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<luca020400> Cm12 is great
<luca020400> Good .
<luca020400> Mour
<luca020400> Morning
<XRevan86> luca020400: moin
<luca020400> I
<luca020400> Oh man
<luca020400> I can't write in the car
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<luca020400> I hate test builds
<luca020400> The test build should be private
<luca020400> A week with my parents and with o
<luca020400> Only a netbook :/
<XRevan86> I sense typing on Android
<luca020400> Yea
<XRevan86> luca020400: What client do you use?
<luca020400> Holo irc for android
<luca020400> And hexchat Linux and windows
<XRevan86> Can't find it on F-Droid :-/
<luca020400> Holo irc is open source
<XRevan86> I found it on github, yes
<luca020400> You can ask to tilal to add it on fdroid
<XRevan86> luca020400: I'll just reupload it to one russian apps dump =)
<luca020400> Vodafone denied 4pda O_o
<XRevan86> luca020400: O_O
<luca020400> I'll try later
<luca020400> And I can change DNS
<luca020400> Fuck vodafo e
<XRevan86> it could be censorship: 4pda has some warez
<luca020400> I
<luca020400> It worked some times ago
<XRevan86> Now I know two good IRC clients for Android: HoloIRC and Atomic (Yaaic).
<luca020400> Yaaic
<XRevan86> luca020400: Yet Another Android IRC Client
<luca020400> A lol
<XRevan86> Currently dead and forked.
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<luca020400> Hi andre
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<luca020400> Hu revan
<XRevan86> luca020400: I just have reconnected :-D
<luca020400> I know :o
<luca020400> :p
<luca020400> Autogrill :D
<luca020400> No WiFi :/
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<luca020400> DAT crasg
<luca020400> In unable to write today
<luca020400> *I'm
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<andrea2107> hi
<XRevan86> andrea2107: hi
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<andrea2107> i think Tomorrow i will get an old htc evo 3d
<andrea2107> 1 gb ram...aww finally serious multitasking XD
<XRevan86> wow, it's expensive
<andrea2107> my Brother bought it at 300 euros
<andrea2107> 2 years ago
<andrea2107> but he broke the connector and now has an l9
<XRevan86> LG Optimus L9?
<andrea2107> so a friend is repairing the connector(we bought one for 3 euros)
<andrea2107> yes
<XRevan86> andrea2107: p760?
<andrea2107> yes
<XRevan86> andrea2107: With MoKee?
<andrea2107> no....i just asked him if he wants to mod his phone
<andrea2107> he doesn't wanrt
<andrea2107> want*
<XRevan86> andrea2107: stock stuff is usable!
<XRevan86> andrea2107: MAKE HIM DO IT
<XRevan86> unusable*
<andrea2107> so mokee is more fluid?
<andrea2107> he actually does 12987 on antutu :/
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> crappy
<XRevan86> andrea2107: My sister had p768
<XRevan86> be bought Idol X and p768 went to my mother after a discovery that it doesn't do batter drain and isn't awful after refirmwaring
<XRevan86> after installing MoKee
<andrea2107> it was better?
