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<eagles0513875> hey Turl
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<wens> oliv3r: I plan to use emac as a learning example, as I'm not familiar with most of Linux's internal driver APIs
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<wens> oliv3r: I get that they are quite different
<Turl> wens: I was told gmac was some designware or such IP, already supported on linux
<Turl> wens: talk with jemk
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<wens> Turl: I remember someone saying it was the same as imx.6 ?
<wens> Turl: will do
<wens> Turl: thanks
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<ganbold_> why body of sunxi_emac_hash_table(struct net_device *dev) is not enabled? any idea? if enabled does it work?
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<Turl> ganbold_: it may be a leftover from some other driver
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<ganbold_> Turl: and no doc at all, except small thing in A20 doc
<ganbold_> Turl: no info on SUNXI_EMAC_RCR, SUNXI_EMAC_MAR etc
<Turl> ganbold_: feel free to experiment :)
<ganbold_> Turl: you are maybe right, it could be leftover from dm9000
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<naobsd> (btw, repo in github/cubieboard2 shouldn't have latest code)
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<ganbold__> naobsd: does it work?
<naobsd> I used 3.3 kernel on cb2, unicast/broadcast setting should work, but I didn't care about multicast...
<ganbold__> naobsd: did you try to put interface to promisc mode?
<naobsd> probably no
<naobsd> if you need I'll setup cb2...
<ganbold__> yeah, please if you have time can you test multicast and promisc if possible?
<naobsd> IPv6 needs multicast, tcpdump uses promisc, it should be easy ;)
<naobsd> hmmmmmmm
<naobsd> where is u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin...
<naobsd> ah,
<naobsd> I built fel version...
<naobsd> my brain is XXX...
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<naobsd> IPv6 is working well with 3.3 kernel for cb2
<naobsd> I can see packets while tcpdump is running
<naobsd> but I'm not sure packets are properly filtered
<naobsd> ganbold: shoud I check RX mcast filter more?
<naobsd> it takes time
<naobsd> rx setup func in 3.3 wemac driver seems good for me, it looks like very standard
<naobsd> ganbold: I compared latest cb2/ct 3.3 driver and github/cubieboard2 driver, they are basically same
<naobsd> ganbold: and compared with emac driver in allwinner's A20 SDK2.0 3.4 kernel, they are same
<naobsd> ganbold: you can refer 3.3 wemac driver in github/cubieboard2
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<mnemoc> moin
<naobsd> I just tried A20 SDK2.0 3.4 kernel on CB2... booted, ethernet works
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<naobsd> it seems 3.4 Android kernel
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<ganbold__> naobsd: thanks, now I need to port set_rx_mode to freebsd
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<naobsd> ganbold: probably many drivers have similar setup code. I don't know well about recent FreeBSD ethernet driver structure, but probably unicast/broadcast part should be set in init/reset, and multicast/promisc part should be set in ioctl path
<ganbold__> yeah, will try
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<n01> mripard: ping
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<eh2scqw> somebody here with a cubietruck board?
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<libv> plaes: the gemei g9 has been taken apart on slatedroid
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<libv> plaes: the back of the motherboard has a great big load of testpoints
<plaes> yup, currently browsing that :)
<libv> plaes: there's bound to be serial in there somewhere
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<plaes> nice, Gemei G9 looks almost identical to ZaTab - http://linux-sunxi.org/ZaTab
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<libv> plaes: nice catch
<libv> ZaEarl should be able to tell us where serial lives then
<plaes> where can I find him? :)
<libv> plaes: can you contact the slatedroid guy who made the pictures, and ask if his pictures can be used on linux-sunxi.org?
<libv> i'll give earl a poke
<plaes> I will have to disassemble my tablet anyway, so I can make the pics myself
<libv> cool :)
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<libv> plaes: i use a cut off toothbrush btw, to pop the clips on these devices
<libv> plaes: i cut off the brush head, and then shape that to something resembling a thin flat screwdriver
<libv> +head
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<libv> plaes: ok, sent, let's see what he answers.
<libv> very nice catch though, as finding the right pads on this device is going to be hell :)
<libv> that reminds me, i helped mdfe bring up a board, and we identified the pads from a picture (as they were nicely grouped with JTAG)
<libv> i doubt that he filled out the wiki though
<libv> ah, mid7042
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<libv> i will pester him over that in a few h
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<plaes> ok, I made wiki page for G9
<buZz> 1.2ghz?
* buZz has doubts about that being accurate ;)
<plaes> WIP :)
<buZz> :P
<buZz> friend of mine bought a 50 euro allwinner tablet, but he doesnt like it
<buZz> considering buying it from him
<plaes> that's how I got this one
<buZz> but his has just 512mb ram
<buZz> p000
<plaes> would it make sense to add cpuinfo or any other info on the wiki?
