> hno: sorry will double check the uncompressed size ... ~12M for mine. and yes I tried all sorts of moving around of memory addresses
<hno> 12 MB uncompressed is not big.
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<bfree> hno: might be simpler/safer to talk about mripard's uInitrd which is 4.1M. is how I tried to load it
<hno> Nothing obviously wrong there.
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<oliv3r> hno: i cant use adb since android appears to be crashing, doubt there is some android recovery pre-installed?
<oliv3r> does your olimex a20 boot android?
<oliv3r> hno: anyway, i have started on the lkcl patches, but would first want to verify timings
<oliv3r> hno: also what could cause fel-write to fail? read seems to work.error was -7
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<specing> My first initrd was like 200 KB :D
<hno> oliv3r, I have cleaned that pach up a bit in wip/a20 in my git.
<hno> fel write generally fails if dram is not set right, or if you try writing outside ram regions.
<hno> bfree, what dtb are you using?
<bfree> I could cut mine back a fair bit through the initramfs-tools config (so it includes less modules) and dropping busybox, though the "big" one is what I would like to work. It's just a default debian unstable initramfs-tools+nbd(+busybox as nbd needs it)
<bfree> hno: the cubieboard one built as part of the debian kernel package build
<bfree> 3.10+emac
<oliv3r> hno: wel i noot using the boot1 + '2' trick
<oliv3r> and i write to 0x2000
* hno do not have that debian kernel package.
<oliv3r> hno: i'll base it on wip/a20 then
<bfree> hno: 3.10 is in experimental but arm not built yet. I added the net-next emac patches for ^^^
<hno> bfree, which of these has the dtb?
<oliv3r> hno: Turl mripard_ do your olimex a20's boot using stock nand and display over hdmi? i think the fex wants an LCD
<Turl> oliv3r: olimex sent us A20 too? :O
<hno> oliv3r, no idea. Haven't had time to play with it yet.
<Turl> oliv3r: I haven't even received my A10s olinuxino yet :(
<oliv3r> are you supposed to get an a20?
<Turl> I dunno :)
<Turl> tom was sending A20 cubies too
<oliv3r> Turl: i asked for an a20; dont think i'll mysteriously get an a10s :)
<Turl> oliv3r: wasn't olimex sending A10s olinuxinos?
<oliv3r> hno i pasted my output this morning. i do get it to boot but no disp. so maybe adb works
<oliv3r> Turl: didnt ask for a10s, specifically a20 i mentioned
<oliv3r> last week or so
<Turl> oliv3r: well I didn't ask for it, I got offered one :p
<Turl> this was more like early last month
<oliv3r> i hinted :p
<oliv3r> e-mailed last week, arrived yesterday
<Turl> that was quick :/
<oliv3r> nl )
<Turl> I wonder what did tsvetan ship it with
<Turl> global something iirc
<oliv3r> i put pics on wiki
<oliv3r> can check trash tomorrow if you want
<oliv3r> i love thepins it has
<oliv3r> wouldnt be supprised if it broke out 'all'
<Turl> eh? trash? :P
<Turl> uh oh, global mail, looks like a dhl product >.<
<oliv3r> ennveloppe :p
<hno> Mine got delivered via Deutche Post airmail, normal unregistered envelope.
<hno> bfree, crashes the same way for me. And if I load the dtb into u-boot using fdt command then no console output.
<Turl> I'll ask tsvetan tomorrow then
<hno> Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address ffa50000
<Turl> hno: is the load address on ramdisk supposed to be all 0?
<hno> Yes.
<Turl> Loading Ramdisk to 7f96c000, end 7fe5e964 ... OK
<Turl> looks like outside of ram?
<hno> Mine says
<hno> Loading Ramdisk to 7fa50000, end 7fe62a00 ... OK
<hno> Loading Device Tree to 40ffb000, end 40fffb13 ... OK
<bfree> hno: were you trying my kernel or mripards kernel+initrd?
<hno> 7f* is the end of 1GB.
<hno> mripards.
<hno> physical mem starts at 0x40*
<hno> mripard_, what dtb are you using?
<oliv3r> sleep time. hno if you could power upp you a20 and confirm my earlier findings that be grand.
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<lioka> hi again. made some progress while trying to identify my a10 tablet:
<lioka> some pics and meminfo
<hno> oliv3r, mine have some android with adb in nand.
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<lioka> it seems similar to a10_mid_1gb
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<lioka> actually i've booted it already, now trying to find how to make touchscreen work
<lioka> tried ft5x_ts, got: ctp_fetch_sysconfig_para: name ft5x0x does not match CTP_NAME
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<hno> oliv3r, could hard fel boot to u-boot promt without any issues using the recovery button.
<hno> board definition in my wip/a20 branch.
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