<XRevan86> (my sister didn't want me to do anything with it so it only got a custom firmware after she dumped it)
<luca020400> Focaccia e mortadella :D
<XRevan86> andrea2107: much
<andrea2107> i will try tomake he do it
<andrea2107> what recovery do you recomend
<XRevan86> andrea2107: There is no big choice
<andrea2107> i will install him twrp
<andrea2107> he teached me to install roms...but now he forgot all
<andrea2107> so twrp is more smart
<XRevan86> It is hard to update MoKee because of emulated sdcard0
<andrea2107> uhm what does this mean
<XRevan86> I mean, it can't do it automatically
<XRevan86> by pressing a button in settings
<andrea2107> he wants a stable rom XD
<andrea2107> i was thinking...nameless or mokee
<XRevan86> because after that recovery will not find anything because sdcard is actually in /data/media/
<andrea2107> ahhh
<XRevan86> andrea2107: nameless sucks
<andrea2107> if he wants to update i will update it myself for he
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> nothing bas
<andrea2107> bad
<XRevan86> andrea2107: It was the first ROM I tried to install
<XRevan86> I forgot why it sucks but it does :-D
<andrea2107> crappy thing that ppac rom is no more devoloped
<andrea2107> btw i was thinking of installing him Lollipop,but it has a torch bug
<luca020400> Nameless +1
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I hope eventually it will come
<luca020400> Cm12 +83
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Maybe even with MoKee
<andrea2107> mokee is the best rom for l9
<andrea2107> this is what i seen
<andrea2107> the only devoloped official rom XD
<XRevan86> It's virtually based on CyanogenMod
<XRevan86> which I consider as a good thing =)
<andrea2107> but with more features?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: and some odd presets
<luca020400> Some useless features
<XRevan86> one feature they did is quite nice: statusbar which changes colour to match application
<XRevan86> everything else is trash
<XRevan86> by odd presets I mean some default chinese apps and floating menu
<XRevan86> or not floating, no idea how to call that
<XRevan86> anyway, it's optional
<XRevan86> still better than namelessrom and stock one
<luca020400> For me the ROM that doesn't have useless features is the cm
<luca020400> That's why I'm "using" it
<XRevan86> luca020400: Totally agree
<XRevan86> and featured CM has are quite addictive
<XRevan86> andrea2107: You know what's the worst part of stock ROM of LG?
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<andrea2107> ehm no
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> Hi eloy
<XRevan86> andrea2107: LG calls this pile of shit with a word "design"
<luca020400> Lg desine is ugly
<XRevan86> it's totally tasteless
<luca020400> I love cm12 . It adds some useful feature to stock android 5.0
<XRevan86> andrea2107: One more thing: it is p760, right?
<XRevan86> not p765, p769, p768
<luca020400> I need a server :/
<XRevan86> luca020400: What for?
<luca020400> Android builds
<luca020400> And because I cant work with my netbook
<luca020400> It just crash while building XD
<XRevan86> swap is too small? =)
<luca020400> 2gb ram
<luca020400> It can't do so much
<XRevan86> it shouldn't crash, it should hang itself
<andrea2107> ok he gave me his phone
<andrea2107> luca: http://www.kimsufi.com/it/
<andrea2107> 16 gb ram 15 euros
<andrea2107> they lowered the price
<andrea2107> its Christmas <3
<andrea2107> (it was)
<luca020400> I
<luca020400> Yea is grear
<XRevan86> I wonder how useful this will be through Google Translate %)
<luca020400> Now 4pda works xd
<andrea2107> this is better..
<XRevan86> luca020400: try again http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=631383
<luca020400> It works
<luca020400> The 4pda version is out of date
<andrea2107> crap i have the v20d
<XRevan86> andrea2107: what?
<XRevan86> luca020400: What do you mean?
<andrea2107> red
<andrea2107> they say v20d was unsuccessful
<luca020400> There's a new version
<XRevan86> luca020400: Where? o_0
<XRevan86> not on Google Play for sure
<luca020400> Maybe only for lollipop
<XRevan86> and not on Github
<luca020400> I dont knoe
<luca020400> My fauly
<XRevan86> andrea2107: p765?
<andrea2107> p760
<andrea2107> v20
<luca020400> I read 3.2.7
<andrea2107> d
<XRevan86> > P765 V20B, V20C & V20D all unsuccessful
<andrea2107> ah lol
<andrea2107> sorry
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> No
<luca020400> Np
<luca020400> Car :/
<XRevan86> andrea2107: you do know it will factory reset device?
<andrea2107> yes
<andrea2107> i a not a noob
<andrea2107> my Brother cares only of contacts
<andrea2107> so i saved them on the sim
<luca020400> Google account save them automatically
<XRevan86> or DAVdroid
<andrea2107> i know
<andrea2107> but you are never sure
<luca020400> I am sure
* XRevan86 looked in ownCloud
<XRevan86> I am sure =)
<luca020400> :D
<andrea2107> who know if he disabled sync
<luca020400> OwnCloud is great
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> A normal user can't live without google services
<andrea2107> i just found a xiaomi mi2s at 160 euros
<XRevan86> luca020400: Normal user can if unnormal user shows him the Way
<XRevan86> DAVdroid can sync not only with ownCloud =).
