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<Turl> libv: (or is my system just horribly configured? intel graphics)
<hramrach> Turl: what flickers?
<Turl> hramrach: stuff. Monitor goes off and then redetects the signal and shows the OSD again
<Turl> it's overly annoying because the monitor is slow doing it. And the OSD is ugly and slow to disappear
<hramrach> generally once bios is over you can just keep going.
<hramrach> if you are willing to do EFI, that is
<hramrach> because PC bios does text only and you have to change modes after that
<Turl> I'm using good ole BIOS w/ GRUB
<Turl> I don't care if it does it around BIOS time.
<Turl> but it also does it before loading GDM, and after I log in there
<Turl> anyway, this is overly offtopic. I should find some other channel to try to figure this out :)
<hramrach> well, I guess your desktop environment frobs the graphics
<hramrach> nothing else should *after* you log in
<hramrach> because the X server is already running then
<hramrach> it might be somewhat challenging to make the boot process itself flicker-free on legacy bios but with vesa and grub and careful mode picking you can go from grub to desktop without changing mode with possible hiccup when the accelerated driver takes over
<hramrach> but once kernel modesetting starts there is no need to change mode from there
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<hramrach> ok. so the problem now is that the sunxi serial driver does something bogus and breaks the uart, and you cannot build sunxi kernel without a serial driver
<Turl> hramrach: are you passing sth on cmdline?
<Turl> like console=...?
<hramrach> default is console=ttyS0,115200 rdinit=/sbin/init panic=10
<Turl> hramrach: yeah but you're using uart3? so what did you change it to?
<hramrach> changing it to console=tty0 rids me of the garbage but I still lose the u-boot configured console
<hramrach> I am using uart0
<Turl> make sure you keep the speed, otherwise the default is 9600 and you'll see it hang/spit crap
<hramrach> or whatever is wired to the SD slot
<Turl> or you can try the other way round, when it hangs, rerun your uart program at 9600 instead of 115200
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<hramrach> I would have to configure u-boot to 9600 as well
<hramrach> because it locks up really quick
<Turl> not really
<Turl> just let it lock, unplug the usb thingy so the program closes and replug/rerun
<hramrach> anyhow, it stops at the same place.
<hramrach> and different garbage
<hramrach> `ɲٲ2þ?¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥Y¥e¥j­©%ե5
<hramrach> what is the parity and stuff?
<hramrach> it's normally not specified but maybe the driver has odd default ..
<hramrach> btw what is card_boot0_para
<Turl> hramrach: 8n1 I think
<hramrach> there is no example of writing that so the kernel would understand
<hramrach> hmm, default is n8 and you cannt specify that 1
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<hramrach> and I don't even have mmc driver
<Turl> hramrach: or maybe it's 1n8 and I just remember it backwards :p
<hramrach> it would be 9600n8
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<hramrach> no room for another number
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<Turl> hramrach: it's a long shot but you can try adding to cmdline console=ttyS0,115200 console=ttyS1,115200 console=ttyS2,115200 etc, just to make sure you are setting up the right one
<Turl> if you're using the sd slot I don't think it's uart0
<hramrach> you cannnot have 3 consoles on sun5
<hramrach> it complains that port3 has unknown parameters but adding another uart section does not help
<Turl> what sections have you got?
<hramrach> uart_para2 uart_para uart_para0 uart_para1
<hramrach> and it's not that the console goes to wrong place. It's the problem that the driver breaks the console set up by u-boot
<Turl> hramrach: can you paste them?
<Turl> hramrach: you said it was an a13?
<hramrach> yes, a13
<hramrach> A13-EVB-V1.0 ;-)
<Turl> hramrach: the user manual doesn't list any uart mux on pfXX pins
<hramrach> yes, it does not
<hramrach> it's only on wiki
<hramrach> and the u-boot manages to use it quite well
<hramrach> the pins are where mmc is so definitely PF
<hramrach> mmc0
<Turl> hramrach: can you paste the bootlog until it hangs?
<hramrach> when it gets next to booting
<Turl> hramrach: you get zero output after uboot?
<hramrach> no, I get kernel output until the serial driver starts
<Turl> can you paste that? :p
<hramrach> when it gets to booting again. went to recompiling a different kernel
<Turl> ok
<hramrach> LD vmlinux.o ..
