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<ullbeking> ok, so i've bit of work to do to install the right-sized jack into the power supply in a nice way. at the very least i can solder the cable directly to the jack (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10pcs-DC-Power-4-0-x-1-7mm-Male-Plug-Connector-Adapter-Plastic-Handle-Yellow-Head/32742197216.html) or use a cheezy converter (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CK-1-Piece-2-1-x-5-5-mm-female-to-4-0-x-1-7/32809256761.html)
<ullbeking> in any case, that'll work itself out
<ullbeking> my current plan is to convert an 20V laptop brick into a device that can power several of these things at a time, i.e., cut the plug off and the solder a number of male jacks in its place
<ullbeking> i've got some dc-dc converters...
<ullbeking> like step-down buck dc-dc voltage regulators (LM2596)
<ullbeking> i got one of these too, but it was more so that i can get 3.3V to power SPI chips directly: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5A-Adjustable-Power-CC-CV-Step-down-Charge-Module-WAVGAT-LED-Driver-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Constant-current/32800010462.html (not sure if this follows the same principles as the LM2596)
<ullbeking> specific suggestions for further reading about dc-dc converters (blogs, articles, forums, books, data sheets, etc) are most welcome!
<ullbeking> and finaly, thank you for anybody who managed to read everything i wrote; there was a lot, so i really appreciate it
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<miasma> ullbeking: i think #arduino might be a better channel for learning about those
<ullbeking> ok, ty miasma
<miasma> ullbeking: this might give some ideas https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/hat.jpg
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<miasma> ullbeking: you could connect with something like this to the opi https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/1200x900/2243-01.jpg
<miasma> might be easier with two sided pcb
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<ullbeking> those are excellent ideas
<ullbeking> also, now i finally know why it's called a hat
<ullbeking> ;-)
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<buZz> how is H5 mainline nowadays?
<wens> it should be good
<wens> display support is somewhere in the works, not sure where it's at
<willmore> lurchi__, that might help. I prefer power pole type connectors for DC.
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<wens> cnxsoft: fyi h3/h5 don't have MIPI CSI
<jernej> wens: using my h3/h5 patches, hdmi video, audio and cec works, however, I'm waiting DE2 support before I send them again
<DonkeyHotei> i tried to get audio to work on r16/a33, and plugging in headphones completely crashed the kernel
<wens> DonkeyHotei: mripard sent some fixes for a33 audio which have just been merged
<jernej> I'm also working on rewriting DE2 driver. Currently UI channels are almost fully supported (multiple planes, HW scaling, alpha blending)
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<wens> DonkeyHotei: you might want to try linux-next, or wait for -rc1?
<DonkeyHotei> wens: nice! sunxi-next?
<jernej> VI channels needs some more work, but currently it supports RGB formats
<jernej> and zpos property is fixed for now
<DonkeyHotei> too bad there is no csi
<jernej> and no more magic values :)
<DonkeyHotei> and i'm probably missing something, but i could not test the touchscreen
<wens> DonkeyHotei: that or linux-next
<DonkeyHotei> which one got the audio merge?
<wens> both
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<cnxsoft> wens: ah.. So how did they do this? Extra chip?
<KotCzarny> cnxsoft: ask lvrp16
<KotCzarny> he is here
<cnxsoft> Godo idea. But I've just sent an email..
<lvrp16> typo?
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<lvrp16> cnxsoft: it was a typo
<cnxsoft> lvrp16: MIPI CSI was a typo?
<lvrp16> yes
<cnxsoft> So what the flat cable connector is for?
<wens> parallel CSI?
<cnxsoft> Parallel camera interface... then
<cnxsoft> I'm confused because CSI = camera serial interface ,and in the Allwinner H3 datasheet I can read:
<cnxsoft> "CSI
<cnxsoft> Support CCIR656 protocol for NTSC and PAL
<cnxsoft> Support 8-bits YUV422 CMOS sensor interface
<cnxsoft> Support up to 5M pixel camera sensor
<cnxsoft> Support video capture resolution up to 1080p@30fps"
<wens> CSI in allwinner docs refers to "Camera/CMOS sensor interface"
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<cnxsoft> OK. Understand now. Thanks wens.