<plaes> anyone know about online lsusb decoder, id matcher?
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<libv> plaes: yeah, the 1.2G is really the limit
<libv> GHz even
<libv> my mele manages it, but my a7hd doesn't
<libv> plaes: thanks for starting on the wiki
<plaes> ok, added cpuinfo and lsusb
<buZz> \o/
<plaes> how many USB ports does A10 have?
<plaes> 2x usb 1.1 and 2x usb 2.0?
<buZz> i think 3 in total, one OTG and two host ports
<buZz> all three are 2.0 afaik
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<rm> OTG can be switched to host, but it has some limitations when used that way
<plaes> ok, this tablet has internal 4-port USB hub
<rm> not sure what's the actual details, but e.g. webcams won't work in it, and NICs/HDDs will perform much slower in it
<plaes> *extra* chip
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<plaes> ok, anything else I could get from the machine?
<plaes> from /proc or /sys?
<buZz> i'd say the script.bin
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<libv> plaes: yes, script.bin
<libv> plaes: i would personally try: "script.bin from nanda mount"
<libv> why the author of that section thinks that "cat" is the way to do it, is beyond me
<nove> enrico_, i replied in the maillist
<libv> pfff.
<libv> that page is also a horrid mess.
<plaes> ok, meanwhile I captured dmesg from bootup
<libv> hrm, let me first set up a page for the coby mid7042
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<libv> and then rewrite that submitting boards thing, as it is just completely stupid and baffling for anyone who just wants to bring up his board
<plaes> ok, thanks :)
<Turl> libv: remember you are on android
<Turl> libv: cp is nonexistent/crap, you need to use cat
<enrico_> nove: yes i noticed that without stripping the binary you get more useful data, the test program you are using is slow? because i changed mine to use 160x120 images and now it's quite fast during trace
<enrico_> nove: (i discovered the right click just today :D)
<nove> enrico_, yes the major slowness is from copying huge frames
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<eh2scqw> is there a channel for the cubietruck board?
<nove> eh2scqw, #cubieboard
<eh2scqw> nove: thank you
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<tzafrir> I finally got to install an Olimex A20 board I bought. I also got it with a Debian SD
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<tzafrir> I created an extra (non-root) user, but that user does not seem to be able to create any IP sockets (-EACCESS)
<enrico_> nove: have a look at the "tracing" branch in https://github.com/ebutera/cedar-h264enc
<tzafrir> root can connect to the internet just fine
<rz2k> tzafrir: you should git clone our community kernel and disable paranoid network
<rz2k> this is the android bs about sockets
<enrico_> nove: with that i get the same traces as you (latest recedro)
<tzafrir> great. So he builds a Debian system with an Android kernel?
<enrico_> nove: and it's fast
<wingrime> mripard: as I see gmac is synopis IP, and driver in mainline
<rz2k> tzafrir: you probably got a very old distro with 3.3 kernel
<rz2k> the first version of BSP for A20
<rz2k> get our kernel and have fun
<mnemoc> tzafrir: AW's kernel is always for android
<wingrime> mripard: how much code will be required for make it fly?
<tzafrir> rz2k, which would you recommend? Which kernel and branch? The howtos on the wiki smell a bit dated
<enrico_> nove: the only issue is that when tracing the output is not correct, whitout tracing it's ok
<mnemoc> tzafrir: you can workaround the paranoid network thing in the android kernel by adding the user to certain group
<rz2k> tzafrir: repo https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi branch stage/sunxi-3.4
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<tzafrir> inet? Let's see
<rz2k> android restricts sockets to some uid/guid, yes
<mnemoc> no, it has a blessed gid
<rz2k> with that option enabled
<mnemoc> google and you'll find the gid of the group you have to create and add the user there
<nove> enrico_, i notice that, but you don't see the copy of raw frame in trace, is because with fread the copy happens in kernel side
<mnemoc> rz2k: that "no" was not directed to you btw :)
<rz2k> :)
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<enrico_> nove: isn't that good? i mean, it's not interesting to see a memcpy made by us, you just see what the binary blob makes to that buffer
<enrico_> nove: as you said it's difficult to explain with words, so you can just answer i'm wrong :D
<nove> enrico_, yes that would be the ideal, but there must be more investigation
<nove> enrico_, this encoder examples are in bad state, cedarv_wait_ve_ready should as the names says maybe call the VE_WAIT ioctl
<nove> enrico_, but that function don't show anything in traces
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<enrico_> nove: maybe it was removed in the binary blob, who knows...
