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<Turl> ojn: I know, but as you suggested the approach I thought you may want to see it
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<ojn> Turl: ah, yeah, thanks
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<hno> who called?
<hno> oliv3r, Tsvetan. there is no SPI support in sunxi u-boot yet, but only becase we have not had any hardware with SPI boot rom.
<hno> Turl, see for booting via FEL
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<hno> Turl, sorry, you obviously knew that already.
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<mnemoc> .oO
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<the_isz> hi all. i got Archlinux running on an SD card on a Allwinner A10 using a self-compiled kernel (sunxi-3.4 branch). however, when partitioning a nand device (here: /dev/nandk), the subpartition (/dev/nandk1) doesn't show up. if i use linaro with a 3.0 kernel, it does. does anyone know what i might be doing wrong?
<ykchavan> /query oliv3r
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<mnemoc> -rw-rw-r-- 1 sunxi-mw sunxi-mw 73834484 Sep 22 10:31 sunxi-mw-2013-09-22T103145.sql
<mnemoc> -rw-rw-r-- 1 sunxi-mw sunxi-mw 1811261440 Sep 22 10:31 sunxi-mw-2013-09-22T103145.tar
<mnemoc> uhm...
<mnemoc> kind of fatter than expected
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<konnn> hi
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<mnemoc> and 10 minutes later....
<mnemoc> -rw-rw-r-- 1 sunxi-mw sunxi-mw 3003088 Sep 22 10:33 sunxi-mw-2013-09-22T103352.sql.xz
<mnemoc> -rw-rw-r-- 1 sunxi-mw sunxi-mw 1583058112 Sep 22 10:33 sunxi-mw-2013-09-22T103352.tar.xz
<mnemoc> not sure if xz pays off
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<hno> arokux1, just ask, don't ask to ask.
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<mnemoc> hno: do you know if incremental tar deals with file deletions?
<hno> I doubt..
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<hno> mnemoc, apparently it does
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<hno> mnemoc, what is all that content? Seems orders of magnitude too large.
<mnemoc> just the wiki/ dir....
<hno> Yes but...
<mnemoc> i suppose bloated by .git dirs
<mnemoc> but we also want to backup that part, don't we?
<mnemoc> the wiki and the extensions get periodically updated (cron) to the head of their stable branches
<mnemoc> otoh we don't need to keep the snapshots of every single day... just the last N (small N).... I suppose
<mnemoc> somehow I don't feel confortable with the incremental thing
<mnemoc> suggestions welcomed
<ssvb> oliv3r: very nice
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<arokux2> hi hno
<arokux2> hno, first: didn't know if you found it in the logs - I've added USB support to U-Boot
<arokux2> hno, and successfully booted from a stick
<hno> mnemoc, I usually prefer online backups using rsync.
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<hno> arokux2, I saw something about it in the logs. Great job!
<arokux2> hno, second: what was the problem with mainline wifi?
<mnemoc> hno: rsync --delete-after ?
<mnemoc> what if the failure happens during the backup in that case?
<mnemoc> certain file will get damaged on the backup
<arokux2> hno, third: is it possible to get a shell to the shipped image in mele?
<mnemoc> also, the backup space is ftp only
<mnemoc> arokux2: there are terminal apps in the market
<arokux2> mnemoc, without apps, I cannot connect a display :)
<mnemoc> the old meles had an usb otg port inside, and also uart0
<arokux2> hno, like can I use our u-boot to boot the stock image and get a shell? (not just see the boot log, but actually do smth)
<mnemoc> one can give you `adb shell` and the other a serial console
<arokux2> mnemoc, with serial console I can only "watch"
<mnemoc> plug the TX too :p
<mnemoc> at least one used to get a shell prompt on android's serial console
<arokux2> mnemoc, :p the point is you won't get shell prompt, you'll just see kernel log
<mnemoc> tried typing a command... like `ls` ? it's possible you don't have echo ut still can send commands
<mnemoc> and see the result
<mnemoc> at least enough to enable adb over tcp
<arokux2> mnemoc, you are right! I do not get echo, but it works!
<arokux2> hno, I've tried mainline (3.12) wifi and it works a bit.. but then some problem with usb appears which could mean two things: 1) either my wifi is broken (i've messed up with multimeter around it...) 2) usb support isn't good yet :(
<mnemoc> arokux2: :D
<arokux2> mnemoc, ok.. it is useless, no useful commands there. :(
<mnemoc> prefix with busybox
<mnemoc> and try to get adb over tcp enabled
<oliv3r> page keeps timing out on me, but works
<mnemoc> on ubuntu at least you can install fastboot and adb from linaro repos
<mnemoc> saving yourself from getting the whole android sdk
<ssvb> Tsvetan, hipboi: if you still have these a20 boards, which can't clock dram higher than 400mhz, could you find some time to run some tests on them?
<arokux2> oliv3r, same here
<oliv3r> arokux2: thanks :(
<ssvb> hipboi, hno: also by default u-boot uses 480mhz memory clock frequency for cubieboard2, which is supposedly bad for ~20% of a20 chips, so should something be done about this?
<arokux2> mnemoc, busybox prefix is a very good tip!
<mnemoc> :)
<arokux2> mnemoc, thanks :) what adb can give me? :)
<mnemoc> a real shell
<mnemoc> and file transfers, and reboots
<mnemoc> also install .apk files
<oliv3r> any dts expert around that trumps my novice skills?
<oliv3r> i'm getting 'duplicate label' errors
<oliv3r> but no clue why as i did the same other nodes do
<arokux2> oliv3r, labels of the nodes must be different
<oliv3r> uart0 is the same
<arokux2> oliv3r, give a pointer to the code
<oliv3r> from sun7i-a20-cubeiboard2.dts: uart0: serial@01c28000 {
<oliv3r> from sun7i-a20.dtsi: uart0: serial@01c28000 {
<oliv3r> so when I do the exact same; i get duplicate errors?
<arokux2> so in dts this node is overwritten, this is ok
<oliv3r> that was the point yeah
<oliv3r> so if that's not it, i don't know where its comming from; as grep doesn't find it
<arokux2> oliv3r, I have no idea too..
<oliv3r> ERROR (duplicate_label): Duplicate label 'sata' on /soc@01c00000/ahci@01c18000 and /soc@01c00000/ahci@01c1800
<steev> i think, but i could be wrong, if the address is the same, you just do &uart0 ?
<oliv3r> here's the error
<mnemoc> oliv3r: hi, did you see stage/sunxi-3.10?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i read yeah :)
<oliv3r> i'll see if i can start doing 'something' with it
<mnemoc> you have commit access, right?
<oliv3r> if only it boots and does what we've been doing so far; that'll be enough for now
<oliv3r> i think so
<oliv3r> maybe rename it to experimental/sunxi-3.10 for now?
<mnemoc> sure
<oliv3r> just so users know this isn't stuff they should 'just try'
<steev> oliv3r: is there something different in uart0?
<oliv3r> steev: if that where the case, then uart0 would have that done aswell; but it doesn't. it only defines some pins and sets status = "okay"
<steev> hmm
<oliv3r> for ahci, i only do status = "okay"
<steev> is it already "okay" in the dtsi?
<mnemoc> experimental/sunxi-3.10 created
<oliv3r> mnemoc: thanks :)
<oliv3r> steev: nope disabeld :)
<mnemoc> - [deleted] stage/sunxi-3.10
<oliv3r> attic/sunxi-3.0
<oliv3r> :p
<steev> what happens if you change it from (whatever) to &sata {\n\tstatus = "okay";\n}; ?
<mnemoc> let's give it some time until people starts updating 3.0-based docu
<mnemoc> sunxi-3.0 works....
<mnemoc> even if it doesn't get new commits
<oliv3r> steev: well none of the other nodes are like that :p
<steev> or is it &ahci
<oliv3r> steev: but trying
<steev> oliv3r: that's because you didn't do them like that :P
<oliv3r> steev: i would expect either to work
<steev> is what my imx51-genesi-efika-sb.dts looks like
<oliv3r> arokux2: if you have an SDIO wifi chip, e.g. mmc wifi
<arokux2> oliv3r, hm.. but I do not, right?
