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<mirc_243421> question: when loading the mali.ko I used this syntax insmod /system/lib/modules/mali.ko mali_dvfs=50,100,133,160,200,266,400 mali_init_clock=50
<mirc_243421> now is that the accuall support table of the clock speed gov
<mirc_243421> or is that just echoing the list of supported states
<mirc_243421> I see its also defined in the various files int he source but I assume thats only for if you arent using a prebuilt modual
<mirc_243421> correct ?
<mirc_243421> as far as I understand you can either build the mali driver into the kernel or load it as a modual as seen there
<Turl> mirc_243421: as far as I can see, that's just garbage you're appending to the end of insmod
<Turl> I don't see any reference to mali_init_clock or mali_dvfs parameters on a quick grep
<mirc_243421> see thats what confused me
<mirc_243421> it doesnt make any sense for it to be there
<mirc_243421> yea the majority of the droid kernels and stock android sources use it
<mirc_243421> I am assuming its because android loads it as its own modual
<mirc_243421> and real linux has it buildt in
<mirc_243421> so working under the pure linux kernel it should't even need to exist then
<mirc_243421> or am I totally missing something
<Turl> I don't think you can build mali as builtin
<mirc_243421> I know you can on android
<mirc_243421> I just dont know if its droid-weirdness or if its accually being weird
<mirc_243421> thats right out the the stock init.rc from a android rom tho so perhaps the driver is in the rom and not in the kernel which would explain
<mirc_243421> why I can
<mirc_243421> ***why I can't get it to set the clocks I have defined in the dvfs
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<tm512> what would go into updating sunxi-3.4 to the latest official 3.4 release? seems like I'd merge both the android 3.4 mirror, and then the official 3.4.61 tag into reference-3.4, then merge that into sunxi?
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<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, Turl
<ZetaNeta> Wait, the image is 7 gb
<ZetaNeta> and card is 4
<ZetaNeta> and wut are we going to do>
<ZetaNeta> ?
<ZetaNeta> s/?//
<ZetaNeta> s/>/?/
<mnemoc> tm512: that will done in a couple of days after sunxi-3.4 shows to be ready for an -r2 tag
<tm512> heh, well, I just did that myself
<tm512> easier than I thought
<ZetaNeta> Can i just use the extracted FEX?
<wingrime> mnemoc: will you add new ts drivers form 3.4 drop?
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<tm512> I'm getting my cubieboard soon, probably monday or tuesday. excited
<mnemoc> wingrime: if they get properly submited, and ack'ed. sure
<tm512> I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to just grab mainline and go, though
<mnemoc> yet
<wingrime> mnemoc: this need loot of cleanup, I hope some one do it
<tm512> yeah, yet
<tm512> I'd try to help if I was capable
<tm512> but I am probably not, at all
<mnemoc> wingrime: in my github i have a repo with scripts helping sanitization (encoding, ^M, basic whitspace fixing) which is the first step before doing anything with allwinner dumps
<tm512> their code is really that bad?
<wingrime> mnemoc: new 3.4 still not have own branch?
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<mnemoc> no clue
<mnemoc> someone suggested on the ML a commit from android-3.4 to use as base
<wingrime> mnemoc: so, new things can be easy checkout to new commit
<mnemoc> inject the files upon it. sanitize the whole. undo noise. commit, rebase upon reference-3.4
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<wingrime> mnemoc: thats is too big for ml
<mnemoc> wingrime: it's to compose a reference branch
<mnemoc> not for merging as-is
<mnemoc> from that reference branch things can be compared in small parts
<mnemoc> each of those parts can be submitted and discussed, v2'ed, v3'ed, .... merged
<wingrime> mnemoc: better have more one leak
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<rah> hno: I made a mistake
<rah> hno: the script.bin in the image that doesn't get to u-boot was correct
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<leviathanch_> Turl: please implement and export a function which allows me to access the clock delay registers
<leviathanch_> Turl: oclk_dly << 8
<leviathanch_> Turl: sclk_dly << 20
<leviathanch_> within clk-factors
<leviathanch_> otherwise MMC cards won't provide anything else then garbage
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<leviathanch_> Turl: I could implement it myself and submit a patch to you
<leviathanch_> Turl: ping?