<andrea2107> i want the coolpad f2 *.*
<andrea2107> it is a chinese copy of the micromax yu...
<andrea2107> so...official cm11
<andrea2107> snapdragon 615 *-*
<XRevan86> luca020400: Also there are public servers of ownCloud
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<XRevan86> no idea how much it has but contacts would fit for sure
<luca020400> I don't remember owncloud password :/
<luca020400> Android app is oaid
<luca020400> Paid
<andrea2107> wtf
<andrea2107> so i have to do this to boot to fastboot
<andrea2107> wtf
<luca020400> I mean the owncloud aop
<luca020400> Yy
<luca020400> Fuck google play
<andrea2107> ehm xrevan
<XRevan86> luca020400: ownCloud devs thinks the same
<andrea2107> is this hard to boot to fastboot
<andrea2107> ?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I did boot to fastboot easily after flashing p760 JB ROM (essential on p768 to unlock bootloader)
<luca020400> Connect phone to PC
<XRevan86> but currently I am unable to boot it, too
<luca020400> Adb reboot-bootloader
<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> read
<XRevan86> andrea2107: when L9 starts do sensor button flash for some small time?
<XRevan86> buttons*
<luca020400> So the problem is the driver ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: Don't think so
<XRevan86> I for one use GNU/Linux
<andrea2107> idk
<XRevan86> andrea2107: if they do flash press down volume and hold at this point
<XRevan86> andrea2107: and… is it with Jelly Bean?
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> The owncload server name ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: which you use o_0
<andrea2107> ok it seems more easy
<andrea2107> and we say huawei is crap?
<andrea2107> lg is actually using this strange method
<andrea2107> htc is s-off
<andrea2107> and s-on
<andrea2107> Samsung is displaying a triangle to say it is unlocked
<XRevan86> andrea2107: do you see flashing?
<andrea2107> what do you want from huawei
<XRevan86> of sensor buttons
<XRevan86> back and recent apps/settings
<andrea2107> the video you sent
<andrea2107> is for locked bootloader
<XRevan86> andrea2107: whatever =)
<XRevan86> andrea2107: or wait
<andrea2107> he installs the recovery via an apk!
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Are you saying fastboot is unacceceable if bootloader is unlocked?
<XRevan86> unaccessable
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> i am saying that i found my way
<andrea2107> i found the 4pda tutorial translated in italian
<XRevan86> he-he
<andrea2107> with unlockl9 zip
<andrea2107> i only have to change the recovery.img with twrp one
<XRevan86> andrea2107: indeed
<andrea2107> what does twrp 2nd init mean
<andrea2107> TWRP [2nd-init]
<XRevan86> andrea2107: it's for locked bootloader
<andrea2107> oh thanks
<andrea2107> so i will use the normal
<andrea2107> unlocked bl= better
<XRevan86> andrea2107: indeed
<andrea2107> is lg still accepting modified phones at warranty?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: no idea
<XRevan86> this p768 passed warranty some time ago
<XRevan86> it also depends from service centre
<andrea2107> this l9 has 1 year
<andrea2107> italian warranty is 2 year
<andrea2107> but it has no conformity problems
<andrea2107> so who cares
<XRevan86> italian warranty?
<andrea2107> ye
<andrea2107> the only good thing here
<XRevan86> explain the concept =)
<luca020400> Only one
<XRevan86> only?
<andrea2107> in europa the warranty is 1 year
<andrea2107> in italy the warranty is 2 year
<andrea2107> so if you buy from another country the warranty is 1 year
<XRevan86> I see Italians love their country even more than we do.
<andrea2107> if you buy here it is 2 year
<luca020400> No lol
<luca020400> We love Italy only for food
<XRevan86> I am still working on expressing sarcasm in English =)
<luca020400> :p
<XRevan86> luca020400: What about awesome singing language?
<luca020400> Maybe
<andrea2107> what about no money?
<andrea2107> what about nord vs sud?
<XRevan86> > what about no money?