<wingrime> nove: yes, wait_ve all IOCTL
<wingrime> nove: more precisely, it wait IRQ from CEDAR
<nove> wingrime, but that ioctl is nowhere to be seen in encoder traces
<wingrime> nove: anyway, you need wait , when cedarx finishes task
<wingrime> nove: there to kind 1) pooling 2) irq
<wingrime> nove: can you upload bzip'ed traces to dl.linux-sunxi.oth
<wingrime> nove: also, we add *MANY* new regs
<wingrime> nove: in 00-0xff block
<wingrime> nove: and 0xaXX and 0xbXX block
<nove> wingrime, dont have account there, and the traces that i got aren't very good
<wingrime> nove: does not care
<wingrime> mnemoc: ^^^^
<wingrime> nove: account not a issue
<wingrime> nove: I figured ISP_CTRL and ISP_TRIG
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<mnemoc> nove: just send your ssh public key to get access
<wingrime> nove: we know where TRIG regs and CTRL regs
<wingrime> nove: for ISP and encoder, so just after TRIG should be some wait function
<wingrime> nove: or somthing simular
<nove> wingrime, the encoder examples source code still have to be worked to be give clean traces
<nove> wingrime, start naming registers and i eventually add them to the viewer
<wingrime> nove: they already in wiki page
<wingrime> nove: wow, encoder use cycles counter
<nove> wingrime, only 2 traces some what useful, the rest is trash
<wingrime> nice allready
<nove> wingrime, i email them to you, okay?
<wingrime> nove: better dl.
<wingrime> nove: but you can
<nove> wingrime, sent
<nove> wingrime, be sure to use the latest trace viewer
<wingrime> nove: thanks
<wingrime> nove: anyway setup account for future
<enrico_> nove: if you do an strace you can see that VE_WAIT is called
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<libv> plaes: Earl is going to have a chat with the manufacturer of the zatab
<libv> plaes: i've sent him the two slatedroid photos
<plaes> ok
<libv> plaes: this can take ages
<nove> wingrime, jemk, enrico_ , a new feature in the tracer that i am adding, is ability to print from the traced program to the trace file, add #include <valgrind.h> and use VALGRIND_PRINTF
<libv> plaes: but we might get this device up and running without serial
<plaes> well, current kernel initializes serial :)
<nove> enrico_, ok them the tracer is not correct wrap the functions
<nove> enrico_, i think i know how fix, but only for next week
<plaes> <5>[ 0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttyS0,115200 rw init=/init loglevel=8
<enrico_> ok, if you need something just ping
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<nove> well that sound bad, is a feature of valgrind, i am only adding the result to the viewer
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<enrico_> strange thing is that with strace i see only: wait_ve, flush_cache, set_ve_freq
<enrico_> maybe it's wait_ve that triggers internally the encoding
<enrico_> (and it's strange that set_ve_freq for every frame...)
<wingrime> nove: I trying make 4k video works
<wingrime> nove: but only half is working
<wingrime> nove: something wrong with I-frames
<nove> enrico_, the trigger is a register, when finished the hardware gives a interrupt, but wingrime jemk know better
<wingrime> nove: you correct, but not all triger actions will produce irq
<wingrime> nove: some quick acts not use IRQ's
<nove> wingrime, 4k too much work?
<wingrime> nove: 10-20 fps
<mnemoc> what exactly is 4k?
<mnemoc> 2x FullHD ?
<arokux2> mnemoc: 2 times FullHD?
<mnemoc> ok
<mnemoc> :)
<wingrime> mnemoc: 3840 pixels wides
<enrico_> even four times :D
<mnemoc> and what is it's usage? dual head?
<mnemoc> enrico_: 4xFullHD?
<wingrime> nove: yes
<wingrime> err
<wingrime> mnemoc: yes
<plaes> libv: I got the script.bin
<plaes> anything else?
<wingrime> nove: but only half of screen doeces correctly
<mnemoc> :/
<enrico_> mnemoc: yes (2xwidth, 2xheight)
<wingrime> nove: I need a31 hw do say something about it, but looks like a31 have different cedar HW rev
<mnemoc> somehow I thought the "4k" thing was for "3d displays"
<mnemoc> enrico_: sure?
<mnemoc> enrico_: that's a lot of pixels
<enrico_> mnemoc: exactly :D
<arokux2> any idea if Allwinner is going to include a base band processor? i.e. support for cellular networking?
<mnemoc> arokux2: a31s does
<mnemoc> the a100 openrisc guy seems to be used for that purpose on a31s while doing power management in a31
<wingrime> mnemoc: yes, helps keep cpu sleep when playing audio
<libv> plaes: the section above is also needed, but this is needed for u-boot
<arokux2> mnemoc: these guys here http://bb.osmocom.org/ were able to develop their own firmware for the base band processor.