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<ZetaNeta> Turl,
<ZetaNeta> Olinuxino doesnt work
<mripard> leviathanch_: Turl is in argentina, so it's 6AM for him
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<leviathanch_> mripard: oh
<leviathanch_> ouch
<leviathanch_> ok
<leviathanch_> that's what I get out of fixing my awake-sleep times >_>
<leviathanch_> but I need to be awake before lunchtime in order to be ready to go to the lectures again next week
<leviathanch_> anyway
<leviathanch_> mripard: I made the sd host and card react now
<leviathanch_> now I only need to modify the clock delay registers
<ZetaNeta> AFK could be done in notepad/nano, effect amazes.
<leviathanch_> in a most possibly clean way
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: image should be 700mb, extracted it will be ab out 2.2 gb
<oliv3r> well it was for f18
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, But the final image extracted was 7 gb
<ZetaNeta> for f19
<ZetaNeta> Anyway, Teh olinuxino plan didnt work
<leviathanch_> mripard: maybe I should drop him a few lines in an email?
<leviathanch_> I need to give an electronics seminar within a few hours
<leviathanch_> so I won't be online then
<mripard> leviathanch_: that's probably the best way to reach him right now, indeed
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<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: strange, my SD card is only 3GB in use
<ZetaNeta> well, i can try downloading f18
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: where does it fail? do you get passed u-boot (if so, your fine, if not, we need to add your board to u-boot)
<ZetaNeta> but ALIP build for olinuxino micro doesnt boot
<oliv3r> but those images don't differentiate that much in size, you must have done something wrong! :p
<ZetaNeta> My board doesnt have "hw reset btn". So either i fail, either it just doesnt work. And i think its the second
<ZetaNeta> It does boot without SD
<ZetaNeta> and doesnt even power up with it
<oliv3r> ok that's bizare
<oliv3r> maybe your sd card is not supported?
<oliv3r> some SD cards are flaky
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, It worked on Mpman MID74C
<oliv3r> same CPU?
<oliv3r> some board? :p
<ZetaNeta> which is inet97f-ii
<oliv3r> sometimes timings vary just slightly making them fail
<oliv3r> oh yeah, same as my tablet :D
<ZetaNeta> :D
<ZetaNeta> bro :3
<ZetaNeta> but here, we got A13
<oliv3r> so it's completly different chip :p
<oliv3r> as tablet is A10
<oliv3r> so 'woks with mid74c' means nothing really
<ZetaNeta> right now i just finished a inet97f-ii image, to try if it shall work on A13
<oliv3r> boot up into android and see if the card is detected there
* ZetaNeta hopes
<ZetaNeta> ok
<oliv3r> the thing is, if booting fails from SD, it shoudl fail and continue with booting from NAND
<oliv3r> so the fact that it doesn't do anything, could suggest that it just fails and halts/crashes
<oliv3r> you do have serial console connected to see the output as to why its failing, right?
<ZetaNeta> "WRONG!"
<oliv3r> so it might work just fine, but assumes you have hdmi and not LCD for output ;)
<oliv3r> remember to copy your original script.bin (from nanda) to your sd card
<oliv3r> the script.bin configures the display engine etc so the same script.bin should be used
<ZetaNeta> oh
<ZetaNeta> ok, will try
<oliv3r> the olimexino script.bin probably assumes hdmi ;)
<oliv3r> not lcd
<ZetaNeta> XD
<ZetaNeta> nop
<ZetaNeta> replaced it
<ZetaNeta> but nothing happens
<ZetaNeta> "It happens the same"
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<oliv3r> ok without serial port to see whats wrong, its next to impossible to debug :(
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<ZetaNeta> and... so whats next?
<ZetaNeta> wait a sec....
<ZetaNeta> oh sh....
* ZetaNeta facepalms
* ZetaNeta double facepalms
* ZetaNeta is in need of a brick wall
<ZetaNeta> i can try forcing it to play audio on boot up
<ZetaNeta> By changing some rootfs
<ZetaNeta> But that may confuse even more
<ZetaNeta> As for ex. audio may not work, but everything else will
<ZetaNeta> Or it will just fail to play
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r,
<ZetaNeta> What other ways i can try?
<oliv3r> erm i don't know
<oliv3r> if you can't debug it; it'll be very hard
<ZetaNeta> how can i do this?