<oliv3r> steev: insteresting, i get syntax errors when i use that
<oliv3r> arokux2: nah, that's purely wifi connectedt to one of the SD ports
<steev> oliv3r: is the dtsi in mainline already?
<oliv3r> steev: yep
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<oliv3r> steev: line 247 and line 46
<oliv3r> unless sata is a reserved keyword ..
<oliv3r> leaving off sata: seems to work
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<arokux2> oliv3r, but why there are some GPIOs assigned to it if I do not have such a chip?
<wingrime> Turl: so how git format-patch can make "0" message?
<steev> oliv3r: hm, that's good to know, for when i start working on the utilite ;)
<wingrime> Turl: or how I can add "0" with git?
<wingrime> Turl: I mean [PATCH 0/x] ???
<oliv3r> arokux2: default config :p
<oliv3r> arokux2: used = 0; so the section is ignored anyway
<steev> wingrime: you want git send-email with --cover-letter
<mnemoc> --cover-letter
<arokux2> oliv3r, thanks
<mnemoc> meh
<oliv3r> wingrime: --cover-letter --annotate
<oliv3r> otherwise, --cover-letter will expect a file with the cover-letter content
<oliv3r> wingrime: also, --subject-prefix=PATCHvN for a modified [PATCH]
<oliv3r> wingrime: and remember :)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: next week i'll start playing with postfix
<oliv3r> today is sunxi hacking day :)
<mnemoc> oliv3r: sunxi-3.10? :)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: noo, 3.4 on tablet; 3.12 on olimexino
<mnemoc> :(
<oliv3r> next week is 3.10 week + postfix week
<oliv3r> those 2 are on my todo
<oliv3r> but it depends how busy $work is
<mnemoc> personally i find 3.10 more important and postfix
<oliv3r> and i have to rewrite my fosdem proposal :)
<mnemoc> than*
<steev> fosdem!
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i want postfix up and running fast so we can dump ggroups fast
<steev> why not get vger mailing list?
<oliv3r> my initial proposal was a little weak :)
<oliv3r> steev: they didn't want us
<steev> why not ask again since you're actually working towards mainline now?
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: fair point ^
<mnemoc> steev: the answer was "use linux-arm list"
<wingrime> oliv3r: thanks
<wingrime> oliv3r: I will test it, and send soon for hdmi driver cleaup
<wingrime> oliv3r: I hope you review it
<oliv3r> wingrime: i will; if you don't rip out too much stuff ;)
<wingrime> oliv3r: not -mainline still
<wingrime> oliv3r: but little prepearea
<wingrime> oliv3r: wait will test it
<oliv3r> wingrime: mainline is big step; i'd start with u-boot as that's 'simpler'
<oliv3r> wingrime: hdmi, lcd :p
<oliv3r> and vga :)
<mnemoc> (alias is nicer than vger :p
<steev> reply back with why do linux-tegra, linux-samsung-soc, linux-omap, linux-arm-msm exist?
<oliv3r> linux-arm-sunxi
<mnemoc> vendor supported?
<oliv3r> though linux-sunxi is nicer
<steev> oliv3r: what if they do a mips board!
<oliv3r> lol
<mnemoc> *g*
<arokux2> steev, have you promised to look into DEBUG_LL?
<steev> arokux2: nope, i will if i get free time, but right now i don't
<arokux2> steev, ok
<steev> eh, maybe i do
<steev> i'm dd-ing an image to test, so i can looksie
<arokux2> thanks steev
<oliv3r> Turl: what's the purpouse of uart0: prefixes in the dts?
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<wingrime> mnemoc: strange regression
<wingrime> mnemoc: my a10 tablet can't boot with current stage,
<wingrime> mnemoc: just checked after 93977a610732a8e9b1501b4efd96ebd25de8ac26 -- too
<mnemoc> wingrime: can you try sunxi-v3.4.43-r2 ? that the last before the jump to 3.4.61
<wingrime> mnemoc: wait, now will try stage on a20
<wingrime> mnemoc: I have no uart on a20, so , I can't say it clear
<wingrime> err
<wingrime> on a19
<wingrime> err
<wingrime> on a10
<wingrime> type too fast....
<wingrime> mnemoc: are you realy checked defconfigs ?
<mnemoc> buildtime, yes
<wingrime> mnemoc: PM still broken on a20
<mnemoc> wingrime: that's a warning, not an error
<wingrime> mnemoc: no,error
<mnemoc> gcc version difference maybe?
<wingrime> gcc version 4.7.2
<mnemoc> $ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc --version
<mnemoc> arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) 4.6.3
<hno> arokux2, I am not sure about my wifi issues.. from what it looks now it might be 2/3 of my OLinuXIno boards having a broken wifi module.. more testing needed.
<wingrime> arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Debian 4.6.3-14) 4.6.3
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<arokux2> hno, I'm working with Mele.
<oliv3r> Turl: if i'd try to run code trying to use pll6, but that wasn't actually there yet, i would get an error of sorts? or would it just not work?
<mnemoc> wingrime: weird, make .... sun7i_defconfig uImage modules builds fine here
<wingrime> mnemoc: than, do other thing
<wingrime> mnemoc: cp arch/arm/configs/sun7i_defconfig .config
<arokux2> oliv3r, you mean if you do not enable the needed clock?
<mnemoc> wingrime: the defconfigs are not full .config files, they only include the non-default data
<hno> mnemoc, rsync --link-dest and a little script to keep a reasonable amount of history. But if destination is ftp-only then choices is a bit limited.
<wingrime> mnemoc: if I do this, I just press enter to default stuff
<mnemoc> hno: it supports sftp, so I'll try sshfs + "local" rsync
<arokux2> wingrime, sure you have ARCH=arm?
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<wingrime> arokux2: ofcose
<oliv3r> arokux2: nah i forgot to pull turls patches and was curious how it would fell; verbose or not
<arokux2> oliv3r, if you do something like get_clock("pll6_sata") you will have an error
<hno> mnemoc, are you sure rsync is not supported?
<mnemoc> hno: exec request failed on channel 0
<mnemoc> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [sender]
<mnemoc> rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(605) [sender=3.0.9]
<oliv3r> arokux2: yeah i'm not getting an error :)
<oliv3r> i hate rebasing these branches :(
<oliv3r> rebasing the turl branch ontop of the mrripard branch fails; go figure :(
<mnemoc> hno: chgrp calls in rsync over sshfs fail, but in general seems to be working
<oliv3r> heh, even rebasing mripards own branch fails :(
<hno> mnemoc, chgrp and chown need to be disabled in backups like this.
<arokux2> oliv3r, I cherry pick turs commits
<arokux2> Turs'
<arokux2> Turl's
<arokux2> hno, have u tried an up-to-date sunxi-3.4 on mele, if wifi works with it?
<arokux2> hno, how should I submit patches? pull request or ml?
<arokux2> hno, (to u-boot)
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<oliv3r> arokux1: yeah but those conflicted aswell
<oliv3r> so i just rebranched off of turl's :)
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<oliv3r> arokux1: yeah but those conflicted aswell
<oliv3r> so i just rebranched off of turl's :)
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<wingrime> mnemoc: how much approx cubies was solded?
<hno> arokux2, mailinglist is needed, but fine to back it with a pull request.
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egbert_ is now known as egbert
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<wingrime> mnemoc: err...
<wingrime> mnemoc: I getting same problem agian....
<wingrime> mnemoc: are you sure do "make clean"
<oliv3r> wingrime: are you building with the bsp?
<wingrime> oliv3r: no
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<wingrime> oliv3r: strange problem
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<oliv3r> i'm building using the bsp; right now, stage/sunxi-3.4
<oliv3r> so gimme af ew
<oliv3r> and i'll report
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<wingrime> oliv3r: .... <6>Calibrating delay loop...