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<icenowy[m]> H6 datasheet/usermanual upload to linux-sunxi.org
<icenowy[m]> public ver
<plaes> \o/
<montjoie> yeah
<icenowy[m]> now creating a stub H6 page to link to them
<ElBarto> icenowy[m]: awesome thanks
<montjoie> I see some little add in EMAC doc
<montjoie> wow an EPHY register list
<montjoie> XTS in crypto engine!
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<montjoie> and now I understand better CE, the doc said "only different algo run in parallel"...
<ElBarto> ATE = The First Letter of Audio
<ElBarto> -
<ElBarto> Codec, TVE, EPHY
<ElBarto> ???
<montjoie> I was speaking about EPHY ethernet
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<montjoie> and a second Crypto engine dedicated to AES...
<icenowy[m]> EMCE?
<icenowy[m]> I think EMCE is hooked to MMC2/NAND
<icenowy[m]> to do seamlessly encryption
<codekipp1r> icenowy[m]: thanks...I've always wondered what this audio hub stuff was for.
<montjoie> icenowy[m]: yeah seems dedicated:(
<mripard> and there's an IOMMU
<mripard> this is going to be fun
<icenowy[m]> the IOMMU seems to be only used for some multimedia-related parts
<mripard> we're still going to need it quite fast for display
<montjoie> the PCIE seems really low documented
<wens> audio hub is likely a dynamic PCM router
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<wens> somehow I think ATE might be an internalized AC200...
<wens> the pin controller document is really good. it now explains the internals
<wens> no docs for DE 3.0 or HDMI
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<icenowy[m]> montjoie: another dw part for pcie :-)
<icenowy[m]> Wink from AW BU3 confirmed this
<wens> icenowy[m]: more interested about usb 3.0 :)
<icenowy[m]> I think it's standard xhci
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<montjoie> icenowy[m]: so should work out of the box ?
<wens> tllim posted in other channel: http://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/PINE_H64_Main_Page
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<montjoie> wow a 3G RAM variant!
<ElBarto> nice !
<ElBarto> really cool to have mini pci-e
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<tllim> hi wens
<tllim> the 3G RAM still not 100% confirm yet, will test on next week
<tllim> for miniPCIe, we will try out RTL-8111 GbE board and dual SATA ASM1061 board first
<montjoie> on my pine64 I got python[24274]: unhandled level 2 translation fault (11) at 0x00000000, esr 0x92000006, this is reproductibbe any idea ?
<montjoie> I tried as suggested by icenowy[m] to drop DRAM_CLK to 572
<wens> hmm, the new wifi chip can do DDR50, which needs I/O voltage switching support
<rellla> is H6 sun50iw3p1 or sun50iw6p1?
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<icenowy[m]> 6
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<rellla> wens: then there is at least GPL2 code in the the H6-sdk for the display driver v3
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<jernej_> wens: DE3 is mostly compatible with DE2, shouldn't be hard to adapt current logic
<jernej_> it is interesting that they added another type of layer, along of vi and ui, fbd (I think), which supports only AFBC (Arm FB compression) formats
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<jernej_> there is no support in mainline for them yet
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<jernej_> I wonder if they would open up DRAM code
<icenowy[m]> jernej: I also wonder it ;-)
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<tllim> I have request, seems like they didn't object
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<ullbeking> willmore: thanks! That’s one of the best solutions I’ve seen so for.
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<ullbeking> I did a search on Ali and found a store that sells a lot of good solutions for that plug type
<ullbeking> will
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<ullbeking> willmore: what are you using for your power source? I’m currently trying to build one using laptop power brick and a dc-dc converter at the end end to convert each terminal to 5V
<KotCzarny> isnt dc-dc adding point of failure to the mix?
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<tkaiser> tllim: I would assume on Pine H64 USB2 is not present on pins 36/38 of the mPCIe slot? If so I would add a footnote to wiki and sales material so people know that the usual mPCIe WWAN modems won't work here.
<tllim> @tkasier, the USB2.0 present on mPCIe pin 36/38
<tllim> @tkaiser, I have link you up with JMicron, please check your email
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<tkaiser> tllim: That's great. Sorry for the delay, in the meantime tested, responded and waiting to test out new firmware
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<tllim> noted. please keep me update on your test so taht can factor into transformer project.
<tllim> the transformer project currently in finalize stage.
<willmore> ullbeking, I use an old ATX power supply that's been modified to be a bench power supply.
<willmore> I don't really recommend that for most people unless you put some kind of current limiting in the cable. One tiny short on the board could easily fry the whole thing as the ATX supply has some 20A available.