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: connect uart cable
<wingrime> ZetaNeta: and see whats wrong
<ZetaNeta> erm..... dont have one :P
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<focus> Hi, I'm trying to following this guide
<focus> one of the commands is make -j3 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- KDIR=~/src/a10/linux-sunxi/ -C arch/arm/mach-sun7i/pm/standby all
<focus> the parameters KDIR and -C is unfamiliar territory - what do they mean so I can set my own
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<oliv3r> focus: we tend to focus on the sunxi-bsp with our wiki being
<focus> this is sunxi stuff branch by lkcl
<focus> for his EOMA
<focus> using A20 chip
<focus> KDIR is not in parameter options and googling isn't helping
<focus> its something to do with kernel directory path - but that don't make sense
<focus> on unfamiliar territory
<oliv3r> focus: souns like something really old
<oliv3r> as most/all a20 development happens on the linux-sunxi branches
<oliv3r> focus: i'm sorry, try #arm-netbook or the like, since while we center on the a10 and a20 chips, we use so on't know anything about those repositories
<focus> makes sense
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<wingrime> jemk: ping
<jemk> wingrime: pong, simply ask instead of always pinging
<wingrime> jemk: I find bug reason
<wingrime> jemk: you should not use negative "y" for overlay
<wingrime> jemk: (about shot I sended to you)
<wingrime> jemk: also you can easy get this bug, moving window header over screen top
<wingrime> jemk: I looks like HW bug with overlay
<jemk> wingrime: yes, i've seen ssvb's fix, could be fixed in libvdpau too. but it might be better to find a fix for kernel
<wingrime> jemk: more one thing, ioctl you using for every window move setup maything there better ioctrl that do only overlay move
<wingrime> *many things
<wingrime> jemk: currently I can add this fix to kernel, but ssvb not agree with it
<wingrime> jemk: I have no idea how fix it better than block negative "y"
<jemk> wingrime: yes, im working on that, but the whole output handling way of libvdpau isn't the right way to do
<wingrime> jemk: but at least works normaly
<wingrime> jemk: also, I can try add kms on top current driver
<wingrime> jemk: with drm, expose all regs like we have now
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<ssvb> wingrime: blocking the negative "y" does not solve anything, it actually breaks things which used to work (rgb layers)
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<arokux2> hi!
<arokux2> happy hacking?
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<wingrime> ssvb: I can block only UVY's layers
<wingrime> ssvb: but indeed better fix than workaround
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<vinifr> wigyori, ping
<wingrime> vinifr: ?
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<vinifr> I would like to talk to him about lradc driver
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<arokux2> vinifr, so what prevented your kernel from booting?
<vinifr> my .config, but i don't find the problem
<arokux2> ok
<vinifr> I just restarted a new config
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<ZetaNeta> anyone know nuclear-727 board?
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r,
<ZetaNeta> or f727
<ZetaNeta> Well, found something else with "nuclear" on the net
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<arokux2> somebody with working NFS setup?
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<Turl> ZetaNeta: nuclear is the generic sun5i name for android board
<ZetaNeta> and what shall i do?
<Turl> buy a uart cable? :) any respectable hacker has a couple :p
<Turl> you're working on a tablet though, so it's trickier
<arokux2> ZetaNeta, you want to hack on kernel?
<ZetaNeta> Turl, First "hardware debuging" device i am buying is JTAG, as i got tons of stuff to debug with it.
<ZetaNeta> arokux2, I can try
<ZetaNeta> But hack in which dirrection :3
<arokux2> which direction?
<ZetaNeta> What exactly do i need to hack in it?
<arokux2> hardware and serial connection
<vinifr> Turl, for mainline a patch it needs to be diff with sunxi-next or master?
<Turl> vinifr: depends if it has dependencies on other code
<Turl> vinifr: torvalds/master is usually a safe choice if you don't need anything special
<Turl> brb, rebooting server
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<vinifr> i mean, for development need to be sunxi-next?
<arokux2> ok, now I have NFS config, will improve our wiki page
<Turl> vinifr: you can use torvalds/master, or a rc tag too
<Turl> vinifr: but if you need a special dt that is not merged yet you'll probably need sunxi-next
<vinifr> yes, there is a dt not merged
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<arokux2> vinifr, also: do you have your code published on github? that might make it easier to test it :)
<vinifr> unfortunately not :0
<arokux2> vinifr, it is easy to push your stuff to github
<arokux2> vinifr, but if you do not want to mess up with it patches are fine too
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<arokux2> hno, what about sunxi instead of sun4i for the u-boot prompt?
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<vinifr> arokux, I had a github, but my boss said I should take it out of the public domain :)
<arokux2> vinifr, you hack on sunxi during your working time? :)
<vinifr> arokux, not currently, but a few months ago yes
<vinifr> I was responsible for introducing Linux on our projects
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<arokux2> Turl, ping
<arokux2> Turl, have you configured autologin to you buildroot?