<hramrach> technically PG03 should be somewhere on the flat cable connector that goes to the useless camera
<hramrach> Turl: any idea?
<Turl> hramrach: do you have EARLY_PRINTK enabled?
<Turl> the weird garbage may be mmc
<Turl> but you disabled that on fex
<hramrach> and in kernel config
<hramrach> CONFIG_MMC=m
<Turl> hramrach: try passing earlyprintk on cmdline
<Turl> very long shot though
<hramrach> what would that be supposed to do?
<Turl> print really early using a separate code path
<Turl> but maybe it helps not break the uart config
<Turl> hramrach: your
<Turl> [uart_para2] should be
<Turl> [uart_para3]
<Turl> (the driver skips the 2 on a13)
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<hramrach> with earlyprintk I get messages twice
<hramrach> when serial initializes messages stop
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<Turl> hramrach: yeah that's normal
<Turl> I suppose you'll have to start sprinkling printks on 8250_sunxi :(
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<hramrach> it's definitely the serial driver what breaks the serial port
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<Turl> hramrach: it got me wondering though, if you're not using earlyprintk how come it can print all that?
<Turl> does it appear all in a shot?
<hramrach> it prints over whatever u-boot sets up
<hramrach> it's not one shot I guess but hard to tell with the speed of the terminal
<hramrach> X cannot render that much text in one shot
<hramrach> and it's not like booting to that point takes much time
<hramrach> btw it's interleaved so it's about as much oneshot as early printk is
<hramrach> enough for now I guess
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<voltagex> hi, does anyone have the source for the cubian-* binaries?
<voltagex> cubian-morsemsg and such
<voltagex> ah, they're scripts
<voltagex> nevermind
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<libv> Turl: the only way to do that is to take control of things from inside the BIOS
<libv> Turl: intel is now doing that, with their coreboot support
<libv> Turl: but, like with anything display, they were beaten to the post by yours truly
<libv> by 4 years
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<libv> 115200 worked fine for me
<libv> hramrach: you still have the sdc enabled.
<libv> or have you found pins which aren't multiplexed?
<libv> hramrach: that .fex has none of the necessary changes.
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<hramrach> anyway, I don;t even have a mmc driver so it should not really matter
<hramrach> also it stops writing anything exactly when serial_sw is initialized, nothing to do with mmc
<libv> oh, ok, this file looks ok now, not sure what i was looking at
<libv> hramrach: it is worth a try though
<libv> heh, the script.bin in your mail is from another revision
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<hramrach> The pins that aren't multiplexed is PG03 which is supposed to go to camera so with a flat cable breakout you should be able to get at that and get output only
<hramrach> sadly, I don't have that
<hramrach> the other option is uart3 which is not connected anywhere according to fex
<hramrach> actually the other position for uart1 also goes to camera so it seems feasible they would connect the uart there in case of problems
<hramrach> seems pin 12 is not connected and pin 13 goes to a via
<hramrach> no, just artifact of the photo
<hramrach> none of those pins are connected
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<ZetaNeta> hi
<ZetaNeta> with uboot, i get tons of arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory
<pacopad> Hi all, where could i find docs about how vdpau works ?
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<hramrach> ZetaNeta: your gcc installation is probably broken
* ZetaNeta cries
<hramrach> pacopad: there are some vdpau docs from nVidia who invented if
<ZetaNeta> (
<Faisal> guys this might be a stupid question but i was wondering what is the fex file actually. i've read this page : http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide already. it says : It configures the GPIO pins and sets up DRAM, Display, etc parameters. --- isnt it the bootloader and then the kernel thats suposed to do that ? when in the boot process is this fex file involved. i know that the soc doesnt use that fex file , i understand that fex file is used to generate the
<Faisal> script.bin file used in the boot process but can someone tell me when is this script.bin file needed in the boot process, is it uboot that uses it ? if so, then what if you dont use uboot, do you still need that ?
<hramrach> Faisal: script bin tells the kernel how to st up things. different boards are connected differently. DTB does that for mainline and PCI BIOS for x86
<hramrach> u-boot does not use script.bin
<hramrach> the memory parameters it sets are defined at compile time but are the same you see in script.bin
<Faisal> hramrach: thx, ok so it contains basically the board config...
