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<leviathanch_> Turl: hrhr
<leviathanch_> ok
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<leviathanch_> Turl: it's not crashing at least
<leviathanch_> but the card still times out
<leviathanch_> hmm
<leviathanch_> but that's certainly some programming failure from my side somwhere
<leviathanch_> which I will fix tomorrow
<leviathanch_> Turl: your patch worked perfectly as far as I can tell for now!
<leviathanch_> executing it did work like a charm
<leviathanch_> no null pointer exception anymore when accessing the data structure the way you do
<leviathanch_> nice work!
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<Turl> leviathanch_: :) thanks
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<xDR1TeK> hi again, i think i have a problem with uberizer as it is not taking the dump files and flashing the tablet back again
<xDR1TeK> keeps telling me not enough space when i copy /sdcard/recovery_install to /emmc/recovery_install/
<xDR1TeK> when i go back to clockwork, uberizer asks to format some folders and then mount them
<xDR1TeK> but when i click to continue
<xDR1TeK> it cant find the files in emmc and that is why i am copying them by hand
<xDR1TeK> so when i did copy the recovery_install to emmc and managed to make uberizer to resume, still the tablet won't boot
<xDR1TeK> this is crazy
<xDR1TeK> without fastboot i cant flash boot.img
<xDR1TeK> i made my changes to system, bootloader and boot
<xDR1TeK> but cant flash those back
<xDR1TeK> unless i serially flash the rom image, i can't boot my tablet
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<xDR1TeK> and i don't know how to merge the boot, bootloader, system, data and recovery back to one rom
<jdeisenberg> Hi. Have a Mele M%; when in android mode, I have to deliberately select ethernet for the box to recognize the connection. When I boot Fedora 19, I see "connected" for about 1 second, then "disconnected" again.
<jdeisenberg> I suspect I need some way to explicitly force it to look at ethernet; any ideas?
<jdeisenberg> btw, hipboi, thanks for the hint about using the cubieboard boot stuff; that worked great.
<hipboi> jdeisenberg, good to hear
<jdeisenberg> Hm. Go figure. It wasn't working at the school, but it's working here at home.
<jdeisenberg> I spoke too soon. Just got disconnected again.
<xDR1TeK> can i do this: cat /sdcard/recovery_install/boot.img /dev/block/nandc
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<oliv3r> mornin' ya'll
<andoma> oi
<wens> i see the dts for A20 in mainline is minimal. Is anyone working on it?
<wens> considering the work is just translating the specs to dts, I'd like to give it a shot.
<oliv3r> wens: its intended
<oliv3r> first you write a driver, then you write only that section for the dts
<oliv3r> we dont' put everything in the dts, but then miss the driver for it
<wens> oliv3r: i see
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<oliv3r> mripard: You said 'make that an inline function' but i remember reading to never mark anything inline, as the compiler knows when to inline something better then you (you the person, not you personally). There's of course always exceptions
<mnemoc> oliv3r: `static inline` probably?
<oliv3r> it should be `statc` :p
<oliv3r> static*
<oliv3r> not the piece i was after, but it says pretty much the same i think
<oliv3r> also, inline functions should only be done in headers!
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<arokux> morning :)
<arokux> wens, but do you want to hack on the drivers maybe?
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<wens> arokux: i have zero experience, but i do want to do something to get my cubieboard2 running mainline
<buZz> eh
<arokux> wens, I see. me too, I'm struggling to add usb support. now I have 200 lines of code that works in sunxi-3.4 but does not work in mainline sooner or later I'll find the reason :)
<wens> i haven't got mainline to run on it yet, no console. probably bad config on my part.
<arokux> wens, also I recommend to set up booting over NFS if you want to hack on the kernel, this will speed up reboot cycles. burning of sd card is way slower
<wens> arokux: yeah, i followed that, and I'm pretty sure it booted up, then paniced, and rebooted again.
<wens> arokux: but I don't get any output on the serial console.
<arokux> wens, even from u-boot?
<wens> i'll try the multi_v7 default config later.
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<wens> arokux: I get output from u-boot. but after it's executed the kernel, nothing else.
<arokux> guys, how about CONFIG_IP_PNP=y and CONFIG_ROOT_NFS=y (this is for NFS) in defconfigs, multi_v7 has it
<arokux> wens, well.. maybe you pass earlyprintk
<arokux> and maybe console=ttyS0,115200, do not know exactly what the last one does
<wens> arokux: yeah, i'll give it a try
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<wens> stupid me, forgot to compile earlyprintk support :/
<arokux> wens, but now everything works ;)
<wens> still waiting to recompile
<wens> fingers crossed
<arokux> wens, with what config have you started?
<wens> arokux: allno. I'm trying to use a minimal set of options for now.
<arokux> wens, I see, maybe better to start with multi_v7 and switch off things...
<wens> arokux: yeah, but there's just so much
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<arokux> oliv3r, read that inline doc, Linux folks are so biased.. "everything is broken, only kernel rulz"
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<oliv3r> arokux: that's because its true!
<arokux> oliv3r, I do not think so.. their definition of inline is just different to that of gcc folks
<mnemoc> ask marketing, ask sales, ask programmers, and ask EEs ... when is the project almost finished? when their part is done.
<mnemoc> everyone else's job is always trivial and irrelevant
<arokux> oliv3r, there just should be additional keywords. force_inline, please_inline :)
<arokux> oliv3r, and inline isn't necessarily be faster:
<arokux> mnemoc, how is merging of stage going?