<Turl> arokux2: no
<Turl> but it has no pw, so just 'root' and you're in
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<arokux2> Turl, if interested this will do autologin:
<arokux2> quest for next config: how to prevent u-boot from printing ##### while loading the kernel, the serial link is slow to deal with it...
<Turl> arokux2: :)
<Turl> arokux2: wat :p works fine for me
<arokux2> Turl, wat?
<Turl> arokux2: 'the serial link is slow to deal with it' <- wat
<arokux2> Turl, the output slows down loading
<Turl> arokux2: really?
<Turl> arokux2: the kernel log is way bigger than the ###
<arokux2> Turl, well yes, but ### are useless :)
<Turl> but there's like two lines of them :) is it that much of a big deal?
<arokux2> Turl, two lines?? I have lots of them!
<arokux2> 15 or so
<Turl> slow loading?
<arokux2> Turl, yes, 2 secs could be saved :)
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<arokux2> so it is not possible to shutdown a board from u-boot?
<Turl> arokux2: you can reboot with `reset`
<Turl> arokux2: you can shutdown by pulling the plug
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<arokux2> :) plug is not nice, was doing it all the time so far
<Turl> uboot has axp support, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to write a command to shutdown the board
<Turl> ssvb: yup :)
<Turl> mnemoc: ping
<ssvb> "there is a temperature detection and protection circuit within the main chip A20. If the die temperature exceeds the set value, A20 will shutdown itself and enter into a safe status" - is this shutdown done by hardware or software?
<vinifr> mripard, ping
<mnemoc> Turl:
<Turl> ssvb: it'd be nice to know, but I won't be putting my A20 on the oven to find out :)
<vinifr> mripard, can you merge:
<mnemoc> Turl: the mirror is running, cgit is missing
<arokux2> u-boot output is WAY to noisy :(
<Turl> mnemoc: ok
<Turl> vinifr: that commit should be on v3.11-rc3 and newer
<Turl> or maybe not, this script failed :/
<arokux2> can one shutdown from rootfs?
<Turl> arokux2: yeah, shutdown or halt
<arokux2> Turl, nice, thanks
<Turl> it'd probably just leave the board busylooping there in either case with mainline
<vinifr> Turl, that commit is on torvalds/master, but i'm using mripard/sunxi-next
<Turl> vinifr: if you have torvalds' tree as a remote , you can 'git am 9dabaf5' and it'll apply the commit
<Turl> err, cherry-pick, not am
<vinifr> I thought I should use repo's mripard because I'm developing drivers for sunxi
<ZetaNeta> ls
<ZetaNeta> ls
<ZetaNeta> sry
<ZetaNeta> XD
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<Turl> vinifr: yes, but you still can add the commit yourself and not need to wait for mripard :)
<vinifr> hm, alright :)
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<arokux2> Turl, halt won't work
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: nuclear i think was the biuld name for allwinner android kernels
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, Very.... Very slow sir
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: get bus pirate as it can do both jtag and serial ;)
<ZetaNeta> :D
<oliv3r> arokux2: can you psrunge your output, cause mine isn't so loud as you say it is
<oliv3r> ZetaNeta: was gone all day
<ZetaNeta> Olaff, :3
<ZetaNeta> Sry Olaff
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, :3
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<arokux2> oliv3r,
<Turl> arokux2: doesn't it leave the board on and doing nothing?
<oliv3r> arokux2: i don't have that at all
<arokux2> Turl, well it hangs and the LED is still on
<oliv3r> oh but i load via SD
<Turl> arokux2: well, that's the best you'll get until someone implements axp support :)
<oliv3r> the filetransfer # won't slow down a thing :)
<arokux2> oliv3r, ok, but it slowdowns the shell..
<oliv3r> shouldn't matter
<oliv3r> as that printing is the retrieval of data
<oliv3r> which you are waiting for anyway
<oliv3r> so while your console is slowed down, you still have to wait for the actual data to be transmitted
<hno> arokux, why?
<arokux2> ah ok
<oliv3r> it's like saying you have to replace your old fiat 500, with a ferarri, on a road where the speed limit is 30 km/h
<arokux2> hno, stupid question, sorry.
<Turl> oliv3r: gotta admit the ferrari is prettier though :P
<oliv3r> hell yeah
<oliv3r> though a classic fiat 500 is cute
<oliv3r> wingrime: ping
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<shineworld> Have you already saw that: kernel BUG at include/linux/mm.h:791 ?