<wingrime> oliv3r: thats hung
<arokux2> tried? make mrproper
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ouh
<wingrime> oliv3r: sorry
<wingrime> oliv3r: last error when I treyed start sun4i kernel on sun7i
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<oliv3r> wingrime: seems to build just fine
<oliv3r> how can I get our sun4i-crane default config to output debug information to uart0
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<oliv3r> on 3.4.61 i'm trying to enable kernel low-level debugging; but there's no port available, only 'none, embedded ICE DCC, semihosting I'
<oliv3r> so how do i get my kernel to spill the beans :)
<wingrime> oliv3r: for a20?
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<wingrime> oliv3r: I will clone again
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<oliv3r> wingrime: sun4i i was building
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<wingrime> oliv3r: sun4i builds good for me too
<wingrime> oliv3r: can you try build fresh a20 defconfig?
<wingrime> oliv3r: how correctly send patchset?
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<andoma> does sun7i_defconfig work well enough for cubieboard2 ?
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<arokux2> how can I utilize huge amounts of RAM to speed up compilation? ccache maybe? any other advice?
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<steev> arokux2: build in tmpfs
<arokux2> steev, I have ssd already. it'll be even faster in RAM?
<steev> none/var/tmp/portagetmpfssize=6G,nr_inodes=1M0 0
<steev> as an example, i build everything in ram
<steev> arokux2: how should i know? you asked how to utilize huge amounts of RAM to speed up compilation, i'm just telling you how to use the ram
<arokux2> steev, right. thanks :)
<arokux2> 16Gb here and I do not know how to use them..
<oliv3r> andoma: the defconfig are a little messy, manually configuring the kernel for all devices you need is probably safe
<oliv3r> arokux1: to speed up kernel compile? dunno but for android it helps a lot
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<arokux2> oliv3r, it? tmpfs or ccache?
<wens> arokux2: tmpfs is still faster than ssd, unless none of your writes actually hit the disk
<arokux2> thanks wens I will compare them and report here.
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<oliv3r> arokux2: lots of ram
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<arokux2> oliv3r, by mistake I got shipped twice as much as I ordered and then I just thought I'll keep it all...
<steev> did you at least contact the company and tell them?
<steev> that you will be a customer for life
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<arokux2> steev, a customer for life? (I've contacted them and payed everything)
<steev> so you paid for the extra?
<arokux2> steev, yes, I did.
<steev> weak sauce
<steev> hope they weren't jacked up prices
<arokux2> and now I regret, I should have sent 8Gb back.
<wingrime> oliv3r: I sended patchset to email
<wens> arokux2: i think in the u.s., you can keep them, without paying.
<arokux2> wens, why so?
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<wens> arokux2: i think it's some consumer protection law regarding mail orders
<wens> arokux2: retailers will just let you keep it, instead of going through the hassle of getting you to mail it back
<wens> arokux2: i could be wrong. don't take my word for it
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<arokux2> thanks wens interesting to know. (I'm in Germany)
<wens> arokux2: i'm not in the us :p
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<ssvb> wens: I had a case when I ordered a blueray disk, then waited for more than a month, then tried to ping the seller about what could be the problem, got a reply "sure, we are sending it to you"
<ssvb> wens: then I received two packages one after another, tried to contact them again about what to do next
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<ssvb> wens: then got a request to provide them a copy of the report to the Police about the first copy being lost
<ssvb> wens: and another request to send an extra copy back
<ssvb> wens: all from different support persons
<wens> ssvb: did they ask you to mail the extra package back?
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<ssvb> wens: it looked like the different support persons at this web shop had different idea about what was happening with my order, but it did not seem like they were going to let me keep an extra copy
<wens> ssvb: i see
<arokux2> wens, btw, I've started work on AXP
<arokux2> wens, have you seen it's wiki page? ;)
<arokux2> WarheadsSE,
<arokux2> sorry WarheadsSE
<wens> arokux2: i did! the registers section looks nice and clean
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<arokux2> wens, do you happen to have Mele A1000?
<arokux2> or: who here has Mele A1000?
<wens> arokux2: no, i have cubieboard 2
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<oliv3r> arokux2 don't regret :p 16gb is awesome
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<arokux2> oliv3r, it is only seldom used if I open several virtualbox instances.
<oliv3r> compile android and you'll drain it :)
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<wingrime> oliv3r: do you saw my new patchset
Undertasker has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> wingrime: looging now :)
<oliv3r> looking*
<oliv3r> wingrime: do you know how to enable serial output for the 3.4 android kernels?
<oliv3r> early-printk etc
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<oliv3r> wingrime: i can't see from your patchest, but does it allready include delay.h? if not add that :)
<oliv3r> wingrime: nad why did you split the removal between core+i2c and cec? either split all 3 or merge it to 1 patch :p
<Turl> lots of pings, backreading time
<oliv3r> Turl: yes!
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<Turl> mnemoc: rdiff-backup? I never used it, but it looks nice
<mnemoc> Turl: using fuse to mount the backup storage and rsync to it. sadly symlinks get destroyed... but those are only in the FETCH_HEAD of .git dirs, so they can be recovered manually if something bad happens and we need this backup
<Turl> oliv3r: one of your sata nodes has one less 0
<oliv3r> Turl: i think i fixed that :)
<wingrime> oliv3r: not tryed
<wingrime> oliv3r: yes, it already have delay
<mnemoc> Turl: btw, we created experimental/sunxi-3.10 based on android-3.10 + v3.10.12, the idea is to first backport all from sunxi which is already mainlined, and give us a common place to DTSize the crappy drivers.... giving a real-life-ready mainline-wannabe where normal people can test the drivers
<mnemoc> Turl: specially considering 3.10 is LTS/LTSI and likely for android 5
<mnemoc> Turl: while next can be broken by other projects and is not for "users"... so testing is far more limited
<Turl> oliv3r: so you can do stuff = <&uart0>
<mnemoc> Turl: hope you can join oliv3r there
<wingrime> oliv3r: delay.h aleary there as it builds
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah but why can't I do sata: ahci@012356? it complains about duplicate labels :S
<oliv3r> wingrime: hdmi_cec.c doesn't have it
<Turl> oliv3r: if it isn't at all your dts would not build
<mnemoc> talking about cec, where on earth is techn_?
<mnemoc> haven't seen him in ages
<oliv3r> wingrime: and it may be includ via one of the other headers (but you have to included it yourself if you use it)
<oliv3r> mnemoc: he was here not too long ago; yesterday maybE?
<wingrime> oliv3r: easy to fix
<wingrime> oliv3r: but not sure how make correct it in git
<wingrime> oliv3r: how you make fixups in place?
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<mnemoc> oliv3r: oh. good :)
<oliv3r> wingrime: git rebase -i oldcommithash -1
<oliv3r> wingrime: on the last commit you can do git commit --amend
<oliv3r> wingrime: but rebase is what you need to learn about (will take a while; it can be confusing)
<mnemoc> and every time you use it, a mercurial boy dies
<techn_> mnemoc: I'm here.
<oliv3r> lol then its time to spam use it
<mnemoc> techn_: hey! for a short time I thought you had abandoned us :)
<Turl> mnemoc: :)
<techn_> I even send patchset last week.. I was planning to send another today
<Turl> oliv3r: you can as long as the second part is the same (which isn't in your example)
<techn_> mnemoc: no.. just been lazy :p
<mnemoc> techn_: subject?
<techn_> mnemoc: pwm stuff.. but I was hoping to get comments from original pwm driver author :/
<mnemoc> trying to get outstanding acked-and-not-nacked patchsets applied... 3561 mails to go :(
<wingrime> libv: will udelay guarantee atleast 200uS wakeup accuracy?
