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<Kamikaze84> Hi
<Kamikaze84> I'm still continuing in my never ending quest to get the Firefly RK3399 booted from SDCard with a mainline kernel.
<Kamikaze84> I'm hitting kernel hangs just after the 'dma-pl330' init
<Kamikaze84> last message I get is: [ 1.855913] pwm-regulator: supplied by regulator-dummy
<Kamikaze84> anyone had any kernel hangs on a linux-rockchip 4.16 or a linux mainline 4.18 (for-next) on a firefly?
<vagrantc> i'm just trying to get u-boot working again
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: i have one firefly-rk3399 that hangs about that point when fan53555 module is loaded
<Kamikaze84> i have a backup of u-boot from my current eMMC if you want it
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: but i have another that works fine with it
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: mainline u-boot ?
<Kamikaze84> no, sorry
<Kamikaze84> i've currently got a firefly rk3399 image on my emmc
<vagrantc> i just recently got the sata adapter boards, so i've been working with it again
<Kamikaze84> and am using it's bootloader, but then using params, kernel and resource image from sdcard... hmm actually now that I mention it i'm not 100% sure i'm using resource from sdcard, maybe that's my issue..
<Kamikaze84> ok
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: the 2gb ram model or the 4gb ram?
<Kamikaze84> 2gb model. Any idea why one of your firefly rk3399 hangs when fan53555 module is loader? is it a bug in the board?
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: the one that hangs is also the 2gb model, fwiw
<Kamikaze84> hrmm :-/
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: no idea why ... haven't been able to troubleshoot it very effectively
<vagrantc> obviously, would love to have it fixed; without it cpufreq doesn't work for the A72 cores
<Kamikaze84> yeah it's not giving me much back..
<vagrantc> but i've just blacklisted it for now
<Kamikaze84> my kernel compile had fan53555 built in, so i'll make it a module on my next kernel compile to see if it makes a diff... thanks for the pointer
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<Kamikaze84> vagrantc: what problem are you having with your uboot?
<vagrantc> what's really frustrating, is i had u-boot 2018.03 running on it just a couple weeks ago, and i can't figure out what steps i'm missing
<Kamikaze84> got a link to a guide or something you're following? i probably won't be able to help, as i'm still fairly fresh on all this, but I'll give it a shot?
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: i've got an old u-boot based on 2017.05~rc2 ... and when i try to install the newer u-boot, it just hangs at the part where it would normally load it
<Kamikaze84> did you compile a new trust too?
<Kamikaze84> When I was originally trying to get u-boot going on SDCard (which was completely useless as I had a bootloader on eMMC so it would never work), I was following this guide:
<Kamikaze84> it has some alternate instructions for firefly there too
<Kamikaze84> i can't say whether it will work unfortunately, as I never tested it on emmc
<vagrantc> yeah, i follow that too
<vagrantc> but i don't write to emmc anymore ... too many frustrating moments with a tweezer to short out the emmc at just the right moment
<Kamikaze84> so you wiped the bootloader on your emmc?
<vagrantc> yeah, zero'ed out the emmc
<Kamikaze84> i actually do have a mainline u-boot + trust compiled here if you want to try one I did for the sdcard?
<Kamikaze84> let me know and i'll put it up somewhere
<Kamikaze84> i was planning on making a github anyway with some of the steps i've taken to get this far with the sdcard, but was planning on doing it when i actually had it booting..
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<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: what method did you use?
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<vagrantc> i also suspect toolchain issues with building ATF ... i've resisted using linaro's toolchain, but that seems to be the recommended way
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<Kamikaze84> option 2
<Kamikaze84> vagrantc: i resisted using linaro too, using gcc8.1
<Kamikaze84> i think i compiled a fresh trust from the arm-trusted-firmware git repo too. not 100% sure on that though.