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<montjoie> I use one without power limiting....
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<willmore> montjoie, same here. I guess we live on the edge. I wouldn't recommend it to people whos electrical skills I'm not confident of.
<icenowy[m]> tkaiser: do you know how is the LED next to UART connector on OPi R1 used?
<icenowy[m]> tkaiser: when talking to tllim he says one USB controller is reused between USB Type-A and PCIE USB pins
<icenowy[m]> so if PCIE WWAN is used one USB Type-A will be not usable
<icenowy[m]> P.S. have you seen the OPi photos uploaded yesterday?
<montjoie> willmore: what you would recommand for limiting power, just a simple fuse ?
<icenowy[m]> the OPi 3 Plus and One 2 boards seem to have some problem
<icenowy[m]> the USB port on One 2 seems to be only USB 2.0
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<icenowy[m]> and the Ethernet on 3+ seems to be 100Mbps (the RGMII interface is muxed with CSI, and the HDMI IN seems to occupied CSI)
<icenowy[m]> (then only EPHY is available)
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<tllim> what happen to the USB 3.0 port?
<willmore> montjoie, I'd like to use 12V to distribute power to the boards. Each board would have a polyfuse of the appropriate rating followed by a DC/DC converter which feeds the board.
<icenowy[m]> tllim: I don't know
<icenowy[m]> but if even USB3 is not wired it will be a hugh waste for H6 ;-)
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<tllim> how you jump into the conclusion of not having USB 3.0 port?
<willmore> icenowy[m], from looking at the pictures, simply a lack of space to put a USB3 connector in the vertical config.
<icenowy[m]> tllim: see the USB port's length
<tllim> I see
<willmore> tllim, look at the pic of the third board.
<icenowy[m]> how can 9 point sit in such small space ;-)
<willmore> icenowy[m], they can ,but not for a vertical USB3.
<icenowy[m]> and the USB on the dual-USB board (Lite 2) seems to be 3+2
<willmore> The horizontal ones don't take up very much more space--just a few mm on the back. The vertical ones take up a lot more--as you can see from the pics.
<icenowy[m]> yes ;-)
<willmore> So, you can have ethernet or you can have USB3+wifi/bt?
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<icenowy[m]> yes
* willmore really wants gigE and USB3 on a small board. Skip the wifi/BT. I was hoping the One 2 would do it that way. :(
<montjoie> choice between ethernet and USB3...
<tllim> @willmore, how about PCIe?
<icenowy[m]> P.S. interestingly the H series IC usually have the biggest IO capability in a time
<tllim> and also iommu
<icenowy[m]> e.g. 4xUSB2 on H3/5
<icenowy[m]> USB3 + PCIe on H6
<willmore> tllim, Where would you put it on such a tiny board?
<icenowy[m]> pine have no small size boards now :-)
<willmore> Don't misunderstand me, please, I would love some PCI-E, but I'd need a Opi-PC sized board before I would expect there to be room for the connector.
<icenowy[m]> instead there's the giant Pine A64
<willmore> I'd be happy if they would start putting the SoC on the bottom of the boards so that it can heatsink to the case.
<tllim> then the case need to be aluminum type
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<willmore> tllim, or a heatsink could be put down there where it won't run into the inductors, capacitors, connectors, etc...
<tllim> not a prefer way for Single Board Computer
<willmore> I'm pretty impressed with the heatsinking of some of the newer friendlyArm boards. Their heatsink covers and protects a lot of the board.
<KotCzarny> isnt it better for the heatsink to be on top?
<KotCzarny> ie. convection
<willmore> KotCzarny, Depends on how the board will be mounted.
<willmore> If it's in a case, then it doesn't matter.
<willmore> If it's in free space, then it could help to have it on 'top', but what side is the 'top'? Pick on or flip it over.
<tllim> this is why I quote not a prefer way for a board
<willmore> Most of these boards are going to be 1)in a case 2) mounted inside some other device.
<willmore> In the first case, heatsinking off the bottom makes more sense. In the latter, the orientation of the board will be pretty much random, but likely inverted, so again, bottom heatsinking makes more senese.
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<KotCzarny> willmore, but it would require quite a tight fit
<KotCzarny> ie. specialized case
<KotCzarny> or heatsink
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<willmore> KotCzarny, just a metal bottom plate or a bottom case portion.