<hramrach> ideally u-boot would read that from script.bin but it's technically not feasible
<hramrach> but you could like convert the part of script.bin u-boot needs into a simpler format that the SPL could read and make some support for that
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<mnemoc> libv: I ended up ordering the samsung note 10.1 2014 (exynos 5420, 3GB, 32GB, A5-ish 10.1" 2560x1600, wacom digitalizer) hoping to be able to install mer on it soon. does wayland use mesa? if not, how would lima hook there?
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<libv> it's a 5xxx, and it's a mali based one, but it's the mali t628 6core
<libv> i only have basic capture and replay atm
<hramrach> more importantly you need framebuffer driver
<hramrach> mali is nice to have but not really important for a notepad
<mnemoc> i thought the chromeos people had mainlined the framebuffer stuff...
<libv> my experience with the chromebook is not a good one
<mnemoc> :(
<mnemoc> hramrach: unfortunatelly, even if for a notepad/pdf-reader 2d and touch/digitalizer is the most critical part, the general UI tends to need 3d to be usable :\
<hramrach> is it the SM-P6000
<mnemoc> yes
<hramrach> the p6050 with phone uses some snapdragon for some reason
<mnemoc> built-in lte maybe?
<mnemoc> the wifi and 3g versions use exynos 5420
<libv> samsung SoCs lack lte
<libv> so they tend to ship snapdragons in the .us
<hramrach> you could like use USB 3G
<hramrach> free to mount different one for different countries
<hramrach> it can be internal even when it's usb/sdio/..
<hramrach> but that's their problem
<mnemoc> or a mini pcie module... but a (guessed) built-in lte support on the snapdragon makes the whole thing cheaper
<mnemoc> also slimmer
<hramrach> probably if it's certified for most of the places they ever dreamt of selling to, anyway
<hramrach> I guess you are in for some serious hacking with the note then :)
<mnemoc> http://www.electronic4you.de/samsung-galaxy-note-10-1-wi-fi-32gb-142779.html + thinkpad e145 + 240GB intel 530 ssd + current 24" VGA + current galaxy nexus will become my new env hopefully with the laptop/ssd and tablet arriving before friday :\
<mnemoc> hramrach: but hacking with more hope that with the other alternatives
<mnemoc> exynos 5420 should become easier to "free" than snapdragon or tegra alternatives..
<libv> mnemoc: in what timeframe?
<libv> mnemoc: and who is going to do it?
<libv> and when will the next SoC be there?
<libv> ratrace.
<hramrach> you do not need a new soc when the current one works
<hramrach> but for that the device should have some decent specs
<hramrach> 3G ram is nice but you still run out easily
<mnemoc> libv: my biggest hope with the 5420 is chromeos people and those wanting to turn chromebooks into linux laptops
<libv> hramrach: your statements are mutually exclusive.
<libv> hramrach: over any time frame over 3 months
<libv> mnemoc: how long has the arm chromebook been around?
<hramrach> chromeos people tell you to install chromeos or go fuck yourself
<libv> 14 months.
<mnemoc> libv: :(
<libv> there is no community. period.
<mnemoc> the odroid u3 can fix that...
<libv> at least, there wasn't one 5 months ago
<libv> no
<hramrach> they do not support anythin than the chrome ROM monolith
<libv> hardkernel doesn't get community
<libv> they will not help change anything
<mnemoc> :'(
<libv> they actually work against it, be it knowingly, or be it by being stupid
<libv> anyway, 5 months ago, there was no community, and the people who originally hacked the arm chromebook had moved on
<libv> this means that there never will be a community for them
<hramrach> libv: problem is that with current specs you *will* want the new device that comes out in 3 months because the current specs are best what there is but not best you can make use of
<libv> the people who jumped on the chromebook are rats
<libv> and they love running around their little mazes
<libv> hramrach: how long has linux-sunxi existed?
<libv> hramrach: how long is the average lifespan of any mobile device?
<hramrach> I don't know. Haven't been htere at the start
<mnemoc> the exynos chromebook has a crap display... but commits are teasing about one with 5420 and good display
<libv> about a year and a half, for sunxi
<libv> about 2 years, for mobile devices
<mnemoc> we got a very nice community :)
<libv> now... is mnemoc going to start a new community?
<mnemoc> :(
<libv> is he going to use his exynos tablet or is he going to play with it?
<mnemoc> work tool
<libv> and where will he be by the time he stops using it and is ready to play with it?