<arokux> mnemoc, couldn't you just remove my commit instead of adding another commit that reverts it?
<mnemoc> arokux: if I just remove it, people rebasing will put it back
<mnemoc> stage was merged, except your commit and it's revert. for temporal rebase friendliness
<mnemoc> if there is nothing critical pending, I can tag -r2 and jump to the next android-3.4+v3.4.y
<mnemoc> is there anything critical pending in sunxi-3.4?
<oliv3r> arokux: gcc says 'leave inline to the compiler to decide it for you, don't explicitly mark it unless absolutly required'
<arokux> oliv3r, you can still mark func inline, then gcc will decide when to inline them. this decision will be for example based on --optimize=speed or --optimize=size
<arokux> oliv3r, kernel folks just want ultimate control it is understandable and i have nothing against it, but to claim gcc is _broken_ is simply arrogant, but well, this is Linus' style of talking
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<wens> arokux: it's working now. now all I have to do is setup NFS boot and root.
<arokux> cool
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<arokux> any idea why not all e-mails are shown on gmane?
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<wens> arokux: turns out I only had earlyprintk, missed proper UART support (requires SERIAL_8250_DW)
<arokux> wens, see.. it's better to switch things off, then on ;)
<oliv3r> wens: it's probably wiser to start with multi_v7 as that has all the stuff you need in it ;)
<wens> lesson learned
<arokux> wens, but if you'll have your ultimate micro config let me know!
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<wens> I still have some drivers in that aren't working AFAIK, like platform AHCI and USB
<arokux> wens, you're talking about sunxi-3.4? because mainline doesn't have usb support yet
<wens> arokux: mainline. I know they don't work yet.
<JohnDoe_71Rus> arokux: may be they in other folderf (spam, trash )
<arokux> JohnDoe_71Rus, where is this folder? :)
<wens> arokux: just leaving them on, in case support comes in with the platform drivers. (wishing)
<arokux> wens, this may be not so good idea for the ultimate micro config
<JohnDoe_71Rus> arokux: tap on Inbox at the left coner
<wens> arokux: i'll remove it later on. i was thinking about working on AHCI.
<wens> but that seems taken already :p
<arokux> wens, I see, but you have done valuable work and I encourage you to share your micro config :0
<arokux> JohnDoe_71Rus, in gmain interface --> ?
<wens> no problem, i'll probably have it tomorrow
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<JohnDoe_71Rus> arokux: oh, i think
<arokux> JohnDoe_71Rus, what is :)
<arokux> JohnDoe_71Rus, you mean e-mail client or gmail web interface? everything is fine with those.
<arokux> JohnDoe_71Rus, ah, ok, no, I was talking about gmane, some e-mails are missing there.
<arokux> ah.. I figured out something. if some older thread was replied the reply gets appended to the thread, which however is somewhere at the bottom since everything is sorted by the date of the first message in thread...
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<wens> just realized emac isn't supported on a20 yet
<wens> been banging my head against the wall for the past hour
<arokux> wens, oh really?
<wens> arokux: yeah, a20 only has basic support, like clocks, irqs, uarts
<arokux> wens, maybe this will be your first task. emac is really needed.
* wens takes out spec sheet
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<arokux> wens, you know about this branch, right?
<wens> arokux: yeah, I'm on that branch now.
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<vinifr> mripard, ping
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<vinifr> why to use *val2 rather than *val
<oliv3r> wens: emac should be identical on a20; so adding it to the dts should be trivial
<oliv3r> wens: just nobody done it and took the time to test it yet :)
<jemk> um, i would need a disp feature for vdpau that is missing in the current kernel driver...
<oliv3r> ssvb: ^ :)
<arokux> oliv3r, I've found people with Mele M5 and posted request for the images of the board.
<ssvb> jemk: is this feature difficult to add?
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<jemk> ssvb: i don't think so (at least for rgb layers)
<ssvb> jemk: well, then go for it :)
<jemk> ssvb: i don't understand how i could add that without breaking existing software. how should this version thing in disp work?
<jemk> and i don't know how i should test it with other layer types, as i don't know of software using that
<ssvb> afaik there is not much software using layers
<jemk> this hasn't to do anything with layers, thats only using scaler (to convert tiled yuv to rgb buffer)
<ssvb> I mean you can't break too many relevant applications no matter what you do there, just try to make a prototype that does the right thing for you and we can see how to integrate it in the least invasive way
<jemk> ssvb: prototype exists, but very ugly and only fits for rgb (4byte per pixel)
<oliv3r> arokux: my hero :)
<arokux> oliv3r, not really, just want to get rid of my Mele A1000
<oliv3r> arokux: replace it with m5?
<arokux> oliv3r, yes, bad idea?
<oliv3r> arokux: i want an m5 :p
<oliv3r> but with a23 ;)
<oliv3r> so i'll be patient :D
<oliv3r> i bet it'll be same pcb if they bring it out at all
<arokux> oliv3r, how is it better?
<oliv3r> but i was hopign you allready gotten the pics
<oliv3r> arokux: it's higher clocked; i hope the memory controller is better/faster
<libv> jemk: this version thing is supposed to give users of disp the ability to detect when the api/abi changes
<arokux> oliv3r, hm.. but not fast enough to be noticeable, or?
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<wens> arokux: got it sending DHCP for now
<arokux> wens, with kernel or u-boot?