<andrea2107> price are becaming high here
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I am Russian
<luca020400> Here too
<andrea2107> oh sorry didn't know....XD
<luca020400> 4pda > Russia
* XRevan86 laughs
<andrea2107> you lucky man...4pda has so mzny things i would like to read
<andrea2107> even for my g330
<luca020400> Haha
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Yeah, 4pda is one hell of a site
<luca020400> I'm travelling to Naple
<andrea2107> btw now i have to make sure my Brother wants to format his phone
<luca020400> There someone with a sister ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: I am.
<luca020400> Everybody have only a brother
<luca020400> Lol
<andrea2107> me too....if my Brother can be think as a sister
<XRevan86> I have no brother =)
<luca020400> Gagagagag
<luca020400> No brother or sister
<andrea2107> ok he is sure
<luca020400> Incredible . Andre seems not spamming :p
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> hii
<luca020400> Now is ok
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> How is the whether at sud ?
<XRevan86> > what about nord vs sud?
<XRevan86> no idea what that is
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<luca020400> Hi
<spanitzer> Hi
<andrea2107> nord=sicilia calabria and whatever
<andrea2107> ops
<andrea2107> wrong
<luca020400> Nord vs sud in italy
<andrea2107> that is sud
<luca020400> Is famous
<spanitzer> One Question.
<andrea2107> nord is the other part
<andrea2107> and we are enemyes
<andrea2107> and friend
<andrea2107> at the same time
<luca020400> Campania too
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Ah, like Moscow and Russia?
<andrea2107> MAFIA!!!!!!!
<luca020400> That's why we are famous
<luca020400> Mafiaaa
<andrea2107> NDRANGHETA!!!!!!!!
<spanitzer> How can i make a flashable Stock Rom for the G510 based on Emotion UI 3.0?
<luca020400> In realtà si chiama cosa nostra
<andrea2107> ehm
<XRevan86> The Godfather didn't tought me well
<andrea2107> nothing is happening
<XRevan86> Oh gosh, IE user!
<luca020400> Wait for device !
<luca020400> Oh man
<luca020400> Ie
<luca020400> Noooooooooooo
<andrea2107> my phone is already attached
<andrea2107> lolllllllllllllll
<spanitzer> Luca?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: how can you live with yourself!?
<andrea2107> xrevan on my pc ie is good on my pc/tab
<andrea2107> i have an asus t100ta
<XRevan86> IE, WinRAR
<luca020400> Is isn't good
<andrea2107> look at so many thing i can open on 2 gb ram
<luca020400> IE
<andrea2107> look!
<andrea2107> i have like 15 tabs open
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I am not impressed, really.
<luca020400> My netbook is powerfull
<andrea2107> winrar running
<andrea2107> Minecraft running
<andrea2107> Skype running
<andrea2107> and whatever you like
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I have used 2 GB with all that and more
<andrea2107> on a fuckin bay trail and 2 gb
<XRevan86> andrea2107: And I was using Mozilla Firefox.
<luca020400> Rome
<andrea2107> xrevan ie is the only optimized for the touch
<andrea2107> the Others are very crappy
<luca020400> Chrome too
<andrea2107> and if i set another browser as default
<andrea2107> i can't use metro internet explorer
<luca020400> I'm at Rome for the first timr
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> about the screen
<XRevan86> no idea how Firefox works with touchscreen
<andrea2107> why it isn't working
<andrea2107> my devic is attached
<luca020400> Have you installed correct drivers
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> adb devices
<andrea2107> lg drivers
<luca020400> Try thus one
<andrea2107> oh i know why it isn't working
<andrea2107> i think i have to open it as administrator
<luca020400> Have you enabled adb in settings
<luca020400> Nope
<andrea2107> oh debug usb
<andrea2107> let'see
<andrea2107> ok it wasn't enabled ty
<luca020400> Jcjddmsjd
<luca020400> Hahahaga
<luca020400> Llololoo
<luca020400> Noob user > andrea2107
<andrea2107> still not working
<andrea2107> >.<
<XRevan86> WinRAR!
<andrea2107> winrar cracked edition*
<luca020400> Rarreg.key
<XRevan86> 7-zip, PeaZIP
<luca020400> 7zip is the way
<andrea2107> no i don't like his ui
<andrea2107> i prefer winrar one
<andrea2107> all i have is cracked here
<andrea2107> except for win 8
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Have you rebooted PC after you installed drivers ?