<libv> hramrach here will then state "no chance, get the new whatever and hack that! it still has life in it!"
<mnemoc> :(
<libv> mnemoc: it's all true, isn't it?
<libv> it's just reality
<libv> it's how this works
<hramrach> libv: a tablet that you can no longer buy but has support is kind of not useful
<libv> hramrach: how long have you been using linux?
<hramrach> if the new one is based on the same hardware as the old one then hacking the old one makes supporting new one easier
<libv> hramrach: what graphics cards that have full support can you still buy new in the shops?
<hramrach> but if not making it work is only good for people who already have the old tablet
<mnemoc> libv: but but but... there is more people out there who can start communities too...
<voltagex> I see the same problem with all ARM SoCs though
<libv> voltagex: all except 1
<hramrach> libv: there are no graphics cards with full support. However, many cards you can buy have useful support as in you can run a desktop on htem
<libv> voltagex: because we have stuck with these slow bangers
<hramrach> you cannot run a d\esktop on exynos
<voltagex> libv: let me guess, sunxi? ;)
<voltagex> I've been around for a while now
<hramrach> also there are very few graphics cards with full support under Windows. There are always bugs
<libv> hramrach: i was around when even basic support wasn't there for basic cards
<voltagex> I've got an ARMv5te system here, was in use until the SD reader died - how much dev effort do you think is going into it now?
<libv> hramrach: heck, thanks to me you have some hope of getting something out of your ATI graphics card within a few months
<libv> now luckily, the graphics hardware market is no longer on a 6 month release cycle
<hramrach> I have a few ATI cards to play with so if they get some improved support that might be nice :)
<libv> with a major changes every 6 months
<libv> that was 7 years ago
<libv> it's cooled down
<voltagex> aha! knew I recognised the name libv. Thanks for your work.
<libv> SoCs are on that cycle now
<libv> voltagex: that work was mostly in vain anyway
<voltagex> libv: what's up?
<hramrach> because they are not good enough. they will cool down when the new ones do not bring any useful real world features
<libv> hramrach: when?
<voltagex> hramrach: good enough for what?
<libv> hramrach: and by that time, there will be something new, and you will have moved on with it
<voltagex> libv: don't get too discouraged.
<libv> voltagex: it's called realism, sorry if it is not positive.
<mnemoc> what's after an octa a15/a7 in the chain? armv8... what's after 10.1" 2560x1600? nothing in the next half decade at least... how long have we been stuck with 1366x768?
<hramrach> for anything. The cool new device has 3G ram. Can you not make use of more on a desktop/media center?
<libv> mnemoc: i do not know when the mobile device races will end
<libv> mnemoc: but it doesn't look like it will any time soon
<voltagex> libv: I understand that, but your work is still very useful. There are lots and lots and lots of older A10 and A20 boards floating around now
<hramrach> somewhere around 8G~16G you stop seeing any benefit for 90%+ people but the SoCs are not there yet
<libv> mnemoc: especially not with apple laying down the gauntlet with the A7 like they did
<mnemoc> uhm
<libv> not sure if that proverb was correct though
<libv> a7 is armv8 + rogue
<libv> and everyone was surprised
<voltagex> hramrach: I wish someone would decide to use less - I shouldn't need 2GB of RAM in my phone
<hramrach> same for storage bandwidth, networking, CPU power
<libv> arm first and foremost
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<libv> and samsung shouted "we will do that too!!! ... somewhere next year..."
<hramrach> voltagex: when you can run a web browser, media player, word processor, and play games on your phone you do need the ram
<libv> now samsung will really come back in full force
<libv> so for the next 2 years, this thing is going to continue
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<libv> and there's just not enough people with enough spare time to keep up.
<voltagex> libv: I see it in all the fragmented ARM communities
<libv> and samsung is really incapable of learning how to work with open source software.