<plaes> ah, the meminfo
<wingrime> arokux2: thats actualy still not baseband CPU
<arokux2> mnemoc: they were able to turn a cell phone into a base station for example
<arokux2> wingrime: "thats" -- what?
<wingrime> arokux2: thats will be when aXX will have radio frontend
<arokux2> a100?
<mnemoc> the 5th core in sun6i
<arokux2> mnemoc: what?
<wingrime> mnemoc: we still have no radio frond-end , but a100 looks will be used for radio somethime
<mnemoc> there is a "little" openrisc core inside the sun6i chips
<mnemoc> wingrime: sure the "a31s" doesn't? they claim it for phones
<wingrime> mnemoc: you can use even a10 for phones, If you will be use separated radio chip with own CPU
<arokux2> still the practice is that the firmware that runs on those bb CPUs is supplied by there manufactures and nobody knows whats inside...
<wingrime> mnemoc: you only need UART connection to it
<wingrime> mnemoc: and , also handle audio routes to it
<mnemoc> true
<arokux2> something like this we saw with GPS I think.
<wingrime> mnemoc:there 3g tablets with a10
<buZz> there -are- phones with a10 inside
<moofree> using separate radio boards typically
<buZz> yep
<buZz> i dont really like current phones tbh
<wingrime> but SoCs have intesion include everything you need, I sill don't know why quallcom after merge with ather not include wifi to Snapdragon
<buZz> 16:9 is a stupid ratio for a phonedisplay and 5" is way too big
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<plaes> \o/
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<buZz> haha yes
<buZz> i keep telling ppl they should just get glasses, when they show me their 'new' phones with 4" or bigger displays
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<wingrime> ssvb: I see strange preformance issues with VDPAU
<wingrime> ssvb: some video parts can be played fast or slow
<wingrime> faster after some rewind / froward/back
<wingrime> ssvb: it will be nice, if you looks with you performance keen eye)
<wingrime> mdp: ping
<wingrime> *look * your
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<oliv3r> f2fs a good idea on a compact-flash card? or better use ext4 on those. I do think the controller would be doing wear-leveling
<oliv3r> so it sounds like a good idea imo
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<Turl> buZz: why stupid? it's great to watch video content
<buZz> stupid because its not a place for a phone to be a video entertainment center
<Turl> buZz: you'd be surprised at how many people use youtube on their phones
<mnemoc> slapin: would it be possible port allwinner's nand partition format and wearing control on top of the mtd driver?
<buZz> i am suprised all the time by stupidity of people :)
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<mnemoc> "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -- Albert Einstein
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<ssvb> wingrime: been a bit busy lately, have an urgent job to finish in a couple of days
<wingrime> heh
<wingrime> simply no idea why vdpau perfomance not robust
<wingrime> 1920p sometime can be solw
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<libv> plaes: i started creating http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Board_howto to bring some sense to this mess
<libv> plaes: my time tonight has run out, feel free to fill in some bits as you find them out, i will continue with this tomorrow
<arokux2> libv: +1
<libv> plaes: i have also created http://linux-sunxi.org/Coby_MID7042 which contains a structure which will be most suited for people who want install sunxi onto an already supported $board
<libv> a section needs to be added to that one to collect device specific tips and tricks
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<plaes> thanks
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<plaes> hah, script.fex is identical to zatab
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: what do you eman, port the wear control thing ontop of the mtd driver; we have special FS's that do that, i guess you could write a new translation layer to do wear leveling, dunno how usefull it would be
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: i'm thinking in compatibility, having only one "backend" but allowing it's usage on "legacy" style NANDs
<oliv3r> i don't you can have both; either mtd or nand
<oliv3r> both won't ever work
<mnemoc> mtd is pretty low level....
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<oliv3r> that's the whole point
<oliv3r> there's 2 kinds of flash controllers, smart ones and dumb ones
<oliv3r> the nfc is a really dumb one :)
<oliv3r> hence, the mtd layer
<oliv3r> if you have a 'smart' one, you use f2fs
<mnemoc> which could be ported to live on top of sunxi-mtd
<mnemoc> and keeping compatibility if the user happens to have an aw's style partition table
<mnemoc> sunxi-mtc*
<mnemoc> err... whatever
<mnemoc> should sleep :/ ... i can't express my thoughts properly
<mnemoc> i mean to adapt the nand driver to use the mtd-nfc driver instead of aw's low level layer... been able to make the switch to mtd without destroying current devices
<mnemoc> anyhow, good night .... i'm totally borked
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: i don't think that's technically all that possible; well anything is technically possible, but I guess it's a LOT of work
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