<libv> jemk: it's been 10 or so months since i introduced it, but i think no-one so far has bumped it
<wens> I noticed that the interrupts for a20 actually follow a10, and not the a20 spec. and changing them to follow the spec results in the system not working
<libv> jemk: if you are just adding stuff, bump the lower value, if you are making fundamental changes, bump the upper
<wens> maybe has something to do with SMP not working yet
<wens> arokux: kernel
<jemk> ssvb: but that was only a short test to get an idea if it will work (it does for rgb)
<jemk> libv: well, adding a parameter will be a change in api, if someone doesn't fill this parameter strange things happen
<libv> jemk: so you are changing existing ioctls
<libv> jemk: then bump the major number
<libv> jemk: we have 16 bits of major number, so don't be afraid to use it
<ssvb> or just add a new ioctls to support new features
<libv> i do hope that either sunxi is dead, or disp gets replaced properly, by the time we run into the limit :)
<libv> at the current rate, i think we're pretty safe
<jemk> well, new ioctl could happen anyways, cause later i think we need deinterlacing
<jemk> scaler can do many things, but noone realy uses them
<arokux> oliv3r, any Mele employees around here? I've seen Mele contacted arm-netbook and offered cheap devices
<ssvb> jemk: the use of the writeback feature and then mixer processor is pretty obvious for vdpau, the things seem to be progressing nicely :)
<jemk> ssvb: thats what im trying, but it means giving up zero copy
<ssvb> jemk: maybe this still could be optimized, because the subtitles and osd don't usually take much of the screen space
<ssvb> jemk: for example, use one layer for the whole video, and then another smaller one covering only the part, which participates in extra compositing
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<jemk> ssvb: you mean disp layers?
<ssvb> yes
<jemk> as far as i understand manuals only 2 overlaping layers are possible, and desktop already uses one
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<ssvb> hmm, is it so?
<ssvb> the colorkey sure has some restrictions, but I thought that the opaque layers might be more flexible
* ssvb needs to check the manuals again
<jemk> to be precise, only two layers can be used as input, so if we need colorkey for window masking it wont work
<ssvb> well, I'm not a big fan of colorkey and we can do without it
<ssvb> colorkey steals more memory bandwidth when it is enabled, which is not very nice
<jemk> but how to do then?
<ssvb> if the window is fully visible, we don't need to use colorkey
<ssvb> if the window is partially overlapped, then the fallback path can be taken with extra copies
<ssvb> that's how I'm implementing dri2 at the moment
<ssvb> as for the layers, the documentation seems to say that there are two pipes which go the the alpha blender/colorkey
<arokux> correct me if I'm wrong. from what I read allwinner has got community attention whereas rockchip has better SoCs..
<oliv3r> arokux: not that i know off
<jemk> ssvb: can dri be used already? if yes, is there any documentation how to do so?
<ssvb> jemk: each pipe can have multiple layers assigned to it, and the rule is "If more than 1 layers select the same pipe, in the overlapping area, only the pixel of highest priority layer can pass the pipe to blender1"
<jemk> yes, thats what i ment
<ssvb> jemk: so supposedly we may have all 4 layers composited together, but only a single blender for handling the colorkey
<jemk> if layers use same pipe only the one with higher priority is used, so color key and three layers will fail
<ssvb> how so? we can have one pipe with just the desktop layer
<ssvb> and another pipe with all the vdpau layers
<jemk> ah, you mean copy the video in a small part of an extra layer and set this on top of the video layer?
<ssvb> yes, though only practice will show if it is going to be workable
<jemk> that could be hard to implement, as long as only one extra layer is needed like subtitle its ok, but if some player uses many layers it'll be fun
<ssvb> yes, but that's just a possible simple optimization, and we only care whether it is usable in most practical cases
<ssvb> the remaining cases can take a slow path
<jemk> i will think about this way, that would also render the kernel change unnecessary
<jemk> but one problem still remains. downscaling a big layer (e.g. 1080p video in small window) doesn't work
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<oliv3r> arokux: we dont' know, onyl saw the announcement for a23 so far
<ssvb> what are the limits for downscaling?
<jemk> there seem to be some bandwidth issue, scaling to a writeback buffer it works, live it does not
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<oliv3r> wens: can you show me what you've done so far? It's extrmely unlikley the core itself has changed for emac, since they added gmac for gbit (and possible mbit)
<arokux> oliv3r, he got dhcp working from the kernel
<ssvb> jemk: ok, maybe a bit of investigation is needed for that
<wens> oliv3r: I just copied the emac and mdio sections from sun4i-a10.dtsi to sun7i-a20.dtsi
<arokux> wens, ethernet works fine now?
<ssvb> jemk: as for the dri2, we just might need to hack in an extra communication channel to pass the extra information
<jemk> ssvb: somewhere around 1/3, but only if width is big. thats why i thought disp can't get the data as fast as needed for display scanout
<wens> arokux: it's not now. stuck after libphy: sun4i_mii_bus: probed
<ssvb> jemk: so that with DRI2 you send the DRI2SwapBuffers request, but then the DDX driver uses a custom ioctl to fetch additional information about the buffer address and the other things
<arokux> wens, but you said dhcp is working?
<wens> arokux: yeah, I got nfs root up and running nicely. after a reboot and it breaks down...
<oliv3r> arokux: that not that i know off was your first comment towards me :p as for rockchip, sounds reasonable, but RK has much worse linux support
<arokux> wens, mm.. so it worked and now it doesn't?
<wens> arokux: correct.
<arokux> wens, ok, so find out what you've broken :)
<wens> arokux: hopefully not the board :p
<arokux> wens, to test it boot sunxi-3.4 :) that is what I do. set up your u-boot so that you can easily boot either mainline or sunxi-3.4. I use env variables for that.
