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<vincenzo> I will check. Anyways: if the script.bin i'm using is the stock one, how can it be wrong?
<techn_> device wont boot if you are using wrong dram parameters in uboot
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<vincenzo> in u-boot-sunxi/board/allwinner/a10_mid_1gb/dram.c: dram_emr1 = 0x4
<vincenzo> but on the running board it is dram_emr1 = 0x0
<vincenzo> techn_: is this a/the problem?
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<vincenzo> actually it is the opposite (0x04 on the board and 0x00 in uboot)
<rz2k> hno: fixed my dram setup both in u-boot and script.bin, still the same... probably jtaging is needed. I have cloned J-Link around, not sure if it will work with OpenOCD
<Turl> rz2k: what trouble are you having? looks like it booted ok
<rz2k> Turl: it reboots after that and in bits and pieces that left over and spit out to UART you can clearly see that they are parts of addresses
<rz2k> so its kernel panics there
<Turl> rz2k: just after the uart driver curiously
<Turl> what happens if you compile it out?
<rz2k> checking right now
<rz2k> i also noticed that there is "winners uart driver" around in serial, compiled it in for test
<rz2k> i remember that we had standard 8250 working
<rz2k> even in old kernel
<Turl> yeah with a hack
<Turl> because it's not the standard one
<Turl> it's a designware 8250 :P
<rz2k> speaking of that, I forget to add it to
<rz2k> Turl: remember any other ipcores that are used in Axx ?
<Turl> rz2k: I believe hno said MMC and SATA were someone else's IP
<rz2k> if you have a reason, please add a remark there :) I added NAND because I worked with it a lot lately, and it is really weirdly done, just like it was put as an afterthought
<rz2k> and glued with what they have around
<rz2k> for example, you cant ready 448 bytes, only 1024.
<rz2k> (the RAM0 size)
<rz2k> s/ready/read/
<Turl> I've only been working extensively with clocks, and cannot make any comment re. it
<rz2k> ok
<Turl> rz2k: I just saw your email on the list, you must have a pretty good eye
<Turl> both images look like the same board to me :p
<rz2k> different ddr3 marking
<rz2k> :P
<Turl> rz2k: yeah I won't be able to tell that with those imgs :P
<Turl> rz2k: heh, they say A10-olinuxino-micro to add to the confusion
<rz2k> yep, the layout is the same
<rz2k> so they didnt change it
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<rz2k> tried both "winners uart driver", and various settings of standard 8250
<rz2k> even when it is compiled out I have
<rz2k> basically it dies when bootconsole is switched off
<rz2k> now will try to run it without the earlyprintk and see if it boots
<rz2k> got system booting
<derethor> one question.. do you know if the allwinners support the AXI bus protocol?
<derethor> i saw something on the manual, about clocks for axi
<derethor> but i dont know where to get more info about it
<Turl> rz2k: lol, instagram ;)
<Turl> derethor: I believe it does, but I doubt you can connect things to it
<derethor> why? because it is not standard or something? too fast?
<Turl> derethor: the clocks may give you an idea,
<Turl> derethor: I believe it's internal use only, there's a gate on it for dram so it might be used for the dram controller
<Turl> but I'm just guessing here
<derethor> i dont find anything reading about pins
<derethor> or the manual
<rz2k> Turl: easy upload from android devices, nothing more, i dont use filters and other crap
<rz2k> :p
<Turl> rz2k: I believe there's an imgur app ;)
<rz2k> its meeeh
<rz2k> i used it year or so ago
<Turl> rz2k: G+ has auto upload too :P
<Turl> rz2k: so what was the trick to have it booting? disable earlyprintk?
<derethor> i am really looking a way to connect high speed devices to the arm...
<Turl> derethor: what kind of device and at what speed?
<derethor> an FPGA, as faster as possible
<Turl> I saw a guy here talking about connecting FPGA via the DRAM controller
<derethor> me
<derethor> :)
<Turl> :p
<derethor> i think it is the only way
<Turl> do you need that much speed?
<derethor> what other options do i have?
<Turl> USB?
<derethor> SPI? i2c? uart?