<voltagex> libv: *plug, Pi, ODROID, UDOO, Ouya. No one can keep up and there's not enough focus anywhere - except maybe the Pi due to the size of the community
<libv> voltagex: we're right behind the rpi
<libv> voltagex: and ahead of everyone else
<libv> which is why it is important to stick with it
<libv> and hope that allwinner produces halfdecent SoCs
<libv> (unlike A31 and A80)
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<libv> if we really want to keep up though, we need to start working on A23
<voltagex> libv: if I could get my hands on an A23 device, I'd probably devote some mental cycles
<libv> voltagex: they are all over the place now
<voltagex> hrm
<voltagex> I like the Cubie* series
<libv> voltagex: the really cheap tablets come with a23 now
<voltagex> libv: I've been burnt by one too many Kickstarter so far
<libv> voltagex: ebay, amazon
<hramrach> I personally have not much interest in a23. If AW does some more useful soc that would be nice but a23 is not it. Then again a23 might be a testbed for new hardware features just as 13 was bu who knows
<libv> dx
<libv> a23 is where it should be at
<mnemoc> voltagex: the a80 reference board is also made by cubietech
<voltagex> libv: any recommendations?
<libv> it has many bits from a31 taken over
<libv> voltagex: where do you live?
<voltagex> Australia, away from everywhere
<mnemoc> eva announced a kitkat sdk for a23 on linkedin two days ago
<hramrach> dx does Australia
<voltagex> took two months for me to get a Udoo board, boy was that a mistake
<mnemoc> and roumors tell about a quad variant of the a23
<mnemoc> a43
<mnemoc> but where is the a40?!
<hramrach> how much ram on a43 and how wide bus to it?
<voltagex> I'm actually just looking for a replacement for my Dreamplug, pulled the Cubie1 out of the drawer and came here ;)
<mnemoc> hramrach: same as a31 i guess
<hramrach> because that's the single bottleneck on all AW hardware so far except maybe a31
<mnemoc> hramrach: a23 already uses a31's memory stuff
<hramrach> then it would be an improvement
<libv> dx doesn't seem to have anything dependable yet
<libv> voltagex: just search your usual sites for either a23 or q8h
<libv> voltagex: surely, aliexpress should be a decent option for you
<voltagex> libv: Does anyone ship a case? :P So many bare PCBs here
<voltagex> libv: it is, but there are many bad boards around
<libv> voltagex: it's a tablet
<voltagex> oh, so not a replacement for the Cubieboard or Dreamplug
<libv> no, nobody has built a development board yet
<libv> such things take time
<voltagex> indeed.
<libv> would be nice to have an a23 lime though
<wens> the tablets are probably designed by allwinner anyway
<voltagex> I really really like the EOMA68 idea
<libv> heh, 33.70 for a q8h with shipping
<libv> that's sick
<libv> oh, usd
<hramrach> well, the tablets use AW reference design with very few modifications most likely
<libv> that's even worse
<voltagex> good sick or bad sick?
<libv> 25eur for an a23 tablet
<libv> shipped.
<jelly-home> wow
<voltagex> $72USD ;_;
<libv> why doesn't everyone in here have one yet?
<jelly-home> libv: url or it didn't happen! :-)
<voltagex> link please
<libv> aliexpress
<libv> search for a23
<hramrach> because I have an a13 tablet already and it does not even work yet
<libv> hramrach: :)
<libv> hramrach: you'll get there
<libv> it is pink though
<hramrach> I hope cubietech makes an a32 board by then :)
<libv> you will have to spend an insane amount more to get a proper colour.
<voltagex> do you have a policy about swearing in here?
<libv> the full 1 eur to be exact
<hramrach> put a hello kitty sticker on it and nobody touches with a bare pole. thief-safe ;-)
<libv> ah, no, you can select any colour
<libv> these things have obvious uart pins next to the SoC
<libv> err, pads, perfect for solder on to
<jelly-home> heh, $23 hw, $17 shipping
<mnemoc> voltagex: not a policy about swearing, but an implicit policy about mutual respect and politeness
<voltagex> I hate soldering to those pads
<libv> and you can open them with your fingernails
<hramrach> why do they use 512MB ram still?
<voltagex> mnemoc: ah, was just going to say how -ing crazy that price is
<libv> hramrach: because it's 25EUR with postage!
<voltagex> something something oil and resource depletion
<libv> hramrach: there is a 9"er with hdmi and all which is at least 3x the price currently
<hramrach> I suspect you cannot use the a31 ram controller at full performance with that little ram
<mnemoc> voltagex: people uses "f*ing" or freaking from time to time and noone feels ofended afaik
<voltagex> okay, always best to check.
<mnemoc> voltagex: but the explicit insult is generally avoided
<voltagex> Any idea what "EMS" shipping is?