<oliv3r> Turl: then it was a typo! i did see it
<mnemoc> Turl: hope you at least agree on the value of sunxi-3.10
<mnemoc> arokux2 hates the idea of giving evil gpl-violating manufacturers the oportunity to abuse our tree
<oliv3r> i most certainly hope strongly they do use ours
<oliv3r> as it makes diffs much smaller
<Turl> mnemoc: I can see some value on it once usb and mmc lands :)
<Turl> most people care about disp though, so it will be a while until it can replace 3.4
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah i agree; but its a good starting point
<oliv3r> Turl: and 3.10 is a LTS release
<rz2k> yay for google groups antispam, just thrown mail from to spam
<rz2k> google at its best
<mnemoc> Turl: sunxi-3.10 is under our control, so we can DTSize the current crap-drivers and give a fully functional DTS-based sunxi multiplatform system far earlier drivers get "acceptable" upstream
<mnemoc> Turl: and at the same time gives us a user test based for the drivers which are actually been mainlined
<rz2k> i bet half of our drivers are not compatibe with 3.10 changes since 3.4
<rz2k> :p
<Turl> they will need forward porting, that's for sure :)
<mnemoc> but hack in 3.10 compatiblity is easier than reaching mainline-quality
<Turl> mnemoc: yeah, I can see your point
<mnemoc> and it needs to be done anyone, so it's just an stepping stop/test field for mainline
<Turl> mnemoc: why 3.10 btw?
<mnemoc> LTS, LTSI and android-3.10 exists
<techn_> mnemoc: are 3.11 > changes backported to 3.10 automaticly?
<mnemoc> yes
<mnemoc> that's the meaning of LTS
<Turl> security ones
<mnemoc> people is been paid to backport fixes to 3.10
<techn_> by changes I mean sunxi changes
<Turl> LTSI may I think
<mnemoc> initially we need to backup our stuff... but I doubt it's such an intrusive change
<arokux2> sorry, 3.10 is just additional work to me :(
<arokux2> I test my work with sunxi-next and make sure it works there.
<oliv3r> well with 3.10 being LTS its an important stepingstone anyway
<mnemoc> for future change we do 3.10, test it in real life, clean it, and then send up
<mnemoc> working always on next the testing part is seriously limited
<oliv3r> ok now that there's some more action here
<oliv3r> i want to enable earlyprintk in 3.4
<arokux2> mnemoc, from what you tell it sounds like mainlining with take us years..
<oliv3r> but there's no serial output to choose from
<oliv3r> arokux2: i twill
<oliv3r> arokux2: the drivers mainlined now are simple ones
<oliv3r> arokux2: disp, audio; those can take long
<mnemoc> arokux2: it will take LESS if what reaches mainline is actually tested in real life first
<arokux2> mnemoc, why?
<mnemoc> and discussed in a broader sunxi-view
<mnemoc> arokux2: because people will work together and not on tons of separated trees
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<oliv3r> i agree with mnemoc here
<oliv3r> where it's possible of course
<arokux2> ppl headless servers are also important! and we are very close to the point where we can have a useful kernel
<oliv3r> if you have a driver that needs some future framework; then its different
<mnemoc> driver will probably work without the future framework first, or with little hackery
<mnemoc> just to allow it to be used
<oliv3r> but moving 3.4 -> 3.10 DTS sounds feasble
<mnemoc> and give a functional kernel to users
<arokux2> usb is there, mmc is being worked on, SATA too. mripard will soon work on DMAengine. then NAND and server is ready!
<oliv3r> it's also quite likly allwinners next step
<mnemoc> and those users will also be testing the mmc and sata stuff while they try to get mainlined
<oliv3r> arokux2: nand will be a year or two
<mnemoc> not only devs, but any brave user
<oliv3r> arokux2: nand won't ever get accept in its current form
<mnemoc> been multiplatform we can provide prebuilts
<mnemoc> daily
<wingrime> mnemoc: do you realy cleared, sun7i?
<wingrime> mnemoc: config still broken
<arokux2> sorry guys, I'm not going to do mainlining twice. I'll do it hard way and keep posting patches to mainline till they are accepted.
<wingrime> mnemoc: default config have pm enabled
<mnemoc> wingrime: i made a fresh sun7i_defconfig, and built fine
<wingrime> mnemoc: after make clean?
<Turl> mnemoc: can we backport and commit directly to sunxi-3.10, or should we go through the ML?
<mnemoc> after rm -rf
<wingrime> mnemoc: ....
<mnemoc> Turl: no, just agree with oliv3r
<oliv3r> arokux2: you kinda are missing the point
<mnemoc> lets make sunxi-v3.6.12-r1 the backport
<oliv3r> 3.6.12? what version is that?
<mnemoc> 3.10.12
<mnemoc> :(
<oliv3r> that makes sense
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<Turl> arokux2: once they are accepted, they can be applied to 3.10 with any other relevant backporting needed and users can use it
<oliv3r> it's not mainlining the code twise
<oliv3r> twice* its just backporting
<arokux2> but applying to 3.10 is not just git apply, or?
<oliv3r> and if there's a few little ugly things in our 3.10; that's okay
<mnemoc> after than we can start importing every DTSizing/future-framework work into that tree and let them evolve freely until they reach mainlineability
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<oliv3r> arokux2: most likly it will be
<mnemoc> s/than/that/
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<mnemoc> while 3.4 remains for script.bin-world, unification, and aw code importing
<mnemoc> "legacy tree"
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<oliv3r> which hopefully can be depreciated in 6months :)
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<oliv3r> when people wanna start working on mainline, and start to 'cleanup' etc stuff, step one is, make it work in 3.10
<mnemoc> oliv3r: as soon as possible the better. fexc can learn to turn script.bin into myboard.dts
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<oliv3r> ten prepare it for submission to mainline
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<arokux2> oliv3r, every time I've thought my usb code is "likely" to work I needed a week after that. I think you are talking about things you do not really know.
<arokux2> if you want, I can *try* to do "git apply" once everything I need is in 3.10, but if it fails, I'm not going to fix it.
<oliv3r> arokux2: your driver is a simple glue-code driver; I don't think much will fail ;)
<oliv3r> and its git cherry-pick! :)
<arokux2> oliv3r, as said, if it won't fail you'll have it. otherwise "patches welcome" (c) :p
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<oliv3r> hmm, the gpl violating 3.0.36+ does output [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu
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<oliv3r> so earlyprintk seems to work there normally? so how do I get my 3.4 kernel to also output ... maybe it simply fails to boot at all?
<akaizen> Is it possible to extract the stock image from a Allwinner device?
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<akaizen> I seem to have messed up the system partition and ADB is now going at 50 KB/s vs 2,400 KB/s before and its stuck at loading screen
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<oliv3r> akaizen: the entire thing? not easily
<oliv3r> akaizen: you can always boot hansg's fedora image and do some rescue work from there
<akaizen> the alternate is modify the init.rc mound system as rw and manually fix it
<akaizen> but I would like to have a quick solution to 'reset' the device
<akaizen> It seems phoenixsuit/livesuit can flash the entire device in 3 min?
<oliv3r> yeah if you have a livesuit capable image
<akaizen> Are there other NAND flashing tools for sunxi (live Rockchip) ?
<akaizen> like**
* akaizen wonders how long it would take to write :x
<oliv3r> akaizen: we don't really do much/anything with livesuit here
<oliv3r> akaizen: they aren't really needed
<akaizen> but there is work to flash the nand directly right?
<oliv3r> it's very rarely needed
<oliv3r> also most of us run off SD
<oliv3r> but since you can boot from SD, you can boot a full linux and fix what needs fixing from there
<oliv3r> and most livesuit images are just dd's of partitions
<akaizen> oooo hansg sdcard will let me write to nand right? I already have the nand partitons backed up
<oliv3r> so it's hardly needed
<oliv3r> yep
<akaizen> oh cool
<akaizen> any idea about the slow-down of ADB?
<oliv3r> usb issue?
<oliv3r> bad cable?
<akaizen> probably usb issue, i have another similar device i can test
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<akaizen> but when I copy from nand to nand it is fast.. im thinknig its stuck in USB1.1 mode somehow
<akaizen> *i have no idea what the reset button does on this thing*
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<oliv3r> depends :)
<akaizen> where/how can I find out more about the device?