<derethor> mmn
<derethor> maybe
<derethor> but the, I guess I will copy data a lot
<Turl> there's sata too, but I don't think it'd be too practical to implement your fpga as a block device
<derethor> the xilinx interface generates code for AXI
<derethor> and it seems that the protocol has some kind of DMA specification
<derethor> but I dont see any reference to external amba on the manual, from allwinners
<Turl> I haven't seen any either
<derethor> with another chip
<derethor> the code seems really easy, reading from /dev/mem
<derethor> but it seems that the allwinner hasnt anything similar
<Turl> yeah, mmio is really convenient to work with
<Turl> derethor: maybe you need to consider non allwinner chips too if it makes your life easier
<derethor> yes, i am guessing thaT
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<rz2k> A20 in OpenSSL speed test
<rz2k> A20 in linpack compiled with cortex-a7 and vfpv4 tunes
<rz2k> 3 times faster than A10 :)
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<jelly-home> hm, that aes performance does not bode well for any potential users of dm-crypt
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<oliv3r> i think the a10-olimex micro also may have used the wrong connector for the sata power port
<oliv3r> a JST would have made more sense there
<oliv3r> rz2k speaking of images, check the wiki, i uploaded my a20 fotos
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<oliv3r> jelly-home: crypto engine is in hardware, once we tap into that; easy piasy
<oliv3r> i wanna do that after PWM
<oliv3r> once people start nitpicking on silly thing on sid :p
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<naobsd> hi
<naobsd> I'm looking for A20 resources, but probably nothing is committed yet on repos, right?
<oliv3r> correct
<oliv3r> u-boot patch is to be found in
<oliv3r> or the like
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<naobsd> hehe, no cubieboard2 support yet ;)
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<hno> naobsd, no meminfo output from cb2 yet.
<naobsd> hno: I got cb2 today
<hno> you did?
<hno> did it get shipped with android?
<naobsd> strangly, dram params are slightly different from dram_cubieboard.c...
<hno> Different in what way?
<naobsd> shipped with linux, it worked, and I flashed android from
<naobsd> it worked too. I tried to flash linux image again, then I noticed flashing linux image never complete lol
<naobsd> <6>[ 0.530938] dram config [dram_para] [dram_baseaddr] : 1073741824 <6>[ 0.530955] dram config [dram_para] [dram_clk] : 480 <6>[ 0.530969] dram config [dram_para] [dram_type] : 3 <6>[ 0.530982] dram config [dram_para] [dram_rank_num] : 1 <6>[ 0.530996] dram config [dram_para] [dram_chip_density] : 4096 <6>[ 0.531011] dram config [dram_para] [dram_io_width] : 16 <6>[ 0.531025] dram config [dram_para] [dram_bus
<naobsd> oops
<hno> You might need a newer livesuit to flash linux images.
<naobsd> oh course I used new LiveSuite for Linux 64bit from github/cubieboard2/manifests. flashing android was OK
<hno> Try the Windows version. The Linux version for A10 is known to have problems with linux images.
<naobsd> while flashing linux image, I can see a lot of output from serial console. it's tooooo much. I guess it slows down flashing procedure
<naobsd> hmm. then I have to prepare Windows ;)
<naobsd> anyway, for now, I have curious about your u-boot/wip/a20
<naobsd> hno: will you get cb2 soon?
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<naobsd> I can see u-boot prompt :)
<naobsd> hno: I copied and modified dram_cubieboard.c, it worked, and now I noticed "this file is generated, don't edit it yourself" ;)
<naobsd> what should I do?
<naobsd> hmmmmmmm... is cubieboard shipped with unieque MAC address? should I check it before flashing image?
<naobsd> it may be too late ;)
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<Turl> naobsd: the original one wasn't, I think they generate one from SID when flashing images now though
<naobsd> Turl: thanks. this cb2 should be only for dev, so it may not have MAC address... I'll ask hipboi(or on #cubieboard)
<Turl> naobsd: btw, I found out you can autogen the dram stuff this way
<Turl> ./fexc -O uboot yourfile.fex dram.c
<Turl> or from a bin, ./fexc -I bin -O uboot blah.bin dram.c
<naobsd> Turl: thanks. it worked, but some values in script.bin/fex are -1, so output is not correct :(
<Turl> naobsd: that's why usually new boards consist on adding fex on sunxi-boards, then fixing up dram_para with aid of a10-meminfo, then disabling unused stuff in the fex depending on the device, then adding support to uboot :)
<naobsd> I see :)
<naobsd> DRAMC_init() should be dramc_init()... sunxi-tools/script_uboot.c should be updated
<naobsd> anyway, thank you Turl
<hno> naobsd, looks fine. Merged.
<naobsd> hno: for now I only tested led on/off and mmcinfo ;)
<hno> Easy to correct any errors later.
<naobsd> is there any community kernel source for a20? I'm not sure can be booted from your u-boot
<hno> naobsd, there is no community A20 kernel tree yet.
<hno> Should be possible to boot sunxi-3.3-cb2 I think, but have not tried, and have had problems booting Allwinner kernels.. seems boot1 is doing something that the kernel expects.
