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<hanetzer> hell yeah! Ke, I got it to work!
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<vagrantc> hanetzer: what was it you got working?
<vagrantc> c201?
<hanetzer> vagrantc: aye. 4GiB variant, pure u-boot :P
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<vagrantc> hanetzer: alrgiht!
* vagrantc claps emphatically
<vagrantc> hanetzer: can i test it? :)
<hanetzer> sure. want an image?
<vagrantc> patches would be better. :)
<hanetzer> true.
<vagrantc> mainline-ish u-boot?
<hanetzer> sec.
<vagrantc> hanetzer: this very well may make my day :)
<hanetzer> this includes a revert commit
<hanetzer> << flash image
<vagrantc> hanetzer: plan on submitting upstream? if so, please CC me
<hanetzer> also, I shoudl say, it seems that the video init stuff is a bit funky for me; may be due to having a servo attached and the screen not activating due to that.
<vagrantc> servo?
<hanetzer> and yeah, I'm in talks with simon glass a bit. dude has been a major help, got me one of those servos, and modded my c201 to have the header.
<hanetzer> yeah. servo is a chromeos combo jtag/uart/flasher thingie
<vagrantc> hanetzer: is that from u-boot master, or a specific version?
<hanetzer> yeah. git tree
<hanetzer> pulled and rebased yesterday.
<hanetzer> ec1754f091
<vagrantc> ah, a.k.a. v2018.05-rc3 :)
<hanetzer> ayup. I could maybe get it in before the window closes
<hanetzer> I need to see if my changes to sdram_common.c lets me boot/etc without reverting that commit
<vagrantc> perfect, i just uploaded 2018.05-rc3 to debian the other day :)
<hanetzer> also, what say you; direct import the rk3288-veryron-speedy.dts from the linux kernel?
<hanetzer> what I currently have is a butchered jerry which I used the linux kernel one for a reference
<vagrantc> probably would be cleaner to get it working with what's in linux, yes.
<vagrantc> i think most of the dts files in u-boot are imported directly, with additional files to add u-boot specific stuff
<vagrantc> hanetzer: so it doesn't always display to the screen?
<vagrantc> hanetzer: but sometimes?
<vagrantc> how do you install it?
<hanetzer> vagrantc: yeah. but, I haven't done it without the jtag/uart servo attached, first time I did it I did it without the pts grabbed by screen and I got output, so that's what I think did it.
<hanetzer> flashrom; any old flasher should work, I did it with the servo
<hanetzer> servo is hella useful. google should sell them
<vagrantc> i seem to recall just using flashrom internally when i installed libreboot on it
<hanetzer> yeah. however, when you're not in a bootable state, that doesn't help :P
<vagrantc> which files do you flash?
<vagrantc> of course :)
<vagrantc> i've got a clip and a BBB to flash if it goes badly.
<hanetzer> ./tools/mkimage -n rk3288 -T rkspi -d spl/u-boot-spl.bin spl.bin && dd if=spl.bin of=spl-out.bin bs=128K conv=sync && cat spl-out.bin u-boot-dtb.img > out.bin && dd if=out.bin of=out.bin.pad bs=4M conv=sync
<hanetzer> you flash out.bin.pad, after doing the above
<vagrantc> got it.
<hanetzer> currently working on throwing together a sdcard to use to install gentoo :P
<vagrantc> and it *only* loads SPL from spi?
<vagrantc> would be awesome to get it to support booting off of microsd as well... :)
<vagrantc> little easier debugging
<hanetzer> well, once you're at the u-boot shell it can boot (theoretically; not done yet) from usb/mmc/etc
<vagrantc> sure, but i mean to load u-boot SPL
<vagrantc> and then u-boot itself ...
<hanetzer> and you can prepare the u-boot image for sdcard boot as well. huh? spl is first, then u-boot. this is a full-on replacement :P
<vagrantc> right, u-boot's SPL, which loads u-boot
<hanetzer> ~u-boot/doc/README.rockchip has instructions on how to make a sdcard with u-boot :)
<vagrantc> the question is ... does the built-in rom support booting from sdcard
<hanetzer> supposedly. have not tested that yet.
<vagrantc> hmmmm...