<luca020400> Wikiwand is better
<andrea2107> ok it isn't seeing the l9 even with adb devices
<andrea2107> i will try with another pc...Windows 7 i am coming
<andrea2107> and yes i tried Linux mint
<andrea2107> i liked it...my parents not
<andrea2107> wtf
<andrea2107> attachng to the other pc is showing debug usb option
<andrea2107> here not
<luca020400> What !!!?!?!?!
<luca020400> Linux is wonderful
<andrea2107> so many crashes
<luca020400> Archlinux is the eay
<luca020400> Way
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Point is: IE is not FOSS, WinRAR is not FOSS (and sucks), Firefox is FOSS, 7-zip is FOSS.
<andrea2107> legacy gpu drivers
<andrea2107> WHO CARES
<XRevan86> andrea2107: you SHOULD care
<luca020400> XRevan86 : which os are you using ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: openSUSE
<andrea2107> if i have a file like an .img 7-zip actually extract it,winrar not
<andrea2107> so i use it
<luca020400> KDE ?
<luca020400> Gnome ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: MATE
<luca020400> Mate
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> Cinnamon !
<XRevan86> MATE
<luca020400> Openbox ?
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> Lxde
<luca020400> Xfce
<XRevan86> luca020400: MATE.
<XRevan86> luca020400: MATE.
<luca020400> Englitman
<luca020400> E19
<XRevan86> enlightment
<XRevan86> it is called
<luca020400> I dont know how to write it DD
<andrea2107> CINNAMON
<XRevan86> luca020400: I don't know why I do know :-D
<andrea2107> oh i will use cinnamon the 28
<luca020400> Unity
<XRevan86> Cinnamon is terrible
<andrea2107> a friend is about to buy a dedicated server for minecraft
<andrea2107> and i will setup it
<andrea2107> xrevan86:personal preference
<luca020400> I'll do for you
<andrea2107> ehm you know how to setup an mc panel?
<andrea2107> you can help me only for the remote desktop
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> :p
<luca020400> Vanilla server ?
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> spigot
<XRevan86> Cinnamon feels like made with nails
<XRevan86> and it really is dirty written
<XRevan86> andrea2107: I don't understand why all these panels even exist =)
<luca020400> Gpl
<andrea2107> this is an open source panel XD
<luca020400> I prefer diesel
<luca020400> I cant play Minecraft with my netbook :/
<XRevan86> andrea2107: You will use FOSS but you will use it without respect.
<andrea2107> muahahahahha
<luca020400> But with my phone yes
<XRevan86> Microsoft Minecraft -_-
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<luca020400> ^
<andrea2107> why you hate microsoft
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Because I hate morons.
<XRevan86> I don't know why I hate morons.
<luca020400> Lol
<XRevan86> Maybe it's my education.
<andrea2107> xrevan there are guys who like Windows and microsoft
<andrea2107> you have a personal preference
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Some people like morons or don't know them well enough =)
<luca020400> I don't like windows
<XRevan86> Love is tough: you'll love even a goat.
<luca020400> Sheep
<andrea2107> beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<XRevan86> luca020400: It's a russian saying translated awfully by me =)
<luca020400> Gagag
<XRevan86> I wonder if I find a proper translation
<XRevan86> Microsoft is a goat
<luca020400> Pig
<luca020400> Sheeo
<luca020400> Vecchia fattoria
<luca020400> Hmm sorry
<XRevan86> > love is not fair one may fall for a bugbear
<XRevan86> Microsoft is a bugbear then =)
<XRevan86> can count for a history of love of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_de_Icaza
<luca020400> Coleottero ( oppure bug ) + orso
<luca020400> You are a genius
<XRevan86> luca020400: I found it in Internet %)
<luca020400> That's why
<XRevan86> startpage.com is a tool of a genius? =)
<luca020400> No absolutely :p
<luca020400> The moto g 2014 GPS is incredible
<andrea2107> i like sharing on windows
<andrea2107> i have a Group home
<luca020400> In one second found my poso
<andrea2107> and i can transfer files when iwant
<luca020400> Position
<luca020400> Samba
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Wow, that's so Samba
<luca020400> Windows home is samba for windows
<XRevan86> luca020400: No, Windows home is NTP for Windows
<luca020400> But is a Microsoft idea
<XRevan86> and Samba is Windows home for UNIX
<luca020400> Sorry ntp
<XRevan86> NFS*
<luca020400> So sorry bfs
<luca020400> Nfs
<XRevan86> :-D
<luca020400> Btrf
<luca020400> Btrfa
<luca020400> Btrfs
<andrea2107> ugm
<luca020400> Hallelujah
<andrea2107> i am using an host
<XRevan86> luca020400: There is also Brain Fuck Scheduler
<andrea2107> it has a captcha
<andrea2107> but if you click download without inserting the captcha
<andrea2107> you can download
<andrea2107> genious!