<voltagex> I have an interesting postal address that can't accept couriers
<mnemoc> voltagex: the "faster" variant of global post
<voltagex> is it HK or China Post or a courier?
<mnemoc> it's handled by HKP, CNP, etc..
<wens> likely China Post
<voltagex> oh cool
<mnemoc> express service of normal national post
<voltagex> thanks - lockers.auspost.com.au gives me an address about 15 minutes away from here, they SMS me when a package arrives
<voltagex> free, but won't accept anything outside of "normal" mail
<voltagex> 24hr access to collect my toys
<mnemoc> EMS, as RR*CN, requires signature
<voltagex> ah
<voltagex> that's a critical piece of information
<jelly-home> amusing, this thing's cheaper than the remote controls used for $work set-top boxes
<voltagex> I'll have it sent elsewhere
<mnemoc> voltagex: all "trackable" post services include signature
<voltagex> any hints on this feature? - Ainol Model:
<voltagex> Black glutinous rice glutinous rice 3G AW1
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<hramrach> I winder how they fit that on a tablet
<libv> hramrach: android 4.0 is bound to be proper A13
<voltagex> hramrach: it's that chipset that's in all the USB->Ethernet adaptors
<wens> AX88???
eebrah has joined #linux-sunxi
<voltagex> that one
eebrah is now known as Guest23763
<wens> i think some dongles use a ralink chip
<hramrach> it says 4.0 in the picture but 4.2 anywhere else
<hramrach> and you cannot have hdmi on an a13 unless you have like RGB splitter and RGB->HDMI convertor because it has only one disp output
<voltagex> hramrach: this kinda info would be great in a blog post for new buyers of A*0 devices
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<hramrach> actually, they have two sets of specifications on that page
<hramrach> one for a23 tablet and one for a13 tablet
<hramrach> and hte detailed photos do not show any hdmi so it's likely a13
<libv> hramrach: as said, i bought mine in december where it was marketed as the q88, with an a13 inside
<hramrach> so it's a random mix
<libv> failing to market dual core, is pretty awkward
<hramrach> whatever they can get their hands on they send
<libv> yup
<libv> but as soon as you are looking at like android 4.2 chances are that it's an a23
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<libv> the 25EUR one is probably not going to arrive
<libv> as it is too good to be true
<libv> the shipping especially is too cheap
<libv> the cost of the device is about right, but the postage adds a lot to it, and there's no way that it will arrive in 5-7 days
<voltagex> does that happen on AliExpress?
<libv> yes
<libv> you do get your money back though
<libv> but it's a hassle
<libv> so aim for ~40EUR instead
<libv> that seems realistic currently
* voltagex converts currency in head
<libv> hah, EMS costs 44EUR for this tablet on a seller which has had some reviews
<voltagex> I haven't been able to confirm if I can receive EMS
<libv> here's the ippo_q8h board btw: http://linux-sunxi.org/File:Ippo_q8h_board.jpg
<voltagex> ippo? hah
<libv> why hah??
<voltagex> Are they trying to use a name like Oppo?
<libv> it's china
<voltagex> nice looking board, are the UART headers there?
<libv> those 2 pads to the top right of the SoC
<libv> not that i had anything out of them from android though
<libv> but they should be usable
<libv> as our uarts are very flexible
<voltagex> okay, I am new to the hardware side of things
<libv> and because the android .fex file had no uarts enabled
<voltagex> I'm used to seeing 4 pins/pads for UART?
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<libv> voltagex: you shouldn't connect Vcc
AreaScout2 has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> voltagex: and you can easily find gnd somewhere else
AreaScout2 is now known as AreaScout
<voltagex> right, like the cubieboard where I connected Vcc *before* reading the warning
<libv> on a tablet, such 2 obvious pads in such a location, that's just rx/tx right there
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<hramrach> Speaking of uart I get this: http://sprunge.us/Hccj
<hramrach> so the serial driver kills the port as soon as it touches gpio
<hramrach> also http://sprunge.us/ZVTK
<libv> hramrach: what rootfs are you using? none yet?
<libv> if you use like an ubuntu alip, your lcd should come up properly and you should have a terminal
<hramrach> none
<libv> hramrach: have you since tried to disable the mmc?