<shineworld> I've a CB2 which boot and run android 4.2.2 from SD. ADB works for a little, and after a while the kernel crashed for that
<arokux2> guys how about NFS-root capable defconfig for the kernel? multi_v7_defconfig has it.
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<Turl> vinifr: changelogs are useful so reviewers can know what you changed and not have to look at everything again :)
<vinifr> alright. I was not considering this perspective
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<Turl> leviathanch_: ping
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<xDR1TeK> how can i mount nandc
<drachensun> nandc is usually just the initrd image
<drachensun> it has to be unpacked, it wont mount as is
<xDR1TeK> so i have to cat /dev/block/nandc > /sdcard/boot.img
<xDR1TeK> will this preserve it
<xDR1TeK> i will pull this
<xDR1TeK> ok result is similar to uberizer
<xDR1TeK> now i am sure that the cat then pull is just the same procedure
<xDR1TeK> now i need to carefully edit init.sun5i.rc
<xDR1TeK> but it is in a gz file
<xDR1TeK> so i should extract the compressed file
<xDR1TeK> on windows
<xDR1TeK> what is the best procedure
<xDR1TeK> there is a site
<drachensun> I'm not sure in windows
<drachensun> this is a pretty good guide I first used
<xDR1TeK> damn i am so close to edit init.sun5i.rc
<xDR1TeK> getting the images there are many ways
<xDR1TeK> simple tool is uberizer
<xDR1TeK> hard tool go hard core
<xDR1TeK> adb cat everything
<xDR1TeK> managed to identify partitions by cat /proc/partitions
<xDR1TeK> drachensun nice link man
<xDR1TeK> very clear and everything in one place
<xDR1TeK> here is how i identified boot as nandc
<xDR1TeK> after i did cat /proc/partitions, one thing let to another, then i googled partitions in android
<xDR1TeK> i got this link
<xDR1TeK> then i drew a mental map of nandc to boot
<xDR1TeK> mounting it didnt work
<xDR1TeK> dont know why as yet
<xDR1TeK> but if because it is not a file system
<xDR1TeK> then that is why
<xDR1TeK> mmm
<xDR1TeK> interesting
<xDR1TeK> after unpaking the rom image, bunch of fex files are generated
<xDR1TeK> same like i had
<xDR1TeK> so i didn't know what to do with those
<xDR1TeK> now i c
<xDR1TeK> fex are img files
<xDR1TeK> then all i have to do is unpackboot
<xDR1TeK> to get the gz file
<xDR1TeK> going back to gz unzip
<xDR1TeK> even if i managed to unzip in windows
<xDR1TeK> i can't for sure say that recompressing the boot.img unpacked files would success
<xDR1TeK> succeed
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<xDR1TeK> there is gzip for windows
<leviathanch_> Turl: pong
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<arokux2> leviathanch_, any progress on mmc? :)
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<leviathanch_> arokux2: well
<leviathanch_> Turl: hasn't exposed access onto the delay register part yet
<arokux2> leviathanch_, use readl/writel
<leviathanch_> so I can't make the card to provide anything else than garbage data
<leviathanch_> arokux2: yeah
<leviathanch_> what do you think did I try first?
<leviathanch_> >_>
<leviathanch_> the issue is
<leviathanch_> the pointer of the clock is empty for the reg
<arokux2> the pointer of the clock?
<Turl> ohai leviathanch_
<Turl> leviathanch_: what are those two things you need?
<xDR1TeK> guys i may have a file rename mess
<xDR1TeK> is this a kernel in the boot.img (boot.img-zImage)
<xDR1TeK> doesn't decompress
<leviathanch_> Turl: delay for the special clock
<leviathanch_> Turl: page 58, user manual
<Turl> leviathanch_: can you give me an english description on what they do? :P
<Turl> leviathanch_: are the values linked with the frequency or totally unrelated?
<leviathanch_> Turl: unrelated
<leviathanch_> Turl: mom, skype session
<Turl> leviathanch_: ok, let me know when you're back
<leviathanch_> k
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<Turl> leviathanch_:
<Turl> leviathanch_: there's no generic way of telling a clock to 'tune something' that I know of
<Turl> maybe it's time to introduce one
<Turl> mturquette: ping
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<leviathanch_> Turl: thanks for the patch!
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<Turl> leviathanch_: :)
<Turl> leviathanch_: it probably won't go upstream as is, but you can use it for the time being
<Turl> leviathanch_: note that I haven't tested it, let me know if it works - if it doesn't you can add a bunch of printks and debug it :)