<Kamikaze84> tried so many things, so late at night now, it's all becoming a blur lol
<vagrantc> ah, i'm using from rkbin
<vagrantc> maybe those are too outdated
<Kamikaze84> iirc, latest atf github compiled fine with my current toolchain
<vagrantc> oh, i can get it to compile fine with debian's cross-compilation or even native compilation
<vagrantc> but never seen it actually work
<vagrantc> the rkbin stuff are just precompiled binaries and all that
<Kamikaze84> ok
<vagrantc> the instructions have changed since i started messing with this over a year ago
<vagrantc> so the instructions i had that actually worked on a a now-wiped disk ... i can't find
<Kamikaze84> :(
<vagrantc> well, they actually worked with mainline u-boot as recently as 2018.03 ...
<Kamikaze84> i'll upload what i have to github anyway, incase it helps... it's a mess at the moment though, I will clean it all up with instructions if i ever end up getting this working
<vagrantc> and without u-boot SPL ... which i would much prefer
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<Kamikaze84> under compiled
<Kamikaze84> You'll see README
<Kamikaze84> in there it says the two options I tried, and I think I did both and kept the resulting binaries
<Kamikaze84> it looks like it did compile the latest bl31 from arm-trusted-firmware, according to my notes.
<vagrantc> hm.
<vagrantc> that seems pretty similar to what i've tried ... same offsets (also tried u-boot.img at 512) ...
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<Kamikaze84> did you copy the bl31.elf into the u-boot root dir? I'm not sure why that's needed, but that step is missing from a lot of guides. I don't know how the ATF works _at all_, but perhaps u-boot needs to be aware of the exact ATF you are using so it can be 'trusted' to execute...
<vagrantc> sometimes, but i've also run the steps manually that need that
<vagrantc> basically, to create u-boot.itb, it's a combination of u-boot, atf and dtb files
<Kamikaze84> vangrantc: i'm out of ideas then :( ... a question though - if you find that changing to the linaro toolchain fixes your issues, could you please mention it in IRC? I'd love to know if that's an issue as (assuming I can get a kernel working) I'll move on to doing the u-boot and trust stuff again next.
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<Kamikaze84> BTW i just tried with FAN53555 compiled as a module, but without including the module in the rootfs (and changed some other kernel config... which in hindsight was dumb), but it still seems to hang.
<vagrantc> Kamikaze84: sure, happy to share progress
<Kamikaze84> vagrantc: what kernel command line do you use? just wondering if it's hanging on serial line re-init on mine for some reason.
<vagrantc> very minimal...
<vagrantc> one one machine, i pass essentially no kernel arguments (they're all arguments to init)
<vagrantc> and the serial console comes up ok
<vagrantc> on the other: root=/dev/mapper/vg0-root console=ttyS2,1500000
<Kamikaze84> cheers
<vagrantc> gotta head soon
<Kamikaze84> good luck dude.
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<Kamikaze84> If anyone is having hang issues on kernel bootup for a firefly RK3399 (2GB) - I managed to get mine to the point of trying to mount the rootfs by adding the kernel commandline option of: clk_ignore_unused
<Kamikaze84> At least on one of the kernels i've compiled it was hanging at this point: calling clk_disable_unused+0x0/0x120 @ 1 (note I had to turn on kernel parameter: initcall_debug to see that)
<Kamikaze84> yep.. so my other kernel hangs on this still: [ 0.607203] pwm-regulator: supplied by regulator-dummy ... so that param doesn't fix that particular issue,
<Kamikaze84> sigh if it's not one thing, it's another... so my kernel can't see _any_ block devices apparently, according to this..:
<Kamikaze84> [ 7.420239] VFS: Cannot open root device "mmcblk0p6" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 [ 7.420972] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions: [ 7.421787] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
<Kamikaze84> I assume I have kernel config options incorrect now for SD & eMMC
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<Kamikaze84> gotta go. I'll be back later to see if I can find some help from someone as to why my new linux-rockchip v4.16 kernel won't detect my sdcard :)
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