<derethor> lsusb
<derethor> then, start with /sys
<derethor> check the values under /sys/bus/usb/devices
<akaizen> derethor: Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
<akaizen> Bus 001 Device 034: ID 18d1:0003 Google Inc.
<derethor> so, it will be something like /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-34
<derethor> or something
<derethor> usb has a config step when you plug the device
<derethor> and you have all the values thre, one per file
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<akaizen> Thanks, I have root@android:/sys/bus/usb/devices/usb[1-3]/speed => 12, 480, 12
<wingrime> Turl: puing
<wingrime> Turl: hdmi pins have any mux?
<derethor> not 100% sure about the values, but i guess that 480 is the fast speed, and 12 is the slow one
<derethor> prob that is the hub, so, you should check the subdevices
<akaizen> yea, do you know where I can find out more about the usb system or which one is connected
<Turl> wingrime: pong
<akaizen> yea so I'm going through a device -> usb hub -> computer -> virtualbox
<Turl> wingrime: dunno, need to check docs
<Turl> wingrime: do you know HDMI pins?
<derethor> prob... maybe you need some kind of drivers or something
<derethor> hdmi is differential + i2c
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<derethor> it send audio between frames, but it is the same that dvi + some info send by i2c
<derethor> i wrote the code for my fpga :)
<wingrime> Turl: HTX0P....
<akaizen> derethor: But it was working fine before I flashed a bad boot.img and i think it booted from recovery ? But after I relfashed the original boot.img and still same issue
<wingrime> derethor: I still can't get colorbars with uboot
<wingrime> derethor: monitor not see any sence of life
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<Turl> wingrime: no PXNN?
<Turl> wingrime: probably not muxed then
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<derethor> akaizen: i dont know sorry, I am sure that usb is managed at chip level, and the kernel only setup some regiters (never checkd it, but i think that is the case). maybe you have a different fex and script.bin ?
<wingrime> Turl: than have no idea what wrong
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<wingrime> Turl: I configured HDMI core
<Turl> wingrime: HDMI clocked?
<wingrime> yes
<wingrime> Turl: version registers reads
<Turl> wingrime: HDMI out enabled?
<wingrime> Turl: what do you mean?
<Turl> wingrime: fex can disable HDMI
<Turl> probably you need to write some register saying 'use HDMI out'
<wingrime> Turl: there is no fex, I do it in uboot
<Turl> wingrime: I know, just pointing out it can be enabled/disabled
<Turl> so maybe that is magic missing
<wingrime> Turl: stand-alone application for uboot, just to see nice color-bars
<Turl> I do not know much about disp
<Turl> wingrime: video pll configured?
<akaizen> derethor: are those found in /dev/block/nanda (/dev/block/bootloader) ?
<wingrime> Turl: yes, it must
<wingrime> Turl: but thats strange
<wingrime> Turl: pll3 can produce 2 fractional freqs
<derethor> you have the script.bin file?
<derethor> mount it and check
<wingrime> Turl: but hdmi core have OWN pll
<derethor> how do you enable the colorbars in uboot?
<Turl> wingrime: maybe pll3 feed internal PLL
<wingrime> ssvb: HDMI core have video-fifo overflow irq
<wingrime> Turl: yes, it looks
<wingrime> derethor: it have internal test color bars
<Turl> wingrime: did you do simple test I suggested on linux?
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<wingrime> Turl: still no
<wingrime> Turl: but I have pll3 configured
<wingrime> Turl: all code
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<akaizen> derethor: I just dumped all the nand partitions except cache and UDISK
<pirea> hy
<derethor> akaizen: did you try to mount it?
<akaizen> nope i'll give it a shot
<derethor> i guess it is a fat16 partition, not sure (i usually boot from sdcard)
<derethor> wingrime: how do you setup the hdmi mode?
<wingrime> derethor: using registers
<wingrime> and timing table
<akaizen> derethor: yep it has script.bin
<akaizen> doh I should have ran file on all these images...
<derethor> and are you sure that one is the same that you had before?
<derethor> the allwinner read the script.bin , and setup things at boot time... maybe that is affecting
<wingrime> derethor: no, thats hno's uboot
<wingrime> derethor: no any code for script
<akaizen> so when I first got the device I backed up all the nand partitions... i have another device that I havent played with yet.. let me sanity check that
<wingrime> hno: ping
<derethor> ok, i am testing things with an a13 olinux micro, and a sdcard, i never tried the nand. I will try with the cubie2 later
<wingrime> derethor: hdmi need i2c configured for work?
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<pirea> wingrime v2 is working better than v1?
<wingrime> pirea: what you about? cache?
<pirea> about h264 decoding
<wingrime> pirea: are you tryed libvdpau?
<pirea> not yet
<Turl> wingrime: maybe writeb wrong?
<pirea> but i will try it
<wingrime> Turl: thats from aw oringial code, but uboot must support this ...
<derethor> wing: no, hdmi is an DVI with some more things... the DVI sends rgb data and blank space to tell the monitor that it has a new line or frame
<pirea> libv i have set resolution of cubieboard at 1080p and i have make a benchmark with gl2mark-es2 or something like this
<derethor> i2c only sends some basic stuff like the videocard name, etc
<pirea> during the benchmark image has become instabe
<wingrime> derethor: HDMI_AVI_INFOFRAME
<wingrime> derethor: can you explaing what that do
<derethor> hdmi/dvi it has a clock
<derethor> and normally, monitors will detect that you have a videocard if there is clock
<Turl> wingrime: ok, just thinking because register usually 32 bit
<derethor> where is that?
<wingrime> Turl: thats must be fixed to 32 bit, but It must work as is
<akaizen> derethor: Thanks for your help!
<akaizen> I copied the bin images to device via adb and then cat system.img > /dev/block/system
<akaizen> now to check if usb is back up to speed
<derethor> akaizen: nice!
<wingrime> derethor: I need very hi frequency ociloscope to see what hapends on pins
<derethor> no, no
<derethor> a FPGA could be
<derethor> but oscilloscope? it is too many gigabits per second
<derethor> and it is differnetial, you need a logicanalizer
<derethor> it means that you have you pins for each data, one goes up and the other goes down, and the difference will tell you if you have a 1 or a 0
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<derethor> you pins== two pins
<wingrime> derethor: I know about diferental pars
<mnemoc> seeed studio's open workbench logic sniffer is nice
<derethor> i have a pipistrello, 100 euros, with an spartan 6
<derethor> it has differential inputs
<derethor> and hdmi connector
<wingrime> derethor: I only have cyclone 4
<derethor> it is really nice, and if you really need to hack hdmi, it is great... xilink has sample code to input hdmi data
<mnemoc> uh, seedstudio is selling CBs too
<derethor> i guess that you only needs to check if you have an output clock
<mnemoc> pipistrello :) what a name :p
<derethor> maybe you can see it with a normal oscilloscope
<Turl> mnemoc: :)
<derethor> sure, i think that at standard resolution it is something like 25Mhz
<derethor> mmn, not a bad idea... check that
<derethor> you dont need to analize all the frame, only output. if you have a clock, and you dont have an image, then it is a problem with the resolution
<wingrime> derethor: if clocks will be incorrect
<derethor> maybe your monitor doesnt like the video mode for some reason
<wingrime> derethor: no,no, linux-sunxi works
<wingrime> derethor: I only want get hdmi with uboot
<mnemoc> Turl: means murcielago in italian
<wingrime> derethor: for make simple framebuffer console
<wingrime> derethor: for mainline and early printks with sunxi
<techn_> wingrime: you must wait until hdp goest up and after that do the handshake
<wingrime> derethor: how monitor will behaves if clocks will be incorect
<derethor> i guess that monitor with sync to clock
<derethor> and simply sample rgb data at the clock rate
<leviathanch> arokux1: hey
<leviathanch> online?