<XRevan86> luca020400: It's a good scheduler from Kolivas
<andrea2107> dl1.free.fr
<luca020400> I prefer bfq
<luca020400> Vodafone deni dl1.free.fr ( if exist )
<XRevan86> luca020400: BFQ doesn't have a T-shirt!
<luca020400> Haha
<XRevan86> Server not found: dl1.free.fr
<luca020400> df.free.fr
<XRevan86> too
<luca020400> dl.free.fr
<luca020400> That's the correct one
<XRevan86> indeed
<luca020400> 1 GB
<luca020400> Andre : which language are you studying ?
<luca020400> Andre is dead !!
<XRevan86> andrea2107: kiun lingvon vi studas?
<luca020400> Nope is dead
<luca020400> He's playing minecraft
<andrea2107> nah
<andrea2107> i was in the other pc
<luca020400> Nah
<andrea2107> i am downloading drivers
<luca020400> Nah
<luca020400> Nah
<andrea2107> adb isn't seeing l9
<XRevan86> no need for drivers in OS
<XRevan86> andrea2107: try using an OS as a LiveCD
<andrea2107> xrevan no need
<XRevan86> or possibly booting an OS in VirtualBox with USB bridge
<andrea2107> btw
<XRevan86> Nobody needs an OS these days
<andrea2107> i am studying french and english
<andrea2107> and if you ask...i am 13
<luca020400> How is your franch level .
<luca020400> ?
<andrea2107> ça va bien
<luca020400> I scored 3 in the exam u.u
<andrea2107> and 10 in the english?
<luca020400> Yep
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> In everything 9 and 10 except franch
<luca020400> You'll score better I know
<andrea2107> idk
<andrea2107> my french is not soo good as you expect
<XRevan86> which score is max?
<luca020400> 3 do francese all'esame agaggaha
<andrea2107> i am good to copy questions from the text
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> 10
<andrea2107> 100000000000000000000
<XRevan86> why not 429496729?
<andrea2107> 29323298439284428429894281481830139428429479 is better
<luca020400> 384.38484*10^93937583839484
<luca020400> ∞ that's the correct one
<XRevan86> We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control. ☭
<XRevan86> </fat>
<andrea2107> WTF
<andrea2107> i just did adb reboot oem-unlock
<andrea2107> and the phone rebooted..
<andrea2107> with a normal reboot
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> why?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Don't look at me, procedure on p768 is different.
<andrea2107> you flashed p760 rom
<andrea2107> so
<andrea2107> it is the same
<XRevan86> andrea2107: possibly but 4pda recommended to use some unlocking apps
<XRevan86> And I have no idea what they are doing =)
<XRevan86> possibly adb reboot oem-unlock
<andrea2107> the .bat one is being delete from that pc
<andrea2107> lol
<XRevan86> after successful use of this utility I used phone just rebooted
<XRevan86> andrea2107: so possibly everything is nya
<luca020400> Unlock the boot loader of my moto g 3014 is pretty simple
<luca020400> Thanks motorola
<XRevan86> s/motorola/lenovo/
<luca020400> Ex google now lenovo
<XRevan86> indeed
<andrea2107> i want a coolpad f2!!!!!!!!!
<luca020400> Keep calm
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Do you need it?
<luca020400> Hopefully is only for install the cm12s
<luca020400> *cm11s
<andrea2107> xrevan it is so cheap
<andrea2107> so i am collecting money
<andrea2107> actuallly a copy of micromax yu for 150 euros
<XRevan86> andrea2107: it is not an answer
<andrea2107> is so good
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Do you need it?