<willmore> Which is no more complex than a heatsink on top.
<willmore> The board will be mounted with standoffs in the #2 case.
<tkaiser> And it works really well. See ODROID HC1
<willmore> Good example.
<willmore> U3 as well.
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<icenowy[m]> tkaiser: you have opi 0+ as well?
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<willmore> Is that the H5 variant with no/eMMC?
<tkaiser> icenowy[m] Just arrived an hour ago
<tkaiser> willmore: Check the wiki ;)
<icenowy[m]> oh congrats ;-)
<icenowy[m]> this board is finally not always ignored ;-)
<tkaiser> Why should it be ignored? GbE, small and perfect companion to the NAS Expansion board.
<icenowy[m]> yes but it seems that currently no many people use it ;-)
<icenowy[m]> one of my friend purchased one, to run VPN
<icenowy[m]> (not the same with the one who purchased R1 ;-)
<tkaiser> I would want an OPi R2 with GbE and RTL8153 for this purpose
<willmore> tkaiser, it's got a page now? Yay! ;) I can never tell these devices apart. So darn many devices named to crazily...
<icenowy[m]> tkaiser: can H5 afford it? ;-)
<icenowy[m]> dual GbE's
<KotCzarny> tkaiser, there are 2 variants of opi0+2, h3 and h5
<tkaiser> willmore: Yes, I wholeheartedly hate these Orange and NanoPi names
<KotCzarny> so redirect is wrong atm
<icenowy[m]> opi0+2 is a total mess
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Device page is wrong then...
<KotCzarny> at the bottom
<KotCzarny> should make opi0 situation a bit less confusing
<KotCzarny> not to mention there are pages for them already
<icenowy[m]> and currently I don't dare to apply for boards from Xunlong :-(
<KotCzarny> icenowy: opi0+2 is cute board
<KotCzarny> very nice
<icenowy[m]> but the variants make it a mess
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Don't know what you mean (and don't care about that crippled Zero Plus 2 stuff anyway)
<KotCzarny> suffering a bit from being small size, but otherwise featureful
<willmore> Is there a channel for kernel development for the SoC on the NanoPi 2? Does that fall under #linux-exynos?
<icenowy[m]> willmore: maybe
<icenowy[m]> KotCzarny: and suffering a lot from half-width DRAM
<KotCzarny> tkaiser: there is page http://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_Zero_Plus_2
<montjoie> willmore: thans for the polyfuse, will try with it
<willmore> montjoie, you're welcome. Thanks for all of your work!
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Yes. And this page sucks. And I created a redirect to it.
<icenowy[m]> my another (this time a new one) friend tried to use OPi 0+2 to play video
<icenowy[m]> and they got picture broken
<icenowy[m]> because of not enough DRAM bandwidth
<tkaiser> KotCzarny: In the unmaintainable table the size of the new device is wrong: 45x48mm
<KotCzarny> table is perfectly maintainable, and imo usable to navigate through instances of the boards
<KotCzarny> no need to click multiple times to compare, choose
<montjoie> willmore: any idea of the maximum allowed current ? 3A ?
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<willmore> montjoie, depends on the board. 3A seems safe. But, I suggest fusing *before* the DC/DC board. Because Polyfuses have a small voltage drop under load. Before the DC/DC it's not a problem. After the regulator it's more of an issue.
<willmore> So, you'd need to spec that current to match the wattage you expect out. So, if the board can take 5V@3A, that's 15W. So, you'd need a 1A polyfuse on the 19.5V line going into the DC/DC. Or a 1.5A if using 12V.
<willmore> Keep in mind the DC/DC converter will waste a little of the power, so you'll want to include that in your calculations.
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<ullbeking> icenowy[m]: what’s the story with OPi R1? I bought a couple because they were cheap and I am curious, but I haven’t used it yet
<ullbeking> Are they bad?
<ullbeking> In the same order I received plain OPi Zero, which I was excited until I discovered it is this weird Rev. 1.4, which also seems to be bad due to overheating problems :-(
<icenowy[m]> not bad at all ;-)
<ullbeking> Overheating is not bad? Or R1 is not bad?
<icenowy[m]> R1
<ullbeking> I also got a couple Zero+2, not sure about those either
<ullbeking> It’s very comfusing mess
<[TheBug]> ullbeking: they even overheat with lowered DRAM settings?