<derethor> and if that is very weird, it would turn off
<leviathanch> any arokux online?
<leviathanch> :-)
<leviathanch> arokux1 & arokux2
<arokux2> leviathanch, hey
<leviathanch> hi arokux2
<arokux2> hi
<wingrime> derethor: need I hdp support?
<leviathanch> there was some flag had to set by using dma_set_mask in order to get the USB host working, right?
<leviathanch> arokux2: there was some flag had to set by using dma_set_mask in order to get the USB host working, right?
<leviathanch> :-)
<arokux2> leviathanch, sec (but pinging is a good idea)
<leviathanch> ok
<derethor> dont knwo what is hdp... so, prob no
<arokux2> leviathanch, this was needed:
<derethor> on the hdmi article in wikipedia, hdp has 0 matches, so, i guess it is not relevant
<arokux2> leviathanch, have you solved your timeout issue?
<leviathanch> arokux2: no, that's why I asked you, what you have done
<leviathanch> :-)
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> really
<leviathanch> you actually change the DMA ability mask
<leviathanch> that might actually be the reason why it isn't working
<leviathanch> but that's not to be changed within the c code itself dude
<leviathanch> that should go into the device tree
<leviathanch> in my opinion
<arokux2> leviathanch, there is already a mapping for this?
<arokux2> leviathanch, from what I was reading there wasn't yet a mapping for this...
<leviathanch> for the DMA ability spec? I'd be shocked if not
<leviathanch> >_>
<leviathanch> I mean... what DMA addresses are possible
<leviathanch> that _has to be_ put into DT
<arokux2> leviathanch, so tell me if you know it :P
<leviathanch> :-)
<leviathanch> no, I'm just looking out for it
<leviathanch> in linux-next
<leviathanch> they are putting it into the platform device data
<leviathanch> obviously that's where it belongs to
<leviathanch> hmm
<arokux2> leviathanch, not necessarily.
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<leviathanch> oh
<leviathanch> ok
<akaizen> wow i think my usb cable just went bad ...
<akaizen> or this vm is messed up
<leviathanch> VM?!
<leviathanch> akaizen: VM?!
<arokux2> leviathanch, so try it out and report if it helped
<leviathanch> arokux2: ok
<akaizen> leviathanch: virtual-machine?
<leviathanch> akaizen: yes, of course, but in the context of USB cables?
<derethor> i got this : Unknown command 'disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60' - try 'help'
<derethor> in uboot
<akaizen> leviathanch: I was doing some repartitions and what not... maybe some kernel drivers got messed up
<derethor> how can i enable the vga output in uboot?
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<leviathanch> derethor: you probably have a newline in your boot.scr
<leviathanch> derethor: looks as if it would be trying to use a parameter as a command
<derethor> setenv setargs 'console=tty0 disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 earlyprintk debug init=/etc/preinit mem=256M@0x40000000 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait panic=10 ${extra}'
<derethor> setenv boot_mmc 'fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 script.bin ; fatload mmc 0 0x48000000 uImage ; bootm 0x48000000 '
<derethor> setenv bootcmd 'run setargs boot_mmc'
<derethor> printenv
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> somehow you are trying to execute your kernel cmdline
<leviathanch> respectively, your kernel is trying to parse it and throws this error message
<leviathanch> is it an android kernel?
<derethor> no
<derethor> it is sunxi 3.4
<leviathanch> hmm
<derethor> well, i am simply trying to enable the vga
<leviathanch> out of u-boot
<leviathanch> right?
<derethor> the a13 olinuxino micro has vga output, and i think it a hack that send the lcd output through the vga port
<derethor> that message comes from uboot, yeas
<derethor> maybe the dot or the underscore?
<leviathanch> _if_ it is a u-boot command
<leviathanch> it's in the wrong place
<derethor> i think it is a kernel param
<leviathanch> hmm
<leviathanch> then stop executing the kernel cmd ;-)
<leviathanch> it's way too complex this cased definitions
<leviathanch> prone to such problems
<leviathanch> wait a sec
<derethor> removed now, and it boots again
<derethor> but i dont have vga output
<derethor> dont have /dev/fb0 , etc
<derethor> i have /dev/disp
<leviathanch> uhm
<leviathanch> the kernel won't give you any output before you don't load the lima module from initrd though
<derethor> no, it jumps to the uboot console
<derethor> how do you display anything on the screen?
<derethor> do you use /dev/fb0 ? or /dev/disp ?
<mnemoc> /dev/fb0
<mnemoc> disp is for funky ioctls
<derethor> and how do you enable /dev/fb0 ? it is not on my /dev
<derethor> i am using mdev from buildroot
<mnemoc> check in /proc/config.gz if you have framebuffer and framebuffer console enabled
<mnemoc> for mdev is better to use devtmpfs
<mnemoc> saving yourself from the initial /dev population
<akaizen> looks like i messed up my ubuntu VM... in OS X and in disk mode it gets + 11MB/s, tested cable on another android device
<akaizen> in Parallels it gets 500KB/s
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<akaizen> time to switch to virtual box...
Dreadlish has joined #linux-sunxi
<derethor> # zcat config.gz | grep FRAME
<derethor> CONFIG_FRAME_WARN=2048
<derethor> maybe the detect primary?
<derethor> i will recompile and see
<derethor> see you guys! bye
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<arokux2> Anybody here with Mele A1000?
<Turl> arokux2: 2k here, but should be the same
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<arokux2> Turl, does your wifi work with sunxi-3.4?
<Turl> arokux2: dunno, I don't use it
<arokux2> Turl, and not interested in?
<Turl> arokux2: it's wired next to my router :) I don't have any use for the wifi
<arokux2> Turl, could you ssh and execute some commands and see what happens?
<Turl> arokux2: I guess
<arokux2> Turl, (last one may be privacy sensitive)
<arokux2> Turl, pastebin the output of those command, thx
<wingrime> Turl: I tested
<wingrime> Turl: pll3 not affected to video
<wingrime> Turl: but pll7 does
<wingrime> Turl: on a20
<ssvb> wingrime: a10/a20 can drive two monitors simultaneously, that's why they need two video plls
<wingrime> ssvb: a20 have two hdmi's
<wingrime> ssvb: atleast in manual
<ssvb> or hdmi/vga, just like I have in mele a2000
<Turl> arokux2: FATAL: Module 8192cu not found.
<Turl> :)
<arokux2> Turl, :p
<wingrime> ssvb: realy two HDMI IP blocks
<arokux2> mnemoc, what is vanilla aw kernel that is know to build?
<ssvb> wingrime: I only commented about "pll3 not affected to video", both pll3 and pll7 are needed
<wingrime> ssvb: indeed
<arokux2> mainline works for wifi better than sunxi-3.4
<wingrime> ssvb: but more indeed, that HDMI IP block have internal PLL
<leviathanch> arokux2: no, didn't fix it
<mnemoc> arokux2: aw uses android kernels as base, not vanilla
<leviathanch> arokux2: still the same issue with memory access time out
<leviathanch> ...
<arokux2> leviathanch, :(
<mnemoc> arokux2: it seems next android kernel will be 3.10
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<arokux2> mnemoc, wifi is broken in sunxi-3.4, what branch could I take where it still worked?
<arokux2> mnemoc, :) code instead of looking for rumors. :p
<arokux2> mnemoc, how do you know?
<leviathanch> arokux2: I waited for the data to appear for 5 secs
<leviathanch> nothing happened
<arokux2> leviathanch, and mmc works with sunxi-3.4?
<leviathanch> uhm
<leviathanch> dunno
<mnemoc> arokux2: looking at google's kernel-common repo
<arokux2> mnemoc, any tip on working-wifi-branch?
<leviathanch> arokux2: people seem to be using it, so it should be working :-)
<mnemoc> there are two wifi drivers
<arokux2> mnemoc, 8192cu is the one i need
<mnemoc> one from rtl allwinnerized that sucks
<mnemoc> and one from rtlwifi, which requires you to enable the usbc in script.bin
<mnemoc> because aw decided to implement power management turning on/off the usbc
<arokux2> mnemoc, which one is known to have worked?