<deasy> arokux, plopation, in case you need any test ask :)
<hramrach> it crashes because I have no root and reboots to android
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<hramrach> I don't have mmc
<hramrach> it's a module
<libv> hramrach: you had it enabled in your script.bin
<hramrach> not anymore
<libv> ok
<hramrach> and had to disable serial as well to get any useful output
<hramrach> the garbage at end is probably android probing mmc
<libv> is [card_boot0_para] used at all?
<hramrach> I have no idea
<hramrach> seems g_ether initializes so I will try nfsroot
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<Faisal> guys what is this : enable sunxi_is_foo() even for other mach-sunNi in the kernconf
<Faisal> no help is available
rellla has joined #linux-sunxi
<ccaione> Faisal: context?
<hramrach> kernel configuration I guess
<Faisal> ccaione: yep kernel config
<Faisal> its just not documented what it is
<Faisal> so im not sure
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<ccaione> I think that is related to sunxi_is_foo() function that is used to identify the hardware the kernel is running on
<mnemoc> mach_sunNi() tells you only the family based on build time options, while sunxii_is_foo() gives you up to soc revision level and by hardware detection
<Faisal> doesnt the kernel use devicetree for that
<Faisal> oh ok
<mnemoc> Faisal: mainline doesn't use sunxi_is_foo()
<mnemoc> Faisal: only legacy and the hybrid kernels have sunxi_is_foo()
<Faisal> mnemoc: gotcha
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<hramrach> hmmm, g_ether does not get link
<hramrach> so no nfsroot
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<hramrach> hmm, I guess I broke sound on my tablet
<hramrach> the speaker fell off so tried to solder it back but it still does not produce sound
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<libv> resolder all 4 joints
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<hramrach> there are only 2 joints on the speaker
<hramrach> anyway, not a big deal. and got my FEL jumper wire
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<hramrach> hmm, g_ether only connects afetr disconnecting and reconnecting the cable
<libv> hramrach: nm on your host?
<hramrach> no nm
<hramrach> it does not show as USB device
<libv> hrm, someone probably should look at the usb otg code to fix that one
<libv> but i guess you can rootwait around it, no?
<hramrach> no. it does not connect
<hramrach> I think somebody complained about OTG being flaky but no test devices at that time
<libv> hramrach: is this the only tablet you own?
<hramrach> I also own a Tegra tablet ;-)
* libv shoots hramrach
<hramrach> does it have to be a tablet?
<libv> what other allwinner hw with otg do you have?
<hramrach> cubieboard
<hramrach> the issue was supposedly sun5i specific
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<libv> with me, with the standard script.bin, basic u-boot, and sun5i_defconfig, it just worked
<libv> all of it
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<libv> if i hadn't been stupid and put the script.bin in place (instead of just removing the a10 one), i would've never have looked into usbboot at all
<libv> and your mmc is clearly recognized, so that's not it
<hramrach> well, the display does not work
<hramrach> I kind of expected that to work out of the box so I would fix any remaining issues with display and USB keyboard
<hramrach> but that's not the case
<hramrach> with sunxi the display is totally dead
<hramrach> btw the filesystem on the card was clean so there *was* some boot issue with the SD card
<hramrach> it never got to writing to it
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<hramrach> but I have no idea what it was because there was no screen output and no serial
<hramrach> btw powering off does not work. the tablet stays on
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<libv> hramrach: the 86vs script.bin is quite similar to the 86vz
<hramrach> it was written by the same guy, probably
<libv> my 86vz just brings up the display np with disp/lcd and console=tty0
<hramrach> well, 86vs does not for some reason
<hramrach> I would really like to know how to turn it on but can't really measure the signal on the wires
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<Faisal> I'm trying to compile a kernel but it stops here : http://pastebin.com/XtD4FTW0 just wondering if any of you had an idea ?
<hramrach> something is broken. try a different branch ;-)
<Faisal> hramrach: thx
<hramrach> if you said what branch you are using somebody might perhaps reproduce and fix the issue
<hramrach> or tell you it's obsolete anyway :p
<Faisal> using the 3.4 branch
<Faisal> :s
<Faisal> i might try 3.10
<Turl> Faisal: 3.4 is fine
<hramrach> I used to use it and was fine
<Turl> 3.10 is gonna be pretty broken :)
<Turl> Faisal: what config are you using?