<andrea2107> and yes,i need it XD my g330 is so crappy
<andrea2107> no multitasking
<luca020400> Buy a moto g
<andrea2107> games lagging
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> you all say great quality price
<XRevan86> who play games novadays?
<andrea2107> but seriosly
<andrea2107> why buy a moto g at 200 euros
<luca020400> Lag ?
<andrea2107> when i can buy a xiaomi mi2s at 160
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> You are vrazy
<luca020400> Moto g 2014 at 170
<luca020400> Moto g at 139
<XRevan86> luca020400: wow, that's expensive
<luca020400> Official lollipop
<luca020400> Kernel source code
<luca020400> The new or the old one ?.
<XRevan86> somewhat like OnePlus One
<luca020400> Opo 230
<andrea2107> xrevan
<andrea2107> xiaomi mi2s= official miui
<andrea2107> xiaomi is like the oneplus
<andrea2107> only that since cm11 is more used here
<andrea2107> they say the first company with a official mo
<andrea2107> mod
<andrea2107> but they lie
<XRevan86> with the official CM11S
<XRevan86> they are first
<andrea2107> xiaomi= miui
<luca020400> Every OEM ROM is a mod
<XRevan86> okay, I don't get it
<XRevan86> who lie about what?
<andrea2107> they say that opo is the first company that is using a modded stock firmware
<andrea2107> ...
<XRevan86> > a modded stock firmware
<XRevan86> are you sure they said exactly that?
<andrea2107> btw xiaomi is actually updating xiaomi mi2s to lollipop
<andrea2107> look at that link
<andrea2107> Lollipop devoloped by an official xiaomi dev
<XRevan86> I am looking and I don't see MIUI
<luca020400> And then ?
<XRevan86> 1+1 obviously will get Lollipop, too.
<andrea2107> xiaomi mi2s= dualboot miui and android 4.1
<andrea2107> as stock
<XRevan86> also I very much doublt mi2s is like 1+1
<XRevan86> because they don't
<luca020400> I agree
<andrea2107> btw xiaomi mi2s actually sells at halft 1+1 price
<luca020400> S
<XRevan86> so 1+1 costs 300$
<XRevan86> then Mi2S costs 150$
<XRevan86> which is a good price
<andrea2107> 160 euros...near the half
<XRevan86> 1 EUR = 1.22 USD
<XRevan86> so 1+1 costs 246 EUR
<andrea2107> here 1+1 is selling at 121
<andrea2107> 320
<andrea2107> ops
<luca020400> Yep
<XRevan86> local stores, pff
<andrea2107> btw the xiaomi mi2s at 160 just sold out
<andrea2107> XD
<XRevan86> 22 000 RUB in Russia
<XRevan86> which is 329 EUR
<XRevan86> Italy is almost like Russia, heh
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> i discovered
<luca020400> My friend got it
<andrea2107> the lg l9 is brand
<andrea2107> i have to unbrand it :/
<XRevan86> andrea2107: What?
<XRevan86> I don't understand what do you mena
<XRevan86> mean
<luca020400> Locked network
<XRevan86> luca020400: yuck
<luca020400> ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: Don't do that shit in Russia.
<luca020400> Italy of course
<XRevan86> luca020400: I mean, locking to operators in Russia is not popular.
<luca020400> In Italy operators block the phones
<luca020400> Every operator
<XRevan86> luca020400: You can buy phone in a store, right?
<luca020400> Yes
<luca020400> I bought my old y300 at media world a store
<XRevan86> but when I think about it, even operators stores don't do locking almost ever
<XRevan86> there are some locked phones usually with a discount
<luca020400> In Italy viceversa
<XRevan86> I guess it's "Italy and rest of the world"
<luca020400> Sorry discont Xd
<luca020400> So yes
<XRevan86> "Buy our very cheap (locked) Megafon phone only for 1000 rubles!"