<naobsd> hmm. I'll try 3.3 kernel
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<naobsd> interesting...
<hno> naobsd, that can only unpack/repack AW images. No flashing supported.
<naobsd> hmm
<naobsd> sunxi-3.3-cb2 booted (and halted due to no rootfs) w/o modification...
<naobsd> I'll prepare rootfs...
<naobsd> oh I should use cubieboard2_defconfig, not sun7ismp_defconfig ;)
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<hno> naobsd, good.
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<naobsd> userland is basically working
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<naobsd> I used init=/bin/sh due to my lazyness ;)
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<derethor> hno: i was reading that file yesterday, about my SDRAM crazy idea :)
<derethor> cubieboard_dram.c
<hno> derethor, you better read arch/arm/cpu/armv7/sunxi/dram.c instead.
<derethor> hno: thank you!! that is exactly what I need
<derethor> do you think that the allwinner a1x has some external interface for AMBA?
<derethor> i dont find anything on the manuals
<derethor> and I found that the AXI clock could run at about 450mhz
<derethor> but i dont find any docs about that
<derethor> xilinx can generate the interface for the AXI slave device
<derethor> and maybe it is safer and easier to implement that a fake sdram
<mripard> derethor: I don't really know what you're trying to do with that FPGA, but have you considered Altera SoC-FPGA or Xilinx Zynq SoCs?
<mripard> they're both SoCs with an ARM core and an embedded FPGA
<derethor> i am trying to push data to the allwinnner memory space
<derethor> and, yes, i am considering those chips, but they are pretty expensive
<mripard> how expensive are they? (I'm curious)
<derethor> the xilinx zynq starts at 100€
<mripard> ouch
<derethor> i am only trying to push data on the a13
<derethor> if it is possible, of couse
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<servili007> oliv3r: ping
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<soul> Sorry for disturbing but, where I have to start reading for installing Debian or another GNU/Linux distro (with desktop if possible) on a Hyundai A7? I can't remember who helped me giving me this link ( but I'm still lost.
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<focus> hi guys, is there an easy way to create a single header file that described all of the registers and bit fields in an A10 SoC. In PIC world this is easy. In cortex M0, M3 world its a bit ridiculous with everyone doing their own names. I want the file to make the SoC appear as a glorified embedded CPU for high I/O pin count projects.
<focus> In the long run, everyone could benefit from it because you will be able to see the entire CPU at a glance. When derivatives are made, it won't be so difficult to manage the porting of programs to the new CPU.
<libv> soul: this is a plain A7, the white one?
<soul> libv: Oh, hi. I have it without HD yes. It's white and the screen is 7"
<soul> libv: I can find the hardware (I think)
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<Turl> focus: 1) open text editor 2) write 3) ??? 4) profit! :P
<Turl> focus: on a little bit more serious note, I haven't seen anything like that for sunxi
<Turl> focus: the kernel has some headers with bitfield struct definitions that you can map on top of the register to use, but it's nothing universal
<Turl> focus: maybe an uboot standalone app would be more suitable for portability, although I don't know if they expose the i2c and the like apis to apps
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<focus> Turl: groan! I wanted gcc to compile a single executable from a single cpu header file. if I trawl through Linux source code, any chance I might gather up a few of the parameters to start off this header file?
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<oliv3r> anybody familiar usb-otg? i have a mini usb keyboard with regular usb connector. with a usb-otg 'converter' it works fine. now i soldered on a mini usb plug and of course it doesnt work
<oliv3r> is the 4th pin spmehow involved? normally it is n/c
<oliv3r> i thimk it is called otg-detect?
<oliv3r> so maybe short it or somerhing?
<oliv3r> focus: probably impossible
<oliv3r> simple beacause we dont have all the docs
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<oliv3r> if you really want to use the soc as an avr replacement (there are high pincount avr's)
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<oliv3r> you ....leave
<oliv3r> you could look at the avr headers and, well start writing
<oliv3r> i think u-boot has some headers with some defines done
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<Soru> test
<Soru> libv: Sorry, my connection dropped. Did you say something?
<libv> Soru: first off, start creating a wiki page for the a7
<libv> Soru: feel free to use the general structure of the a7hd page
<libv> then, you have to generate the necessary info for uboot and the kernel
<libv> and you can get that by following:
<libv> then you can use this info in
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<naobsd> oliv3r: connect it to GND to used as host cable
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<soul> libv: Stock vendor firmware means the original rom?
<vincenzo> Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make my table work with the rom I'm building. It needs a module goodix_touch_3f.ko ... does anyone know where to get sources for it