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<gediz0x539> is it possible to boot from eMMC using a10/a13/a20?
<apritzel> gediz0x539: should be, at least from the data partition, as SDC2 is explicitly mentioned in the boot source
<plaes> gediz0x539: yes
<plaes> although, with latest eMMC chips there's the issue that internal boot rom fails to initialize them properly
<plaes> that's why Olimex A20 Lime2 now comes with spi by default
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<gediz0x539> i have a chip which supports eMMC 5.1 interface, is it considered latest? how to tell?
<JuniorJPDJ> Hi! I'm playing with usb_otg in device tree for tablet based on a31s
<gediz0x539> there're bunch of settings on U-Boot to boot from eMMC, that's why I'm asking
<JuniorJPDJ> When i set dr_mode to otg it doesn't automatically switch role for host when I attach something to it
<apritzel> gediz0x539: U-Boot isn't so much concerned about this, it's more the BootROM in charge here
<JuniorJPDJ> and /sys/class/usb_role/ is empty
<JuniorJPDJ> also saw something like this in dmsg: sun4i-usb-phy 1c19400.phy: Couldn't request ID GPIO
<JuniorJPDJ> the address is from usb phy definition
<JuniorJPDJ> gpio pin is ok compared to fex
<JuniorJPDJ> any ideas?
<gediz0x539> apritzel: I see now. yeah, make sense. BROM should be responsible to initialize the chip.
<plaes> gediz0x539: IIRC Olimex had issues after starting to eMMC 5.1
<apritzel> JuniorJPDJ: so do you have a usb0_id_det-gpios property in the &usbphy node?
<JuniorJPDJ> when i set dr_mode to "host" it works as expected, but it's dual role port so I'd like to make it dual role
<gediz0x539> plaes: oh that's great to hear :)
<JuniorJPDJ> apritzel: usb0_id_det-gpios = <&pio 0 15 (GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH | GPIO_PULL_UP)>; /* PA15 */
<JuniorJPDJ> yup
<gediz0x539> thanks god I have a backup SPI flash there
<plaes> :)
<JuniorJPDJ> actually It's in other include file, but it's the same as in my FEX
<gediz0x539> thank you, btw
<JuniorJPDJ> so I didn't override it
<plaes> it worked ~80% of a time :D
<apritzel> gediz0x539: the BROM needs to set some bits correctly in EXT_CSD, I guess newer eMMC is more picky about this
<JuniorJPDJ> apritzel: I'm including "sun6i-reference-design-tablet.dtsi" which has it defined
<gediz0x539> apritzel: okay. boot0 and boot1 partitions aren't usable to store spl/u-boot proper IIUC
<gediz0x539> i'll try to boot from data partition
<apritzel> JuniorJPDJ: what about the properties? I guess you compared against the other .dts advertising USB OTG? like sun6i-a31s-primo81.dts
<apritzel> gediz0x539: yeah, not sure the A20 BROM actually supports the boot partitions. But still eMMCs use a slightly different logical protocol compared to SD cards
<apritzel> gediz0x539: so even when the BROM reads from the data partition there might be issues
<apritzel> gediz0x539: on newer SoCs the BROM works fine with the boot partitions, it's just that U-Boot needs some help to detect that case
<apritzel> hint hint: if someone could have a look and review
<JuniorJPDJ> apritzel: it's just status = okay
<JuniorJPDJ> the same as in primo
<apritzel> JuniorJPDJ: I meant in the usbphy node, so the usb0_vbus_power-supply and usb0_vbus-supply properties
<JuniorJPDJ> oh, yes, I've it set to values in included dts
<JuniorJPDJ> and it's exactly the same as in primo
<JuniorJPDJ> and FEX is also the same in [usbc0] section
<gediz0x539> apritzel: i'm testing it right now, thanks.
<JuniorJPDJ> usb0_id_det-gpios is not set to pull up on primo, but i also checked this and it doesn't work with exact same line as in primo
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<JuniorJPDJ> almost directly below in dmesg I've something like this:
<JuniorJPDJ> sun6i-a31-r-pinctrl 1f02c00.pinctrl: Reset controller missing
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<JuniorJPDJ> It seems to talk about my audio pin, so it's not what I look for
<JuniorJPDJ> [ 1.747663] sun4i-usb-phy 1c19400.phy: Couldn't request ID GPIO
<JuniorJPDJ> [ 1.756875] sun6i-a31-pinctrl 1c20800.pinctrl: initialized sunXi PIO driver
<JuniorJPDJ> well, may it be because first its trying to enable usb and later pinctl?
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<apritzel> JuniorJPDJ: yeah, so recent kernels shuffle the initialisation order around quite a bit, which leads to a lot scary messages
<apritzel> JuniorJPDJ: even though those messages are not fatal, because it resolves itself later. So they are just misleading and not really helpful
<JuniorJPDJ> then I still don't know what the hell is going on
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<jernej> apritzel: btw, isn't commit one step for adding support for booting from eMMC boot partition?