<hanetzer> oh, and the frontmost usb port on the right hand side (if you're looking at it like you're using it) speaks rockusb
<vagrantc> well, if this goes badly, i'll end up wiping the spi and may as well try booting off of microsd :)
<vagrantc> yes ... does this u-boot build support rockusb?
<vagrantc> or is that still only loaded once you start linux?
<hanetzer> vagrantc:
<hanetzer> there does exist a rockusb command.
<vagrantc> is that for the usb-serial ?
<hanetzer> honestly I don't know
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<vagrantc> ok, well, building now, and then i'll see if i can't figure out how to flash it :)
<hanetzer> this will be the third major project I've contributed to successfully :3
<hanetzer> 1 commit in the linux kernel tree, just shy of 300 commits to gentoo/gentoo. pending work in coreboot :P
<hanetzer> and now u-boot :D
<vagrantc> nice.
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<vagrantc> well, it clearly boots from spi by default ... didn't bother reading off the microSD
<hanetzer> ah. well, worth a shot.
<vagrantc> ok, now let's see if i can flashrom in-place
<hanetzer> currently compiling multi_v7_defconfig. need a rockchip_defconfig too :P
<vagrantc> hm. flashrom is a little outdated in debian ... doesn't seem to support this host controller
<vagrantc> and i seem to have wiped out the chromeos that had a working flashrom for this device
<hanetzer> ah. well, external flashing is easy enough :)
* hanetzer hugs his servo
<hanetzer> I'll treasure it always :)
<vagrantc> i in theory have a clip somewhere and a variety of machines that should be able to use it ... but i was hoping for the easiest option :)
<hanetzer> aye.
<hanetzer> however, u-boot will make this rather nice in the future I think :P
<aalm> vagrantc, sounds like a chance to try the sdcard:D
<hanetzer> aalm: already did. no dice
<aalm> oic
<hanetzer> I'm still working on preparing boot media. qemu user chroot, while useful, is painfully slow
<vagrantc> apparently i'd have to wipe the flash in order for that to work
<vagrantc> since it defaults to booting from spi
* vagrantc wonders if newer flashrom would be the easiest next step
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<vagrantc> hrm.
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<hanetzer> hmm?
* hanetzer is having trouble getting the u-boot to 'see' his usb flash and sd card
<vagrantc> oh
<vagrantc> emmc is fine?
<hanetzer> well, I need to be able to boot to get it to install, but yeah, I can see the emmc
<vagrantc> hanetzer: haven't found a way to flash in-place, and setting up the beagleboneblack as an spi flasher seems to be more involved than i bargained for
<vagrantc> usb working at all?
<hanetzer> it sees the hubs, I think
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<vagrantc> heh. i get that all the time when insufficient modules are loaded. a most annoying state. "look, i found a bunch of usb devices ... they're all hubs. nothing's connected to your very nice hubs though."
<hanetzer> whelp. when all else fails there's always good old ymodem ;)
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<vagrantc> hanetzer: actually saw u-boot on the LCD a few times, and successfully booted linux 4.16.5 on it... but it crashed at some point and then the LCD never comes on
<vagrantc> hanetzer: there appear to be a few changes to the .dts related to the backlight in linux 4.17-rc3 and more in linux-next
<vagrantc> hanetzer: might need to pull those into u-boot
<vagrantc> and/or linux
<vagrantc> hanetzer: i've also managed to boot from u-boot without the LCD... by blindly typing commands and not making any typos ... but i was able to ssh in ... though it crashed again
<vagrantc> hanetzer: also managed to initially flash by booting to linux and loading the mtdblock module and dd'ing u-boot to /dev/mtdblock0
<vagrantc> and also have an external spi flasher set up with a raspberry pi and a chip clip
<vagrantc> hanetzer: i'm wondering if there's something wrong with the ram configuration... and maybe that's why it crashes
<vagrantc> hanetzer: so, i'm ready for more experiments :)
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* vagrantc wonders where the pads for serial console are
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<mateo`> hi there, i'm currently working on trying to rebase rk3399 gru/bob support from the chromeos tree to mainline, so far i can boot mainline on a Asus C101PA with the screen working, audio working to some extent (i can't get alsa to disable the speaker output, but i'm able to enable headphone output), trackpad and touchpad are working, wifi is working but with some issues (can't connect using
<mateo`> NetworkManager but I can using directly wpa_supplicant). I'm not familiar at all with kernel development and I don't really know how to proceed now to 1) solve the remaining audio and wifi issues and 2) "clean" the patches to ease their mainlining. The rebased patches can be found here:
<mateo`> any advices or suggestions are welcome
<adj_> mateo`, have you read this about sound on archlinux?