<ullbeking> I haven’t yet tried with the latest kernel
<[TheBug]> no im just saying lower DRAM setting in fex to lower mhz
<ullbeking> Can you even get it on there if it’s so prone to overheating and freezing up?
<ullbeking> Oh
<[TheBug]> see if you still get overheat issue
<ullbeking> I didn’t know you can do that :-)
<[TheBug]> yeah was one of the biggest hurtles to running stable Android on the boards because a lot of the DRAM timings provided by OEM are set too high and were causing overheating -- Armbian also does a good job of testing DRAM and setting it more realisticly in their releases.
<[TheBug]> ullbeking: https://linux-sunxi.org/Orange_Pi_PC this actually provides some information about DRAM for Orange Pi Boards
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<ullbeking> [TheBug]: so in Armbian you’ve had overheating problems before? Which board/s needed the DRAM timing adjustments the most?
<ullbeking> It really is a bit of a jackpot lottery with these things, isn’t it?
<ullbeking> The only “proper” OPi I got is the PC2.
<tkaiser> Has anyone found a vendor DT or fex for this OPi Zero Plus?
<ullbeking> [TheBug]: that’s a v nice page, thank you
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<ullbeking> Has anybody tried one of the newly released OPi +2E?
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<ullbeking> I’ve been wanting some for ages, and want to stock up a bit for a small clustering project, but all these problems lately put me off
<ullbeking> What if the new +2E has modifications too?
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<ullbeking> willmore: yes I heard mixed opinions on using ATX PSU
VargaD has joined #linux-sunxi
<willmore> ullbeking, they have lots of power, but with great power comes great authority.
<willmore> And with that....responsibility. ;)
<ullbeking> Right!
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<ullbeking> That’s why I’m going for laptop charging brick instead
<ullbeking> I work in a large company, have just written to asset management dept to ask if they have e-waste I can have
<ullbeking> Somebody told me ATX supplies are fine as long as you know how to use terminal block covers properly, but I don’t even know what that is so I am leaving that alone until another day ;-)
<tkaiser> All I find is /boot/orangepi/OrangePiH5orangepi.dtb on the Xunlong images and that's rather generic (wrong) stuff: http://sprunge.us/UHaP
<tkaiser> That's the same rubbish settings from the Xunlong OS images for OPi PC2 (limiting cpufreq to 1008 MHz since they never figured out how to get voltage regulation working)
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<ullbeking> Haha, wow this OPi stuff really is bargain-grade computing, huh
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<ullbeking> I was chatting with a colleague yesterday about learning ARM (if that’s your reason for using OPi, etc) and we agreed that from that, educational, perspective, one may very well be better off simply investing in a proper dev kit with manuals and real data sheets, proper probes, etc.
<willmore> ullbeking, what's wrong with using an emulator?
<ullbeking> willmore: nothing, especially if you’re doing this as personal projects. (However I imagine that if you’re a professional hardware engineer designing a product for business reasons, then you probably use a real dev kit, however that’s a different use case with a different audience, etc)
<ullbeking> tkaiser’s comment about voltage regulation prompted that thought
<willmore> Ahh, when you said "learning ARM", I assume the instruction set, etc.
<ullbeking> Well yes, but the whole ecosystem too, as well as everything else that goes along with designing hardware
<ullbeking> Emulators are cool but when you put it onto a circuit board it’s different again
<willmore> True.
<ullbeking> So I’m kinda talking about two things at once
<ullbeking> Mostly I’m just amused at how cheap and flakey these OPis can be, yet we still spend time on them because they are so much fun
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<willmore> There are a lot of factors at work here. Let's start by saying that there isn't anything that prevents an Allwinner based board from being very reliable. There are, however, plenty of things that make that difficult.
<willmore> Allwinner and their historical (and maybe now history) habit of not releasing decent docs make it a challenge to port an OS to their devices.
<willmore> Board makers get better docs, but still not as good as they should get. They don't get enough support from Allwinner in their designs--often the designs are simple modifications of Allwinner reference designs.
<willmore> Many board makers are new to designing boards or at least boards of this complexity. That leads to many n00b mistakes.
<willmore> Then there is the code that Allwinner does release--the BSP--which is often of 'quick get it done and throw it out the door' quality.
<willmore> If you have a board maker trying to stuff that software onto their poorly designed board, you're going to have a circus.
<willmore> There isn't anything preventing a more mature board designer from making a very good board and from working with a community (like this one) to provide solid kernel support for it, but it's going to cost more money. Tkaiser has a saying about that...
