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<wpwrak> phew. procmailrc updated. it cleverly files DocScrutinizer's mails to the milkymist list under "moko", since they were copied to me and thus the direct mail arrived first and didn't match any of the qihw patterns i had.
<DocScrutinizer> hah
<wpwrak> (/dev/mem) if it's just a question of hiding it from "bad old programe", how about: rm -rf /dev/mem; mkdir /dev/mem; chattr +i /dev/mem; mknod /dev/goodmem c 1 1
<wpwrak> or, even cleaner. make a libc wrapper for those known to be bad programs that simply catches and denies open. there's probably code around that does just that that one could simply reuse.
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<kristianpaul> :0
<kristianpaul> * ^From.*
<kristianpaul> qihardware
<kristianpaul> i'm trying to avoid regexp for subject since procmail may get confuse somethimes and drop mail where it dint belong..
<kristianpaul> ergh, was * ^(From|Cc|To).*
<viric> do you wear... hmmm those cords at feet to avoid static electricity?
<viric> here we have had many days without water... and we have sparks all around
<viric> I wonder if electronics shops sell them
<viric> or they can be easy made at home
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<whitequark> hm
<whitequark> (static electricity) I have this as somewhat of a problem
<whitequark> but I wonder about other thing
<whitequark> I have a floor made of wood here, or, alternatively, linoleum
<whitequark> and on this floor stands a chair made of metal
<whitequark> if I'd touch it, there would be a giant, loud, bright spark
<whitequark> why would this happen? wood/linoleum are insulators afaik
<whitequark> and the chair itself should not have such a big capacity, should it?
<whitequark> why my finger and the chair itself would ever have such a different potential so the voltage across the gap would be enough to break through air?
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<viric> I think a chair can have enough capacity
<viric> static electricty gets created specially between insulators
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<whitequark> viric: ofcourse it gets created between insulators
<whitequark> I know that
<whitequark> probably the floor and my socks
<whitequark> but why does it want to flow to the chair? that was my question
<viric> well
<viric> while you have some potential vs the floor...
<viric> once approximating the chair, you are going to make all the negative charge of the floor towards the chair point you may touch
<viric> 'opposite charge'
<whitequark> I'm also thinking of this
<whitequark> for example, suppose there is a big negative charge on me; that is, on the tip of my finger too
<whitequark> chair cannot have any potential inside it, as it's metal
<whitequark> so its electrons would reposition themselves as to compensate the field of myself
<whitequark> and near the tip of my finger a huge positive charge will accumulate
<viric> it's not only metal - it can also accumulate a lot of opposite charge at any point
<whitequark> oh, that too
<viric> much more than an insulator
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* viric recommends a watch of BBC - Shock and awe - the story of electricity
<viric> that's for broad tv audience...
<viric> but I found it nice to watch
<viric> hm I have two projects where I need a tokenizer of html printable text (thus, ignoring tags, scripts, css, ...)
<viric> projects in C.
<viric> if anyone knows what can I pick...
<viric> I'd not start writing one.
<whitequark> viric: nokogiri?
<whitequark> err
<whitequark> I mean libxml
<whitequark> use SAX parser and write five lines to ignore all lines you don't want
<viric> wouldn't that require a well formed html?
<whitequark> nope
<viric> the html comes from the wild
<whitequark> libxml has a very good HTML parser
<viric> ah
<whitequark> it's really awesome at parsing crappy html
<viric> good to know! :)
<whitequark> I use it at all times (albeit from Ruby. that's why I said "nokogiri"; that's the name of a Ruby binding)
<viric> libxml2, rigth?
<whitequark> yes
<viric> will it require anything extra at runtime? dtds, etc.
<whitequark> nope
<whitequark> dtd is for verifier
<whitequark> not the parser
<viric> ok
<viric> I'll check it then
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<abushcrafterforg> What advantages does the milky mist have over an arduino + laptop
<whitequark> arduino can't process video at all
<abushcrafterforg> thats what the laptop is for
<whitequark> you may need a very powerful laptop for some effects afaik
<abushcrafterforg> sorry for DMX this is
<whitequark> and that will introduce considerable latency
<abushcrafterforg> so latency wtih the arduino + laptop setup
<whitequark> afaik yes. but you'd better ask wpwrak or wolfsparul
<abushcrafterforg> ok
<abushcrafterforg> its only for a few DMX lights. currently just 1 may be more in the long long run. I also have some other lights that only have a rubbish sound to light which with time it would be nice to bypass/replace with something decent.
<abushcrafterforg> wpwrak: see above
<abushcrafterforg> wolfsparul: see above
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<abushcrafterforg> oh and I decided its not worth getting a £50 Serial Camera Module to connect to the nano note when I can get for £60 2rd hand canon running the open source CHDK firmware.
<abushcrafterforg> Which means higher res pics!
<abushcrafterforg> and optical zoom.
<wpwrak> abushcrafterforg: well, it all depends on your objectives ... comparing milkymist with an arduino is a bit like comparing starship enterprise with a tricycle ...
<abushcrafterforg> + laptop
<wpwrak> okay, starship enterprise vs. battlestar galactica. still rather different beasts :)
<whitequark> wpwrak: I only seen BSG... :)
<abushcrafterforg> what about lag
<wpwrak> if you need fast and complex peripherals, m1 runs circles around arduino+whatever
<wpwrak> you mean audio-to-video-change delay ?
<abushcrafterforg> m1?