<ssvb> jemk: for this 1080p downscaling problem, have you tried experimenting with different memory clock speed to see whether it affects the practically usable maximum downscaling ratio?
<wens> arokux: just tested a clean build, and it's working again.
<arokux> and then just "run ml" boots mainline for me, run aw boots sunxi-3.4
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<wens> arokux: but i broke my nfs root for no apparent reason :(
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<wens> arokux: will continue tomorrow
<arokux> wens, ok, good luck
<oliv3r> wens: that won't work exactly; you need to use the a20 IRQ (address probably is the samee)
<oliv3r> wens: dhcp works because u-boot probably still works with emac, i guess u-boot doesn't use an IRQ for net
<arokux> oliv3r, dhcp worked from kernel for him
<oliv3r> wens: IRQ 87 for A20
<jemk> ssvb: no, haven't tried that yet, as i work around it by scaling to buffer at the moment
<oliv3r> arokux: if it doesn't use the IRQ or something, yeah it can work; or it uses the wrong one and things get weird, but might still work :p
<jemk> ssvb: so as far as i understand dri doesn't fit well with vdpau, as vdpau provides buffers and says "display that buffer" and dri is "i get a buffer i have to render to"
<arokux> oliv3r, ok :)
<arokux> oliv3r, what are you going to hack on next? maybe you could help me with usb host? ;)
<ssvb> jemk: there are two things: one is the dri2 communication protocol, and another is the dri2 code in the ddx driver which currently manages the layers for mali
<ssvb> jemk: the dri2 protocol itself is pretty limited, but it still can be used to notify the X server that you want to use some particular drawable for output, and notify the X server whenever you have the next frame ready
<ssvb> jemk: and as I said, we can just hack in some extra communication channel for the additional details about buffers
<ssvb> jemk: as for the code in the ddx, it already can track the windows stacking order and enable/disable layers when it is safe to do so
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<ssvb> jemk: so we can still use DRI2, but without letting it handle the buffers allocation :)
<jemk> ssvb: ok, but two layers as discussed earlier, would that be possible with dri
<ssvb> jemk: we add an ioctl for cedar, and the ddx driver can call this custom ioctl and get the information about the current video buffer placement in memory (and all the required layers)
<ssvb> jemk: basically that would split the responsibilities in the following way: vdpau prepares the buffers in memory with the basic information about thre layers
<ssvb> jemk: and xorg ddx driver takes care about their placement on screen by configuring disp layers, etc.
<jemk> ssvb: ah, ok, i was to focused on how dri is used for 3d
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<ssvb> jemk: it is normally used for 3d, what I'm suggesting is a hack (very likely not approved by the xorg people) :)
<jemk> ok ;)
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<wens> oliv3r: setting the irq to 87 actually breaks it.
<wens> oliv3r: same for the timers. can
<wens> oliv3r: can't wrap my head around that one.
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<mripard> oliv3r: actually, the compiler will do whatever it wants with "inline" functions, so it's not really a big deal
<mripard> my point was more "use a function instead"
<mripard> but you're right :)
<mripard> and vinifr left
<mripard> wens: two new branches appeared on my repo that should help you out a bit
<mripard> but the first 32 interrupts in the GIC are per-processor-intrerutps, so those aren't counted in the bindings
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<mripard> so, the number to put in the devicetree is the number in the datasheet - 32
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<wens> mripard: could we document the interrupt offset somewhere?
<mripard> wens: it is already documented.
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<specing> Does allwinner have a product named Ford T?
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* specing is getting spam filtered trying to change his webpage links
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<naobsd> hno: u-boot-spl.bin built w/ cubieboard2_fel_config doesn't work :(
<naobsd> hno: CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD need to be disabled for SPL_FEL :(
<naobsd> hno: with CONFIG_SYS_THUMB_BUILD, there is no output after fel exe 0x2000
<arokux> naobsd, just curious: what does _fel do?
<naobsd> arokux: I don't know detail. it generates spl for fel(usb boot)
<arokux> naobsd, ah, usb boot. ok. I boot over NFS
<naobsd> I'm talking about spl, not u-boot
<arokux> naobsd, ok. any advantages you can get booting over usb?
<naobsd> I can boot u-boot from usb
<naobsd> there is 3 ways to boot u-boot, from usb, from nand, and from mmc
<naobsd> I'm not talking about "where to load Linux kernel etc. on u-boot"
<arokux> naobsd, ok. but spl should be on mmc for all of those 3, right?
<naobsd> sorry
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<naobsd> there is 3 ways to load spl, from usb, from nand, and from mmc
<naobsd> please forget "3 ways to boot u-boot"
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> I'm confusing :(
<arokux> no, I've got everything
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_BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
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<deasy> hehe i soon try to install gentoo on my cubie with the last stable kernel via my cubian :)
BJfreeman has quit [Quit: had a good time]
<arokux> deasy, again you :)
<deasy> plop arokux
<arokux> deasy, you promised to help with kernel ;)
<deasy> i don't remember why you say again and about kernel
<arokux> deasy, hm.. aren't you a sysadmin?
<deasy> Yes i'm
<arokux> so you've been here earlier
<deasy> but imcompetent and very rusty as i dont touch systems since 2008
<deasy> i'm a lazy user on fedora :)
<arokux> deasy, and so you fiddle with gentoo istead?
<deasy> gentoo is a perfect system for perfectionnist people
<deasy> but i doubt really than lot of them know how to set all the parameters in the kernel configuration...