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<jernej> smaeul: I saw your recent H5 related Crust fixes and I'm wondering if it's possible that SPL makes same mistakes that you fixed in Crust?
<jernej> I have Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC board, but boot is very unreliable
<jernej> however, once it is successfully booted and Crust takes over suspend/resume and power on, there was no issue whatsoever
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<apritzel> jernej: it's one patch that actually might conflict with the series ;-)
<apritzel> jernej: but yes, it helps a bit. The actual issue to solve though is to detect that we booted from the eMMC boot partition, since the BROM doesn't differentiate in the boot source byte (+0x28)
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<Pinchiukas> How do I create a new device page? Just go to the desired URL, select "edit" and paste in the "new device template"?
<libv> Pinchiukas: yes
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<Pinchiukas> Ok created the page for my wonder device:
<libv> Pinchiukas: you have RX/TX right next to the A20 itself
<libv> Pinchiukas:
<libv> TX is probably hiding under the MAC address sticker
<libv> just get a 3-pin terminal block, use hot-glue to stick it on the board somewhere flat and save, and then solder on some enamel wires with a good fine soldering iron
<libv> and then hotglue the freshly soldered terminal block
<Pinchiukas> I hope I won't have to depend on using the UART. I don't even own a soldering iron let alone have skills to solder.
<libv> and then crimp the cables for your uart adapter accordingly
<libv> Pinchiukas: anyone you know maybe?
<Pinchiukas> Not sure. Currently writing a BananaPI Armbian image to a sdcard and expecting the world from that. :D
<asdf28> Pinchiukas: thanks for making new page!
<Pinchiukas> No worries, you guys help me out so much it's the least I could do. :)
<asdf28> allwinner a20 forever
<libv> i'm not sure i still have the hyundai A7 still
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: I wonder if just adding the normal de and hdmi nodes to the DT make it already work under Linux, I don't see HDMI needing regulators on other A20 devices
<KotCzarny> Pinchiukas: if you cant solder you can try ghetto connecting
<KotCzarny> this was mine try
<libv> that's the one that's referenced in the howto with the obvious uart and jtag pads
<KotCzarny> and it worked long enough to do what i needed
<karlp> impressive :)
<KotCzarny> it had to be pressed on, but.. :)
<libv> KotCzarny: enamel wire is much more useful
<libv> you can burn off the enamel where you want to solder
<KotCzarny> sure, but this i had on hand
<KotCzarny> and as i've said, worked for me
<libv> i soldered a rom onto a hdmi edid-fake device for fosdem like that
<libv> don't think i ever posted pictures
<karlp> yeah, I'e even just held soem pins in palce and hit things with one hand.... not much fun though...
<libv> and top tip for hot glue
<libv> it will go all blobby and intransparent and stuff when you want to embed something in it
<libv> heat-gun.
<KotCzarny> if i ever learn how to solder.. so many ideas mmm
<libv> the desoldering kind
<libv> that was like a "wtf did i not think of that earlier" for me
<libv> so if you hot snot something, and it is solid but looks crap, just hit it with your desoldering station until it is as pretty as hot glue can ever get
<karlp> if it's solid and it looks crap... ignore it :)
<libv> ah, magnet wire in proper english
<libv> this is great for getting a permanent and isolated connection to some bigger thing that can hold a proper connector
<Pinchiukas> Ok I have a linux image in a SD card in the device and it's in FEL mode connected to a linux machine. How do I make it boot from SD now?
<KotCzarny> it should boot from sdcard without any mumbojumbo
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<Pinchiukas> It didn't. Booted to the Android in it regularly.
<asdf28> Pinchiukas maybe hold the button on the PCB?
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<KotCzarny> are you sure the image is bootable?
<Pinchiukas> If I power it on while holding the button it "boots" in FEL mode.
<KotCzarny> you can load spl/uboot/kernel/ramdisk with fel via usb
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: where did you get your "Linux image" from
<Pinchiukas> I did this: dd if=Armbian_21.02.3_Bananapi_focal_current_5.10.21.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=1k seek=8
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<KotCzarny> wrong
<KotCzarny> drop the seek param
<Pinchiukas> I was told by apritzel to use it.
<KotCzarny> unless its image of the single partition
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: for the U-Boot generated image
<Pinchiukas> Oh, ok. Lemme retry.