<wpwrak> there, m1 should be hard to beat
<wpwrak> Milkymist One
<abushcrafterforg> oh
<abushcrafterforg> "(18:01:03) whitequark: and that will introduce considerable latency" I don't have a clue. Great big newbie here
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<wpwrak> it's hard to estimate lag. most effects are iterative, so they take some time to develop anyway
<abushcrafterforg> ok
<wpwrak> so lag is but one parameter in obtaining a good audio-visual experience
<abushcrafterforg> any recommenced reading?
<abushcrafterforg> or keywords for searching
<wpwrak> on what exactly ?
<abushcrafterforg> on dmx,sound to light, other parameters in obtaining a good audio-visual experience, etc
<wpwrak> i don't know. you probably want to look for some introductory texts for general visual and audiovisual design. that would be in the arts section of your bookstore.
<wpwrak> then you could translate some of the concepts into the world of milkymist
<wpwrak> a fairly specific keyword would be "milkdrop"
<wpwrak> and the description sounds a little suspicious. "To date, this content has been curated from Wikipedia articles [...]"
<wpwrak> anyway, that's the direction in which you want to explore
<abushcrafterforg> ok thanks
<abushcrafterforg> Any opinions on the state of gnu/linux sound to light dmx control software?
<wpwrak> in general, most material will probably of the "how to" type, explaining explicitly which buttons to press and there to click with this and that program. that won't help much.
<abushcrafterforg> ok
<wpwrak> don't know. you'd have to ask the VJs that occasionally hang out on #milkymist
<abushcrafterforg> yep
<roh> abushcrafterforg: dunno if there is a free one
<abushcrafterforg> I will do some more reading before I bother VJs
<roh> well.. there is qlc, but it wasnt fit for what friends of mine wanted
<abushcrafterforg> I am currently reading about that one
<roh> i think they ended up using a commerical solution magicQ from chamsys.. it also runs on linux, but isnt free
<abushcrafterforg> no thanks then
<abushcrafterforg> got to have me freedoms
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<krispaul> Artyom: hi
<krispaul> bbl
<roh> abushcrafterforg: they needed multiple universes and proper support for devices which use multiple channelids etc. so i can understand their choice. if you got simpler requirements it may be you find qlc enough
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<abushcrafterforg> oh and by the way I think I will have the Nano Note as my every day pocket computer and a canon camera running CHDK and for my gov tracking device also know as a mobile phone I will use my old black and white screen one with the battery removed :-D
<abushcrafterforg> I don't need that level. thanks for the info
<roh> qlc seems nice from the docs
<Artyom> krispaul: hello
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<kristianpaul> phew it took longer i tought..
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<whitequark> hm
<whitequark> I'm curious about the real meaning of word "hacker" in your countries/languages
<whitequark> because in Russian, "hacker" (хакер) has exactly one meaning, which is "cracker"
<whitequark> through while the real hackers are often called so, that isn't done consciously
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<whitequark> wolfspraul: I'm curious of your opinion, too:;
<wolfspraul> whitequark: will look at but a little later...
<whitequark> sure
<wolfspraul> did you receive the m1 yet?
<whitequark> nope, fedex does not deliver at weekends
<whitequark> ew
<whitequark> I just noticed
<whitequark> I don't have a VGA monitor
<whitequark> ... actually, I don't have any non-embedded display devices at all.
<whitequark> is it a 'hard' requirement for working at m1?
<wolfspraul> depends on what you want to do, but without visuals it's kinda dry
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<whitequark> wolfspraul: I heard there were some problems with USB
<whitequark> can you elaborate&
<whitequark> *&
<whitequark> darn. *?
<whitequark> interfacing an USB mouse shouldn't be a big pain
<wolfspraul> sorry as I said I need to run but back in a few hours
<whitequark> ok. I will still probably be here
<wolfspraul> there are no unsolvable problems with USB :-)
<whitequark> sounds good
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<abushcrafterforg> This is in my email sig: The word “hack, hacker, hacking, hacked, etc” is often misused. It does not mean nasty, evil stuff. Cracker is the word you want. See:
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<whitequark> abushcrafterforg: _I_ know
<whitequark> but in Russian, it never had its original value
<whitequark> because it originated from media
<abushcrafterforg> shame
<whitequark> it just kinda happened this way
<whitequark> take even me: when I pronounce "hacker" in Russian, I think of a criminal. when in English, I think of a computer specialist.
<whitequark> the meaning embeds itself way down into unconsciousness
<whitequark> these are different words for me
<whitequark> even through they sound exactly the same
<abushcrafterforg> interesting
<abushcrafterforg> have you see the hackers wanted documentary?
<whitequark> didn't even knew of it
<whitequark> but I know how the word "hacker" originated, its meaning and implications
<abushcrafterforg> it was leaked due to a argument with the producers. Its about: "Adrian Lamo, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to cracking the internal network of The New York Times."
<whitequark> yes, I read the article
<abushcrafterforg> I also has a fantastic peace of music
<abushcrafterforg> but I can't get a flac copy of it :)
<abushcrafterforg> t:(
<abushcrafterforg> the "t" is a typo habit from playing Urban terror
<abushcrafterforg> And the directors website is flash so I can't get his email.
<abushcrafterforg> I believe the artist was a friend of his.
<abushcrafterforg> sorry off topic
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<kristianpaul> whitequark: i had met people trying to avoid hacker by the word aficionated
<kristianpaul> and yes in my country as well the words meas that crack* thing, as usual :)
<whitequark> kristianpaul: what's your country?
<kristianpaul> whitequark: i'm from colombia