<arokux> deasy, how do you compile it on an arm board?
<specing> correction: it is not perfect
<deasy> Maybe but nice :p
<arokux> specing, what do you think is perfect?
<deasy> arokux, i have never compile a software for arm
<deasy> so i have to use cubian for do it
<specing> arokux: a few pieces of software
<deasy> i think to use my x86_64 for do the task but it seems a bit complicated
<arokux> specing, what about a distro?
<specing> none that I know of
<arokux> specing, which one do you run?
<specing> Gentoo
<deasy> perfect for perfectionnist :p
<deasy> i have not say than it's perfect
<deasy> it's fit a part of people
<deasy> (sorry for my wrong English)
<deasy> arokux, what about the help for kernel?
<deasy> someone have ask me to do a tutorial for buildroot en cubie
<deasy> on*
<arokux> deasy, well I ask you to help, you said you'll do it
<arokux> deasy, ah, right, you said you're to rusty for kernel hacking so you'll improve our wiki
<deasy> the only thing i can do is provide some distro image as a gentoo maybe
<deasy> yes i'm not a hacker, just a hobbyist. Even not a embedded dev
<deasy> an*
<arokux> deasy, you can become one :p
<deasy> Nop, not a 28 years.
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<hno> naobsd, ok. Makes sense.
<hno> I'll look into it.
<naobsd> hno: I'm not sure "disable thumb mode" is correct way
panda84kde has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
<hno> it's not. But should be disabled for the FEL part somehow.
<naobsd> asm code and/or ldscript and/or something else may cause it, I have no idea for now
<naobsd> btw, NetBSD is going to be run on Cubieboard(2)
<naobsd> of course it's wip, only USB can be used for now
<arokux> naobsd, how comes? is somebody rewriting sunxi-3.4 for *BSDs??
<naobsd> no SMP ;)
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> in general
<rm> arokux, guess what, BSD runs on ARM too, not just the Linux kernel
<rm> shocked, eh
<naobsd> somebody (re)write code for *BSD
<arokux> rm, ? i'm talking support for AW chips, not ARM
<naobsd> always
<arokux> naobsd, you've got USB host working???
<naobsd> FreeBSD is also run on CB(2) already
<arokux> naobsd, but it was needed to adapt sunxi-3.4 sources, you cannot just copy sunxi-ehci.c over, right?
<naobsd> arokux: I did nothing. I just see ML.
<naobsd> arokux: I can't guarantee it helps you
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> porting
<arokux> naobsd, where is the tree with src?
<naobsd> well...
<naobsd> ...
<arokux> naobsd, yes, I could google, but you know where it is... :)
<naobsd> arokux: it will not help you because it's not sunxi source at all
<naobsd> mmm.... "it's not allwinner source"
<arokux> naobsd, well, I need to see what parts of the hardware they touch, since I'm struggling to add usb host support to mainline
<arokux> naobsd, so you guys do not use git?
<naobsd> I did nothing
<naobsd> I'm not developer
<naobsd> NetBSD uses CVS
<arokux> but you use NetBSD?
<naobsd> yes
<naobsd> just an user
<arokux> naobsd, and USB works?
<naobsd> not tried yet
<naobsd> it seems FreeBSD supports USB
<arokux> naobsd, do you know the guy that added usb to netbsd? is he here?
<ojn> arokux: looks like Matt Thomas. I don't think he is.
<ojn> oh wait, usb, I thought you meant all platform code.
<arokux> the point is I have *almost* working code for linux mainline, and do not know where the problem is...
<arokux> naobsd, to tell the truth i do not get the point why ppl would develop all those *BSDs..
<naobsd> hmm, it seems device descriptor can be read on NetBSD/cb2
<naobsd> I can see vendor/product string from my USB card reader
<arokux> ojn, you were right it is Matt Thomas
<arokux> naobsd, oh, I haven't got to that point yet :(
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<naobsd> and probably it can access media, but I don't prepare file system on it
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<arokux> naobsd, why NetBSD instead of FreeBSD?
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<naobsd> because I'm NetBSD user...
<arokux> naobsd, why have you become one? ;p
<naobsd> I can't answer why I'm NetBSD user
<arokux> Matt Thomas seems to be NetBSD guru
<naobsd> same for Android, Linux, Windows, etc
<naobsd> ah, I forgot I'm (was?) FreeBSD user too ;)
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<naobsd> anyway, I just tried things that I found
<arokux> fuck me, the guy alone has done more than this channel
<arokux> naobsd, do you have network?
<naobsd> what network?
<arokux> naobsd, network with netbsd on cb
<naobsd> well, TCP/IP thing? or community?
<arokux> :D tcp/ip!
<naobsd> probably ethernet doesn't work yet
<naobsd> yes. ethernet driver is almost empty.
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<arokux> hm.. matt is either very smart or has more docs than we do.
<naobsd> only com, gpio and usb are supported, I guess
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<naobsd> I guess no docs. he made a lot of NetBSD port, not only ARM
<arokux> naobsd, ok, maybe he is experienced enough to understand docs from sources
<naobsd> awinusb_attach() should do SoC specific initialization
<arokux> naobsd, yes, found it, I think my problem is i'm not enabling usbc0
<arokux> naobsd, can you be so nice and give a link to freebsd's implementation of usb support for cb?
<arokux> naobsd, wow, svn.. progress!
<arokux> ganbold, hi!
<arokux> naobsd, thank you a lot!!
<naobsd> I did nothing ;)
<arokux> naobsd, you brought this code to my attention, more wasn't needed
<arokux> naobsd, I hope I'll add usb to mainline tonight!
