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<luca020400> Goof afternoon ^^
<XRevan86> luca020400: hi =)
<luca020400> Finally a good day at school ^^
<luca020400> Nintendo 3ds 9.4 lol
<luca020400> They are pusing updates every day
<Dazzozo> luca020400: 9.4 only changes home menu
<Dazzozo> its tiny
<Dazzozo> CVer is just the title that contains the version number so that always changes
<luca020400> Great thanks for this site
<Dazzozo> np
<luca020400> I need a custom mkbootimg for my moto g :/
<luca020400> I can boot the recovery but cannot be flashed
<luca020400> GATEWAY PUBLIC RELEASE 2.7 --> Waiting for 9.2 support u.u
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<luca020400> Hi eloy
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<luca020400> Hi chil
<chil360> hi luca
<luca020400> I'm going to kill vodafone
<chil360> why?
<luca020400> Download from git at 30 kb/s
<luca020400> I have to mirror it in mediafire and then download it
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<Flea997> hi
<luca020400> Hi
<luca020400> Another twrp test
<Flea997> Gl
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<luca020400> Twrp done . I only miss how to flash it :/
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<XRevan86> Hmm, my Y300 reboots under stress
<Dazzozo> so do most computers
<XRevan86> can't nail it down with adb logcat
<Dazzozo> its called max temperature
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: Not if "stress" == Firefox + FBReader
<Dazzozo> oh
<XRevan86> I don't actually see why this is happening
<XRevan86> I need /var/log/syslog which will have a record till the very last moment
<XRevan86> reboot == kernel panic, probably
<XRevan86> Android stuff can just restart itself after segfault, right?
<XRevan86> Also happens with default "Performance" settings
<Dazzozo> android can "relaunch" i guess
<XRevan86> Dazzozo: You didn't encounter anything like it?
<Dazzozo> nope
<Dazzozo> not even getting shit like that on L
<XRevan86> creepy
<Dazzozo> L is rock stable, thats about the only thing its got going for it though
<Dazzozo> its slow as fuck for me
<Dazzozo> but i havent even looked in to that yet
<Dazzozo> like its "something isnt right" slow
<XRevan86> I find Material applications slow in CM11
<XRevan86> And also on one other device with OmniROM
<XRevan86> probably Material shit is simply slow
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<luca020400> Finally lollipop working on my moto g
<luca020400> But the double sim have some problem ( with only a sim )
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<rhen> Dazzozo: can I test this slow as hell build of L?
<rhen> I will have a day of tomorrow
<rhen> so will have time
<luca020400> Slow as hell XD
<rhen> hi luca
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<luca020400> Look at these download sppeds
<luca020400> 0 B/s - 269 kB di 20,6 MB
<rhen> amazing
<XRevan86> MTS plans to be labeled as Vodafone in Urkaine
<XRevan86> given that MTS is the biggest and shittiest operator I'm starting to think that why not
<XRevan86> operator in Russia*
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<Flea997> ez game
<Flea997> ez dota
<Flea997> time to study
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<rhen> bye
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<luca020400> bye
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<Propheus01> any news about cm12 for y300/g510
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