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: those images are typically complete SD card images, starting at the first sector, containing the partition table and everything
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<apritzel> Pinchiukas: this one definitely is, it has a partition table first, and the eGON magic is at 0x2000
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<JuniorJPDJ> and for writing that big images try bs=4M
<Pinchiukas> I had a breakthrough! It booted up from the SD card and I can see stuff happening. It's just that for some reason it's trying to PXE boot... :/
<JuniorJPDJ> 1k will be like an ethernity to flash
<JuniorJPDJ> Pinchiukas: cool :D
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<Pinchiukas> I guess maybe I should try a different image?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: so you see U-Boot via HDMI? What does it say before it's trying to PXE? It should try the SD card first ...
<Pinchiukas> This is what I see:
<Pinchiukas> Ct2_7m4dYlLFffB3cW6C_PFscTMnoZOQ_HUJw2IG1_APGCElBMecjbevbepGZxN-aq0nYOTddGwGFDsiziTVu60EG7XSw_k1l8N06hvuedTrWIjrKIOCFAkwNRaGRGcIelp6ifUOQpzQMRLTJ6QdRMxE5Vh5y-O0XdSo11yzo9_-zi9z1SlKXxQslraDjQXFcPEGMY5HIlNVgD5fmt396tQd4GpUuUuuJjhrz_3JUrGU6SEupnDeqe_R1i1bcN2jIBD2ViqxZmx8eEkwMMB-96FrRh7q4-x_oo-UkCz0ecRSdNE6xb-F8XzAAwBk8cq1QwPO2rqlJh2ckEaKCr4Z6nvqD8g3mxgzHoyV-gYlccmC8=w2560-h1168-no?authuser=0
<Pinchiukas> Jesus...
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<asdf28> but right now, aren't you trying to boot using the banana pi dtb? this shouldn't work, right?
<apritzel> asdf28: it might get him far enough, for the basics (SD card, serial, maybe HDMI) many devices are the same
<Pinchiukas> asdf28: I have no idea. :D
<Pinchiukas> Uploaded with a better URL:
<asdf28> ok
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: ah, it's the CD GPIO
<Pinchiukas> The what-now?
<apritzel> MMC: no card present
<apritzel> the SD "card detect" GPIO is different
<apritzel> so U-Boot believes there is no SD card inserted
<KotCzarny> but it booted from sdcard
<KotCzarny> at least to uboot
<apritzel> KotCzarny: yes, the BROM doesn't care
<KotCzarny> so no magical button needed
<apritzel> later SoCs standardised on the CD GPIO (PF6), but the A20 board had it all over the place
<Pinchiukas> So I need an image which has a DT that enables the SD card?
<Pinchiukas> ...correctly for this device.
<KotCzarny> or just fix the dtb
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: do you have a USB keyboard? and can connect this
<apritzel> KotCzarny: correct, just adding non-removable; should hack-fix this for now
<KotCzarny> ie. write updated uboot from similar device
<Pinchiukas> Yeah I do. I can connect it. I guess I should do the 'press space' thing and should get some command line?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: yes
<apritzel> also, you could put the SD card back in your PC, and see if you find a .dtb file somewhere
<apritzel> let me check ...
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<KotCzarny> apritzel, isnt uboot's dtb embedded?
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<asdf28> USB keyboards are bleeding edge nano tech from the future. i only have a PS2 one, still waiting for my adapter from china.
<Pinchiukas> Ok I got the command line but the 'help' output is borked so I'll need some help with the commands. :)
<Pinchiukas> asdf28: where do you live?
<asdf28> germany
<Pinchiukas> I think super cosmic nano keyboards should be available there. :)
<apritzel> maybe not in the rural parts ;-)
<Pinchiukas> Come on it's not Russia or Luhansk. :)
<asdf28> i don't really need a keyboard at all, i'm using a laptop
<Pinchiukas> Anyway, anything useful I can do from the uboot cli?
<apritzel> KotCzarny: yeah, true, it's already U-Boot that denies access
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: try: mmc dev 0; mmc part
<apritzel> (I guess it still complains)
<KotCzarny> apritzel, uboot will whine about missing card
<KotCzarny> Pinchiukas: armbian has a few images for a20
<KotCzarny> just try few of them i guess
<apritzel> KotCzarny: I guess all of them have the wrong GPIO ;-)
<KotCzarny> at worst you can try compiling your own uboot and tweaking settings
<apritzel> I am just thinking about the easiest way to hack the embedded DT to add that non-removable
<KotCzarny> or just compile own uboot and write to sdcard
<KotCzarny> Pinchiukas: first thing to do on android sunxi box is extracting fex from android image
<KotCzarny> that little thing describes all the pins and configs
<KotCzarny> in case you didnt see:
<asdf28> so uboot uses two dtbs? one for itself and another one that it passes to the linux kernel? is that how it works?