<naobsd> arokux: sounds very nice!
<arokux> naobsd, I hoped all previous nights :D
<oliv3r> mripard: hmm, so the first 32 interrupts on the A20 aren't counted when mapping them? that sounds very confusing :p so the PPI and SGI ones i think
<naobsd> :D
<oliv3r> mripard: ok so # -32; the patch i did, should i add a collumn or something indicating IRQ?
<arokux> naobsd, but there is awin_eth.c
<naobsd> it's almost empty! just a skelton
<arokux> naobsd, ah, ok
<naobsd> register space is assigned, mii can be used
<naobsd> that's all
<naobsd> sleepy
<naobsd> 3AM now :(
<naobsd> good night
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<vrga> 'lo folks, just a quick question, when i want to toss tablet data on the mailing list, i should put it on the linux-sunxi one, right?
<atsampson> vrga: yup, that's what the wiki suggests (and people do)
<vrga> aight
<oliv3r> arokux2: usbc0 is the OTG port, should work without it eventually ;)
<vrga> should i attach script.bin or link it from my domain?
<arokux2> oliv3r, not sure. ttyl
<vrga> ergh. i'm not sure if my mail got through
<vrga> ah, there we gi
<vrga> *go
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<jemk> ssvb: i've met some problems with the two layer solution, maybe you have some ideas there too
<jemk> ssvb: where do i get the video snippet for the overlay layer from? the scaler is already in use for video layer...
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<ssvb> jemk: yes, that's an interesting problem
<ssvb> jemk: but doesn't a10 have 2 scalers?
<jemk> ssvb: a10 has, but a13 not
<ssvb> a13 also does not have g2d
<jemk> and im not very happy with using all resources for vdpau
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<jemk> ah, realy? then there needs to be a software fallback either way
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<jemk> second, if the video doesn't fill the whole output surface and something is displayed around it i think we need a third layer.
<jemk> or either draw that with X or have to fall back to copy whole video
<ssvb> depending on the progress made by libv, we might also use mali to do something
<ssvb> what do you mean by saying video does not fill the whole output surface?
<ssvb> - "VDPAU expects to own the entire drawable for the duration of time that the presentation queue target exists"
<jemk> easy example: fullscreen with black borders. that would be easy if we don't exactly follow spec and allow them to be colorkey-color, but colorkey doesn't necessarily have to be black as player is free to chose it
<ssvb> you mean the windows with the wrong aspect ratio? so that the black bars have to be added to fit the video correctly?
<jemk> yes, or other players might even use the background_surface function of videomixer
<jemk> vdpau doesn't ensure that video has to fill whole window, someone could get the idea to draw control elements with vdpau or something similar
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<jemk> or we simply say such cases would lead to slower fallback with copy, but at least black borders have to be fast
<ssvb> hmm, but still the control elements are done entirely using vdpau api and bitmap surfaces?
<jemk> i don't know if anyone does this, but it would be possible
<ssvb> I mean, based on the spec it looks like X drawing is not supposed to be done with VDPAU drawable
<ssvb> "Applications may also create child-windows of the presentation queue target, which will cover any presented video in the normal fashion. VDPAU implementations will not manipulate such child windows in any fashion"
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<mturquette> Turl: pong
<jemk> the player shouldn't draw on the drawable but rather use bitmap surfaces, yes, but vdpau can do with drawable whatever it wants
<ssvb> jemk: so to me it looks like vdpau provides some sort of a rectangle with its output, and this rectangle just fully covers the x11 window which vdpau owns
<jemk> exactly
<jemk> but not necessarily fully with video
<ssvb> I don't see why vdpau would want to use x11 drawing api with its drawable
<ssvb> other than ensuring the correct overlapping with the other windows
<ssvb> via colorkey or other tricks
<jemk> no, i don't *want* to use it, but maybe one needs to use it for the background
<jemk> or another layer in disp, which would be the last of the 4 layers
<arokux2> naobsd, still around? can you test if usb stick will work?
<naobsd> arokux2: usb stick? root file system on usb storage?
<arokux2> naobsd, so root on usb actually worked?
<arokux2> rootfs*
<naobsd> arokux: I can't try now
<arokux2> naobsd, have you compiled all the new code already?
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<ssvb> jemk: the ddx driver in xorg process has best control over the window, it knows when it gets moved, resized, gets overlapped by other windows, etc.
<ssvb> jemk: so it can manage disp layers in a bit more reliable way than anything in the client process
<jemk> ssvb: but can we use that already, or how much work is it to make it useable?
<ssvb> jemk: it needs rather little amount of work
<jemk> i don't have any knowledge about how *nix graphic systems work
<ssvb> jemk: I can try to make a demo program based on and add all the needed hooks, so that it's suitable for video
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<ssvb> jemk: just give me a day or so
<techn_> oliv3r: who was going to implement mainline pwm driver?
<oliv3r> techn_: i started it a whle ago; was trying to get sid merged so haven't looked at it for a bit; it was about 45% done
<oliv3r> maybe 60%
<oliv3r> needed 1 or 2 more functinos
<jemk> ssvb: that would be good, but take your time, i won't have much time to work on this the next days
<techn_> oliv3r: yeah. driver in stage/sunxi-3.4 seems to work
<techn_> oliv3r: but it's not pretty :(
<oliv3r> aye i saw
<oliv3r> but for 3.4 its fine imo
<techn_> sure
<naobsd> arokux2: NetBSD kernel source? no, I just tried daily snapshot binary
<arokux2> naobsd, ah, ok, so usb storage works?