<willmore> Take Olimex as an example. They have a lot of experience making boards, but it still took them a bunch of tries to get things reasonably right.
<KotCzarny> so.. back to the old story. i have old u-boot.bin but i assume its not enough to boot the device (a13), right?
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<KotCzarny> driver is not a problem
<KotCzarny> oops, this goes to different channel. but question about uboot stands
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<diego71> KotCzarny: usually you need also the spl file
<KotCzarny> how do i build/get it?
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<diego71> KotCzarny: look on the wiki for more information. Anyway spl file is build from u-boot source.
<KotCzarny> i'm not talking about mainline but vendor source (2011), and i need it because of nand
<diego71> The trick is than is not installed as a file, but written on the sd on a fixed position
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<tkaiser> icenowy[m]: No idea about the additional led on OPi R1. Just booted it, everything works fine but this thing does nothing.
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<tkaiser> But I'm currently using Allwinner's 3.4 rtl8152 driver...
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<tkaiser> KotCzarny: Slightly off-topic. But we now have a JMicron firmware backup/update tool. I was able to transplant ROCK64 SATA cable firmware to Xunlong's NAS Expansion board and now the latter is UAS capable
<willmore> tkaiser, waa? This is very nice.
<tkaiser> tllim introduced me to the JMicron guys working on this. They prepare a new firmware which also fixes SAT compliance issues (SAT --> SCSI / ATA translation)
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<willmore> That's important for smartctl, right?
<willmore> Darn, I have to run. BBL.
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<ullbeking> willmore: indeed. And Olimex is an example of a board I’d like to explore, it just seems better quality and I hear decent things of it
<ullbeking> tkaiser: I am confused as to how that NAS extension board could be called “NAS”.
<ullbeking> Is it simply because it implants SATA natively?
<ullbeking> implements*
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<ullbeking> willmore: the thing that is amazing however is that new business and technology practices are such that new board makers are able to take a chip and create a functional board /at all/
<ullbeking> it’s pretty incredible
<ullbeking> almost to the point that I’m getting a bit of SBC overload
<ullbeking> It’s still too hard to find something blob free and fully libre however
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<smaeul> tkaiser: https://github.com/smaeul/linux/commit/82a26b8c09895cd2a04ebd56355a84526165fd5e in case you haven't already done it
<smaeul> w.r.t. H6, port M is new
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<tkaiser> smaeul: Nice, thank you. I remembered that $somewhere there was already a DT :)
<ullbeking> smaeul: wow cool, thank you
<ullbeking> It’s fascinating to see a new device added all in one go like that
<ullbeking> Never knew it was so straightforward?! Is it?
<ullbeking> Re those reg* structs,
<ullbeking> Is that how you compensate for poor voltage regulation on the board?
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<tkaiser> Huh? Which poor voltage regulation? The board can switch between 1.1V and 1.3V like almost all other small H boards. It's just not (yet) defined/active
<ullbeking> I didn’t mean for that particular board
<ullbeking> I meant the pattern of using those structs could be applied to boards where it is a problem, e.g. the OPi Zero Rev 1.4
<ullbeking> I am just looking through the code and trying to figure it out
<ullbeking> Asking all
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<ullbeking> the silly questions
<ullbeking> :-p
<tkaiser> I got today an OPi Zero rev 1.4. Now I've one 1.0 from a year ago reporting low temperatures and this one most probably reporting high temperatures. But I lost interest... took Xunlong way too long to ship dev samples...
<ullbeking> It just goes back to my earlier comments about using real dev kits vs cheap SBCs. The only reason I understand anything at all about these things is from independent research, experimentation, asking in IRC and forums, plus a lot of bumbling around and silly questions
<ullbeking> tkaiser: yes the Rev 1.4 is really hot
<ullbeking> I have a link at home about how somebody got it to cool down though
<ullbeking> That was my issue, I ordered s bunch of them and I wish I’d gotten the pre 1.4 ones, this is just unnecessary hassle
<ullbeking> And yes, likewise, after the +2E was out of stock for so long I started to lose interest too
<ullbeking> And am now hesitant to order any in case of unannounced “improvements”
<ullbeking> I asked Steven and he said they are the same but I am not sure how “same” is defined here
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<willmore> Is the sy8106a in the PC2 controlled differently than in the PC?
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