<Pinchiukas> So from I tried the Banana Pi one. Which one should I try next? :)
<asdf28> i always wondered what the dts files in u-boot source are for
<KotCzarny> asdf28: for bringing devices up. you can boot other things from uboot, not only linux
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: don't bother, I can send you some hacked DTB in a minute
<apritzel> asdf28: U-Boot uses a DTB for itself, we try to regularly sync this from the kernel
<apritzel> asdf28: you can even use that DTB for the kernel as well, it's at $fdtcontroladdr
<asdf28> interesting, i didnt know that. and the one that it uses for itself is embedded in the .bin file that you write to the SD card?
<apritzel> asdf28: it's appended right after the U-Boot proper binary
<apritzel> asdf28: if you use binwalk on the image, it finds it
<Pinchiukas> As I understand I'll need to hack it into the image somehow, correct?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: just dd'ing to the SD card
<Pinchiukas> Sweet!
<apritzel> bloody checksums, need to repackage it ...
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<Pinchiukas> I remember reading a pretty good article how the bios/grub/mbr boot worked. Is there something that'd help me understand how things boot here?
<apritzel> it's completely different
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<Pinchiukas> Yeah i see that already. :) It would be nice to understand it.
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: I don't have a comprehensible source at hand, but if you click around you find some breadcrumbs to follow
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<Pinchiukas> Might not be enough for me but I'll try. :)
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<apritzel> annoying 32-bit U-Boot, legacy images, big SD cards, but it works
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<apritzel> dd if=SonrisaCurtains of=/dev/sdX bs=8k seek=5
<apritzel> where sdX is your SD card device
<Pinchiukas> It's booting!
<Pinchiukas> I assume you somehow guessed the layout that my device has?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: no, I just told it to ignore the card detect GPIO, but adding "non-removable;" to the SD card DT node
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<apritzel> we can later find the right pin, if you don't find the FEX file
<asdf28> what does non-removable do?
<apritzel> asdf28: it's for eMMC, actually, to say that it's, well, non-removable
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: so does it boot into Linux?
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<Pinchiukas> It did, I got root and network but I don't see the internal storage as some block device.
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: now you are asking for quite something ;-)
<Pinchiukas> I actually was expecting to see it. :)
<apritzel> it's NAND flash, and MLC, as far as I could learn, so that's quite tricky
<apritzel> (with mainline Linux)
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: and for a start: the BPi doesn't have NAND, so you don't have the proper nodes in the DT
<Pinchiukas> Are you suggesting maybe I ignore it and just use the SD card for storage? :)
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: I would highly recommend that
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: read that first box on the Wiki page
<asdf28> i don't get it... how can an SD card be non-removable?
<apritzel> asdf28: hot glue! :-D
<apritzel> asdf28: it's not, it's a hack
<asdf28> ah, okay
<asdf28> and how did that make it boot?
<apritzel> asdf28: SD cards and eMMC are very similar, so it's one driver for both of them
<asdf28> so before it couldn't detect the card reader because of a wrong GPIO pin, and now you have disabled the card reader altogether?
<asdf28> but how did it boot then?
<apritzel> yes, I just bypassed the the card detect pin
<apritzel> so it ignores it and assumes there is a card in there
<asdf28> oh, i understand
<asdf28> i thought it disabled the card reader as a whole
<apritzel> like for eMMC you wouldn't have a CD pin in the first place
<apritzel> the CD pin is more to detect card *changes*, it's not really required for the actual card operation
<Pinchiukas> And I guess DT has to specify which pin is CD?
<asdf28> interesting... i've had the same error as Pinchiukas before, helps to know why this happens
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: yes, this is what's in there for the Bananapi:
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<Pinchiukas> Suppose I'm debootstrapping my own OS, how would I build a DT file?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: mostly you start by copying one that is close, then amend it
<Pinchiukas> I guess in a way I might need to do that anyway since there isn't really one specifically for my device. What would be the best starting point?
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: well, since you booted with that, I'd use the sun7i-a20-bananapi.dts. Copy that, and go through it, trying to understand what each nodes does
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: for most parts you can just use what's in there. First I'd remove the serials other than uart0
<apritzel> and you need to learn as much as possible from the existing system
<Pinchiukas> Yeah, that was the idea. Not sure how successful I'll be in understanding but I'll try. :) I was just thinking that maybe there's a device that's closer to mine than the BPi.
<apritzel> this won't be a walk in the park, has some info
<apritzel> there is this MK808c, that's a TV stick, but not sure how close this really is
<Pinchiukas> Yeah I'm already preparing myself for this. :D
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: being booted to the prompt, with working USB and HDMI, you are already quite far
<apritzel> you could check whether the other USB ports work
<apritzel> and then check Ethernet
<Pinchiukas> Yeah, I actually expected it to be a lot harder. It might have been without your help. :)
<Pinchiukas> USB and ethernet works. I installed xfce and am clicking around with a USB mouse.
<apritzel> Pinchiukas: well, then you are much further than most people already
<Pinchiukas> Btw, will I be able to use the wifi on this board to turn the device into an AP?
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