<hanetzer> vagrantc: and I'm awake :P
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<mateo`> adj_: yes and I also use alsaucm, set _verb HiFi set _enadev Headphone
<mateo`> set _disdev Speaker has no effect though
<vagrantc> mateo`: i had this issue with recent version of network-manager with a variety of wifi interfaces:
<vagrantc> hanetzer: and i'm about to head out for a while ... :)
<vagrantc> hanetzer: the short of it is ... got it working kind of... but it doesn't turn on the backlight for the screen or something like that
<hanetzer> vagrantc: k, have fun :)
<vagrantc> hanetzer: and i suspect ram timing issues or something causing a crash
<hanetzer> yeah, I'm talking about it.
<hanetzer> 'timing' for what?
<hanetzer> are you using the 2gb or 4gb speedy, btw?
<vagrantc> hanetzer: 4gb
<vagrantc> hanetzer: don't read too much into timing ... but i've seen these sorts of issues when the ram wasn't fully configured correctly
<hanetzer> ah. well yeah. the ram stuff is funky :P
* vagrantc wonders if it is advertising more ram than it;s initializing or something
<vagrantc> and then as soon as you hit a bit that "isn't there" it causes a crash
<vagrantc> same issue with microsd and usbsticks not being recognized in u-boot
<hanetzer> yeah. I'm having that issue s well
<vagrantc> i've failed to have it stay stable long enough to write a useful configuration into the bootloader so i don't have to manually type a bunch of things into a display that doesn't display just to get it to boot
<hanetzer> hehe.
* hanetzer hugs his servo
<vagrantc> actually, the easiest thing for me would be to hard-code different default bootcmd and reflash with spi ... i can't believe i hadn't thought of that till now
<hanetzer> hah
<vagrantc> i did also reflash the coreboot/depthcharge that i think is a backup from before i flashed libreboot ...
<vagrantc> and the screen still works there, so haven't fried the hardware or anything
<hanetzer> is the coreboot self-built?
<vagrantc> i *think* it's what it shipped with
<hanetzer> well, if you can gimme a cbmem log and we can figure out which ram config it uses we could maybe iron out some kinks
<vagrantc> oh! before i got the spi flasher to work, i was able to write u-boot using /dev/mtdblock0 from linux
<vagrantc> i haven't managed to successfully boot from (what i presume to be) the original firmware
<vagrantc> but i can give it a look another time
<hanetzer> is that the spi-nor chip, or the emmc ?
<vagrantc> far as i'm aware, it only boots from the spi chip
<vagrantc> but the kernel and rootfs are on emmc
<hanetzer> ah
<vagrantc> i *think* i tried just erasing the spi and leaving it blank, but i didn't see evidence of it loading from the microsd where i had installed u-boot ...
<vagrantc> it ended up in maskrom mode ...
<vagrantc> which i was able to get some information out with rkflashtool ...
<vagrantc> maybe that's how i can write a bootloader configruation :)
<hanetzer> heh. yeah, one of these usb ports speaks rkflashtool
<hanetzer> vagrantc: you're with some distro, right?
<vagrantc> i also made a rockusb-serial cable a while back, but using a debian kernel it's typically modular and it requires the feature to be built-in ... but i could make a custom on
<vagrantc> one
<hanetzer> rockusb serial cable? do tell
<vagrantc> hanetzer: yeah, debian developer ... recently started making small contributions to guix
<hanetzer> guix?
<vagrantc> let me wikipedia that for you... :)
<hanetzer> ah
<vagrantc> it's a reimplementation of Nix :)
<hanetzer> made me think gui ux ui :P
<hanetzer> so tell me about this rockusb cable, special?
<vagrantc> with rockusb-serial, it basically re-routes some of the usb pins to your standard rx/tx/ground to connect a serial adapter to
<hanetzer> ah, interesting.
<vagrantc> so you need to make a sepcial cable and attach that to a serial-ttl adapter
<vagrantc> i think it was mmind00 who gave me a link to the pinout ...
<vagrantc> it's only 4 pins and you use three of them :)