<mnemoc> both
<arokux2> mnemoc, i'm using 8192cu, the one that is in sun4i_defconfig
<arokux2> mnemoc, but it is broken :(
<leviathanch> arokux2: maybe it is delivering the wrong kind of address
<arokux2> leviathanch, who? your code?
<leviathanch> arokux2: yes
<mnemoc> arokux2: try picking up an older sunxi-3.4 tag
<mnemoc> to see if it's really a regression
<arokux2> leviathanch, try to see what sunxi-3.4 does.
<leviathanch> arokux2: maybe the mmc0 module can't address too high addresses
<leviathanch> hmm
<leviathanch> a similar thing as I do
<leviathanch> since I adapted parts of the code ;-)
<leviathanch> I just removed stuff like high level tuning
<leviathanch> and adapted the basic routines onto linux-next
<arokux2> leviathanch, this is clear. but similar is not *exactly* the same :)
<arokux2> mnemoc, which one would you advise?
<leviathanch> arokux2: "exactly the same" won't compile ;-)
<mnemoc> arokux2: i haven't tried wifi in like a year :<
<arokux2> leviathanch, yes.. I know :(. try to put some printk in sunxi-3.4 and in your code.
<mnemoc> arokux2: but you are the first to tell it's broken
<arokux2> mnemoc, and who was the last one for whom it worked? :p
<mnemoc> no idea
<mnemoc> to use the not-allwinner (rtlwifi) driver you need to enable the usbc in script.bin
<mnemoc> and the driver will be loaded automatically
<mnemoc> allwinner's driver turns on the usbc on load
<mnemoc> and off on unload
<mnemoc> which makes autodetection not work
<arokux2> mnemoc, yes, I've seen. this is because wifi is the only device on this usbc
<mnemoc> but save some nA
<arokux2> mnemoc, so you actually have some evidence rtlwifi worke?
<arokux2> worked*
<mnemoc> sure
<mnemoc> if you enable the usbc, and provide the /lib/firmware/
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<mnemoc> aw's driver has the firmware blob embedded
<arokux2> mnemoc, I'm going to try: sunxi-v3.0.76-r0
<arokux2> mnemoc, I've tried aw's so far, will continue to do so.
<mnemoc> aw's worked on sunxi-3.4 too
<mnemoc> but i think most people has switched to rtlwifi's
<arokux2> mnemoc, good to know.
<mnemoc> -r0 means "just after the version jump"
<leviathanch> arokux2: maybe I have configured the module the wrong way
<leviathanch> anyway
<mnemoc> so the previous -rN might be better than an -r0
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<arokux2> mnemoc, ok.
<leviathanch> arokux2: I'll try figuring this out tomorrow or so
<leviathanch> gotta get up 6 a.m. for lecture
<oliv3r> hno: i'm trying to build the lichee-dev branch, using sun4i_sd to get sd output; strangly enough, u-boot prints output; i get 'starting kernel' and then, nothing, the entire kernel is then console-less; I have an old u-boot binary (not sure if it's the lichee-dev branch or if its the original one) that does full uart-output even after u-boot. The reason why i tried recompiling, was because autoboot is set to 0. I set bootdelay etc in the sources to 3
<leviathanch> >_>
<arokux2> leviathanch, ok, keep trying. we need storage in mainline!
<leviathanch> arokux2: ok
<leviathanch> arokux2: we have USB sticks! ;-)
<arokux2> leviathanch, yes, those work even in U-Boot now.
<oliv3r> hno: modifying nandb fixes that issue; but still strange :)
<oliv3r> hno: ah deff self-build one, U-Boot 2011.09-rc1-00000-g1076d3b (Jul 15 2013 - 11:22:41) Allwinner Technology arm-pc-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Gentoo 4.6.3 p1.13, pie-0.5.2) 4.6.3
<oliv3r> hno: i do see some patches regarding uart_sd thigns, so maybe a regression? i'll test it maybe sometimes later
<oliv3r> nn all :)
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> I'm now explicitely setting the IDMA bit
<leviathanch> tomorrow evening after lecture I'll see if it's working now
<leviathanch> now I need to sleep
<arokux2> oliv3r, why do you need this ancient stuff?
<leviathanch> otherwise tomorrow will be hell
<leviathanch> :-)
<leviathanch> arokux2: gn8
<arokux2> leviathanch, good night!
<arokux2> mnemoc, do you have system running with wifi adapter?
<oliv3r> arokux2: becauuse 3.4 doesnt boot on my tablet from nand
<oliv3r> arokux2: and we dont have uboot nand yet :(
<arokux2> oliv3r, regression?
<oliv3r> wingrime: while backreading, remeber wriiteb might not work correctly due to 32bit alignment
<oliv3r> wingrime: check boot1 a20 dump for drv_de or sumat
<arokux2> oliv3r, btw, why do you think it won't work? maybe it is cared for inside of writeb?
<oliv3r> and hdmi/dvi/vga all use i2c for edid!
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<granite_crusher> hello, I observed strange behaviour of latest uboot on olimex-A13: it succesfully restarts just first time, secod time it doesn't
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<granite_crusher> *second
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<arokux2> granite_crusher, there were some patches on ml, maybe they have introduced a regression
<granite_crusher> arokux2: btw, I tryied to do that buildroot, but I am stuck - it doesn't compile, because it can't download kernel (I cant understand why - i didn't marked it in menuconfig of buildroot)
<arokux2> granite_crusher, bbl
<granite_crusher> bbl?
<arokux2> granite_crusher, be back later.
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<arokux2> granite_crusher, still there?
<granite_crusher> yeah
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<arokux2> granite_crusher, this is my config for buildroot
<arokux2> granite_crusher, I can give you an image too, if you like
<arokux2> granite_crusher, this should be changed:
<granite_crusher> this is not added in moment of make? it have to be defined in .config?
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<arokux2> granite_crusher, yes
<granite_crusher> arokux2: I forgot where I installed my crosscompiler... what a mess..
servili007 has joined #linux-sunxi
<servili007> anyone at maker faire yesterday/today?
<granite_crusher> arokux2: I am not very familiar with linaro, I got my crosscompiling tool from embedian (cause I am using debian) so I guess that line could be changed into: /usr/local/bin/arm-gnueabihf-gcc ?
<arokux2> I think so if this is the correct path
<arokux2> granite_crusher, check if you also need to change
<granite_crusher> arocux2: into what?
<arokux2> granite_crusher, i do not know how is your compiler name, look into that folder and tell it
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<granite_crusher> arokux2: to hell that initramf compiling, maybe you could give me binary? tool installed by me: arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc works for compiling kernel nicely. I simplly think it is not worth waste of time with this buildroot compile
<arokux2> granite_crusher, of course. I've offered you many times. where could I upload it?
<wingrime> techn_: I will add new patch that remove magic number
<wingrime> to patchset
<arokux2> Turl, could I upload something to
<Turl> arokux2: as long as it's sunxi related, sure
<arokux2> Turl, of course. buildroot image.
<libv> how would you guys feel if the lima mesa driver had an option with which you would always enable at least 4x MSAA?
<arokux2> libv, what is MSAA? (blush)
<libv> even when the application does not choose to do anti-aliasing
<Turl> libv: is that not an standard option?
<libv> Turl: it is selected by the GL config
<Turl> libv: I think I saw it on driconf
<libv> not sure whether there is an extra option...
<libv> ok, will find out
<libv> in any case, 4xmsaa is almost free on mali
<wingrime> libv: lima mesa can non "es" opengl? in theory?
<libv> wingrime: i'm not sure, but it is not an option atm as we are using the binary compiler still
<libv> once cwabbott has hooked his compiler stuff into the glsl compiler, then we might get there
<Turl> libv: or maybe it was vsync (always sync, default 0 + obey app, defaylt
<Turl> default 1 + obey app, never sync)*
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<wingrime> libv: thats most interested thing I want see on lima, as most linux soft want opengl non es,
<focus> hi, i got ubuntu 13.04 from linaro booting on EOMA, but i can't seem to log in from the home screen. tried linaro as passwd, changed passwd from tty console, created new user and passwd from tty console, no luck.