<naobsd> I can't try now
<naobsd> I can't prepare file system on USB media for now
<arokux2> naobsd, ok, thanks
<arokux2> what is SDXC?
<hno> high capacity SD cards > 2GB ( or >4GB)
<arokux2> hno, thanks!
<oliv3r> and SDHC is >32 GiB
<oliv3r> SDXC was eXtended Capacity i belive
<hno> rright. SDXC is > 32GB. SDHC is > 2GB.
<ojn> mripard: did all the pieces land for a20 to be bootable on linux-next these days? i.e. pinctrl et al? It didn't come up on my cubieboard2 on a quick test but before I dig deeper I figured I'd check.
<oliv3r> Oh, that's possible too
<oliv3r> ojn: yeah, you can boot sunxi-next now
<oliv3r> was tehre a 4GB limitation
<hno> yes.. Normal SD technically supports up to 4GB, standard up to 2GB.
<oliv3r> so SD < 2GB
<oliv3r> SDHC < 4GB
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<oliv3r> SDXC 32 G
<hno> yes. and SDHC is > 4GB. with 4GB cards being either SD or SDHC..
<oliv3r> hno: does u-boot use IRQ's? (sunxi)
<hno> no
<oliv3r> or is it all polled
<oliv3r> thought so
<oliv3r> not that its needed it all; was just curiosu
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<mripard> ojn: yep, 3.12 should boot fine on it
<mripard> oliv3r: have you read the doc ?
<mripard> it's not confusing.
<mripard> there's two part in the interrupt
<oliv3r> it's very short, and doesn't mention any of the interupts
<mripard> the first 0/1 is either PPI or SGI
<mripard> and then the number of the interrupt
<oliv3r> yeah but we don't have in kernel docs that mention what IRQ# EMAC is or UART1
<mripard> well, we have the user manual
<mripard> it's not like it's obscure or anything
<oliv3r> but you wrote sun4i and sun5i :)
<oliv3r> sun7i has gaps
<mripard> at a time where we didn't have such doc :)
<oliv3r> well check your mail :p
<mripard> yeah, I know
<oliv3r> it fills the gaps atleast and it offers us to have the really important bits in kernel?
<mripard> the interrupt number being a "really important part" of the doc is another debate :)
<oliv3r> well it's 'nice to have'
<oliv3r> and fills in the gaps! :p so it's better thent he manual ;)
<arokux2> ok, I'm one step closer to usb
<popolon> SD< (=)4GB, SDHC <=32GB SDXC >=64 GB
<arokux2> popolon, hm, AW supports SDXC?
<popolon> don't know at all
<popolon> I have a problem with external SDHC card reader on a cubieboard2
<popolon> in fact, with u-boot
<popolon> at the u-boot phase, it get off usb card reader (I've no micro sd with me)
<oliv3r> popolon: i have 128 GB SDXC
<deasy> oliv3r, rich!
<popolon> :)
<oliv3r> 80 UISD
<hno> SDXC is specified up to 2TB
<popolon> I prefered to buy several 32 GB for now, because lot of card reader don't write if they read SDXC
<arokux2> "ok, I'm one step closer to usb" <-- you are not happy guys? or you want to ask how many steps are still to go? :)
<hno> arokux2, musb or host?
<arokux2> hno, host
<popolon> than you can start usb in u-boot, with usb start command
<popolon> usb command is not in cubieboard2 u-boot
<hno> popolon, yes, if you have a usb driver in u-boot. we don't.
<deasy> yes but it is uboot?
<arokux2> I hate standards with limitations
<deasy> as you have say than it was a fork of uboot
<arokux2> ZFS has no limit on HDDs
<popolon> ok
<hno> arokux, HDDs have limits.
<deasy> zfs too :p
<popolon> hno, I should probably use the default android kernel to boot on /dev/sdc2 ?
<popolon> as it starts and detects the Sdc card reader and
<popolon> s/and//
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<arokux2> hno, right, but no HDD can be manufactured so that ZFS cannot manage it (based on size)
<oliv3r> today
<oliv3r> what about tomorrow
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<arokux2> oliv3r, it's not possible PHYSICALLY
<hno> oliv3r, ZFS is pretty safe tomorrow too.
<arokux2> law of physics will remain the same tomorrow
<deasy> and what if you format a bench of hdd :p
<deasy> in one partition
<deasy> hahaha!
<hno> deasy, ?
<deasy> trap!
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<oliv3r> well zfs does raid
<oliv3r> so many hdd's
<arokux2> mm.. it was said so on wiki :)
<arokux2> but now it says: A ZFS file system can store up to 256 quadrillion Zebibytes (ZiB).
<popolon> :)
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<popolon> hno, Do you know if there is a network driver in the preinstalled u-boot ?
<popolon> I could then eventually try tftp to boot
<deasy> i don't think he knows about your bootloader
<deasy> but about the uboot he writes yes
<hno> popolon, very unlikely.
<popolon> so for now, really need a microSD card :/
<deasy> popolon, check the wiki !
<hno> popolon, FEL booting always works..
<popolon> the cubieboard one or the linux-sunxi one ?
