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<Dazzozo> somebody stopped believing
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: What's so orange about it?
<Dazzozo> lmao
<Dazzozo> orange is a uk network
<Dazzozo> or, was
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: ah
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<BalerionTheCat> hello
<BalerionTheCat> is http://getcm.dazzozo.com/ down?
<luca020400> No it isn't
<BalerionTheCat> Can you try and download the latest G300 nightly?
<BalerionTheCat> see if it works for you
<BalerionTheCat> It doesn't work for me
<luca020400> It wroks
<BalerionTheCat> ok, let me try again
<luca020400> Some other users reported this problem
<BalerionTheCat> yeah I get: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED
<BalerionTheCat> :/
<luca020400> Every device wroks fine
<luca020400> You can try to change dns
<BalerionTheCat> Since it looks like my computer is to blame, I tried to download using my phone and it works!
<BalerionTheCat> Thank you!
<luca020400> Try to change web browser
<BalerionTheCat> will try that too, trying with Mozilla instead of Chrome
<luca020400> I'm using chrome and works
<luca020400> I'll try firefox
<BalerionTheCat> ha
<BalerionTheCat> firefox works
<BalerionTheCat> but chrome doesn't, strange...
<luca020400> It works too
<luca020400> Probably you need to update it
<BalerionTheCat> 39.0.2171.71 m , yours?
<luca020400> 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit)
<luca020400> Maybe the bug happen only on windows
<BalerionTheCat> probably
<luca020400> linux works fine
<XRevan86> Works for me (GNU/Linux)
<XRevan86> (and Firefox)
<luca020400> Booth works on GNU/Linux
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<BalerionTheCat> so it's probably something with this version of chrome on windows
<luca020400> Yep
<BalerionTheCat> I did notice a lot more freezes than usual, so..
<BalerionTheCat> anyway, thank you guys, I would have never thought of trying with another browser or another device. lol
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: Consider changing OS or at least browser ;-)
<XRevan86> it would be a positive change in any way
<BalerionTheCat> haha
<BalerionTheCat> I've been meaning to do that for a while
<luca020400> With my pc I cannot have freezes lol
<luca020400> Never got one
<BalerionTheCat> my pc is freezes-free too, but I'm on an oldish laptop I carry around with me when I'm not home
<luca020400> Intel core i5 4460 , 8GB Ram and a fast HDD
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: I wonder what are chances that my freezes-free laptop is inferior than yours :)
<luca020400> It cannot freeze
<luca020400> My netbook freeze a lot
<XRevan86> Pentium B960, 4 GB RAM and some HDD.
<BalerionTheCat> got a ProBook 4530s
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: You see the point, right? ;-)
<luca020400> Switch to linux !!! NOW
<BalerionTheCat> yup
<BalerionTheCat> lol
<BalerionTheCat> had linux when I first bought it but I switched to Windows. Yeah, I know, I know. It just is a lot more user friendly than linux imo anyway
<luca020400> Switch to archlinux ( Joke :p )
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: Never use OEM Linux's (and other OS's, too)
<luca020400> Format HDD and reinstall everything
<XRevan86> I once saw an Acer laptop with Linpus Linux which gives kernel panic right after start
<XRevan86> I wonder if they actually tried to boot it
<XRevan86> ever
<luca020400> I love archlinux
<XRevan86> Arch is nice.
<luca020400> NICE ?!?!?!
<XRevan86> luca020400: Nice.
<BalerionTheCat> Can you play windows compatible games on linux though? I'm not a massive gamer, but I really enjoy small indie games and everything made by Telltale
<luca020400> Hmm Only some games
<BalerionTheCat> so that would me a big downside for me
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: I have a lot of games installed but I don't actually play in any of them.
<XRevan86> no idea why, I just don't
<BalerionTheCat> I used to play a lot of games, now I'm only interested in a few too
<XRevan86> I can't even finish Braid
<XRevan86> There are more fun things to do =).
<XRevan86> for instance you can play with Arch
<BalerionTheCat> ha, I'm not into that :P
<BalerionTheCat> I'm sure it's fun though ;-)
<luca020400> Install arch is funny :D
<XRevan86> lots of games now try to be more movie-like
<XRevan86> why play them if you can watch movies?
<BalerionTheCat> hmm
<BalerionTheCat> you mean like Telltale kind of games?
<BalerionTheCat> I enjoy them very much
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: No, I guess not.
<BalerionTheCat> I don't look at them as games though, more like an interactive movie and they're fun
<XRevan86> Hmm, maybe it's time to replay Sam & Max
<XRevan86> or rewatch Babylon-5
<BalerionTheCat> lol
<BalerionTheCat> have you tried their Walking Dead series?
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: nope
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: Have you tried Firefly series? =)
<BalerionTheCat> I'm ashamed, but no
<XRevan86> GNU/Linux-compatible :-D
<XRevan86> sci-fi
<BalerionTheCat> I've hear it's good, but the fact that the show got canceled put me off. I don't want to enjoy it too much and than get my heart crushed :P
<BalerionTheCat> So the ORion Launch got postponed, again... now for 24h. Grr
<XRevan86> BalerionTheCat: There is an after-show movie
<XRevan86> Mission Serenity
<luca020400> Dazzozo : your cm11 have 1 MILLION VIEWS !!
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<colo-work> oh you just HAVE to watch firefly, seriously
<colo-work> it's great. and the movie provides some kind of closure.
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<colo-work> it'd be just dumb to miss out because you are afraif of getting "too attached" or something ;)
<Dazzozo> luca020400: that thread was started nearly a year ago too
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