<arokux2> so why exactly is msaa cool?
<focus> any ideas or clues?
<libv> arokux2: anti-aliasing makes edges look smoother
<rz2k> focus: use alip image
<libv> Turl: what hw did you see this on?
<libv> intel?
<arokux2> rz2k, hi there. do you have Mele A1000?
<Turl> libv: intel HD4000
<Turl> libv: maybe I'm just imagining the MSAA tunable, I can't see it now
<rz2k> arokux2: yes
<arokux2> rz2k, is wifi working?
<rz2k> focus: stick to alip, the desktop version seems to be long forgotten ( no updates since 12.04 ver or something)
<focus> rz2k: eek!
<rz2k> arokux1: I didnt power it up for ages, but I had everything working last time
<arokux2> rz2k, which kernel?
<rz2k> something from 3.0.6x times.
<libv> arokux2: if you want to see the difference, comment out the "EGL_SAMPLES, 4," at line 86 of sunxi-mali/test/test.c
<arokux2> libv, no spare display here, but thanks
<arokux2> rz2k, could you help me with testing?
<focus> rz2k: I got some problems trying to install gambas on alip. some bug with one libgles2-mesa that needs it to be removed - but if it gets removed, then others get removed, and if i put the others back this lib is re-inserted - stalemate!
<granite_crusher> arokux2: I don't think it is wise idea to share my email here... what about
<focus> rz2k: also libintl is missing
<servili007> Turl: ping
<rz2k> arokux2: yes, but not right now. you want me to run mainline with host side patches?
<arokux2> rz2k, I want you to help me bring wifi to life on sunxi-3.4
<arokux2> rz2k, or give me a hash and a working config for a branch you are using
<arokux2> rz2k, no need to test mainline on your mele, I have the same here :)
<arokux2> granite_crusher, e-mail isn't good for files anyway
<Turl> servili007: pong
<arokux2> Turl, how about
<servili007> Turl: Met some of PCduino folks yesterday, they gave me a whole thing about how they're working closely with allwinner and going to release code instead of blobs, was a fun discussion, most likely BS
<servili007> they want to put up their a20 version in 2-3 weeks
<Turl> arokux2: I told you already you can :)
<arokux2> Turl, how? :)
<Turl> arokux2: scp your file?
<arokux2> granite_crusher,
<arokux2> Turl, login/pwd?
<Turl> arokux2: you have no account? ask mnemoc for one
<arokux2> Turl, of course I do not have one, why would I asked! :)
<Turl> servili007: :)
<arokux2> mnemoc, create account for me on, plz
<Turl> servili007: this must be like the second time I hear about pcduino :P
<arokux2> servili007, what can they release, we have latest SDK anyway..
<servili007> arokux2: They like to tell people that they have magic mali and cedar source, it's just smoke up everyone's rear
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<servili007> but funny to get the same runaround
<servili007> I mainly wanted to bust their chops
<arokux2> servili007, mali? :D
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<libv> in the end they'll just refer to the stuff the cubieboard guys provided and which we neatly packaged
<arokux2> mali is ARM's property, right?
<servili007> libv: that was the best part, I asked them why I wouldn't go with cubieboard and that side of things, they told me I wouldn't have their wonderful support
<arokux2> Turl, something like this should not be used anymore, right?
<servili007> "I don't need support" was all it took to get them to shut up and take my card
granite_crusher has joined #linux-sunxi
<Turl> servili007: you bought one? :P
<servili007> Turl: haha, no, business card, although they did offer a nice discount
<servili007> I'm already up to my neck in a10 boards, no more
<Turl> servili007: :)
<Turl> arokux2: dunno, not familiar with i2c. Maxime may know
<Turl> arokux2: although all the board file talk makes me think it's deprecated
<arokux2> mripard, pleas confirm this is deprecated: thanks.
<rz2k> arokux2: ok, I will test wifi soon
<arokux2> rz2k, thanks. I just need to know what is needed for it to work on legacy kernels. tried hard, but in vain.
<arokux2> rz2k, once it works with legacy ones I'll try to make it work in mainline. it already works a bit :)
<Turl> arokux2: what are you trying to make work?
<arokux2> Turl, wifi
<Turl> arokux2: did it break? it used to work just fine, both rtlwifi and the realtek ugly one
<arokux2> Turl, well.. I do not know how to turn it on properly then.
<arokux2> Turl, sun4i_defconfig uses the ugly one, so I started with it.
<Turl> arokux2: make sure the usb controller is powered in fex if you're going to use rtlwifi
<granite_crusher> arokux2: devicetree? where I have to konfigure/ shose from ? in menuconfig of kernel?
<granite_crusher> *configure
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<granite_crusher> *chose
<arokux2> granite_crusher, sorry, I do not understand the question..
<granite_crusher> how to get that device tree compiled, or it do not need to be compiled with kernel? or compiled at all?
ZetaNeta has joined #linux-sunxi
<arokux2> ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=<toolchain-prefix> LOADADDR=0x40008000 make uImage dtbs
<arokux2> granite_crusher, see that dtbs at the end? it does the trick.
_enrico_ has quit [Quit: Bye]
<granite_crusher> but how it will know it is for olimex-A13
<granite_crusher> ?
<arokux2> granite_crusher, read that wiki page carefully.
<Turl> granite_crusher: it builds all of them
<arokux2> granite_crusher, it build all the dt
<Turl> then you just choose the right file
<granite_crusher> ohh.... ok
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<arokux2> Turl, have you tested usb patches on cb?
<arokux2> Turl, if so, have you tested one port or two?
<Turl> arokux2: cb2
<arokux2> Turl, ok. still, have you tested one port or two?
<Turl> arokux2: I think the two usb ports worked
<arokux2> Turl, good.
<granite_crusher> its so late.. goodnight
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<arokux2> Turl, ok.. something is still wrong with usb. just tried rtlwifi and it does more then in mainline.
<arokux2> rz2k, I've got wifi working, so do not waste your time on testing.
<arokux2> rz2k, you still there?
<Turl> arokux2: it works or not? :P
<arokux2> Turl, I told you, on legacy it does more :p
<arokux2> Turl, way more...
<Turl> arokux2: do you have logs?
<arokux2> Turl, of failing on mainline?
<Turl> arokux2: yeah, and working 3.4
<arokux2> Turl, on mainline they are useless I think. something like: detected XactErr len 0/0 retry 28
<Turl> arokux2: sounds like something wrong with the usb driver then
<arokux2> Turl, yes... :(
<arokux2> Turl, but usb storage works
<Turl> arokux2: you could try compat-wireless over 3.4 if you want to make sure it's not a regression on rtlwifi
<arokux2> Turl, that is why I've asked if you checked two ports..
<arokux2> Turl, " compat-wireless over 3.4" what do you mean?
<arokux2> Turl, interesting, thanks.
<Turl> apparently compat-wireless got replaced by backports
<rz2k> arokux2: ok
<rz2k> arokux2: I dont remember having much struggle with it anyways
<rz2k> because it was same wifi chip as in many tablets around
<arokux2> rz2k, yep, rtlwifi worked like a charm
<arokux2> rz2k, the aw's didn't though.
<arokux2> Turl, ok, rtlwifi works 100% on sunxi-3.4
<arokux2> Turl, why not switch to it by default?
<Turl> arokux2: is there a default?
<arokux2> Turl, yep, the ugly one is built as module
<Turl> arokux2: you could build both I guess
<Turl> arokux2: the ugly one is used in android and turns on the usb controller power
<Turl> most fex have the power off on the usb controller for the wifi
<Turl> to save power
<arokux2> Turl, I see, we could add the same hack to rtlwifi
<arokux2> Turl, but let us not bother.