<XRevan86> something like that
<XRevan86> An absurdly expensive phone: http://yotaphone.com/it-it
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<luca020400> Yotaphone is great
<luca020400> *2
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<XRevan86> only 3 OnePlus One's
<luca020400> 749 €
<luca020400> 3-0.2
<luca020400> Opo
<andrea2107> btw it is not locked
<andrea2107> it is a phone
<andrea2107> with an official firmware
<andrea2107> with some Vodafone changes
<andrea2107> like locked and not unlockable bootloader
<XRevan86> andrea2107: >_<
<andrea2107> so i have to flash not brand firmware via kdz
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Maybe you can do p768 thing? %)
<XRevan86> that's a full backup from 4pda I had used on p768
<XRevan86> Dear princess Celestia, today I posted a lot of links to Russian services to Italians, and a lot of them I don't even like, e.g. bucking Mail.Ru.
<luca020400> ?
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Anyway, try it
<XRevan86> > After installing JB phone with SIM-card should be on at least for half an hour, Important not to reboot the phone up until unlocking process. Overwise failure it is possible. By the way, you can be left with a phone locked forever.(personally (curator of thread on 4PDA) I deeply doubt that because my phone was in flight mode and was rebooted many times before)
<XRevan86> from 4PDA
<XRevan86> andrea2107: Are you here?
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<luca020400> No :p
<XRevan86> luca020400: My conscience doesn't like that I posted a like to mail.ru here.
<XRevan86> a link*
<luca020400> Why
<XRevan86> luca020400: A service of little trust.
<luca020400> That's why 4pda deny the register with this email ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: No, it's because mail.ru is also a crappy service.
<luca020400> A OK lol
<XRevan86> They have an international version: http://my.com/
<luca020400> Haha
<XRevan86> I wonder how "myChat" relates to Mail.Ru Agent
<XRevan86> (and ICQ)
<luca020400> Create you're own cool @my.com email
<luca020400> Gmail.com
<XRevan86> gmail.com?
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> Vesuvio !!!
<XRevan86> (16:22:12) luca020400: Gmail.com
<luca020400> And then ?
<luca020400> A google email service
<XRevan86> luca020400: Why did you mention it?
<luca020400> mail.ru
<luca020400> Maybe because is a google service
<XRevan86> possibilities: 1. vodafone redirects mail.ru to gmail.com
<XRevan86> 2. gmail.com is also a service of little trust so you mentioned it
<XRevan86> 3. just for fun
<luca020400> That's why
<XRevan86> luca020400: I'll be away for a while
<luca020400> Pompeii and vesuvio
<XRevan86> luca020400: Post Andre link and translation when he'll be back
<luca020400> Which link ?
<luca020400> And translations ?
<XRevan86> > After installing JB phone with SIM-card should be on at least for half an hour, Important not to reboot the phone up until unlocking process. Overwise failure it is possible. By the way, you can be left with a phone locked forever.(personally (curator of thread on 4PDA) I deeply doubt that because my phone was in flight mode and was rebooted many times before)
<luca020400> Oky
<luca020400> Bye
<XRevan86> v20p-BACKUP.zip is a full buckup of stuff with which unlocking works.
<luca020400> Oky ;)
<XRevan86> luca020400: Nice volcano
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> Pompei disaster
<XRevan86> =)
<XRevan86> luca020400: but what does that have in common with gmail.com?
<luca020400> I dont know
<luca020400> Maybe google policy
<luca020400> We know everything about you
<XRevan86> 1984
<luca020400> ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: You really don't know about 1984?
<XRevan86> Big Brother?
<luca020400> Out of memory :p
<luca020400> I hate big brotger
<XRevan86> luca020400: It is a good book.
<XRevan86> you might want to read it =)
<luca020400> I don't think
<XRevan86> it is also often quoted
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<luca020400> Resend the guide/files
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<spanitzer> I need hell!
<spanitzer> Help
<spanitzer> How can i make a flashable Emotion UI 2.3 Rom for the G510?
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<luca020400> My phone is alive !!
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<XRevan86> luca020400: hi
<XRevan86> luca020400: It shouldn't be?
<luca020400> Hmm
<luca020400> When you said to me to send the guide to Andre the battery says goodbue
<luca020400> *said
<luca020400> Until now
<XRevan86> luca020400: oh
<luca020400> Sad story
<luca020400> I
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