<mnemoc> no 3.10 yet
<Faisal> well i did the menuconfig myself, trying to compile it on the cubietruck maybe thats why
<Turl> Faisal: try make sun7i_defconfig first
<Faisal> Turl: thx
<Faisal> Turl: will do
<hramrach> save your config first
<hramrach> so you can debug which option caused the problem
<hramrach> if the config was not too insane it should work
<hramrach> and ideally kconfig should prevent insane configs
<Faisal> done
<Faisal> looking much better now, what make sun7i_defconfig does ?
<hramrach> replaces your config with minimal kernel that should boot on a20
<Faisal> i already had all sun7i related config done in the config file
<Faisal> ok so that means my config is gone i presume
<hramrach> it might be in .config.old or something
<Faisal> i mean im not compiling with my options now
<hramrach> no
<hramrach> you are compiling the defconfig
<mnemoc> it's good to start from a known to work base ;-) and then slowly trim it/improve it
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<Faisal> mnemoc: right
mkutsevol has joined #linux-sunxi
<mnemoc> or you'll never know what broke it
selsinork has joined #linux-sunxi
* hramrach building pre-usb-unification kernel
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<hramrach> with 3.4.29 the OTG works flawlessly on sun5i \o/
* hramrach got a known to work base
<mnemoc> :D
<libv> hramrach: cool :) dump some regs :)
<hramrach> actually, the display also works
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<hramrach> and reboot works \o/
<hramrach> but serial is still broken
<libv> wow, loads of stuff got broken apparently
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<hramrach> and poweroff reboots
<hramrach> and burns a chip
<libv> ?
<libv> magic smoke?
<hramrach> dunno. a chip just burnt
<hramrach> the 8pin next to the display connector
<libv> yikes
<hramrach> under the gold text on this picture http://linux-sunxi.org/File:Manta_MID705_pcb_top_detail.jpg
<libv> yeah
<hramrach> wonder what it was supposed to be doing when it still worked
<hramrach> since it burnt it must have been overloaded but it's not regulator for the display since it still works
<hramrach> and the axp part is like on the other end of the pcb
* nedko failed to find the gold text
<hramrach> OK, find the () A point
<hramrach> the chip next to it
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<nedko> found it :)
deasy has quit [Quit: Nom d'un quark, c'est Edmonton !]
<hramrach> could it have something to do with the speakers?
<hramrach> that's the only other thing in that corner of the pcb
<hramrach> ugh, lost my magnifying plastic
<hramrach> anyhow, it's burnt already so w/e
<nedko> what chip is it?
<hramrach> it don't know
<hramrach> it's burnt
<hramrach> it reads 7 (hole)
<hramrach> and something like 30233 in the second roe
<hramrach> maybe 30223
<hramrach> and it's upside down wrt the gold INET text
<hramrach> 7190 130223
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<hramrach> maybe amp for the speaker?
<hramrach> the speaker is not shorted afaict but not quite sure
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<Turl> oliv3r: are you around?
<Turl> I'm having trouble building uboot, it complains about include/linux/config.h
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<mnemoc> make myboard_config ?
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<Turl> mnemoc: isn't it 'make board'?
<Turl> it's been a while since I built uboot, and that's what wiki says
<hramrach> I can build u-boot just fine
<mnemoc> afaik it's in two steps since uboot-sunxi got sync'ed with mainline
<mnemoc> make myboard_config; make all
<hramrach> you either do "make myboard_config ; make" or "make myboard"
<hramrach> it's been like that for ages but next to nobody used the config option
<mnemoc> I did in the bsp and in the nightlies :p
<hramrach> I built u-boot for my tablet
<hramrach> just a few days ago
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<hramrach> Turl: also try make clean
<hramrach> it still builds for me but I have like 10 patches on top of current sunxi
<hramrach> and still boots after rebuild
<Turl> hramrach: can you chech if you have includes/linux/config.h and what's in it?
jinzo has quit [Quit: Leaving]
<Turl> hmm 643aae1406c93ddc64fcf8c136b47cdffd9c8ccd
<Turl> make clean wasn't cleaning weird hidden dotfiles referencing the header
<Turl> make mrproper works \o/
<mnemoc> Turl: O= is your friend, don't build on the source tree
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<Turl> mnemoc: is there any way to skip a prefix when untar'ing? linaro rootfs are inside a 'binary' folder
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