<deasy> the wiki have matter about network boot i think
<deasy> it's same
<deasy> the official wiki is linux-sunxi
<popolon> oj
<popolon> ok
<popolon> started to read it
<deasy> you are right maybe it's just about a10 on the wiki
<popolon> Press and hold any physical key except the power key on the device (ie press and hold Vol+ key, still holding in 3 and 4)
<deasy> i think you must be registered on the wiki as me for add things when you need to :)
<deasy> popolon, c'est le FEL mode
<popolon> registered
<deasy> for the cubie
<popolon> uploaded a picture of the A20, tried to add it in the infobox
<popolon> didn't work
<popolon> and in my history don't see the upload
<deasy> maybe you need as me to get a status as people on the wiki
<popolon> the same picture I uploaded on wikipedia commons
<deasy> the wiki say you are a vandale? :D
<popolon> perhaps a bad idea to upload a picture as first action ?
<deasy> dunno, i just know than the wiki say i'm a spammer...
<popolon> but I was able to edit the page to add the picture... that it doesn't find
<deasy> ok!
<hno> naobsd, yout u-boot patch looks odd to me.. don't see how that disables THUMB in FEL build.
<popolon> there is only on/off button on cubieboard
<deasy> No
<popolon> so don't know how to enter in fel
<deasy> there is 2 buttons on cubie
<popolon> which one ?
<deasy> check the other side :)
<hno> naobsd, err. sorry. See it now.
<popolon> that's because it's in its box :)
<deasy> the two buttons are opposite
<deasy> i have take a time for see it :D
<deasy> i was not in knowledge and see the both
<popolon> there is a hole in the box for this button
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<popolon> after a update-usbids : Bus 001 Device 013: ID 1f3a:efe8 Onda (unverified) V972 tablet in flashing mode
<popolon> ok
<popolon> this tablet uses a AllWinner A31
<Turl> howdy
<popolon> does someone has the usb id of it's cubieboard 1 or other allwinner a10 device in flashing mode ?
<popolon> I would report it on USB ID database (used in linux distros)
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<deasy> popolon, a31??
<popolon> that's the 4core version (4 cortex A7 + PowerVR GPU :/)
<deasy> where?
<deasy> yes but why you talk about a31
<popolon> because on the usb id database
<popolon> someone reported this id as an onda v972 flashing mode
<popolon> and this tablet us an AllWinner A31
<deasy> popolon, maybe replace it by allwinner generic?
<deasy> or allwinner device
<popolon> no
<popolon> 1f3a = AllWinner Technology
<popolon> (that's the vendor ID)
<popolon> and
<popolon> efe8 = FEL flashing mode
<deasy> ho ok
<deasy> allwinner fel mode :p
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<popolon> 18d1:0003
<popolon> is the usb id in normal mode
<popolon> this is referenced as Google Inc.
<popolon> vendor, but no device
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<popolon> deasy, which usb id do you have in normal operation mode ?
Dreadlish has joined #linux-sunxi
<popolon> simply off & on your device without pressing the special button
<deasy> popolon, tomorrow :p
<deasy> go in bed now !
<deasy> with an episode of space brothers :)
<deasy> with neko hehe
<popolon> :(
<popolon> only 1 minute
<popolon> and that's done
<popolon> => in the db
<popolon> could help lot of people
<deasy> ok ok i do
<popolon> thanks
<deasy> nothing...
<deasy> no usb device added
<deasy> oh
<popolon> ???
<popolon> lsusb
<popolon> you should have Google inc.
<popolon> and perhaps something
<popolon> else
<deasy> you forget than i boot on sd :p
<deasy> i need to remove the sd
<popolon> ???
<popolon> no problem
<popolon> boot or not
<deasy> when booting on sd, no id
<popolon> I only need the card to be pluged on a linux computer on usb
<deasy> it's android who must give the id
<popolon> ????
<deasy> cubian don't give id
<popolon> you mean, the device doesn't appear in the list ?
<popolon> in lsusb ?
<deasy> yes
<arokux2> what's up with usb guys?
<popolon> perhaps the USB OTG connector is not activated by some revamped linuw
<popolon> linux
<popolon> arokux, I try to fill USB ID database with usb id of cubieboards (or other allwinner powered devices
<arokux2> popolon, ok
<deasy> wait popolon
<popolon> arokux2, which device have you ?
<deasy> i boot on android
<arokux2> popolon, Mele A1000
<deasy> popolon, Bus 001 Device 003: ID 18d1:0003 Google Inc.
<popolon> ok like me
<popolon> arokux2, that use allwinner A10 isn't it ?
<arokux2> popolon, yep
* atsampson cheers as he finally gets a likely-looking A10 CyganogenMod image compiled... then boos as it fails the ro.product.device check when he tries to install it
<deasy> see you tomorrow popolon :p
<popolon> thanks deasy
<popolon> no id durint the u-boot console too
<libv> arokux2: posted.
<arokux2> libv, thanks that you remember
<popolon> Point of View Protab 2 XXL Tablet has also 18d1:0003 with android, the characteristics of the SoC looks like AllWinner A1x (1Ghz, 1Mali 400)
<popolon> but don't find any precise information about this tablet SoC
<popolon> arokux2, when you connect your melee to a PC, which usb id do you have for it ?
<popolon> (lsusb on linux)
<atsampson> popolon: yes, it's an A10 tablet:
<popolon> atsampson, cool
<popolon> thanks for the answer
<arokux2> popolon, I'm sorry I cannot reply now, since I have the custom kernel running and otg won't work
* deasy pointe grevaillot
<deasy> say i to all french allwinner users
vinifr has joined #linux-sunxi
<deasy> hi*
<popolon> arokux2, no problems
<popolon> :)
<popolon> good bye deasy
<deasy> un peu rustique :)
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> are you thinking 18d1:0003 is for Allwinner devices???